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Born on this day!! Actor Keith Baxter is 89. Singer Bob Miranda of The Happenings is 80. Country singer Duane Allen of The Oak Ridge Boys is 79. Singer Tommy James is 75. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is 68. Actor Leslie Jordan (“The Help,” ″Will and Grace”) is 67. Actor Kate Mulgrew (“Orange Is the New Black,” ″Star Trek: Voyager”) is 67. Actor Daniel Day-Lewis is 65. Actor Michelle Pfeiffer is 64. Actor Eve Plumb (“The Brady Bunch”) is 64. Country singer Stephanie Bentley is 59. Actor Vincent Ventresca (TV’s “The Invisible Man,” “Boston Common”) is 56. Singer Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips is 54. Actor Paul Adelstein (“Private Practice”) is 53. Actor Uma Thurman is 52. Rapper Master P is 52. Actor Darby Stanchfield (“Scandal”) is 51. Country singer James Bonamy is 50. Singer Erica Campbell of Mary Mary is 50. Bassist Mike Hogan of The Cranberries is 49. Actor Tyler Labine (“New Amsterdam”) is 44. Actor Megan Boone (“The Blacklist”) is 39. Actor Zane Carney (“Dave’s World”) is 37. Singer Amy Heidemann of Karmin is 36. Singer Foxes is 33. Actor Grace Kaufman (“Man with a Plan”) is 20.


1429 – Joan of Arc entered the city of Orlans. She would end its months-long siege and would become known as the “Maid of Orlans.”
1916 – The Easter rebellion in Ireland ended with the surrender of Irish nationalists.
1945 – American soldiers liberated the Dachau concentration camp.
1978 – Japan’s Naomi Uemura, traveling by sled dog, became the first person to reach the North Pole alone.
1980 – Film director Alfred Hitchcock died at age of 80.
1986 – Pitcher Roger Clemens set a major league baseball record by striking out 20 batters in a regular nine-inning game. He repeated his feat in 1996.
1992 – A Los Angeles jury acquitted four police officers accused of beating Rodney King. Massive rioting and looting ensued.
1997 – The first joint U.S.-Russian space walk was made by Jerry Linenger and Vasily Tsibliyev from space station Mir.
2011 – Kate Middleton marries Prince William in a lavish royal wedding at Westminster Abbey in London. It was estimated that more than 2 billion people watched the event.

Today Is: Arbor Day, International Dance Day, National Hairball Awareness Day, National Historic Marker Day, National Teach Children to Save Day,  “Peace” Rose Day, Poem In Your Pocket Day, Undiagnosed Children’s Awareness Day, World Wish Day, Zipper Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Come Dance With Me  /  9:00 – Magnum PI  /  10:00 – Blue Bloods
NBC – 8:00  – Blacklist  /  9:00 – Dateline NBC
ABC – 8:00 –  NFL Draft
FOX – 8:00 – Friday Night Smackdown
CW – 8:00 –  Charmed  /  9:00 – Dynasty

TV Talk Shows

Stephen Colbert: Molly Shannon, Rep. Cori Bush (R 4/12/22)
James Corden: Bob Odenkirk, Edi Patterson, Walk the Moon (R 3/9/22)
The View: Darren Criss, guest co-host Jane Lynch
The Talk: Tom Cavanagh
Live with Kelly and Ryan: David Spade, Susan Yeagley & Galia Gichon
Ellen DeGeneres: Sterling K. Brown, Nick & Vanessa Lachey, guest host Stephen “tWitch” Boss
The Real: Stokley
Kelly Clarkson: Laura Linney, Gabriel Iglesias, PJ Morton
Tamron Hall: Kelly Rowland, Hannah Bronfman, Sigourney Nunez, Bridgette Hill, Nam Vo
Drew Barrymore: Anthony Anderson, Vanessa Bayer, Emmy Eaton

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Does California have the answer to HIGHER GAS PRICES?? They’re gonna HIKE THE GAS TAX by 5.6%!! THAT should do the trick!!! Get PUMPED, voters!!


QUESTION: How much would YOU pay?? This FLORIDA WOMAN is offering a house for sale, including her EX-HUSBAND!! “He’ll serve you if he can STAY!!!!!!!!!”


