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Born on this day!! Actor-comedian Carol Burnett is 88. Guitarist-songwriter Duane Eddy is 83. Singer Maurice Williams of Maurice and the Zodiacs is 83. Singer Bobby Rydell is 79. Singer Gary Wright is 78. Actor Giancarlo Esposito (“Better Call Saul,” ″Breaking Bad”) is 63. Drummer Roger Taylor of Duran Duran is 61. Actor Joan Chen (“Twin Peaks”) is 60. Drummer Chris Mars of The Replacements is 60. Actor-singer Michael Damian is 59. Actor Jet Li is 58. Guitarist Jimmy Stafford (Train) is 57. Actor-comedian Kevin James (“Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” ″The King of Queens”) is 56. Keyboardist Jeff Huskins of Little Texas is 55. Actor Marianne Jean-Baptiste (film’s “Secrets and Lies”) is 54. Fiddler Joe Caverlee of Yankee Grey is 53. Singer T-Boz of TLC is 51. Actor Shondrella Avery (“Napoleon Dynamite”) is 50. Bassist Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts is 50. Actor Simbi Kali (“3rd Rock From the Sun”) is 50. Bassist Michael Jeffers of Pinmonkey is 49. Drummer Jose Pasillas of Incubus is 45. Actor Jason Earles (“Hannah Montana”) is 44. Actor Leonard Earl Howze (“Barbershop”) is 44. Actor Amin Joseph (“Snowfall”) is 44. Actor Tom Welling (“Smallville”) is 44. Actor Pablo Schreiber (“Orange is the New Black,” ″Weeds”) is 43. Actor Nyambi Nyambi (“The Good Fight,” “Mike and Molly”) is 42. Actor Jordana Brewster (“The Fast and the Furious”) is 41. Actor Stana Katic (“Castle”) is 41. Actor Marnette Patterson (“Something So Right”) is 41. Actor Channing Tatum (“Magic Mike, “Step Up”) is 41. Actor Emily Wickersham (“NCIS”) is 37. Actor Aaron Meeks (”Soul Food”) is 35.


1607 – Colonists land at Cape Henry, Va., They would found Jamestown the next month.
1865 – John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln’s assassin, was surrounded by federal troops in a barn in Virginia. He was shot and killed, either by the soldiers or by his own hand.
1937 – The German Luftwaffe (air force) destroyed the Spanish town of Guernica.
1964 – Tanganyika and Zanzibar joined to form Tanzania.
1986 – The worst nuclear power plant accident in history occurred at Chernobyl, near Kiev, U.S.S.R.
1994 – The first multi-racial elections were held in South Africa.
2000 – Vermont Governor Howard Dean signed the nation’s first bill allowing same-sex couples to form civil unions.

Today Is:  Alien Day, Audubon Day, Hug An Australian Day, International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day, Lesbian Visibility Day, National Dissertation Day, National Help A Horse Day, National Kids and Pets Day, National Pretzel Day, Pretzel Day, Richter Scale Day, World Intellectual Property Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – The Neighborhood  /  8:30 – Bob Hearts Abishola  /  9:00 – All Rise  /  10:00 – Bull
NBC – 8:00  – The Voice   /  10:00 – Debris
ABC – 8:00 – Sesame Street Special /  10:00 – The Good Doctor
FOX – 8:00 –  911  /  9:00 – 911: Lone Star
CW – 8:00 –  All American  /  9:00 – Black Lightning

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kyla-Drew, the Flaming Lips
Jimmy Fallon: Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Kate Upton, Moneybagg Yo
Stephen Colbert: Anthony Mackie, Terry Gross
Seth Meyers: Anna Kendrick, Phil Donahue, Marlo Thomas
James Corden: Pete Buttigieg, Jordan McGraw
Lilly Singh: Keke Palmer
Conan: Anthony Anderson (R 3/11/21)
Watch What Happens Live: Robin Thede, Gabrielle Dennis, Ashley Nicole Black
The View: LeVar Burton
The Talk: Joseph Fiennes, guest co-host Jerry O’Connell
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Carson Kressley, Cheslie Kryst
Ellen DeGeneres: Michael Strahan, Daniel Dae Kim, Kym Douglas
The Real: Leela James
Kelly Clarkson: Forest Whitaker, Alice Braga, Ava Max
Tamron Hall: Yvette Nicole Brown
Drew Barrymore: Sarah Chalke, Roan Curtis, Heidi Gardner

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Is this the SHOT IN THE ARM you needed?? Vaccinated U.S. tourists will be allowed back into Europe this summer!!! Let’s spend that stimulus!!!!!


