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Born on this day!! Singer Gary Brooker of Procol Harum is 75. Actor Anthony Geary (“General Hospital”) is 73. Singer Rebbie Jackson is 70. Composer Danny Elfman (Oingo Boingo) is 67. Singer LaToya Jackson is 64. Actor Ted Levine (“Monk,” ″The Silence of the Lambs”) is 63. Actress Annette Bening is 62. Actor Rupert Everett is 61. Actor Adrian Paul (TV’s “The Highlander”) is 61. Singer Melissa Etheridge is 59. Actress Lisa Whelchel (“The Facts of Life”) is 57. Guitarist Noel Gallagher (Oasis) is 53. Singer Jayski McGowan of Quad City DJ’s is 53. Actor Anthony Azizi (“Threat Matrix,” ″Lost”) is 51. Guitarist Chan Kinchla of Blues Traveler is 51. Actress Laverne Cox (“Doubt,” ″Orange Is The New Black”) is 48. Guitarist Mark Lee of Third Day is 47. Cartoonist Aaron McGruder (“Boondocks”) is 46. Singer Melanie Brown (“Scary Spice”) of the Spice Girls is 45. Rapper Playa Poncho is 45. Singer Fonseca is 41. Actor Justin Chon (“Deception,” ″Dr. Ken”) is 39. Actor Billy Flynn (“Days of Our Lives”) is 35. Actor Blake Foster (“Power Rangers Turbo”) is 35. Actor Brandon Mychal Smith (“Sonny With a Chance”) is 31. Actress Kristen Alderson (“General Hospital,” ″One Life To Live”) is 29. Actress Lorelei Linklater (“Boyhood”) is 27.


1953 – Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest.
1765 – Patrick Henry bitterly denounced the Stamp Act in the Virginia House of Burgesses.
1790 – Rhode Island became the 13th state in the United States, the last of the original colonies to ratify the Constitution.
1848 – Wisconsin became the 30th state in the United States.
1917 – John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline, Mass.
1942 – Bing Crosby recorded his version of “White Christmas.” It would go on to sell over 30 million copies.
1990 – Boris Yeltsin was elected president of the Russian republic by the parliament.

Today Is: Heat Awareness Day, International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, Learn About Composting Day, Mike, The Headless Chicken Day, Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  MacGyver  /  9:00 – Magnum PI  /  10:00 – Blue Bloods
NBC – 8:00  – World Of Dance  /  9:00 – Blacklist  /  10:00 – Dateline NBC
ABC – 8:00 –  Shark Tank  /  9:00 – 2020
FOX – 8:00 – Friday Night Smackdown
CW – 8:00 –  Masters Of Illusion  /  9:00 – Whose Line Is It?  9:30 – Whose Line Is It?

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Sean Penn
Stephen Colbert: Trevor Noah, Willie, Lukas & Micah Nelson (R 4/20/20)
Seth Meyers: Aidy Bryant, Rep. Eric Swalwell, the Jonas Brothers, Adam Marcello (R 1/21/20)
James Corden: Jamie Lee Curtis, Thomas Middleditch, Pardison Fontaine featuring Offset (R 11/25/19)
Lilly Singh: Christina Hendricks (R 5/6/20)
The View: Gov. Gavin Newsom, Ice Cube
The Talk: Matthew Morrison, guest co-host Pat Harvey
Live with Kelly and Ryan: DJ Pauly D, AJR
Ellen DeGeneres: Gregg Garfield
Wendy Williams: Charlie Wilson (R 2/14/20)
The Real: Tips to help you with your hair worries
Kelly Clarkson: A new Message From Montana, repeat segments with Lauren Graham, the cast of “Impractical Jokers”, Roy Choi, Lilly Tartikoff, Dr. Dennis Slamon (R 2/21/20)
Tamron Hall: Michael Symon, Tim Love, Jessica Tom, Tabitha Brown, Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval


WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!!

QUESTION: Jonesing for a little action in SIN CITY??? We can now reveal which Las Vegas casinos will be the FIRST TO  REOPEN!! (It’ll happen on June 4th!!!!)


QUESTION: How do you hold a “virtual” marathon?? Boston has to figure out a way… they’ve canceled the BOSTON MARATHON for the first time in history!!


QUESTION: Will this happen HERE? Japan’s amusement parks open up, but to keep you safe from the ‘rona, there will be NO SCREAMING on coasters!!!


