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Born on this day!! Dancer Carmen de Lavallade is 92. Actor-writer Joanna Miles is 83. Actor Ben Murphy is 81. Drummer Hugh Grundy of The Zombies is 78. Guitarist David Gilmour of Pink Floyd is 77. Singer Kiki Dee is 76. Actor Anna Maria Horsford (“The Bold and the Beautiful”) is 76. Actor-director Rob Reiner is 76. TV personality John Stossel is 76. Sports correspondent Armen Keteyian is 70. Actor Tom Arnold is 64. Actor D.L. Hughley (“The Hughleys”) is 60. Country songwriter Skip Ewing is 59. Actor Connie Britton (“Nashville”) is 56. Actor Shuler Hensley is 56. Actor Moira Kelly (“One Tree Hill”) is 55. Actor Amy Pietz (“Aliens in America,” ″Caroline in the City”) is 54. Guitarist Chris Broderick of Megadeth is 53. Country singer Trent Willmon is 50. Guitarist Shan Farmer (Ricochet) is 49. Rapper Beanie Sigel is 49. Rapper Bubba Sparxxx is 46. Actor Shaun Evans (“Endeavour”) is 43. Drummer Chris Tomson of Vampire Weekend is 39. Actor Eli Marienthal is 37. Rapper-producer Tyler, the Creator is 32. Actor Millicent Simmonds (“A Quiet Place,” “Wonderstruck”) is 20.


1857 – The Supreme Court ruled in Dred Scott v. Sandford that slaves were not citizens.
1836 – The Alamo fell to Mexican forces.
1930 – Clarence Birdseye started to sell prepackaged frozen food for the first time, in Springfield, Massachusetts.
1957 – The former British colonies of Togoland and the Gold Coast united to form independent Ghana.
1981 – Walter Cronkite, “the most trusted man in America,” retired from the CBS Evening News and was replaced by Dan Rather.
1997 – Queen Elizabeth II launched the first royal website.

Today Is: Casimir Pulaski Day, Day of The Dude, Fun Facts About Names Day, National Dentist’s Day, National Dress Day, Oreo Cookie Day, Purim, Sofia Kovalevskaya Math Day, Ta’Anit Esther, World Tennis Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – The Neighborhood / 8:30 – Bob Heart Abishola / 9:00 – NCIS / 10:00 – NCIS Hawaii
NBC – 8:00 – The Voice / 10:00 – Quantum Leap
ABC – 8:00 – The Bachelor / 10:00 – The Good Doctor
FOX – 8:00 – 911 /  9:00 – Fantasy Island
CW – 8:00 – All American / 9:00 – All American Homecoming

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Fallon: Chance the Rapper, Maude Apatow
Seth Meyers: Hank Azaria, Diane Morgan, Urian Hackney
Watch What Happens Live: Sam Claflin, Jimmy Fallon
Daily Show: Guest host Marlon Wayans
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Jenna Ortega, Monica Mangin
Drew Barrymore: Gigi Hadid, Tan France
Jennifer Hudson: Adam Pally, Jerry O’Connell

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Is someone being TOO LOUD in the seat next to you on the plane? This fashionista has come up with the perfect way to get them to shut up!! It’s brilliant, and it works EVERY TIME!!!


QUESTION: Did Chris Rock SLAM Will Smith in his Netflix special?? Yes he did!!! But who ELSE did he slam?? MEGHAN MARKLE.. for saying that the Royal Family is RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Is it a sign of the END TIMES?? The MULLET is making a COMEBACK!! And a new study shows that people WITH mullets have a lot more FUN than people WITHOUT mullets!!!!


QUESTION: Can you believe the offendinistas went after IDRIS ELBA for NOT calling himself a “black actor??” He slaps back and says “THAT’S STUPID!!” He can call himself anything he wants!!
Idris Elba on Twitter

QUESTION: What did we LEARN after spending $33.99 for Prince Harry’s 90-minute therapy session?? 1) The doctor says he has ADD and PTSD, and 2) He takes PSYCHEDELICS for therapy!! Worth it!
Asked by Dr Maté if he saw himself as a victim, Harry said: 'I certainly don't'

