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Born on this day!! Musician Paul McCartney is 79. Actor Constance McCashin (“Knots Landing”) is 74. Actor Linda Thorson (“The Avengers”) is 74. Keyboardist John Evans (The Box Tops) is 73. Actor Isabella Rossellini is 69. Actor Carol Kane is 69. Actor Brian Benben (“Private Practice”) is 65. Actor Andrea Evans (“The Bold and the Beautiful”) is 64. Singer Alison Moyet is 60. Keyboardist Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses) is 58. Country singer-guitarist Tim Hunt (Yankee Grey) is 54. Singer Nathan Morris of Boyz II Men is 50. Singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne is 48. Rapper Silkk The Shocker is 46. Actor Alana de la Garza (“Law and Order”) is 45. Country singer Blake Shelton is 45. Guitarist Steven Chen of Airborne Toxic Event is 43. Actor David Giuntoli (“Grimm”) is 41. Drummer Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots is 33. Actor-singer Renee Olstead (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” “Still Standing”) is 32. Actor Jacob Anderson (“Game of Thrones”) is 31.


1815 – Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo by British, German, and Dutch forces.
1812 – The War of 1812 began.
1873 – Suffragist Susan B. Anthony was fined $100 for attempting to vote in the 1872 presidential election.
1928 – Aviator Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. She completed the flight from Newfoundland to Wales in about 21 hours.
1948 – The United Nations Commission on Human Rights adopted its International Declaration of Human Rights. The General Assembly would give it final approval on Dec. 10, 1948.
1983 – Sally Ride became the first American woman in space.

Today Is: Autistic Pride Day, Clark Kent’s Birthday, Dollars Against Diabetes Day, International Sushi Day, Jack Herer Day, National Black America’s Day of Repentence, National Flip Flop Day, National Splurge Day, Sustainable Gasteronomy Day, Take Back The Lunch Break Day, Ugliest Dog Day, Wear Blue Day, Work@Home Father’s Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Magnum P.I. /  9:00 – Magnum P.I.  /  10:00 – Blue Bloods
NBC – 8:00  – Golf   /  9:00 – Olympic Trials
ABC – 8:00 –  Emergency Call / 9:00 – Juneteenth
FOX – 8:00 – Friday Night Smackdown
CW – 8:00 –  Charmed  /  9:00 – Dynasty

TV Talk Shows

James Corden: Jodie Foster, Holly Humberstone (R 2/25/21)
Lilly Singh: Keke Palmer (R 4/26/21)
The View: Annette Gordon-Reed, Rep. James Clyburn, Jean Smart
The Talk: Kelsey Grammer, Bobby Flay, guest co-host Ne-Yo
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Ilana Glazer
Ellen DeGeneres: Jesse Williams, Kalen Allen, D Smoke, Tallie Brinson and his steppers, guest host Stephen “tWitch” Boss
Wendy Williams: Spice featuring Sean Paul & Shaggy
The Real: Chris Bosh, Riley (R 11/6/20)
Kelly Clarkson: Matthew Logelin, guest co-host Kevin Hart (R 6/1/21)
Tamron Hall: Zooey Deschanel, Michael Bolton, Laila Ali, Draze, Desus Nice & The Kid Mero
Drew Barrymore: Annaleigh Ashford, Jamie Anderson (R 11/23/20)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Which alcoholic beverage went from $39 million in sales in 2017 to $4.5 BILLION last year??? You get two guesses, and one should be “hard seltzer!!”


QUESTION: Is your sales department in mourning today?? HERB TARLEK IS DEAD!! Frank Bonner, who played the sales manager on WKRP, is gone at the age of 79!!!


QUESTION: Are we getting ANOTHER day off between Memorial Day and 4th of July?? “Juneteenth” (today) is now a national holiday!!!! Break out the barbecues!!!