QUESTION: Women, do you REALLY know what men want?? When it comes to personality and appearance, BREASTS do NOT come out on top!! So to speak!!


QUESTION: Only in FLORIDA??? A vacationing family finds a live alligator LOUNGING ON THE ALLIGATOR POOL FLOAT in their rented AirBnB home!! Yikes!!!!

Mike Tyson Faces Off With Wrestler

Mike Tyson came face-to-face with Chris Jericho on AEW Dynamite.  Jericho called out the boxer while he was holding a pep rally on Wednesday for this group, The Inner Circle. Tyson, on Saturday, had presented the new TNT Championship to Cody at pay-per-view event Double or Nothing.  Jericho and The Inner Circle were attempting to cheer each other up after they lost the Stadium Stampede match to The Elite. Jericho and his crew were introduced by cheerleaders, one of which was professional wrestling personality Vickie Guerrero.  Member Sammy Guevara gifted his teammates participation trophies while Santana handed out gifts as well including a pair of Timberland boots for Jake Hager.  “What I really want is Mike Tyson’s head on a platter,” Jericho said before Tyson arrived onto the scene with his posse which included MMA fighters Henry Cejudo, Victor Belfort and Rashad Evans.  Jericho said he wanted revenge for Tyson knocking him out years earlier. Tyson responded by calling him a sucker. Jericho demanded an apology while Tyson ripped off his shirt and flexed.  Tyson then shoved Jericho and Le Champion came back with another shove as all hell brooke loose. Jericho and Tyson had to be restrained by The Inner Circle, Tyson’s posse and members of the AEW locker room.  See the video HERE.
*******Do you know what his means?? Neither do we!!
*****It’s hard to fathom all this “spontaneous” action!!
******Do we smell a Tyson/Jericho match???

Tom Hanks Donates More Plasma

Tom Hanks is doing what he can to help the fight against the coronavirus.  He shared photos on Instagram of his trip to a doctor’s office on Wednesday to donate more of his blood plasma.  “Plasmatic on 3! 1, 2, 3 PLASMATIC! Hanx,” he enthusiastically captioned a picture of a doctor holding up two full bags of his plasma.  An additional two photos shared by him show his arm hooked up to an IV. This is the second time in just under a month that the star has aided in the fight against coronavirus with a donation.  In late April, the Oscar winner similarly took to Instagram to share with his millions of followers just what the process looked like.  “Here’s last week’s bag of plasma. Such a bag!” he wrote on Instagram. “After the paperwork, it’s as easy as taking a nap. Thanks @arimoin and UCLA. Hanx.”  He and his wife Rita Wilson were both diagnosed with the novel virus back in March while Hanks was filming his upcoming movie in Australia, and the pair have been open about their recovery process since.
*******Even Woody donated!! He gave some sap!!
*******Tom’s blood is like a box of chocolates!! You never know what  you’re gonna get!!
******His doctor has warned him: “You may need to take a break from being awesome!!”

Jamie Foxx Defends Jimmy Fallon

Jamie Foxx stuck up for Jimmy Fallon after the “Tonight Show” host received immense backlash over a resurfaced video of him appearing in blackface on “SNL” 20 years ago.  Fallon responded to the controversy after a sketch from 2000 in which he appeared in blackface to perform an impression of Chris Rock resurfaced on Twitter.  Foxx, however, disagreed with the host’s decision to apologize for the sketch. He responded in the comments of an E! News Instagram post on the matter to defend Fallon and comedians at large for pushing racial boundaries.  “He was doing an impression of chris rock. It wasn’t black face. We comedians I know it’s a tough time right now. But this one is a stretch,” he wrote. “On a show called in living color we played every race Let this one go. We got bigger fish to fry … #changecourse.”  He was referencing the 1990 sketch show, “In Living Color,” which ran for five seasons and often contained controversial sketches about race.
********Even Joe Biden called him!! “You aint black!!”
********Didn’t Joe Piscopo do blackface on SNL??? And Ted Danson did it a Friar’s Club Roast!! Go get ’em!!
*******Elizabeth Warren just remembered: “I’M black!!!”

