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Born on this day!! Harmonica player Charlie McCoy (“Hee Haw”) is 81. Actor Dianne Wiest is 76. Country singer Reba McEntire is 67. Actor Alexandra Billings (“Transparent”) is 60. Rapper Salt of Salt-N-Pepa is 56. Actor Tracey Needham (“The Division,” “JAG”) is 55. Country singer Rodney Atkins is 53. Director Brett Ratner (“Rush Hour”) is 53. Actor Vince Vaughn is 52. Rapper Mr. Cheeks of Lost Boyz is 51. Actor Ken L. (“The Parkers”) is 49. Singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson is 49. Guitarist Dave Keuning of The Killers is 46. Actor Annie Wersching (“24″) is 45. Actor Julia Stiles is 41. Singer Lady Gaga is 36. Musician Clayton Knight of Odesza is 34.


1797 – Nathaniel Briggs patented a washing machine.
1930 – The cities of Constantinople and Angora changed names to Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey.
1939 – The Spanish Civil War ended.
1941 – Author Virginia Woolf drowned herself.
1964 – The most violent earthquake (9.2) in the United States struck Prince William Sound, Alaska.
1979 – Nuclear power plant accident at Three Mile Island, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
2000 – Supreme Court rules unanimously that an anonymous tip does not justify a stop-and-frisk action against a person.

Today Is: Barnum & Bailey Day, National Triglycerides Day, Weed Appreciation Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – The Neighborhood  /  8:30 – Bob Hearts  /  9:00 – NCIS  /  10:00 – NCIS Hawaii
NBC – 8:00  – American Song Contest  /  10:00 – The End Game
ABC – 8:00 – American Idol /  10:00 – The Good Doctor
FOX – 8:00 –  911 Lone Star  /  9:00 – 911 Lone Star
CW – 8:00 –  All American  /  9:00 – All American Homecoming

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Fallon: John Oliver, Lana Condor, Buddy featuring Blxst
Seth Meyers: Mariska Hargitay, Christopher Meloni, Maren Morris, Brooke Colucci
The Daily Show: Pre-empted
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Live’s After Oscars Show
Ellen DeGeneres: David Letterman, Léa Kyle, Slavik “Vik” Vyacheslav Pustovoytov
Wendy Williams: Guest hosts Carson Kressley & Vivica A. Fox
The Real: Barry Watson, Dr. Laurie Leshin, guest co-host Kandi Burruss

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!


QUESTION: Which celebrity has written the BEST JOKE SO FAR about high gas prices?? That would be ICE T.. check it out and feel free to quote!! It’s gone viral!!!!


QUESTION: Need a little OSCAR HISTORY this morning to help with your coverage? CLICK HERE.. for a summary of who has won (and lost) the most statues!!!!!


QUESTION: Remember the nice gifts PEYTON MANNING gave to TOM BRADY when he “retired?” Now that Tom’s “un-retired,” Peyton WANTS HIS GIFTS BACK!!


QUESTION: Want to buy a TANK??? Barely used?? This Russian soldier surrenders himself and his tank for $10,000 and a promise of UKRAINIAN CITIZENSHIP!!!!
Russian T80 tank captured

QUESTION: Ever give your party guests a GIFT BAG?? Not like THIS one!! This year’s Oscar “goodie bag” is valued at a whopping $138,000!! You’ll pay 50% in taxes!!!!

Razzie Award Winners

Netflix’s Diana: The Musical swept the Razzie Awards on Saturday, taking five prizes, including Worst Picture.  Its star, Jeanna de Waal, earned the dishonor of Worst Actress, while Judy Kaye was named Worst Supporting Actress. The royal biopic also picked up the trophies for Worst Director and Worst Screenplay.  The live-action and animated hybrid, Space Jam: A New Legacy, was voted Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel and its leading man, LeBron James, scored the Worst Actor prize.  Adding insult to injury, James also was presented with the Worst On-Screen Couple award for his scenes with any Warner Bros. cartoon character.  Jared Leto was deemed Worst Supporting Actor for his performance in House of Gucci.
**********Jared Leto should get a Lifetime Achievement Award for that performance alone!!
****Ironically, these are some of the same movies that were nominated for Oscars!!
JUST A THOUGHT: If the Razzies were broadcast at the same time as the Oscars, which one would score higher ratings??

