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Born on this day!! Singer-guitarist Bruce Woodley of The Seekers is 80. Drummer Jim McCarty of The Yardbirds is 79. Bassist Verdine White of Earth, Wind and Fire is 71. Guitarist Jem Finer of The Pogues is 67. Supermodel Iman is 67. Cartoonist Ray Billingsley (“Curtis”) is 65. Guitarist Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth is 64. Celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian is 63. Actor Illeana Douglas is 61. Country singer Marty Brown is 57. Actor Matt LeBlanc (“Joey,” ″Friends”) is 55. Actor Wendy Raquel Robinson (TV’s “Grand Hotel,” “The Steve Harvey Show”) is 55. Cellist Paavo Lotjonen of Apocalyptica is 54. Actor D.B. Woodside (“24”) is 53. Actor Miriam Shor (“Swingtown,” ″Hedwig and the Angry Inch”) is 51. Actor David Denman (“Parenthood,” ″The Office”) is 49. Actor Jay R. Ferguson (“Mad Men”) is 48. Actor James Lafferty (“One Tree Hill”) is 37. Actor Shantel VanSanten (“One Tree Hill”) is 37. Actor Michael Welch (“Twilight” films, TV’s “Joan of Arcadia”) is 35. Actor Linsey Godfrey (“The Bold and the Beautiful”) is 34. Classical singer Faryl Smith is 27. Actor Mason Cook (TV’s “Speechless”) is 22. Actor Pierce Gagnon (“Boss Baby: Back in Business,” “One Tree Hill”) is 17.


1946 – The United States tested the first underwater atomic bomb at Bikini Atoll.
1952 – Puerto Rico became a commonwealth of the United States.
1956 – The Italian liner Andrea Doria sank after colliding with the Swedish ship Stockholm off the New England coast, killing 51 people.
1978 – The world’s first test-tube baby, Louise Joy Brown, was born in Lancashire, England.
1984 – Soviet cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya became the first woman to walk in space.
2000 – The supersonic airliner Concorde crashed after takeoff outside Paris.

Today Is: Carousel Day or Merry-Go-Round Day, Hire A Veteran Day, National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day, Red Shoe Day, Thread The Needle Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – The Neighborhood  /  8:30 – Bob Hearts   /  9:00 – NCIS  /  10:00 – NCIS Hawaii
NBC – 8:00  – America Ninja Warrior  /  10:00 – Weakest Link
ABC – 8:00 – The Bachelorette   /  10:00 – Claim To Fame
FOX – 8:00 –  Don’t Forget The Lyrics  /  9:00 – Beat Shazam
CW – 8:00 –  Roswell, New Mexico  /  9:00 – In The Dark

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Paris Hilton, Matteo Lane, aespa, Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Natalie Portman, Taika Waititi, guest host Chelsea Handler (R 6/29/22)
Jimmy Fallon: Kevin Hart, Joseph Quinn, Toro y Moi
Stephen Colbert: Rep. Jamie Raskin, Death Cab for Cutie, St. Vincent
Seth Meyers: Rhea Seehorn, Jeremy Allen White, Art Cruz
James Corden: Nicki Minaj, Mark Wahlberg, Judy Greer, Sigrid (R 4/6/22)
Watch What Happens Live: Kyle Viljoen, Ryan McKeown
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Sophia Carson, Retta, Audra Fordin
Ellen DeGeneres: Octavia Spencer, Maya Erskine, Anna Konkle, Blake Vogt (R 12/3/21)
Kelly Clarkson: Kaley Cuoco, Zosia Mamet, Henry Winkler (R 4/28/22)
Tamron Hall: Kristin Evans (R 2/1/22)
Drew Barrymore: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morena Baccarin, Justin Sutherland (R 2/28/22)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: And how was YOUR weekend?? JASON MAMOA ran into a motorcyclist HEAD ON!!! But don’t worry… the guy suffered minor injuries, and Jason’s OK!!


QUESTION: WHY did these celebrities leave Hollywood?? There are many reasons, like “I don’t know one person in L.A. who doesn’t have irritable bowel syndrome!!”


