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Born on this day!! Sports commentator Dick Vitale is 84. Guitarist Mick Box of Uriah Heep is 76. Film composer James Newton Howard is 72. Actor Michael J. Fox is 62. Actor Johnny Depp is 60. Actor Gloria Reuben (“The Agency,” ″ER”) is 59. Singer-actor Tamela Mann (“Meet The Browns,” ″Medea” films) is 57. Bassist Dean Dinning of Toad the Wet Sprocket is 56. Bassist Dean Felber of Hootie and the Blowfish is 56. Musician Ed Simons of the Chemical Brothers is 53. Actor Keesha Sharp (“Lethal Weapon”) is 50. Singer Jamie Dailey of Dailey and Vincent is 48. Actor Michaela Conlin (“Bones”) is 45. Actor Natalie Portman is 42. Actor Mae Whitman (“Parenthood,” ″Arrested Development”) is 35. Actor Lucien Laviscount (“Scream Queens”) is 31.



1898 – China agreed to lease Hong Kong to Britain for 99 years.
1870 – Author Charles Dickens died.
1934 – Donald Duck made his screen debut in The Wise Little Hen.
1944 – The Republic of Iceland was established.
1973 – Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes and became the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years.
1978 – After 148 years, the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints finally allowed black men to become priests.
1993 – Japan’s Crown Prince Naruhito married commoner Masako Owada.

Today Is: Coral Triangle Day, Donald Duck Day, International Archives Day, International Celtic Art Day, National Earl Baltes Day, National Movie Night, Poultry Days, Toy Industry Day, World Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – SWAT  /  9:00 – Fire Country  /  10:00 – Blue Bloods
NBC – 8:00 – Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge  / 9:00 – Dateline
ABC – 8:00 – NBA Finals
FOX – 8:00 – WWE Smackdown
CW – 8:00 – Penn and Teller / 9:00 – Whose Line Is It? /  9:30 – The Great American Joke Off

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Fallon: Martin Short, Juno Temple, Demi Lovato (R 8/18/22)
Stephen Colbert: Samuel L. Jackson, Clarissa Ward (R 9/27/22)
Seth Meyers: David Letterman, Adam Duritz (R 2/1/22)
James Corden: Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Chris Laker (R 3/23/22)
Live with Kelly and Mark: Mary J. Blige, Daniel Wu
Jennifer Hudson: Alfonso Ribeiro (R 11/3/22)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: What’s 9 feet tall and in your BACKYARD?? This Vegas family said an ALIEN landed at their house, and it just stood there, STARING AT THEM!!!


QUESTION: Is he or isn’t he?? Insiders say JOHNNY DEPP (Happy Birthday) will NEVER return to Disney’s “Pirates” franchise in spite of a $20 MILLION offer!!!


QUESTION: Looking for music to RELAX to?? SPOTIFY reveals the 20 “most soothing songs” out of 76,000 pieces of music in their “comforting” playlists!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: What do billionaires have that YOU don’t have (besides a billion dollars)?? Here are the FIVE TRAITS OF THE SUPER-RICH!! Do you share them??

For years, viewers have been hooked on the mega-rich yet completely miserable Roy family and their media empire in the hit HBO series

QUESTION: Who are the WEIRDEST COUPLE OF 2023? It’s only June, but WE HAVE A WINNER!! Bill Murray (72) and “Milkshake” singer Kelis (43) are DATING!??
Unexpected: Milkshake singer Kelis has struck up an unlikely relationship with actor Bill Murray, who is nearly 30 years her senior

Kim Kardashian Prefers The “Lights Off” During Sex

******That way, she has an excuse if she can’t remember who she’s screwing!!
*******She sticks her butt and boobs out everywhere she goes.. but she’s shy in the bedroom?? Pull this finger!!
********By the way, she had plenty of light when she made that sex tape with Ray J!! We think her mother was the director on that one!! “We’ll have to do another take!!”
*******Maybe it’s the men who ask her to turn the lights off!!
******Also, it LOOKS like the lights are off when you’ve got a bag over your head!!

Prince Harry Warns King Charles: “Do NOT Give Lilibet An Extravagant Gift!!”

**********Her grandad the King wanted to give her a cool playhouse, like his mom Elizabeth and her sister Margaret had when they were kids!! Harry (Meghan) said, “NO!!”
****Lilibet just turned two, and she’s 7th in line for the throne… which means Meghan only has to kill six people to get her in there!!
******Why not let old grandpa give her something really nice?? It seems kinda.. petty??? But, that’s Harry and Meghan!!

Jennifer Aniston Says Exercise Has Taken A Toll On Her Body

*******She doesn’t work out as hard as she used to, because her workouts left her “debilitated!!”
*****We hate to say it, but she also lost that cute little Greek bubble butt she had on “Friends!!”
********Now she’s nicer to herself. Just as boring as ever, but “nicer!!”

