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DOWNLOAD CUT 1 – EVANDER HOLYFIELD – Gets TKO’d by Vitor Belfort (:40)


DOWNLOAD CUT 2 – HOLYFIELD VS BELFORT – Fans at the Holyfield vs Belfort fight chant “we want Trump” (:45)


DOWNLOAD CUT 3 – MARTINA NAVRATILOVA – Tells doubters of Emma Raducanu to “STFU” (:27)


DOWNLOAD CUT 4 – MIAMI – Fans at Hard Rock Stadium catch a falling cat with an American flag (:23)


DOWNLOAD CUT 5 – RUDY GIULIANI – Goes on a wild rant about turning down Prince Andrew (:39)


DOWNLOAD CUT 6 – RUDY GIULIANI – Calls a US General an “a**hole” (:29)


DOWNLOAD CUT 7 – TENNESEE – A high school student calling for mandatory mask-wearing at his school was heckled by adults while speaking about his grandmother, who died of COVID-19 (:50)


DOWNLOAD CUT 8 – VIRAL VIDEO – A woman finds a video of her boyfriend mocking a meal she made for him (:06)

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