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Born on this day!! Actor Don Murray is 94. Jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell is 92. Actor Susan Flannery (“Bold and the Beautiful”) is 84. Actor France Nuyen (“South Pacific”) is 84. Singer Lobo is 80. Actor Geraldine Chaplin is 79. Singer Gary Lewis of Gary Lewis and the Playboys is 78. Actor Lane Davies (“Lois and Clark”) is 73. Actor Barry Van Dyke (“Murder 101,” “Diagnosis Murder”) is 72. Actor Alan Autry (“In the Heat of the Night,” “Grace Under Fire”) is 71. Jazz pianist-actor Michael Wolff (“The Naked Brothers Band’) is 71. Actor James Read (“Legally Blonde”) is 70. Actor Michael Biehn (“The Terminator,” ″Aliens”) is 67. Singer-guitarist Daniel Ash (Love and Rockets, Bauhaus) is 66. Actor Dirk Blocker (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) is 66. Drummer Bill Berry (R.E.M.) is 65. Actor Wesley Snipes is 61. Country singer Chad Brock is 60. Musician Fatboy Slim is 60. Guitarist Jim Corr of The Corrs is 59. “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling is 58. Actor Dean Cain (“Lois and Clark”) is 57. Actor Jim True-Frost (“American Odyssey,” ″The Wire”) is 57. Actor Loren Dean (“Space Cowboys”) is 54. Actor Eve Best (“Nurse Jackie”) is 52. Actor Annie Parisse (“How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days”) is 48. Actor Robert Telfer (“Saved By The Bell”) is 46. Country singer Zac Brown of Zac Brown Band is 45. Actor B.J. Novak (“The Office”) is 44. Rapper Lil Uzi Vert is 29. Actor Rico Rodriguez (“Modern Family”) is 25.


1790 – The first U.S. patent was issued to Samuel Hopkins of Vermont for a process of making fertilizer.
1498 – Columbus arrived at the island of Trinidad.
1777 – The Marquis de Lafayette became a major-general in the American Continental Army.
1875 – Andrew Johnson, the 17th president of the United States, died in Tennessee.
1954 – Mount Godwin-Austen (K2), the world’s second-highest peak, was climbed for the first time, by an Italian team led by Ardito Desio.
1964 – The U.S. space probe Ranger 7 transmitted pictures of the Moon’s surface.

Today Is: National Avocado Day, National #Love Day, National Mutt Day, National Orgasm Day, Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day, World Ranger Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – The Neighborhood  /  8:30 – Bob Hearts Abishola  /  9:00 – NCIS  /  10:00 – NCIS: Hawaii
NBC – 8:00 – American Ninja Warrior  /  9:00 – The Wall  10:00 – Weakest Link
ABC – 8:00 – The Bachelorette  /  10:00 – Claim To Fame
FOX – 8:00 – Stars On Mars /  9:00 – Crime Scene Kitchen
CW – 8:00 – Son Of Critch  /  8:30 – Run The Burbs  /  9:00 – Children Ruin Everything  /  9:30 – Bump

TV Talk Shows

**Due to the ongoing writers/ actors strike most shows are in reruns. (Stay Tuned!)


WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Can TINA FEY save Saturday Night Live?? There’s talk of her taking over, and the only question is: WHY HASN’T IT HAPPENED ALREADY??????????


QUESTION: What did he do WRONG?? That’s what this LA comedian wants to know after being GHOSTED ON A FIRST DATE!! His Tik Tok post has gone viral!!!!!!


QUESTION: Is the world getting UGLIER?? This facial expert says humans are becoming less attractive with every generation!! Bad diets and bad sleeping habits!!


QUESTION: What’s different about this dog?? This dog is a HUMAN BEING?? This Japanese man spent $14,000 on a COLLIE COSTUME, and it’s pretty good!!!!
He recently embarked on his first public walk.

QUESTION: Why aren’t you seeing a lot of A-listers on the Actors’ Strike picket lines? They’re taking advantage of the break to go see their PLASTIC SURGEONS!!
Famous Facial Treatments

Kevin Costner’s Estranged Wife Moves Into Small Home On Same Property

*****It’s always good to have an “ex-wife cottage” on your estate!!!
*****If she wants to move back up to the Big House, she’ll have to start apologizing!!
****Page Six has pictures of a U-Haul truck loading stuff from the main house and taking it to a smaller servants’ house on the grounds of the property!! (true)
****Their kids have decided “we want to stay with dad!!!”
*****A judge ruled that she had to move out by July 31st to honor the prenup (true), and that she had to get Kevin’s permission to take anything other than her clothes!!

Amanda Bynes Seeks Inpatient Mental Health Care

*******She checked into a mental health facility in Orange County after trying outpatient care in LA!
*****She just likes being around other people.. people just like her!!
****For those without the time to live in a mental health facility, California offers a mental health hotline, which means you’re getting mental health advice from a state that’s crazier than Florida!!
*****Another approach? Move to Idaho!!

