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Born on this day!! Singer Willie Nelson is 88. Actor Burt Young is 81. Actor Perry King (“Riptide”) is 73. Singer-guitarist Wayne Kramer of the MC5 is 73. Singer Merrill Osmond of The Osmonds is 68. Director Jane Campion is 67. Actor-director Paul Gross (“Due South”) is 62. Bassist Robert Reynolds of The Mavericks is 59. Actor Adrian Pasdar (“Heroes”) is 56. Singer J.R. Richards (Dishwalla) is 54. Rapper Turbo B of Snap is 54. Guitarist Clark Vogeler of The Toadies is 52. Singer Chris “Choc” Dalyrimple of Soul for Real is 50. Guitarist Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down is 50. Country singer Carolyn Dawn Johnson is 50. Actor Lisa Dean Ryan (“Doogie Howser, M.D.”) is 49. Singer Akon is 48. Singer Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees is 48. Actor Johnny Galecki (“The Big Bang Theory,” ″Roseanne”) is 46. Actor Sam Heughan (“Outlander”) is 41. Actor Kunal Nayyar (“The Big Bang Theory”) is 40. Rapper Lloyd Banks is 39. Actor Kirsten Dunst is 39. Country singer Tyler Wilkinson of The Wilkinsons is 37. Actor Dianna Agron (“Glee”) is 35. Singer Brandon Lancaster of LANCO is 32. Rapper Travis Scott is 30.


1803 – France sold Louisiana and adjoining lands to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase.
1812 – Louisiana became the 18th state in the United States.
1939 – U.S. commercial television made its official debut at the New York World?s Fair.The signal was transmitted from the Empire State Building.
1945 – Adolf Hitler and his newly married mistress Eva Braun committed suicide.
1948 – The Organization of American States held its first meeting in Bogotá, Colombia.
1975 – The Vietnam War ended with South Vietnam’s surrender to North Vietnam.
1991 – Over 131,000 were killed and as many as 9 million left homeless when a cyclone struck Bangladesh.
2003 – Libya accepted responsibility for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Today Is: Adopt A Shelter Pet Day, Animal Advocacy Day, Arbor Day, Bugs Bunny Day, Dandelion Day, Díá De Los Niños, National Hairball Awareness Day, International Jazz Day, National Animal Advocacy Day, National Bubble Tea Day, National Honesty Day, National Military Brats Day, National Prepareathon Day, National Raisin Day, National Teach Children to Save Day, Spank Out Day, Undiagnosed Children’s Awareness Day, Walpurgis Night

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  McGyver /  9:00 – Magnum P.I.  /  10:00 – Blue Bloods
NBC – 8:00  – Blacklist  /  9:00 – Dateline NBC
ABC – 8:00 –  NFL Draft
FOX – 8:00 – Friday Night Smackdown
CW – 8:00 –  World’s Funniest Animals  /  9:00 – Penn and Teller Fool Us

TV Talk Shows

James Corden: Drew Barrymore, Storm Reid (R 2/23/21)
Lilly Singh: Tig Notaro (R 4/5/21)
The View: Rosario Dawson, Duff Goldman
The Talk: Carly Pearce, William Jackson Harper
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Mila Kunis, Callista Clark
Ellen DeGeneres: Topher Grace, Caleb McLaughlin, guest host Anthony Anderson
The Real: CCH Pounder, Monique Kelley
Kelly Clarkson: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jane Levy
Tamron Hall: John Legend, Tamika Mallory
Drew Barrymore: Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Bruce Perry, Roy Choi, Dionne Warwick

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTIONS: Can Millennials survive without DOOR DASH?? The app suffers a huge nationwide outage.. and they’re still pulling bodies out of dorms and apartments!!


QUESTION: ANOTHER creepy hidden room story?? Yes!! A couple starts a remodel on their first home, only to discover a hidden SHOWER behind a bathroom wall!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: If he’s an English Bulldog, why does he only understand SPANISH?? Dog owner discovers his dog will only respond to commands in the Latin language!!


QUESTION: Remember the woman who turned in Lady Gaga’s dognappers for the reward?? SHE’S been arrested, along with the four idiots who shot the dog walker!! 


