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Born on this day!! Actor James Cromwell (“Murder in the First,” ″Babe”) is 83. Drummer Nick Mason of Pink Floyd is 79. Singer Nedra Talley of The Ronettes is 77. Dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov is 75. Country singer Cheryl White of The Whites is 68. Guitarist Richard Young of The Kentucky Headhunters is 68. Actor Mimi Rogers is 67. Guitarist Janick Gers of Iron Maiden is 66. Actor Susanna Thompson (“Arrow”) is 65. TV host Keith Olbermann is 64. Singer Margo Timmins of Cowboy Junkies is 62. Keyboardist Gillian Gilbert (New Order) is 62. Actor Tamlyn Tomita (TV’s “Teen Wolf,” “The Good Doctor”) is 60. Actor Bridget Fonda is 59. Actor Alan Cumming (“Spy Kids”) is 58. Singer Mike Patton (Faith No More) is 55. Country singer Tracy Lawrence is 55. Rapper Tricky is 55. Guitarist Michael Kulas of James is 54. Comedian Patton Oswalt is 54. Actor Josh Randall (“Ed”) is 51. Country singer Kevin Denney is 45. Drummer Andrew Lee of St. Paul and the Broken Bones is 37. Drummer Matt Sanchez of American Authors is 37. Actor-musician Braeden Lemasters of Wallows (TV’s “Men of a Certain Age”) is 27.


1880 – Thomas Edison was granted a patent for his incandescent light.
1944 – The Soviets announced the end of the two-year siege of Leningrad.
1945 – The Russians liberated Auschwitz concentration camp, where the Nazis had killed over 1.5 million people, including over 1 million Jews.
1951 – The U.S. Air Force started atomic testing in the Nevada desert.
1967 – The Apollo I fire killed astronauts Grissom, White, and Chaffee during a simulated launch at Cape Canaveral.
1973 – Vietnam War peace accords were signed in Paris.

Today Is: Auschwitz Liberation Day, Fun at Work Day, Holocaust Memorial Day, International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, National Big Wig Day, National Geographic Day, National Pre-school Fitness Day, National Seed Swap Day, Thomas Crapper Day, Viet Nam Peace Day, World Breast Pumping Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  SWAT  /  9:00 – Fire Country / 10:00 – Blue Bloods
NBC – 8:00  – Figure Skating
ABC – 8:00 –  Shark Tank  /  9:00 – 2020
FOX – 8:00 – WWE Smackdown
CW – 8:00 –  Penn and Teller  /  9:00 – Criss Angel’s Magic With The Stars

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Fallon: Claire Danes, Cathy Ladman
Seth Meyers: Leslie Jones, Rosie Perez, Daniel Fang (R 1/16/23)
James Corden: Amy Adams, Maya Rudolph, Franz Ferdinand (R 11/21/22)
The View: Josh Gad, Daniel Patt
The Talk: Kevin Alejandro
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Rachel Bilson, Jean Chatzky
Drew Barrymore: Nia Long, Tori Dunlap, Lauren London
Jennifer Hudson: Katharine McPhee Foster, Samara Joy

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Where do you LOOK FOR A MAN these days?? Single ladies are heading for HOME DEPOT, where they “look confused in the lumber aisle!” Nailed it!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Is hell REAL?? This priest says he dies and WENT THERE!! Can you guess what he saw?? Or which hit songs were being SUNG BY DEMONS???????


QUESTION: Are you finding guys like JASON MAMOA and CHRIS HEMSWORTH a little SEXIER right now?? Science sez women like manlier dudes during times of crisis!!


QUESTION: Do you COPY AND PASTE to save time?? Always remember to PROOF-READ if you do!! This thread has hilarious examples of C&P FAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!
One person sent an old copied and pasted pick up line to a new match on Tinder, but forgot to change the names

QUESTION: Is this dress from their “FALL COLLECTION?” A supermodel takes a tumble from her STILETTOS in Valentino’s Paris Fashion Week show!!!!!!
Supermodel Kristen McMenamy took a fall at Valentino's spring 2023 haute couture fashion show.

