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Born on this day!! Actor Shirley MacLaine is 89. Actor-singer-director Barbra Streisand is 81. Country singer Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys is 80. Drummer Doug Clifford (Creedence Clearwater Revival) is 78. Singer Ann Peebles is 76. Actor Eric Bogosian is 70. Singer-bassist Jack Blades of Night Ranger is 69. Actor Michael O’Keefe (“Roseanne”) is 68. Bassist David J (Love and Rockets, Bauhaus) is 66. Actor Glenn Morshower (“24”) is 64. Bassist Billy Gould (Faith No More) is 60. Actor-comedian Cedric the Entertainer is 59. Actor Djimon Hounsou (“Blood Diamond,” ″Amistad”) is 59. Drummer Patty Schemel (Hole) is 56. Drummer Aaron Comess of the Spin Doctors is 55. Actor Aidan Gillen (“Game of Thrones”) is 55. Actor Melinda Clarke (“The O.C.”) is 54. Actor Rory McCann (“Game of Thrones”) is 54. Singer Alejandro Fernandez is 52. Bassist Brian Marshall of Creed and of Alter Bridge is 50. Actor Derek Luke (“Madea Goes To Jail,” ″Friday Night Lights”) is 49. Actor Thad Luckinbill (“12 Strong,” ″The Young and the Restless”) is 48. Actor Eric Balfour (“24”) is 46. Actor Rebecca Mader (“No Ordinary Family,” ″Lost”) is 46. Actor Reagan Gomez (“Queen Sugar,” ″The Parent ’Hood”) is 43. Actor Austin Nichols (“One Tree Hill”) is 43. Actor Sasha Barrese (“The Hangover”) is 42. Singer-TV personality Kelly Clarkson (“American Idol”) is 41. Singer-bassist Tyson Ritter of All-American Rejects is 39. Country singer Carly Pearce is 33. Actor Joe Keery (“Stranger Things”) is 31. Actor Jack Quaid (“The Hunger Games”) is 31. Actor Doc Shaw (“House of Payne,” “The Suite Life on Deck”) is 31. Actor Jordan Fisher (“Liv and Maddie,” ″Rent: Live”) is 29.


1800 – Library of Congress was established.
1898 – Spain declared war on the U.S..
1915 – Turks began deportation of Armenians that led to the massacre of between 600,000 and 1.5 million Armenians.
1916 – The Easter Rebellion begins in Dublin, Ireland. Although unsuccessful, the uprising was an important symbolic event leading to the establishment of the Republic of Ireland.
1953 – Winston Churchill was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.
1990 – The shuttle Discovery blasted off with the Hubble Space Telescope.

Today Is: Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, Sauvignon Blanc Day, St. Mark’s Eve, World Day for Animals in Laboratories, World Meningitis Day  

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – The Neighborhood  /  8:30 – Bob Hearts Abishola  /  9:00 – NCIS  /  10:00 – NCIS: Hawaii
NBC – 8:00 – The Voice / 10:00 – That’s My Jam
ABC – 8:00 – American Idol  /  10:00 – The Good Doctor
FOX – 8:00 – 911  /  9:00 – Fantasy Island
CW – 8:00 – All American / 9:00 – The Flash

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: James Corden, Richard Madden, They Might Be Giants
Jimmy Fallon: Kate Beckinsale, Rainn Wilson, Romeo Santos
Stephen Colbert: Mary J. Blige, Alison Roman (R 3/28/23)
Seth Meyers: Laura Dern, Miranda Lambert, Anup Sastry
James Corden: Gal Gadot, Ray Romano
Watch What Happens Live: Capt. Glenn Shephard, Gary King
Daily Show: Guest host Desi Lydic
Live with Kelly and Mark: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Ato Essandoh
Drew Barrymore: Michelle Obama
Jennifer Hudson: Seal

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Can NBA call FOUL BALLS? Dillon Brooks jammed LeBron’s “crown jewels”  during Saturday’s Lakers/Grizzlies game!! Ouch!!!!!


QUESTION: HOW did Al Pacino give Harrison Ford a career?? HE TURNED DOWN STAR WARS!! They offered him Han Solo.. he said “NO!!”


