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Born on this day!! News anchor Connie Chung is 75. Trombone player Jimmy Pankow of Chicago is 74. Actor Ray Wise (“Reaper,” ″Twin Peaks”) is 74. Actor John Noble (“Lord of the Rings” films) is 73. Singer Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) is 73. Singer Rudy Gatlin of the Gatlin Brothers is 69. Singer-songwriter John Hiatt is 69. Actor-director Peter Horton (“thirtysomething”) is 68. “Today” show weatherman Al Roker is 67. Actor Joan Allen is 65. Actor James Marsters (“Angel,” ″Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) is 59. Rapper KRS-One is 56. Actor Colin Cunningham (“Falling Skies”) is 55. Actor Billy Gardell (“Mike and Molly”) is 52. Singer Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit is 51. Actor Jonathan Ke Quan (“Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”) is 51. Guitarist Brad Avery of Third Day is 50. Actor Misha Collins (“Supernatural”) is 47. Singer Monique Powell of Save Ferris is 46. Actor Ben Barnes (“Westworld,” ″Prince Caspian”) is 40. Actor Meghan Ory (“One Upon a Time”) is 39. Actor Andrew Garfield (“The Amazing Spider-Man”) is 38. Actor Brant Daugherty (“Pretty Little Liars”) is 36. Singer-actor Demi Lovato is 29. Actor Christopher Paul Richards (TV’s “The Kids Are Alright”) is 18.


1964 – As part of his Great Society policies, Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Economic Opportunity Act which, among other things, established the Head Start program.
1968 – The Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact nations invaded Czechoslovakia.
1977 – The space probe Voyager 2 was launched. It continues to explore to this day, and is now more than 7 billion miles from Earth.
1980 – Italian Reinhold Messner made the first successful solo ascent of Mount Everest and without oxygen.
1998 – U.S. cruise missiles hit suspected terrorist bases in Afghanistan and the Sudan.
2000 – Tiger Woods won the PGA Championship becoming the first player since Ben Hogan in 1953 to win three majors in one year.

Today Is: Kool-Aid Day, Men’s Grooming Day, National Radio Day, World Mosquito Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Secret Celebrity Renovation  /  9:00 – Greatest At Home Videos  /  10:00 – Blue Bloods
NBC – 8:00  – American Ninja Warrior  /  10:00 – Dateline NBC
ABC – 8:00 –  Shark Tank / 9:00 – 2020
FOX – 8:00 – Friday Night Smackdown
CW – 8:00 –  Burden Of Truth  /  9:00 – Dynasty

TV Talk Shows

James Corden: Chris Pratt, Ed Sheeran (R 7/1/21)
The View: Colin Farrell, Tim Gunn, guest co-host Yvette Nicole Brown (R 7/16/21)
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Michael Douglas, Elizabeth Banks, Dr. Mike Dow, guest co-host Mark Consuelos
Ellen DeGeneres: Justin Theroux, Bethenny Frankel, Cameron Jay (R 5/3/21)
Wendy Williams: Mark Curry (R 5/25/21)
The Real: Tasha Cobbs Leonard (R 1/8/21)
Kelly Clarkson: Peyton Manning, Iain Armitage, Rosanna Pansino, Matt Stell (R 6/21/21)
Drew Barrymore: Phoebe Robinson, Michelle Collins (R 10/5/20)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Wanna see the latest DISGUSTING TIK TOK’er??? This guy devised a “FORBES FRIENDS LIST,” ranking his own friends from RICHEST.. TO POOREST!!!!


QUESTION: What the heck is going on with BRITNEY SPEARS? Now she’s being accused of BATTERY for stealing her housekeeper’s PHONE!!! Stay tuned……….


QUESTION: Are unruly airline passengers REALLY a big problem? The FAA says “yes,” as the total of fines assessed on these people has exceeded $1 MILLION!!!