Harry and Meghan Call Cops About Drones

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have complained to police about drones flying over their new Los Angeles home — fearing it could be a “terror threat,” according to a report.  This month alone, they have reported at least five drones flying as low as 20 feet — including when they’ve been at the pool with young son Archie, a friend told the Daily Beast.  “They see these drones coming in at them, and they guess that they are being operated by photographers, but they can’t just assume that,” the source told the site.  “Meghan received racist death threats at the time of her wedding, so the terror threat is very real for them.  “But, aside from that, imagine if you were in their shoes facing that, how that would feel? To have drones buzzing around 20 feet above your head when you are trying to play with your son?”  The drones are just part of what the couple complain is “unimaginable” levels of intrusion as they live in the $18 million Beverly Hills mansion owned by Hollywood mogul Tyler Perry, the source said.  It includes “following and tailing them every day” they go out, leaving them “rattled” at cars “being driven very erratically” as they follow them. One incident almost caused a crash, which was “incredibly dangerous, shocking and scary,” the source said.
********Would they like some crackers to go with that whine??
*******Didn’t they leave London and dump the family so they can have “privacy??” Then WHY move to L.A.??
*******Maybe they can call a”wambulance!!”

Country Royalty Gets “Mask-Shamed” In Nashville

Johnny Cash’s eldest daughter, Rosanne Cash, took to Twitter Tuesday to share her daughter’s story of being bullied for wearing a mask while out shopping.  “My daughter lives in Nashville & wore her mask to buy groceries. Guy yells at her: ‘Liberal p—y!’” she writes. She found the remark offensive not only because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing face coverings to prevent potentially-infected people from spreading the virus — but also because Cash’s daughter is high risk should she get it.  “Back story: she nearly died of H1N1. She was in the ICU for a week, on a ventilator for 3 days. She CANNOT get covid,” Cash continues. “The ignorance & hatred is so painful. She’s trying to survive.”  The tweet has racked up over 212,000 likes as well as a number of people accusing Cash of making up the story to prove a point. “It reveals a lot about you, that you think I would make up a story that used my daughter’s compromised health to make a point,” Cash rebuts, specifying that the grocery store where the incident took place was the “Green Hills Kroger.”
******Maybe the guy was flirting!!!
****She should move to California, where most people are still hiding under their beds!! Here you get shamed for NOT wearing a mask!!
*****Every crisis now turns into another reason for people to hate each other!!

Lori Loughlin To Be Sentenced In August

Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, will learn how much time they’ll spend behind bars at a sentencing scheduled for late August, a judge has ruled.  A federal judge gave the California couple an Aug. 21 court date, after they copped to conspiracy charges earlier this month in the massive scam, Boston25 News reported.  They had previously requested through their lawyer that the proceeding be moved to July 30th.  “Our clients would obviously like to have finality on this process,” attorney William Trach told the judge when the couple pleaded guilty last week on a video conference.  They admitted paying $500,000 in bribes to convicted college fixer William “Rick” Singer, who got their daughters, Olivia Jade Giannulli and Isabella Rose Giannulli, into the University of Southern California as bogus rowing recruits.
*******This just gives them more time to bribe the judge!!
*******Lori thought the application said “shopping team!!”
*******Lori needs to find out how long she’s going in so she’ll know what to pack!! She’ll need a different outfit every day!!

America’s Got Talent Off The Hook

NBC says that an investigation into alleged racism on the TV show set of “America’s Got Talent” uncovered no wrongdoing.  A probe was launched by the network after former judge Gabrielle Union claimed in November last year that, among other things, show insiders complained that her hairstyles were “too black.” It was also reported that a young black contestant was removed from the show because it needed a performer that “America could get behind.”  On Wednesday — the same day that Variety published a lengthy interview with Union about her experience on the show — a rep for the network and the show’s producers told us that a lengthy investigation had cleared the network and its producers.  In a statement the rep said, “When we heard Ms. Union had concerns about her time on the show, we took them extremely seriously.”  The rep indicated that, after the allegations surfaced, the network and producers — Fremantle and Syco — “immediately engaged an outside investigator who conducted more than 30 interviews to review the issues raised by Ms. Union.”  “While the investigation has demonstrated an overall culture of diversity, it has also highlighted some areas in which reporting processes could be improved,” the rep said.  But the rep added that the investigation has “revealed that no one associated with the show made any insensitive or derogatory remarks about Ms. Union’s appearance, and that neither race nor gender was a contributing factor in the advancement or elimination of contestants at any time.”
*******Thank you!! Now we’re going to have the cop who killed the suspect in Minnesota investigate himself!! Can’t wait for THOSE results!!
******If we were on that judging panel, we’d sue to be let out!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Stressed Prince Is Begging For Clooney’s Help!-(National Enquirer)

