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Born on this day!! Bluegrass singer-banjo player J.D. Crowe is 84. Actor Tommy Sands is 84. Actor Tuesday Weld is 78. Actor G.W. Bailey (“MASH,” ″The Closer”) is 77. Actor Marianne Sagebrecht is 76. Guitarist Jeff Cook of Alabama is 72. Actor Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) is 69. Guitarist Alex Lifeson of Rush is 68. Actor Peter Stormare (“Fargo,” ″The Big Lebowski”) is 68. Actor Diana Scarwid is 66. Bassist Glen Matlock of The Sex Pistols is 65. Gospel singer Yolanda Adams is 60. Guitarist Matthew Basford of Yankee Grey is 59. Bassist Mike Johnson (Dinosaur Jr.) is 56. Percussionist Bobo of Cypress Hill is 54. Country singer Colt Ford is 52. Actor Chandra Wilson (“Grey’s Anatomy”) is 52. Bassist Tony Kanal of No Doubt is 51. Rapper Mase is 46. Actor Sarah Chalke (“Scrubs,” second Becky on “Roseanne”) is 45. Actor RonReaco Lee (“Madea Goes To Jail”) is 45. Actor Demetria McKinney (“House of Payne”) is 43. Actor Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad,” ″Big Love”) is 42. Guitarist Jon Siebels of Eve 6 is 42. Actor Shaun Weiss (“The Mighty Ducks”) is 42. Keyboardist Megan Garrett of Casting Crowns is 41. Actor Patrick J. Adams (“Suits”) is 40. Actor Karla Mosley (“The Bold and the Beautiful”) is 40. Actor Amanda Fuller (“Last Man Standing”) is 37. Singer Mario is 35. Actor Alexa PenaVega (“Spy Kids”) is 33. Actor Ellar Coltrane (“Boyhood”) is 27. Actor Savannah Paige Rae (“Parenthood”) is 18.


1883 – A massive volcanic eruption on the island of Krakatoa blew up most of the island and resulted in tsunamis that killed over 36,000 people.
1859 – Edwin Drake drilled the first successful U.S. oil well near Titusville, Pa.
1928 – The Kellogg-Briand Pact, outlawing war, was signed.
1945 – U.S. troops began landing in Japan after Japan’s surrender in World War II.
1962 – The U.S. launched the Mariner II space probe.
2003 – Mars made its closest approach to earth in 60,000 years.

Today Is: Just Because Day, Mike, The Headless Chicken Day, The Duchess Who Wasn’t Day, World Daffodil Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Secret Celebrity Renovation  /  9:00 – Greatest At Home Videos  /  10:00 – Blue Bloods
NBC – 8:00  – American Ninja Warrior  /  10:00 – Dateline NBC
ABC – 8:00 –  Shark Tank / 9:00 – 2020
FOX – 8:00 – Friday Night Smackdown
CW – 8:00 –  Burden Of Truth  /  9:00 – Dynasty

TV Talk Shows

Stephen Colbert: Sanjay Gupta, Rita Moreno (R 6/15/21)
James Corden: Chelsea Handler, the Wallflowers (R 6/8/21)
The View: Julia Haart (R 7/23/21)
The Talk: Sarah Michelle Geller, guest co-host Daymond John (R 7/29/21)
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Jenna Elfman, Lauren Graham, Forest Blakk, guest co-host Ali Wentworth
Ellen DeGeneres: Mark Wahlberg, Brandi Carlile, Nessa Barrett, Jxdn, Travis Barker (R 4/12/21)
Wendy Williams: Luenell (R 7/15/21)
The Real: Paris Hilton, Jessie T. Usher (R 10/2/20)
Kelly Clarkson: Vin Diesel, Caroline Rhea, Ruth Righi, Ezra Frech, Jennifer Nettles (R 6/23/21)
Tamron Hall: Making lives a little easier in the kitchen with simple recipes (R 5/14/21)
Drew Barrymore: Emma Roberts, Big Bird, Danny Seo (R 11/13/20)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Think you have what it takes to be the DUMBEST MAN ALIVE?? The former record-holder is DEAD after he used epoxy on his thingy when he couldn’t find a CONDOM!!


