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DOWNLOAD CUT 1 – ANDREW MARR – A BBC journalist gives his final sign off (:16)


DOWNLOAD CUT 2 – DEMARCUS COUSINS – Tells a security guard to chill out after trying to block a fan from getting an autograph during a game (:32)


DOWNLOAD CUT 3 – HARRY POTTER HBO Max has releases the official trailer for the 20th anniversary Harry Potter retrospective (1:03)


DOWNLOAD CUT 4 – OREGON – The driver of a black Prius panics as her car slides backward down a snowy hill (:44)


DOWNLOAD CUT 5 – RANDY SPEARS – Applauds Billie Eilish for speaking out about how watching porn as a child hurt her sex life (:51)


DOWNLOAD CUT 6 – SHAQUILLE O’NEAL – Roasts Charles Barkley when asked what he does during the holidays to stay slim (:15)


DOWNLOAD CUT 7 – VIRAL VIDEO – A real estate agent explains why it might be a bad sign if a seller’s house always smells like bleach (:59)


DOWNLOAD CUT 8 – VIRAL VIDEO – A doorbell camera captures the moment an Amazon delivery driver rushes to help a young woman whose dog was being attacked by a pit bull (:55)


DOWNLOAD CUT 9 – VIRAL VIDEO – A TikToker reveals their Christmas parenting hack (:14)

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