QUESTION: Should this book be BIGGER THAN THE BIBLE? Meghan Markle says “The Bench” “models a new world,” and shows “another side of masculinity!” Wow….
Meghan Markle says children's book The Bench shows 'another side of masculinity'

QUESTION: What’s worse: Nutsack or Cleavage? Golf star PAIGE SPIRANAC doesn’t want any more complaints, after watching an NCAA dude running “balls out!!!!”
Ex-golf pro Spiranac has amassed 2.9 followers, but what's her most well-liked Instagram post

Beatles Coming To Disney+

Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary series Get Back will premiere exclusively on Disney+ in November in time for Thanksgiving.  The Beatles: Get Back will be separated into three, two-hour long episodes that will premiere in order on Nov. 25, Nov. 26 and Nov. 27.  The series was complied using over 60 hours of unseen footage that showcases the iconic band recording songs for their final two albums, Abbey Road and Let It Be.  The footage comes from the same video shot for the original Let It Be film from 1970, which was directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg.  Jackson (The Lord of the Rings) has spent three years restoring and editing the footage, which also features unheard audio and for the first time in its entirety, The Beatles’ last live performance as group on the rooftop on London’s Savile Row.
******Maybe someone will watch this?? The jury’s still out on these guys!! Will they make it??
*******The original movie left out all the good stuff… it was very depressing!!! (true)
****Because it’s Disney, they had to work Yoda into some of the scenes!!! He’s the “Fifth Beatle!!!”

Gwyneth Paltrow Opens Up About Chris Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow opened up about how lucky she feels to have a great relationship with her ex-husband Chris Martin.  She appeared Thursday on the TODAY show and revealed they spend a ton of time together with their two kids: daughter Apple, 17, and son, Moses, 15.  “I mean, it’s funny. He was over here yesterday. And [Apple] came through and she’s like, you know, she’s taller than me now. We just looked at each other. We were like, ‘How did this go by so quickly?’” she said in reference to raising kids.  They married in 2003 and split in 2016 with their famous “consciously uncoupling” explanation.  She admitted she now thinks of Chris as a sibling.  “He’s like my brother. You know, he’s my family,” she explained. “I love him.”  Paltrow added, “And I’m so grateful to him for giving me these kids. It worked out well… You know, it really did, I have to say.”  She has moved on with TV producer Brad Falchuk, whom she married in 2018, while Chris has been dating actress Dakota Johnson since 2019.
******She has a new product called “This Candle Smells like Chris Martin’s You-Know-What!!!”
********It would be great if their son “Moses” joined the group “Genesis!!!” (Bible reference)
********We hope “Apple” has “core values!!!”
********When Chris was asked about the “brother” comment, he said: “Whatever!! I’m bangin’ Dakota Johnson!!!”

Prince Charles Is Too Sensitive

Prince Charles’s sensitivity may make it difficult for him to work out any differences he has with Prince Harry.  The claim was made by Stewart Pearce, who served as a voice coach for Princess Diana.  The English author recently wrote a book titled “Diana: The Voice of Change,” which details how the late royal wanted to use her voice to shake up the monarchy and make a positive change in the world.  “Prince Charles is a very, very shy man, a very sensitive and delicate man… we see his public personality,” he told Us Weekly on Thursday. “But in private, he’s immensely sensitive.”  Pearce pointed out when Diana accused Charles of having an affair with his ex-girlfriend, Camilla Parker Bowles.  “So, what he did was to shrink back and as a result of that became aloof,” he said. “Well, that doesn’t heal the challenge that’s taking place.”  Pearce said he wasn’t surprised when Harry told Oprah Winfrey in March during a televised tell-all that his father stopped taking his phone calls after he revealed his royal exit plans.  “That’s what Charles does,” Pearce explained. “He can’t deal with it because of his sensitivity, so he hides. And what Harry’s trying to do is to heal that. Not out of umbrage, not out of anger or revenge or criticism or accusation… I felt that he was just somebody saying, ‘This is the way it is, and this is why we want to make a change.’”
*******If he’s trying to heal the rift with his overly-sensitive father, why does he publicly criticize him?? How does that help??
*****Everyone knows what Charles is like!! We saw it in “The Crown!!!”
******Although.. he didn’t seem to shy about grabbing Camilla’s ass!!!
******Someday, we’ll find out that Prince Phillip potty trained him with a taser!!!