QUESTION: How did this guy have a MASSIVE FAIL at his job interview? He was rude to the receptionist… and SHE turned out to be the recruiter!!!


QUESTION: Is not shaving now becoming a THING?? This “influencer” hasn’t shaved in SIX MONTHS and her Insta followers DON’T LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Taylor Michelle, 22, has revealed she has been trolled after not shaving her body hair for six months.

QUESTION: HOW MANY WEEKS WILL IT BE #1??? Super Mario Bros. is at the top of the box office ONCE AGAIN!! Heading for $1 BILLION worldwide!!
The Super Mario Bros. Movie

“King-Charles” Coming To CNN Primetime! It Stars Gayle King and Charles Barkley!! Get It???

*****In a unique programming move, they’ll be sharing their opinions about everything in pop culture and politics!! No one’s ever done THAT!!!
******Gayle finds Charles very manly!! Not as manly as Oprah, but still…
******The show will start this fall and run “into” 2024, which means in may end suddenly in January!!!
****CNN did some research and found out that no one is interested in this idea, so they immediately said, “Full speed ahead!!”
******The first show will have a big audience, because people will tune in for the real King Charles!!
UPDATE: CNN is reportedly paying her $12 MILLION A YEAR for this one-hour show!! Uh… why??

Alec Baldwin Spotted On “Rust” Set Holding A Shotgun “Backwards”

********Good move!! He’s got the barrel in his right hand, and the gun is pointed towards him!!
*******He’s ready to take a bullet for this movie!!!
********(Not sure whether it’s for safety or part of the plot!!)
*******Alec’s charges were dropped, but the young female armorer is still charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Blew All Of Their Good Will Hunting Money! $600,000 In SIX MONTHS!

********They got $600,000 for the script, but after they split it, paid their agents 10% and $160,000 in taxes, they wound up with $110,000 apiece! (true)
*******Then they both bought Jeep Cherokees and rented a $5,000-a-month house to party in!! Then… they were broke!!!
RULE OF THUMB: Hollywood celebrities are almost NEVER as rich as you think they are!!
****Ben also says Matt was a huge slob!! (true) But what does MATT say???

Eddie Van Halen’s Iconic Red, White and Black Guitar Sells Big At Auction

*********This is the guitar from “Hot for Teacher,” which brings back many.. good memories!!!
********The winning bid? $3.932 MILLION!!!
*****If that guitar could talk.. it would say, “Quit picking on me!!!”
********It’s a custom-made Kramer Guitar, created by Paul Unkert. The winning bidder will also get the straight jacket Eddie wore in the “Hot for Teacher” video!!
TOPIC: Do you have a valuable collectible? We tried to sell a kidney, but they only offered $50!!!



….Of the Week-(In Touch)


Dig of the Week-

Kelly Clarkson:

“Forget you and your dad and the fact that you got half.”

-changing the lyrics of Gayle’s “ABCDEFU” during a “Kellyoke” performance to slam her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, and his dad, Narvel, who’s suing her.


Number of the Week-

12 million

-yearly salary for Gayle King, making her CNN’s highest-paid star, even though she reportedly works just one hour a week.



Job interview stories: Nailed it or Failed it??
How I embarrassed myself in public
Scariest moment at a theme park
Which celebrity should we send to Mars?



A Sheep Shows Up At A Front Door; Waits For Hours Trying To Get Into The House!!

See the video HERE.
********The sheep just came out of nowhere and wouldn’t leave!! Every time the door opened, he tried to get in!!
********Finally, the labrador lured him into the backyard and they hung out all day until animal control arrived!!
******Why did he want to get into the house?? A bear told him it was the thing to do!!!
******Here has a sheepish expression on his face!!
******This happened in Connecticut. If it happened in Florida, a gator would have eaten the sheep. 

Cellphone Users In Florida Got An Emergency Alert Test At 4:45am!

**********Come on!! 4:45 AM for a TEST?? Most Floridians are just going to bed at that hour!!!
*******They blamed the private company that produces the alerts and FIRE THEM!! (true) They say it was supposed to be on TV only!!
*********If only they could find a way to blame Disney!!
********The ultimate excuse? “Hey, what do you want?? It’s Florida!!”

