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Born on this day!! Comedian Johnny Brown (“Laugh-In”) is 84. Singer Joey Dee of Joey Dee and the Starliters is 81. Actor Roscoe Orman (“Sesame Street”) is 77. Actor Adrienne Barbeau (“Maude”) is 76. Drummer Frank Beard of ZZ Top is 72. Singer Graham Russell of Air Supply is 71. Singer Donnie Van Zant of .38 Special and of Van Zant is 69. Actor Peter Bergman (“The Young and the Restless”) is 68. Actor Hugh Laurie (“House”) is 62. Talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz (“The Dr. Oz Show”) is 61. Singer Gioia Bruno of Expose’ is 58. Bassist Dan Lavery of Tonic is 55. Country singer Bruce Robison is 55. Actor Peter Dinklage (“Game of Thrones”) is 52. Bassist Smilin’ Jay McDowell (BR5-49) is 52. Actor Lenny Jacobson (“Nurse Jackie”) is 47. Bassist Tai Anderson of Third Day is 45. Actor Joshua Jackson (“Fringe,” ″Dawson’s Creek”) is 43. Actor Shia LaBeouf is 35.


1509 – King Henry VIII married his first wife, Catherine of Aragon.
1770 – Capt. James Cook discovered the Great Barrier Reef off Australia .
1919 – Sir Barton won the Belmont Stakes, becoming the first horse to capture the Triple Crown.
1963 – Vivian Malone and James Hood successfully enrolled at the University of Alabama following Gov. George Wallace’s famous “stand in the schoolhouse door.”
1977 – Seattle Slew won the Belmont Stakes, capturing the Triple Crown.
2001 – Timothy McVeigh, the 1995 Oklahoma City bomber, was executed.

Today Is: Corn on the Cob Day, National Cotton Candy Day, National Making Life Beautiful Day, Poultry Days

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Magnum P.I. /  9:00 – Magnum P.I.  /  10:00 – Blue Bloods
NBC – 8:00  – Minions   /  10:00 – Dateline NBC
ABC – 8:00 –  Emergency Call / 9:00 – 20/20
FOX – 8:00 – Friday Night Smackdown
CW – 8:00 –  Charmed  /  9:00 – Dynasty

TV Talk Shows

James Corden: Angela Bassett, KSI featuring Yungblud & Polo G (R 4/20/21)
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Zooey Deschanel, Daphne Rubin Vega, Monica Mangin
Ellen DeGeneres: Howie Mandel, Bryce Vine
Drew Barrymore: Willie Geist, Leo Kelly (R 4/21/21)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: THIS is how you go viral??? A young woman decides to check a POOL NOODLE on her Southwest flight!! It works.. and gets 11 MILLION views!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: They’re taking down the QUEEN’S PICTURE?? At OXFORD?? Because someone was TRIGGERED?? (And it was an American student!! Shame!!)


QUESTION: Remember the guy who “pleasured himself” on a Zoom call and got fired from CNN? It’s Jeffrey Toobin, and he’s BACK!! (We were pulling for him!!)


QUESTION: Think you’re good at JOB INTERVIEWS?? Check the questions people are being asked.. some of which EINSTEIN couldn’t answer!!! This is good!!!!


QUESTION: Is it GOOD TO BE RICH?? Check out Justin Bieber’s custom Rolls Royce!!! It’s like a “Bat Rolls!!” If you wanna roll like this, you gotta have a BIG roll!!!!!!!!
Justin Bieber's Futuristic Rolls-Royce Wraith

