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Born on this day!! Country singer Melba Montgomery is 85. Singer Cliff Richard is 82. Singer Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues is 76. Actor Greg Evigan (“My Two Dads,” ″B.J. and the Bear”) is 69. TV personality Arleen Sorkin (“America’s Funniest People,” “Days of Our Lives”) is 67. Singer Thomas Dolby is 64. Actor Lori Petty (“A League of Their Own”) is 59. Actor Steve Coogan (“Night at the Museum”) is 57. Singer Karyn White is 57. Actor Edward Kerr (“Pretty Little Liars”) is 56. Actor Jon Seda (“Chicago P.D.,” ″Homicide: Life On the Street”) is 52. Bassist Doug Virden (Sons of the Desert) is 52. Country singer Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks is 48. Singer Shaznay Lewis of All Saints is 47. Actor Stephen Hill (2018’s “Magnum, P.I.”) is 46. Singer Usher is 44. TV personality Stacy Keibler (“Dancing with the Stars”) is 43. Actor Ben Whishaw (“Paddington”) is 42. Actor Skyler Shaye (“Bratz”) is 36. Comedian Jay Pharoah (“Saturday Night Live”) is 35. Actor Max Thieriot (“SEAL Team”) is 34.


1066 – The Normans, under William the Conqueror, defeated the English at the Battle of Hastings.
1933 – Nazi Germany withdrew from the Geneva disarmament conference and the League of Nations.
1947 – U.S. Air Force Captain Charles “Chuck” Yeager became the first person to travel faster than the speed of sound.
1964 – Martin Luther King, Jr., was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in civil rights.
1968 – The first live telecast from a staffed U.S. spacecraft was transmitted from Apollo 7.
1990 – Composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein died in New York at age 72.

Today Is: Be Bald and Be Free Day, National Family Bowling Day, Spider-Man Day, World Egg Day, World Standards Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  SWAT  /  9:00 – Fire Country  /  10:00 – Blue Bloods
NBC – 8:00  – College Bowl  /  9:00 – Dateline NBC
ABC – 8:00 –  Shark Tank  /  9:00 – 2020
FOX – 8:00 – Friday Night Smackdown
CW – 8:00 –  Penn and Teller  /  9:00 – Whose Line Is It?

TV Talk Shows

Seth Meyers: Colin Jost, Paul Mescal, 5 Seconds of Summer, Tom Benko (R 9/29/22)
James Corden: Regina Hall, Sterling K. Brown, a performance by the Broadway cast of “Moulin Rouge!” (R 8/25/22)
The View: Rick Klein, Aarón Sánchez, Adriana Robleto
The Talk: Shemar Moore
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Dwayne Johnson
Kelly Clarkson: Marlon Wayans, Priah Ferguson
Tamron Hall: Justin Sutherland
Drew Barrymore: Jamie Lee Curtis
Jennifer Hudson: Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Did you know that SPACE X is selling tickets for flights to the MOON AND BACK?? Three flights are planned… but you’ll need more than a VISA CARD!!!


QUESTION: What do you do when you “accidentally” pay $100,000 for a COUCH?? This Tik Tok’er went online to CRY HER EYES OUT and ASK FOR MONEY!!! Huh??????


QUESTION: What are people AFRAID OF?? Pretty much EVERYTHING! New book lists them all! “Ablutophobia” is a fear of WASHING!!! (Looking at you, Johnny Depp!!)


QUESTION: How did the cops bust this HOME INVADER?? It was easy to get his prints.. because he LEFT HIS FINGER AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME!!! 