Is Tori Spelling’s Marriage In Trouble

Tori Spelling added fuel to the rumors that her and Dean McDermott’s marriage is in trouble.  While appearing on SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live” on Wednesday, the former “Beverly Hills, 90210” star, 48, revealed she and McDermott, 54, are sleeping in separate bedrooms.  “What is really going on? You put the wedding ring on. Are things OK?” Jeff Lewis asked Spelling after she was spotted without her ring in March. “Because I feel like the last time you were here things were good, you were having sex. Are you guys sleeping in the same bed? Personal?”  “You know what? Right now, my kids and dogs sleep in my bed,” Spelling responded before confirming that McDermott is sleeping “in a room.”  She then explained that when he left for “another country” to film an unspecified project, four of their five children decided to sleep in her bed.  “Since he left — this is not good, you guys — but since he left [and] he was gone for six months filming in another country, they all stayed with me,” she explained. “So I currently still have four in the bedroom with me who have yet to go back to their rooms, yes.”  Spelling’s comments about the state of her marriage come after months of rumors that she and McDermott are headed toward a divorce.
*****Wait. Tori Spelling is married???
TOPIC: Many married couples sleep in separate bedrooms!! Do YOU???

Kim K Will Still Do Selfies As A Lawyer

Kim Kardashian may be studying to become a lawyer, but she has no plans to give up her sexy selfies or skin-baring style.  During the first part of the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reunion, host Andy Cohen asked her whether she plans to “pull back on presenting [herself] so suggestively or sexily” in the next phase of her professional life.  “I thought about this. And then I thought, ‘You can do it all. You can do whatever you want,’” Kardashian responded.  “Like I remember going to the White House one time and I was like, ‘Ooh, I just posted a bikini pic, you know, I hope they’re not looking at my Instagram while I’m in here!’ And then I thought, ‘You know what, you’ve gotta be you.’”  She added that she finds it “so freeing” to be able to “feel like, ‘F—k it. I’m 40! I’m in the best shape of my life and I want to post a bikini [picture] if I want to.’”  But Kardashian confessed that she would tone down her look if any of her four kids with estranged husband Kanye West — North, 8, Saint, 5, Chicago, 3, or Psalm, 2 — felt uncomfortable.  “I also don’t want to embarrass my kids or make them feel a way if they’re in high school and I’m the embarrassing mom that’s posing in selfies and in bikinis,” she said. “There will be limits.”
********She’ll keep taking selfies, but as a lawyer, she’ll ask herself to sign an NDA!!!!
*******Would you rather have a lawyer with a great butt, or a lawyer who can win your case?? Take time to think about it!!
*******She was worried that Trump might not want to meet because of her bikini pic?? That’s WHY he wanted to meet!!

Billie Eilish Accused Of Mocking Asians

Billie Eilish is facing backlash for allegedly mocking Asians in past videos that a fan has posted to Tik Tok.  User @lcxvy posted undated videos of Eilish in which the “Bad Guy” singer allegedly mocks an Asian accent. In another clip, Eilish appears to say the ethnic slur “c—k,” referring to someone of Chinese descent.   The Tik Tok user’s video has been viewed over 180,000 times and it calls for Eilish to be “cancelled” in one of the hashtags. It’s resulted in thousands of comments from app users, with many saying they were “sad” and “disappointed” to see Eilish engage in the alleged behavior.   However, others have defended the Grammy winner by asking that they give her time to address the controversy. Some claim she was just 14 years old at the time the clips were filmed.  A few individuals also appeared to blame the videos on the now-19-year-old singer’s Tourette’s Syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes involuntary physical and verbal tics. Eilish has addressed her diagnosis of the syndrome in the past, revealing in 2018 that she has physical tics but not verbal ones, according to the Daily Mail.
********Wow… THAT career was over quickly!!!
*****And just when she started wearing sexy lingerie for photo shoots!!
******She’s got enough time left to be canceled and make a comeback!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Babs Is a Woman In Love-With Her Grandkids!-(National Enquirer)