QUESTION: What did the Oscar crew discover when they worked at L.A.’s Union Station? DOWNTOWN L.A. IS A HIGH-CRIME AREA!! Welcome to the real world!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Still WANNA GO?? Elon Musk admits that “a lot of people will probably DIE” on the “glorious adventure and amazing experience” of GOING TO MARS!!!!!!


QUESTION: Why couldn’t she pass a background check? Woman finds out she was charged with a FELONY 20 years ago for not returning a VHS tape of “Sabrina!!!!!!”


QUESTION: Is THIS what it looks like when you’re cramming for the BAR EXAM?? It is when the student is KIM KARDASHIAN, ESQ!! Get off her, your honor!!!!!!!!!

Elon Musk Hosting SNL

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is set to guest host the May 8 episode of Saturday Night Live in New York.  “Let’s find out just how live Saturday Night Live really is,” Musk tweeted.  Pop star Miley Cyrus will serve as the evening’s musical guest.  The most recent new episode of the sketch-comedy show aired April 10 with Carey Mulligan as guest host and Kid Cudi singing.  The NBC series is now in its 46th season.
******He’ll arrive by tunneling up under the studio!!
*****The Mars probe just spotted that Tesla doing 60mph across the crater!!
******46th season?? It’s so fresh it only seems like the 41st season!!!
*******Will we hear any “rockets blowing up” jokes???

JLo and ARod Spotted Out Together

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez were seen having dinner together over the weekend at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, sources say.  Spies said the pair were out at the luxury hotel on Friday night — just over a week after they confirmed they’d called off their engagement and broken up.  Reports said that Lopez is “leaning” on ex-husband Marc Anthony in the wake of the Rodriguez breakup. She and Anthony co-parent their twins Max and Emme.  It’s unclear what the friendly Oscar weekend dinner was about. They are continuing to work on business projects together — though Lopez is not involved in Rodriguez’s bid to own an NBA team.  A-Rod then flew back to Miami for his daughter Ella’s 13th birthday. He posted an image of a private jet with the caption “Home sweet home,” as well as pics of himself and Ella that said, “My little baby girl is 13… Where does the time go?” to his Instagram Stories. A-Rod has two daughters, Ella, and Natasha, 16, with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis.  He also posted a pic of a mirror with the quote: “Today I’m choosing to accept the things I cannot change.”
********”Where does the time go??” No offense, but it goes pretty quick when you’re out bangin’ everything with a pulse!!
*******J Lo didn’t want to go to dinner with A Rod, but her cards are maxed out. and hey… a girl’s gotta eat!!
******A Rod has bragging rights: he cheated on a Puerto Rican girl, and he’s still alive!!

Prince Charles Stepping Up

The Queen will have a prince at her side during the State Opening of Parliament — her son, Charles.  Prince Charles will formally step into his father’s traditional role as royal consort after the death of his father, Prince Philip, at age 99 earlier this month, according to The Sun.  Philip retired from public duties in 2016, so this won’t be the first time Charles accompanies Queen Elizabeth to the opening of Parliament.  But now Charles is expected to take “a more significant and active role,” a source told the outlet.  The opening of Parliament will take place May 11.  “It is a clear signal that the Queen does not want the crown to skip a generation and that Prince Charles will start ­taking on an even bigger role in royal life,” the source said.  A source added: “There will be a visible show of support for the Queen from senior members of the family at future events, and the opening of Parliament is no exception.
******Why does Charles look older than his mother??
******If she doesn’t give him the  throne, he’s gonna roll over on Andrew!!!
*******Charles believes that his 73 years of doing nothing have prepared him to become king of a large nation!!
*****The Queen is giving him small tasks, so he can build up his stamina!!!

