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Born on this day!! Singer Ruby Nash Garnett of Ruby and the Romantics is 86. Guitarist Leo Nocentelli of The Meters is 74. Actor Simon Callow (“Amadeus,” ″Shakespeare in Love”) is 71. Singer Russell Hitchcock of Air Supply is 71. Singer Steve Walsh (Kansas) is 69. Country singer Terri Gibbs is 66. Actor Jim Belushi is 66. Actress Julie Hagerty (“Airplane”) is 65. Actress Polly Draper (“thirtysomething”) is 65. Guitarist Brad Gillis of Night Ranger is 63. Actress Eileen Davidson (“The Young and the Restless,” “Days of Our Lives”) is 61. Drummer Scott Rockenfield of Queensryche is 57. Actress Helen Hunt is 57. Actress Courteney Cox (“Friends”) is 56. Guitarist Tony Ardoin of River Road is 56. Guitarist Michael Britt of Lonestar is 54. Drummer Rob Mitchell of Sixpence None The Richer is 54. Rapper-actor Ice Cube is 51. Actress Leah Remini (“King of Queens”) is 50. Actor Jake Busey (“Starship Troopers”) is 49. Trombone player T-Bone Willy of Save Ferris is 48. Actor Neil Patrick Harris (“How I Met Your Mother,” ″Doogie Howser, M.D.”) is 47. Actor Greg Vaughan (“Days of Our Lives,” “General Hospital”) is 47. Actress Elizabeth Reaser (“Twilight”) is 45. Singer Dryden Mitchell of Alien Ant Farm is 44. Former child actor Christopher Castle (“Step By Step,” ″Beethoven” films) is 40. Guitarist Billy Martin of Good Charlotte is 39. Actor Jordi Vilasuso (“The Young and the Restless”) is 39. Guitarist Wayne Sermon of Imagine Dragons is 36. Actor Denzel Whitaker is 30.


1215 – King John sealed the Magna Carta.
1775 – George Washington was appointed head of the Continental Army by the Second Continental Congress.
1836 – Arkansas became the 25th state in the United States.
1844 – Charles Goodyear was granted a patent for rubber vulcanization.
1849 – James Polk, the 11th president of the United States, died in Nashville, Tennessee.
1923 – Lou Gehrig made his New York Yankee debut as a pinch runner.
1992 – Vice President Dan Quayle’s “potatoe” spelling incident.
1996 – Ella Fitzgerald, the ”first lady of song,” died in Beverly Hills, California.
2002 – Rolling Stone Mick Jagger was knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

Today Is: Global Wind Day, Magna Carta Day, Native American Citizenship Day, Nature Photography Day, National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers, National Lobster Day, Prune Day, Ride To Work Day (Motorcycles), World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Worldwide Day of Giving

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – The Neighborhood  /  8:30 – Bob (Hearts) Abishola  /  9:00 – All Rise  /  10:00 – Bull
NBC – 8:00  – Titan Games  /  9:00 – The Wall  /  10:00 – Songland
ABC – 8:00 – The Bachelor Greatest Seasons
FOX – 8:00 –  911  /  9:00 – 911 Lone Star
CW – 8:00 –  Whose Line  /  8:30 – Whose Line  /  9:00 – Roswell New Mexico

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Bill Burr
Jimmy Fallon: Martin Short, Bashir Salahuddin, Diallo Riddle, Randy Newman
Stephen Colbert: John Dickerson, Black Pumas
Seth Meyers: Pete Davidson, Matthew Rhys
James Corden: Josh Gad, Anuel
Lilly Singh: D’Arcy Carden, Ali Kolbert (R 2/4/20)
Daily Show: The Daily Social Distancing Show
Conan: Van Jones (R 6/1/20)
Watch What Happens Live: Capt. Sandy Yawn, Malia White
The Talk: Jay Pharoah, Wilson Cruz
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Kevin Costner, Sofia Carson, “Points Guy” Brian Kelly
Ellen DeGeneres: Jennifer Garner, the Killers
The Real: Guest co-host Amanda Seales (R 9/23/19)
Kelly Clarkson: W. Kamau Bell, Zach Braff, Donald Faison
Tamron Hall: Spike Lee, Delroy Lindo, Jonathan Majors, Tamika Palmer, Ben Crump, Lonita Baker, Rob Kenney

