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DOWNLOAD CUT 1 – BARBARA CORCORAN – Makes a fat joke at Whoopi Goldberg’s expense on The View (:41)

DOWNLOAD CUT 2 – BARBARA CORCORAN – Apologizes for making a fat joke about Whoopi Goldberg (:19)

DOWNLOAD CUT 3 – DAVE CHAPELLE – Is all smiles as the paparazzi pepper him with questions about his controversial LGBTQ comments on his Netflix special (:33)

DOWNLOAD CUT 4 – GWYNETH PALTROW – Drops a teaser for her new Netflix show: Sex, Love & Goop (1:45)

DOWNLOAD CUT 5 – FLORIDA – A youtuber assaults a woman while high on mushrooms (:19)

DOWNLOAD CUT 6 – TYSON FURY – Is sick and tired of the back and forth between his brother and Jake Paul (:19)

DOWNLOAD CUT 7 – WILLIAM SHATNER – “I want to press my nose up against the plastic window. What I don’t want to see is somebody else out there looking back at me.” (:17)

DOWNLOAD CUT 8 – WILLIAM SHATNER – Remarks upon the unique shape of the Blue Horizon shuttle (:44)

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