Barbie Has a Big 2nd Weekend, Pulls In Another $95 Million

*******Ken is just along for the ride!!!
*******Pink is the new green!!!!
*******Oppenheimer also did well in its second weekend, bringing in another $46.2 million!! That’s huge for a 3-hour, R-rated biopic!!
TIP: If you’re considering a “Barbenheimer” double feature, do Oppenheimer first, then take your brain out and go to “Barbie!”

Cardi B Hurls Microphone At Fan That Tossed Drink At Her

*****Temper, temper!!
********She also threw a mic at a deejay who kept cutting off the music during her performance the night before (true)!!
******Of course, her fans support her!! And now the cops know: Cardi B’s weapon of choice is a microphone!!
******This may stop the trend of fans throwing stuff at people onstage!! Or maybe it won’t !!!

Harry and Meghan Losing A-List Friends Like Posh And Becks

********They accused Victoria and David of “leaking information” about them to the press!! Beckham was PISSED!! Insiders say the relationship is “beyond repair!!”
*********Meghan is now sucking up to her neighbors, like cosmetics magnate Victoria Jackson and Hollywood screamer Ari Emanuel!!!
****Harry and Meghan’s “inner circle” also includes bread-eater Oprah Winfrey, her main squeeze Gayle King and fellow “Suits” actors Sarah Rafferty and Abigail Spencer.
*****If you’re rick phony, there’s no limit to who you can hang out with!!

Lisa Marie’s Home Is On The Market For $4.6 Million

********She was renting and about to buy it just before she died.
*****It’s in Calabasas and has 7,440 square feet!! That means the Kardashians could buy it and use it for a storage shed!!



Harry & Meghan At the Crossroads-(National Enquirer)

Prince Harry and wife Meghan are taking a trial separation after their California dream of wealth and fame came crashing down amid bitter public backlash, canceled business deals and ugly family feuds, palace insiders say.  As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex lick their shocking wounds, Harry, 38, is heading to Africa to rebuild his life while his 41-year-old actress wife remains in Hollywood chasing the fleeting shadow of super-stardom, say sources.  “They’re trying to figure out what hit them,” dishes a high-level palace source.  “This separation is no surprise.  Harry doesn’t fit in Meghan’s tacky Tinseltown world.  I think he was always uncomfortable with her obsession with being a show business power player.  But he was blinded by love and went along with it.  Sadly, he lost his identity in the process.  He needs to find himself, and a trial separation may be the only way they can resolve their differences and go forward stronger than ever.”




Massachusetts Road Officials May Need To Use Spellcheck

********First of all, if you have to spell “Massachusetts” all the time, you DEFINITELY need spellcheck!!
*******In this case, they tried to spell “School” on the road outside a school, and instead sprayed “shcool!!” (Which stands for “shit’s cool!!”)
*****We worry about kids not being able to spell, but how about the ADULTS??
*****Officials made light of the situation by changing the sign on the school to “shcool” (true)!

Virginia Woman Receives Tons Of Amazon Packages She Didn’t Order

*****This happens all the time!! Right?
*****She received over 100 packages, including headlights, glue guns and binoculars!! (Sounds like a group of florists planning a terrorist attack)
******She now has over 1,000 headlamps and 800 glue guns!!
*****The packages had her address, but the name was “Lixao Zhang,” whom she doesn’t know!! Obviously!!
*****Amazon says it’s vendors having packages shipped to random addresses to get rid of inventory at Amazon fulfillment centers (true)!
TOPIC: Have YOU ever gotten something you didn’t order??

Giant Bologna Sandwich Debuts At Pennsylvania State Fair

********It’s Lebanon bologna!! (Lebanon is a town in PA)
********The sandwich was a fundraiser for food banks.
*****It was 150 feet long. Which is a lot of bologna!!!
*****In a different section of the fair, there was a large “baloney pony!!” Which is another story entirely!!

Two Florida Woman Have All-Out Fight, One Loses Part Of Her Ear!

*********The good news? Now she only has to buy one earring at a time!!
*******It was a house party in Florida.. and you can never tell what’s gonna be eaten!!
********They were fighting over alcohol and vape pens. You know, the usual!!










11 Things Your Kid Should Know Before They Leave For College


  1. How to apologize well.

Genuine apologies are hard for anyone — let alone teenagers. But it’s a skill worth mastering. Being able to say sorry, take responsibility for your mistakes without a bunch of justifications or blaming someone else will help your kid go far in their personal and professional relationships.  “No one wants to hear excuses,” Jack Hedger, a dad with one kid in college and one applying to college, told HuffPost. “Just make sure you show up on time and get your work done. If you mess up, own it, apologize, and promise to do better. But don’t go on and on explaining what happened. Adults don’t want your excuses.”

  1. How to do laundry.

Before heading to college, your kid should know how to wash, dry, fold and put away their own clothes, Becky Rapinchuk, the cleaning expert known as “Clean Mama,” told HuffPost. If you’ve been handling these tasks for them heretofore, this is your reminder to hand over the reins.  “A weekly trip to the dorm laundry room won’t be overwhelming if they know how to do their own laundry and can fold and put it away too,” Rapinchuk said.