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Can NETFLIX PREDICT YOUR FUTURE?? Try the “Psychic TV Challenge” on Tik Tok and join the millions who are having their MINDS BLOWN!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Will HOWARD STERN be the next victim of the “cancel culture??” He says he “never used the n-word,” but.. they’ve got him on video!!! (Prediction: he skates!)


QUESTION: Is baseball coming back??? NOT SO FAST!! It looks like the owners and the players’ union are still far apart… but the union demands an answer TODAY!!!


QUESTION: Even their RIOTS are nicer!! A BLM protester in London SAVES THE LIFE of a far-right white protester!! He says, “I did what I had to do!!!” One good story…


QUESTION: Is this what happens when you start ATTACKING STATUES?? Social media users start a thread of hilarious pics… the statues are FIGHTING BACK!!!!!!!!!
Social media users show monuments 'attacking' THEM in opposition to 'racist' landmarks

New Movie Release Dates Adjusted

The theatrical release of the time-travel comedy, Bill & Ted Face the Music, has been moved up a week to Aug. 14. The film was scheduled to open on Aug. 21, but switched dates after Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 1984 was moved from Aug. 14 to Oct. 21.  The Matrix 4 — has been bumped from May 21, 2021 to April 1, 2022.  The monster movie Godzilla vs. Kong, featuring Alexander Skarsgard and Millie Bobby Brown, is taking the May 21 date. It was originally slated for Nov. 20, 2020.  The film industry has been thrown for a loop in recent months as the coronavirus pandemic has caused production shutdowns and theater closures around the world.
********AUDIENCE: “When will they be available on Netflix?”
*******If you’re watching “Bill and Ted,” you’ll need to drug yourself with a lot of salt and sugar!! Popcorn and sodas for everyone!!
*****What do all these movies have in common? THEY’RE ALL SEQUELS!!
****Maybe what we need are some new people in Hollywood!!
*****The movie biz wasn’t always like this… otherwise we’d be watching “Gone With The Wind Part 33!!”They want

New Film Production Guidelines Released

Los Angeles County has released safety guidelines allowing film and television productions to resume on Friday, The Hollywood Reporter said. Productions have been shut down since March due to the coronavirus pandemic.  SAG-AFTRA, the Director’s Guild, IATSE and Teamsters contributed protocols for production, following Wednesday’s announcement from the Board of Supervisors and Department of Public Health that crews would have a green light as of Friday. These include regular testing and symptom monitoring, staggered meal times, and hand washing and sanitizing. Employers are expected to provide personal protective equipment.  Cast and crew are required to wear cloth face masks, but only essential cast and crew are allowed on set. If actors cannot wear face masks during the scene, they should stand eight feet apart.  Actors must wash their hands before every scene. Once the scene is wrapped, crews must disinfect any prop the actors touched.  Guidelines request actors do their own makeup, and bring their own props when possible to avoid sharing. Not only are fight scenes and love scenes discouraged, but actors should remain “as silent as possible to avoid spreading droplets through talking.”  The guidelines document says scenes requiring cast to be closer than six feet should be kept as brief as possible, and crowds of extras should be avoided entirely. TV shows can use paid staff as the studio audience, but only sitting six feet apart and filling no more than 25% of the space.
********They want the actors to wear face masks during the scene?? How many scenes feature people wearing face masks??
****Jim Carrey’s thinking “this would be a good time for a sequel to ‘The Mask!!'”
*****We predict that actors will follow all these guidelines!! NOT!!!!