QUESTION: Think that NASA is gonna save us from being hit by ASTEROIDS??? Well, it’s complicated! They say it will take “multiple bumps” to get it done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Ready for the AMAZON END-OF-SUMMER SALE? Echo Dots, Shark cleaning gear, TV Fire Stick and other Chinese crap is on sale for up to 50% off!!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Ready for ANOTHER SIDE of the Princess Diana story? Kristen Stewart plays Di in the upcoming movie “Spencer,” and fans say she’s a DEAD RINGER!! (sorry)
The Spencer movie poster was also recently released

QUESTION: Was it a WARDROBE MALFUNCTION? Or is she PLEADING FOR ATTENTION?? Heidi Klum leans over in a very short skirt.. and we can see… a LOT!!!!!
Heidi remained in good spirits over the wardrobe malfunction

Meghan and Harry Almost Revealed Racist Claim

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry almost exposed the royal they claim made racist remarks before their son Archie’s birth — before deeming the detail too “damaging.”  In an updated edition of the biography “Finding Freedom”, authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand allege that the couple considered “sharing this detail” in their sensational TV interview with Oprah Winfrey.  Markle, however, shut the idea down, and allegedly told Winfrey: “I think it would be very damaging to them.”  They made the claims that the unnamed royal asked “how dark” their unborn child would be. Markle made the initial revelation, with Winfrey following up by asking Harry if he would name the royal.  “That conversation I’m never going to share, but at the time, it was awkward; I was a bit shocked,” Harry replied.  He did say, though, that the royal was not Queen Elizabeth or Prince Philip.
*********He won’t share unless they up the ante!!!! He had to keep something in reserve!!!
******We all know it was Prince Charles, right???
*****His grandmother just said, “I hope your kids don’t look like mini Ronald McDonalds!!!

The Beatles To Reissue Let It Be

The Beatles have announced a set of special edition reissues of their 1970 album Let It Be that will be released in October.  The special edition album, available in multiple packages, has been newly mixed by producer Giles Martin and engineer Sam Okell.  The super deluxe package, which retails for $139.98, will feature 5 CDs, an audio Blu-Ray and a 105-page book. The content includes 27 previously unreleased session recordings, a four-track Let It Be EP and a never-before released 14-track “Get Back” stereo LP mix by engineer Glyn Johns from 1969.  Three tracks from the reissue including a 2021 stereo mix of “Let It Be,” a rooftop live performance of “Don’t Let Me Down” and track “For You Blue” from the “Get Back” stereo LP mix have also been released digitally across music streaming services.
********The jury’s still out on these guys… someday, they might make it to the top!!!
TOPIC: Are there albums/movies that you’ve purchased in multiple different formats?? VHS/Laser Disc/DVD????

Chris Harrison Has No Plans To Retire

Chris Harrison officially stepped down from his gig on the ABC dating show in June after being embroiled in a racism controversy that saw him defend Season 25 contestant Rachael Kirkconnell after it came to light that she attended an Antebellum-themed party prior to appearing on the show.   According to a source that spoke with US Weekly, Harrison is enjoying his time away from the camera now that the scandal is behind him.   “Chris Harrison is truly doing great,” the insider claimed. “He’s really enjoying this time with his kids and growing his relationship with Lauren [Zima]. He lives a low-key life in Texas when he’s not taking trips or going on vacation.”  The insider also noted that, although Harrison is taking it easy and keeping a low profile following the scandal, he doesn’t see himself as retired from show business. In fact, he’s actively looking for a new project.
******He IS considering a race change!!!
********Ironically, after he was fired for defending her, she’s still dating the “Black Bachelor!!!”
*******Meanwhile, Chris is negotiating with “Jeopardy!!” He’ll be the stagehand bringing water to Mayim Bialick!!!

The Stones Will Play On!

The Rolling Stones will play on without drummer Charlie Watts.  They will continue their US tour in September, according to the Sun, and the band will pay an emotional tribute to their fallen friend at their concert next month.  Watts died at the age of 80 on Aug. 24. Members Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood will continue their No Filter Tour in St. Louis on Sept. 26th.  Watts previously left the tour due to a medical issue earlier this month. A source told the publication, “The band wants to make the show a celebration of his life.  “He was like a brother to them but they know he would have hated the thought of them canceling shows. Charlie had given them his blessing to tour without him following his operation, so they will honor his wishes,” the insider continued.  The band issued an emotional statement following Watts’ death. “It is with immense sadness that we announce the death of our beloved Charlie Watts,” the statement read. “He passed away peacefully in a London hospital earlier today surrounded by his family.”
*****That’s SHOCKING!!! Said no one.
*****They sent a personal note to Ringo: “Please don’t die until after our tour… you wouldn’t want to upstage Charlie!!”
********We’ll be disappointed if they don’t have a hologram of Charlie!!! 