QUESTION: It’s the world’s most popular drink, but how do you MAKE IT?? Here’s the recipe for a “Pornstar Martini,” as news breaks that the inventor has died!!!
Ankrah invented the Pornstar Martini (pictured) in 2003 - a combination of passion fruit liquor, passion fruit juice, vanilla vodka and a prosecco chaser

QUESTION: Does he get to have ALL the fun?? There’s a new soft-serve ice cream truck for your home, and the first one is owned by the world’s richest, JEFF BEZOS!!!
The ice cream machine looks like a tiny ice cream truck and is called the CVTeeny. It offers chocolate, vanilla and twist nozzles, according to the CVT website.

Michael Keaton Says It’s Easy To Play Batman Again

Michael Keaton discussed portraying Batman once again in the upcoming Flash movie while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  He previously starred in 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns, both from director Tim Burton. Fallon asked Keaton what it felt like to be back and don the Batman suit.  “Like riding a bike,” Keaton replied before explaining how it’s easier to move around in the suit if you’re skinny as opposed to be being muscular.  “I don’t know why I didn’t think of this the first time. It’s easier to be really skinny and not work out, because you have more room to work around,” he said.  He then recalled how Jack Nicholson who portrayed The Joker in Batman, questioned why he was working out on the set on the film.  “I’m getting ready, I’m working on the bag and I’m doing all this stuff. Jack Nicholson walks by who was playing The Joker and he looks at me and he goes, ‘What are you doing?’ And I go, ‘Eh, you know working out.’ He goes, ‘What for?’ I stopped, sweating and I went ‘I don’t know,” Keaton recalled.  “He just walked away. I thought, ‘He’s right.’ Totally right because you got a suit. What do I need to do? The suit makes me look good,” he continued.
*********Jack Nicholson’s version of working out is 18-ounce beer curls!!!
******You don’t have to be buff to play Batman?? Hey… why didn’t someone tell us!!
*****Michael’s nickname on the set of the new movie is “Old Bat!!!”

Scarlett Johansson Gives Birth

Scarlett Johansson and her husband, Colin Jost, on Wednesday announced the birth of their first child together.  Jost announced the birth in a post on Instagram and Marcel Pariseau, a representative for Johansson, confirmed the birth to People.  “OK, OK, we had a baby,” Jost wrote. “His name is Cosmo. We love him very much.”  Jost, a Saturday Night Live host, previously mentioned their pregnancy news during a stand-up performance at The Ridgefield Playhouse in Connecticut on Sunday.  They were married in an intimate ceremony last October.
*********They named after what they were drinking when they conceived!!!
******The only problem we have with this baby is that we’re not the father!!
*******Isn’t she going to change her last name??? Or doesn’t “Scarlett Jost” have the right ring to it??

Alyssa Milano Involved In Car Crash

Alyssa Milano and her uncle Mitchell J. Carp were involved in a car accident that took place on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles.  Milano was a passenger in the car when Carp suffered a medical issue and became unconscious on Tuesday, California Highway Patrol said according to People magazine. The car, a Ford Edge SUV, then hit a black SUV after it drifted between lanes. The black SUV fled the scene.  She received assistance from a driver who helped bring the Ford Edge to a stop.  TMZ reported that Milano performed CPR on her uncle until first responders arrived. The status of Carp is unknown after he was transported to UCLA Westwood Hospital.
*******He had a heart attack!!!
******A lot of guys are thinking, “I’D like to get mouth-to-mouth from Alyssa Milano!!!”

ARod Takes Back JLo’s Birthday Porsche

Alex Rodriguez he posted a photo of himself smiling as he leaned on what appears to be the red Porsche he previously gifted to ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez for her 50th birthday.  “I’m super down to earth,” he captioned the seemingly extremely pointed photo. He gave her the Porsche 911 GTS – which costs upwards of $140,000 – in July 2019 in honor of her milestone birthday. The couple also celebrated with a star-studded bash on exclusive Star Island.  Fans immediately took to the comments section to speculate whether Rodriguez took the wheels back or if Lopez left them behind when they ended their engagement.  “Looks like jlo left not only you but the red car too,” commented one follower.  “She gave you the car back ha ha ha ha and the Ring two [sic],” laughed another.   “Bro kept the car,” observed another follower.
********It’s called a “repo!!!” She didn’t keep up the payments!!!
*********She gave it back… but only because Ben promised her a Lamborghini!!!
********Take a lesson, guys: if you give her a Porsche, always keep a spare set of keys!!!