Prince Harry’s Mother-In-Law Moves In

Meghan’s beloved mother Doria is believed to have moved in with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and helping take care of their son, Archie Harrison. A source told The Sun: “Doria has her own quarters and whilst a few of Harry’s chums have been ribbing him about living with his mother-in-law, he has a brilliant relationship with her.” As they relocated to Los Angeles in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Meghan, Prince Harry and Archie haven’t had the chance to spend much time with Doria over the past few months.  Meghan and Doria are known to be very close, with a source previously telling People magazine: “Meghan didn’t have much when she was a child, but her mum made sure they always gave back.”
*******One thing her mum gave away: her FATHER!!
******Her mom has moved in? Who saw THAT coming?? (everyone.)
*******Doria’s a little disappointed: “Why did you marry someone who looks like Ronald McDonald??

New Pete Davidson Movie Pulled From Theaters

Pete Davidson’sThe King of Staten Island” was pulled unceremoniously — and mysteriously — from drive-in theatres last week, reports Variety.  The semi-autobiographical film, which offers a comic take on SNL star’s Pete Davidson’s childhood in the borough, was instead released Friday for video only.  “There was no explanation,” from Universal, one drive-in theater owner told the outlet. “They changed their mind.”  Another theater owner told Variety, “This caused a considerable amount of ill will with customers who bought tickets online showing up for the Thursday 7 p.m. show.”  Director Judd Apatow took to Twitter last week to inform eager fans that they would have to wait until Friday to see the film — at home.  “THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND IS ONLY OPENING ON VOD FRIDAY. IT IS NOT OPENING IN THEATERS.”  “Insiders” at Universal blamed the change on an internal misunderstanding, Variety said.  “The King of Staten Island” was always intended to premiere exclusively on-demand, however, some executives unintentionally booked the film in about 100 theaters,” an unnamed source is quoted explaining.
******Those executives are now “exploring new career horizons!!”
*******He’s from NY’s smallest borough… but he’s got NY’s biggest unit!!! Reportedly!!
*****Back in the old days, Hollywood made movies specifically for drive-ins!! Maybe they should try that again!!

Sharon Stone Was Once Hit By Lightning

Sharon Stone was recently featured on the “Films To Be Buried With” podcast hosted by Brett Goldstein.  A running gag on the podcast is making jokes about how the celebrity guest would die, and Goldstein asked Stone how she thinks she’d go.  “Which time?” she joked, revealing that she was once struck by lightning.  “It’s really intense,” Stone described, recounting the experience.  “I was at home, we had our own well, I was filling the iron with water and I had my hand on the faucet, one hand on the iron and the well got it hit lightning and the lightning came up through the water,” the star said. “I got picked up and thrown across the kitchen and I hit the refrigerator.”  Stone said she was in “such an altered state” after the incident and was rushed to the hospital by her mother.
********That was a warning shot from you-know-who!!
TOPIC: “I coulda died!!!”

The Royal Rift Started Long Ago

Author Colin Campbell is gearing up for the release of “Meghan and Harry: The Real Story.” She recently revealed that Meghan Markle may have started off on the wrong foot with her royal in-laws just four days after saying “I do” to husband Prince Harry.  “I knew the tremendous amount of hope the Royal Family invested in Meghan being a success,” Campbell told The Daily Star. “Hundreds of millions of people of color were rooting for Meghan, I was rooting for Meghan, being a Jamaican, I was emotionally invested in Meghan’s success. Virtually everybody I know, including my Royal friends, the wider aristocracy, wanted Meghan to be a success. But it quickly became apparent the ride may not be as smooth as everybody had hoped it would be, and it would not be as quite as positive as everybody had hoped it would be.”  According to her, during a garden party celebrating both Prince Charles’ charity work and his 70th birthday, Meghan did something that allegedly “astonished” an attendee with “impeccable palace connections.”  “I can’t repeat it exactly, it’s in the book, but what I can say is, something happened at the very first garden party at Buckingham Palace…we were all absolutely gobsmacked and astonished, we all thought this doesn’t bode well.”
*******OK… so she got drunk and peed in the bushes!!! Big whoop!!!
*******The cost of their wedding?? $42 MILLION!! (most of that for security) Maybe that’s why some Brits are touchy about them leaving!!
*****Don’t worry about losing Meghan and Harry!! They’ve still got Andrew!!
*****If Meghan gave Princes Charles a “wet willy,” she gets extra points!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Kardashian Mean Girls Drove Sofia To Dump Disick!-(National Enquirer)

