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Born on this day!!  Singer Ramblin’ Jack Elliott is 92. Blues musician Robert Cray is 70. Singer Michael Penn is 65. Singer Joe Elliott of Def Leppard is 64. Rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy is 63. Guitarist Suzi Gardner of L7 is 63. Singer Adam Duritz of Counting Crows is 59. Director Sam Mendes (“Skyfall,” “American Beauty”) is 58. Country singer George Ducas is 57. Guitarist Charlie Kelley (Buffalo Club) is 55. Actor Jennifer Gareis (“The Bold and the Beautiful”) is 53. Actor Tempestt Bledsoe (“The Cosby Show”) is 50. Actor Jason Momoa (“Aquaman,” “Game of Thrones”) is 44. Singer Ashley Parker Angel (O-Town) is 42. Actor Taylor Fry (“Kirk,” ″Get A Life”) is 42. Actor Elijah Kelley (2007′s “Hairspray”) is 37. Actor James Francis Kelly (“Rocky Balboa”) is 34.



1790 – The first U.S. census was completed, showing a population of 3,929,214 people.
1876 – Colorado became the 38th state in the United States.
1936 – Adolf Hitler presided over the opening of the Berlin Olympic Games.
1946 – President Truman signed the congressional acts that established the Atomic Energy Commission and the Fulbright Scholarship program.
1981 – MTV made its debut at 12:01 AM. The first video shown was Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles.

Today Is: Girlfriend’s Day, International Alberino Day, International Can-It-Forward Day, National Mahjong Day, National Minority Donor Awareness Day, National Night Out, Respect For Parents, Rounds Resounding Day, Spider-Man Day, US Air Force Day, World Lung Cancer Day, World Wide Web Day, World Scout Scarf Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – FBI / 9:00 – FBI International / 10:00 – FBI Most Wanted
NBC – 8:00 – America’s Got Talent  / 10:00 – Hot Wheel: Ultimate Challenge
ABC – 8:00 – Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune  /  9:00 – Jeopardy Masters  /  10:00 – The Chase
FOX – 8:00 – Beat Shazam / 9:00 – Don’t Forget The Lyrics
CW – 8:00 – Penn and Teller / 9:00 – Whose Line Is It

TV Talk Shows

**Due to the ongoing writers/ actors strike most shows are in reruns. (Stay Tuned!)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: The King is DEAD?? Yes.. the King of Beers, that is!! It’s no longer Bud Light, after the fiasco.. it’s now (drumroll).. KING MODELO!! 


QUESTION: So how was YOUR day at Disneyland?? This mom posts an hysterical Tik Tok review.. and it aint good!!! “It was a real sh*t show!!!!!!!!!!”


QUESTION: How do you go from TV roles to CLEANING HOUSES?? Go on STRIKE!! Here are the REAL stories of working actors who can’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: He must have missed it!! Dad doesn’t see the SNAKE hanging off the screen door, and gets BITTEN ON THE HEAD!!! His reaction? Priceless!!!!!!!
The rat snake is seen hanging off the screen door and lunging at the man

QUESTION: Who just went to that BIG PLAYHOUSE IN THE SKY?? Pee Wee Herman dies of cancer at the age of 70. Captain Carl is in mourning!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Reubens, Aka 'Pee-Wee Herman

Fan Files Police Report Against Cardi B

*****OK, he threw a drink at her.. but she threw a MIC at him!! And that could kill somebody!!
*****Funny thing is.. after she threw the mic, you could still hear the vocals!! Lip sync, anyone??
******She screamed “My WAP is supposed to be wet, not my dress!!!!”
****A police report was filed, but she was not arrested… yet!!

Madonna Thanks Her Family and Friends For Their Support

**********She said her children really showed up for her!! That’s because they were waiting to split the money!!
*******She also cried when her manager sent her a picture of Michael Jackson as a gift!! We’d cry, too!!
******She’s been out of the hospital now for a month. At her age, that’s a long time!!
******She said, “I’ll remember this for as long as I can!!”

Bob Geldof Shares Text Messages From Sinead O’Connor Before Her Death

******Basically, she was suicidal and had been for years..
*****Of course, she was bipolar, so one text is full of despair and the next full of happiness. What do you do with that??
RIP, Sinead.

Lady Gaga Opens Up About Tony Bennett’s Death

*********She loved Tony.. because she looked so young when she was singing with him!!
*******She says “I will miss my friend forever… Tony and I had this magical power.”
*******QUESTION: Do you think anything happened between those two??




