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Born on this day!! Actor Jerry Adler (“The Good Wife,” ″The Sopranos”) is 93. Actor Gary Conway (“Burke’s Law”) is 86. Drummer John Steel of The Animals is 81. Singer Florence LaRue of the Fifth Dimension is 80. Singer Alice Cooper is 74. Actor Michael Beck is 73. Actor Lisa Eichhorn is 70. Singer Tim Booth of James is 62. Country singer Clint Black is 60. Guitarist Noodles of The Offspring is 59. Bassist Dave Buchanan of Yankee Grey is 56. Actor Gabrielle Anwar (“The Tudors”) is 52. “Daily Show” correspondent Rob Corddry is 51. Actor Michael Goorjian (“Party of Five”) is 51. TV personality Nicolle Wallace (“The View”) is 50. Bassist Rick Burch of Jimmy Eat World is 47. Singer Natalie Imbruglia is 47. Rapper Cam’ron is 46. Singer Gavin DeGraw is 45. Singer Zoe Manville of Portugal. The Man is 38. Actor Ashley Thomas (“Salvation,” ″24: Legacy”) is 37. Actor Charlie Barnett (“Secrets and Lies,” ″Chicago Fire”) is 34. Actor Kyla Kenedy (“Speechless”) is 19.


1783 – England proclaimed the formal end to the hostilities with the United States.
1787 – Shays’s Rebellion, an uprising of Massachusetts farmers, was defeated.
1789 – George Washington and John Adams are elected the president and vice president of the United States.
1861 – Delegates from six southern states met at Montgomery, Ala., to form the Confederate States of America.
1945 – Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met at the Yalta Conference.
1948 – Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) gained independence from the United Kingdom.
1969 – The Palestine National Congress appointed Yasir Arafat head of the Palestine Liberation Organization.
1974 – Patricia Hearst, granddaughter of newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst, was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army.
1976 – Benjamin Britten, British composer, died.
2003 – The country of Yugoslavia disappeared, to be replaced by the loose federation of Serbia and Montenegro.
2004 – The Massachusetts Supreme Court declared the right for citizens to have same-sex marriages.

Today Is: Bubble Gum Day, Give Kids A Smile Day, Facebook’s Birthday, International Day of Human Fraternity, Liberace Day, Medjoola Date Day, National Hemp Day, Quacker Day, USO Day, Wear Red Day, Working Naked Day, World Cancer Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Celebrity Big Brother  /  10:00 – Blue Bloods
NBC – 8:00  – Winter Olympics
ABC – 8:00 –  Shark Tank  /  9:00 – 2020
FOX – 8:00 – Friday Night Smackdown
CW – 8:00 –  Penn and Teller  /  9:00 – Great Chocolate Showdown

TV Talk Shows

Seth Meyers: Pre-empted
The Talk: Eric Braeden
Live with Kelly and Ryan: David Oyelowo, Calum Scott
Ellen DeGeneres: Sarah Hyland, Julianna Peña, guest host Mario Lopez
The Real: Marques Houston, guest co-host K. Michelle

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: WHAT DID MEN SAY when they were asked, “Would you rather have your team win the Super Bowl or have sex?” 64% said SUPER BOWL!!


QUESTION: What do YOU think? Kanye West says “Forget Black History Month!” February should be “BLACK FUTURE MONTH!!” Stand back!!


QUESTION: Remember those good ole celebrity Super Bowl parties?? THEY’RE BAAACK! This year’s S.I. party will cost a cool $3 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: How did his ex DESTROY HIS HOUSE and everything in it? Cops were called SIX TIMES! She came back and burned his stuff in the tub!!

QUESTION: Can’t get enough COVID?? Then you’ll want a pair of these trendy COVID TEST EARRINGS, as modeled by the trendy KATY PERRY!!!!
Fashion choice: Katy Perry believes in testing for COVID-19 so much she's turned it into a fashion statement