Tom Sizemore Dies

Saving Private Ryan and True Romance actor Tom Sizemore died Friday at a Los Angeles area hospital about two weeks after suffering a brain aneurysm. He was 61.  “It is with great sadness and sorrow I have to announce that actor Thomas Edward Sizemore (‘Tom Sizemore’) aged 61 passed away peacefully in his sleep today at St. Joseph’s Hospital Burbank. His Brother Paul and twin boys Jayden and Jagger (17) were at his side,” the star’s representative Charles Lago said in a statement.  On Wednesday, Sizemore’s family released another statement saying his condition wasn’t improving.  “The family is now deciding end of life matters and a further statement will be issued on Wednesday,” they said.  “We are asking for privacy for his family during this difficult time and they wish to thank everyone for the hundreds of messages of support, and prayers that have been received. This has been a difficult time for them.”  The actor has dozens of film and TV credits on his resume, including Heat, Black Hawk Down, Born on the Fourth of July, Pearl Harbor, Point Break, Wyatt Earp, Natural Born Killers and Twin Peaks.

Chris Rock’s Special Blasts Will Smith

During his live Netflix special, “Selective Outrage,” Chris Rock finally let it rip in front of a surely huge at-home audience about the infamous 2022 Oscars at which Will Smith slapped him onstage.  “Everybody called that man a b—h,” Rock said about the media’s reaction to Smith’s well-reported marital problems in the lead-up to the Oscars. “And who’d he hit? Me! A [N-word] he knows he could beat. That is some b—h-ass s–t.”  He joked of the physical pain: “It still hurts! I got ‘Summertime’ ringin’ in my ear!”   “Right now we live in a world where the emergency room is filled with motherf—ers with paper cuts,” he said.  “You will never see me on Oprah or Gayle crying. You will never see it. Never gonna happen. ‘I couldn’t believe it! And I loved ‘Men in Black’!’,” Rock mockingly whimpered. “No! F–k that s–t. I took that hit like Pacquiao!”  While Rock devoted his final ten minutes to the Smith scandal, the first hour brilliantly tore into touchy topics such as performative wokeness and Meghan Markle.  The comic nimbly eviscerated Prince Harry’s wife’s never-ending outrage over the British royals’ alleged racist tendencies.  “It’s the royal family!,” he said. “You didn’t Google these motherf—-ers? What the f–k is she talking about ‘She didn’t know’?!”   He went on: “That’s like marrying into the Budweiser family and going, ‘They drink a lot.’”
*******Good timing… right before the Oscars!!!
****Gee.. we wonder if Will Smith was watching this stuff??
****Chris Rock: “My parents told me not to fight in front of white people!!” Here’s a tip, Chris: Do NOT scroll through YouTube!!!

Rachael Ray Ending TV Show

Rachael Ray’s syndicated daytime TV show is coming to an end after 17 seasons.  She confirmed the news Friday in a statement.  “In my more than 20 plus years in television, I have had 17 wonderful seasons working in daytime television with ‘Rachael,’” the statement reads.  “However I’ve made the decision that’s it’s time for me to move on to the next exciting chapter in my broadcast career.”  The news comes hours after the Food Network star announced that she is teaming up with Intentional Content Team to launch a new production company, Free Food Studios.  “My passions have evolved from the talk show format production and syndication model to a platform unencumbered by the traditional rules of distribution,” her statement continued.   “I am truly excited to be able to introduce and develop new and upcoming epicurean talent on all platforms … Thank you to all of our ‘Rachael’ daytime show partners, crew, and affiliates, and the wonderful years we all worked together.”
*******Rachael Ray’s show is a good case for why MAKEUP can be important!! Not wearing any is not a good idea!!!

Meghan and Harry Receive Invite To Coronation – But Will They Go?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have received their invitation to King Charles III’s coronation — but whether they’ll head to the U.K. for the May 6 crowning ceremony is still unclear.  A spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex told The Sunday Times in a statement this weekend, “I can confirm The Duke has recently received email correspondence from His Majesty’s office regarding the coronation. An immediate decision on whether The Duke and Duchess will attend will not be disclosed by us at this time.” Buckingham Palace had no comment.  Last month, a source close to them told PEOPLE that an invitation to the historic event had yet to be extended. However, a palace insider said that the couple would be invited to his father’s coronation.  King Charles was said to be eager for the situation “calm down” in time for his coronation.  A source close to the royal household told PEOPLE: “It is such a momentous occasion for Charles, and he would want his son to be at the coronation to witness it. He would like to have Harry back in the family. If they don’t sort it out, it will always be part of the King’s reign and how he has left his family disjointed. He has had a reputation as a distant parent, and it would be awful for him for that to continue.”  The news of Meghan and Harry receiving an invitation to the coronation comes just days after a spokesperson for the couple’s Archewell Foundation confirmed to PEOPLE that they have been asked to leave their U.K. home.
******They’ll be seated in the “overflow room!!”
*****There was a note included that said, “Be nice, and you may be upgraded on the day of the Coronation!!”
****Meghan’s response? “We’ll just wait for the day that Archie is crowned!!!”
*****They don’t have a palace to go back to, but Charles has offered to play for their AirBNB!!!
UPDATE: They’ve reportedly been offered an apartment in Buckingham Palace!! What an insult!!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Red Carpet Royals!-(Us Weekly)