QUESTION: Is the Queen a CUSTOMER??? She raises eyebrows when she gives an award to a SEX TOY COMPANY for “Outstanding growth!!!!” Indeed!!!!!!!!!
Sex toy firm Lovehoney has received the Queen's Award For Enterprise.

Lori Loughlin Working On Marriage

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli both completed their prison sentences after pleading guilty for participating in the national college admissions scandal and now they reportedly want to focus on healing their marriage.  They are looking to leave Los Angeles and start fresh in Idaho, a source told Us Weekly.  “They recently downsized from their spacious home in Bel Air, which overlooked the Bel-Air Country Club, to a smaller home in the guard-gated community of Hidden Hills,” the insider claimed.  The source added how the couple was worried their two daughters Olivia and Isabella needed support but now since both girls have moved out, Loughlin and Giannulli feel it’s time to reconnect out of town.  “Both girls have their own places and are trying to lead a normal life with their own friends and business opportunities,” the source explained. “They can start anew and work on their marriage together as the whole college scandal has taken a toll on both of them, as well as their marriage.”  Loughlin was released from the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Dublin, Calif. back on Dec. 28.  Meanwhile, Giannulli spent five months at a federal prison in Lompoc near Santa Barbara, Calif., and was released in early April.
********Mossimo met a guy in prison that he can’t quite forget!!!
******Moving to Idaho is the thing now in California!! There’s a long line of U-Haul trucks moving in that direction!!
*******Just beware: all those trucks leaving California are full of bad ideas!!! Don’t let ’em change your state!!
*****We were in Idaho not too long ago!! They don’t like people with California license plates!! (true)

Adam Sandler Turned Away From IHop

An IHOP employee is mortified after turning none other than Adam Sandler away from the restaurant recently due to overcrowding.   In a video that’s since gone viral on TikTok, user Dayanna Rodas posted security footage from the IHOP chain she works at that shows her breaking the news to Sandler and his daughters that there was a 30 minute wait to be seated at the restaurant.  What made the moment particularly embarrassing for Rodas was having to confess to her followers that she was completely unaware that she was talking to Sandler.  “Not realizing its Adam Sandler and telling him its a 30min wait and him ofc leaving bc hes not going to wait 30mins for IHOP,” she wrote on the video, which also showed herself with a video filter that makes her look like a clown.   Since the video went viral, many have pointed out that it was an easy mistake to make given that Sandler was dressed very incognito. The actor is notorious for sporting baggy hoodies and basketball shorts in public and that day was no exception. In addition, he was diligently wearing his mask to protect people from the coronavirus while inside the establishment, which covered most of his face. Still, Rodas is hoping to get a second chance at seating the actor in the future.   “Pleaseee come back,” she captioned the video.
*******OK, he’ll come back.. but his “Rooty Tooty” had better be “fresh and fruity!!!”
*****In her defense, he WAS wearing a mask!!
******And good for him… he didn’t play the “celebrity card!!”

Oscars Banned Video From Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins was barred from appearing on Zoom to accept his best actor win at the Oscars, according to a report.  He received the win for his performance in “The Father” and although many believed the late Chadwick Boseman would earn the nod posthumously, the Academy reportedly did not allow Hopkins to accept his win via Zoom due to a strict policy. The Academy had set up “hubs” across the world in Dublin and London where nominees could travel to give their acceptance speeches in case they won.  However, Hopkins had “no desire to travel to hubs in Dublin or London,” his representatives recently told IndieWire, adding that they “pleaded for [Hopkins] to be allowed to Zoom.”  Apparently, the Academy scoffed at the request as Hopkins was in his native Wales, so the actor went to sleep.  Hopkins’ long-time agent Jeremy Barber relayed to People magazine that Hopkins was “asleep” when he won the award.  “Tony was in Wales, where he grew up, and he was asleep at 4 in the morning when I woke him up to tell him the news,” Barber said, adding, “He was so happy and so grateful.”  Hopkins did record a video acceptance speech on Monday morning and mentioned the late Boseman.
*******The number of people who have seen his viral video.. is bigger than the number of people watching the Oscars!!
*****He had just fallen asleep after eating someone’s liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti!!!
******Between watching that show and sleeping?? We think he made the right choice!!!

