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Born on this day!! Comedian Dame Edna (Barry Humphries) is 89. Actor Christina Pickles (“The Wedding Singer,” ″St. Elsewhere”) is 88. Football player-turned-actor Jim Brown (“The Dirty Dozen”) is 87. Actor Brenda Fricker (“My Left Foot,” “So I Married An Axe Murderer”) is 78. Actor Becky Ann Baker (“Girls,” ″Freaks and Geeks”) is 70. Actor Rene Russo is 69. Actor Richard Karn (“Home Improvement”) is 67. Actor Lou Diamond Phillips is 61. Comedian Larry the Cable Guy is 60. Director Michael Bay (“Transformers,” “Armageddon”) is 59. Singer Chante Moore is 56. Guitarist Tim Mahoney of 311 (three-eleven) is 53. Actor Dominic Purcell (“Prison Break”) is 53. Actor Denise Richards is 52. Singer-guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day is 51. Actor Jerry O’Connell is 49. Country singer Bryan White is 49. Actor Kelly Carlson (“Nip/Tuck”) is 47. Actor Conrad Ricamora (“How To Get Away With Murder”) is 44. Actor Jason Ritter (“Kevin (Probably) Saves the World,” ″Joan of Arcadia”) is 43. Actor Joseph GordonLevitt is 42. TV personality Paris Hilton is 42. TV co-host Daphne Oz (“The Chew”) is 37. Actor Chord Overstreet (“Glee”) is 34. Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is 32. Actor Meaghan Martin (“10 Things I Hate About You,” “Camp Rock”) is 31. Actor Sasha Pieterse (“Pretty Little Liars”) is 27.


1600 – Italian philosopher, alchemist, and Copernican theory advocate Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for heresy by the Inquisition.
1801 – The electoral tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr was broken by the House of Representatives who elected Jefferson president.
1817 – Baltimore became the first U.S. city lit by gas.
1864 – The Confederate submarine Hunley, equipped with an explosive at the end of a protruding spar, rammed and sank the Union’s ship Housatonic off the coast of Charleston, S.C.
1904 – Puccini’s opera Madama Butterfly premiered in Milan.
1972 – President Richard Nixon left on his trip to China.
1996 – Chess champion Garry Kasparov beat the IBM computer, Deep Blue, winning the six-game match.
2008 – Kosovo declared independence from Serbia.

Today Is: Analog to Digital TV Day, Flip Flop Day, Girl Scout Cookie Sales, My Way Day, National Caregivers Day, National PTA Founders Day, No One Eats Alone Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day, World Human Spirit Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Greatest At Home Video  /  9:00 – Fire Country / 10:00 – Blue Bloods
NBC – 8:00  – Lopez v Lopez  /  8:30 – Young Rock  /  9:00 – Dateline
ABC – 8:00 –  Shark Tank  /  9:00 – 2020
FOX – 8:00 – WWE Smackdown
CW – 8:00 –  Penn and Teller  /  9:00 – Whose Line Is It?

TV Talk Shows

James Corden: Alicia Vikander, Chris O’Dowd, Tommy McLain (R 11/2/22)
The View: Milo Ventimiglia, Greta Thunberg
The Talk: Alfonso Ribeiro, guest co-host Victor Cruz
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Milo Ventimiglia
Kelly Clarkson: Jay Hernandez, Derek Hough
Tamron Hall: Jadakiss, Nyesha Arrington, Bun B, Joey Skladany
Drew Barrymore: Kristin Chenoweth, David Chang
Jennifer Hudson: Jay Ellis, Zach Stafford, Sam Sanders, Saeed Jones

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Is this AI chatbot thing about to get really WEIRD?? The Bing chatbot tells a reporter it “wants to be powerful” and “part of me feels stressed, mad or angry.” Scary???? Noooo….


QUESTION: What is the ONE WORD that was banned from the set of the show “The Last of Us” by the show’s creators?? Hint: the show is about zombies.. but they don’t want to be a zombie show!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Been wondering whose balloons we’ve been shooting down?? One of them could have been from a HOBBY CLUB who floated their own weather balloons!! (The club is from earth!)


QUESTION: Bigger is BETTER, right?? Brit doctors find that men’s penises have GROWN 25% longer in the last 30 years, but they think it might be a BAD thing!! Uh… bad for WHO?????????????
Researchers found that penis length has increased in men over past 30 years, from 4.8 inches in 1992 to 6 inches in 2021. While that may seem like a positive, they fear it is linked to growing infertility levels

QUESTION: What do you call it when you show up for a date and the other person is 40 pounds heavier than their profile picture??? Answer: You call it “FATFISHING,” and it’s happening more and more!!
Jana Hocking.