Jlo Dodges Relationship Questions From Hoda

Jennifer Lopez had to dodge a few questions about her renewed relationship with Ben Affleck from an unlikely source on the “Today” show Thursday.   She was one of the first in-studio guests to grace the stage in a while due to the coronavirus pandemic. She sat down for an interview with Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie to discuss her new movie “Marry Me.”  During her interview, JLo acknowledged how “meta” the plotline is given that she has been dating in the public eye for many years. Most recently, she called off a high-profile engagement to former MLB star Alex Rodriguez. Not long after, she reconnected with Affleck, who she was previously engaged to in 2002.  Guthrie couldn’t help but ask about the similarities between Lopez’s character and her real-life situation. However, the singer didn’t seem interested in opening up about her relationship on such a public stage.   “I think, you know, we can talk about that backstage if you really want to know,” Lopez explained, politely dodging the question. “I think what we learned from the last time is that love, when you’re lucky enough to find it, is so sacred and special and you have to hold a little bit of that privately. And that’s what we’ve learned.  She added: “But we’re very happy, if that’s what you’re asking.”  Soon after, Kotb complimented Lopez on her latest cover photo in People Magazine. She held up the cover but said that she was going to “block out” the corner of the print, which teased a story about her recently announced split from fiancé Joel Schiffman.  “Why are you trying to block out the corner?” JLo shouted playfully. “You trying not to talk about your personal stuff, Hoda?!”   “Touche, touche,” the host replied.
********This is what happens when your love life is scripted by your publicist!!
******Didn’t we just see a story the other day about J Lo gushing over her relationship and her “second chance??” Who REALLY wrote that stuff??
******When reached for comment, Ben Affleck said, “Not now!! I’m holding a straight!!”

Masked Singer Controversy

The newest season of Fox’s “The Masked Singer” has already caused a stir with a shocking unmasking during the taping of the first episode.  Rudy Giuliani was revealed as one of the first contestants to depart in the upcoming Season 7 premiere – prompting two of the show’s judges, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke, to storm off the stage in protest.  While Jeong and Thicke hit the exit, the two other judges, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger, stayed put and chatted with the former New York City mayor, the report said.  Deadline did not disclose Giuliani’s costumed character or the song that sent him home early.  The new season is set to premiere March 9th.
*******No matter what you think of his current politics, Rudy was one of, if not THE greatest mayor in New York City history!! Ken and Robin must not be old enough to remember 9/11!!
******Maybe they’re trying to use their status as judges to get onto the Supreme Court!!
****Joe Biden saw a picture of Nicole Scherzinger and said, “If she sniffs right, she could be the nominee!!”

Snoop Dogg Reunited With His French Bulldog

Snoop Dogg took to Instagram on Tuesday to thank the “lovely couple” who found his French bulldog. For the kind gesture, Snoop said he’s hooking them up with some sweet gifts.  “Yo, I wanna thank y’all for returning the dog back to us,” Snoop said in a video on Instagram. “We appreciate that. Frank made his way back home. We appreciate all the love and support we got on Instagram to get the dog back. And to the lovely couple that brought the dog back, I got some gifts for y’all for looking out.”  It’s unclear what kind of gifts he has in mind, but at least he’s no longer stressing about man’s best friend having gone missing. He took to Instagram earlier this week to reveal Frank had gone missing over the weekend in south Los Angeles.  With Frank back in the hands of his rightful owner, Snoop can get back to business, and that’s getting ready to perform alongside Dr. Dre, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar at the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show at SoFi Stadium.
********When the Dogg loses his dog, that’s an emergency!!
*****With inflation, French Bulldogs are now worth more than the dollar!!!

Mariah Carey “Supportive” For Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey is “supportive” of her ex-husband Nick Cannon following news that he is expecting his eighth child.  “Mariah and Nick are really great co-parents and have a good relationship [and] friendship now so any time Nick has exciting news to share, she’s just happy for him,” a source told Us Weekly exclusively about how she feels about Cannon and Bre Tiesi‘s baby news. “They’re in a good place and they’re supportive of each other no matter what.”  They were married from 2008 to 2016 and share 10-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan and she wants to ensure that the kids have a good relationship with their father. “As long as Roc and Roe are still very much a part of Nick’s life, which they are, and he gives them equal attention, that’s what she solely cares about,” the insider added, explaining that the twins “hold a special place” in Cannon’s heart. “They spend a lot of time with Nick and he seems to balance time well with all the children.”   The source continued: “It’s a lot to juggle and he has a lot on his plate, but at the end of the day, family comes first.”
********Which one?
******For Father’s Day, he’ll be renting out the L.A. Convention Center!!
********His nightmare: coming home and finding all his baby mamas waiting for him!!