James Bond Competition Coming To Amazon

Amazon Prime Video is developing a James Bond-inspired competition series.  Variety reported Friday that 007’s Road to a Million, a TV series from James Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, is in the works at 72 Films and MGM Television.  Sources said the project has been in development at Prime Video for about four years. Amazon acquired MGM, the home of the James Bond franchise, in a $8.5 billion deal last week.  007’s Road to a Million is an eight-part series that follows a group of contestants as they compete in a global adventure to win a £1 million cash prize.  The show will film in several historic locations featured in the Bond films. Contestants will compete in two-person teams and must correctly answer questions hidden in the different locations around the world to advance to the next challenge.
*******Will there be sharks with laser beams attached to their heads???
*******We’ll watch.. but only if there’s a “Bond Babe Swimsuit Competition!!”
*****The show will be hosted by someone known only as “M!”

Bob Saget Tribute To Air On Netflix

Netflix viewers will get to watch the tribute Bob Saget’s family and close friends, including some famous comedians, put on in his memory at the famed Comedy Store shortly after his death.  One of Saget’s best friends, Mike Binder, revealed that the tribute, which was described as a night filled with laughter and memories of Saget, is heading to there the first week of June.  “We filmed it and I showed it to Netfix and I said, ‘Look at this.’ 15 minutes…The Head of Comedy said, ‘This is remarkable,’ and they bought it as a special. It airs the first week of June,” Binder said on the Dystopia Tonight! with John Poveromo podcast.  It will first air live during the “Netflix is a Joke” comedy festival, Binder said.  “It’s just an amazing special of music,” Saget’s friend added.  Saget’s intimate sendoff at the iconic comedy club took place just weeks after the comedian’s sudden death on January 9th.  Bob’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, and his daughters were joined by a bevy of his celebrity pals including John Stamos, Jeff Ross, John Mayer, Jim Carrey, and Chris Rock, for a “loosely structured” evening, Stamos’ publicist Matt Polk confirmed.
********At least he managed to get a bunch of superstar comedians together!!

Foo Fighters Drummer Dies

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins may have died from a drug overdose, though the official cause of death has not yet been determined, Colombian officials indicated on Saturday.  He died unexpectedly in a hotel room in Bogota on Friday night while the band was in South America to perform.  The Colombian Attorney General’s Office indicated in a statement Saturday that preliminary results from toxicology reports pointed to a possible drug overdose.  “Preliminary results of the urine toxicology test indicate the presence of 10 different substances: THX (Marijuana), tricyclic antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and opioids, among others,” the statement reads.  “The National Institute of Forensic Medicine continues to conduct the necessary medical studies to ascertain the cause of death.”  His death had been announced by his bandmates and representative on Friday night.  “The Foo Fighters family is devastated by the tragic and untimely loss of our beloved Taylor Hawkins,” the Texas native’s band tweeted.  “His musical spirit and infectious laughter will live on with us forever. Our hearts go out to his wife, children and family, and we ask that their privacy be treated with the utmost respect in this unimaginably difficult time.”  Foo Fighters has won 12 Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year.
********Sending a rock star to Colombia is like allowing a fox in the henhouse!!
*******Their primary export is “booger sugar!!”
UPDATE: He suffered cardiovascular collapse. He had 10 different substances in his body, but also.. his heart weighed TWICE as much as an average man’s. So.. he had an enlarged heart. 

Prince Charles May Step In For The Queen

Prince Charles may step in for his mother to read the speech from the throne at the opening of the British parliament in May.  Queen Elizabeth II, who has missed only two parliamentary openings since she became queen in 1952, has said she will decide on the day — May 10 — if she is up to the task, according to a report in the Sunday Times of London.   “The date is in Her Majesty’s diary, and she hopes to attend,” an unnamed royal source told the newspaper. “The Queen remains fit and active, and it is amazing how much she still does. But her diary is being paced to reflect the realities of a woman of her age, and to ensure that she is able to continue to do as much as she can and would like to do. All events will now be scheduled so that if Her Majesty is unable to attend at short notice, another member of the royal family will still be present.”  The Queen, who recently recovered from COVID, missed the throne speech when she was pregnant with Prince Andrew in 1959 and just before the birth of Prince Edward in 1963.
*********Meghan just emailed and said, “I’LL come back for THAT!! Let ME do it!!”
*****If Charles gives the speech, all Members of Parliament will be supplied with comfy sleeping bags!!
*********Andrew would do it, but he’s afraid it’s a “sting” operation!!!
*****Camilla is very excited for Charles!! She was seen kicking her stall in excitement!!