QUESTION: Ever have a one-night stand that ended WEIRDLY?? (Don’t they all??) Check out these true stories, including a guy admitting he’s married and much older!!


QUESTION: WHO is the hottest celebrity hottie over 50?? You may say LIZ HURLEY (yum) or JENNIFER ANISTON (nice) but YOU WOULD BE WRONG! See the winner!!
Kylie Minogue (venter) narrowly beat out British beauty Elizabeth Hurley (left) and America's sweetheart Jennifer Aniston (right) as the sexiest celebrity over the age of 50.

QUESTION: How much did Amber Heard want to GO AWAY?? She only wanted $14 MILLION TAX FREE, which meant a total payout of $30 MILLION!!! (It would be worth it!)
Amber Heard speaks to her legal team in court on April 28.

Petition to Have Amber Heard REMOVED from “Aquaman 2” Passes 2 Million Signatures (Click for story)

Olivia Wilde Served With Court Papers At CinemaCon

Olivia Wilde was served custody papers Wednesday during her CinemaCon presentation.  She was on stage discussing her film “Don’t Worry Darling” when she was interrupted by a woman with an envelope labeled “Personal and Confidential.”  She reportedly asked the woman, “This is for me?”  She called the envelope “very mysterious” and decided to “to open it now because it feels like it’s a script,” according to reports.  After opening the envelope, Wilde continued on with her presentation without mentioning it again.  It wasn’t a script, but custody papers served by a process server. Jason Sudeikis and Wilde share two kids, Otis and Daisy.  “Papers were drawn up to establish jurisdiction relating to the children of Ms. Wilde and Mr. Sudeikis,” a source says.  “Mr. Sudeikis had no prior knowledge of the time or place that the envelope would have been delivered as this would solely be up to the process service company involved and he would never condone her being served in such an inappropriate manner,” the source continued.
*****Divorce… the gift that keeps on giving!!
TOPIC: Where were YOU served???

Three’s Company Reboot??

Suzanne Somers had a unique idea for a “Three’s Company” reboot.  She starred in the hit sitcom alongside John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt. Ritter passed away in 2003 at age 54 from an aortic dissection, a break in the main artery that carries blood from the heart.  “I had suggested a show where you would imagine that Chrissy Snow and Jack Tripper eventually got married and had a child,” she recently revealed on the “Behind the Velvet Rope” podcast. Somers played Snow while Ritter starred as her roommate.  Somers suggested that the late actor’s eldest son, Jason Ritter, could play Snow and Tripper’s son. The patriarch could also appear in digital form.  “I had suggested this to Jason’s people and that the show would be me and Jason, but that John would appear as a hologram because it’d be like he was back and alive,” said Somers. “But Jason doesn’t want to do anything reminiscent of what his father did.”
********Thanks for telling about something that will NEVER HAPPEN!!
*******She could create a sequel where Chrissy winds up living with Mr. Roper!!!
********When are they gonna reboot “My Mother the Car???”

Andrew Garfield To Take Break From Acting

Andrew Garfield is taking a step back from his acting career.  He spoke with Variety about the need to take a break from acting and “be a bit ordinary for a while”.  “I’m going to rest for a little bit,” Garfield told the outlet. “I need to recalibrate and reconsider what I want to do next and who I want to be and just be a bit of a person for a while. Because, as you know, that is a washing machine, that awards season.”   Garfield noted that he’s grateful for the recent recognition, but he said, “I need to just be a bit ordinary for a while.”  Garfield has recently starred in “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” and “Tick, Tick … Boom!” His most current role as Detective Jeb Pyre in “Under the Banner of Heaven” releases its first episode of the limited series Thursday.
**********Thanks!! That means that WE get to take a break, too!!
*****We were good with Toby McGuire!! He was all the Spider Man we needed!!