Ronnie Wood Made A Portrait Of Prince Philip

Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones created a portrait of Prince Philip shortly before the royal’s death and now he wants Queen Elizabeth to see it, according to the Daily Mail.  He said that his artwork caught the attention of Prince William, who now intends to show it to the Queen.  “I did a wonderful painting of the Duke of Edinburgh shortly before he died where he is tipping his hat,” he told the Daily Mail’s Eleanor Sharples. “I’ve been asked by Prince William to present the picture to him in the coming weeks, and he’s going to show the Queen, so it’s a real honor for me.”  “I am very pleased with it. It’s charcoal, a brown sepia pastel of the Duke, and I finished it shortly before he died and I was going to show it to him,” he added.  Taking to Instagram on the day of the royal’s death, Wood first revealed his charcoal etching in a post captioned: “We are very sad to hear of the death of His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. It was an honor to have met the Prince over the years, and have been involved in his charitable causes.”  “I recently painted this picture of him from a photo I saw, and wanted to share it with you,” he added.
********The way Ronnie is looking, if he waits a few months he can give it to him in person!!
********Charlie Watts and Prince Phillip have been hanging out, jamming a little bit, so he’s ready!!
*******Keith Richards painted a portrait of Moses, who was his high school gym teacher!!
*******Ronnie is hoping the Queen will pose nude!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Prince’s $156M Estate: Purple Rain of Cash! – (National Enquirer)

Nearly six years after pop icon Prince’s fentanyl overdose death in 2016 at age 57, the “Purple Rain” legend’s estate has finally been settled!! Administrators will divvy up the singer’s $416 million fortune among his three oldest heirs and the New York music company Primary Wave. As National Enquirer readers know, Prince, a Jehovah’s Witness, died without a will, and the Minnesota court awarded his estate to six people: hi sister, Tyka Nelson, and half-siblings Norrine Nelson, Sharon Nelson, John Nelson, Alfred Jackson and Omarr Baker. Impatient Tyka struck a deal with Primary Wave for a share in exchange for money up front, and the music company snapped up Alfred and Omarr’s claims as well – gaining half of Prince’s estate! Another big winner is the IRS, as taxes on Prince’s fortune will run into tens of millions of dollars!

Leaving L.A. – (US Weekly)

These stars ditched Hollywood for greener pastures.. and the quiet life!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds (Bedford, NY) Lively and Reynolds settled in the idyllic New York town in 2012, where neighbors include Martha Stewart

Sandra Bullock (New Orleans) “She’s happiest away from the spotlight,” a source told US of Bullock, who spends much of her time at her historic Louisiana home.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban (Nashville) The Aussie natives made Tennessee their home base. I’m very, very happy to love there,” Kidman shared

John Mayer (Montana) Mayer’s reportedly said moving to Park County “saved my life” in a 2013 speech

Felicity’s Desperate Wish – (Star)

Lori Loughlin is getting her post-prison comeback. New Felicity Huffman wants hers. Both moms did their time for their patrt in the college-admissions scandal, but after being sprung in October 2019, the 59-year-old has struggled to find work. Now with everything from Sex and the City to Fresh Prince of Bel Air getting reboots, a source tells Star the actress is eager to revisit Desperate Housewives’ Wisteria Lane. “She’s been having a hard time not getting roles or even getting her phone calls returned,” says an insider. “She’d love for a Desperate Housewives reboot to happen.” She may get her wish: On New Year’s Eve, the ABC show’s official twitter account posted a cast shot with the caption, “Desperately waiting for 2022” – leading some to believe the redo is in the works.



Old John Madden Game Sells Big

A sealed copy of 1990 video game John Madden Football for the Sega Genesis sold for $480,000, setting a new world record for the highest price paid for a sports video game.  Heritage Auctions said the video game, the first in a series of yearly releases of Madden football games for home consoles, fetched $480,000 in the auction, a new record for a sports video game.  “This particular copy is especially extraordinary as it comes from the offices of its famous namesake,” Heritage said in announcing the new record.  Madden, a legendary former NFL coach and broadcaster, died in December at the age of 85.  “Heritage will be donating the buyer’s premium of the sale of the game to a charitable foundation created in Madden’s honor,” the auction house said.  A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System became the most expensive video game ever sold in August 2021 when it fetched a price of $2 million.
********Did it come with a giant turkey leg?? 

Fisherman’s Truck Ends Up In The Lake

Authorities in Tennessee said a fisherman attempting to launch his boat from a ramp ended up with his boat, trailer and pickup truck submerged in the water.  The Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management said in a Facebook post that a man was attempting to launch his boat Tuesday morning at Chickamauga Lake in Soddy-Daisy when disaster struck.  “He did not realize the boat ramp had a huge drop off and accidentally submerged his back tire into the water. Unfortunately, the fisherman could not stop the truck from entering the lake,” the post said.  The boat, trailer and Dodge pickup truck ended up submerged in the water. The driver escaped uninjured.  A towing company was able to haul the items back to shore. The Facebook post said the boat and trailer were determined to be salvageable, but the man’s truck was declared a total loss.  See the pics HERE.
***********Meanwhile, the fish were laughing their asses off!!
********This is one sure way to wind up on someone else’s Facebook page!!

