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DOWNLOAD CUT 1 – BRIAN MAY – Was called out for having a gas fireplace on during an interview on Good Morning Britain (:33 )


DOWNLOAD CUT 2 – LOUIS CK A crowd cheers and chants as Louis CK takes the stage in 2019 (:34)


DOWNLOAD CUT 3 – MICHAEL IRVING  Is furious with Amari Cooper for not being vaccinated (:55)


DOWNLOAD CUT 4 – MICHAEL STRAHAN – Announces he will be taking a Blue Origin space flight (:57)


DOWNLOAD CUT 5 – VIRAL VIDEO – A man uses his washer as the drum track for a parody of “On The Road Again” (:46)


DOWNLOAD CUT 6 – VIRAL VIDEO – A female bartender records a male customer harassing her (:58)


DOWNLOAD CUT 7 – VIRAL VIDEO – A grandmother and her granddaughter are kicked out of a hotel in Helen, GA (:58)


DOWNLOAD CUT 8 – WAUKESHA PARADE – The man police believe plowed into a crowd of people in Wisconsin asks an unsuspecting neighbor for help just before being arrested (:49)

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