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Born on this day!! Composer John Kander (“Chicago”) is 95. Actor Brad Dourif (“Deadwood,” ″Lord of the Rings”) is 72. Jazz guitarist Bill Frisell is 71. Singer Irene Cara is 63. Keyboardist Karen Grotberg of The Jayhawks is 63. Actor Geoffrey Owens (“The Cosby Show”) is 61. Actor Thomas Ian Griffith (“Cobra Kai,” “The Karate Kid Part 3”) is 60. TV personality Mike Rowe (“Dirty Jobs”) is 60. Singer-actor Vanessa Williams (“Desperate Housewives,” ″Ugly Betty”) is 59. Keyboardist Scott Saunders of Sons of the Desert is 58. Actor David Cubitt (“Medium”) is 57. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains is 56. Actor Michael Bergin (“Baywatch”) is 53. Rapper-actor Queen Latifah is 52. Comedian Dane Cook (“Employee of the Month”) is 50. Singer Philip Sweet of Little Big Town is 48. Singers Evan and Jaron Lowenstein of Evan and Jaron are 48. Actor Sutton Foster (“Younger,” “Bunheads”) is 47. Singer Adam Levine of Maroon 5 is 43. Drummer Daren Taylor of Airborne Toxic Event is 42. Actor Adam Pally (“The Mindy Project”) is 40. Actor Cornelius Smith Jr. (“Scandal”) is 40. Actor Duane Henry (“NCIS”) is 37. Actor Lily Collins is 33. Actor Julia Goldani Telles (“Bunheads”) is 27. Actor Ciara Bravo (“Big Time Rush”) is 25. Actor Blake Garrett Rosenthal (“Mom”) is 18.


1584 – Russian czar Ivan IV, or Ivan ‘The Terrible,’ died at age 53.
1766 – After months of American protests, Britain repealed the Stamp Act.
1925 – The most violent single tornado in U.S. history, the ‘Tri-State Tornado,’ hit Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois, killing 689 people and injuring 13,000 others.
1963 – The Supreme Court held in Gideon v. Wainwright that public defenders must be provided for indigent defendants in felony cases.
1965 – Soviet cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov made the first spacewalk.
1967 – The oil tanker Torrey Canyon was wrecked off the Cornish coast of England, spilling 919,000 barrels of oil into the sea.
1990 – The biggest art theft in U.S. history occurs at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. The works, including pieces by Vermeer and Rembrandt, were never recovered.
2004 – A small asteroid made the closest approach to Earth ever recorded, only about 26,500 miles away.
2005 – After a long legal battle, Terry Schiavo’s feeding tube was removed. She died 13 days later.

Today Is: Awkward Moments Day, Forgive Mom and Dad Day, Kiss Your Fiancée Day, National Biodiesel Day, National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, National Public Defense Day, National Sloppy Joe Day, Transit Driver Appreciation Day, World Sleep Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  NCAA Basketball
NBC – 8:00  – Blacklist  /  9:00 – Dateline NBC
ABC – 8:00 –  Shark Tank  /  9:00 – 2020
FOX – 8:00 – Friday Night Smackdown
CW – 8:00 –  Charmed  /  9:00 – Dynasty

TV Talk Shows

James Corden: Adam McKay, Rebecca Hall (R 2/16/22)
The View: Michael Bublé, guest co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin
The Talk: Pre-empted
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Jeremy Renner, Vanessa Williams, Sisqo
Ellen DeGeneres: John Cho, Tyler James Williams, guest host Stephen “tWitch” Boss
Wendy Williams: Guest hosts Remy Ma & Fat Joe
The Real: The hosts give advice in “Keep it Really 100”
Kelly Clarkson: Jamie Dornan, Dominique Fishback, For King & Country
Tamron Hall: Amber Kemp-Gerstel
Drew Barrymore: Seth Meyers, Britt Lower, Pilar Valdes

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Are “Wheel of Fortune” contestants the DUMBEST PEOPLE ON EARTH?? Check out the latest puzzle that they were UNABLE TO SOLVE!!! Yikes!!!!


QUESTION: Who didn’t see THIS coming?? NETFLIX is planning to crack down on PASSWORD SHARING.. and if they catch you, you’ll be charged a “little bit more!!!!”


QUESTION: “Is that a bunch of snakes in your pants, or are you happy to see me??” Man is busted with 52 REPTILES in his clothing as he crosses the border!! “Me?”