Jeff Bezos’ Model Rocket For Sale!

Fans of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Rocket can now own their very own scaled-down model — for a suggestive price of $69.99.  Manufactured by Blue Origin merchandising partner Estes, maker of high-quality model rockets and launchers, the toy is 1/66th the size of the New Shepard, with an ability to launch up to 400 feet in the air.  Last month, Bezos was aboard during his rocket’s inaugural space launch, ultimately reaching 62 miles above sea level before riding jet-powered rod back down to Earth.  “Estes is proud to partner with Blue Origin to provide a piece of history that inspires kids to dream and imagine. The ready-to-fly New Shepard model is a perfect addition to your office shelf or launch it to recreate the spaceflight for yourself!” the company’s website reads.  The toy, available for preorder now ahead of its November 1 release, starts at $69.99 for the rocket itself but will cost an additional $40 to receive the launch pad, controller and single-use engines required to make it fly.  A promotional video, available via YouTube, provides a side-by-side look at the New Shepard and its miniature in-action. But the real action was in the comments section.  “My sister has one of them in her drawer,” joked one viewer, as reported in Gizmodo.  See the video HERE.
*********Of course, it’s made in China, so when you launch it, it sprays out COVID everywhere!!!
*******Leave it to Jeff to create a heartwarming new profit center!!!
******All proceeds will go to the “Jeff Bezos Richest Man Fund!!!”


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

“Aquaman” Wants Kids Out of H’wood Swim-(National Enquirer)

Muscle-bound Jason Momoa’s movie career is going along swimmingly, but the “Aquaman” hunk is throwing cold water on his children’s acting ambitions!  The onetime “Game of Thrones” villain, 42, and his wife-former “Cosby Show” kid Lisa Bonet-53-share daughter Lola, 14, and son Nakoa-Wolf, 12.  But the screen star confessed, “I’ll try my damnedest to keep ‘em out” of Hollywood!  Jason admitted he’d relent if either seriously wanted to enter showbiz.  But he insisted, “I don’t want them to get into acting.  I don’t want them to get into acting.  It’s very hard on people and I don’t want them to have that pressure.”

Meghan’s Mockery Insults the Queen!-(Globe)

Prince Harry’s defiant wife, Meghan, went way over the royal line by publicly mocking beloved Queen Elizabeth in a cheesy online video, palace insiders say.  The latest scandal exploded after the Duchess of Sussex released a video call with “Bridesmaids” star Melissa McCarthy for her 40th birthday on Aug. 4.  “The video was cringeworthy,” says the royal source.  “At first, McCarthy claimed she was working in her organic garden-a not-so-subtle dig at organic crusader Prince Charles, who talks to his plants.  “Then she rushed off to change into a floral dress, fancy hat and gloves-poking fun at the queen and her garden party outfits.  “Then Melissa and Meghan sipped from very elegant British teacups-as Her Majesty does every afternoon!  The kicker came when Harry was spotted through the window trying to juggle balls!  It was pathic!  Meghan’s turned her henpecked husband into a court jester!  I’m told the royals are seething over the video.”

New Rules for Britney-(Us Weekly)

As Britney Spears continues her ongoing fight for her freedom-her father, Jamie Spears, 69, has filed documents to step down as conservator of her estate when the “time is right”-the pop star’s current legal team is warning her to slow down her erratic Instagram posts.  “Britney’s new lawyer doesn’t think that the posts are helping her case,” a source says of the 39-year-old recent dancing videos and topless shots.

Princess Charlotte Spreads Her Wings-(Star)

Aug. 7

So precious!  Prince William and Kate Middleton shared a new photo of their daughter, Princess Charlotte, holding a butterfly in her hands while playing outdoors.  The family of five spend most of the summer at their country home, Amner Hall, which has a swimming pool, tennis courts and a big enough backyard for Charlotte, 6, to run around with her brothers, Prince George, 8, and Prince Louis, 3!

Heather & Chris:  Back On Track-(Life & Style)

It looks like Heather Locklear is taking the title of her new movie, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, to heart.  A source says the actress, 59, has worked things out with fiancé Chris Heisser, also 59, after rumors began swirling in December that the couple had called it quits.  “Heather flew down to Nashville to begin filming, and Chris has been by her side the entire time,” says the source.  “When she’s not busy working, they go on long hikes in the afternoon or just hang out at the hotel.”  Although the former high school sweethearts have had their ups and downs, “they’re back on track now,” adds the source, “and no one’s happier about that than Heather.”