Caitlyn Jenner Won’t Have Family Support For Governor

The Kardashian/Jenner clan will be supporting Caitlyn Jenner’s gubernatorial run from afar, as political differences and Jenner’s messy divorce from ex-wife, Kris Jenner, still weigh on their minds.  TMZ reports that sources close to Caitlyn confirmed that she told the brood of her bid for California governor before announcing it to the world this week. She reportedly didn’t expect them to pound the pavement on her behalf due to underlying tensions, including her past opposition to gay marriage.  Caitlyn is also running as a Republican, which reportedly doesn’t sit well with the (socially) liberal family. While step-daughter Kim Kardashian worked with former President Trump on prison reform, she never aligned herself with conservative values. She also never publicly endorsed soon-to-be ex-husband, Kanye West, when he made an attempt at the White House last year.  The Kardashians also endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 while Caitlyn endorsed Trump. She yanked her support two years later, admitting she was “wrong.”  There are reportedly also still issues within the family regarding Caitlyn and Kris’ 2014 divorce and the kids not wanting to “get in the middle.”  Jenner announced on Friday that she filed initial paperwork to challenge Democratic incumbent Gov. Gavin Newsom in a potential recall election.
*******Republicans are saying, “Why US??”
*****Honest question: do the kids call Caitlyn “mom” or “dad??” Or do they just try not tot call her??
*****Caitlyn’s campaign is being bankrolled by Gavin Newsom!!

Oprah Opens Up About Meghan and Harry Bombshell

Oprah Winfrey says she had no idea her revealing interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be so impactful — and she was surprised that Markle “went all the way there” by accusing the royals of racial bias.  She opened up about the March broadcast on Nancy O’Dell’s new TalkShopLive streaming show.  “I had no idea that it would have the reverberating impact that it has had and continues to have,” the media mogul said.  “Our shared intention was the truth. They wanted to be able to tell their story and tell it in such a way that allowed them to be as truthful as possible,” Winfrey continued of the pair.  She said she was “surprised” when the biracial Duchess of Sussex said that royals had raised concerns over the darkness of baby Archie’s skin.  “What? You’re going there? You’re going all the way there,” Winfrey exclaimed to O’Dell.  “The reason why it was such a powerful interview … was when you have somebody else who is willing to be as open, as vulnerable, as truthful as they were,” she told O’Dell.  Oprah also explained how great lengths were taken to make sure no one in the crew leaked the content of the more than three hour interview before it went to air, so that the couple’s remarks couldn’t be “misconstrued.”
********She prevented the crew from talking by using the ancient Roman method: she had them all killed after the show was taped!!
******If she didn’t know how impactful she would be, she’s not nearly as smart was we thought she was!!!
******The biggest winner from that interview? Oprah!!

Lohan’s Dad Arrested

Lindsay Lohan’s dad was busted in Palm Beach on Friday for allegedly pocketing at least $25,000 in illegal kickbacks in return for steering addicts — including a woman he was sleeping with — into a Florida drug treatment center.  Lohan, who keeps addresses in Boca Raton and in Southampton, collected bounties on addicts he referred to the Pride Recovery Center in Delray Beach in 2017 and 2018, court documents charge.  One of those addicts was a woman he referred to Pride Recovery while he was in a “sexual relationship” with her, the arrest warrant states.  For that woman — whose name is revealed only by the initials “B.M.” in court papers — Lohan received a May 4, 2018 check from Pride Recovery amounting to $5,000, the arrest warrant states.  Patient records show the woman was referred for treatment that day, the court papers allege.  Lohan is the 117th person busted in an ongoing Palm Beach County probe into illegal “patient brokering,” according to Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg.  “Mr. Lohan was investigated by our Sober Homes Task Force and he’s being charged with receiving kickbacks for referring patients to drug treatment,” Aronberg said in a statement.  “Patient brokering corrupts our health care system because decisions are motivated by greed instead of a patient’s needs,” he added.
*******Of course he did it in… FLORIDA!!
******What a role model!!!!

Tom Cruise Back To Filming

While filming the seventh and latest installment of the “Mission: Impossible” franchise, 58-year-old Tom Cruise was spotted engaging a fighting stunt with a fellow actor while atop a moving train in Yorkshire, England.  Sources working on the film claimed in January that Cruise was making the experience a “nightmare” for those on set.  “A lot of us would love to cut our losses and leave things for a while, then pick up when we can,” one insider told The Sun. “But Tom is completely obsessed with finishing and nothing will stop him.” “He’s the most determined person. It’s impressive, but a nightmare.”  The movie has been hit with serious delays — including due to COVID-19 lockdowns — since production began back in 2019.  Cruise also reportedly shelled out “huge sums” for two high-tech robots to enforce coronavirus safety protocols on the set.  “Tom is so serious about making sure the shoot isn’t shut down that he’s splashed out on these robots as he can’t be everywhere to ensure people are behaving themselves.”
******Why? Because he’s TOM CRUISE!!!
*******The movie is called “Mission Impossible: COVID Protocol!!!”
******He was only running on top of the train because he thought it was going too slow!!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Disick, 37, & Hamlin, 19, Find Much In Common!-(National Enquirer)

Reality TV lothario Scott Disick, 37, seems to have taken a serious shine to Amelia Hamlin-teen daughter of “Real Housewife” Lisa Rinna and “Clash of the Titans” hunk Harry Hamlin.  Spywitnesses claimed Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy and the 19-year-old actress-who were first linked in October-appeared to be “looking at engagement rings” at a Miami shop.