Freaked Prince Harry has appointed Hollywood hunk George Clooney as his personal therapist!  That’s the word from insiders, who said the runaway royal is having a tough time adapting to his new life in Hollywood.  “George has been on the phone to Harry most days, and they’ll talk for hours,” a source said.  “Harry’s been very open about his anxieties and regrets, and George has been helping him feel less overwhelmed!”  Harry, 35, has been tormented by guilt after snubbing the British royal family to pursue a new life in California with wife Meghan, 38, and their son, Archie.  “George has been an amazing sounding board, advising Harry about everything from house hunting and work gigs to the practical things that need doing now that he’s officially in America.  It’s really helped put Harry’s mind at rest.”

Zooey Zinged Over New Romance!-(Globe)

Former “New Girl” star Zooey Deschanel’s very public romance with her new boyfriend, “Property Brothers” reality star Jonathan Scott, has sparked backlash from wisecrackers.  Fans unleashed a treasure trove of online snarks about the 40-year-old actress and the 42-year-old TV contractor, with snides like:  “Zooey Deschanel dating one of the property brothers is the worst part of 2020” and “I still can’t believe that one of the property brothers is dating zooey Deschanel and not his other brother.”

Blake & Gwen’s Forever Home-(Us Weekly)

There’s no doubt that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are in it for the long haul.  The country singer, 43, and the rocker, 50, recently purchased their first home together, dropping $13.2 million on a love nest in LA’s Encino neighborhood.  The sprawling 13,000-square-foot estate has a pool, spa and backyard cabana-complete with its own outdoor kitchen!-that are perfect for entertaining her boys, Kingston, 13, Zuma, 11, and Apollo, 6, or any future kids they may add.  “Blake and Gwen have found their forever home,” shares a source.  “The way Gwen sees it, she’s one step closer to becoming Mrs. Blake Shelton!”

Miranda & Brendan:  Hitting the Road!-(Star)

Van life!  Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin are off on their latest adventure.  The singer, 36, and the former police officer, 28, recently showcased their new 2020 Airstream on Instagram-and just a few days later were already putting the RV to use on a camping trip.  The getaway couldn’t have come at a better time, as the couple, who married in January 2019, have struggled to adjust to life at home after spending a majority of their first year of marriage on the road for the Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour.  That’s especially true for Brendan, who, according to a source, was going “stir-crazy” holed up in Miranda’s home outside Nashville.  “Miranda believes a long trip with the trailer will be great for their marriage, as a bonding experience,” a source says.  “They’ll make memories they can tell their future kids about someday.”

Marc & Busy:  Strength in Solitude-(Life & Style)

Quarantine can test even the best marriage, but Busy Phillips says how she maintains peace at home with husband Marc Silverstein.  “It’s been a process,” the actress, 40, admits.  The key, she says, has been alone time:  Her hubby, 48, sits outside during the day, and she spends evenings on their balcony, FaceTiming and having a glass of wine.  It makes date nights extra-special.  “Marc’s been making really beautiful dinners for us,” she says.  “I’m very, very lucky.”

Liam Hemsworth & Gabriella Brooks:  Going Strong-(People)

Quashing reports that they had split, the Australian actor, 30, and his model girlfriend stepped out for a surfing date on May 13 in Byron Bay.  The pair were first linked in December.

Crush of the Week-(In Touch)

Lena Durham

“It was like in one of those movies where the nerd shows up at the prom and the hottest guy at school is like, ‘Would you care to dance?’”

-on Brad Pit’s warm greeting when he first saw her on the set of Once Upon a Time in….Hollywood.