Thomas Markle Speaks Out

Meghan Markle’s father has warned about airing further “dirty laundry” about his daughter and her relationship with Prince Harry. Thomas Markle has given an exclusive interview with 60 Minutes Australia, in which he reveals that he has not spoken to his estranged daughter in three years and was not told of Lilibet’s birth. The bombshell interview is due to be broadcast on Sunday, June 13. The 40-second trailer shows Thomas Markle asking to be forgiven for his “one dumb mistake”.   He said: “I haven’t spoken to her [Meghan] since two days before they got married.”   When asked about the arrival of the couple’s baby daughter Lilibet Diana, Thomas Markle claimed he had not been informed of his granddaughter’s birth: “No phone calls, I just heard it on the radio.  “I’ll be very disappointed that I don’t get to hold my granddaughter.”   The trailer also showed him warning: “You want dirty laundry? This is the first time I’ve discussed these things.”  The world exclusive is due to be aired on Sunday evening.
*******This is gonna make it awkward around the Thanksgiving dinner table!!!
*******He’s also working on a “Markle Family Christmas” special!!
******They should have named the baby “Thomasina!!!”
*****If he dies without ever seeing his grandkids, that won’t be a good look!!

Noel Gallagher Blasts Harry

Noel Gallagher wants “f–king woke snowflake” Prince Harry to “shut up.”  The Oasis band member slammed the royal for badmouthing his brother Prince William, recently telling The Sun that he shouldn’t be “dissing” his own family.  “Prince William. I feel that f–king lad’s pain,” Gallagher said. “He’s got a f–king younger brother shooting his f–king mouth off with s–t that is just so unnecessary. I’d like to think I was always the William.”  Gallagher knows what it’s like to family feud all too well. The 54-year-old musician has notoriously sparred with his own younger brother and former Oasis bandmate Liam Gallagher, 46. Their strained relationship ultimately lead to the band splitting up in 2009.  Gallagher noted that he didn’t know Harry personally but that he still has strong feelings about him and his wife Meghan Markle.  “Prince Harry is coming across like a typical f–king woke snowflake, f–king asshole,” he said. “Just don’t be f–king dissing your family because there’s no need for it.”
*****When one of the Gallagher brothers thinks you have no class… that’s not good!!
*******It’s only taken the Royal Family one generation to go from pheasant hunting to “rescue chickens!!!”
*****Joel sent Harry a note: “What’s the Story, Morning Glory??” “Don’t look back in anger!!!”

Tiger King Star Wanted In Vegas

Tiger King” star Jeff Lowe is a wanted man in Las Vegas for reportedly skipping a Wednesday court date.  He missed a hearing in connection to a 2017 case where he was hit with four charges — three of which were for having wild animals without the proper license or permit, a Las Vegas Municipal Court clerk told TMZ.  In 2018, Lowe, who took over Joe Exotic’s Oklahoma zoo, was convicted of using animals illegally to make money in Las Vegas, the report said.  But, in order to avoid time behind bars, he agreed to obey the law, according to the news outlet.  A judge on Wednesday issued four bench warrants — one for each count — for Lowe’s arrest.  Just last weekend, Lowe and his wife, Lauren Lowe, were busted in Oklahoma City for allegedly driving under the influence.  Last month, the couple’s wildlife park was raided by the feds, TMZ had also reported.
*****This story won’t end until he “accidentally” falls into a meat grinder!!
******He’s asked the judge to put him in the same cell as Joe Exotic!!

JLo and Ben’s Strategy For The Paparazzi

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck discussed how they’d handle swarms of paparazzi photographing their every move as they entered their romance, according to sources.  And this time around, Affleck won’t let the intense media attention get in the way of his relationship with Lopez.  A source says that one of the big issues between them, when they first dated back in the day was how many photographers were always around the high-profile relationship.  A source says that today that Ben knows what he is in for. “Ben and J.Lo had a discussion about paparazzi,” says a source. “J.Lo warned him they would be followed by paparazzi again, and he knew and understood.”  While Affleck is private, he’s accepting that “it is what it is.”   Last weekend, he was spotted looking forlorn while leaving Lopez’s house, reviving a “Sad Affleck” meme that kicked off five years ago focusing on his seemingly bummed-out reaction to one of his movies flopping at the box office.
*********How can you be sad when you just spent the night with Jennifer Lopez??
******He wasn’t sad.. he was depleted!!!
********Maybe she called him “Alex” in the middle of the night!!! Or.. “Marc,” or “Diddy!!” Or…..
*****He freaked out when he noticed her bedroom had “smoking” and “no smoking” sections!!
*****On the back of her panties, it says, “All Aboard!!!”