Most Streamed Shows

Stranger Things was the most-viewed U.S. TV show in 2022, according to Nielsen.  It topped the list with 52 billion minutes streamed in 2022.  That was almost as much as the record of 57.1 billion minutes The Office set in 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Top 3 overall most streamed programs in 2022 were Stranger Things, NCIS, acquired from CBS, and Cocomelon, the popular children’s show that originated on YouTube.  When it comes to original programming, Netflix is dominant, with the Top 10 shows streamed, including OzarkCobra Kai, the reality series Love is Blind and their prestigious juggernaut, The Crown. Netflix’s new hit show, Wednesday, based on the character from The Addams Family, broke into the Top 10 in 2022 in a big way by coming in at 18.6 billion minutes viewed on just eight episodes. Prime Video’s The Boys is the first original offering coming from the streamer at #11 with 10.6 billion minutes viewed on 24 episodes.  Disney+ has the edge in movie streaming with Encanto, which has songs written by Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda, coming in at #1 with 27.4 billion views. That’s more than double Disney’s own Turning Red at #2 with over just over 11 billion views. Disney’s Hocus Pocus 2, Moana and Frozen are all in the Top 10. Disney has ten of the Top 15 streaming movies overall, but Netflix’ Sing 2 and The Adam Project made the Top 5.
*******”Stranger Things” is NOT as strange as our reality today!!!
********Notice something?? Where are the comedies???? Nothing’s funny right now!!!
*****Harry and Meghan are demanding a recount!!!!

Robert Redford Doubled Up For Babs

Robert Redford allegedly wore “two athletic supporters” to film his love scene with Barbra Streisand for their 1973 film “The Way We Were.”  The claim was made by author Robert Hofler in his book published on Jan. 24 titled “The Way They Were: How Epic Battles and Bruised Egos Brought a Classic Hollywood Love Story to the Screen.”  The book, timed to the 50th anniversary of the film’s release, explores how the instant classic was “a nightmare to make, with a difficult cast, a jumbled plot about mismatched partners, countless delays and rewrites, on-set tensions between everyone involved, difficulties at every step of the production, the skyrocketing demands of Ms. Streisand, a leading man who happily ditched premieres on both coasts and mixed critical reviews.”  Hofler claimed that Redford was reluctant to work alongside Streisand, and when it was time to get in bed with Streisand, he did not take any chances. He allegedly doubled up on the jock straps “to protect himself in more ways than one” while Streisand “chose to don a bikini.”  “Redford was a happily married family man with four children when he signed to do ‘The Way We Were,’” Hofler explained in his book.  The intimate scene was supposed to be a simple one to film in a closed set. However, Britton said, “there were a lot of takes.” At one point, Redford looked at director Sydney Pollack, implying he had enough. Redford would later joke to a Newsweek reporter that the only thing he wore on set for the scene was “Aramis,” the Estée Lauder fragrance for men.  “Barbra Streisand was a star who reportedly had affairs with many of her leading men,” claimed an unnamed member from the film set.  During their second love scene, Redford allegedly refused to say the line, “It will be better this time,” because he felt people would assume he was not a good lover.
*********A lot of her leading men wound up missing their “units!!!”
*******He wanted to make sure he didn’t “accidentally” get her pregnant!!
*******This was the first movie in history where the leading man was more beautiful than his lady!!! 

Pamela Anderson Walked In On Jack Nicholson

Pamela Anderson allegedly once saw Jack Nicholson having a threesome at the Playboy Mansion.  “Mr. Nicholson had two beautiful women with him,” She claims in her upcoming memoir, “Love, Pamela,” according to an excerpt released by Variety Thursday.  She continues, “They were all giggling and kissing up against the wall, sliding all over each other.”  She recalls trying not to look, but that she “couldn’t help” herself.  “I walked by to use the mirror, bending over the sink to fix my lip gloss. Trying not to look, but I couldn’t help myself and caught his eye in the reflection,” she writes.  And the actress even says that she found herself being slightly involved in his threesome.  “I guess that got him to the finish line because he made a funny noise, smiled and said, ‘Thanks, dear,’” she claims.
********Was this AFTER Tim Allen flashed her?? This girl got around!!!
*******Of course, she didn’t join in!! Right??
*****Why do young actresses go to the Playboy Mansion?? It ain’t for the food!!

