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DOWNLOAD CUT 1 – DAVID THIBODEAU – A real-life survivor of the Waco siege wants Netflix to make a docu-series (:29)


DOWNLOAD CUT 2 – MICHAEL COSTELLO – Says he would rather donate money to a charity than pay $30k for a ticket to the Met Gala (:19)


DOWNLOAD CUT 3 – MICHAEL JORDAN – Says he wanted to go with Adidas but his agent, David Falk, wanted him to sign with Nike (:22)


DOWNLOAD CUT 4 – ROSIE O’ DONNELL Tells a story about Bill Cosby being inappropriate with a staff member on her show (:50)


DOWNLOAD CUT 5 – TOM HANKS – Calls the Wright State University’s Class of 2020 “chosen ones” in a commencement speech (:55)


DOWNLOAD CUT 6 – VIRAL VIDEO – A social distancing concert in Germany allows concert-goers to attend by driving in and staying in their cars (:26)


DOWNLOAD CUT 7 – VIRAL VIDEO – A Florida man dresses up as the grim reaper to protest the reopening of Florida’s beaches (:29)


DOWNLOAD CUT 8 – VIRAL VIDEO – A French Bulldog gets impatient waiting in a drive-thru at In-n-Out (:30)

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