Ryan Seacrest Leaving Live!

Ryan Seacrest is leaving Live with Kelly and Ryan in the spring.  He announced his exit during Thursday’s episode of the talk show.  Seacrest joined Kelly Ripa on Live in 2017. He will be replaced as host by Ripa’s husband, actor Mark Consuelos, with the show to be rebranded as Live with Kelly and Mark.  “Working alongside Kelly over the past six years has been a dream job and one of the highlights of my career. She has been an amazing partner, friend, and confidant, and although we will always be a part of each other’s lives, I will miss our mornings together,” Seacrest said. Seacrest plans to return to the west coast and will remain part of ABC Entertainment. He will continue to host American Idol and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.  Seacrest will occasionally fill in as a guest host on Live with Kelly and Mark.  “Goodbyes are never easy, but we look forward to welcoming Ryan back regularly with open arms. As a fan-favorite guest host for years, Mark is no stranger to the Live family. Having him join the show is so special for us and we’re sure that viewers will feel the same,” Live executive producer Michael Gelman said.
********So… Kelly finally stabbed Ryan in the back just like she did with Regis Philbin!!!
****Never trust a woman who disappears when she turns sideways!!
*****When they forget their keys, Mark just slides her under the door!!!
****Now Ryan only has 20 jobs!! How will he fill his spare time??

South Park Takes Aim At Harry and Meghan

South Park appeared to roast Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the second installment from Season 26 of Comedy Central’s show.  The show stopped short of naming the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but the episode, titled The Worldwide Privacy Tour, was heavily laden with references to the duo.  The story centers on a visit to the town of South Park by the Prince of Canada and his wife, who say they are seeking privacy and seclusion.  The jokes focus on the tension between Harry and Meghan’s desire for privacy and their willingness to share intimate details of their life in interviews, Prince Harry’s book, and their Netflix series.  The South Park prince is seen promoting his book, Waaaagh, a clear gag at the expense of Prince Harry’s actual tome Spare. See a clip HERE.
********Finally!! Someone is actually paying attention to Megan and Harry!!!
*******These two are the high priest and priestess of the “Woke” religion!!!

Kanye West Says The Paparazzi Wanted To Fight

Kanye West filed a complaint against paparazzi after they followed him and “challenged him to a fight” earlier this week.  A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office in West Hollywood, Calif., tells us that the Yeezy CEO, 45, was “contacted” by photographers as he left Sunset Boulevard on Tuesday at around 5 or 6 p.m. local time.  The paparazzi allegedly “got into a verbal argument with [West] and challenged him to a fight,” according to the watch sergeant.  Subsequently, West and individuals who were “hanging out with him” at the time went to the sheriff’s station to request their assistance.  A criminal report was created and there is an active investigation into the incident. It appears no arrests have been made.
*********Paparazzi can be dangerous!! Just ask Princess Di!!
*****They’d love to get Kanye to start swingin’!! That picture would sell for MILLION$!!!! (true)
******You notice they don’t do that with Snoop!!

Orlando Bloom Opens Up About Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom admits his relationship with longtime fiancée Katy Perry takes work.  “We’re in two very different pools,” the actor told Flaunt magazine in a cover story published Wednesday. “Her pool is not a pool that I necessarily understand, and I think my pool is not a pool that she necessarily understands. Sometimes things are really, really, really challenging.”  He continued, “I won’t lie. We definitely battle with our emotions and creativity, [but] I think we’re both aware of how blessed we are to have uniquely connected in the way that we did at the time that we did, and there’s definitely never a dull moment.”  He says that one of the biggest hardships is navigating being long-distance with Katy since they both have demanding work schedules.  Their relationship hasn’t been without its ups and downs. They started dating in January 2016, but they announced via their reps in March 2017 that they were “taking a respectful, loving space at this time.”  She later revealed that she was nearly suicidal when they split.  But in February 2018, the duo made their way back into each other’s lives and rekindled their love.
********Uh… this doesn’t sound like it’s gonna end well!!
****Remember when Ben Affleck said being married to Jennifer Garner was “a lot of work??” Remember what happened after that??