Jamie Foxx’s Camp Blasts Reports That The COVID-19 Vaccine Caused Him To Have A Massive Stroke

*********Uhh… you’ll notice that it’s his “people” who are refuting this, not Jamie himself!!
*****They’re responding after gossip columnist AJ Benza said that Jamie was pressured into a vaccine shot and developed a blood clot!!
****We know that couldn’t possibly have happened.. because the CDC said so!!
MEANWHILE, we don’t even want to repeat what we’ve heard from insiders.. ’cause it’s really bad. 




Last Laughs-(In Touch)

“Wendy’s is selling its chili in a can of grocery stores.  It’s perfect if you always thought the chili at Wendy’s was too fresh.”-Jimmy Fallon.

“An Owl was recently removed from a college library in Georgia.  And this is annoying:  Now it’s saying ‘whom.’”-Seth Meyers.

“Seismologists are calling a layer around the Earth’s core a ‘hot, rocky Jell-O.’  Or what Midwesterners call a ‘salad.’”-Stephen Colbert.




Do you have any BAND MERCH?? Or SPORTS MERCH? Which one do you think is more popular??
What kind of FREE PERKS do you get from your job??
Ever suspect that you’ve seen an alien?? How did you know??




Three British Men Rescued On Giant Inflatable Duck

*********These idiots got on an inflatable duck in the ocean with offshore breezes and high tides!! Guess what happened?? Within minutes they were 1000 feet offshore!!
****They were rescued by a paddleboarder who towed them back in!!!
*****He asked them for money, but they said, “Just put it on our bill!!”
TIP from the Royal Lifeboat Association: “Inflatable ducks are NOT easy to navigate on the ocean!!” (duh)
*****These men almost qualified for the Darwin Award!!

Married British Bodybuilder Couple Break Deadlift Record Together

**********Their names are Sam and Sue Franklin, and together they deadlifted 997.5 pounds!!
*****So on moving day, these are the friends you want to call!!
*********By the way, they’re both women, and they were competing for UK’s Strongest Woman!!
*****It’s a turn on!! We’ve always wanted to meet a girl who could bench-press us!!

Black Bear Seeking Dog Food Rescued From Wildlife Officers’ Hot Truck

See the video HERE.
*********Then the wildlife officers tweeted out “This is a good reminder to bring in food from your vehicles!” Wait a minute. YOU’RE the one who just got their truck trashed!! Tell YOURSELF!!
********You’d think people would get it by now, because EVERY DAY there’s a story about a bear breaking into a car!!

People In Japan Are Getting Lessons In “Smiling” After The Pandemic

*****Apparently, the Japanese forgot how to make facial expressions after wearing face masks!! (true)
*******When it comes to expressing themselves, they’re not exactly Italians!!
*******There really are “smile coaches” in Japan!!
*****One of the exercises involves holding up a mirror and stretching the sides your mouth into a smile!! 









The Best National Parks To Visit With Kids


Everglades National Park

“Everglades National Park in particular is one of the best national parks for kids,” said Will Pattiz, co-founder of More Than Just Parks. “Let’s start with the American alligator, which is practically the park’s mascot. There are an estimated 200,000 alligators in the Everglades, and hiking along the park’s Anhinga Trail is almost a surefire way to see one.”  He noted that the park’s location in Florida also makes it easy to combine your visit with the state’s most famous kid-friendly attraction: Walt Disney World.  “On top of that, the park has excellent Ranger programs, including guided paddling tours and slough-slogging through the swamp lands,” Pattiz said.

Grand Teton National Park

“Families love Grand Teton National Park for its wildlife, striking landscapes and variety of trails,” said Gunjan Prakash, CEO and founder of Families Love Travel. “Plus, summer offers relatively mild temperatures.”  Whether you’re visiting Grand Teton in Wyoming or another park, she recommended the Junior Ranger program for children.  “This is a great way for kids to learn about the national park they are exploring, as well as its animal and plant life,” Prakash said. “Plus, they get a chance to speak with the Park Rangers! Families with fourth graders should also participate in the Every Kid Outdoors program, which allows all fourth graders and their families to experience our national parks, lands and waters for free.”