QUESTION: Why are KITCHENS suddenly the real stars of these popular TV streamers? From “The Undoing” to “Big Little Lies,” the ladies tune to see the DECOR!!!!!!!
New York brownstone: The Undoing, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, divided fans with its whodunnit plot - but all were united in their love for the immaculate New York apartments featured on screen. Above, the Frasers' Manhattan home

QUESTION: How bad does THIS hurt?? Scarlett Johansson says there’s “NO WAY” she would have dated Colin Jost in high school! (Was it the “mushroom” hair cut???)
Scarlett Johansson: ‘No way’ I would’ve dated Colin Jost in high school

Tom Cruise to Be Honored At Cannes

Tom Cruise will be honored with a career retrospective at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.  He will be celebrated at the 75th annual festival in May.  Cannes will feature a special tribute to Cruise and a conversation with him hosted by journalist Didier Allouch on May 18. The events will take place ahead of the premiere of Cruise’s film Top Gun: Maverick.  Top Gun: Maverick is a sequel to Cruise’s 1986 film Top Gun. Cruise will reprise his role of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the sequel, which also stars Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly and Jon Hamm.  Top Gun: Maverick opens in theaters May 27.  Cruise’s other film credits include Risky Business, Rain Man, Jerry Maguire and Minority Report. In addition to Top Gun: Maverick, he will star in an upcoming Mission: Impossible sequel.
********We assumed he was up in the Space Station, making his first movie in outer space!!
********We’re guessing they will NOT be showing “Cocktail!!”
*******The “impossible mission” has been getting people into the theaters!!

Kanye Banned From Instagram For One Day

Kanye West was placed on a 24-hour suspension by Instagram on Wednesday.   Content from West’s recent posts has been deleted due to a violation of Instagram’s policies on hate speech, harassment and bullying, a spokesperson for Meta, the parent company of Instagram.  The platform has restricted his account from posting, commenting, and sending direct messages (DMs) for 24 hours, the spokesperson added.  That spokesperson also warned Instagram will take additional steps if further violations happen.  The temporary suspension from Instagram came nearly one month after West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, claimed West’s social media posts have caused her “emotional distress”  in court docs.   She was seemingly referencing the multiple posts West has published on Instagram attacking the reality TV star’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, among other people, including her mom Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble.
********OOohh…! Why don’t these “men” just get together and duke it out???

Wendy Williams Vows Return to TV

Wendy Williams said to “Good Morning America” that she’s going to be returning to her daytime talk show despite Sherri Shepherd already being named as her successor.  “This is what I would to say to my Wendy Watchers: Keep watching because I’m going to be back on the ‘Wendy Show’ bigger and brighter than ever,” Williams, who declined to appear on camera for the chat, told the morning show in a phone interview. She also told “GMA” that she’s “very comfortable” with the idea of going back to work, claiming that her “partners with the show, everybody’s ready.” When pushed on that, she said give her three months.  “There are private things that I have to deal with and then I’ll be ready to come back and be free and ready to do my thing,” she shared, noting it has nothing to do with her health or battle with Graves’ disease.  Making the statement even odder is the fact that Williams’ personal rep, Howard Bragman, previously said that she “understood” why Shepherd was taking over for her.  “She, more than anyone, understands the reality of syndicated television — you can’t go to the marketplace and sell a show that’s the ‘Maybe Wendy Show,’” Bragman said.
********Denial is not just a river in Egypt!!!
********Maybe she’s getting her own YouTube channel???
*******Is it the Grave’s disease? Or “biscuits and gravy” disease??

Justin Bieber Show Plagued With Problems

The ninth stop on Justin Bieber’s 112-date “Justice World Tour” was at Ball Arena for his first concert in Colorado since 2016.  Following quick sets from Jaden Smith, Eddie Benjamin, and TEO, Bieber took the Denver stage at 8:30 p.m. to the screaming of fans who had waited years for the night. The concert got off to a soaring start with Bieber singing on top of a jet plane high above the Ball Arena stage for “Somebody.” The following numbers “Hold On” and “Deserve You” were punctuated with lasers and more screams from fans.  Near the end of “Yummy” however, the sound on Bieber’s microphone went dead, followed by a loss of power to the massive videoboards on stage.  With dark video screens (so tall that they rose to the rafters of Ball Arena), the stage went dark and silent for an unannounced and uncommunicated break. Fans chanted for Bieber, slow-clapped and did the wave to pass the time while hoping for a sign that the concert would be restarted.  The concert was able to resume after a 25-minute break, but without any of the large video screens, lasers or half of the stage lighting.
*********Come on!! He’s trying to “save the planet!!”
*****Who screams at a Justin Bieber concert?? The parents who had to bring their kids??

