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Born on this day!! Actor Nancy Dussault (“Too Close For Comfort”) is 87. Singer Glenn Shorrock (Little River Band) is 79. Jazz bassist Stanley Clarke is 72. Actor David Garrison (“Married… with Children”) is 71. Guitarist Hal Lindes of Dire Straits is 70. Actor David Alan Grier is 67. Actor Vincent D’Onofrio is 64. Actor Deirdre Lovejoy (“The Wire”) is 61. Actor Rupert Graves (“The Madness of King George”) is 60. Bassist Tom Drummond of Better Than Ezra is 54. Actor Tony Rock (“Living Biblically”) is 54. Actor Monica Potter (“Parenthood,” ″Boston Legal”) is 52. Actor Molly Parker (“House of Cards”) is 51. Actor Lizzy Caplan (“Masters of Sex,” ″Mean Girls”) is 41. Guitarist James Adam Shelley of American Authors is 40. Country singer Cole Swindell is 40. Singer and “American Idol” winner Fantasia Barrino is 39. Actor Sean Marquette (“The Goldbergs”) is 35.



1859 – French acrobat Charles Blondin, AKA Jean Francois Gravelet, walked across Niagara Falls on a tightrope.
1908 – A powerful natural explosion from an unknown cause rocked the Tunguska Basin, in eastern Siberia, flattening hundreds of square miles of forest and resulting in tremors that could be felt hundreds of miles away.
1921 – President Warren G. Harding appointed former president William H. Taft chief justice of the United States.
1934 – Adolf Hitler secured his position in the Nazi party by a “blood purge,” ridding the party of other leaders such as Ernst Roehm and Kurt von Schleicher.
1936 – Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind was published.
1971 – The 26th Amendment, which lowered the voting age to 18, was ratified by the states.
1998 – The remains of a Vietnam War serviceman buried in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers were identified as those of Air Force pilot Michael J. Blassie.

Today Is: Asteroid Day, California Avocado Day, Drive Your Corvette to Work Day, International Day of Parlimentarism, Leap Second Time Adjustment Day, National Food Truck Day, National Meteor Watch Day, National Outfit Of The Day Day, NOW (National Organization For Women) Day, Social Media Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – SWAT  /  9:00 – Fire Country  /  10:00 – Blue Bloods
NBC – 8:00 – Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge  / 9:00 – Dateline
ABC – 8:00 – Will Trent  /  9:00 – 2020
FOX – 8:00 – WWE Smackdown
CW – 8:00 – Penn and Teller / 9:00 – Whose Line Is It? /  9:30 – The Great American Joke Off

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Octavia Spencer, Ramón Rodríguez, Reneé Rapp (R 1/10/23)
Jimmy Fallon: Cameron Diaz, Matt Smith, Sheryl Crow (R 9/16/22)
Stephen Colbert: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Phil Rosenthal (R 9/22/22)
Seth Meyers: Johnny Knoxville, Jake Lacy, Pusha T (R 10/13/22)
James Corden: Milo Ventimiglia, Madelyn Cline, Tim Young (R 3/9/23)
The View: Ellie Kemper, Deborah Roberts (R 5/2/23)
The Talk: Eric McCormack, guest co-host Jamie Yuccas (R 4/06/23)
Live with Kelly and Mark: Josh Duhamel, Brianne Howey, Jordan Fisher
Kelly Clarkson: DJ Cassidy, Chance the Rapper, Angie Martinez (R 3/13/23)
Tamron Hall: Kelly Rizzo, Lolo Spencer, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Jennifer Holliday (R 3/15/23)
Drew Barrymore: Nate Berkus, Jeremiah Brent, Brandon Marshall, Brandice Daniel (R 3/20/23)
Jennifer Hudson: Ike Barinholtz, Zach Stafford, Sam Sanders, Saeed Jones (R 5/10/23)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Ready for a TRAVEL HACK?? This travel expert advises you to do this ONE SIMPLE THING before you check your luggage!! And.. it makes sense!!


QUESTION: Which songs ALWAYS FILL THE DANCE FLOOR?? Here’s your list.. and the song that always, always works is… ABBA’s Dancing Queen!!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: How big is too BIG?? And how SMALL is TOO small? This microscopic Louis Vuitton handbag just sold for $63,000!! Try fitting your lipstick in there!!