Goop’s Valentines Gifts

Gwyneth Paltrow released Valentine’s Day goodies for lovers looking to create a buzz in the bedroom. The gift guide includes nearly fifty vibrators, sea salt and caramel water-based lube and a 24-karat gold razor for a whopping $425.  Goop found ways to disguise kinky sex toys as luxury items. The gift guide includes a gold necklace that’s actually a vibrator — but it isn’t obvious to the naked eye.  “It’s a necklace and a vibrator. It’s made of stainless steel, finished in twenty-four-karat gold, and completely waterproof,” the necklace description reads. The discreet sex toy costs $149.  Paltrow’s wide selection of vibrators will have customers reaching new climaxes, whether they’re using the Smile Makers Poet Vibrator for $129 or Heartthrob Vibrator for $200.  One of the best-selling items is the $75 “This Smells Like My Vagina Candle,” released in 2020.
*******You can probably figure out where THAT’S been!!!

King Charles Is Booting Out Prince Andrew

King Charles III has informed the Duke of York he can no longer use his suite of rooms at Buckingham Palace.  While the palace undergoes its renovation, Prince Andrew’s belongings have reportedly been moved out and will not be returned again.  According to The Sun, he was told there is “no place” for him at the palace and he will have to move elsewhere if he wishes to remain in London.  The newspaper quoted a source as saying: “The King has made it clear that Buckingham Palace is no place for Prince Andrew.  “First his office closed last year and now his sleeping quarters. Andrew loved having a suite at Buckingham Palace where he was not only set up for marital life with Sarah Ferguson but used it as a bachelor’s pad after his divorce.”  The news comes after Andrew is said to be plotting a legal bid to overturn his settlement with Virginia Giuffre, who accused him of sexually assaulting her when she was underage.
*********Andrew has done a lot of work with teenage mothers.. you know, helping them get their start!!
*******They were going to send him to the stables, but that’s where Camilla sleeps!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)**Please Credit Publication!


Winner/Loser of the Week-(In Touch)


Aaron Taylor-Johnson-

The Bullet Train actor is reportedly the frontrunner to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond.


Gerard Pique-

The former soccer star and his new 23-year-old girlfriend are slammed in his ex-wife Shakira’s scathing new diss track, “BZRP Music Session #53.”



Eagle Steals Golf Ball

A bateleur eagle finds a rather strange object when hunting and decides to have a little fun with it.  Lodge manager and photographic guide Rihann Van Wyk, 41, from Mvuradona Safari Lodge was out on a game drive in the Kruger National Park in South Africa when he came across the playful scene.  He shared the story with  “While on a game drive in the Kruger National Park, I was driving along the S108 dirt road, searching for the resident leopards that call this part of the park home. Often, when you are searching for something, you will never find it. As I thought that to myself, a large raptor about to land caught my eye.  “This section was mainly grassland with some apple leaf trees and some shrubs. As soon as the raptor landed, I saw it was a bateleur eagle. I stopped the vehicle some distance away and waited to see what was going to happen, as I knew there must be something that got its attention. The next moment it picked up an ‘egg’ and tried to swallow it.”  Bateleur eagles have diets that consist of a large variety of different items. They will consume rodents, small reptiles, small antelope and carrion. Bateleur eagles will consume eggs on very rare occasions.
*****This is a sign!! Eagles will go to the Super Bowl!! (Thinking like a Philly Phan)
******Somewhere in South Africa, a golfer is STILL looking for his ball!!

Bear Selfies Caught On Camera

A trail camera set up to capture images of wildlife in Colorado was hijacked by a bear that used the camera to pose for about 400 “selfies.”  Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks said a wildlife camera set up in a wooded area in November snapped 580 photos in a single night, and rangers reviewing the photos found about 400 of them were “bear selfies” of a single bruin that came in for a close-up.  “Felt cute, might delete later,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife quipped in sharing the photos on Twitter.  The camera is one of nine set up around the city by Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks to help officials and researchers learn more about the area’s diverse wildlife.  See the pics HERE.
*********First they eat our food, then they try to drive our cars, now they’re taking SELFIES?? Where does it stop??