Kenan Thompson on Child Stardom & SNL History-(People)

Kenan Thompson, 43, has been a comedy staple.  As a kid, he and costar Kel Mitchel headlined popular show Kenan & Kel, and then Kenan went on to being the longest-running Saturday Night Live castmate (18 seasons).  Next, the star in the upcoming Home Alone reboot.

Last Laughs-(In Touch)

“Prince Andrew is being sued.  When his lawyer told him he’ll never get another job, Andrew was like, ‘Another what?’”-Jimmy Fallon.

“Disney World released prices for its new Star Wars Hotel.  Two nights for two guests will cost you $4,809.  Prices go up to $5,200 if you add a kid.  I know that seems more expensive, but staying at the Star Wars hotel without a kid will also cost you your dignity.”-Stephen Colbert.

“I guess it’s up to the Jungle Cruise sequel to reveal where that boat captain hid all of his free weights.”-Conan O’Brien.



Overdue Book Returned

Workers at Hamilton Public Library in Canada found a copy of The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley in a return bin 27 years after it was last checked out on Dec. 13, 1993.  “Welcome back lost one!” a post about the discovery on the library’s Facebook page reads. A new edition of the book was printed in 2009.  Lisa Radha Weaver, the library’s director of collections and program development, told CBC News she didn’t know where the book had been.  “We do know that our books go on a lot of adventures in our city, our country, around the world,” Weaver said. “We hope the book has had a great few decades away from Hamilton Public Library.”  The library counts 7,606 books — just under 0.8% of its collection — as lost, but that doesn’t include items that disappeared before December 2018.
*********Whoever read this book obviously slipped into a coma for 28 years!! It was that boring!!
*****It’s good that they waited. The Canadian dollar is worth a lot less now!!
TOPIC: Do YOU have any library books at home?? Should we start a collection and return ’em all???

Otters Caught Stealing Crabs

An employee of the North Carolina Aquarium set up a camera after the aquarium’s crab pots were raided and caught the culprits — river otters.  The otters, along with a blue heron, made an appearance on the southside educational dock on Roanoke Island, WCTI reported. The animals can be seen snacking and scampering across the dock before approaching the camera and knocking it over.  The aquarium posted the video on its Facebook page, saying “Watch the whole video to see a blue heron cameo, otters doing their cute poop dance, some close-ups and zoomies. They really let us know what they think of the trail camera at the end.” The aquarium said the presence of the otters indicate the local ecosystem is healthy.  See the video HERE.
*********Of course, stealing crabs is a felony!!!!
******Even the animals are law breakers now!!!
*****One looked at the others and said, “You otter try these!!”

Giant Rubber Duck Appears

A city in Maine is trying to solve a huge mystery after a giant rubber duck appeared in its busy harbor.   The 25-foot-tall duck — which is emblazoned with the word “joy” — appeared in the harbor in Belfast, Maine according to the New England Cable News. No one knows who put it there.  The station reported that the duck is anchored in shallow water between a pedestrian bridge and the town landing.   Harbor Master Katherine Given told the Bangor Daily News that the duck doesn’t pose a navigational hazard, so there’s no rush to shoo it away.  “Everybody loves it,” Given said. “I have no idea who owns it, but it kind of fits Belfast. A lot of people want to keep it here.”  Judy Herman, of Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, stopped to snap photos on Tuesday.  “It’s wonderful,” she told New England Cable News. “Who would expect to see a duck in the middle of the water here?”
*****NOW you know what’s in those UFO’s!!!!!
********You don’t wanna see the bathtub that one came out of!!!!

Farmer Uses Sheep To Honor His Aunt

An Australian farmer couldn’t go to his aunt’s funeral because of pandemic restrictions so he paid his respects with a novel alternative: dozens of sheep arranged in the shape of a love heart.  Drone-shot video of pregnant ewes munching barley in a paddock while unwittingly expressing Ben Jackson’s affection for his beloved Auntie Deb was viewed by mourners at her funeral in the city of Brisbane in Queensland state this week.  Jackson was locked down at the time across a state border at his farm in Guyra in New South Wales state, 270 miles away.  “It took me a few goes to get it right … and the final result is what you see. That was as close to a heart as I could get it,” Jackson said on Thursday.  Jackson started experimenting with making shapes with sheep to relieve the monotonous stress of hand-feeding livestock during a devastating drought across most of Australia that broke in the early months of the pandemic.  He discovered that if he spelled the names of his favorite musical bands with grain dropped from the back of a truck that the flock would roughly adopt the same shape for several minutes.
********That’s when you KNOW you’re really bored!!!
*******He’s also dating several of those sheep!!!
*****His favorite song is “I Want Ewe to Want Me!!!”