Rattled January Kills Poison Snake!-(Globe)

“Mad Men” star January Jones admits she was so mad at a rattlesnake trying to go after her dog she was “forced to bludgeon” the reptile to death!  It was the second time a venomous viper was hammered to oblivion by the 43-year-old actress, whose pet bernedoodle Vinny was sent yowling to the vet after being bit by a pygmy rattler!  “I was forced to bludgeon yet ANOTHER rattlesnake,” she declares.  “I’m sorry snake family, this house is taken.”

Loose Talk-(Us Weekly)

“The reason I have glasses is because….Glenn Close was on [Live], and I asked her how long she had been the mayor of Connecticut.  I misread a cue card ‘cause I couldn’t see it.”-On her most embarrassing interview, Kelly Ripa.

“I’m excited about Ariana [Grande] joining the show because it’s somebody new for me to beat.  I’m tired of beating John [Legend] every season-and Nick [Jonas].”-On The Voice’s new coach, Blake Shelton.

“Seriously thought I had appendicitis, then realized:  I’m wearing pants with a waistband.”-Joking about wearing bottoms that aren’t sweatpants, Reese Witherspoon.

Mariska:  Husband For Hire-(Star)

She calls the shots!  As an exec producer on the long-running (22 years and counting!) Law & Order:  SVU.  Mariska Hargitay, 57, has tasked the writers to come up with storylines featuring one of her favorite characters:  defense attorney Trevor Langon, played by none other than her husband Peter Hermann.  No worder:  “Mariska and Peter originally met and fell in love when Peter guest-starred on the show,” an industry insider says.

The Secret Life of Tom-(Life & Style)

Being one of the biggest movie stars on the planet makes going out in public pretty much Mission:  Impossible for Tom Cruise.  But living in London while filming the seventh movie in the action franchise has allowed the 58-year-old actor to do just that.  “Tom loves the rainy weather, the people, taking long walks in the city,” an insider says.  “If he wears a hat and mask, he can slip into bookstores or antique shops and no one knows it’s him.  There’s sense of normalcy there that’s been missing from his life for a long time.”


Lauren Bush Lauren, 36, who is George H.W. Bush’s granddaughter, welcomed her third child, son Robert Rocky, with husband David Lauren, 49, designer Ralph Lauren’s son.  The two also share sons James, 5, and Max, 3.  “We are so in love and happy that you have come to complete our wolf pack,” she wrote on Instagram.

Number of the Week-(In Touch)

1 Million

-estimated dollar value, according to Sotheby’s, of a pair of Nike Air Yeezy sneakers Kanye West wore on the Grammys stage in 2008.  (That’s more than any sneaker previously listed by the auction house!)



Loose Lemurs

Police in Florida said they captured a lemur spotted wandering loose in a neighborhood — but another of the primates is still at large.  The Davie Police Department said Friday a lemur had been captured in a Southwest Ranches neighborhood and a second lemur was believed to still be on the loose in the area.  The lemurs were first spotted Thursday in Cooper City, police said.  Police said they have not yet determined the origin of the animals and are asking the owner of the African primates to come forward.  The captured lemur was taken to a licensed facility for care while the investigation is ongoing.  Lemurs are legal to keep as pets in Florida with a permit from the state. Officials said the owner of the escaped lemur could face a citation if they are found to have been keeping the exotic pets without a permit.
********Don’t let it attack!!! You don’t need a lemur on your femur!!!
******The lemurs wandered off from the set of “Lion King III!!”
******They told each other, “No one will notice us!!! It’s Florida!!!”