Prince Harry’s Book To Be Kind to The Queen

Prince Harry has no plans to rip Queen Elizabeth II or the rest of the royal family in his upcoming memoir.  “Harry really is going out of his way to make sure that there isn’t material in there that can be seen as negative towards the Queen or her reign in any way whatsoever,” royal expert Omid Scobie said on the Mar. 10 episode of the “Royally Obsessed” podcast.  He added that Harry wants to “celebrate” the Queen’s life and his relationship with her in the book.  “I think as much as the press wants this to be a burn book and an attack on the institution, this is more just about his story,” Scobie shared.  The writer also noted that the book won’t serve as some sort of bombshell piece, but will still be an interesting look inside the royal’s life.  “Of course, his story is so much more than just the few years of his life as the Duke of Sussex,” Scobie explained. “I think for people expecting that warts and all moment, it’s not going to happen. That said, it’s still going to be fascinating.”  But other members of the royal family have expressed their concerns for Harry’s upcoming book, including his father, Prince Charles, and the Duke of Wales’ second wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.
*********Hmmm… you usually don’t get that much money for a calm and reflective book!!
*****Everyone wants to know “who’s the racist?” so they can destroy them!!
****How about the inside dirt on Oprah?? We’d pay for that!!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Last Laughs-(In Touch)

“Elon Musk’s net worth dropped below $200 billion.  Now when he flies to space, he has to connect in Cleveland.”-Jimmy Fallon.

“Eight Oscar categories won’t be telecast live but will be recorded and edited into the live broadcast.  So they’re going to disrespect editors, then ask editors to edit an editor’s speech into the broadcast.  And the Oscar for best drama goes to whoever thought of that.”-Stephen Colbert.

“Today is Mardi Gras, just as the CDC told us we could loosen restrictions.  It’s like getting your driver’s license and entering the Indy 500.”-Jimmy Fallon.



Christmas Lottery Ticket Wins Big

Wilbur Brown of Oregon won $8.9 million from a Megabucks lottery ticket he had forgotten about that was originally obtained on Christmas Eve.  Brown bought the 26 for $25 Megabucks ticket while with some friends at the Moose Lodge in Springfield, Ore.  The ticket covered 13 weeks of drawings with Brown eventually forgetting about it.  “After the first few drawings, I’d check my ticket. Then I just kind of forgot about it and wasn’t checking,” he told lottery officials.  Brown returned to the Moose Lodge in February and scanned his ticket at a self-check terminal that told him to see customer service. Brown and his friends soon discovered he had won the $8.9 million jackpot.  Brown selected the 30-year annuity option and will receive, after taxes, an annual check for slightly more than $200,000. He has set up a trust for his winnings.  The Moose Lodge is also receiving one percent of the jackpot worth $89,000.
**********All the other Mooses at the Moose Lodge are very jealous!!
******Makes you wonder: is there any money out there that YOU’VE forgotten about??

Sloth Hit By Zip Liner

A young boy on a zip line at an adventure park in Costa Rica had an unexpected wildlife encounter when he collided with a sloth climbing on the cable.  A video shared to Instagram by the Go Adventure Arenal Park in La Fortuna shows the young boy taking the zip line through the rain forest.  The video, filmed by a tour guide, captured the moment the boy came to an abrupt stop by colliding with a sloth on the line.  “I just clocked him straight in the face. What do I do about the sloth?” the boy asks in the video.  The tour guide tells the boy to wait, and they remain in place as the sloth makes its way to lower ground. The owner of the park said the boy and sloth were both uninjured. The owner said a group of zip liners had just passed through the area moments earlier, so the sloth would have had only had a short period of time to climb the cable.  See the video HERE.
*******They asked the sloth if he was alright, and he said: “I don’t know! It all happened so fast!!”
******Just a thought: if animals evolved to be more equipped to survive, how did the sloth get here?? Like, WTF?