The Most Meaningless, Unhelpful Feedback People Get At Work

Huffington Post


  1. “Great job.”

Popular but vague words of encouragement like this are not actually helpful, because they aren’t tied to a specific outcome related to the role or the organization. The person hearing it doesn’t “know why they did a great job, what exactly they did a great job at. They don’t know how their great job has an impact. It’s just not very useful,” Gavin said.

It doesn’t encourage anyone to keep up the good work, either.

“The problem with this type of feedback ― although it feels great to receive it ― is that it is not reinforcing any behaviors. In order to turn meaningless feedback into something that will encourage employees to continue to perform, the feedback must be very specific,” said Angela Karachristos, a career coach who has worked in human resources.

“Instead of saying, ‘good job,’ the manager should say give a specific example of what the person did well so that those positive behaviors can be repeated,” she said.

Often, giving too much unhelpful praise is a people-pleasing mistake that first-time managers make as a way to make up for negative experiences they personally had on a team. “A lot of managers over-correct and really lay on the praise, and not give the kind of support through constructive criticism that actually helps people grow,” Gavin said.


  1. “I don’t like that.”

Bad criticism stops with what someone did wrong, while good criticism gives them a clear path of what needs to happen differently and how they can do it better next time.

“If you just tell someone, ‘Hey, you missed that deadline, that caused problems,’ sure, that might be valid, but it doesn’t give space to improve with whatever context that person is working in,” Gavin said. “It doesn’t create a conversation where the problem can be solved.”

Gavin said subjective, vague feedback such as, “I don’t like that,” “That doesn’t work for me,” or “I’ve never heard that before” stems from someone reaching into “their own subjective experience and not bringing any other external factors in.”

A better method is to be specific about what’s going wrong, or to have the humility to note that the feedback is just an opinion. It’s the difference between “‘Those colors seem very jarring to me, that’s just how they look to my eye,’ versus ‘I don’t like that, I don’t like that design,’” Gavin said.


  1. “You need to work on your attitude.”

In her book “Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity,” management expert Kim Scott writes that a lot of bad work criticism falls into the trap of highlighting personal traits rather than having external causes of a problem acknowledged.

“It’s easier to say, ‘You’re sloppy’ than to say ‘You’ve been working nights and weekends, and it’s starting to take a toll on your ability to catch mistakes in your logic.’ But it’s also far less helpful,” Scott writes, noting that better criticism makes it clear that a work problem is not “due to some unfixable personality flaw,” and can be used as a tool for improvement.

Karachristos said that a common example of this kind of personal criticism is “You need to work on your attitude.” “Any type of feedback that is focused on the person or that person’s personality, and not the work, can be very problematic,” she said.

At worst, when job performance feedback is tied to a person’s identity, it can be used to hold their career back. Women of color, in particular, are given subjective labels like “difficult,” “angry” or “challenging” in performance reviews ― words that signal they are not a “fit” in a workplace or don’t “fit” a manager’s homogenous idea of success.

Nadia De Ala, founder of Real You Leadership, a group coaching program for women of color, said her clients deal with feedback ― often unsolicited ― about their natural tone of voice and how they dress, rather than about actual points of improvement on their work. One client asked a co-worker for help with compiling marketing research for a promotion and was told, “You’re not going to get promoted if your voice goes up at the end of sentences. You don’t sound confident.”

“This type of feedback was unhelpful because it was unsolicited advice and had nothing to do with market research,” De Ala said.

It speaks to how feedback is not just words: It can make or break an employee’s experience and even push them to leave. Gallup research found that when a boss’ feedback makes employees feel demotivated, disappointed or depressed, four out of five of those employees start to job-hunt.


Sometimes, the feedback can be right, but still be wrong because of how the message is delivered.

If you’re in a position to give feedback, recognize that not everyone likes to hear it the same way.

“You have to be sensitive to where you do it. You might feel like it’s great to publicly recognize the person, but some people hate that. It makes them feel embarrassed,” Karachristos said.

Karachristos said it’s also a mistake for peers and managers to publicly criticize a group when they really intend that message for one person.

“That person will never get the message, and then my whole team is going to get annoyed that I’m down on the whole group, or not necessarily respect me as a team leader or colleague because I’m not brave enough to address the problem,” Karachristos said.


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