Exes Approve Of Ben and Jen Part 2

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s rekindled romance appears to have their exes’ approval.  Lopez has “Jennifer Garner’s seal of approval,” a source dished to Us Weekly.   Garner was previously married to Affleck from 2005 to 2018. They share three kids together. Per the outlet’s insider, JLo and Garner have crossed paths over the years.  Lopez thinks “Jennifer is a kind and wonderful person and an amazing mother,”  the source added.  Meanwhile, another source told Entertainment Tonight that Garner “is accepting of Ben” and there’s “no animosity” between the former couple.  “As long as Ben stays on track and keeps the situation healthy, especially regarding the kids, then Jen is happy,” the source said.  As for how JLo’s ex-husband Marc Anthony feels? “Marc just wants Jen to be happy and fulfilled. His main concern is the well-being of JLo and their kids. As long as Ben keeps her and their kids happy, he has Marc’s stamp of approval,” the insider told the outlet.
*******Jennifer Garner is too nice to say what she really thinks: “He’s a drunken slut!!!”


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

This Is Legally Us:  Justin & Sofia Wed-(National Enquirer)

“This Is Us” hunk Justin Hartley, 44, has tied the knot with “The Young and the Restless” actress Sofia Pernas, 31!  The lovebirds flashed their wedding bling at the recent MTV Awards.  They were first linked in May 2020 after Justin split from second wife, “Selling Sunset” star Chrishell Stause.

Ryan Gets Kicks With Soccer Show-(Globe)

Ryan Reynolds’ baller move to buy a Welsh soccer team is getting the star treatment-as the subject of an upcoming two-season FX docuseries called “Welcome To Wrexham.”  It’ll chronicle the “Deadpool” A-lister and his co-owner/actor Rob McElhenney’s purchase of the Welsh team.

Angie Vs. Brad:  Back At War-(Us Weekly)

Brad Pitt is getting his kids back.  On May 13, a judge granted the actor, 57, joint custody of his five minor children with ex Angelina Jolie.  (Their oldest, Maddox, is 19.)  “Angelina’s testimony lacked credibility,” an insider says.  “The decision was based on extensive testimony from people who spent time with the kids and by highly respected professionals.”  While Pitt is “delighted” with the outcome, Jolie is “bitterly disappointed,” the insider says, adding that she’s now out for revenge.  But the insider continues, “[Brad’s] done letting Angie call the shots.  He wishes her no harm.  His door is open if she wants to be civil.”

Sign Of the Times-(Star)

Miami, May 20

A young male fan had a special message for Martha Stewart, who hosted a 20th anniversary celebration of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.  The fan’s large handwritten sign said, “I JUST WANNA DRINK JAJA WITH MARTHA.”  (No word on whether she took him up on it!)

It’s About Time!-(Life & Style)

Miami, May 22

He was sporting a beard and a befuddled look as he left Jennifer Lopez’s house.  But it was Ben Affleck’s very familiar looking bling that drew the most attention.  The small-face delicate timepiece Ben wore on his wrist is identical to the one gifted to him by J.Lo back in 2002-when the two of them were engaged and originally making headlines as Bennifer.  Does this mean she’ll slip on her old engagement ring next?  Guess we’ll just have to wait….and watch!

One Last Thing:  Andrew Rannells-(People)

The Tony nominee, 42, stars in Showtime’s hit series Black Monday.”

Last time I was injured-

Physical fitness sort of flew out the window this past year, but I decided I should start running again.  And then I pulled a calf muscle being a little overzealous, which then prevented me from working out.  So I was right in the first place.