Traveler Visits Wrong Airbnb

A man visiting Florida spent the night in what he thought was an Airbnb only to discover the next morning that he had slept in the wrong house.  Paul Drecksler, who traveled to Miami to officiate a friend’s wedding, said he arrived at what he thought was his Airbnb at 2 a.m.  “I had accidentally got the address wrong going from the Airbnb app into the Google maps; the address became the house right next door,” Drecksler told WSVN-TV.  Drecksler said everything appeared to be in order at the home, which had been left unlocked.  “In the bedroom, the bed was made and ready to go, and there were two clean folded towels waiting for me,” Drecksler said.  The traveler said he was confused when there was a knock at the door in the morning.  “The next morning, I get woken up by a knock on the door. I was surprised the guy even knocked on his own door. He goes, ‘Hey, can I help you? This is my house,’ and I’m like, ‘Um, no, this is an Airbnb that I rented.’ He goes, ‘No, this is my house,'” Drecksler said.  Drecksler soon discovered his actual Airbnb was the home next door. He said the man who woke him up was very understanding.
**********Yeah, he was understanding, after he beat him with baseball bat!!
*****The weird part is that he didn’t seem to notice that his wife was in the same bed!!
*****This is 2022?? And there’s no video???

Corgi Goes Overboard On Yacht

A 1-year-old corgi who fell overboard from a yacht on the Indian River in Florida swam 7 miles to shore and turned up in a resident’s yard.  Jon Atwood said he brought his dog, Jessica, with him when he went to help his mother and stepfather take their 65-foot yacht from Florida to North Carolina for the hurricane season via the Intracoastal Waterway.  Atwood said the vessel was passing under the State Road 520 bridge over the Indian River in Brevard County when he noticed Jessica was no longer standing at his feet.  “When we couldn’t locate her, we immediately put two small boats in the water and started canvassing the water to try and find her,” Atwood told WKMG-TV.  The family couldn’t locate Jessica anywhere in the nearby waters.  “Prior to Sunday she had never been in the water, so we had no idea if she would even knew how to swim,” Atwood told the Space Coast Daily.  Atwood continued the search for more than 24 hours before posts about Jessica’s disappearance on social media led to his being contacted by a resident in Rockledge.  Jessica had apparently swam 7 miles to the Rockledge shore and ended up in the homeowner’s back yard.  Atwood said the homeowner who found Jessica refused a $500 reward.
********What a show off!!!
*******That dog could have been a “gator biscuit!!!”







Women: 5 Money Secrets to Set Your Loved Ones Up for the Future



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All that credit card debt — and the anxiety that comes with it — could be gone by tomorrow.


  1. Cut Your Expenses Now and See If you Can Get Car Insurance For as Low as $19/Month

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*average expenditure $88/mo. 


  1. Fund Your Retirement with Amazon, Google and Netflix

Saving for retirement is smart. Having your company contribute to your 401(k) is helpful. But having an ownership interest in a Fortune 500 company that you don’t even work for help get you to your retirement goal? That’s awesome.

Plus, the more you have saved for retirement, the less your family will need to sacrifice their own money to take care of you.

And it’s surprisingly easy to make happen, with an app called Stash.1 It lets you own pieces of well-known companies, like Amazon, Apple, Google and more for $5 or less.

Seriously — with only a few dollars, you can invest in thousands of stocks and ETFs, which can help you grow your investing portfolio and reach your retirement goals. The best part? Some companies may even send you a check every quarter for your share of profits, called dividends. If these companies profit, so can you.

It takes two minutes to sign up, and your investments are protected. With Stash, investments are held by their custodian, Apex Clearing Corporation, a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) — that’s industry talk for, “Your money comes with protection.”2

Plus, when you use the link above, Stash will give you a $5 bonus once you deposit $5 into your account.3


  1. Get Your Family Into Real Estate for as Little as $10

Take a look at some of the world’s wealthiest people. What do they have in common? Many invest in large private real estate deals. And here’s the thing: There’s no reason your family can’t, too — for as little as $10.

company called Fundrise lets you get started in the world of real estate by giving you access to a low-cost, diversified portfolio of private real estate. The best part? You don’t have to be the landlord. Fundrise does all the heavy lifting.

Fundrise’s Starter Portfolio has a minimum of only $10 and is geared toward first-time real estate investors. Your money will be invested in the company’s Flagship Fund, which already owns more than $250 million worth of real estate around the country, from apartment complexes to the red-hot housing rental market to larger last-mile e-commerce logistics centers.

Want to invest more? Fundrise offers a variety of account levels and features to fit every type of investor’s needs. Once invested, you can track your performance on Fundrise’s website and mobile app, and watch as properties are acquired, improved and operated. As tenants pay their rent, you could earn money through quarterly dividend payments, and over time, you could earn money off the potential appreciation of the property. Since 2014, Fundrise investors have earned roughly $100 million in dividends alone.


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