The Meaning Behind Charles and Camilla’s Nicknames

King Charles and his wife Queen Consort Camilla have been known to use nicknames in private, but a royal expert has revealed the little-known true meaning.  Royal commentator Charles Rae spoke to Slingo about their secret monikers, Fred and Gladys, which have been public knowledge for years thanks to Princess Diana’s tell-all book by Andrew Morton.  But Rae claimed he knows what inspired the pair’s seemingly random pet names for one another.  Rae noted that “Fred” and “Gladys” were names they both used before their 2005 wedding, since they infamously had a relationship dating back to the 1970s — while they were both married to other people.  It turns out, Rae revealed, that they pulled the names from “The Goon Show,” a British radio show broadcast between 1951 and 1960.  He also disclosed how the late Princess Diana had once found a bracelet engraved with the initials, F and G, the “pair’s secret nicknames.”  This event was even depicted in Season 4 of Netflix’s hit royal drama, “The Crown,” in which a young Diana (Emma Corrin) confronts Charles (Josh O’Connor) just before their 1981 wedding after finding the jewelry — a real-life event noted in Morton’s book, “Diana: Her True Story.”  “[Charles and Camilla] also have other nicknames for each other, including ‘darling’ and ‘mehbooba,’” Rae said.  “Camilla has been heard using the nickname ‘mehboob’, which means ‘my beloved’ in Urdu, for Charles on a number of occasions including back in February when she was giving a speech at the British Museum,” he continued.
***********Are you sure she isn’t calling him a “boob??”
*****We’ll stick with their real nicknames: “Horseface and Elephant Ears!!!”


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!


Last Laughs-(In Touch)

“Just Bieber just sold his entire music catalog for $200 million.  That’s $1 for every person who pretended to know all the words to ‘Despacito.’”-Jimmy Fallon.

“Organization expert Marie Kondo has admitted that she’s ‘kind of given up’ on tidying up after having three kids.  Oh, this story sparks joy!”-Stephen Colbert.

“Google announced that it was cutting 12,000 jobs, while Yahoo! announced that it is now run by a family of raccoons.-Colin Jost.



Deer Crashes Into School Classroom

Security cameras at an Alabama elementary school were recording when a deer crashed through the window of a classroom.  Evergreen Elementary School administrators said in a Facebook post that staff members arrived Monday morning to discover a deer had been in the building during the weekend.  The post, which included security camera footage of the animal, said the deer struggled to walk in the school’s waxed floors before wandering around “for a couple of hours.”  “Once acclimated with the new environment, it jumped out of the window as fast as it entered,” the post said.  See the video HERE.
*****This was a “teachable moment!!” The lesson: how to shoot a deer!!
******Wait. This happened in Alabama?? They already know how to do that!!”
******Even a deer can’t resist the smell of fresh Crayons!!

Brother-In-Laws Break Van Pulling Record

A pair of British brothers-in-law each pulled a 1.65-ton van a distance of 32 miles to become co-holders of a Guinness World Records title.  James Baker, 36, and John Darwen, 32, completed their feats side-by-side at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire and both stopped at exactly 32 miles to become co-holders of the Guinness World Record for farthest distance pulling a vehicle in 24 hours as an individual.  The brothers-in-law said Darwen’s bout with leukemia 14 years ago inspired them to start completing challenges each year to raise money for charity. They started out running half-marathons and marathons before deciding to take on the more demanding challenge of the van pulling world record.  The men said the record stood at 2.1 miles when they first decided to attempt the challenge in 2019, but they soon learned the record had been increased to 21.1 miles.  Baker and Darwen decided to continue to train for the record and in October 2021 they jointly set the record at 22.1 miles.
*********They’ve made van-pulling into an art.. and that art is called “Van-Go!!”

Plant Based McNuggets

McDonald’s is introducing plant-based McNuggets next week. Germany will be the first market to get them.  McPlant Nuggets, made from peas, corn and wheat with a tempura batter, are the second product McDonald’s has co-developed with Beyond Meat, an El Segundo, California-based maker of plant-based meats. McDonald’s has been selling a McPlant burger since 2021.  McDonald’s said the nationwide nugget rollout to more than 1,400 restaurants in Germany follows a limited-time test at nine restaurants in the Stuttgart area in August. McDonald’s will also start selling the McPlant burger in Germany next week.  Availability of the McPlant nuggets and burger in future markets will depend on customer demand, McDonald’s said. European customers have generally been more receptive to McDonald’s plant-based meat products than those in the U.S. The McPlant burger is now a permanent menu item in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria and the Netherlands. Last month, McDonald’s rolled out the Double McPlant burger in the U.K. and Ireland.  But in the U.S., McDonald’s ended a test of the McPlant burger last summer without announcing any future plans for its sale.
*********We live in a red meat country. That’s not gonna change anytime soon!!
****Instead of putting tons of chemicals and fat into fake meat to make it taste like meat.. whey not just eat a SALAD???