QUESTION: Why is divorce so EXPENSIVE?? Because it’s WORTH IT!!! Here’s a look at what’s at stake as TOM BRADY and GISELE BUNDCHEN “split the sheets!!!”
Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s net worth: What’s at stake amid divorce rumors

American Music Award Nominations

Dick Clark Productions and ABC have announced the nominations for the 2022 American Music Awards.  This year’s ceremony will take place Nov. 20 at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and air at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.  Bad Bunny leads the field of nominees with eight nominations, including Artist of the Year, Favorite Male Pop Artist and Favorite Music Video for “Me Porto Bonito” featuring Chencho Corleone.  Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Drake follow with six nominations each. The trio of artists will face off with Bad Bunny in the Artist of the Year category, along with Adele, Harry Styles and The WeekndAdele, Styles and The Weeknd each have five nominations.  First-time nominees include Jack Harlow, Tems, Latto, Blackpink, Anitta and Swedish House MafiaSee the full list of nominations here.
******We forget.. which awards show is this???
******Bad Bunny is going on tour with Danger Mouse and Cat Stevens!!!
******Maybe Trevor Noah can host!! He’s got some free time now!!

Queen Releases New Freddie Mercury Song

Queen released a lyric video Thursday for a previously unheard song called “Face it Alone,” featuring late lead singer Freddie Mercury. The track, which was recorded in 1988, will be included on Queen’s The Miracle Collector’s Edition album, which goes on sale Nov. 18th.  Band members Brian May and Roger Taylor first revealed the song’s existence during a BBC interview over the summer.  Taylor called it “a little gem from Freddie that we’d kind of forgotten about,” while May said: “it’s beautiful. it’s touching.”  Mercury died in 1991 at the age of 45 from complications of AIDS. See the video HERE.
*********This is one Queen that will never die!!!
******Not for nothing, but it sounds like a Bond theme!!

T.J. Miller Gets Ryan Reynolds Apology

T.J. Miller and Ryan Reynolds’Deadpool” drama is dead in the water.  He revealed that his former co-star reached out to him via email after Miller alleged that Reynolds was “horrifically mean” to him on set.  “It was a misunderstanding,” Miller, 41, said on Wednesday’s episode of SiriusXM’s “Jim Norton & Sam Roberts Show,” calling Ryan, “cool” and a “good dude.”  T.J. alum added, “It was very cool for him to say, ‘Hey, you know, I just heard … that you were upset about this.’ And I kind of said, ‘You know, I’m not,’ and then we sort of hashed it out quickly.”  He says that he “feels bad” over how “misconstrued” his on-set story became after his “Adam Corolla Show” podcast interview went viral.  He clarified that he “wasn’t really saying anything negative” about Reynolds.  “He is so funny, which I always maintained,” Miller explained. “I said all these complimentary things and none of that shows up. So that’s really a bummer.”   In the Oct. 5 episode, the screenwriter said that he would “not work with [Reynolds] again” after a “really weird” interaction with the “Green Lantern” star — even if he was paid “twice as much” for a “Deadpool 3” role.
**********Looks he was “negotiating” without knowing it!!!

Pierce Brosnan Lost Out On Playing Batman

Batman” could’ve looked very different if it hadn’t been for Pierce Brosnan’s throwaway comment.  During an appearance on “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday, he revealed he auditioned for Tim Burton’s 1989 hit film “Batman.”  “I went up for Batman way back in the day when Tim Burton was doing it. Obviously, I didn’t get the job,” he told Jimmy Fallon.  “I remember saying something stupid to Tim Burton, I said, ‘You know I can’t understand any man who would wear his underpants outside his trousers.’ But there you go… the best man got the job.”  The part ultimately went to Michael Keaton, who later reprised the role in “Batman Returns” in 1992.  But things didn’t work out too bad for Brosnan, as he landed the career-changing role of James Bond soon after.
********They could have merged the Bond and Batman franchises, and instead of Alfred the butler, they could have had “Q” in the Batcave!!
*****Wearing your underwear on the outside has now become very popular!!
*****Pierce might have liked the “tweakable” nipples on the Batsuit!!