Family Says Mom Got Stranger’s Sperm

An Ohio couple and their daughter are suing a doctor and a healthcare system, claiming that the doctor wrongly inseminated the wife with a stranger’s sperm, which the family says it did not discover until years later.   The couple, Mike and Jeanine Harvey, underwent an insemination procedure in 1991 to fertilize the wife’s egg with the husband’s sperm, according to a press release from the family’s attorneys. Jeanine eventually became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl, Jessica Harvey Galloway.   Leading up to Christmas 2020, Jessica and her husband asked her parents for kits ahead of a trip to Europe with hopes of tracking down relatives while there. The DNA-test results revealed a shocking discovery: the father who had raised her was not her biological father.   Further tests led Jessica to her biological dad who confirmed that he and his wife were patients of the same fertility doctor as Jessica’s parents in 1991, according to the release.  At the time, the doctor, Dr. Nicholas J. Spirtos, was serving as the Chief of Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and In Vitro Fertilization/Embryo Transfer at Summa Akron City Hospital, the release said.  The family’s attorneys are calling for more regulation of the fertility industry, likening its current state to the “wild west.”
**********Maybe we should all just give the “United Way!!!”
*******She was conceived before DNA tests!! The doctor would just grab a test tube and say, “This should work!!”
*****It could be worse!! She could look like the doctor!! (it happens)

Elon Musk Confronts Teen About Tracking His Jet

A teenager has asked Elon Musk for $50k after the billionaire requested that the youngster delete a Twitter bot which tracks his private jet. Jack Sweeney, 19, turned down an initial offer of $5k to shut down the @ElonJet account, saying the payment wouldn’t replace the satisfaction he received from running it.  The SpaceX and Tesla chief described the tracker, which uses publicly available air-traffic information, as a potential threat to his safety.  The University of Florida student described himself to Business Insider as a fan of Mr Musk and said he had created the bot as it “would reveal what business is going on and where he is going”.  Sweeney has launched similar accounts tracking the planes of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. The accounts state that they track the aircraft, not who may or may not be onboard.  The student also has a part-time job with a company called UberJets, which tracks chartered flights and allows its customers to identify cheap seats.  Mr Sweeney shared a direct message from Mr Musk, in which the tycoon said: “Can you take this down? It is a security risk.”  “I don’t love the idea of being shot by a nutcase,” he adds.  Eventually, Mr Musk said: “How about $5k for this account and generally helping make it harder for crazy people to track me?”  As this point, the teenager tried to upsell: “Any chance to up that to $50k? It would be great support in college and would possibly allow me to get a car, maybe even a Model 3.”  The billionaire eventually declined, explaining it didn’t feel right to pay to shut down the account, but Mr Sweeney said that advice he had shared about protecting the jet’s identifying number appeared to have been adopted.
*********Why not just give him a job?? He sounds like the kind of self-starter Musk is looking for!!







7 Signs Your Friendship Isn’t Going To Last

Huffington Post

It’s consistently one-sided.

“Relationships can’t be equal all the time, but over time they should equal out,” said Irene S. Levine, a clinical psychologist and friendship expert. “There’s an inequality in the relationship if one person is doing all the heavy lifting, always being on the giving end.”
When only one person in the friendship is putting in effort to spend time together or taking an interest in the other person’s life, things start to become one-sided. You might feel unappreciated and less inclined to open up if your friend doesn’t seem genuinely interested in you.
“It’s a big red flag when someone who is supposed to be your friend turns most of your conversations into their own personal monologue,” said friendship expert and author Shasta Nelson. “Or when you find yourself unable to express your ideas or share your own experiences with them. Or when you start telling a story and they change the subject back to themselves. These are important indications that a friendship isn’t a real friendship.”

Being around this person makes you feel bad.
“If we hang up the phone or drive away from our time together feeling unpleasant emotions, we’ll be less likely to want to keep repeating that experience,” Nelson said.
Pay attention to whether or not your interactions leave you feeling drained, if that person judges or criticizes you, if they never affirm you or show gratitude or appreciation, or if the substance of your conversations is always negative.
“None of us wants to feel judged, criticized or devalued, and yet all too often we don’t take the time when we’re together to say, ‘What can I do to make sure my friend feels better for having been in my presence?’” she added. “Too often we received advice when empathy would have felt better, we listened to complaining all night instead of some sharing that left us happy, or we felt like she was judging our choices when we want to feel accepted.”
Levine pointed to the emotional ― and even physical ― indications that a friendship might not be particularly healthy.
“When you to get together, you feel anxious, jittery or uncomfortable,” she said. “It may even be somatic, showing up in headaches or tummy aches.”