Model Sofia Richie may have had plenty of reasons to ditch Scott Disick, but sources snitched the Kardashian sisters’ icy attitudes are what convinced her to call it quits!  “Sofia complained they were really rude to her,” dished an insider, who claimed Scott’s baby mama, Kourtney, was the worst of the bunch!  “Whenever Sofia attended family functions, Kourtney would throw a fit!”  Sources said the last straw came in May when the Kardashians threw a birthday bash for Scot, 37, without Sofia, 21.

Bryce Bags Her Diploma!-(Globe)

Better late than never!  Ron Howard’s “Jurassic Park” star daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, 39, finally graduated from NYU-21 years after commencing collegiate courses.  “It’s been a long dream of mine to complete my formal education,” gushes the redheaded mom of two.  “To the class of 2020, WE MADE IT!”  Fun fact:  The actress got her middle name because it’s where she was conceived.  Parents Ron and Cheryl named all their four daughters that way.  Twins Jocelyn and Page, 35, got Carlyle-after the NYC hotel.  Reed, 33, got Cross-from the street in London where the family had been living!

Loose Talk-(Us Weekly)

“I talked to her and she was down, and then, you know, like Lindsay does, we just kind of stopped hearing from her.”-On Lindsay Lohan ghosting him after signing on for an episode of Ramy, Ramy Youssef.

Reese’s $6M Payout-(Star)

It was supposed to be the next big thing.  But when the 10-minutes-or-less streaming service Quibi launched in April, it fizzled, despite having such big names on its roster as Reese Witherspoon, who narrated the nature doc Fierce Queens.  And that’s just the problem:  Staffers are irate that the 44-year-old, whose hubby, Jim Toth, is Quibi’s head of content, raked in a reported $6 million for her work while they’re now facing layoffs.  “Reese has been badly stung by the criticism,” an insider says.  “But she feels like she’s being scapegoated for something that was totally out of her control.”  The app’s failure is also taking it toll on her already frayed marriage.  “This has only added to the tension,” adds the source.  “Jim needs so badly for this to be a success.”

Say What?!-(Life & Style)

“I’ve never met Prince Harry.  Only in my dreams.”-Lucy Hale, noting that she once starred with the royal’s wife, Meghan Markle, in a TV pilot.

“I’ll literally put Tabasco inside a tuna can and just eat it out of the can… is weird, but my preferences are….just sort of eat like a wild animal.  Like, out of trash can.”-Robert Pattinson, on his feeding habits.

“I clean my closet to Lil Wayne.”-Julia Garner, on finding domestic bliss while on hiatus from Ozark.

“She has so much vibrance and she’s no bigger than a minute.  When I walk up to her, I feel like I’ve just come out of the giant-women forest!”-Julia Roberts, on her Homecoming successor, Janelle Monae.

“My girls really wish Moana was their father.  They are somewhat over Olaf at this point.  I have to remind them that Olaf pays for their school, the roof over their head and those quesadillas they love eating.”-Josh Gad, on daughters Ava, 8 and Isabelle, 6, being unimpressed by his role in Frozen.


Former America’s Got Talent judge Gabrielle Union, 47, filed a complaint against an NBCUniversal subsidiary show creator Simon Cowell and production companies Fremantle and Syco, alleging that she was terminated after just one season for speaking out against the show’s “toxic culture,” including “racist jokes, sexual orientation discrimination and excessive focus on female judges’ appearances.” NBCUniversal called the complaint “categorically untrue” in a statement.

Number of the Week-(In Touch)


-miles Jason Momoa traveled to support local business by eating breakfast at a diner near his Iowa hometown.



