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DOWNLOAD CUT 1 – DAVE CHAPPELLE – Responds to the LGBTQ community (:35)


DOWNLOAD CUT 2 – ED SHEERAN – Tries to explain the “side effects” of being underdressed next to Beyoncé (:56)


DOWNLOAD CUT 3MIKE LEACH Rambles about his favorite Halloween candy (:55)


DOWNLOAD CUT 4 – RUST TRAGEDY – A 911 call from the set of Rust moments after the accidental discharge of a prop gun (:59)


DOWNLOAD CUT 5 – STEVE WOLFE – A prop expert says Rust producers should have gone with a more experienced armorer (:42)


DOWNLOAD CUT 6 – STEVE WOLFE – A prop expert makes the case that Alec Baldwin is partly to blame for the accidental discharge of the prop gun on the set of Rust (:27)


DOWNLOAD CUT 7 – TOM BRADY – Speaks about his interaction with a young fan who just beat brain cancer (:25)


DOWNLOAD CUT 8 – VIRAL VIDEO – A man stuck waiting for a rail road crossing finds himself next to a “puppy foam party” (:15)


DOWNLOAD CUT 9 – VIRAL VIDEO – A cat talks in its sleep (:13)

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