London, Feb. 19

Prince William and Princess Kate shared a laugh at the BAFTA Awards, where the cameras caught Kate giving her husband a playful pat on the bum!



Bear Tips From The National Park Service

The National Park Service offered some sage advice for park visitors who encounter bears: “Never push a slower friend down.”  The NPS said on its official Twitter account that feeding another human to a bear is never the answer.  “If you come across a bear, never push a slower friend down…even if you feel the friendship has run its course,” the NPS tweeted.  A reply to the tweet asked what a park visitor should do if they are the slower friend, to which NPS said: “Check in on the friendship before you head to the woods.”  “Seeing a bear in the wild is a special treat for any visitor to a national park. While it is an exciting moment, it is important to remember that bears in national parks are wild and can be dangerous,” officials wrote in a follow-up tweet.  The NPS shared a link to its page of bear encounter advice, which includes hiking in groups, picking up small children and keeping food away from the animals.
*******Other options: Run!! Run like 1) mad, 2) crazy, 3) Your life depended on it!!!
****TIP: Selfies with wild bears seldom turn out the way you see it in your head!!!
****If you have a bag of food, throw it to your friend and head in the other direction!!

Intruder Was A Deer

A New Brunswick couple who initially thought a burglar had broken into their home discovered the invader was actually a panicked deer.  Ray and Katie O’Donnell said they arrived at their Hampton home from a trip to the grocery store to find a window had been broken.  The couple initially thought there was a burglar inside, but quickly discovered the culprit was a deer that made its way to the basement.  The couple’s son, Colin O’Donnell, came to the house with a friend to help usher the animal out of the house.  Colin O’Donnell posted a video to Facebook documenting the attempts to eject the trespasser.  A Department of Natural Resources officer soon arrived at the home and was able to encourage the deer to run up the stairs and out the door.  The Department of Natural Resources said the deer did not appear to be seriously injured, but the O’Donnells said the animal left a trail of destruction through their house.
********This is why we can’t keep anything nice!!!
****Wild animals leave a trail of destruction very similar to a middle school slumber party!!

Florida Man Flips Off Cops Then Gets Hit By Truck!

A Florida motorcyclist is facing multiple charges after he blew through a red light while fleeing from local police and flipping them off seconds before getting T-boned by an oncoming truck.   “Here’s a good way to get yourself killed,” the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post.  The three-minute video shared by police shows Deputy Bissonnete attempt to pull over a group of motorcyclists who were “popping wheelies” late on Friday, March 3.  The group ignored authorities requests to pull over and decided to speed off, leading police on a high-speed chase.  Dashcam footage shows the group of motorcyclists recklessly weaving in between cars at a high speed.  When approaching a red light, the group ignored it and continued fleeing from deputies.   One of the motorcyclists, Joshua Richardson, looked back and flipped police the bird before continuing to travel into the intersection – directly into the path of an oncoming truck.  Richardson miraculously survived the crash and briefly attempted to run on foot before he was apprehended by police.  On body camera footage released by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, Richardson is seen writhing on the ground and telling deputies he is in a lot of pain.  See the video HERE.
*******And this isn’t even the dumbest thing that happened in Florida that day!!!








8 Quick Ways To Snap Yourself Out Of A Bad Mood

Huffington Post

Try breathing exercises.

“The one thing that’s at all of our disposals is using our breath” to get out of a bad mood, said Gregory Sullivan, the program director of the positive coaching and athletic leadership masters program at the University of Missouri.  He recommends trying one of two breathing exercises the next time you feel down. One option is the “physiological sigh,” consisting of two quick inhales followed by one long exhale.  “What that does is it removes [carbon dioxide] from our body and makes us feel a little bit more relaxed,” Sullivan said.  This double inhale increases the lung’s ability to fill with air and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the body, Andrew Huberman, a professor of neurobiology at Stanford Medicine, told the school’s podcast. According to Huberman, increased levels of carbon dioxide activate our body’s stress response, so being able to push out carbon dioxide also decreases our stress.  And, Sullivan added, breathing impacts the body’s vagus nerve and “takes us out of that fight, flight or freeze mentality.” So, that long exhale helps you relax.  You can also try the 6-7-8 breathing exercise, which is breathing in through your nose for six seconds, holding your breath for seven seconds, and then exhaling for eight seconds, he noted.  When it comes to breathing exercises, Sullivan said they allow the body to control the mind rather than the mind controlling the mind. And “it shifts our focus away from what may be troubling us,” he added.