Jessica Simpson Ditched Her Scale

Jessica Simpson told Hoda Kotb on “Today” that she has no idea what her current weight is, having banished a scale from her home some time ago.  “I threw it out,” Simpson, 40, told Kotb in a preview of the segment.  “You said it was, like, a Ouija board in church,” Kotb said, “bye-bye.”  “I have no idea how much I weigh,” Simpson went on. “Like, I just want to feel good and be able to zip my pants up. If I don’t, I have another size. I have every size.”  “I’ve really tried my hardest to not let that define me,” she added.  Simpson revealed earlier this year that she weathered a bout with COVID-19, calling the past year “especially intense.”  “We have all been handed challenges and fears in our lives that, at times, felt like too much to overcome,” she said.  But the singer signed a big deal in December with Amazon for a mixed publishing and TV deal, based on her 2020 memoir, “Open Book,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.
*******Can she still fit into the Daisy Dukes??? That’s all we wanna know!! 

Prince Charles Shutting Out Prince Andrew

Prince Charles is slamming the Palace doors shut on Prince Andrew.  He dealt another blow to his Epstein-scandal-plagued sibling this week, as Charles took over Andrew’s prestigious post as patron of The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  “The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is delighted to announce that The Prince of Wales has accepted an invitation to become the Orchestra’s Patron,” the group said Tuesday in a statement that made no mention of Andrew.  “The Prince of Wales has a life-long association with the Arts. During the pandemic His Royal Highness spoke about the importance of protecting the Arts, stressing their enormous importance to life in the UK and to the economy.”  This is the second patronage that Charles has taken from his younger brother who’s been benched by the royal family due to his ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.  Last November, he took over the patronage of York Minister Cathedral. This was done with no official announcement taking place but was quietly noted on the royal family’s website.  Patronages are an important part of being the royal family, offering support to charities, military associations, and arts groups. An organization that has a royal patron receives publicity and it is seen as a valuable endorsement.
*********Meanwhile, Andrew holds the prestigious post of “Patron to the London Sewer Ssystem!!!”
******We knew there was a line the royals wouldn’t cross!! Now we know what it is!!
******Andrew has done a lot of work with unwed teenaged mothers.. like, helping them get their start!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Drug-Addled Bieber’s Nightly Pulse Check!-(National Enquirer)

Pop star Justin Bieber’s drug habit was once so serious that his security guards checked his pulse at night to make sure he was still alive!  “I had this dream to become the biggest superstar in world,” the 27-year-old “Baby” singer revealed in a recent interview.  But when he made it to the top, he hit rock bottom and turned to drugs to cope.  “You have all this success in the world, but you’re just like, ‘Well, what is this worth if I’m still feeling empty insider?’” he said.


“Crazy Rich Asians” star Harry Golding, 34, and wife Liv Lo, 35, are on cloud nine after welcoming their first baby.  While the proud parents have shared photos, they’ve kept the newborn’s sex a secret.

Gerald & Kacey:  New Couple Alert-(Us Weekly)

Kacey Musgraves’ romance with Dr. Gerald Onuoha is giving her butterflies!  The pair, who were first linked April 11, are “so happy [they] found each other,” a source says. While the singer, 32-who split from her hubby of nearly three years, Ruston Kelly, last summer-is “trying not to get too far ahead of herself,” her connection with the Nashville-based doc “is off the charts,” says the source.  “It’s got the potential to go a very long way.”

Carrie & Mike:  Back From the Brink-(Star)

Love wins!  Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are better than ever after overcoming a rough patch-one that had their inner circle convinced they were headed for a divorce.  “Mike had a serious roving eye that made Carrie anxious,” a pal confides, “and she would treat him like he was Mr. Underwood.”  Tensions between the country singer, 38, and the 40-year-old-parents of sons Isaiah, 6, and Jacob, 2-were at an all-time high when the pandemic hit, forcing the two into extra one-on-one time.  But as it turns out, their new routine is just what they needed:  “They set boundaries, divided up tasks and put time aside for fun things.”