Team Of French Cyclists Break Record By Drawing Giant GPS Dinosaur

***********They mapped it out and rode for 43 hours to create the shape of a velociraptor!!
*****They had a lot of time because they’re French and they don’t have to go to work!!
******It’s not easy to ride that far when you’re smoking and drinking red wine!!

45-Foot-Tall Dragon Catches Fire During Fantasmic Show At Disneyland!

*********Of course, the park people put it out and evacuated the guests from that area!!
*******We’re not saying it was scary, but the bathrooms were in full use immediately!!
*******They spotted a guy leaving the scene with a “Knott’s Berry Farm” uniform!!!
*****Did someone say they wanted more excitement at Disneyland??








8 Things People Expect Flight Attendants To Do That Aren’t Their Jobs


  1. Put your bags in the overhead bin.

“Expecting your flight attendants to lift your luggage and put it in the overhead bin is one of the biggest misconceptions of the role of flight attendants. Asking us to do it is a quick way to present yourself as an entitled pain on the plane and start your flight out on the wrong side of the crew. Not only is lifting passenger luggage not our responsibility, but we are also instructed by the airlines not to do it, and if we are injured as a result of lifting luggage, we will not be protected by the company’s medical leave and injury pay protection. I have watched passengers leave their bags in the aisle and tell the flight attendants to deal with it.” — Jay Robert, a flight attendant and founder of A Fly Guy Travels

  1. Fix flight delays.

“People think that all the crew has the ‘keys’ to the airplane. One time our flight got so delayed due to the airplane not arriving — apparently it got stuck in another city [due to] weather issues — that the crew and I decided to go get pizza and all the passengers were looking at us with daggers in the eyes. Like it was our choice, and we delayed it.” — Paola Quiroz, a flight attendant with Air France

  1. Have an unlimited supply of the food you want.

“People expect us to magically have more chicken meals when you run out of chicken toward the end of your meal service.” — Ella Curreen, a former flight attendant with Air New Zealand

“When meal options run out, a flight attendant cannot go back to the galley and cook you the meal choice you were craving. We don’t have an endless supply of food we are hoarding, and we are not catered 100% of each meal choice. It’s not possible to carry that much food. If your meal choice is not available, don’t expect the crew to make it appear literally in thin air. Just be grateful you’re getting a meal a mile high in the sky.” — Robert

  1. Warm something up in the microwave for you.

It’s not that flight attendants don’t want the food you brought from home or that bottle of baby formula to be warm — there just isn’t a place to warm it up.  “[People ask us to] warm something in the microwave for them. … We don’t have microwaves.” — Cathay Richardson, a flight attendant with United Airlines

  1. Hold connecting flights.

“We are not responsible nor are we able to hold planes, and thanks to modern technology, your connecting flight is aware your inbound flight is running late. Airlines have an entire department that watches flight delays and connections, and they instruct the connecting gates to hold flights if the flight schedules allow. You do not need to ask the flight attendants over and over again to hold flights. What the crew can do is, before landing, move you to an empty seat further toward the front of the cabin you are traveling in, if any are available, so you have a better chance of making your connection.” — Robert

  1. Change the weather.

“[People act like] I’ve got a direct line to Mother Nature! In fact, I have her on speed dial, let me call her and tell her to stop with the thunderstorms, hail, snow, torrential downpours, tornados, etc.” — Kim Hamrick, a flight attendant with Southwest Airlines

  1. Go through the trash to find something you lost.

“Someone left their dentures on the meal tray after collection and expected the crew to go through all the possible rubbish trollies and trays to find his dentures.” — Ranjana Dhyani, a flight attendant with Glorietta Air

  1. Be happy 100% of the time.

“While we might be superheroes of the sky, flight attendants are not machines. Don’t take it personally if a flight attendant seems to be having a bad day or isn’t as peppy as you think they should be. The truth is, the job is very draining, and it’s not uncommon for the crew to be working for more than 15 hours on literally minutes of sleep. When I operated some of the longest flights in the world, it was not uncommon to be on duty for nearly 30 hours with only a three- to four-hour rest during the flight. Combine sleep deprivation and time changes with the energy it takes to greet and look after so many strangers in a confined space, and you will understand why some flight attendants don’t have the energy to give more than the bare minimum.” — Robert


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