Package Shows Up 8 Years Later

A Toronto man said he was surprised and confused when a package showed up at his home containing a product he had ordered eight years earlier.  Elliot Berinstein said a Canada Post delivery worker left the package from on his doorstep May 6, and he was initially confused about its origins.  “I was very confused because I hadn’t ordered anything from in a while,” Berinstein told CBC News. “And then I remembered one time about eight years ago, I ordered something from them.”  The package included a tube of Brylcreem — a hair-styling product — he had ordered in 2012, along with an invoice dated that year.  “I started laughing because I thought it was pretty funny that it came eight years later,” Berinstein told CTV News.  Berinstein said he checked the package’s tracking code, but found it no longer was valid.  “I think it was just in a corner somewhere and then someone just decided to mail it,” he said. “I thought it was pretty funny that they just didn’t throw it out or something. … I wonder why now they sent it out since they’re pretty far behind on their current packages and stuff.”
********Didn’t he read the website?? Delivery is promised “within 1-8 years!!!”
TRIVIA: Brylcreem is an old hair dressing for men!! What was their slogan way back when?? (“A little dab’ll do ya!!”)
*******We hope his hair hasn’t fallen out in the last eight years!!

Airport Closes During Flight

A flight that departed from Germany landed at the same airport four hours later because the intended destination hub in Italy was be closed.  Low-cost German carrier Eurowings confirmed Flight EW9844 departed Saturday from Dusseldorf, intending the land at Olbia Airport in Sardinia.  The plane entered Sardinian airspace before the crew was informed by an air traffic controller that the airport was closed to commercial traffic.  The Airbus A320, which was carrying only two passengers, landed back in Dusseldorf four hours and 10 minutes after its departure.  A Eurowings representative said the incident stemmed from a misunderstanding.  “Against the background of the corona crisis, the situation at numerous airports in Europe is very dynamic,” the representative told CNN. “The large amount of information provided on operating hours or airport closures are often changed at short notice.”
******We’re just glad they had enough gas to fly back!!
*****Their new slogan: “We’ll land as close as possible to your final destination!!”
******Airports are now required to have a big neon sign that says, “WE’RE OPEN!!”
*****The airports in London are open… but for “takeout only!!”

TV Host Chased Off By Monkey

An Egyptian TV host fled the studio in the middle of an interview when a monkey brought to the set by an actor started attacking her legs.  Lobna Asal, a journalist for Al Hayat TV, was in the studio conducting an interview alongside co-host Hussam Haddad when she took the leash of a monkey brought in by the interview subject, Egyptian actor Ibrahim El-Samman.  The monkey, which appeared in El-Samman’s latest project, appeared friendly and playful at first, but abruptly turned aggressive, causing Asal to push it away.  It attacked Asal’s legs, causing her to flee. A person then came into the studio to calm and wrangle the monkey.  See the video HERE.
******This happens to George Stephanopulous once in awhile!! He has to be restrained from attacking Robin Roberts’ legs!!
*****The reporter had a chance for some “hot monkey love!!”
******The monkey wound up doing the rest of the show… and got record ratings!!

Python Facemasks

A Florida craftsman has come up with a novel way of tackling both the coronavirus pandemic and the problem of invasive pythons and iguanas that damage the state’s fragile ecosystem.  Brian Woods, owner of All American Gator Products, has turned his hand to designing face masks made out reptile skin.  “I took something that’s very serious and turned it into a fashion statement,” he said at his workshop in Dania Beach, 25 miles north of Miami.  Woods got his inspiration from a curious source — a meme he saw of a horse wearing a woman’s bra as a face mask. He asked his wife if he could borrow one of hers to test if the concept would work.  He now sells python skin face masks on his Facebook page for $90. Snake hunter Amy Siewe arrived at Woods’ home with a giant python for skinning.  “They’re wreaking havoc on the Everglades,” she said, referring to the vast wetlands that occupy much of southern Florida. “They get to be between 18 and 20 feet long and they eat everything from rats to deer.”
*******Wearing snakeskin on your face?? No, thanks!! We’re good!!

Family Turns In $1 Million In Cash!

A sheriff’s department in Virginia praised a family who turned in two large mail bags they found in the middle of the road — filled with nearly $1 million in cash.  Emily Schantz told local television station WTVR that her family was out driving on Saturday when they ran over one of the bags.  At first, the family thought they had hit a bunch of trash. Then they found another bag in a nearby ditch.  It was only after they returned home that they realized they had nearly $1 million in cash in the back of their pick-up truck, wrapped in plastic inside the two bags.  But instead of hanging onto the windfall, the family turned the bags into the local sheriff’s department in Caroline County, located north of the Virginia state capital of Richmond.  “For someone so honest and willing to give that, almost a million dollars, back, it’s exceptional on their part,” said the department’s Major Scott Moser.  “We are proud and they represented this county well by being so honest,” he said.  Schantz told WTVR her family was simply doing “the right thing.”  “It didn’t belong to us,” she said.  Authorities said they do not know how the cash ended up in the middle of the street, but believe the money was being sent to a bank.
*******You know what you call these people??? “The kind that will never be rich!!”
********This is when you walk into the sheriff’s department and say, “Did anyone turn in my million dollars??”