Last thing I discovered about myself-

I don’t do well with free time.  I had to learn to be not busy.  After weeks of cleaning out closets, I was like, “Everything is clean; let’s start watching television.”  So I watched all of the TV.  There is no more.

Last impulse buy-

You know how things pop up on your Instagram?  I bought a weighted blanket.  I don’t even know what it’s supposed to do.  Am I like a puppy?  Like I need a thunder coat?  It doesn’t make any sense.

Last Laughs-(In Touch)

“Long before their split, Bill Gates had a reputation for questionable behavior.  He pursued women who worked for him at Microsoft and at their [Bill & Melinda] Foundation.  That is bold to pursue an affair at an office literally named after your marriage!”-Stephen Colbert.

“IHOP plans to launch a more casual, spin-off chain called Flip’d.  That was always my complaint about IHOP:  too formal.”-Jimmy Fallon.



Mystery Beach Stain Identified

An ocean researcher said the mysterious black substance that has been staining the feet of visitors to Maine beaches is actually the crushed remains of tiny insects.  The York County Parks and Recreation Department said on its website that Department of Environmental Protection officials were investigating after multiple visitors to southern Maine beaches reported the bottoms of their feet had been stained by a black substance that was difficult to wash off.  The substance was initially thought to be algae, but John Lillibridge, a recently retired oceanographer from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, examined a sample through a microscope and made a surprising discovery.  “Much to our surprise, it wasn’t some kind of algae or an oil spill like you would expect, it was just a whole bunch of dead bugs in the water,” Lillibridge told WMTW-TV.  Lilligridge said the insects have wings smaller than a pinpoint, but in such large numbers they cause dark stains when stepped on.
******When do the frogs start raining down??
*******Hey… are those cicadas… or locusts???

Dog Finds A Job

A family dog that went missing after being ejected during a highway crash was found days later herding sheep at an area farm.  Linda Oswald said her family was driving on Idaho State Highway 41, south of Rathdrum, on Sunday when their GMC Yukon collided with another car, and Tilly, the family’s 2 1/2-year-old border collie-red heeler mix, was ejected through a window.  Oswald and some witnesses who stopped to help started searching the area for Tilly, but there was no sign of him after 10 hours of scouring the area.  The family posted about Tilly on social media and search parties continued to look for Tilly, but the dog didn’t turn up until Tuesday, when Tyler Potter and her brother, Travis Potter, noticed one of their sheep herding dogs appeared to have darker fur than usual.  The siblings’ other brother, Zane, attempted to call the dog, Hooey, later in the day, and became suspicious when the canine didn’t respond to his name as usual.  The Potters said they soon realized the dog they had thought was Hooey was actually Tilly, the canine their grandmother in California had seen on social media and told them to watch for after the crash, which occurred only 1 1/2 miles from their property.  Everyone agreed Tilly most likely was following his instincts, and was drawn to the farm by the opportunity to herd sheep.
********He tried to pull the wool over their eyes???
********He told his family: “I like it better here!!!”
********He had a sheepish expression!!!!

Golfing Record

A Swiss man combined his hobbies of golf and running to set a Guinness World Record by playing 252 holes of golf in 12 hours.  Jurg Randegger took to the links at Ostschweizerischen Golf Club in Niederburen, Switzerland, and played the entire course 14 times through in 12 hours to set the record.  Randegger performed the feat on foot, as use of a golf cart was banned by Guinness rules.  The record attempt raised money for Special Olympics Switzerland.  “Jurg attempted this record not only for his love of running and golf but also to bring awareness to the Special Olympics Switzerland that help people, through the power of sports, with intellectual disabilities,” Guinness World Records said in announcing the record.  Guinness said Randegger beat the previous record by 31 holes.
*********He also set another record by winding up at 900 strokes over par!!!
******Did he use the Happy Gilmore method??
*******After 250 holes, he started to lose his grip!!
*****It takes a lot of balls to play that many holes!! Literally!!!

