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Born on this day!!  Actor Sonny Shroyer (“The Dukes of Hazzard”) is 85. Actor Marla Adams (“The Young and the Restless”) is 82. Actor Ken Jenkins (“Scrubs”) is 80. Actor David Soul (“Starsky and Hutch”) is 77. Actor Barbara Bach is 74. Actor Debra Mooney (“The Practice,” ″Everwood”) is 73. Singer Wayne Osmond of The Osmonds is 69. Actor Daniel Stern is 63. Actor Emma Samms is 60. Actor Jennifer Coolidge is 59. Actor Amanda Tapping (“Stargate: Atlantis,” “Stargate SG-1”) is 55. Country singer Shania Twain is 55. Actor Billy Boyd (“Lord of the Rings”) is 52. Actor-singer Jack Black of Tenacious D is 51. Actor Jason Priestley (“Beverly Hills, 90210″) is 51. Actor Daniel Goddard (“The Young and the Restless”) is 49. Actor J. August Richards (“Kevin (Probably) Saves The World,” ″Angel”) is 47. Singer-bassist Max Collins of Eve 6 is 42. Actor Carly Pope (“Outlaw,” ″24,”) is 40. Country singer Jake Owen is 39. Country singer Leann Rimes is 38. Actor Kelly Theibaud (“General Hospital”) is 38. Actor Armie Hammer (“The Lone Ranger,” ″The Social Network”) is 34. Singer Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine is 34. Actor Shalita Grant (“NCIS: New Orleans”) is 32. Singer Cassadee Pope (“The Voice”) is 31. Actor Katie Findlay (“How To Get Away With Murder”) is 30. Actor Samuel Larsen (“Glee”) is 29. Actor Kyle Massey (“Cory in the House,” ″That’s So Raven”) is 29. Actor Quvenzhane Wallis (“Beasts of the Southern Wild”) is 17. Reality TV personality Honey Boo Boo (Alana Thompson) (“Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”) is 15.


1609 – Henry Hudson discovered Delaware Bay.
1850 – Richard Wagner’s opera, Lohengrin, premiered at Weimar, Germany.
1922 – The first commercial to be broadcast on radio aired on station WEAF in New York City. The ten minute advertisement for the Queensboro Realty Company cost $100.
1955 – Emmett Till, a black teenager from Chicago, was abducted and killed by white men after he allegedly whistled at a white woman in Mississippi. The case was reopened in 2005.
1963 – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial to civil rights demonstrators.
1968 – Anti-Vietnam war protesters and police clashed in the streets of Chicago while the Democratic National Convention nominated Hubert H. Humphrey for president.
1981 – The Centers for Disease Control announced a medical task force had been formed to look into the incidence of Kaposi’s sarcoma and pneumocystis in homosexual men. AIDS was later found to be the cause.

Today Is: Crackers Over The Keyboard Day, National Power Rangers Day, National Weed Out Hate Day, Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day, Radio Commercials Day, Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, World Daffodil Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  McGyver  /  9:00 – Love Island  /  10:00 – Blue Bloods
NBC – 8:00  – America’s Got Talent  /  10:00 – Dateline NBC
ABC – 8:00 –  Shark Tank  /  9:00 – 2020
FOX – 8:00 – Friday Night Smackdown
CW – 8:00 –  Masters Of Illusion  /  8:30 – Masters Of Illusion  /  9:00 – Being Reuben  /  9:30 – Being Reuben

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Fallon: Seth Rogen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Alanis Morissette (R 7/30/20)
The View: Dan Domenech, Billy Porter, Paula Faris (R 5/1/20)
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Regina Hall, Adam Scott, Avril Lavigne (R)
Ellen DeGeneres: Melissa McCarthy, KJ Apa (R 2/17/20)
Wendy Williams: Jeremy Parsons, the Grill Dads (R 2/28/20)
The Real: Karlie Redd (R 11/15/19)
Tamron Hall: Incredible stories of survival (R 8/3/20)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Are you a TATTOO FAN?? So is he!!! In fact, this tattoo freak had his EARS REMOVED so his head will look exactly like a SKULL!!! It’s a look!!!!!
Man pays £6,000 to have his EARS removed so his head looks like a skull - and keeps them

QUESTION: Did Mickey drop off the bags of bribe money?? It looks like DISNEYLAND and UNIVERSAL STUDIOS may be planning their reopening!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: What happens when you KID ABOUT 2020??? Check out this perfectly timed lightning strike as a groom jokes about the year during his wedding!!!!!