RiRi’s Place Is Party Central!-(Life & Style)

A global health crisis hasn’t stopped Rihanna from letting loose.  “She throws these insanely loud parties at her Hollywood home almost every weekend,” dishes an insider of the “Disturbia” singer, whose neighbors have been getting very little sleep since RiRi moved in.  “She has DJs playing music, and there are flashing lights.  And to make things even worse, her drunk friends have been known to throw up in the street and not clean it up!”  While the insider says those in nearby homes have complained about the rowdy noise fests, it doesn’t seem to faze Rihanna 33, who was previously sued by a neighbor back in 2011 over a litany of issues, including using his driveway for her chauffeurs.  Says the insider:  “She just doesn’t seem to care!”

Happy Anniversary!  Harry Connick Jr. & Jill Goodarce-(People)

The singer, 53, and the actress, 57, celebrated 27 years of marriage on April 16.  “I still can’t believe she said yes!” Connick wrote of his wife, with whom he shares three kids.  “You’re everything.  I love you so much, Jilly.”

Last Laughs-(In Touch)

“The new Top Gun movie has been delayed again.  If the movie gets delayed any longer, instead of volleyball, Tom Cruise is going to have to be playing bingo shirtless.”-Stephen Colbert.

“The only thing I miss about going to the movies is the excuse to eat complete and utter garbage in the dark.  Nomadland would’ve been better if I had been loudly chomping on goobers.”-Billy Eichner.

“I like, but if you don’t make another hit soon, you’re going to be will.i.was.”-Michael Che.



Alligator Blocks The Road

Police and animal control officers were called to a bridge in Texas to remove an unusual traffic hazard — an alligator sunning itself in the road.  The Harris County Precinct 8 Constable’s Office, the Baytown Police Department and Texas State Police animal control officers responded in the late morning Wednesday to reports of an alligator blocking Highway 14 traffic on the Fred Hartman Bridge.  Responders said it took five officers to wrestle the gator, bind it with tape and load the reptile into a pickup truck.  The gator was transported to the water under the bridge and set free, authorities said.  The La Porte Police Department said alligators have been known to wander into the road in the past, but Wednesday’s incident was the first time in recent memory that one of the animals has been seen on the bridge.
********We’re concerned… do we have enough alligators in this country???
*******We probably have enough to make an alligator wallet for everyone in America!!

Lizard Found In IKEA Plants

Animal rescuers in Britain said an Ikea shopper returned to their home and discovered a potted plant they purchased at the furniture store had a stowaway — a gecko lizard.  The RSPCA said the shopper bought the plant from the Ikea store in Exeter and returned home to find a gecko was hiding among the leaves.  RSPCA Animal Rescue Officer Clara Scully responded to the home to safely capture the lizard.  “A member of the public got more than they bargained for with this plant. This little fella was hidden in the leaves! He is now safe awaiting transfer for his new home by one of our exotic officers,” Scully said.  The RSPCA said the gecko is native to warmer climates and would likely not survive in the wild in Britain.
********However, the person who found it DID save 15% on their car insurance!!!
*******Why do we always get the creepy feeling that people are living in those Ikea stores??
******The shocking thing is that the lizard didn’t need to be assembled!! It WAS Ikea!!

Birds Take Over California Home

A California family said they are dealing with an unusual infestation after hundreds of migratory birds swooped down their chimney and took up residence inside the house.  A woman who asked to be identified only as Kerri said she returned to her Torrance home with her husband and their child April 21 to discover birds flying around inside the house.  Kerri captured video showing dozens of birds swooping down into the home through her chimney.  “It’s so hard to explain. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, you’d never believe it,” Kerri told KTLA-TV.  Kerri said the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office referred her to county animal control, but officials told her to just leave her doors open and allow the birds to leave on their own.  She said the birds don’t appear to want to leave, and have been making a mess of the home.  “You couldn’t walk in any spot in the living room, the kitchen and the hallway without stepping on bird droppings,” Kerri said.  The birds are believed to be Vaux’s swift, a species known for roosting in chimneys in large groups.
******A nice fire would probably take care of that problem!! Just sayin’!!!
TOPIC: Animals that are a pain in the butt!!