  1. How to listen to their body.

Learning to tune into bodily cues will help your child be healthier, happier and better equipped to make good decisions.  Here’s how you can teach your kids to tap into these sensations and what to do with the information, according to Jennifer Pollitt, assistant director and assistant professor of gender, sexuality and women’s studies at Temple University.  “Track the physical sensations in your body and listen to what they’re telling you. Move towards the people, places and ideas that light you up and physically make your body feel good,” Pollitt said. ”Maybe your brain is buzzing with energy, or your chest feels open and warm.”

  1. How to be assertive.

By the time they enter college, kids should be able to advocate for themselves and communicate effectively.  “College students should know how to speak up for themselves, how to speak their mind, share their thoughts, and express opinions,” Ann-Louise Lockhart, psychologist and parent coach at A New Day Pediatric Psychology, told HuffPost.  This skill may be lacking for kids who grew up hearing they should “do what they’re told” or were dismissed for having opinions that contradicted the beliefs of the adults in their lives.

  1. How to create — and maintain — a healthy routine.

Achieving balance in college is hard when so much of students’ time is often spent studying, working and partying. But teaching your kids how to also prioritize healthy habits like sleep, nutritious foods, movement and hobbies that bring them joy is an important life skill to adopt.  “As a young person, routines are often determined by parents or the types of activities that students engage in while attending school,” psychologist Earl Turner, executive director of Therapy for Black Kids, told HuffPost. “Sometimes schedules can be very demanding between school and extracurricular activities, which doesn’t create opportunities for a healthy balance.”

  1. Where the campus counseling center is — and how to ask for help.

The vast majority of college students and their parents or guardians know where the campus bookstore is, but fewer can locate the university’s counseling center, Nicogossian pointed out.  Starting college is a major transition. Living in a new place on their own, with new people and new challenges, can be taxing on young adults’ mental health. It’s crucial that they know where to find counseling services if they need them and how to make an appointment there. As a parent, having these conversations with your kid before they head off will help them be prepared and show that you are supportive of them getting professional help.  “Talk about mental health, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and let your child know you are there for them, they are not alone,” Nicogossian said. 7. How to stay on top of important letters and emails.

Teach your kid to keep an eye out for official correspondence from the school, work or the government and actually take the time to read it — rather than ignore it, delete it or toss it in the trash. “If they don’t have time to read it, [instruct them to] at least skim the whole thing so they know what it says,” Adrienne Hedger, cartoonist at Hedger Humor and mom of two, told HuffPost.  “In the ‘real world’ there will be deadlines and due dates that require their attention, and real penalties for not taking action. Sometimes they just get one notification and that’s it. Or sometimes the communication will be written in a confusing way and they’ll need time to figure out what they need to do.”

  1. How to stick to a budget.

Nicogossian said she’s noticed a trend of young adults overspending because they don’t want to miss out on social events but aren’t able to communicate their spending limits to their peers.  “This can happen in many forms, like ordering out food for a variety of reasons. Even with a meal plan, students may not want to miss out, may not like the cafeteria food, or have late-night studying and cravings,” Nicogossian said.  “Or, going out and sharing Uber or Lyft rides, only one person orders, and peers may say they’ll Venmo or ‘catch them next time.’ All of these expenses can add up quickly and students can easily bypass budgets for the semester.” That’s why it’s important to teach your kids how to manage their money and be able to say “no” when necessary.  “Have direct conversations with your child about these unexpected expenses and peer or roommate interactions with money and how to navigate with communicating limits and not feeling pressured to spend or lend at the cost of increasing distress or debt for your student,” Nicogossian said.

  1. Possible majors or careers of interest and their earning potential.

College can be a time of intellectual exploration and following one’s curiosity. At the same time, it’s worth encouraging your child to start thinking practically about their life post-graduation.  In light of the student loan debt crisis, former university career counselor Alexis Tai told HuffPost: “It is important for me to highlight the value of thinking about return on investment for potential career, college and major paths.”  Students don’t necessarily need to commit to a major before stepping foot on campus. But it is a good idea to at least “understand what is important to them, which includes their interests, values, and motivators,” Tai said. “Sites like California Career Zone offer free assessments.”

  1. How to clean a bathroom.

Maybe they don’t need to know how to clean a toilet if they’re living in the dorms freshman year, but “knowing how to clean a bathroom is a skill every child needs to learn,” Rapinchuk said.  “Teach a simple method that can be repeated weekly and practiced in your home in the months or years leading up to college life,” she said.

  1. How essential it is to find true friends — and connect with people from all walks of life.

Once kids leave the nest, they’re going to need people who “look out for them like a second family,” Caragh Donley — a writer and producer with two adult children — told HuffPost.  “They’ll be the ones who stick with you long after college ends, so choose wisely,” she said.  Donley categorizes friends into three categories, based on how they’d respond if you fell off a boat and into the ocean.  “The first type jumps right in the water to save you. The second type would look for a life preserver to throw to you. And the third? They’ll try to sign you up for swimming lessons. Take your time until some number ones show up,” she said. “They’re worth waiting for.”  Encourage your kids to get to know people different than themselves — it can make their life that much richer.


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