Daily Show Announces “End Date”

Fans of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” have a little less than two months to tune in before he leaves the show.  His last day as host will be Dec. 8, reps for the show confirmed.  “Trevor is an incredible talent who has left an indelible mark on ‘The Daily Show’ and we’re grateful for his creative partnership over the past seven years,” said Paramount Media Networks and MTV Entertainment Studios president and CEO Chris McCarthy in a statement.  Noah added, “Chris (McCarthy) has been an amazing leader and partner who has helped me realize my dream of working not just in front of the camera, but also behind the scenes, producing content which now airs across the Paramount family. I’m truly excited to see what the future holds.”  “The Daily Show” minus Trevor will return on Jan. 17th.  A new host has not been named.
*********They’re thinking about including “comedy” in the new version of the show!! 

Marriage Advice From Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts has some marriage advice.  “I always say that same thing and I’m sticking with it,” Julia told E! News’ Francesca Amiker during an exclusive interview with George Clooney before the release of their new movie Ticket to Paradise. “It’s making out. Lots of making out.”   Her co-star couldn’t agree more.  “I make out with Danny, too,” George chimed in, referring to Julia’s husband of 20 years Danny Moder, to which the Eat Pray Love actress replied, “It keeps you guys together.”  All jokes aside, he gave credit where credit is due, telling Julia, “Well, that’s a good one. I will say that.”  And although Julia and George play exes in their upcoming film, the real life friends may know a thing or two about making a relationship last. She has been married for nearly two decades and is mom to son Henry, 15, and 17-year-old twins Phinneas and Hazel. Meanwhile, George has been married to his wife Amal Clooney for eight years and they share 5-year-old twins Alexander and Ella.  George went on to joke that because he “started so late” in finding his happily ever after, he’s “not allowed to give advice to anyone.”
*********But he still does!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Last Laughs-(In Touch)

“Buckingham Palace has released King Charles III’s official monogram design, just in case you want to buy the King of England a bath towel.”-Stephen Colbert.

“Southwest airlines surprised passengers on a recent flight to Hawaii with free ukuleles and free lessons.  What could be more relaxing than hundreds of people playing the ukulele for the first time?”-James Corden.

“The latest Gen Z fashion trend is wearing jeans with the button undone.  Which means that after Thanksgiving dinner, every uncle is going to be like, ‘I look like Gigi Hadid!’”-Jimmy Fallon.



Python On The Loose

Police in Canada are looking for a 3-foot ball python that went missing from its home in Oak Bay, British Columbia.  The owner of the snake reported the animal missing from its glass enclosure and fears it may have slithered away and died in the cool temperatures, the Oak Bay Police Department posted on Twitter.  The missing snake, which weighs about two or three pounds, was last seen on Oct. 7. It is not venomous, has no fangs and was recently fed, police said. The home and surrounding area have been searched and neighbors contacted.  The serpent is the latest to slither free from its owners. Last month, residents of a home in Cody, Wyo., called animal rescuers after finding a ball python in their garage.  In Australia, a reptile wrangler helped a family extract a carpet python from a recliner chair.
****The snake’s name is “Monty!!”
*********Ball pythons are the ones who squeeze your balls until you die!!!

Man Survives Hurricane In His Refrigerator

A Florida man who survived raging flood waters during Hurricane Ian’s landfall in southwest Florida considered himself lucky to be alive thanks in part to a refrigerator.  George Andrad, a sous chef who lived on the bottom floor of a now-destroyed Fort Myers home, told NBC affiliate WBBH that he rode out the storm by climbing into a refrigerator and using it as an improvised life raft.  When the water started to rise, Andrad entered his neighbor’s second-floor apartment where he tipped over a fridge and jumped in as the water rose.  “I opened it up, and I jumped in,” he said. “And the water just raised, raised, raised, raised, raised to my chest.” The water continued to rise until it began to reach the ceiling of the second floor.  “It takes me floating, and then it’s like ‘boom’ hit the ceiling, and I’m like, ‘Oh God, I’m done,’” Andrad recalled.  Andrad told the news outlet he bobbed in the water like a buoy for five excruciatingly long minutes. Luckily, as soon as the storm surge neared the ceiling, it reversed course.
**********He must have seen that movie where Harrison Ford rides out a nuclear blast in a freezer!!!
*********When the rescue boat came by, he said, “I’m good!! I’ve got a fridge!!”