Ozzy Has COVID

Sharon Osbourne broke down in tears as she revealed husband Ozzy Osbourne contracted COVID-19 amid a string of serious health issues.  “I spoke to him and he’s OK. I am very worried about Ozzy right now,” she said Thursday on her new show “The Talk UK.”  “We’ve gone two years without him catching COVID and it’s just Ozzy’s luck he would get it now.”  Sharon said the first thing she’ll do when she’s reunited with her husband in the US is “hold him and kiss him” with “about three face masks” on.  “My family’s my life,” she continued. “I can’t believe my luck. I’m missing the show and I’ve only been there three days.”  She vowed to return to air next week, after she gets her “old man back on his feet again.”  “I will be back,” she insisted. “I know I will.”  The news comes just one day after Sharon told Piers Morgan during an interview on his new show, “Uncensored,” that Ozzy is “dying to come home.”  “He’s doing OK. He sends you his love,” Sharon said of her rockstar hubby. “He’s got one more operation left to do and then he’s dying to come back home.”  In January 2020, Ozzy revealed he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He’s also been suffering debilitating mobility issues following a recent back and neck surgery.
*******We’re surprised he didn’t get way back when… when he bit the head off a bat!!!
******We can’t figure out.. he’s on too many drugs, or not enough???
*****And Keith Richards is still totally healthy!!
******Official CDC Statement: “COVID has met its match!!”

Pete Davidson Working For H&M

Pete Davidson is the face of H&M’s new menswear campaign, which “captures the fresh energy in men’s fashion, such as freedom of expression and self-confidence in personal style every single moment ”captures the fresh energy in men’s fashion,” according to a press release.  “Collaborating on this campaign was a great experience. We had a lot of fun creating the photos and content,” the “Saturday Night Live” star, who famously does not have a social media page of his own, shared in a statement.  “The clothes are comfortable and feel great to wear which is what I love about H&M.”  The campaign urges men to buy vintage, enjoy what’s already in their own closets and, of course, add in “pieces that matter” from H&M’s menswear range.  “Pete encapsulates everything H&M loves about the new menswear mood, with his self-confidence and play with personal style,” said Henrik Nordvall, H&M’s global business unit director for menswear.
********He’s riding a personal high… which means the Kardashians are about to pull the rug out!!
****Rumor has it Kris Jenner kidnapped his family and is holding them in her basement!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Last Laughs-(In Touch)

“As bird flu continues to spread, zoos are moving their birds inside.  Right now, all the birds are making sourdough and watching Tiger King.”-Jimmy Fallon.

“An alligator in Florida was photographed swimming with a football in its mouth.  Turning now to sports news, Tom Brady is missing.”-Michael Che.

“As punishment for slapping Chris Rock, the Academy has banned Will Smith for 10 years.  But is that a punishment?  He just doesn’t have to attend the four-hour ceremony where someone is definitely going to make fun of his wife again.  A real punishment would be to make Will Smith host next year’s Oscars.”-Colin Jost.



Orange Juice Cereal

Tropicana announced breakfast fans will soon be able to try a new product combining a pair of early morning favorites: cereal and orange juice.  The fruit company said followers of its Instagram page will have the chance to win a box of Tropicana Crunch, described as “the first cereal made for OJ (and maybe the last).”  The honey almond cereal is designed to be eaten with orange juice instead of milk.  “Prepare your mind and cereal bowl for an unforgettable breakfast experience,” the company said on its website.  Tropicana said the specifics of the giveaway will be unveiled May 4 on its Instagram page.  See the pic HERE.
*******If it starts to snap, crackle and pop, throw it in the fireplace and run for your life!!
TOPIC: What weird thing do YOU put on your cereal???

Black Bear Breaks Into Home

Wildlife officials in New York shared video showing a curious black bear walking up to a home and opening the storm door.  The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation posted a video to Facebook showing security camera footage from a home.  The footage shows a bear walking up to the home and opening the storm door, but leaving after being unable to open the wooden door behind it.  The post featured a quote from Jurassic Park: “Yes, unless they figure out how to open doors.”  The department did not identify the specific location of the home, but said the video should serve as a reminder that bears are becoming more active as temperatures warm and residents should take steps to ensure their homes are secured from the animals. See the video HERE.
********He just did it because all the other bears are doing it!!!
******This is so unfair!! You don’t see us breaking into their caves, do ya??