QUESTION: Have you heard of “Junk in the Trunk?” The new Superman has “Junk in his TRUNKS!” Fans are going crazy over these beach pics of David Corenswet!!!
The New Superman's Bulge -- David Corenswet Is Packin'!

QUESTION: Do you like to FLY COACH?? Now you can!! This converted 1981 BOEING 747 is now a Coach handbag store in Malaysia!!! They’re winging it!!
Coach's newest store is inside a converted 1981 Boeing 747.

Madonna Recovers From Serious Bacterial Infection; Released From ICU

*****She’s now hanging up side down in her closet, recovering!!
*****WE HEAR she went in for a plastic surgery “tune-up” before her tour, and got a bad bacterial bug!!
****You know what they say about hospitals.. the unhealthiest place in the world!!
UPDATE: She’s too sick to get out of bed, and vomiting uncontrollably! STORY HERE

Kevin Costner’s Estranged Wife Agrees To Move Out, But At A Price

***********Their prenup says she moves out within 30 days and he gives her $1 million.
*****The house she’s been living in for the last 18 years is worth $145 million!! Hmmm..
******She wants $248,000 a month in support! So do we!!
*******Kevin has advised her to apply for welfare!!!

Of Course Kim Kardashian Brings A Makeup Crew To The DMV!

******She also brought a floor jack to lift her ass for the pictures!!
******A girl has to have a nice license picture!! We get it!!
*****When we saw our license pic, we thought, “When did I die??”

Princess Leia Costume From “Star Wars: A New Hope” Fails To Sale At Auction

*****They say it’s the only original Leia costume left from the first movie!!
*****They thought it would go for $1.96 million, but.. it didn’t!!!
(It’s the gown from the last scene in the movie, where she gives Han and Luke their awards)
*****Meanwhile, a clown doll from “Poltergeist” sold for $656,000!! That just ain’t right!!

Al Pacino’s Newborn Birth Certificate Released

*******The father is so old, the child was age 13 at birth!!
******Under “Father,” the doctor wrote: “Supposedly Al Pacino!!”



Taylor’s Fans Win-Matt’s Out!-(In Touch)

After just two months of dating, Taylor Swift sends controversial rocker Matty Healy packing.  Matty didn’t give her much of a choice.  “He thrives on controversy,” says the source.  “She was aware of his ‘bad boy’ reputation, but there was some dishonesty because he laughed off or underplayed a lot of his most concerning behavior.”  That includes doing a Nazi salute at a concert and making xenophobic, racist and homophobic comments .  And the rocker 34, also publicly supported the host of another podcast after they brutally mocked Taylor’s politics and body.  Matty himself “has also made derogatory public statements about Taylor.”  Says the source:  “The backlash was hard to ignore,.  And, ultimately, Taylor has always put her career-and her fans-first.”




Dog Sets Brand New Record For The World’s Longest Tongue

*****Yes… it’s Snoop Dogg!!
*******The old record was just set a couple of weeks ago!!
*****The new record holder is a boxer named Rocky with a 5.46-inch tongue!!

Escaped Sheep Invade Small Connecticut Town

*******They had a sheepish expression.
*****They escaped from an animal rescue shelter!!
****Baaaad sheep!!

Hundreds Of Corgi’s Invade Oregon Beach In A Takeover

*********It’s an annual Corgi Beach Takeover!!
*****They invited the most famous Corgi fan, Queen Elizabeth!! She said, “If I wasn’t dead, I’d be there!!”

Many People in South Korea Woke Up 2 Years Younger!

*****This is way too complicated, but it has to do with how Koreans calculate age!!
*****Did you know that there’s a thing called the “international age-counting method??” Well, it ‘s now the law in South Korea!!
*****In Korea, the old method says that every child is 1 year old at birth, and adds another year when the calendar hits January 1st.
*****By counting the years like the rest of the world, the Koreans have shaved 2 years off many peoples’ ages!!








12 Places to Find Part-Time Jobs With Health Insurance


  1. Chipotle

All hourly workers at Chipotle restaurants are eligible for a suite of health insurance plans. The fast-casual burrito chain provides medical, dental and vision insurance with dependent coverage.  Medical plans are available through Anthem, according to the company’s latest benefits handbook. The vision plan is through EyeMed, and dental is through Delta Dental. Through a separate employee assistance plan, you can also receive mental health counseling for you and your dependents for free — face-to-face, over the phone or through teleconferencing.