Tom:  I’ll Never Retire!-(Life & Style)

Convincing Tom Cruise to step back from the spotlight might prove to be a real-life Mission:  Impossible.  At the Australian premiere of Dead Reckoning Part One, the 61-year-old revealed that much like Harrison Ford, who’s still playing Indiana Jones at the age of 80, he has no plans to retire from acting anytime soon.  And with Mission :  Impossible 7 expected to make a whopping $300 million at the box office, it’s clear that audience members can’t get enough of IMP spy Ethan Hunt’s death-defying antics, either.  “Tom’s not going anywhere.  As long as he can still run, climb and jump out of airplanes, he’ll do it,” a source says.  “He doesn’t know how to slow down.”




British Pool Players Attempt To Break Record By Playing For 111 Hours

********That’s drinking a lot of Guinness to set a Guinness World Record!!
********They start this morning at 7am and will finish Saturday!!
********To set the official record, they have to finish without losing their balls!!

Family Brings Dead Guy To Post Office To Collect His Pension

*********They not only brought their dead uncle to the pension office, they asked some friends to help them!
*****The friend said “I was giving them the benefit of the doubt!!”
*******When onlookers saw his feet dragging the ground, they said, “Wait just a minute!!” Police arrived, pronounced him dead, and arrested the nephew!!
****BUT.. since no time of death could be established, the nephew claims the uncle was alive when they left the house!!
****As Joe Biden often says, “I may be Irish, but I’m not stupid!!” (Hey Joe, it’s possible to be both!)
******Speaking of Joe, are HIS feet dragging the ground??

Man Dating The ‘Most Identical Twins On The Planet’ Says It’s ‘Unfair’ He Can’t Marry Them Both

*****Who SAYS he can’t?? Everybody else can get married, why not these three??
******These twins wear the same clothes and even had plastic surgery to erase any differences between them!
*****They’re on TLC’s “Extreme Sisters” (of course)!!
*******He lives with both sisters.. and their mother!! (They’re Australian, so they’re weird like that)
*******Right now, he’s trying to impregnate both twins at the same time. One tip: Hydrate!!!

Japanese Man Spends Thousands To Look Like A Wolf

*****He spent over $20,000 on the costume.. right after another guy spent $14,000 to look like a collie!!
*****WTF is going on in Japan???
*****You wanna be a wolf? We’ll drop you off the forest in Alaska!! Good luck with that!!









The Rudest Things You Can Do On A Train


Trying To Board Before Letting Passengers Off

“Be sure to allow passengers OFF the train before attempting to board yourself,” urged Jodi R.R. Smith, president of Massachusetts-based Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting.  Step aside and wait until people have exited before you enter the train. Once on board, move away from the doors so that you don’t block others from entering or exiting. Practice the same consideration when it’s your turn to get off the train.  “When exiting the train, be patient and respectful,” said Jackie Vernon-Thompson, founder of From the Inside-Out School of Etiquette. “Allow those closest to the door to exit and you follow suit depending on where you are.”  When in doubt, try to follow the example of experienced passengers.  “If you do not ride this train frequently, watch what others are doing,” Smith said. “Even on the same line, stations vary. There are those who note who arrived first and they are the first to board the train. Other stops are a free-for-all.”

Talking Loudly

“Keep your volume down,” Gottsman said. “If you are on an actual train, rather than a subway, there may be a quiet car that specifically requires silence. Respect the rule. On any other form of public  transportation, continue to keep your volume down so others don’t hear your conversation.”  Make use of texting rather than calling if you need to communicate.  “As much as possible stay off your phone,” Vernon-Thompson said. “If you must speak with someone, keep in mind, it is improper etiquette to place your phone on speaker while in public. Everyone should not be subjected to the content of your conversation.”  If you need to make a call, try to keep it short and do it outside the quiet car. Be mindful of what you’re saying in earshot of others as well.  “Consistently using profanity in your conversation is a big no-no,” Vernon-Thompson said. “Pay attention to the words you use so as not to offend anyone in your hearing.”

Not Wearing Headphones

Just as you should be mindful of your volume while speaking, you should also be aware of other people when you’re listening to music or watching videos. Fortunately, technology allows us to keep our viewings and listening sessions private.  “Wear your headphones or any device you may use to keep the music in your hearing alone and not subject others to listening to your music,” said Vernon-Thompson.

Putting Your Belongings On Seats

Resist the urge to take up more than one seat by placing your backpack or purse next to you or spreading your body across multiple seats.  “Do not block others from sitting by putting your belongings — such as a wet umbrella — on the seat next to you,” Smith said. “Do not put your feet on the opposite seat. When the train begins to fill, move your belongings so that others may sit down.”  If the train is very empty and the doors have closed, you can spread out a bit, but be mindful when additional passengers board at the next stop.

