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Born on this day!! Pianist Peter Nero is 89. Actor-director Richard Benjamin is 85. Actor Frank Converse is 85. Actor Barbara Parkins (“Peyton Place,” ″Valley of the Dolls”) is 81. Songwriter Bernie Taupin is 73. Actor Al Corley (“Dynasty”) is 68. Singer Morrissey is 64. Actor Ann Cusack (“Jeff Foxworthy Show,” ″A League of Their Own”) is 62. Bassist Dana Williams of Diamond Rio is 62. Guitarist Jesse Valenzuela of Gin Blossoms is 61. Actor Mark Christopher Lawrence (“Chuck”) is 59. Singer Johnny Gill is 57. Bassist Dan Roberts of Crash Test Dummies is 56. Actor Brooke Smith (“Grey’s Anatomy,” ″The Silence of the Lambs”) is 56. Actor Michael Kelly (“House of Cards”) is 54. Model Naomi Campbell is 53. Actor Anna Belknap (“CSI: NY”) is 51. Singer Donell Jones is 50. Actor Sean Gunn (“Guardians of the Galaxy,” ″Gilmore Girls”) is 49. Actor A.J. Langer (“Private Practice”) is 49. Actor Ginnifer Goodwin (“Once Upon A Time”) is 45. Singer Vivian Green is 44. Actor Maggie Q (“Insurgent,” ″Divergent”) is 44. Actor Molly Ephraim (“Last Man Standing”) is 37. Actor Anna Baryshnikov (“Superior Donuts”) is 31. Actor Camren Bicondova (“Gotham”) is 24.


1455 – The first battle in the 30-year War of Roses took place at St. Albans.
1761 – The first life insurance policy in the United States was issued in Philadelphia.
1849 – Abraham Lincoln received patent number 6469 for his floating dry dock.
1927 – An earthquake near Xining, China, measuring 8.3 claimed approximately 200,000 victims.
1947 – Harry S. Truman’s Doctrine brought aid to Greece and Turkey to combat the spread of Communism.
1972 – Richard Nixon arrived in Moscow, becoming the first U.S. president to visit the Soviet Union.
1990 – North Yemen and South Yemen merged to form the Republic of Yemen.
1992 – Johnny Carson hosted the last episode of his Tonight Show.
2003 – The UN Security Council approved a resolution lifting the economic sanctions against Iraq and supporting the U.S.-led administration in Iraq.
2011 – At least 140 people are killed and hundreds more injured as a three-quarter-mile-wide tornado hits Joplin, Missouri. The tornado is among the deadliest in the nation’s history, destroying nearly a third of the city and damaging about 2,000 buildings, including water treatment and sewage plants.
2012 – Tokyo Skytree, which at 634 meters high is the tallest tower in the world, opened to the public.

Today Is: Canadian Immigrants Day, Harvey Milk Day, International Being You Day, International Day for Biological Diversity, National Craft Distillery Day, National Maritime Day, NF2 Awareness Day, Sherlock Holmes Day, US Colored Troops Day, Victoria Day, World Goth Day, World Paloma Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – The Neighborhood  /  8:30 – Bob Hearts Abishola  /  9:00 – NCIS  /  10:00 – NCIS: Hawaii
NBC – 8:00 – The Voice / 10:00 – That’s My Jam
ABC – 8:00 – Jeopardy Masters  /  9:00 – 2020 Special
FOX – 8:00 – TMZ Britney Spears /  9:00 – Animal Control  /  9:30 – Animal Control
CW – 8:00 – Pen and Teller / 9:00 – The Flash

TV Talk Shows

Watch What Happens Live: Pre-empted
Live with Kelly and Mark: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Leslie Bibb
Jennifer Hudson: Samuel L. Jackson

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Wondering if there are HIDDEN CAMERAS IN YOUR HOTEL ROOM?? This flight attendant shares the most common places they may be hidden!!!!!!


QUESTION: Could YOU do it?? Check out the celebs who do NOT have a smartphone!! (Like Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Sarah Jessica Parker and Tom Cruise!)


QUESTION: Is it TOUGH TO BE A MOM when you’re rich, famous and beautiful?? YES! Kim Kardashian says she “Cries herself to sleep” some nights!!!!!!


QUESTION: Does Harry have a little West Hollywood “Spare BNB” where he can spend time away from Meghan and the kids?? Check it out.. he denies it!!
San Vicente Bungalows

QUESTION: Wanna see something REALLY COOL?? It’s called “The Invisible House” in Joshua Tree, California, and it’s for sale for $18 MILLION!!!!!
The Invisible House's mirror-clad facade creates the illusion of the home disappearing into the desert landscape.