Yellowstone National Park

“For a great kid-friendly park, I immediately think of the world’s first national park, Yellowstone,” said Jim Pattiz, the other co-founder of More Than Just Parks. “Steeped in history and natural beauty, this venerated park more than lives up to the hype, especially with kids.”  He touted the large number of developed amenities, such as bathrooms, lodges, gift shops, visitor centers, restaurants and gas stations, which help take the stress out of a vacation with restless kids.  “Short hiking trails, big wildlife factor and geological wonders abound,” said Janel Jensen, a travel program manager for REI Adventures. “Towering mountains, dense forests and craggy canyons provide an otherworldly landscape. There are many ways that families can enjoy the park ― by backcountry, lake, thermal features or even a cruise on Lake Yellowstone to see a shipwreck. Kids love volcanoes, and seismic and volcanic action can be viewed in all its forms ― vents, gurgling mud pots, 500 geysers and more. Having a couple geysers on a specific timetable helps with planning naps and meals.”  She also praised the excellent animal spotting opportunities in the park, which straddles parts of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.  “Yellowstone is often called the American Serengeti due to the largest concentrations of wildlife in the United States, including elk, bears, bighorn sheep and 1,000-pound bison,“Jensen said. “There are lots of places to fish in calm and shallow rivers and streams. Not to mention that kids 15 and younger don’t need a license.”

Grand Canyon National Park

“Introduce your kids to one of the seven natural wonders of the world!” Jensen urged. “This is where geology, dating back 70 million years, comes to life. Everything is centralized, so you can park in one place, like the Grand Canyon Village, and walk or take the park shuttle.”  For a family-friendly hike at the Arizona park, she recommended South Kaibab Trail to Ooh Aah Point, which takes about an hour and a half and offers a different perspective looking up at the rim and the canyon’s colorful walls.  “Another family-friendly option is to join one of the many ranger-assisted programs through the visitor center, geology museum or Hopi House,” Jensen added. “Join one of the night sky talks at Yavapai Lodge, where kids can view the sky through telescopes and see the Milky Way Galaxy up close.”

Yosemite National Park

“Yosemite National Park is one of the most stroller-friendly national parks, with a great tram system, easy trails and many accessible scenic views, including rivers and waterfalls,” Prakash said.  Families can sometimes spot black bears during their visit to the national park in eastern California. Mule deer, marmots, raccoons, bighorn sheep and many other creatures also call the park home. “Wilderness exploration is the main activity, with lots of trails to view the waterfalls, granite peaks and majestic giant sequoia,” Jensen said “You will find shops, restaurants and the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite Village if you need a ‘nature break.’ There are lots of hiking options and even a few flat, short trails that are stroller-accessible, but get your kids ready to climb if you want to cover more than a couple miles!”  She also recommended swimming or lounging on the sandy beaches along some of the park’s bodies of water, like the popular Tenaya Lake.

Rocky Mountain National Park

“When thinking about the best national parks to visit with kids, we look for parks that offer a variety of hiking trails ― both in terms of difficulty and also scenery, as well as parks with fun seasonal features, on-site kid-friendly lodging and nearby activities available for families,” Prakash said. “Rocky Mountain National Park is a great option for families because kids can spot wildlife, hike, play in the lake and more, while parents appreciate the opportunity to stay in Estes Park or in one of the on-site cabins. Plus, the area offers a variety of fun things to do for all ages.”  She recommended checking on any permit and reservation requirements and booking those well in advance while planning a visit to the Colorado site. “We recommend that families travel to national parks during the off-season when they can,” Prakash added. “National parks are fantastic for holiday and spring break trips because they are less crowded and, for many parks, the weather is milder and more comfortable for outdoor activities.”

Zion National Park

“Zion National Park is a red-rock wonderland for families,” Jensen said. “It’s only a three-hour drive from Las Vegas, and Springdale is an excellent walkable gateway town with a variety of lodging options, restaurants and shops. The park shuttle services Springdale, and it’s just a 1-mile walk or drive to the main visitor center and park entrance.”  She recommended starting with easy hikes at the Utah park, like the Zion Canyon Overlook Trail, which has great views, and then graduating to more moderate options like the Emerald Pools Trail, which features a scenic waterfall. “There are lots of swimming opportunities in the Narrows and along the Virgin River,” Jensen added. “The Pine Creek Waterfall swimming hole is an off-the-beaten-path in the park. Tubing down the Virgin River is a summertime fun activity and great way to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the park. Tip: Check water safety due to routine algae bloom via National Park Service bulletins or ask at a visitor’s center upon arrival.

Dinosaur National Monument

While not one of the 63 U.S. national parks, Dinosaur National Monument, on the Colorado-Utah border, is also operated by the National Park Service and is understandably a popular option for families.   “Every kid I know loves dinosaurs, and there is a massive wall of dinosaur bones you can view at this park,” said national parks travel expert Mikah Meyer. “There’s even one the Park Service lets you touch! Hello dream for every ‘Jurassic Park’ fan!”  In addition to the dinosaur bone wall and many accessible hiking trails, he noted that the main visitor center has tons of exhibits and information about dinosaurs that will also appeal to kids.  “Beyond that, Dinosaur National Monument is one of the most epic sites in the National Park Service but only receives 7% as many visitors annually as nearby Zion National Park or Rocky Mountain National Park,” he explained. “That means you don’t have to worry about being stuck in traffic with an overheated kid in the backseat watching an iPad while you’re surrounded by amazing nature.”


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