Goose Invades Playoff Game

There have been plenty of rally animals that have made their way onto baseball fields before: cats, squirrels and even monkeys, to name a few. But a goose?  That’s what happened late Wednesday night when one landed and stayed for a while in shallow right field of Dodger Stadium during the eighth inning of Game 2 of the NLDS between the Padres and Dodgers. The bird got the crowd riled up, and it went into even more of a frenzy when Gavin Lux singled off Nick Martinez with the bird still on the field.  When the Padres took Martinez out of the game for Josh Hader, the bird went, too, though the removal process wasn’t as straightforward as the pitching change. The Dodgers may have wished the goose had stayed, though. After Lux’s single, Trayce Thompson walked, but with two on and two out (and the goose now long gone), pinch hitter Austin Barnes flew out to deep center, ending the threat.
*********That goose works for the Houston Astros!!!








7 Relationship Mistakes That Parents Model To Their Kids


Mistake No. 1: Snapping At Your Partner When You’re Stressed

We’ve all been there: You’re racing to meet a work deadline, your kid is hangry, the fridge is empty, you need to leave for baseball practice in 15 minutes — and then your partner forgets that they were supposed to pick up dinner tonight. It’s no wonder that your patience is thin and you lose your temper. But our kids notice how we behave under stress, so bringing more mindfulness to how we react in these tense, everyday moments should matter.  “Children observe when we are reactive to stress, conflict, pressure or exhaustion, snapping at our family members, partners and spouses,” said Nicogossian, who is the author of “Mama, You Are Enough: How To Create Calm, Joy, and Confidence Within the Chaos of Motherhood.” “In turn, they begin to internalize or learn how to respond and react in similar situations.”  However, when you learn strategies to manage your emotions — breathing exercises, grounding techniques or mindfulness practices, to name a few — and implement them in your daily interactions, you’re showing your child how to do the same.


Mistake No. 2: Trying To Hash Out A Disagreement When You’re Heated

Couples may feel the need to resolve the argument at hand ASAP — even if they’re not in the right frame of mind to have a productive discussion. That sense of urgency actually comes from being in a dysregulated fight-or-flight state, said clinical psychologist Laura Markham.  “We think we are threatened with a loss if we don’t take action right now to win this conflict,” she told HuffPost. “But when we are in that state, our partner looks like the enemy. We forget we are on the same side. We can’t possibly see their perspective or be willing to change ourselves.”

And the conversation tends to devolve into a shouting match, which isn’t good for the couple or their kids.  “The research is clear that when parents shout at each other, their children get anxious,” said Markham, the author of “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids.” “It’s also not what we want to model for our children about how to express our needs or how to solve conflicts.”  Instead, the best thing you can do is recognize and verbalize that you need to take a break. Then, you can revisit the conversation when cooler heads have prevailed.

“Summon up all your compassion and take care of yourself so you feel better, rather than stewing about how they’re wrong and you’re right,” Markham said. “Then, don’t avoid the issue. Write it down. Maybe keep a running list posted inside a cabinet door in the kitchen, and have a regular time at the end of the day or on Sunday morning when you talk about issues that came up this week.”  That way, your kids see that their parents don’t always agree (normal!) but they’re still able to be kind to each other and constructively work things out, Markham added.


Mistake No. 3: Not Making Up In Front Of The Kids

Sometimes, your kids are going to see you fight and raise your voices at one another. When this happens, it’s critical that you make up in front of them too, “with affection and forgiveness,” Markham said.  “If you can course-correct after snapping at your partner, that’s ideal,” she said. “But even if it’s the next day, be sure to share with your kids that you resolved the situation.”  It might look something like this, Markham said: “Remember when Dad and I disagreed about whether it’s time to buy a new car? We got pretty mad, I know. But I want you to know that we’re working it out. We always do, because we love each other and our relationship is more important to us than any disagreement. You know that you can be mad at someone and love them at the same time, right? We still aren’t sure yet about the car. I’m worried that our car is breaking down a lot. Dad is worried about spending money on a car right now. It’s a hard decision. We’re going to keep talking about it. Sometimes you have to think and talk for a long time before you can make a good decision that works for everyone.”