Family Drama: Priscilla Presley Attends Twin Granddaughter’s Graduation Ceremony, Riley Keough Doesn’t Show

*******It’s hard to keep track, but here goes: the twin granddaughters, Harper and Finley, were by Lisa Marie’s second husband!! Riley and her brother Benjamin (no longer with us), were from Lisa Marie’s first marriage, meaning that Riley is a half-sister!! Got it??
*****Riley and Priscilla just had a big dust-up over Lisa Marie’s will, and a lot of people think she didn’t attend the graduation for that reason!!
*****As far as we’re concerned, any reason is good enough to not attend a graduation!! They’re brutal!!
BY THE WAY, they say that Riley Keough is the sole living heir of Lisa Marie, but what about her half-siblings?? What are they, chopped liver??
******Elvis must be spinning in his grave!! Or swiveling!!

Ed Sheeran Surprises Two Tampa Bay Area High Schools With Concert Tix And A Performance

********And while he was there, he asked the kids, “Got any song ideas I can steal??”
*********Of course they gave him the ultimate compliment: “My mom LOVES you!!!”
****As long as the wind doesn’t blow his hair up and show the bald spot, he’s good!!!
****He slipped into their band practices, donated guitars and played “Perfect” for them!! Then they played “Photograph” for him!! (true) 

Massachusetts Dad Saves The Day By Paying $21,000 For Taylor Swift Tickets After StubHub Snafu

********This is a guy who REALLY hates it when his daughter cries!! And she knows it!!
****He originally bought four tix on StubHub and didn’t get ’em!! (What are the chances??)
*****He not only bought four tix on another site for $21,000, he also got ’em a limo to the concert!!
*****This just set the bar wayyyy too high for her eventual boyfriend or husband!! “Daddy did whatever it took to make me happy!!”
*****All of this started with the Ticketmaster fiasco!! We blame them!!

Nick Cannon Talks About How He Splits Time With His 12 Kids

*********He has them stand out on the front lawn while he drives by and waves!!!
****The moms say, “the most important thing about daddy is the money he sends every month!!”
****On Father’s Day he rents out SoFi Stadium just so he has enough room!!!
*******In contrast, our kids could talk to us anytime they wanted!! All they had to is be caller 10 on the contest and request line!!

Wendy Williams Reps Say She Is Not Hospitalized Despite Reports

*******Of course, they were calling from the hospital!!!
*******She’s got Gravy Disease, so anything is possible!!
*******She heard that Jamie Foxx is in rehab, so she’s just tracking him down!!!!
TRUE FACTS: Wendy is 58, and she can fart and burp at the same time. She can rest on her laurels!!!

Beyonce and Jay-Z Pay $200 Million For A Malibu Getaway House

*********It’s now the priciest house in California history!!
*****Of course, there are homeless dudes living on the beach in Malibu for NOTHING!!
*****Beyonce loves the luxury of this 40,000-square-foot mansion!! It comes with chrome-plated butt scratchers!!
*******The home is built mostly in concrete.. to keep costs down!!
*****It’s situated on 8 acres, which means plenty of room for Jay Z to bury bodies!!

Jeopardy Producer Addresses Criticism Over Current Hosts

********Mayim or Ken.. which do YOU prefer??
****The producer, Michael Davies says, “Blah blah blah Ken, blah blah Mayim, blah blah don’t blame us, Alex died, blah blah blah!!”



Say What?!-(National Enquirer)

Movie vampire Nicolas Cage says he can remember being inside his mother’s womb!  When asked about his earliest memory, the 59-year-old actor says he recalls “faces in the dark” from before he was born!  “I know that sounds powerfully abstract, but that somehow seems like maybe it happened.”



Why did you have to go the ER??
Ever find a camera in an AirBNB??
What is the funkiest song you can think of?




You Can Buy A Hamburger In Philly For $700!

*****It’s an 8-ounce burger, covered in gold (true)!!!!
******So you can pay $700 for that, or just walk around Philly ’till someone pulls a knife and steals your money!!
TOPIC: So, after you eat a burger with gold on it, don’t you feel weird about pooping it out?? Wouldn’t you feel like you should try to “pan for gold??”
*****The burger is Wagyu beef with caviar, black truffle, lobster flambeed with cognac, topped with aged Irish cheddar and drizzled with honey. Oh, and fried are included, as well as 1 ounce of louis XIII cognac!! (How much WITHOUT the fries??)
*****Take THAT, Wendy’s!!!!!

California Man Visits Every Country In The World

*****And he did it by simply dropping acid!!
*****When he finally got back to to California, he said “What the f**k happened???”
*****He now wants to start his own country, “Slowjamistan!!” (true) We’re in!!

Japanese Ice Cream Company Creates Ice Cream Flavor That Costs $6,696 Per Serving

*****It contains a rare white truffle that sells for $6,905 a pound, Parmigiano Reggiano and Sake!!
*****This sounds like the perfect dessert for the $700 burger!!
*****Meanwhile, we don’t have enough spare change to flag down the ice cream man!!