8 Foods That Could Be Putting You In A Bad Mood

Huffington Post


  1. Alcohol

Small amounts of alcohol can be fine, and may even improve your mood, Ibitoye said. But regular or excessive alcohol consumption can worsen it — which is hardly a surprise to those who’ve experienced a hangover.

Studies show alcohol has some long-term health perks. But no one should start drinking alcohol for its potential benefits, the Mayo Clinic said. It recommends one drink — the equivalent of one 12-ounce beer or one 5-ounce glass of wine — per day.


  1. Soda

Soda contains simple sugars that the body absorbs quickly, which leads to a sugar spike followed by severe sluggishness. And simply replacing soda with a diet version is not the solution because sweeteners such as aspartame are often associated with anxiety and depression. One 2014 study showed a link between sweetened beverages and depression among older adults. Water and tea are better beverage alternatives.


  1. Caffeine

Ibitoye recommended limiting beverages such as caffeinated tea and coffee and replacing that extra cup with a decaf version. Caffeinated beverages such as coffee cause the brain to release dopamine and serotonin, according to Medical Daily. This is fine in small doses, but too much — often as little as one extra cup — can lead to irritability, agitation and anxiety.

So how much coffee is too much coffee?

Recommendations are constantly changing, but the Mayo Clinic suggested no more than about four cups of coffee per day.


  1. Baked Goods

Cookies and cakes are chock-full of mood-worsening ingredients such as sugar, which “rapidly breaks down into glucose and can trigger blood sugar spikes and crashes,” Smith said. The good news is that decreasing your baked goods intake can yield quick mood-boosting results.

“Try reducing your sugar consumption by giving up cakes, biscuits, sugary drinks or sweeteners for a few days, and notice how you feel,” Smith said. “Beneficial effects can often be felt very quickly, even within a few days.”


  1. French Fries

They may be delicious and temporarily comforting, but french fries are full of saturated fats, refined carbohydrates and excess salt. This is the recipe for energy spikes and crashes, with correlated bad moods and exhaustion.

Slow-releasing or complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, brown rice and quinoa can raise blood glucose levels more slowly, Ibitoye said. “Choosing these foods can help the brain receive a more consistent flow of fuel for better functioning,” she said.


  1. Processed Foods

Whether it’s chips, Pop-Tarts or pizza bites, ready-to-eat processed foods can cause terrible moods. These items contain high amounts of refined sugars, saturated fats and preservatives.

Together, these ingredients cause energy crashes followed by fatigue and dwindling motivation. That doesn’t mean you should never eat them, though. Smith recommended aiming for a healthy diet, particularly at mealtimes, with a few favorite treats here and there.


  1. Bagels

Bagels are delicious in the moment, but ingesting the carb-rich food can make you feel heavy, bloated and uncomfortable — and therefore down in the dumps. That’s because bagels are packed with simple carbs, typically made from white grains with little to no nutritional value.

They’ll cause blood sugar spikes followed by crashes and foul moods. Instead of an empty-calorie white bagel, aim for some of Ibitoye’s complex-carb recommendations, such as brown rice and whole-wheat bread.


  1. Packaged Deli Meat

Protein is integral to a healthy, happy diet, but some proteins are better than others. Packaged meats and cold cuts are filled with energy-sucking preservatives and additives that cause mood swings and bloating. But alternatives such as lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans and homemade cold cuts (made by roasting and slicing the turkey yourself) can do the trick.

These protein-rich foods can actually improve your mood— leaving you happy, sated and energized. “We need protein from our diet for a lot of different processes, including the production of neurotransmitters such as the feel-good serotonin,” Smith said. “Try to add protein to all of your meals to help balance your sugar response.”


The preceding material was compiled and edited by Brandon Castillo.  The Editor-In-Chief is Gary Bryan.  The Radio Genius Show Prep Service is licensed for use on-air only by subscribing radio stations.  Other means of redistribution is forbidden.
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