Kim Kardashian Shares Pete’s Lawyer Tattoo

Kim Kardashian took to social media Saturday to share one of several tattoos boyfriend Pete Davidson has dedicated to the mogul.  She posted a photo of the comic’s “MY GIRL IS A LAWYER” tattoo to Instagram Saturday. It appears the tat is place slightly above his left clavicle.  During an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” this month, she revealed that the “SNL” funnyman has not just one, but multiple tattoos in her honor.  “He has a few tattoos, a few cute ones, that he got,” the Skims founder said. “My favorite one … says, ‘My girl is a lawyer.’”  Davidson also branded Kim’s name on his chest, so that even if they split, he’ll never forget his time spent with her.  See the pic HERE!
******Pete’s gonna have to have a lot of tattoos removed when they breakup!! Or… simply date another “lawyer!!”
*******Tip for Pete: just write their names in with a felt pen!! That makes it easier to “move on!!”




Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Say What?!-(Life & Style)

“The doorbell rang.  It was a UPS guy or something.  And I opened the door and he said, ‘Do you know this house is haunted?….Because there is somebody standing behind you.’”-Courtney Cox, on a ghost living in her former home.

“I think I’m the only New York Jew who doesn’t like bagels.  They’re just so big!”-Julia Garner, who grew up in the Bronx.

“He’s the first partner I’ve ever had that uses an eye cream.”-Scarlett Johansson, on husband Colin Jost.



Robot Cleans Beaches

A Florida nonprofit has enlisted the help of a unique robot to clean cigarette butts, bottle caps and other small pieces of litter from the state’s beaches.  The nonprofit Keep Florida Beautiful said the beach cleaning robot, BeBot, was donated to the group by Surfing’s Evolution and Preservation Foundation.  “It is meant to go over soft dry sand and it sifts the very top layer of sand, removing very small pieces of debris that are often missed in manual cleanups,” Savanna Christy, executive director of Keep Florida Beautiful, told WKMG-TV.  Christy said the robot is not yet sensitive enough to clear microplastics, which measure 5 millimeters and smaller, but it can sift out anything larger than a squared centimeter.  “It does pick up plastic fragments, bottle caps, cigarette butts, plastic straws, food wrappers — you name it, it’s picking it up and sifting it out of the sand,” Christy said.  See the video HERE.
*********It also had a laser beam to vaporize annoying seagulls!! We hope!!
*******Robots are eliminating the only jobs we’re qualified for! That’s why we’re still on the air!!

Giant Surgical Mask

A Taiwan-based medical supply company broke a Guinness World Record by creating a massive surgical mask measuring 27 feet and 3 inches by 15 feet and 9 inches.  The Motex Healthcare Corp. unveiled the giant mask, a supersized version of its diamond-shaped face mask, Friday at the Motex Mask Creative House, an educational tourist attraction operated by the company in Changhua County.  A Guinness World Records adjudicator appeared at the event via video chat from London and confirmed the mask, which is 50 times larger than a standard face mask, took the record for the largest surgical mask.  Company officials said the idea for the record-breaking mask came about in early 2020 as a means of raising awareness of the importance of face masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
*********Finally! A mask large enough to cover Fauci’s ego!!
******The CDC is recommending you get one of these and have your entire family hide under it until they give the all-clear!!
*****The guy who was wearing it also set a record for the “World’s Largest Face!!”

Woman Calls 911 Over KFC Order

Police in Ohio are reminding the public not to call 911 about their fast food disputes after a woman used the emergency number to complain about her KFC order.  Chagrin Valley Dispatch 911 received a call on Tuesday from a woman who told a dispatcher she did not receive enough chicken at the KFC drive-through.  The woman said she had paid for eight pieces of chicken, but only received four.  “I only got four pieces of chicken and I want my chicken,” she told the dispatcher.  The dispatcher advised the woman that her problem was a civil matter that should be discussed with the store’s manager, but she insisted on an officer being sent to the scene.  The department said an officer arrived at the eatery and told the woman there was nothing he could do about her issue.  Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer said the situation should serve as a reminder to the public not to use 911 for non-emergency issues.  “While we are here to serve the public an incorrect drive-through order is not a police matter,” Meyer told WJW-TV.  Listen HERE.
********So what are we supposed to do when they don’t include enough barbecue sauce?? Tell us THAT’S not an emergency!!
******Most fast food emergencies involve a toilet about a half-hour after you consume the food!!
*******What should you do if KFC screws up your order?? Just wing it!!