Doctor Busted For Having The Custodian Help Out In Surgery

******Hey, somebody had to clean up!!!
****He was just amputating a toe (true)!! So what?? He had the custodian hold his mop under the guy’s foot so he could get an angle on it!! (not true) But he DID hold the guy’s leg and pass surgical instruments!
********The patient heard the doctor say, “Let’s do this Nazi-style!!”










5 Companies That Send People Money When They’re Asked Nicely

The Penny Hoarder


  1. Ask This Website to Help Pay Your Credit Card Bill This Month

No, like… the whole bill. All of it.  While you’re stressing out over your debt, your credit card company is getting rich off those insane interest rates. But a website called Fiona could help you pay off that bill as soon as tomorrow.  Here’s how it works: Fiona can match you with a low-interest loan you can use to pay off every credit card balance you have. The benefit? You’re left with just one bill to pay every month, and because the interest rate is so much lower, you can get out of debt so much faster. Plus, no credit card payment this month.  If your credit score is at least 620, Fiona can help you borrow up to $250,000 (no collateral needed) with fixed rates starting at 5.99% and terms from 6 to 144 months.  Fiona won’t make you stand in line or call a bank. And if you’re worried you won’t qualify, it’s free to check online. It takes just two minutes, and it could save you thousands of dollars. Totally worth it.  All that credit card debt — and the anxiety that comes with it — could be gone by tomorrow.

  1. Let This Secret Tool Show You if You’re Overspending

Ever felt that sinking feeling after shopping online? Overpaying will do that to you.  Luckily, a free browser extension called Capital One Shopping will warn you if you’re about to overpay on a purchase. This free browser extension scans over 30,000 websites to find the best price — plus any available promo codes. You can even set up price-drop alerts so you can sit back and wait until the price is right.  In the last year, this has saved people $160 million.

  1. Get Paid Up to $140/Month Just for Sharing Your Honest Opinion

It sounds strange, but brands want to hear your opinion. It helps them make business decisions, so they’re willing to pay you for it — up to $140 a month.  A free site called Branded Surveys will pay you up to $5 per survey for sharing your thoughts with their brand partners. Taking three quick surveys a day could earn up to $140 each month.  It takes just a minute to create a free account and start getting paid to speak your mind. Most surveys take five to 15 minutes, and you can check how long they’ll take ahead of time.   And you don’t need to build up tons of money to cash out, either — once you earn $5, you can cash out via PayPal, your bank account, a gift card or Amazon. You’ll get paid within 48 hours of your payout being processed, just for sharing your opinions.  They’ve already paid users more than $20 million since 2012, and the most active users can earn a few hundred dollars a month. Plus, they’ve got an “excellent” rating on Trustpilot.  It takes just a minute to set up your account and start getting paid to take surveys. Plus, right now, you’ll get a free 100-point welcome bonus just for becoming part of the community.

  1. See If you Can Get Car Insurance For as Low as $19/Month*

When was the last time you compared car insurance rates? Chances are you’re seriously overpaying with your current policy.   If it’s been more than six months since your last car insurance quote, you should look again.   And if you look through a website called CheapRatesOnline, you could save yourself up to $500 a year*.  It takes just two minutes to answer some questions, and CheapRatesOnline’s smart matching technology will show you the insurance providers that are the best fit for you. And don’t worry — CheapRatesOnline uses advanced data security and encryption technology, so all your details are safe.  The website is free to use and can even save you up to an additional 20% if you add another vehicle to your policy. You could be paying as little as $19 a month* for car insurance.  CheapRatesOnline has already helped millions of people find affordable car insurance. See how much money you could save with a new policy.

  1. Ask This Company to Reduce a Big Chunk of Your Credit Card Debt 

Not trying to be dramatic, but card debt is like a dark, suffocating abyss that swallows your finances and leaves you feeling trapped and helpless.   So, what if you could just… get rid of credit card debt that’s weighing you down?  A company called Freedom Debt Relief could help you do just that. Its negotiators could work directly with your credit card companies to reduce your overall credit card debt.  It’s free to talk with a Freedom Debt Relief debt consultant to determine the best strategy for your situation. You’ll need to show why you’re struggling to make your payments and tell them a little bit about your finances.  Then, Freedom Debt Relief will work out just how much of your debt they could reduce — they’ve already helped over 850,000 people settle over $15 billion in debt.  Once enrolled in the program, Freedom Debt Relief will negotiate a settlement with your creditor, and if you approve the offer they come back with, you’ll pay off that reduced balance though a monthly program deposit.It’s free to see just how much of your debt you can get rid of.


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