Chicken Nugget Highway

A Pennsylvania highway was closed for several hours Wednesday morning when an overturned tractor-trailer spilled its load of 40,000 pounds of chicken nuggets onto road.  Police said the truck driver lost control of the vehicle about 6:30 a.m. Wednesday and the vehicle overturned in the southbound lanes of Route 309, near West Rockhill Township in Bucks County.  The truck, which had been carrying chicken nuggets, spilled its contents into the roadway and shoulder area of the highway.  The driver was not injured. Police said the highway was closed for several hours Wednesday morning while the chicken nuggets were cleared from the scene.
******The cops rushed another truck to the scene with 40,000 pounds of barbecue sauce, but it was too late!!
******Mickey D’s had to close down for a week!!
*****Where ARE the nuggets on a chicken, anyway??

11 Foot Alligator Takes Stroll On the Highway

A Florida highway was temporarily closed Wednesday morning due to an unusual traffic hazard — an 11-foot alligator.  The Florida Highway Patrol, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and Oviedo Police Department responded Wednesday morning when an alligator wandered into traffic on State Road 417, near the north end of the bridge over Lake Jesup in the Oviedo area.  Police surrounded the alligator with their vehicles and were able to open a lane of traffic for drivers to pass before the gator moved to the shoulder of the road, allowing the rest of the road to reopen. A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission trapper was called to the scene to relocate the gator away from the highway.
*********Where does an 11-foot alligator walk?? Wherever he wants to!!!

BONUS: What did this family find when they opened up a wall to remodel their bathroom?? A well-preserved order of McDonald’s fries from 1959!!







Questions To Ask When Planning An Event During This Phase Of The Pandemic



Am I OK with uncertainty and can I be flexible based on COVID cases?

While many people have generally moved on from the pandemic, COVID is still circulating, said Brian Labus, an assistant professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Public Health. As a result, any large event still has the potential to spread disease. There also is no way to predict what will happen in the near (or long) future with the circulation of new and upcoming variants.

There is an additional challenge in planning events that will not take place for at least several months, as we do not know what will be happening at that time,” Labus said. “There could be a large surge in cases that places the guest at higher risk, and that surge could lead to local restrictions on gathering sizes or behaviors such as mask requirements. Things could also remain as they are now.”

For anyone planning a large event, it’s important to recognize that there still may not be complete certainty around COVID when the event rolls around and it’s important to be flexible should your original plans need to be adjusted.


What level of risk are we willing to tolerate?

Melissa Fancy, a wedding planner in Park City, Utah, stresses doing your own personal risk assessment before going through with an event.

“If you’re having a party at this point, assuming risk will always be a part of the story,” she said. “I just tell my clients, if you’re not OK with the risk, then it would be better to hold off.”

The same applies to guests. Labus said that there’s reasonable anxiety around many factors associated with an event, like traveling on a plane, staying at a hotel or interacting with strangers. Everyone’s risk tolerance is different; what you’re willing to navigate might be different from certain guests’ comfort and it’s important to be respectful and understanding.

Anyone planning or attending an event should consider what would potentially happen if they got sick (a “mild” infection may not actually be mild, for example), their health risk factors and just generally what they’re willing to tolerate for the event. The risk of those who are in your household who may be in contact with you should also be considered.


What safety precautions can I take to reduce the risk?

Leah Weinberg, a former attorney and owner and creative director of Color Pop Events, advises couples planning an event to consider ways they can safely host and what precautions they are willing to enact or even pay for themselves.

Checking local transmission rates before you commit is one way to help in this regard. Additionally, “consider steps like on-site testing, requiring guests to be fully vaccinated, and hosting outdoor events,” Weinberg said. “You can also make sure the space is well-ventilated if indoors. Couples also need to take their guests into consideration to assess whether there are guests on their list who are high-risk.”


Does the venue offer an alternative plan for COVID issues?

Your contract is also a huge point of consideration. If restrictions or illness alter your event when the day comes, it may be difficult to get out of it if you don’t build that in from the beginning, explained Jacquelyn Aleece, a corporate event and wedding planner in New Jersey and California.

“The biggest financial risk is signing binding contracts with venues or vendors that don’t allow for alternative plans to be made should there be a government shutdown that pauses events, mandates limited guest count or in the event staff or vendors become ill and can’t fulfill their duties,” Aleece said.

Anyone planning an event should have a plan B or C prepared given the fluidity of the pandemic — and make sure their venue is on board with that, too, before signing up.

It’s tough to figure out how best to host an event. Weigh out what your priorities are and balance them against any hesitations or concerns you or guests may have and make a decision that feels right.


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