It’s OK if you haven’t reached a point of resolution yet; many of the issues that couples fight over take time to work through. Just showing your child that you two respect one another’s points of view and are committed to figuring it out is powerful.  After the argument, take time to check in with your child about what they saw. Don’t try to minimize what happened or their feelings about it.

“Ask them to share their thoughts, feelings and reactions, and ask if they have any questions you can answer,” Nicogossian said.  If you resorted to name-calling, spoke in a harsh tone or exhibited otherwise less-than-exemplary behavior, say so. Then talk with your child about what you need to work on.  “Kids often have a perception that adults don’t have to continue to learn and grow,” Nicogossian said. “And, in reality, this is a lifelong process and what it means to be human: to be ever evolving, growing and developing wisdom along the way.”


Mistake No. 4: Blaming Your Partner Instead Of Taking Responsibility

When your child sees you getting defensive and pointing fingers at one another instead of owning up to your mistakes, it sends the message, “I can do the same,” Nicogossian said.

“In conflict, there are often three truths: yours, mine and the accuracy of what truly happens,” she said. “Finding the truth can be challenging, which is why listening to each person’s perspective and working to resolve conflict and maintain healthy boundaries, security, and safety and trust in a relationship needs to be the priority over the need to be ‘right’ or ‘win’ during the conflict.”  Admitting where you’ve been wrong isn’t easy. But it’s a critical skill — in romantic relationships and life in general — to model for your child. And you can’t do it when you’re emotionally overloaded.  “In order to take responsibility for your actions, you need to be in a calm emotional state where reason and the rational mind are in balance with your emotional mind,” Nicogossian said.


Mistake No. 5: Not Communicating Your Needs Clearly

When you’re exhausted and frustrated, it feels easier to stew in silence or rattle off a list of your partner’s shortcomings than it is to calmly state what you need from them.  “All too often, we enter into discussions with others without a clear idea of what we need in order to be a happier person or parent,” said clinical psychologist Jazmine McCoy, who goes by @TheMomPsychologist on Instagram. “Instead, take time to self-reflect. And when it comes time to communicate, state your needs without [starting with the word] ‘you.’”  It’s better to use “I” statements that focus on how you feel and what you need, rather than accusatory “you” statements that focus on how your partner is falling short.

One example: “Hey, I could really use some phone- and TV-free time to connect with you after the kids go to bed.”  “Modeling clear communication that is not demanding or criticizing will help your child learn this skill, too,” McCoy said.


Mistake No. 6: Using All-Or-Nothing Language

Another bad habit that couples slip into? Speaking in absolutes, like “you always do this” or “you never do that.” This kind of all-or-nothing, shame-inducing language is rarely accurate and immediately puts your partner on the defensive.

“During conflict, avoid extreme language and lumping many situations into one statement,” McCoy said, offering examples such as “you never help out with the kids” and “we don’t connect anymore.”

“Rather than launching into generalities or the history of the behavior, look to the future and be specific,” she added. “‘I want to talk to you about what happened when you came home tonight.’ Having the same approach with our children is important, too.”


Mistake No. 7: Holding The Kids To A Different Standard Than You Hold Yourselves

According to pediatric psychologist and parent coach Ann-Louise Lockhart, this might look like parents telling their children not to interrupt, yell or use hurtful language with others when they do it to each other all the time.  “Those double standards are confusing to kids and model a very different expectation than what is stated,” said Lockhart, the owner of the A New Day Pediatric Psychology practice.

When you catch yourself acting in a way that contradicts what you try to instill in your children, stop, notice and acknowledge it out loud, Lockhart said.

“Call out the behavior and course-correct in the moment,” she said. “If you realize it after the fact, take ownership and responsibility. If your child isn’t present for the realization or repair, revisit it with them and let them know what you noticed and what you did to make it right.”


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