You don’t have any plans to get together.
“One of the biggest causes of relationships not lasting is when people don’t initiate time together,” Nelson said. “There are a lot of people who like each other but their friendship never lasts simply because they didn’t figure out a way to initiate new time together after a big life change (i.e making time together when they now no longer work together) or when one person feels resentful for being the one who always reaches out.”
Of course, we all go through periods when our schedules are difficult to coordinate, but if you can’t even squeeze in 10 minutes for a phone call or text exchange every now and then, that might be an indication of your real priorities.
“Finding it hard to schedule time with each other or if one or both of you keep breaking appointments might suggest that your motivation to be together is vastly diminished,” Levine said.

They don’t celebrate your success.
“Another sign of a toxic friendship is a friend who’s just bringing you down,” said psychologist and friendship expert Marisa G. Franco.
Pay attention to their reaction when you find success in your life ― whether it’s work or a personal matter.
“Are they happy for you? Or are they jealous of you and trying to tear you down?” Franco asked. “When you have a promotion, are they saying, ‘I’m so proud of you’ or are they saying, ‘I don’t know if you deserve that’?”
When a friend doesn’t celebrate your successes, it’s often out of a sense of jealousy or insecurity.
“Being happy for your success and more generally wanting you to succeed is an important part of healthy friendship,” Franco said. “The opposite of that is more toxic.”

Your communication is strained.
No friendship is absent of conflict or tension from time to time, but there should still be an ease of communication. If this is lacking, consider if there are toxic dynamics at play or you’re simply drifting apart.
“There may be frequent misunderstandings, or you simply run out of things to talk about,” Levine said. “It becomes tough to speak to one another.”
She noted that your life circumstances might have taken such divergent paths that you have less in common than you once did. It might also be difficult to overcome “having vastly different lifestyles based on deep-seated and discrepant beliefs over politics, religion or money.”
If you run into an issue with your friend, consider if they’ll have an honest, constructive conversation about it.
“Most of us try to talk with our friends about the things they do that irritate us ― always being late, texting or calling us at inconvenient times, bringing up sensitive topics in front of other people,” said Glenda Shaw, author of “Better You, Better Friends.” “These are the kinds of issues everyone has to negotiate in life. What becomes a red flag is when a person continually ignores your request to address a situation that irritates you.”

There’s an unresolved breach of trust.
“We all have different deal breakers, boundaries, breaking points,” Shaw said. “It’s helpful to figure out what your own personal ones are.”
She noted that a red flag for her is a person who gossips incessantly about everyone because it’s a sign that you might not be able to trust them.
“One of the hardest issues to deal with in friendship is when you find out that a friend is not being honest with you,” Shaw explained. “Unlike our family and colleagues, our friends are the people we choose in our lives. A real friend is a person we’re honest with, a person we trust.”
Even with a trustworthy friend, something may arise that jeopardizes your faith in them. It’s important to work through these situations if you want to preserve the relationship.
“One sign a friendship may be fraying is that there has been a major breach of trust that remains unresolved,” Levine said. “Some of these may be fatal ― undermining the person with her boss, saying hurtful things behind her back or having a romantic liaison with her lover.”

They don’t listen to your perspective.
“In a healthy friendship, you work through conflict openly instead of pushing it away and pretending it’s not there, or ghosting or withdrawing,” Franco said. “You’re able to say, ‘Hey, this hurts me,’ and the other person wants to listen because they are invested in continuing a relationship with you.”
She noted that in unhealthy friendships, people might withdraw when they’re upset. Or they might attack you, blame you for their problems or otherwise project their negative experience onto you. There’s a lack of interest in reaching mutual understanding.
It’s a major sign of a toxic relationship if a friend rarely considers your perspective, Franco added. “They’re thinking about whether you’re fulfilling their needs but not whether they’re fulfilling your needs. When I was writing my book, I interviewed someone who was supposed to go a friend’s dance recital but couldn’t because she got sick. Her friend got mad at her and said, ‘You abandoned me, and you’re a bad friend.’ Clearly that’s a lack of perspective-taking. She only thought about her own needs and not her friend’s.”
Listening to one another is a fundamental part of healthy friendships. As Nelson noted, “if a person doesn’t seem to want to hear you, then that’s a warning that this friendship is not working.”


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