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Born on this day!! Actor David Bradley (“Game of Thrones”) is 81. Musician Jan Hammer is 75. Actor Olivia Hussey is 72. Actor Clarke Peters (“Treme”) is 71. Rapper Afrika Bambaataa is 66. Actor Sean Bean (“Lord of the Rings”) is 64. Actor Joel Murray (“Dharma and Greg,” ″The Artist”) is 61. Singer Maynard James Keenan of Tool and of Puscifer is 59. Actor Lela Rochon is 59. Actor William Mapother (“Lost”) is 58. Actor Leslie Bega (“The Sopranos”) is 56. Actor Henry Ian Cusick (“Scandal,” ″Lost”) is 56. Actor Kimberly Elise is 56. Singer Liz Phair is 56. Rapper-actor Redman is 53. Actor Jennifer Garner is 51. Singer Victoria Beckham of the Spice Girls is 49. Actor Lindsay Korman (“All My Children,” “Passions”) is 45. Actor Tate Ellington (“The Brave,” “Quantico”) is 44. Actor Charlie Hofheimer (“24: Legacy”) is 42. Actor Rooney Mara (“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”) is 38. Actor Dee Dee Davis (“The Bernie Mac Show”) is 27.


1790 – Benjamin Franklin, U.S. patriot, diplomat, and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, died in Philadelphia.
1895 – The Sino-Japanese War ended with the signing of the Treaty of Shimonoseki.
1937 – Daffy Duck made his debut in Porky’s Duck Hunt.
1961 – Supported by the U.S. government, 1,500 exiles made the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba.
1964 – Geraldine Mock became the first woman to fly solo around the world.
1969 – Sirhan Sirhan was convicted for the murder of Robert F. Kennedy.
1970 – The Apollo 13 astronauts safely splashed down after their near-disastrous flight.
1975 – Phnom Penh fell to the Khmer Rouge, ending the five year Cambodian war.

Today Is: Bat Appreciation Day, Blah! Blah! Blah! Day, Boston Marathon (126th), Ellis Island Family History Day, Ford Mustang Day, Herbalist Day, International Haiku Poetry Day, Malbec World Day, National Crawfish Day, National Stress Awareness Day, Nothing Like A Dame Day, World Hemophilia Day   

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – The Neighborhood  /  8:30 – Bob Hearts Abishola  /  9:00 – NCIS  /  10:00 – NCIS: Hawaii
NBC – 8:00 – The Voice / 10:00 – That’s My Jam
ABC – 8:00 – American Idol  /  10:00 – The Good Doctor
FOX – 8:00 – 911  /  9:00 – Fantasy Island
CW – 8:00 – All American / 9:00 – The Flash

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Fallon: Chris Evans, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Toosii
Stephen Colbert: Josh Groban, Sheryl Lee Ralph
Seth Meyers: Jeff Goldblum, Jeff Goldblum & the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, Fred Armisen (R 3/27/23)
James Corden: Seth Meyers, a performance by the Broadway cast of “Six”
Watch What Happens Live: Lindsay Hubbard, Samantha Feher
Daily Show: Guest host Jordan Klepper
The Talk: Erika Christensen, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, Char Margolis
Kelly Clarkson: Giancarlo Esposito, Brandon Scott Jones, Priyanka Naik, Hailey Whitters
Tamron Hall: Tristan “Mack” Wilds, Christina Hammond, Tristyn Naomi Wilds, Kofi B
Jennifer Hudson: Conversations with incredible women, including Viola Davis, Lindsey Vonn, Hannah Waddingham, Allyson Felix

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Is THIS why you NEVER THROW ANYTHING AWAY?? Somebody just auctioned off a complete set of ROCKY VHS TAPES.. for $35,000!!!!!!


QUESTION: Do people really FAKE going to COACHELLA?? This “influencer” says that people go to the desert and PRETEND they’re at the festival!


QUESTION: Can you say “OUCH??” Brewers pitcher Gus Varland is nailed in the head by 105-mph LINE DRIVE by Manny Machado!! “It  rocked me!!!!!!”


QUESTION: Is it “game over” for the rest of the spring movie season?? SUPER MARIO BROS. was #1 again at the box office this weekend! $500 mil worldwide!
The Super Mario Bros. Movie

QUESTION: What do Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Andrea Bocelli have in common? They’re all playing King Charles’ Coronation Concert!! Where are the Brit Artists??