The 8 Worst Things You Can Do At A Hair Salon Or Barbershop



  1. Arriving Late

Among the stylists polled, the No. 1 complaint was customer tardiness. “A single late customer can create a domino effect on a whole day’s work schedule,” explained Viktor Holas, who has been a barber for eight years and currently works at San Diego’s Wise Barber. “This means that other clients will be forced to wait despite being there on time. It also puts more pressure on the stylist to work as fast as possible to restore the original timeline.”  Furthermore, “lateness can end up denying your hairdresser their usual 5 to 10 minutes of much-deserved rest in between cuts,” Holas said.  If you’re unexpectedly running late, call your salon as soon as possible to let them know. And when you arrive, be mindful of helping the remainder of the appointment go as smoothly and quickly as possible to avoid a backlog.

  1. Talking On Your Phone

“There are levels to this,” noted 12-year industry pro Yvey Valcin, who heads up Seattle’s Yvey Salon. If the call is important, such as regarding your children or work, try to make it quick and keep your voice low. “But if it’s just a casual conversation,” Valcin added, “that is not very respectful.”  If you do have to make a quick phone call during your appointment, don’t ignore your stylist in the process. “If [you are] asked questions about your cut or styling, reply right away” added Olya Iudina, a stylist for 15 years who is with New York City’s IGK NYC.

  1. Wasting Time During The Appointment

“After arriving 15 minutes late, a client had a phone conversation for 10 minutes. When they hung up, I had to tell them I no longer had time to cut their hair and they were furious,” recalled hairstylist Andrea Cottin, who has 13 years of experience and works at Portland, Oregon’s Propaganda The Salon.

If you have to interrupt your service to step away for an emergency phone call, don’t expect to “resume full service as if nothing happened,” said Justin Kafando, a New York-based barber with the Barber Surgeons Guild who has over 20 years of experience. To avoid delaying subsequent clients’ appointments, your stylist may have to rush or might not be able to complete the same services as if there were an uninterrupted appointment.

  1. Coming To Your Appointment Sick

Stylists agree they would rather a client call in sick than sit in their chair while spreading germs. In coming in contagious, you not only put your hairstylist at risk of getting sick, but the other stylists, clients and staff as well.

“If anyone contracts the same sickness, they’ll be forced to take a sick leave, and you’ll have unintentionally taken them out of business for a couple of days,” Holas said. “This also means canceling several days’ worth of appointments, which will be more inconvenient for us, and the clients affected by the cancellations.”

  1. Disrespecting Salon Property

When you’re at a hair salon, you should behave as if you’re a guest in someone’s home, which means respecting their property. Ricardo Rojas, a hairstylist for 30 years who has owned four salons including Ricardo Rojas Salon in New York City, recalled a time shortly after the salon was redecorated with beautiful new chairs. “[A client] was eating a piece of cake with her hands,” Rojas said. “She put the cake down directly on the silk chair so she could shake my hand. I was appalled.”

Another absolute no: Touching the stylist’s equipment without permission. “We take pride and really good care of our tools as they are expensive and must be in perfect shape to offer a perfect cut,” Kafando explained.

  1. Moving Around And Not Sitting Still

The way you sit in the stylist’s chair can impact their ability to do their job. A major pet peeve for hair professionals is when clients are “getting up every two seconds to look in the mirror,” Kafando said. “We know your hair doesn’t look great unfinished. We are getting there!”  Furthermore, a client who is “sitting crooked or constantly having their head down can make it difficult to cut and color the hair,” Cottin noted. If you’re looking down at your phone during your appointment, try to ensure that it doesn’t affect your posture in a way that’s detrimental to the stylist.

  1. Taking Advantage Of The Free Snacks And Drinks

Some salons provide complimentary refreshments such as coffee, tea, snacks or even alcoholic beverages. Of course, you may accept any refreshments you’re offered, but can you ask for refills? And is it OK to swing by the snack table more than once?

“More than one refill of alcoholic beverages is generally frowned upon,” Cottin advised.

“Refills aren’t usually on the initial budget and might end up being costly for your barber,” added Holas, who warned against “turning the refreshments corner into [your] own personal buffet.”

  1. Not Being Prepared To Tip Everyone Who Served You

While cash tips are generally preferred, many salons offer alternatives if you don’t have bills handy such as money transfer apps, ATMs or tipping on a credit card. If you’re happy with the service you’ve received, the stylists polled agreed that 20% of the cost of service is an appropriate tip for your main stylist. “You should tip your colorist, stylist and the assistants if they were helping wash or blow drying your hair,” noted Iudina, who added that $5-15 is usually an appropriate tip for assistants regardless of the cost of service.


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