Man Caught Smuggling Reptiles

A Southern California man is accused of smuggling more than 1,700 reptiles — including baby crocodiles and Mexican beaded lizards — into the U.S. since 2016, authorities said Thursday.  Jose Manuel Perez, also known as “Julio Rodriguez,” was taken into custody on Feb. 25 at the San Ysidro border crossing with Mexico.  Border patrol agents found about 60 lizards and snakes tied up in small bags, “which were concealed in the man’s jacket, pants pockets, and groin area,” authorities said last month. Perez allegedly told the agents that the animals were his pets.  Perez has been in federal custody since then and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles on Thursday announced additional charges on a superseding indictment that also includes Perez’s sister as a defendant.  Beginning January 2016, Perez and his sister, as well as others, are accused of using social media to buy and sell wildlife in the U.S. The animals, including Yucatan and Mexican box turtles, were allegedly imported from Mexico and Hong Kong without permits.
*******His response? “Holy guacamole, where did THOSE come from???”
******So we caught a guy smuggling reptiles.. but meanwhile, 5,000 pounds of Fentanyl came in just a few miles away!!
*****We’re just thinking: this guy had a definite hygiene problem!








Best supporting actress

Jessie Buckley (The Lost Daughter)
Ariana DeBose (West Side Story) – WINNER!
Judi Dench (Belfast)
Kirsten Dunst (The Power of the Dog)
Aunjanue Ellis (King Richard)

Best costume design

Cruella – WINNER!
Nightmare Alley
West Side Story

Best sound

Dune – WINNER!
No Time to Die
The Power of the Dog
West Side Story

Best original score

Don’t Look Up
Dune – WINNER!
Parallel Mothers
The Power of the Dog

Best adapted screenplay

Coda (Sian Heder) – WINNER!
Drive My Car (Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Takamasa Oe)
Dune (Eric Roth, Jon Spaihts, Denis Villeneuve)
The Lost Daughter (Maggie Gyllenhaal)
The Power of the Dog (Jane Campion)

Best original screenplay

Belfast (Kenneth Branagh) – WINNER!
Don’t Look Up (Adam McKay, David Sirota)
Licorice Pizza (Paul Thomas Anderson)
King Richard (Zach Baylin)
The Worst Person in the World (Eskil Vogt, Joachim Trier)

Best animated short

Robin Robin
The Windshield Wiper – WINNER!

Best live action short

Ala Kachuu – Take and Run
The Dress
The Long Goodbye – WINNER!
On My Mind
Please Hold

Best supporting actor

Ciarán Hinds (Belfast)
Troy Kotsur (Coda) – WINNER!
Jesse Plemons (The Power of the Dog)
JK Simmons (Being the Ricardos)
Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Power of the Dog)

Best film editing

Don’t Look Up
Dune – WINNER!
King Richard
The Power of the Dog
tick, tick… BOOM!

Best makeup & hairstyling

Coming 2 America
The Eyes of Tammy Faye – WINNER!
House of Gucci

Best animated feature

Encanto – WINNER!
The Mitchells Vs the Machines
Raya and the Last Dragon

Best documentary feature

Summer of Soul – WINNER!
Writing With Fire

Best documentary short

Lead Me Home
The Queen of Basketball – WINNER!
Three Songs for Benazir
When We Were Bullies

Best original song

Be Alive (King Richard)
Dos Oruguitas (Encanto)
Down to Joy (Belfast)
No Time to Die (No Time to Die) – WINNER!
Somehow You Do (Four Good Days)

Best cinematography

Dune – WINNER!
Nightmare Alley
The Power of the Dog
The Tragedy of Macbeth
West Side Story

Best international feature

Drive My Car – WINNER!
The Hand of God
Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom
The Worst Person in the World

Best production design

Dune – WINNER!
Nightmare Alley
The Power of the Dog
The Tragedy of Macbeth
West Side Story

Best visual effects

Dune – WINNER!
Free Guy
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
No Time to Die
Spider-Man: No Way Home

Best actress

Jessica Chastain (The Eyes of Tammy Faye) – WINNER!
Olivia Colman (The Lost Daughter)
Penélope Cruz (Parallel Mothers)
Nicole Kidman (Being the Ricardos)
Kristen Stewart (Spencer)

Best actor

Benedict Cumberbatch (The Power of the Dog)
Andrew Garfield (tick, tick … BOOM!)
Will Smith (King Richard) – WINNER!
Denzel Washington (The Tragedy of Macbeth)

Best director

Kenneth Branagh (Belfast)
Drive My Car (Ryûsuke Hamaguchi)
Paul Thomas Anderson (Licorice Pizza)
Jane Campion (The Power of the Dog) – WINNER!
Steven Spielberg (West Side Story)

Best picture

Coda – WINNER!
Don’t Look Up
Drive My Car
King Richard
Licorice Pizza
Nightmare Alley
The Power of the Dog
West Side Story



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