Fabio’s Secrets Of Aging

Fabio just revealed one of his secrets to avoid aging.  He explained in a new interview that he sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber.  The reason? “Reverses the aging process,” the Italian native shared with People magazine.  Fabio, whose born name is Fabio Lanzoni, has been open before about his lifestyle, which involves pumping iron at the gym and staying away from drugs and alcohol.  Fabio just revealed one of his secrets to avoid aging.  He reiterated his stance on social media, which he’s previously said he has absolutely no interest in. He’s hoping if he does find a partner to settle down with one day, she’d be on the same page.  “A lot of people today don’t live life anymore. It’s computer, phone, tablet. Their brains are going to be fried 15 years from now. I love life and I spend every single minute living it,” he previously said.
*********Most of us spend so much time taking video, we don’t remember where we were or what we did!!!
*******Are hyperbaric chambers the key to a long life??? Let’s out it this way: Michael Jackson slept in one!!!
******He told us one time that he resembles his mother. We had to say, “well that must be one ugly woman!!”


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Work!  Rihanna’s a Billionaire!-(National Enquirer)

Rihanna put in the work work work work work work-and now she’s a billionaire who’s leaving sister fashion and cosmetics dynamos Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner in the dust!  The savvy Fenty Beauty creator-the singer’s real name is Robyn Fenty-is worth $1.7 billion, according to Forbes, which makes her at 33 the second-richest female entertainer in the world, just behind Oprah!  Most of that dough comes from the “Umbrella” singer’s cosmetics empire, but she also rakes it in from her lingerie company, Savage x Fenty, as well as from the music career that started it all.

Angie Using Kids To Crush Brad!-(Globe)

Vengeful Angelina Jolie is so determined to ban Brad Pitt from their kids, she’s demanding their minor children testify he turned their home into a house of horrors, say sources.  The 46-year-old Maleficent movie witch got a California appeals court to disqualify a judge after he’d denied allowing the younger children to testify-and is now banking a new judge will let them have their say.  Angie “believes that this paves the way to really let Brad have it,” says the source.  “It’s going to get down and dirty!”

Kelly Clarkson:  Looking for Love-(Us Weekly)

Kelly Clarkson has no intention of sitting around crying over her failed marriage to music manager Brandon Blackstock anymore.  In fact, she’s already enlisted her Voice costar and good friend Blake Shelton, 45, to help find her a new man.  “She wants someone younger,” an insider says.  “And she’d prefer an up-and-coming country singer-someone that understands the music business.”  The source adds that the 39-year-old mom of two hasn’t been seeing anyone since she and Blackstock, 44, split in June 2020.  However, Clarkson knows it’s time to get back out there.  “Kelly has been waiting,” notes the insider, “but she’ll likely be legally divorced any day now.”

Can Ya Dig It?  Tiffany Puts Down Roots-(Star)

Los Angeles, July 22

Branching out!  Tiffany Haddish took a break from making people laugh to plant a soursop tree with Vitafusion vitamin gummies and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.  The organization plants fruit trees in underserved communities that lack access to healthy, nutritious foods.  It’s a cause very near and very dear to the Girls Trip star’s heart.  “When I was homeless, I used to be driving through the neighborhood, I said, ‘Oh, is that a kumquat tree?’  I would get me some kumquats,” Tiffany, 41, recalled.  “Oh, is that an orange tree?”  I’d get me some oranges.  Because I wasn’t really eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.”

Say What?!-(Life & Style)

“One time I bleached my hair myself, and as I was washing out the bleach, my hair came out with it.  I also burned my scalp.  It was really traumatizing.”

-Laverne Cox, advising fans to “Never ever, ever, bleach your own hair.”

“She is a tiny human being, but she is a fierce competitor.”