King Charles Reveals His Personal Wealth: $745 MILLION! (It’s More than his Mummy)

*******He accumulates a lot of wealth by cashing in his empties!!
******Now that he doesn’t support Harry and Meghan, it’s helped a lot!!
****Next, he’s putting Canada on the market. $500 Million and it’s YOURS!!
********Now you know why Camilla has been “polishing his crown” for all these years!!

Jeremy Renner Visits and Thanks Hospital Staff That Help Him Make A Miracle Recovery

********This staff must be full of Guardian Angels!!!
****This is one hospital visit he’ll never forget.. but he’d probably like to!!
TOPIC: The doctor who saved YOUR life!!!!

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ Kids Block Them From Their Social Media Accounts

*********Their kids are 25, 20 and 21, and they just don’t wanna read about mom and dad!!
******It’s called “having a life!!”
*****Kelly once said that when the kids leave, her and Mark would “walk around naked at all times.” (true) That’s not a pretty picture!!
******Maybe the kids should keep an eye on mom.. she’s so skinny she might blow away at any minute!!

Wendy Williams Spotted Filming Some Sort Of Show

*********It could be a “reality” show, but then, Wendy would have to be in touch with “reality!!”
*******Wendy will tell you what the show is when she figures it out!!
*******She also has a podcast she’s about to launch.. and when that happens it will be official: every human being on earth has a podcast!!!
FLASHBACK: Two months ago, Wendy showed up at a trendy NY restaurant with a 30-person film crew!! “Do you have a reservation??”

You Know It’s Bad For Harry and Meghan When The Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten Calls You Out!

********Did you know that Johnny Rotten now resides in Southern California?? He’s close enough to drive to Harry and Meghan’s place!!
****While he sympathizes with their desire to leave the Royal Family, he’s pissed about their whining since then! “If you want to be normal and outside of [the Royal Family], then f*** off. Just f*** off and shut up.”
********Johnny knows what he’s talking about! The Sex Pistols did the hit version of “God Save the Queen!!”
****We would love to respect Harry and Meghan’s privacy… if only they’d let us!!!

Jack Nicholson Finally Spotted at his L.A. Mansion After Going Missing for 2 Years and He Looks Like Crap 

*****Actually, he just looks like… Jack Nicholson!! After a nap!!
*****The paparazzi caught him on his balcony looking “disheveled!”
****His fans are calling b.s.!!!!
****He told the photogs to leave him alone!!!



Things You Don’t Know About Anya Taylor-Joy-(Globe)

Dollface Anya Taylor-Joy is making moves.  The Queen’s Gambit starlet, 26, wowed viewers as troubled chess prodigy Beth Harmon on the Netflix series.  But she’s drawing on different set of skills to voice animated Princess Peach in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which is based on the Nintendo video game franchise.

  1. She calls her American birth a “fluke” because her Argentine-based parents were vacationing in Miami at the time of her arrival.
  2. Her first language was Spanish.
  3. She lived in Buenos Aires until age six when her family relocated to London.
  4. She mastered English by reading Harry Potter books with an uncle.
  5. She plays the ukulele.



MUSIC TOPIC: Name a song with a (parentheses) in the title!!
Did your mom or dad ever have a crush on your boyfriend/girlfriend?
What should we enjoy before it’s gone forever??
Who is one celebrity that everybody loves??
Which movie has the most perfect soundtrack of all time???



Oregon Driver Tosses $200,000 Out Of His Window On the Freeway To “Help Others!”

****It was from his family’s bank account!! Which means.. he ain’t married!!! Or… he won’t be!!
****Even though people stopped on the freeway to collect the $100 bills, he will NOT be charged!! Not even for littering!!
*******If he wanted to get rid of that cash, we know where he could throw it!! Here’s out address!!!
*****Oregon Troopers say they’ve done a search for any extra cash, and couldn’t find any. Weirdly, they all bought new cars the next day!!
UPDATE: It happened at NIGHT, and his family wants the money back! Good luck!!

Massachusetts Cat Rescued After Getting Head Stuck In Metal Grate

See the photo HERE.
*******Curiosity killed the cat… but Animal Control brought him back!!
*****The vet is trying to figure out how many lives he has left!!
*****Of course, being a cat, he wasn’t grateful. He looked up like, “What took you so long??”