QUESTION: Is YOUR name one of those at risk of EXTINCTION?? Check out this list of baby names that have fallen out of favor!!! (#1 for girls is “Kristy!!”)


QUESTION: Why??? Because we NEED THIS right now!!! Another 10-month-old baby shows true genius by telling her mom “I LOVE YOU!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Working from home?? (duh!) Maybe you need one of these $30,000 POP-UP OFFICES for your backyard!! Time to get away from those kids!!
Americans are buying these tiny $30K pop-up backyard offices as people continue to work

Katy Perry Gives Birth

Katy Perry has given birth to her first child, a baby girl named Daisy Dove Bloom, she and her fiancé Orlando Bloom have confirmed.  The baby’s birth was first announced by the official UNICEF Instagram page on Thursday alongside a black and white photo of the couple holding Daisy’s hand.  The post included a statement from Perry and Bloom who also reposted the image and message. Perry and Bloom are Goodwill Ambassadors for UNICEF.  “We are floating with love and wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter,” the couple said before explaining how they were fortunate to experience a peaceful birthing experience.  They announced that they have set up a donation page to help support UNICEF.  They became engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2019.
*******Her daughter keeps calling her “Kerry Paty!!!”
*******Let’s hope they make it to the altar!! Babies put a big strain on a relationship!!
******In Hollywood, people are wondering how they made a baby without a test tube!!!

Mariah Carey Recording Audiobook

Mariah Carey announced on Twitter that she is recording an audiobook version of her upcoming memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey.  “Not to add to your to-do list dahhling but I’m also recording an audio book,” the singer tweeted on Wednesday in response to a fan thanking her announcing the memoir and a new album titled The Rarities.  Carey also uploaded a photo of herself sitting down and recording lines for the audiobook.  The Meaning of Mariah Carey is set for release on Sept. 29. Carey wrote the memoir with Angela Davis.  Carey has said that the book allows her to tell things from her perspective and is unfiltered.  The Rarities will be released on Oct. 2 to coincide with the memoir. The album will feature tracks that have never been released.
*******Based on the fact that her mother was some kind of voodoo priestess (true), this should be interesting!!
*****Will she tell the story of how she got her first record deal?? (It involves a married guy and a lot of “canoodling!”)
*******She still looks exactly the same… only bigger!!

The Conners Will Tackle COVID 19

The Conners star Sara Gilbert says the show’s new season will “reflect” the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  She discussed Season 3 during Thursday’s episode of Good Morning America after resuming production on the Roseanne spinoff.  “We want to reflect what’s going on. I think people … they want to see some version of what’s happening in the world or in their lives,” Gilbert said. “I think it would be strange to just be sitting at a restaurant with a group of people in a scene when that’s not what’s happening in the world.”  She said the show said is balancing its portrayal of the pandemic with the “fatigue” many people feel about the health crisis.  “There are storylines that touch on it. It affects each of our lives, in terms of our livelihood, the way it’s affecting many people,” the star said. “We also have a lot of storylines that aren’t related.”  “You see masks and you see things like that, but it’s not always front and center of every storyline,” she added.
********Finally!! Someone is talking about the pandemic!!
*******Too bad the pandemic didn’t happen sooner! They could have used it as the reason that Roseanne “disappeared!”
*******Sara may look better with a face mask on!!!