Turn to fitness.

You’ve likely heard many times that exercise is good for your mental health, and the same goes for its impact on helping you get out of a bad mood, according to Sarah Sarkis, an executive coach and senior director of performance psychology at Exos, a corporate wellness company.  “Move your body for 15 [to] 20 minutes,” Sarkis said. “You will get a shot of endorphins and adrenaline, which can help us quickly shift perspectives.”  When you’re not feeling your best, turn to a favorite fitness routine like running, yoga, tennis or indoor cycling. If you’re in a bad mood, you won’t want to put more pressure on yourself by doing a workout you don’t like.

Focus on others instead of yourself.

Shifting your focus away from yourself is a great way to lift your spirits, Sullivan said. He added that one of the earliest contributors to positive psychology, Chris Peterson, stressed the importance of other people when it comes to your mental health. Helping or building relationships with others will only make you feel better (and help kick that bad mood).  “The simple thing would be deciding that during the day you’re going to do some random acts of kindness or [ask] a coworker if they could use some help,” Sullivan said.  So, if you find yourself in a bad mood, you could try reaching out to a friend who is going through a tough time or donating items to an organization that needs support.  Sullivan added that shifting your focus away from yourself is one of the most powerful ways to defeat a bad mood.

Spend time outside.

Study after study has found that nature is good for your mental health — spending time outside can lower stress levels, lower anxiety and, generally, just put a smile on your face.  “Nature can be medicine if we use it that way, and getting outside and changing your perspective can sometimes shift your mood rather quickly,” Sarkis added.  She said that adding music to your time outside can be even more beneficial and can “interrupt the cognitive loop that gets set very quickly once we are ‘in a bad mood.’”

Practice gratitude.

“The most powerful and helpful of all positive emotions is gratitude — being grateful just makes us happier,” Sullivan said, ”and being happy and in a bad mood is certainly incompatible behavior.”  To tune into your inner gratitude, think about two or three things in your life for which you’re grateful, he said. These don’t have to be big things, they can be something simple like the smell of a new candle or the weather.

You can practice gratitude at the beginning or the end of the day, though Sullivan said he prefers to do it to close out his day.  “Thinking about gratitude, it helps me sleep,” he said. Bonus: Sleep is an important tool for avoiding bad moods.

Stay in the moment.

“Oftentimes when we’re in a bad mood, we are ruminating about something that happened in the past, or we’re worrying about something in the future,” Ellingsen said.  “Experts believe that about 90% of the things that we worry about never happen,” Sullivan explained. So, most of those worries contributing to your mood are usually pretty pointless.   “We can very intentionally do something behaviorally to bring ourselves to the present moment, whether that’s deep breathing or just tuning into our senses to really bring ourselves away from what [we’re] worrying about,” Ellingsen stated.  In other words, practicing mindfulness in these moments is a good idea, which can mean doing the breathing exercises mentioned above or trying out meditation.  Sullivan added that another way to get rid of worrisome thoughts about the past or future is to argue with yourself. So, say you are nervous about an upcoming conversation with your boss. Instead of giving in to those thoughts, question why you feel that way. On top of that, remind yourself of the previous talks with your boss that went well. This may help calm you down.

If you’re upset, grab an ice pack.

According to Ellingsen, you can do things that act on your body’s chemistry and kind of trick yourself into being calm.   “One thing that is actually quite effective, particularly if you are really angry … is to literally cool down your body, so taking an ice pack and putting it on your forehead,” she said.  There is something about the physical cooling effect that brings on a sense of relaxation, Ellingsen added.

Focus on your muscles.

Ellingsen said you could also try progressive muscle relaxation to help better your mood.  For this, you practice tensing and then relaxing certain parts of your body — so, you can start by making a fist and then relaxing or shrugging your shoulders up high and then letting them go, she said.  “Again, that can trick your body into relaxation mode,” Ellingsen noted.


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