German Man Drinks A Capri Sun Pouch In Record Time: 10.41 seconds!! (Including unwrapping the straw)

See the video HERE.
*****Capri Sun??? In a pouch? Did he also set a record for “Most Infantile World Record??”
*******Will this become an Olympic Event??
******He knew he had the record when people started screaming, “YOU SUCK!!!”
******He won both the men’s division and the women’s division because women want nothing to do with this!!

Florida Man Pretends To Be Tarzan While Fleeing The Police, Hides In Tree

See the video HERE.
*****Not for nothing, but these Florida high speed chases aren’t nearly as entertaining as California!! Florida should stay in its own lane!! Like throwing pizza in someone’s face!!
*****This dude was trying to swing from limb to limb.. and it just didn’t work for him!!!








Before You Blow Your Tax Refund, Here Are 8 Wise Ways to Spend It

The Penny Hoarder

  1. Build Up Your Emergency Fund

Putting cash aside for emergencies gives you peace of mind that you can financially weather a crisis. Unfortunately, many Americans have much less than the recommended amount for an emergency fund.  If you have less than three to six months’ worth of living expenses, funnel some of your tax refund to your emergency fund.


Keep your emergency fund savings in a liquid, no-risk account that’s easy to access when you need it. Earn interest with a high-yield savings account or money market account.

  1. Pay Down Debt

Relieve yourself of some of the pressure weighing down on you from debt.  If you’re a fan of the snowball method of debt repayment, put your refund toward one or two of your smaller debt balances. Once they’re paid off, work on your next largest debt.  If you’re more of a debt avalanche fan, use your tax refund to pay down a larger balance that has the highest interest rate. Even if you don’t pay it off completely, reducing the balance means you’ll pay less in interest.

  1. Contribute More to Your Retirement Funds

Hopefully you’re already contributing to a 401(k) plan or individual retirement account (IRA), but are you maxing out your contributions?  The 2023 401(k) contribution limits are $22,500 for individuals younger than 50 or $30,000 for those 50 and up. This year, you can contribute up to $6,500 in an IRA if you’re younger than 50 or up to $7,500 if you’re 50 or older.  The more you add to your retirement accounts, the greater your money can potentially grow. Even if you can’t afford to increase the percentage of your paycheck that goes to retirement each month, you can use your tax refund to make a one-time lump-sum contribution.

  1. Save for a Big Bill

Think about what big expenses you have coming up on the horizon that you haven’t budgeted for — like your auto insurance premiums or getting braces for your teen.  If your monthly income can’t support such an expense in addition to all your regular bills and obligations, using your tax refund is a smart choice in lieu of dipping into your emergency fund or turning to credit cards.

  1. Fill Out Your Sinking Funds

You’re probably juggling multiple savings goals. Maybe you’re trying to stack cash for a cross-country move while saving for a wedding. Or you’re saving to welcome a new baby into the family while putting money aside for your older kid’s birthday party and concurrently saving for a down payment on a minivan.  Each sinking fund — which is just a personal finance term for a pool of money you add to over time to break up a large expense — could probably use an influx of cash. Distribute a portion of your refund money to each savings goal — or funnel it all toward your most pressing need.

  1. Invest in Yourself

Sometimes it takes money to make money. Is there a certification program you can take or a piece of tech equipment you need to enhance your career and help you get a better-paying position?  Or perhaps you have a business idea you’ve been wanting to get off the ground but just needed some initial capital.  Invest your tax money in something that’ll help you generate more income.

  1. Save for Your Kids’ College Education

College is a big-ticket expense for most parents. Even with scholarships and financial aid, families can expect to have significant out-of-pocket costs.  Get in the habit of putting your tax refund toward saving for college to help offset your child’s looming tuition bill. A 529 college savings plan is a common option to store your funds.


If your kid is still in diapers, it may seem more practical to put your extra money toward more immediate expenses, like the cost of day care. There’s always time to save for college later.

  1. Make Home Improvements

Home upgrades can be expensive, but they can also increase the value of your home when it’s time to sell.  If your roof is due for replacement, you’ve got major appliances that are decades old or you simply want to give your kitchen a face-lift, tap into your tax refund to take care of those home improvement projects.


The preceding material was compiled and edited by Brandon Castillo.  The Editor-In-Chief is Gary Bryan.  The Radio Genius Show Prep Service is licensed for use on-air only by subscribing radio stations.  Other means of redistribution is forbidden.
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