Brad Pitt Has A New Woman

Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski were spotted boarding a private jet together, fueling rumors that he and the German model are dating. An eyewitness told ETOnline that Poturalski arrived from Berlin at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport, where she was seen waiting for his flight, which was coming in from the United States.  They then headed off to Paris-Le Bourget Airport, where they boarded a private jet bound for the South of France. Pitt and Poturalski were photographed by paparazzi wearing masks and sunglasses upon boarding the aircraft.  “They were seen driving in a chauffeured vehicle that took them to the airport for their next flight,” the insider explained. “They took the one hour flight and were spotted arriving in the South of France.”  “They were very low-key and entered the plane quickly,” the eyewitness added.  Pitt is no stranger to the South of France. About 30 miles away from Le Castellet Airport is the Chateau Miraval, a property he owns with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie that is used to run their French wine business.
*******He’s obviously trying to make Jennifer Aniston jealous!! Good job!!
*****He’s in his 50s… she’s in her 20s!! It’s called the “new math!!”
****Good first line: “Wanna go somewhere on my private jet??” (unless you’re Jeffrey Epstein)

Rosie O’Donnell Feels For Ellen

Rosie O’Donnell, who hosted her own daytime talk show from 1996 to 2002, admitted she feels “compassion” for Ellen DeGeneres and the toxic workplace allegations she faced at her show.  “You can’t fake your essence,” O’Donnell told Busy Phillips on her podcast “Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best.”  “That’s why I have compassion for Ellen [DeGeneres], right?” she added. “I have compassion, even though, you know, I hear the stories and I understand. I think she has some social awkwardness.” She also admitted she hasn’t appeared as a guest on “The Ellen Show.”  “You know how Ellen surprises everyone?” she said, “I’ve never done that show because I’m terrified she’s going to scare me and give me a heart attack.”
*******Rosie knows… sometimes you just have to lick your wounds!!
TOPIC: Who’d you rather? Rosie or Ellen???

R Kelly Attacked In Prison

A frustrated inmate attacked R. Kelly during a recent incident at a Chicago federal lockup, reports said Thursday.  Kelly, who’s awaiting trial on a series of child sex abuse charges, was sitting on his bed in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center when a fellow inmate walked in and started punching him, TMZ reported, citing federal law enforcement sources.  He was upset over recent lockdowns largely caused by protests related to Kelly outside the jail, the outlet reported.  Kelly was examined by a doctor and was not seriously injured.  His attorney declined comment, saying only that Kelly has been a model inmate.
********He was voted “Dude We’d Most Like to Meet in the Shower!!”
*******Or… “Most Likely to Drop the Soap!!”
*******For some reason, prison doesn’t seem like a happy place!!

Kris Jenner Wants To Trademark Her Phrase

Kris Jenner filed to trademark “You’re doing amazing sweetie” on various products on Aug. 20, per United States Patent and Trademark Office records. Jenner first delivered the iconic phrase during a 2017 episode of the E! show while she was taking her own photos of Kim Kardashian posing nude for Playboy.  Jenner’s trademark will apply to clothing items such as coats, dresses, footwear, headwear, jackets, jumpers, loungewear, rompers, scarves and even baby onesies.  It will also apply to hair brushes, home decor, baby carriers, journals, calendars, greeting cards, accessories and cosmetics.  With her daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner teaming up for a Kylie Cosmetics collaboration in June, she could be next Kardashian-Jenner to release a joint line.
********She first uttered those words while filming Kim’s sex tape with Ray J!!!!
*******Whenever we hear Kris’s voice, it’s like an echo of hell!!!
*******Her products will be sold in North Korea, where she’s known as “Kris Jong Un!!” 

Harry and Meghan Change Their Royal Brand

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially changed the name of their Sussex Royal brand to the MWX Foundation.  They agreed to stop using the word “royal” in their branding after stepping down as senior royals earlier this year.  Paperwork setting out the formal name change has now been published, which revealed it had been registered on August 5, MailOnline reports. It set out the change from the ‘Sussex Royal The Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ to the ‘MWX Foundation’, with speculation this could stand for the Markle Windsor Foundation.  The name change comes after the Queen told them they couldn’t use the word “Royal” in their branding after they quit the Firm.  The pair claimed they wanted to become financially independent and later relocated to North America.  The Sussex Royal foundation was launched on July 1 last year, after the couple split from the foundation they previously shared with Prince William and Kate Middleton, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  The couple also announced in April they will be launching a new charity Archewell, which will replace their Sussex Royal brand.  Harry and Meghan said they got inspiration for the name as the Greek word “Arche” means the “source of action.”
******Of course, “MWX” is short for “Money Works!!!!”
*******You pronounce “Archewell” like “Archie Will,” as in “Archie will have all your money!!”
*****Meantime, to make ends meet, Prince Harry has been pilfering a few things from Oprah’s mansion next door!! She hasn’t noticed!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Fallon & Conan’s Feud Ain’t Funny!-(National Enquirer)