Gaga granny Barbra Streisand loves spoiling her adorable young granddaughters through stepson Josh Brolin and his wife, Kathryn Boyd-but the clingy songbird won’t give the girls’ parents a moment’s peace, sources snitched.  According to tipsters, Barbra, 79, also adores Eden, 27, and Trevor, 32-Josh’s adult children with former wife Alice Adair-but his cutie-pie kids with Kathryn, six-month-old Chapel and Westlyn, 3, are the apple of her eye!  “She’s calling all the time wanting to speak to the girls and spend time with them,” said an insider.  “Barbra buys them designer outfits and enough toys to full a whole house.”


“Shameless” beauty Emmy Rossum, 34, and her husband, “Mr. Robot” creator/producer Same Esmail, 43, became first-time parents.  The power pair, wed in 2017, welcomed a girl.

Brad Pitt:  Turning to Therapy-(Us Weekly)

Brad Pitt scored a major win in mid-May when a judge granted him joint custody of the five minor kids he shares with ex Angelina Jolie.  But a source says the 57-year-old actor isn’t in a very celebratory mood after spending years locked in a bitter custody war with Jolie-and he’s doing some intensive therapy to deal with the stress as he prepares to start over.  “The ongoing legal battle with Angie has caused Brad to sink in a deep depression,” says an insider.  “He’s getting therapy once a week to help him cope.”  But reports say Jolie, 46, is planning to appeal the court’s recent decision.  “Brad is devastated that Angie is still playing hardball,” says the source.  “He’s been desperately trying to get her to settle the case but she refuses.”

Karaoke Night!-(Star)

You’re the one that she wants!  Miranda Lambert dragged her hunky husband, Brendan McLoughlin, up on stage for a special duet at the grand opening of her new Nashville bar, Casa Rosa.  “Just call us Danny & Sandy from now on,” the country singer captioned a pic of the pair singing “Summer Nights” from 1978’s Grease.  While the hopelessly devoted former police officer was happy to play along, he knew that his vocals were no match for Miranda’s.  She has won 29 Country Music Awards after all!  “You’ll forever be the Sandy to my Danny.”  Brendan told his wife in a separate post, “but I’ll do the world a favor and let John Travolta keep singing that one.”

Jen & David:  A Second Chance At Love?-(Life & Style)

Instant attraction!  Sparks flew during the Friends reunion for co-stars Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer.  “Back when they were filming the early seasons of the show, the chemistry between Jen and David was insane,” an insider claims.  “Everyone suspected they were secretly hooking up.”  Jen says that on Friends, “we just channeled all of our adoration and love for each other into Ross and Rachel.”  But while the show is gone, sources say those emotions remain.  Stay tuned!

More Babies-(People)

Suits star Patrick J. Adams, 39, and Pretty Little Liars actress Troian Bellisario, 35, surprised fans by announcing the arrival of their second daughter, Elliot Rowena.  The two are also parents to daughter Aurora, 2.  “Welcome to the funhouse,” Adams wrote.

Last Laughs-(In Touch)

“An Alaska man survived a near-deadly encounter with a brown bear.  The man says, ‘It looked at me and came at me and I thought Great.’  Because if there’s one thing that scares off bears, it’s sarcasm.”-Stephen Colbert.

“Cicadas show up in force once every 17 years, like mom jeans and fanny packs.”-Jimmy Kimmel.

“If I were any of the Friends, I’d be like, ‘We don’t need famous people to guest-star on the reunion special.  We literally are the famous people.’”-Jen Kirkman.