Lost GoPro Still Works

A GoPro camera that fell from a young surfer’s mount off the coast of an Australian island was recovered months later when it washed up on a beach — and it still works.  Pete Cole said he was surfing in February off King Island, Tasmania, when a wave tore the camera from his new mouthguard mount.  “I thought, ‘Oh no, I’ve lost my GoPro!’ And it was the newest GoPro at the time,” Cole told The Advocate newspaper. “It was very murky that day, it was quite deep and rocky and I probably wouldn’t of had much chance of finding it because the swell was moving around a lot.”  Cole said he had given up hope of recovering the camera, until earlier this month when a couple walking the Naracoopa beach on the island found a camera with a cracked screen washed up in the sand.  Jenny Masters said she and her husband connected the GoPro to their computer and found it was still loaded with photos and videos of surfing.  “It was beaten up quite a bit. The rocks at Naracoopa are really quite rugged,” Masters said. “But it’s amazing how it survived. It just shows how tough those little things are.”
********A school of fish used it to film their reunion!!
******It still had his special moment with a grouper!!
TOPIC: “I lost something and someone returned it much later!!”

COVID Free Village

An Italian village that bills itself as “COVID-free” is attempting to attract new residents by selling homes for $1 — but the new owners must promise to renovate the houses.  Cinquefrondi, in the southern region of Calabria, bills itself as a “COVID-free village,” as there haven’t been any confirmed coronavirus cases reported in the community, and the Calabria region has one of Italy’s lowest levels of reported cases.  Mayor Michele Conia said the “Operation Beauty” initiative is designed to attract new residents willing to renovate abandoned homes that have fallen into disrepair.  “Finding new owners for the many abandoned houses we have is a key part of the Operation Beauty [mission] that I have launched to recover degraded, lost parts of town,” Conia told CNN.  The program offers the houses for only $1, but the purchasers must pay an annual policy insurance fee of about $280 until renovations on the homes are complete.
*******We smell a new show on HGTV!!
*******Chip and Joanna just bought two tickets to Italy!!
******One more requirement: you have to like pasta and red wine!! We’re in!!

Guy Punches Alligator To Save Dog

A Florida man said he ended up in a fist fight with a 13-foot alligator when the reptile attacked his dog and pulled the canine into the water.  Trent Tweddale said he and his 6-year-old dog, Loki, were walking Monday on his Wesley Chapel farm when a 13-foot alligator reached out of the water and grabbed the dog.  “I grabbed the dog’s collar to try to pull him back and I ended up in a tug-of-war match with this gator and the gator was not letting go,” Tweddale told WFLA-TV. “So I let go of the collar and I got about knee-deep into the water and started pounding on the gator’s head until he eventually let go.”  Tweddale said he ended up with only minor scratches, but Loki’s front leg was nearly severed and required emergency surgery. See the interview HERE.
*******We’d say “Loki” is “lucky!!” Most people would have run away!!
******The gator wound up with a headache and no meal!!
*******This guy’s lucky he didn’t wind up being part of a two-course meal!!

Gin Bottles Filled With Hand Sanitizer

A distillery in Australia said a recall successfully recovered all gin bottles that were mistakenly sold as liquor when they were actually filled with hand sanitizer.  The Apollo Bay Distillery in Victoria said nine bottles labeled SS Casino Gin were sold during the weekend at the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse in Apollo Bay.  The distillery said the bottles were mistakenly put up for sale as gin, but were actually filled with hand sanitizer containing glycerol and hydrogen peroxide.  A spokesman said the bottles were identifiable by a lack of a seal or shrink wrapping.  “Consumption of the product may have side effects including nausea, headaches, dizziness, bloating, vomiting, thirst and diarrhea,” the distillery said in issuing the recall.  The recall was issued Monday and the distillery said Wednesday that all nine bottles had been recovered.
*******All those side effects can also happen when you drink the gin!!
******Uh…. who came up with idea of using the gin bottles??
******Didn’t they say vodka can be used as hand sanitizer?? Or were we drunk when we heard that??