QUESTION: Ready to give Harry and Meghan MORE of your money? That’ll work out, because his “long-awaited” trashing of his family will be out by Christmas!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: What is “uncombable hair syndrome,” and could YOU have it??? This toddler with an epic mop has been nicknamed “Boris Johnson” and “Albert Einstein!!”
Toddler nicknamed Einstein is one of only 100 people in the world with uncombable hair

QUESTION: See what happens when she doesn’t get enough attention?? J Lo (or J Fleck) celebrates her birthday in her BIRTHDAY SUIT!!! She wants you to LOOK!!!!
Jennifer Lopez poses completely nude as she celebrates turning 53 by posting sexy new

James Caan Died Of A Heart Attack

Godfather” star James Caan’s cause of death has been revealed.  According to the death certificate obtained by TMZ, Caan died from a heart attack and coronary artery disease. He was 82.  “It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Jimmy on the evening of July 6,” the family wrote in a tweet.  “The family appreciates the outpouring of love and heartfelt condolences and asks that you continue to respect their privacy during this difficult time.”  He was born in the Bronx and later made his on-screen debut in 1963 with “Irma la Douce.”  He’s most known for his work in “The Godfather,” “Thief,” “Misery” and “Rollerball.”
******This is a LIE! He died in a hail of bullets on the New Jersey Turnpike!! We saw it in the Godfather!!
*****Everyone dies of heart trouble! Your heart stops.. then you’ve got trouble!!

Kid Rock Fans Angered When Show Is Cancelled

Kid Rock was forced to cancel his concert at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot Friday evening because of high winds, prompting attendees to begin trashing the venue.  The performance was nixed at the last minute, after more than two hours of fans watching Night Ranger perform for the opening act. There was reportedly wind and lightning on the outskirts of town, which had delayed Kid Rock’s show.  Fans were captured on video hurling beer cans and bottles toward the stage following news that the event was canceled, upset because it appeared the storm was beginning to clear.  Kid Rock released a statement on Twitter after the cancelation expressing his frustration with the evening’s circumstances.  “SO P—ED OFF we could not play for a sold out crowd tonight in Minot, ND (because of high winds) – I know it sucks but none of us can control mother nature. Please be safe leaving and take care of each other,” he wrote.  There were around 18,000 fans in attendance, according to TMZ.  A Ward County Sheriff’s Department officer had walked on stage to announce that Kid Rock’s performance had been canceled, but the department later emphasized that it was not responsible for the canceled event. “The Sheriff’s Department would like to clarify to tonight’s concert fans that the decision to cancel the Kid Rock concert was not made by the Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff simply announced the cancellation,” the Ward County Sheriff’s Department wrote on Facebook. “We did not cancel the show.”
********A lot of people shaved their legs for that show. Women, too!!

Martha Stewart’s Peacocks Murdered

Martha Stewart mourned the loss of six peacocks savagely killed by a pack of coyotes that has been hanging around her Connecticut compound.  “RIP beautiful BlueBoy,” Stewart wrote on Instagram. “The coyotes came in broad daylight and devoured him and five others, including the magnificent White Boy.”  Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection warns that coyotes are common throughout the state, and advises homeowners to be wary of attacks, listing several “Tips on Preventing Conflicts with Coyotes” on its website that include never allowing pets to run free, especially at night.  “Any solutions for getting rid of six large and aggressive coyotes who have expensive tastes when it comes to poultry?” Stewart posted. “We are no longer allowing the peafowl out of their yard. We are enclosing the top of their large yard with wire fencing etc.”
*******We thought Martha had an answer for everything!!
*******Peacocks are used as “watchdogs” by drug dealers (true)! So Snoop Dogg must have been staying over@@

Angelina Jolie Wins Legal Battle Against Brad

Angelina Jolie has won a legal battle against ex-husband Brad Pitt in their war over the Chateau Miraval winery, where they got married in 2014.  They took control of the renowned rosé company in 2008 when they moved into the chateau that sits on its Provençal vineyard and Pitt has been toiling over the breathtaking buildings and grounds ever since.  But Jolie sold her stake to liquor giant Stoli — setting in motion a Byzantine web of lawsuits in the US, France and Luxembourg between Pitt, Jolie, their respective businesses and various business partners.  In the latest skirmish, Jolie’s team subpoenaed documents from Pitt, his business manager and his company, Mondo Bongo.  Pitt’s camp has fought tooth and nail to have a court deny Jolie’s request for the papers and correspondence.  But on Friday, a judge in LA said that Pitt and his partners must fork them over to the opposing lawyers — and said that they can’t even hold off until they appeal the decision.  Sources say that Pitt’s letting his anger over their vicious split get in the way of common business sense.  “Any rational human being would be happy for Stoli to [be a partner in their business. They have top-notch marketing and distribution,” they said, explaining that the firm offer huge opportunities to grow the business. “He just can’t see past his hatred of Jolie.”  But a source close to Pitt says that not only is the Stoli deal not a no-brainer, Pitt had turned down an offer to sell it to Stoli while he and Jolie were still married.
********Fuke under: “Rich People Problems!”

Is Camilla A Racist?