Stolen Corpse

Rockford, Illinois police are looking for a suspect charged with stealing a funeral home van with a body still inside, authorities say.   The van, which belongs to Collins & Stone Funeral Home, was stolen from outside the business Saturday afternoon – with the body of 47-year-old Curtis Brown still inside the cargo area, police said.  Rockford police were notified Monday evening that Brown’s body was found in the 8200 block of S. Manistee in Chicago. The Winnebago County Coroner’s Office transported the body back to Rockford.   Investigators identified 23-year-old Deon Howard as the suspect who stole the funeral home van Saturday evening.   The Winnebago State’s Attorney’s Office reviewed the facts of the case and authorized the following charges against Howard: unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle and abuse of a corpse.
**********There should be a stiff penalty for that!!
*******They should bury this guy in jail!!!









These baby names are ‘at risk’ of going ‘extinct’ in 2023: report




  1. Arjun — rank no. 492 (down 164 spots)

Arjun is a name of Indian origin that means “bright” or “shining.”

  1. Walter — rank no. 486 (down 162 spots)

Walter is a name of German origin that means “powerful warrior.” The name has moved up 272 spots in 2023 so far.

  1. Royce — rank no. 492 (down 138 spots) 

Royce is a name of English origin that means “son of the king.” The name has moved up 381 spots in 2023 so far.

  1. Khalid — rank no. 492 (down 138 spots) 

Khalid is a name of Arabic origin that means “immortal” or “eternal.” The name has moved up 278 spots in 2023 so far.

  1. Rory — rank no. 464 (down 127 spots) 

Rory is a name of Scottish origin that means “red king.”

  1. Nehemiah — rank no. 499 (down 110 spots)

Nehemiah is a name of Hebrew origin that means “comforted by God.” The name has moved up 285 spots in 2023 so far.

  1. Kameron — rank no. 437 (down 107 spots)  

Kameron is a name of Scottish origin that means “crooked nose.” It’s an alternative form of the name Cameron. The name has moved up 223 spots in 2023 so far.

  1. Wade — rank no. 444 (down 94 spots) 

Wade is a name of English origin that means “from the river crossing.”

  1. Kane — rank no. 393 (down 93 spots) 

Kane is a name of Gaelic origin that means “tribute” or “warrior.” The name has moved up 179 spots in 2023 so far.

  1. Kian — rank no. 384 (down 93 spots) 

Kian is a name of Irish origin that means “ancient.”




  1. Hayden — rank no. 487 (down 204 spots) 

Hayden is a name of English origin that means “hay valley.”

  1. Ariyah — rank no. 449 (down 129 spots) 

Ariyah is a name of Hebrew origin that means “lion.” It’s a spelling variation of the names Aria and Aryeh. (up 358 spots in 2023 so far)

  1. Mira — rank no. 449 (down 129 spots)

Mira is a name of Latin origin that means “wonderful.” The name has moved up 232 spots in 2023 so far.

  1. Kate — rank no. 502 (down 129 spots) 

Kate is a name of Greek origin that means “pure.” It’s an alternative form of the name Catherine. The name has moved up 306 spots in 2023 so far.

  1. Katherine — rank no. 432 (down 127 spots)

Katherine is a name of Greek origin that means “pure” or “virginal.” This spelling is more popular than Catherine, which ranked as the 475th most popular girl name on BabyCenter’s 2022 name popularity chart.

  1. Hana — rank no. 456 (down 126 spots) 

Hana is a name of Japanese origin that means “flower” or “blossom.” The name has moved up 260 spots in 2023 so far.

  1. Leia — rank no. 343 (down 122 spots)

Leia is a name of Hebrew origin that means “weary.” The name has moved up 126 spots in 2023 so far.

  1. Joy — rank no. 432 (down 112 spots) 

Joy is a name of French origin that means exactly what the noun suggests – “joy.” The name has moved up 236 spots in 2023 so far.

  1. Vanessa — rank no. 408 (down 111 spots) 

Vanessa is a name of Greek origin that means “butterfly.” The name has moved up 317 spots in 2023 so far.

  1. Alayah — rank no. 421 (down 102 spots) 

Alayah is an anglicized name of Arabic origin that means “sublime.”


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