Dog Joins Track Race

Video footage of a high school track meet in Utah is going viral after a dog ran out onto the track and was the first across the finish line in a relay race.  The video, filmed on the track at Logan High School, shows Gracie Laney in the lead during the last leg of a relay race when a dog, named Holly, darts through the crowd of runners and passes Laney just before she crossed the finish line.  Laney said she heard the crowd getting loud and assumed a human runner was approaching her from the back.  “I did notice that the crowd was going kind of crazy,” Laney told KSL-TV. “But, you know, it was a big meet, and so I just thought there’s a lot of people here.”  Laney officially came in first in the race, but Holly crossed the finish line right before her.  “I honestly am just glad that we didn’t get hurt,” she said. “It’s a fun experience.”  See the video HERE.
*********The dog thought the relay baton was a bone!!
********Officials said, “It’s the first time we’ve had paws in this race!!!”
******Do we need a law to keep dogs out of girls sports??

Chernobyl Aerial Tour

A Ukrainian airline is commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster by offering an aerial tour of the site.  Ukrainian International Airlines announced it is teaming with Chernobyl Tour, a company specializing in Exclusion Zone tourism, to offer an aerial tour of the nuclear power plant site and the abandoned city of Pripyat on April 25, the 35th anniversary of the disaster.   The airline said the plane will pass over the city at an altitude of 2,950 feet, the minimum allowed, and in-flight information will be provided by guides from Chernobyl Tour.  Tickets for the Embraer 195 passenger jet flight, which will begin and end at Kiev’s Boryspil Airport, are on sale for $106.
*******An aerial tour of Chernobyl?? Sure! What could go wrong??
******You may come home with a horn growing out of the middle of your forehead, but… whatever!!!

Wedding Ring Found In Dumpster

A North Dakota bank employee was reunited with her lost wedding band after her coworkers went diving in the dumpster — only to later discover the ring was in the parking lot.  Trina Burns said she was leaving work at the American Trust Center bank in Bismarck when she noticed the wedding ring she has worn for nearly 32 years was missing from her finger.  “I thought I must not have put it on that morning. When I got home, I looked for a little bit and then I panicked a little and then started tearing everything apart,” Burns told KFYR-TV.  Burns said she was working from home the next day, so she called her coworker, Alyssa Hanson, to ask her to keep an eye out for the ring at work.  Hanson, fellow bank employee Titus Gietzen and two other coworkers went out to the dumpster to see if the ring had ended up in the trash. Gietzen climbed inside.  “We thought the garbage bags would be a little bit higher up, but I had to start diving in a little bit. And then there were a few I couldn’t quite reach so I decided to get all the way in,” he said.  The workers ended their search defeated, after going through every bag in the dumpster with no sign of the ring.  Their hope was reignited the next morning when the ring turned up in the parking lot, right next to the spot where Burns parked two days earlier.
*******Funny how those wedding rings can “slip off” sometimes!!
TOPIC: That thing you lost… and later found!!!








Best Original Screenplay
Judas and the Black Messiah (Will Berson, Shaka King, Keith Lucas, and Kenny Lucas)
Minari (Lee Isaac Chung)
WINNER: Promising Young Woman (Emerald Fennell)
Sound of Metal (Derek Cianfrance, Abraham Marder, and Darius Marder)
The Trial of the Chicago 7 (Aaron Sorkin)

Best Adapted Screenplay
Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (Peter Baynham, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jena Friedman, Anthony Hines, Lee Kern, Dan Mazer, Erica Rivinoja, and Dan Swimer)
WINNER: The Father (Christopher Hampton and Florian Zeller)
Nomadland (Chloé Zhao)
One Night in Miami (Kemp Powers)
The White Tiger (Ramin Bahrani)

Best International Feature Film
WINNER: Another Round
Better Days
The Man Who Sold His Skin
Quo Vadis, Aida?

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Sacha Baron Cohen, The Trial of the Chicago 7
WINNER: Daniel Kaluuya, Judas and the Black Messiah
Leslie Odom Jr., One Night in Miami
Paul Raci, Sound of Metal
LaKeith Stanfield, Judas and the Black Messiah

Best Makeup and Hairstyling
Emma (Marese Langan, Laura Allen, and Claudia Stolze)
Hillbilly Elegy (Eryn Krueger Mekash, Patricia Dehaney, and Matthew Mungle)
WINNER: Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Sergio Lopez-Rivera, Mia Neal, and Jamika Wilson)
Mank (Kimberley Spiteri, Gigi Williams, and Colleen LaBaff)
Pinocchio (Mark Coulier, Dalia Colli, and Francesco Pegoretti)