Camilla Parker Bowles is not the senior royal who made the alleged racist comments about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s children, say sources.  The allegations came from a new book, “Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors” by Tom Bower. It reports that, in the early days of Harry and Markle’s romance in 2016, the Duchess of Cornwall — Harry’s stepmother — remarked during one conversation with her stepson, “Wouldn’t it be funny if your child had ginger Afro hair?”  They first made their claims that a member of the royal family had asked what skin color their future child would have in their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021 — but would not name the culprit, only later ruling out Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.  However, one highly placed source says: “Camilla is not racist — I can tell you categorically she is not the royal who Harry and Meghan were talking about.”  In the book, Bower also reports that the Sussexes may have fled the UK and the royal family over issues with Camilla, and speculates that Harry will expose her as “racist” in his upcoming memoir.
*******We’re still trying figure out what race Charles is!!

Taylor Swift Fans Go Crazy Over Question About Her

Jeopardy!” viewers are calling out contestants over their lack of pop culture knowledge after they missed a clue about Taylor Swift during Wednesday’s episode.  As the episode reached the halfway mark, returning champ Matt Mierswa asked for a clue worth $400 in the “title that completes the rhyme” category, which quizzes players on their song knowledge.  Host Ken Jennings did his best trying not to belt out the famous tune, and instead, he hinted, “And I’m just like oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh, you need to just stop, like can you just not, step on my gown?”  But the clue clearly fell on deaf ears, as Mierswa stood with a blank expression on his face.  Viewers became more frustrated after the other contestants didn’t know the answer either.  After saying Mierswa time was up, Jennings told the players, “I really wish this was Johnny [Gilbert] reading these. This is You Need to Calm Down by Taylor Swift.”  Fans of Swift were understandably disappointed in no one being able to name the song.  Viewers rushed to Twitter to slam the contestants, with one tweeting, ” Everyone who makes it on to #Jeopardy clearly has a crown in my book, but I cannot calm down when there is a triple stumper Taylor Swift clue.”  “Taylor goes unanswered at the top of the board! I think you could throw around “You Need to Calm Down” in a lot of different ways regarding #Jeopardy,” another wrote.
********What an insult to the greatest poet of our time!! Or something.


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Say What?!-(Life & Style)

“Jay-Z grabbed my card like it has p—s on it.  He grabbed it with just his thumb and index finger, like it was wet and kind of tossed it into my lap.  I’ve never felt poorer.”-Jerrod Carmichael, on the billionaire rapper refusing to let him pay for his meal.

“I use visine eye drops to calm my skin when it’s a little red and irritated.  It’s an amazing hack, and it works every time!”-Winnie Harlow, on her go-to “beauty” product.

“The character is so iconic….It’s kind of like Reese [Witherspoon]’s Avengers character.”-Mindy Kaling, on trying to do right by Elle Woods while penning the Legally Blonde 3 script.



Donated Painting Worth Big Bucks

A Texas man said a painting he bought for $125 at a thrift store is being donated to a museum after it was found to be a work by famed Georgia artist Keith Bankston.  William Pugh, an assistant professor of practice for the University Texas at San Antonio Department of Information Systems and Cyber Security, said the painting caught his eye during a recent trip to a thrift store.  Pugh said he suspected the $125 painting, which depicts the biblical Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden, might be an original, so he did some research to find out more about the piece and its artist.  The painting turned out to be Eve in the Rose Garden, a 1982 work by Georgia artist Keith Bankston, who died at the age of only 34 in 1992.  Pugh decided to donate the painting to the Tubman African American Museum in Macon, Ga., after learning the facility had several of Bankston’s other works on display.  The museum has not yet determined the painting’s value.
********But we assume it’s worth more than $125!!
******TOPIC: Ever find something truly valuable at a junk store??

Odd Tire Changing Record

A pair of Italian men broke an unusual Guinness World Record by changing a tire on a vehicle while it was in motion.  Driver Manuel Zoldan and tire-changer Gianluca Folco captured the record for fastest time to change a wheel on a car while driving when they achieved the feat in 1 minute and 17 seconds on the set of Italy’s Lo Show dei Record.  The video of the attempt shows Zoldan drive the car, a BMW 3-Series onto a ramp that flipped the vehicle onto two wheels, allowing Folco to hang out of the car and quickly change the tire while the vehicle continued to move.  Guinness said the duo beat the previous record of 1 minute and 30 seconds.  See the video HERE.
*******Let’s see ’em do THAT at “Just Tires!!”
******This guy is a lug.. AND a nut!!

Man Gets Haircut On Los Angeles Bridge

A video going viral on social media shows an unusual occurrence on Los Angeles’ new Sixth Street Bridge — a barber giving a haircut.  The video, posted to Instagram by Adam Farias, shows a barber giving the haircut in-between lanes of traffic on the bridge, which opened two weeks earlier.  The identity of the barber and the purpose of the mid-road haircut were unclear.  The Los Angeles Police Department said the bridge has been closed on multiple occasions due to illegal street takeovers.  See the video HERE.
****Fortunately, NOTHING is against the law in L.A.!!