  1. Costco

Costco, the membership-based wholesale retail chain, is known for providing comprehensive benefits and fair wages. If you work as a permanent, hourly part-timer in the contiguous U.S. for an average of at least 23 hours per week, you qualify for health insurance and other benefits. In Hawaii, you’ll qualify for benefits as long as you’re logging at least 20 hours per week.  The Aetna health plan for part-timers has a $550 individual deductible, and you’ll be charged a copay for most doctor’s visits and prescription drugs. The company shares its health-care benefits summary publically.

  1. The Federal Government

No matter how few hours you work for the federal government, you’ll be eligible for the same health insurance benefits as full-time employees — as long as your position is permanent.  What varies is how much comes out of your paycheck, according to the Office of Personnel Management, the agency that manages the federal government’s civilian workforce.

  1. Lowe’s

The home-improvement retailer offers regular, part-time workers a variety of benefits at most locations. You can enroll in medical, dental, vision and pharmacy plans upon hiring, and benefits will kick in after a full month of employment.  Depending on your area, you may have several tiers of coverage options. Part-time health insurance options can be particularly favorable in Hawaii, with low to non-existent deductibles and copays.

  1. REI

REI, which stands for Recreational Equipment, Inc., is a membership cooperative that provides outdoors equipment and apparel for sale and for rent. Co-ops aren’t like traditional businesses. They’re run more democratically and are focused on the needs of their members and workers rather than consumers or investors.

  1. Starbucks

In addition to health insurance for part-timers, Starbucks also pays toward their college education costs. Starbucks provides five tiers of medical plans for eligible hourly workers, and eligibility is based on a work week of about 20 hours. The exact number is a little more complex and is based on 240 hours worked over a three month period.

  1. UPS

UPS has one of the most comprehensive benefits packages for part-time employees. It includes medical, dental, vision and pharmacy programs.  Plans may vary by location. According to the TeamstersCare benefits page, you’ll need to work at least 225 hours over any three month period to qualify. That’s roughly 18 hours per week. If you work 400 hours over three months, you’ll gain access to full-time benefits over that time period.  UPS operates more than 5,500 stores nationwide. You can look for jobs online using UPS’s career portal.

  1. JP Morgan Chase

If you work at JPMorgan Chase for at least 20 hours per week, you qualify for health insurance benefits. After working for at least 60 days, you will be eligible on the first day of the next month.  So let’s say you got hired on June 15. In August, you would have logged 60 days. You’d be eligible for coverage Sept. 1.  There are a variety of different plans offered through Aetna or Cigna. If you live in California, you’ll also have the choice of a plan offered by Kaiser.  To see if there are part-time jobs available near you through JPMorgan Chase, checkout their career site.

  1. Amazon

Work 20-29 hours per week at Amazon? Then you’re eligible for health insurance.  There are multiple plans available, all of which provide 100% coverage of preventative care. Deductibles range from $1,000 to $1,500 for individuals, and $3,000 to $4,500 if you want coverage for your entire family.

  1. Walmart

Walmart labels people who work 30 hours/week as part-timers – even though they’re considered full-time workers under the ACA.  However, certain jobs at Walmart will provide health insurance if you are truly part-time, as long as you work at least 24 hours per week over a two-month period. Those jobs include:

  • Pharmacists
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Supply chain associates

You become eligible for benefits after you work 60 days at part-time status in one of these positions, but they won’t kick in until the month where you’ve worked for 89 days.

  1. National Guard

Age 35 or under and think you’ve got what it takes to be a reservist? If so, the National Guard and the Reserves offer coverage through TRICARE Reserve Select.  Costs depend on your rank. If you’re E1-E4, deductibles are $60/individual or $121/family, while ranks of E5+ — who are paid more — have deductibles of $182/individual or $365/family. If you only need coverage for yourself, it’ll run you about $48/month in premiums. If you want family coverage, premiums are $239.69/month.

  1. IKEA

IKEA claims to offer the same benefits package to both part-time and full-time workers. To qualify, you’ll only need to be scheduled for 20 hours per week. Because it’s the same package that’s offered to full-time employees, it’s safe to assume that the entire suite of medical benefits meets ACA requirements as far as coverage and costs are concerned.  Another unique feature of IKEA’s health insurance for part-time workers is that you won’t have to work for months before it kicks in. You’ll be eligible after just 15 days of employment.


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