Happy Meal Anger

A man in Virginia allegedly threatened to execute everyone in a McDonald’s because he was unable to get a Happy Meal. The suspect is also believed to have threatened several other people in the area before authorities could detain him.  The incident occurred at a McDonald’s in Stafford County last week, according to a post on Facebook by the Stafford County Sheriff. According to the police’s statement, the suspect has been identified as James Springer, a 36-year-old from Stafford.  Apparently, Springer was working as a DoorDash driver at the time and had arrived at the McDonald’s just before 10 in the morning. According to reports, he became agitated when he was told it was too early to get a Happy Meal.  Witnesses reportedly stated that Springer before leaving the restaurant, Springer said that he would come back and execute everyone. The McDonald’s workers contacted the police at this point.  According to the sheriff’s post on Facebook, “Deputies were working to identify the suspect when a brandishing call was dispatched at Stafford Marketplace. The victim reported the driver of a white Toyota Yaris pointed a handgun at her and her passengers while passing through the merge area at Garrisonville Road and I-95.”  He was charged with disorderly conduct, abusive language and four counts of brandishing.
**********Door Dash… it ain’t easy!!!
*********McDonald’s has a rule: they don’t sell Happy Meals to unhappy people!!!
*****Things are gettin’ bad out there!! Ronald McDonald is wearing Kevlar!!!







11 Free Road Trip Apps for Kids

The Penny Hoarder


  1. Hoopla

If your local library uses the Hoopla app, you can check out audiobooks at no cost. There are hundreds of titles for kids and teens. There are even children’s audiobooks in Spanish. Hoopla also offers access to music, TV shows and movies — but you don’t have to tell the kids that.


  1. OverDrive

OverDrive is another app that public libraries offer to patrons for free. It’s similar to Hoopla (and also provides access to streaming videos). Contact your local library to see if it partners with this app.


  1. PBS Kids Games

If your little ones are into shows like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Wild Kratts or Peg + Cat, PBS Kids Games is the perfect app to keep them busy. Kids can choose from a variety of games featuring their favorite PBS Kids characters. Without even realizing it, they’ll also be gaining math, science and creativity skills too.


  1. Khan Academy Kids

The Khan Academy Kids app is designed to make learning fun for children ages 2 to 8. Kids can read stories, play games, watch videos and complete activities all while increasing their literacy and math skills.


  1. Duolingo

The Duolingo app uses games to teach children (and adults) how to speak over 25 different languages. It even has a course in Klingon for “Star Trek” fans. Make this a learning opportunity for the whole family, because even with headphones on, your kids will be repeating words and phrases aloud.


  1. Stories by Gus on the Go

This language learning app uses classic children’s stories to help kids learn Spanish, French, Greek or Hebrew. Though this free app was built as a sequel to the original Gus on the Go app (which costs $3.99 to download), it can be used by kids who already understand some words in another language. It’s only available via Apple’s App store.


  1. Mad Libs

Adjective? Adverb? Your kids can practice using the right word choices with the tech version of the classic Mad Libs game. The goofy stories they create will elicit lots of back-seat giggles.


  1. Money Pieces

This app from The Math Learning Center will help your future Penny Hoarders understand the value of different pieces of currency while reinforcing basic math skills, like counting and addition. The Math Learning Center also has a variety of other free apps to teach more advanced math skills, like fractions and geometry.


  1. Geo Touch

Going on a road trip is the perfect opportunity to teach kids a little geography. Young travelers can learn about U.S. states, state capitals, state flags and other countries around the world with the GeoTouch: Learn Geography app. This app is available to download only via Apple’s App store.


  1. Toontastic 3D

Kids can tap into their inner storytellers with this free app from Google. Using Toontastic 3D, they can draw and animate characters, come up with a plot and narrate the dialog.


  1. ScratchJr

ScratchJr allows kids to create their own stories and games using coding — with no coding experience necessary. Rather than following along with a video game, they’re in control of the action.


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