Naked Skydiving Record

A Nebraska man set a new world record by completing 60 skydiving jumps in 24 hours while dressed in nothing but his safety equipment.  Rian Kanouff of Omaha said he contacted Guinness World Records about setting the record for most naked skydiving jumps in 24 hours, and the group said he could create the new record category if he performed at least 25 jumps in the time period.  Kanouff said its an informal tradition for skydivers to perform their 100th jump in the nude, and he came up with the idea to set the naked skydiving world record as a fundraiser for a mental health charity after the recent death of a friend.  “My friend that we lost to mental health issues was about [that] close to his 100th jump,” Kanouff told KOLN-TV. “Close enough that he talked about it all the time, and he didn’t get to make it. So I am out here for him and a lot of other people that we lost.”
*********Does “safety equipment” include a jockstrap???
******Dude, we think you might have issues.. we can clearly see your nuts!!!
******Stop pulling that! It’s not a rip cord!!!!!

Teen Gets Stuck In Chimney

Firefighters in Nevada conducted an unusual rescue when a teenager who found herself locked out of her home tried to climb down through the chimney and became stuck.  The Henderson Fire Department said in a Facebook post that the 18-year-old found herself locked out of her single-story home and attempted to climb in through the chimney.  The girl “got stuck just above the flue,” the department said.  The firefighters used a rope system to pull the teenager to safety in a rescue that took about 30 minutes. The department said she was not injured.  See the pic HERE.
********Yeah… somebody took the whole Santa Claus thing too literally!!!
******Will this generation make it to adulthood???
*******You can catch the flu… but you can’t pass through a flue!!!

Cobwebs Take Over Australia

Residents of a rural region of Victoria, Australia, found their towns blanketed in cobwebs resulting from spiders fleeing from flood conditions.  Photos and videos captured in multiple towns in the Gippsland region show fields, homes and trees covered in blankets of spider silk.  “This is a surprisingly common phenomenon after floods,” Professor Dieter Hochuli, an ecologist from the University of Sydney, told 7News. “When we get these types of very heavy rains and flooding, these animals who spend their lives cryptically on the ground can’t live there anymore, and do exactly what we try to do — they move to the higher ground.”  The webs resulted from a phenomenon known as “ballooning,” which involves spiders using strands of silk to ride on gusts of wind.  See the video HERE.
*******Australia looks like the inside of Biden’s brain!!!
*******Your move, Spider Man!!!!
*****Just when you thought life couldn’t get any creepier!!

Bear Breaks Into Car

A case of beer in the back seat may have been the enticement for a bear that got itself trapped inside a car in Douglas County, Colorado, for at least an hour on Tuesday, according to a report.  A Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer and a sheriff’s deputy eventually managed to safely remove the animal, FOX 31 of Denver reported.  “He was just doing what they do, which is just kind of pinballing around in there, trying to figure his way out,” District Wildlife Manager Casey Westbrook told the station.   The bear had reportedly gotten into the unlocked car and couldn’t figure out how to get out.   The animal shredded part of a door and the ceiling of the car, according to FOX 31. The case of beer also got slightly banged up but none of the cans appeared to have been opened, the report said.  Westbrook and a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy were able to get the bear out by tying a rope to the door handle, opening it and backing away.
*********Was it a regular bear??? Or a “light bear???”







7 Weird, Sneaky Signs You Might Be Dehydrated

Huffington Post


  1. Your breath smells or your mouth is dry

While this isn’t a guarantee ― bad breath doesn’t always mean dehydration ― it could be a sign, Melissa Leber, an emergency medicine physician at Mount Sinai Morningside in New York City, told HuffPost.

There is an underlying mechanism that links inadequate hydration and less-than-pleasant breath. When you’re dehydrated, you don’t produce as much saliva, which helps break down food and rinses it from your mouth.

“The reduced cleaning action of the saliva allows bacteria to grow, causing bad breath,” explains the University of Michigan Health System website. So if you notice your breath is a little stinky, it could be a red flag that you need to drink a glass or two of H2O.

Dry mouth can also be another potential sign of dehydration, though not always. (Other possible causes include certain medications or even nerve damage.) So if your mouth often feels sticky or parched, or you find that you constantly feel thirsty, it’s definitely worth checking in with your doctor.