Late-night rivals Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien are waging a feud behind the scenes, spies dished!  Sources said the “Tonight Show” host, 45, has always felt Conan, 57, who hosted the show in 2009 and 2010, has kept him at arm’s length while buddying up to “Late Show” star Stephen Colbert.  “It bothers Jimmy to no end that Conan flaunts his friendship with Colbert while he barely acknowledges the guy who shared the same seat.”  Insiders said Conan holds a grudge against the network for dumping him in favor of Jay Leno in 2010.  “He’s never gotten over that, and he associates Jimmy with the bad feelings, even though he had nothing to do with it,” the source said.

Heidi’s Fighting Lockdown Flab!-(Globe)

AGT judge Heidi Klum is packing on the pounds during the COVID crisis, confessing she can’t zip up her old clothes.  “I don’t fit in my favorite jeans anymore,” admits the German-born supermodel, 47.  “I’ve eaten a little more and exercised a little less than I normally would, so I’ll have to step it up to fit back into them…..Or I just have to get a bigger pair.”

J.Lo & A-Rod’s Expanding Empire-(Us Weekly)

Jenny’s come a long way from the block!  Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are making moves-to a superprivate island.  Multiple sources confirm that the engaged couple have bought a waterfront mansion on Miami’s Star Island for $40 million.  (The pair, who are worth an estimated $700 million, also bought a house for almost $1.4 million in Encino, Calif., in July.)  While it’s unclear if the new house will be their main residence, a source reveals that the exclusive island is gated and has been home to many A-listers, including the singer’s ex Diddy and Madonna.

Cameron:  Purges Phony Friendships-(Star)

Girl code!  Cameron Diaz recently opened up about finding “peace” by stepping away from the spotlight.  “I was finally taking care of myself,” she told pal Gwyneth Paltrow.  Now sources say the 47-year-old Charlie’s Angels actress left more than just Hollywood behind.  She also shed a number of her A-list friends, including, says the insider, Jennifer Aniston, Leslie Mann, Chelsea Handler and Demi Moore-“even Sandra Bullock is feeling the chill.”  The mom to 7-month-old Raddix (with husband, Benji Madden, 41) “can’t be bothered by the ones she sees as superficial,” says the source.  “If they don’t get that her hubby and kid come first, they’re out.”

Romance Report Card-(Life & Style)

Ed Sheeran-

Music to our ears!  The singer’s wife, Cherry Seaborn, is pregnant, a source shares:  “She and Ed are on cloud nine.  He can’t wait to buy the baby its first guitar.”



Tyra Banks-

Will the supermodel be strutting her stuff…down the aisle?  Tyra stepped out with boyfriend Louis Belanger-Martin in Santa Monica on Aug. 8 wearing a diamond on her ring finger.



Shawn Mendes-

Sorry, Senorita!  Insiders say the crooner split from his girlfriend of one year, Camila Cabello.  “They realized that they need a little space to grow,” spills a pal.


Madonna & Ahlamalik Williams:  Going Strong-(People)

On Aug. 16 the pop icon spent her 62nd birthday in Jamaica, celebrating with her kids-and cozying up with her backup-dancer boyfriend, 25.  The pair were first linked in December and toured together for her Madame X album before the pandemic hit.

Last Laughs-(In Touch)

“Martha Stewart turned 79.  That’s 553 in Snoop Dogg years!”-Paul Lander.

“The country’s oldest department store, Lord & Taylor, filed for bankruptcy.  Unlike Lorde and Taylor (Swift), who are thriving.”-Karen Chee.