Girl Scouts Using Drones To Deliver Cookies

A Virginia Girl Scout council is offering a unique spin on contact-free cookie delivery by having the boxes distributed via drone.  The Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council teamed up with Wing, a subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet Inc., to offer drone delivery for Girl Scout cookies in Christiansburg.  “Even with loosening COVID restrictions, the traditional method of selling cookies outside of grocery stores or shops is difficult this year, and sales are down about 50% from prior years,” Lia Reich, Wing global communications lead, told USA Today. “It was a natural fit to partner with the Girl Scouts to help out in this situation.”  Christiansburg customers can order their drone deliveries through the Wing app or website through the end of May. The company said it is committed to delivering at least 3,000 boxes of cookies, but the number could increase based on demand.  Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council CEO Nikki Williams said the Girl Scouts still prepare the orders themselves and have the opportunity to learn about drone technology, but they do not pilot the unoccupied vehicles.  See the video HERE.
********Each cookie contains a “cookie” from Google!!
******While delivering the cookies, Google will map your entire home and put the pictures on the web!!







6 Professionals Share Why They Want To Go Back To The Office

Huffington Post


Because it’s too distracting at home.

My specialty is building analysis spreadsheets. I have to write some pretty complicated formulas. These formulas come in stages ― I write a portion of a formula, test it, then go on to the next portion. Pre-COVID, I had my co-workers trained to not speak to me until I look up, because I can lose 30 minutes of work in the blink of an eye. My co-workers at the office understood my process and were careful not to interrupt it.

Being at home with five very spoiled pets — I admit, I am the spoiler — is something I have not gotten used to. They don’t much care about my process ― they’re excited that they can go out or be fed whenever they want.

My wife is not spoiled. She’s just not used to working at home either. If she has a question about Word or Excel or Adobe, she just asks. I know it’s my fault, but I haven’t had the heart to tell her that she’s breaking my concentration for the last 13 months. ― Brion Georges, a development company vice president who is based in El Paso, Texas


Because working gets done more quickly when you see co-workers in person.

First chance I got, I went back into the office. I’ve been working from the office for almost a full year already.

I think that working from home has helped with getting stuff done around the house and flexibility with kids’ schedules. But from a work standpoint, I think that many processes have suffered because of the distance. Working face-to-face with co-workers gets things moving faster and you’re more inclined to just have a quick conversation about it versus having to set up a meeting or a Zoom call, etc. There is also the social aspect. It’s nice to have boundaries again where there are harder lines between work and home. ― Saskia de Groot, independent contractor for a hotel company based in Miami


Because it’s nice to dress up .

Another thing I am looking forward to is putting on nice clothes and shoes. While I like pajamas and yoga clothes all day, everyday, I miss looking nice too. — Wendy Lai, a marketing services professional based in San Francisco


Because there’s better coffee and WiFi.

I’m looking forward to [being] back in the office: less virtual calls, no more dodgy WiFi and access to proper coffee. What more could you want? — Shannon Parke, technology recruiter based in Belfast, Northern Ireland


Because there’s still an option to work from home occasionally and it’s nice to see co-workers.

I do [prefer working in an office]! However, I have come to appreciate a day per week of working at home to catch up on things and have a little peace and quiet.

Being back at work is still a bit odd because we are at reduced workforce on site. It’s pretty sparse still. But having a few people to interact with, masked and social distanced, is still a needed relief. — Angie Wilbur, supervisory property disposal specialist based in Battle Creek, Michigan


Because it’s better than improvising your work setup at home.

I came back to the office at the end of October 2020. In my case, working from the office is definitely better. The office is set up with everything I need to do my job, where at home I had to improvise. Also, [after I improvised a standing desk at home], I had issues with my feet and legs after standing all day for seven months.

Additionally, management assumed I was being less productive without them being able to observe my work. Once I was back in the office, our president actually came and observed me working for two days and found that the [information and communication] issues I reported were valid. This led to a process triage meeting with some of the co-workers upstream from my work. Some things have improved as a result and I actually won an award for my work last quarter. ― Elizabeth Goecke, billing analyst based in Tampa, Florida


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