Eating Smelly Food

“Avoid smelly foods,” Gottsman urged. “Your favorite snack may be a plastic container full of hard-boiled eggs, but these should be enjoyed in the privacy of your own kitchen. Fish and other strong-smelling food should also be avoided.”  If you’re going to eat on the train, opt for foods that are “self-contained and minimally fragrant,” Smith echoed.  Try to refrain from eating common allergens like peanuts on the train as well. And it might not be the best time to douse yourself in your strongest-smelling perfume or cologne either.  “Sometimes on the train people forget they are in public and behave as if they are at home,” said Tami Claytor, the etiquette coach behind Always Appropriate Image & Etiquette Consulting. She emphasized that subway trains aren’t generally the place to have a picnic.  “During rail travel, one should only eat in the designated dining or café car,” she added. “This rule varies a bit when traveling first class on Amtrak’s Acela where you enjoy ‘seated dining service’ — food and beverages are served to you. On The Orient Express, there is the option of in-room dining.”

Insisting On Conversing With Your Neighbor

“Be sure to follow the cues of your fellow passengers,” Smith said. “If they make eye contact and ask questions, you may engage in lively conversation. If they are responding to your questions with monosyllabic answers, allow them their privacy. Your transportation should not infringe on anyone else’s trip.” Unless the person seated next to you seems clearly interested in chatting, try to keep your conversation to a minimum. In the reverse scenario, there are polite ways to convey if you aren’t interested in talking.

“If you choose not to engage, earbuds are a good indicator that you are deep into your playlist, a podcast or work,” Gottsman said. “Also, friendly conversation is fine, but sharing too much information with a stranger should be avoided.”

Blocking People’s Way

“It is extremely important to find a seat as quickly as possible so as not to block the aisles trying to determine in which vacant seat you will sit,” Vernon-Thompson said. “If additional passengers are boarding the train while you are sitting or standing, be sure you give way for them to maneuver and find a secured spot to stand or seat to sit. Keep your belongings close to you and accommodate as much as you can.”Be considerate about the space you’re taking up throughout the train journey.  “One of the most inconsiderate acts of someone sitting in the train is when they extend their legs into the aisle and passengers are forced to either step over their legs or say excuse me in order for them to finally draw their leg into their space,” Vernon-Thompson added. “That should not happen.”

Expecting Your Wants To Be Accommodated

“Switching seats on a train is the same as switching seats on an airplane,” Gottsman said. “If you were seated in a row in the back and want to switch seats with someone up front, expect a ‘Sorry, no thank you.’ Don’t take it personally.”  Try to be courteous and use a pleasant tone of voice when asking to switch seats or inquiring if you can take a vacant seat next to someone.  “Be kind to your fellow passengers,” Vernon-Thompson said. “The words please, excuse me, thank you so much, you’re welcome, my pleasure, even I’m sorry, if necessary, should be frequently used when in such an environment. Extend courtesy and humility.”  And if you’re able-bodied and all seats are occupied, the polite thing to do is to offer your seat to people who might need to sit.  “If you notice a pregnant lady, elderly person, or one who is disabled standing while you sit, don’t hesitate to offer your seat to them as a sign of respect and humility,” Vernon-Thompson said.

Throwing Bags Around

“Be sure to take care when putting bags up or taking them down,” Smith said.  Pay attention when you’re lifting bags to avoid accidentally hitting someone. If you’re in a standing situation with a backpack, try to move it to your front, stow it or place it at your feet.  “A rude behavior would be not removing your backpack so it does not hit another passenger,” Claytor said.

Spreading Germs And Invading Personal Space

“It is not appropriate to encroach on someone’s personal space,” Vernon-Thompson said. “Always make the effort to find a way to give the person next to you their space. Touching and breathing in their face is too close for comfort.”  Keep your fellow passengers’ physical boundaries and health in mind.  “If you know you may have a cold or you’re not well, the best thing to do is to avoid such spaces,” Vernon-Thompson said. “However, if you must be in such spaces, wear a mask. Be considerate of the health of others. Consider that you will be in an enclosed space and germs travel very fast and easily.”  She emphasized the importance of covering your coughs and sneezes as well to avoid spreading germs.  “Don’t cough in your hands because more than likely, you will hold a bar or a surface in that train,” she added. You will leave your germs on those surfaces to spread to others. Cough or sneeze in your elbow.”


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