  1. You’re having muscle spasms or cramps

Experts think one reason people get muscle cramps when they work out is dehydration and electrolyte depletion, which means your body doesn’t have enough key minerals like sodium and potassium. Those minerals help balance pH levels in your body and also control nervous system function.

But cramping from dehydration doesn’t just affect athletes. If you’re walking around on a hot day and start to feel muscle pain or tightness, it could be a sign you’re not drinking enough.

And the same is true if you start experiencing involuntary muscle spasms or painful charley horses. “We call it tetany,” explained Leber, who cautioned it’s definitely something to pay attention to.


  1. You have a headache

Headaches are a really common sign of mild to moderate dehydration, and they can be either tolerable or intense.

Dehydration can also trigger migraine episodes, for reasons that aren’t fully understood. Researchers have noted that dehydration can actually temporarily shrink brain tissue, and that shrinkage may cause pain.


  1. Your pee is dark

One way health professionals diagnose dehydration is by testing a patient’s urine to see if it’s too concentrated, Leber said. But it can also help to do an easy check at home.

“Simply look at the color of your urine,” the Mayo Clinic suggests. “If it’s pale yellow, you’re hydrated. If it’s a darker yellow, it’s time for a glass of water (or two).” In general, the more you drink, the clearer your pee should be.

But remember: Urine color can also change based on medications you might be on or particular foods you’re eating. So if you have any concerns, ask your doctor.


  1. You feel like you have a summer ‘flu’

If you’re generally just feeling kind of crummy — think the aforementioned headaches along with feeling kind of dizzy, lightheaded or nauseated — your first instinct might be to assume you’ve caught a bug of some kind. But it could be hydration-related.

“Anything that’s flu-like could be dehydration,” Leber said, adding that people can also experience fever or chills, especially with more moderate or serious dehydration.

“You actually can feel pretty terrible,” she said.


  1. You’re hungry

Thirst and hunger cues both come, in part, from the hypothalamus, which is the region of your brain that controls these functions along with other things like body temperature. So if you find that you’re feeling hungry soon after eating, it’s worth considering whether the real culprit is thirst.

Also, keep in mind that some of the signs outlined in this list — as well as other signs of dehydration — cross over a fair amount with signs of hunger, so it’s understandable that people often get the two mixed up.


  1. You’re tired

Staying hydrated is a really crucial part of maintaining energy throughout the day. Hydration helps your body deliver key nutrients to your cells, and keeps your organs doing what they really need to do. Not getting enough water to do these functions can make you feel like you’re dragging.

Plus, hydration can have a direct impact on sleep quality. “Hydration is important for most systems of the body, which is why dehydration can have diverse symptoms, including effects on sleep,” explains the Sleep Foundation.

The group cautions, however, against overdoing it. Excess hydration can cause people to wake up multiple times a night to pee, which can also lead to fatigue. Ultimately, the goal is balance.


How to get more water throughout the day

There aren’t hard-and-fast rules about how much anyone should drink in a 24-hour period (and the six to eight glasses rule has been pooh-poohed by plenty of experts).

In general, people “should drink to thirst,” Leber recommended, meaning you should drink when you’re thirsty and stop when you’re not. Although Leber also noted thirst is not always a reliable indicator, particularly in older people who can have diminished sensitivity to thirst. And groups like the Mayo Clinic also warn that by the time you’re thirsty, you might already be mildly dehydrated.

In the end, it’s just important to make sure hydration is something you’re conscious of as you go throughout your days, and that you plan ahead. Keep a reusable water bottle with you, or even consider one with marked time goals. If you’re not a huge fan of plain ol’ H2O, consider herbal tea or water infused with fruit or herbs.

“You have to prepare more if you’re going to be out in the heat and sweating,” Leber said. “If you’re planning to spend any amount of time out in the sun, you need to prepare. Ideally, you would start preparing the day before by drinking some extra fluids.”


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