Best Costume Design
Emma (Alexandra Byrne)
WINNER: Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Ann Roth)
Mank (Trish Summerville)
Mulan (Bina Daigeler
Pinocchio (Massimo Cantini Parrini)

Best Directing
Thomas Vinterberg, Another Round
David Fincher, Mank
Lee Isaac Chung, Minari
WINNER: Chloe Zhao, Nomadland
Emerald Fennell, Promising Young Woman

Best Sound
Greyhound (Warren Shaw, Michael Minkler, Beau Borders and David Wyman)
Mank (Ren Klyce, Jeremy Molod, David Parker, Nathan Nance and Drew Kunin)
News of the World (Oliver Tarney, Mike Prestwood Smith, William Miller and John Pritchett)
Soul (Ren Klyce, Coya Elliott and David Parker)
WINNER: Sound of Metal (Nicolas Becker, Jaime Baksht, Michelle Couttolenc, Carlos Cortés and Phillip Bladh)

Best Live-Action Short Film
Feeling Through
The Letter Room
The Present
WINNER: Two Distant Strangers
White Eye

Best Animated Short Film
Genius Loci
WINNER: If Anything Happens I Love You

Best Animated Feature Film
Over the Moon
A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Best Documentary Short Subject
WINNER: Colette
A Concerto Is a Conversation
Do Not Split
Hunger Ward
A Love Song for Latasha

Best Documentary Feature
Crip Camp
The Mole Agent
WINNER: My Octopus Teacher

Best Visual Effects
Love and Monsters (Matt Sloan, Genevieve Camilleri, Matt Everitt, and Brian Cox)
The Midnight Sky (Matthew Kasmir, Christopher Lawrence, Max Solomon, and David Watkins)
Mulan (Sean Faden, Anders Langlands, Seth Maury, and Steve Ingram)
The One and Only Ivan (Nick Davis, Greg Fisher, Ben Jones, and Santiago Colomo Martinez)
WINNER: Tenet (Andrew Jackson, David Lee, Andrew Lockley and Scott Fisher)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Maria Bakalova, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
Glenn Close, Hillbilly Elegy
Olivia Colman, The Father
Amanda Seyfried, Mank
WINNER: Yuh-Jung Youn, Minari

Best Production Design
The Father (Peter Francis, production design; Cathy Featherstone, set decoration)
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Mark Ricker, production design; Karen O’Hara and Diana Stoughton, set decoration)
WINNER: Mank (Donald Graham Burt, production design; Jan Pascale, set decoration)
News of the World (David Crank, production design; Elizabeth Keenan, set decoration)
Tenet (Nathan Crowley, production design; Kathy Lucas, set decoration)

Best Cinematography
Judas and the Black Messiah (Sean Bobbitt)
WINNER: Mank (Erik Messerschmidt)
News of the World (Dariusz Wolski)
Nomadland (Joshua James Richards)
The Trial of the Chicago 7 (Phedon Papamichael)

Best Film Editing
The Father (Yorgos Lamprinos)
Nomadland (Chloé Zhao)
Promising Young Woman (Frédéric Thoraval)
WINNER: Sound of Metal (Mikkel E.G. Nielsen)
The Trial of the Chicago 7 (Alan Baumgarten)

Best Original Score
Da 5 Bloods (Terence Blanchard)
Mank (Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross)
Minari (Emile Mosseri)
News of the World (James Newton Howard)
WINNER: Soul (Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, and Jon Batiste)

Best Original Song
WINNER: “Fight for You,” Judas and the Black Messiah
“Hear My Voice,” The Trial of the Chicago 7
“Husavik,” Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga
“Io Si (Seen),” The Life Ahead
Speak Now,” One Night in Miami

Best Picture
The Father
Judas and the Black Messiah
WINNER: Nomadland
Promising Young Woman
Sound of Metal
The Trial of the Chicago 7

Best Actress in a Leading Role
Viola Davis, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Andra Day, United States vs. Billie Holiday
Vanessa Kirby, Pieces of a Woman
WINNER: Frances McDormand, Nomadland
Carey Mulligan, Promising Young Woman

Best Actor in a Leading Role
Riz Ahmed, Sound of Metal
Steven Yeun, Minari
Chadwick Boseman, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
WINNER: Anthony Hopkins, The Father
Gary Oldman, Mank

(The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award was given to both Tyler Perry and the Motion Picture & Television Fund.)




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