What You Should Know About Flying Right Now

Huffington Post

Prepare for it to feel different.

“I think everyone needs to realize that it’s going to be very, very different than what they’re used to,” said Tarr. “It’s going to feel weird, it might feel uncomfortable, and, depending on the person, it might feel really scary.”

Still, he added, most airlines are making an effort to keep passengers feeling safe and are receptive to concerns.

“Research what your airline has done before you book your flight and especially before you board,” he suggested.


Choose a safe transit method to the airport.

“If you must fly, consider your local travel method to and from the airport and any rules that the airport may have instituted for safety, such as modified pick-up and drop-off procedures, which can be found on the airport website,” Nagrani advised.

If possible, drive yourself to the airport or have someone in your household drop you off. You can take car services like Uber and Lyft, which require drivers and passengers to wear face masks, but you may want to wipe down your surroundings. Public transit is less costly but exposes you to more risk.


Wear a mask at all times.

To slow the spread of the virus, public officials advise wearing a mask in public spaces, including airports and airplanes. Most airlines mandate that passengers wear masks for the duration of their flights, and many airports require them inside the terminal.

“Wear a mask at all times, unless told by TSA or some other official to lower it for identification purposes,” Tarr advised. It may not be the most comfortable accessory for long periods of time, but this is an important way to protect the safety of you and your fellow travelers.


Bring your own provisions.

To minimize risk, airlines have severely limited their food and beverage services, so be sure to fill your water bottle at the airport to stay hydrated on board. Consider taking some vitamin C and other immune-boosting vitamins or nutrients before the journey, too.

Many airport shops and restaurants are still closed, so you may also want to bring your own snacks from home for your travels.


Social distance as best you can.

“Airports were never particularly fun, and now they’re even worse. But the key is to follow the same protocols you do pretty much everywhere else right now,” Tarr noted. “Keep your distance, and if someone else isn’t keeping their distance, politely say something.”

Plexiglass partitions between passengers and crew are more common, and there are some changes in the security processes, like more staggered lanes and spacing between individuals.

Practice social distancing to the best of your ability at the gate and throughout the boarding process, which may be a little different as well.

“One thing you’ll most likely experience is that planes are being boarded from the rear to ensure that passengers limit interactions with one another,” said Tarr.


Brace for close quarters.

While there are significantly fewer people flying right now, there are also fewer flights and routes in service, so planes aren’t as empty as they looked in mid-March.

In fact, some passengers on recent flights have complained on Twitter about the number of people on board. If you’re concerned about in-flight spacing, you can discuss your options with airline employees.

“Talk to the flight crew and to see what can be arranged,” said Tarr. “United is sending alerts to passengers 24 hours in advance if their flight hits 70% capacity and is allowing you to choose a different flight.”


Clean your hands frequently.

The TSA is now allowing each passenger to carry one 12-oz. container of hand sanitizer through security, so you’ll be able to disinfect your hands frequently. Many airports also have sanitizer stations in the terminals.

Tarr also recommends proper hand-washing at the airport. “I know airport bathrooms are often shockingly, revoltingly disgusting ― but most of them have sensors for soap and water,” he said.


Limit touching surfaces.

“Before travel, consider checking in online and downloading a boarding pass for low-touch experience,” Nagrani advised. Avoid touching any surfaces unless needed.

You can also cut down on the risk of touching surfaces by wearing gloves, but the CDC guidance doesn’t deem them necessary.


Wipe down your seat area.

You don’t have to go full-on Naomi Campbell, but it doesn’t hurt to wipe down your seat area when you board a flight.

Many airlines have shared ways they’re stepping up their cleaning procedures, with measures like high-grade disinfectant, more frequent cleanings and electrostatic spraying.


Keep up with the latest guidelines.

As experts learn more about the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, guidelines change.

Check for updates on the CDC’s list of considerations for potential travelers as you make decisions regarding your excursions.


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