“Russell Crowe revealed that he’s always felt guilty about winning best actor for Gladiator because he doesn’t think he was that good in it.  Still no word about how guilty he feels about his singing in Les Miserables.”-Will Presti.



Shooting Turns Out To Be TV

A German police department said officers responding to a report of a possible shooting arrived at the scene to find a man had simply fallen asleep while watching a loud action movie.  North Rhine-Westphalia Police stationed in Cologne said they received several reports early Wednesday morning from Cologne residents who reported sounds of gunfire nearby.  Police identified the source of the sounds, and they brought in a locksmith to open the door to the apartment from which the sounds were coming.  Officers discovered no actual gunfire — just a loud action movie playing while a 34-year-old resident slept in front of the TV.  Police said the man was taken to the police station, but was released once officers verified his identity.
*******Ever hear a loud argument at a neighbor’s place.. then realize it’s a TV show??
TOPIC: Some people hate falling asleep to the TV.. and some people can’t sleep without it! Which one are you??
TOPIC: Ever wake up and realize you’ve been dreaming what’s on TV??

Tallest Mohawk

A Minnesota man broke a Guinness World Record when his hair was styled into a Mohawk that measures 42.5 inches high.  Joseph Grisamore said he initially attempted to break the Guinness record for the world’s tallest Mohawk in 2007, but his hair fell short of the needed height.  Grisamore’s attempt for the 2021 Guinness Book of World Records took place at Family Hair Affair in Park Rapids, where stylist Kay Jettman spent hours working on his hair with help from wife Laura and mother Kay.  The stylists said it took a half can of Got2B Glued Blasting Hair Spray to make Grisamore’s hair remain vertical.  See the video HERE.
*******There was also concrete and epoxy involved!! Don’t ask!!
*******His next move? Enlist in the Marines!!
******If most of your personality is in your hair, what does that say???

Nail Salon Finds Missing Wedding Ring

Employees at a Texas nail salon went dumpster diving behind the business to reunite a customer with a wedding ring that accidentally ended up in the trash.  Rosana Ramirez said she very rarely removes the wedding ring that has been on her finger for 21 years, but she took it off during a recent visit to Q Nails & Salon in Portland.  “I set the ring on the little tablecloth that they put on the table,” Ramirez told KRIS-TV.  The customer said she didn’t realize until the next day that she had left the ring behind at the store.  Ramirez returned to the business and reviewed security camera footage with owner Henry Ho. They discovered the ring had been thrown away with the disposable tablecloth.  A group of employees joined Ramirez and Ho in searching through the dumpster behind the store for the right bag, as the trash was due to be collected the next day.  “We went through every single bag of trash in that dumpster,” Ramirez said.  She said the very last bag contained the tablecloth and her missing ring.
******Of course!! When something’s missing, you always find it in the last place you look!!
*******If we come home without our wedding ring, we’d better be missing a finger, too!!
******She could always say, “Some Ho threw away my ring!!” 

Lost Wallet Returned After 20 Years

Police in Ireland said they reunited a resident with the wallet they lost nearly 20 years ago.  Police in Tallaght, County Dublin, said a member of the public came into the station Tuesday to hand in a mystery wallet they found.  “It appeared to have been buried a long time,” police said in a Facebook post.  The wallet’s contents included a Visa credit card and a student ID dated June 2001.  Police said they searched the name on the cards in their database and were able to contact the wallet’s owner, who said the item had been missing for two decades.  Investigators said it was a “20-year-old mystery solved in 24 hours.”
********NO… it was solved in 20 years!!!! That’s how long it took!!
********We’re just freaking out that 2001 was almost 20 years ago!! 








7 Mistakes Many of Us Are Making With Our Money During the Pandemic


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Mistake 3: Not Setting Aside $1M For Your Family

Have you thought about how your family would manage without your income after you’re gone? Chances are your checking account balance won’t last forever.

Here’s the thing: You should keep a healthy amount of savings in the bank, but if you want to give your family up to $1 million, use something called term life insurance.

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