-Blake Shelton, on new The Voice coach Ariana Grande.

“I’m kind of a low-key birthday or celebration guy.  We got In-N-Out burger for our anniversary.”

-Chris Pratt, who celebrated two years of marriage with Katherine Schwarzenegger in June.

Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde:  Going Strong-(People)

Back in L.A., after an Italian getaway, the couple are doing “great,” a source says of the singer, 27, and the actress, 37, who’s gearing up to film her upcoming movie Babylon.  “They are very supportive of each other’s careers.”

Last Laughs-(In Touch)

“This entire time, I thought Lady Gaga and Adam Driver were just Gucci’s new models.  I didn’t know there was a movie!”-Broti Gupta.

“People, when they ask you about growing up in Las Vegas, it’s as if you grew up on a pirate ship or something…..’Was it scary?  Were you drunk all the time?  Did you lose an eye?’”-Jimmy Kimmel.

“The premise of the new Space Jam is that LeBron James doesn’t want to be in a Warner Brothers movie because he thinks it’ll be bad, but then they force him to be in a Warner Brothers movie, and it is bad, and that’s the movie.”-Alex Falcone.



Famous Painting Found In Home

A Canaletto painting thought lost by experts is going up for auction after appraisers found it hanging in the English home of a recently deceased woman.  British auction house Gorringe’s said appraisers spotted the painting hanging in the Lewes, England, home of a recently deceased woman whose mother purchased the artwork in 1920.  The painting, titled Venice, The Dogana from the Bacino di San Marco, depicts the Dogana da Mar, an old customs building in Venice, Italy. The painting is believed to date from the mid-18th century.  The auction house said the deceased owner of the painting apparently was aware of the artist’s identity, but did not want to sell the artwork.  The painting is expected to sell for up to $200,000 when it is auctioned Sept. 28.
******We thought we had a valuable painting, but our kids had just spilled a can of house paint!!
 *******The appraisers should have said, “Would like us to get rid of this junky old painting for you?? It’s worthless!!”
TOPIC: Ever find out that something you thought was worth nothing was actually valuable??

Runaway Wallaby In Pennsylvania

Wildlife authorities in Pennsylvania said they are trying to capture a small kangaroo or wallaby that has been spotted on multiple occasions during the past few days.  Residents of the Mount Zion area of Lebanon County have captured photos and videos in recent days showing the animal, believed to be a wallaby or a young kangaroo, hopping loose through residential areas.  Game Warden Derek Spitler has been tracking the Australian marsupial’s movements through the region.  “We want to do it in the safest way possible, and we want to try to get that wallaby to a facility where it can be well taken care of,” Spitler told WGAL-TV.  The Pennsylvania Game Commission said the animal may have been a pet that either escaped or was abandoned by its owner.
*********Somebody spotted it having breakfast IHOP!! (We’re gonna keep using that one until it works!

Walrus Keeps Sinking Boats

Animal rescuers in Ireland said a walrus that has spent the last few weeks cruising along the country’s coast will soon have a “floating couch” to stop him from sinking boats.  The walrus, dubbed Wally, was first spotted off the coast of Kerry in March and for the past couple weeks has been spotted frequently along the southeastern and southern coast of Ireland.  Wally has been spotted resting in parked boats along the coast, and has sank at least two of the vessels, Seal Rescue Ireland said.  SRI officials put out a call for a pontoon to be used as a dedicated resting spot for Wally to keep him from damaging more boats, and Melanie Croce, the group’s executive director, said a pontoon has now been secured.  The pontoon has three raised sides, making it resemble a “floating couch,” Croce told the Irish Examiner.  Officials are now tracking Wally’s movements to determine the best placement for his resting pontoon.
***********He IS the Walrus!!!
********Wally is not looking too slim!! That’s why the boats keep shrinking!! (true)
*******Where does a 1,000-pound walrus sleep?? Any where he wants to!!!