Woman Busted For GoFundMe Scam

A woman who admitted her role in a scam that raised $400,000 using a fake story about a homeless man received a one-year prison sentence in federal court Thursday.  Katelyn McClure was also ordered to make restitution and serve three years’ supervised release. She is scheduled to be sentenced on state charges next month and could receive more prison time. McClure and her then-boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, fabricated the story about homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt Jr. giving McClure $20 when she ran out of gas on a Philadelphia highway in 2017. In truth, state and federal prosecutors said, the group had met near a Philadelphia casino in October 2017 shortly before they told their story.  The federal criminal complaint alleged all of the money raised in the campaign was spent by March 2018, with large chunks spent by McClure and D’Amico on a recreational vehicle, a BMW and trips to casinos in Las Vegas and New Jersey.
*********It seemed like a good idea at the time….







5 Signs Your Boss Is Deeply Insecure


  1. They take credit for your work.

“Oftentimes bosses who are unsure of themselves need to prop themselves up by taking credit for your accomplishments,” Taylor said. “This is frustrating, disheartening and can impede your ability to get work done.”

One way to combat a manager who steals your ideas and stifles your growth is to find strength in numbers, Brown advised.  “Look for a peer to partner with and share the idea, but also look for an advocate at a higher level who you trust,” Brown added. That way, it becomes harder for your boss to get away with passing off your idea as their own.


  1. They’re gatekeepers who keep you from meeting other colleagues and advancing.

Don’t expect any congratulations from this kind of manager. They may either be threatened by others’ success or lack self-confidence in their abilities, which leads them to see their direct reports as potential enemies. “I don’t want you to threaten me or expose me,” Brown said of the mindset of insecure bosses.

To limit your power, they often become gatekeepers who try to control the conversations you are having with other teams and the information you are receiving, Brown said. “They really limit what people know about you and how much you contribute to the department,” she said.

At worst, they can hold you back from getting promoted.  “Ultimately, they don’t want you to succeed because they are threatened,” Taylor said. “No one should be in a competitive situation with their boss. With this variety of managers, your career may be hindered — at least until insecurities dissipate.”


  1. They micromanage you.

They do not trust the judgment of their team members, and you can expect them to hover over your shoulder for status updates.

“If your boss is insecure with their own competence, you will see them get rigid around control,” said organizational psychologist Laura Gallaher of the consulting firm Gallaher Edge. “This could look like micromanaging, being overly involved in everything or undermining your decisions. They’re doing this because they’re afraid of feeling embarrassed if things aren’t done exactly as they would do it.”

If you are dealing with a micromanager who lacks trust in you, “one of the best ways to counteract that is by communicating regularly, with frequent project updates, for example,” Taylor said. “You want to get to the point where your boss tells you to actually ratchet down the communications.”


  1. They blow up at any perceived mistake.

When your boss feels uncertain about their capabilities, they can shut down and lash out when you offer feedback. “When people feel insecure, there’s less collaboration and there is less consensus-building,” Brown said. “There’s an overreaction to being challenged.”

When you work for this kind of supervisor, your behavior may change for the worse. You may become hyper-vigilant to the things that frustrate them, even though that’s not fair because they should be regulating their own emotions, Brown said. You become worried about how to avoid asking them questions or setting them off, she added.

If you have an overreacting manager, Brown recommends limiting the interactions you have with them alone and asking your questions in group settings.

“Often if someone is very explosive with you and it’s directly targeted at you, they know that they are treating you in a manner that if done in front of other people wouldn’t be appropriate,” she said.


  1. They’re so hands-off you forget they’re there.

They don’t trust their judgment and can fail to be assertive. This insecurity over competence “could look like avoiding making decisions, distancing themselves from a project or not giving input. If it fails, they get to preserve the right to say, ‘Hey, I wasn’t involved,’” Gallaher said, noting that this kind of behavior does not make them an effective leader.

Gallaher finds the best way to cope is to create psychological safety with them so that they don’t see you as a harsh critic.

“You want your boss to feel like they won’t be judged by you. It’s the fear of judgment that triggers the insecure behavior,” she said. “Assume positive intent behind everything they do…. Get curious, not furious. Ask them how they’re feeling about certain projects or situations, and practice active listening.”

Of course, there are limits to how much you should attempt to talk it out with them. If dealing with an insecure boss is ruining your mental health, you should start planning your exit.

“Remember, your job is not supposed to be a life sentence,” Taylor said. “If it’s untenable, it’s time to conduct a discreet job search.”


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