Young Pilot To Circle The Earth

A 19-year-old pilot set off from Belgium on Wednesday for a 32,000-mile journey across the globe and an attempt at a Guinness World Record.  Zara Rutherford, 19, who holds dual British-Belgian citizenship, departed from Kortrijk, Belgium after a weather-related half-hour delay and is now attempting to become a world record holder as the youngest female pilot to fly solo around the world.  Rutherford, who is flying a Shark ultralight plane, is scheduled to visit 52 countries and cross the Equator twice on her route, which was chosen to comply with Guinness World Records’ requirements for an “around the world” flight. The current youngest woman to fly solo around the world, Shaesta Waiz, was 30 at the time of her flight. The male version of the record was set by Travis Ludlow at age 18.
*******It all sounds good, except for the word “ultralight!!!” Those things are deadly!!!
******When she gets back, she’ll have to wait two years ’til she’s 21 to drink the champagne!!!
******There’s a safer way to go around the world… but we don’t wanna get into it!!






How To Deal With A Boss Who Sucks At Listening To You

Huffington Post


  1. Diagnose whether they don’t listen to anyone,or just you.

Gorick Ng, a career adviser at Harvard University and the author of “The Unspoken Rules: Secrets to Starting Your Career Off Right,” said that when employees deal with bosses who are not understanding them, they may want to jump straight to quitting as the “path of fastest relief.” But one way to figure out if you can save the relationship is to take the time to understand where your boss is coming from.

To do that, first try talking to people who work with or used to work with your boss. “Whatever you’re dealing with, someone else has dealt with before,” Ng said.

He suggested asking questions about how your boss prefers to communicate, such as “What’s worked with this person before? Are they someone who needs to see it on paper? Are they someone who needs a nice long pro/con list? Are they someone who needs a mockup or draft? Are they someone who needs to hear it from a certain person?”

“What you’re really trying to figure out is if this is a problem that you can solve,” Ng said.

After you do this bit of research, you should have an idea what will get your boss’ attention, be it project deadlines or influential colleagues. If your manager listens to what a certain colleague says, for example, you could focus on asking that colleague to be the whisper in your boss’ ear about your ideas, Ng said.


  1. When you bring it up to your boss, make sure that you have a solution in mind.

Once you diagnose your boss’ deal, you can have a conversation. But don’t simply complain. Get specific about what actions made you feel unheard, and bring solutions that could address the problem.

Tardy said you should ask yourself what specific actions your boss took that led to this. What specific actions would my boss need to take for us to remedy the challenge? That way, when you bring it up with your boss, you can be clear on their role in the problem and in the solution.

And then after you acknowledge how you felt unheard, have a solution on what could make your joint communication style better.

“Many times when we have courageous conversations, we leave it to the other party to figure out what action to take to reach the solution,” Tardy said. “The more specific you are on the action you want from your boss, the more clearly you can articulate it to them so they can take the action.”

You can bring up solutions with language such as, “Hey I know we’re trying to achieve this. I was thinking of this option or this option or this option. These are the pros and cons. My suggestion is that we might want to consider option B. What is your reaction?” Ng said.  Or, the solution can be brought up as simply as something like, ”‘Would it be helpful if I did ‘blank’?’” Ng added.


  1. If talking and suggesting solutions fails, it’s time for change ― either your boss or your job.

If you’ve exhausted these options, and nothing has changed, then it’s time to consider switching it up ― perhaps out of the job altogether.

First, you can try leaving your particular manager if you still want the role.

“Change doesn’t mean leaving the company. Maybe it means leaving the manager, but staying in the department or company,” Tardy said. “Escalation means talking to your manager’s manager. Oftentimes, messages that go unheard from an employee become clearly understood by a leader.”

But if leaving your inattentive manager is not a possibility, then it really may be time to start looking for a new job where you and your ideas will be heard. And then, at this new job, you can hash out communication styles with your boss up front.

“If you make it very clear that you need to feel like your ideas are heard, and define what that looks like when it doesn’t happen, it will be easier for you to bring up three, six or 12 months into the role with the manager,” said career coach Kaitlyn Buckheit, who specializes in career transitions. “You won’t be bringing up the topic for the first time.”


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