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Born on this day!! Actor Michael Callan is 86. Comedian-director Terry Gilliam (Monty Python) is 81. Actor Tom Conti is 80. Singer Jesse Colin Young (The Youngbloods) is 80. Guitarist-actor Little Steven (The E Street Band, “The Sopranos”) is 71. Bassist Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads is 71. Actor Lin Tucci (“Orange Is The New Black”) is 70. Singer Lawrence Gowan of Styx is 65. Actor Richard Kind (“Spin City,” ″Mad About You”) is 65. Actor Jamie Lee Curtis is 63. Singer “Farmer Jason” Ringenberg (Jason and the Scorchers) is 63. Actor Mariel Hemingway is 60. Actor-producer Brian Robbins (“Head of the Class”) is 58. Actor Stephen Geoffreys is 57. Actor Nicholas Rowe (“The Crown”) is 55. Actor Michael Kenneth Williams (“12 Years a Slave,” ″Boardwalk Empire”) is 55. Actor Mark Ruffalo is 54. Actor Sidse Babett Knudsen (“Westworld”) is 53. Drummer Chris Fryar of Zac Brown Band is 51. Actor Tyler Hilton (“One Tree Hill”) is 38. Actor Scarlett Johannson is 37. Actor Jamie Campbell Bower (“Twilight” movies) is 33. Actor Alden Ehrenreich (“Solo: A Star Wars Story,” “Hail, Caesar”) is 32. Singer Candice Glover (“American Idol”) is 32. Actor Dacre Montgomery (“Stranger Things”) is 27. Actor Mackenzie Lintz (“Under the Dome”) is 25.


1497 – Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama became the first navigator to sail around the Cape of Good Hope in his search for a sea route to India.
1718 – Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard the pirate, was killed off the east coast of North America.
1842 – Mount St. Helens in Washington state erupted. Ash fallout reached as far as 48 mi away.
1906 – “S-O-S” was adopted as a distress signal at the International Radio Telegraphic Convention in Berlin.
1943 – President Franklin Roosevelt, British prime minister Winston Churchill, and Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek met in Cairo to discuss measures for defeating Japan.
1963 – President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while riding in a motorcade in Dallas.
1990 – Margaret Thatcher announced her resignation as prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Today Is: Do Dah Day (Pasadena), Humane Society Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer  /  9:00 – NCIS  /  10:00 – NCIS Hawaii
NBC – 8:00  – The Voice  /  10:00 – Ordinary Joe
ABC – 8:00 – Dancing With The Stars  /  10:00 – The Good Doctor
FOX – 8:00 –  911   /  9:00 – 911
CW – 8:00 –  All American  /  9:30 – 4400

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Sandra Bullock, Bill Burr, Lizzy McAlpine
Jimmy Fallon: Jeremy Renner, Kristin Chenoweth, Ali Kolbert
Stephen Colbert: Andrew Garfield, José Andres
Seth Meyers: Michael Che, Rep. Adam Schiff, Jon Epcar
James Corden: Adrien Brody, Zazie Beetz, Little Simz
Daily Show: Pre-empted
Watch What Happens Live: Pre-empted
The View: Sonequa Martin-Green, guest co-host Kristen Soltis Anderson
The Talk: Taye Diggs, Scott Conant
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Halle Berry, David Muir
Ellen DeGeneres: Dennis Quaid, Kaitlyn Dever
Wendy Williams: Devyn Simone, Bevy Smith, Elizabeth Wagmeister, Michael Yo
The Real: Guest co-host Tami Roman
Kelly Clarkson: Kirsten Dunst, Brooke Shields, Lawrence Zarian
Tamron Hall: Iman, Lynda Carter
Drew Barrymore: Charlamagne Tha God, Anita Kopacz, Pilar Valdes

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Why do this woman’s MARRIAGE RULES make so many people ANGRY?? She simply bans him from having opposite sex friends, and NO PORN!!!!!!


QUESTION: Is it an American CRIME WAVE? 25 cars pull up to NORDSTROM, a flash mob leaps out and LOOTS THE STORE! (They did Louis Vuitton weeks ago)


QUESTION: Do you use your CELLPHONE on the TOILET?? Most people say their legs and butts have GONE NUMB from scrolling so long!! And there’s MORE…….


QUESTION: Who IS Alex Cooper and why does she have a $60 MILLION contract with Spotify??? She talks real nasty on her podcast, “CALL HER DADDY!!!!!!”
Alex Cooper

QUESTION: Would they have to increase his number to “009????” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says he’s throwing his hat in the ring to be the next JAMES BOND!!!!!!!!!
Dwayne Johnson.

Diff’rent Strokes Remake Coming To ABC

ABC will be presenting a new installment of Jimmy Kimmel and Norman Lear’s Live in Front of a Studio Audience that will offer reenactments of classic shows Diff’rent Strokes and The Facts of LifeKevin Hart will portray Arnold with Damon Wayans as his older brother Willis in the special, which will air Dec. 7 at 8 p.m. EST.  John Lithgow will portray Mr. Drummond with Ann Dowd as Mrs. Garrett. The cast for The Facts of Life will be announced at a later date. Diff’rent Strokes ran for eight seasons from 1978 to 1986. The Facts of Life, a spinoff of Diff’rent Strokes, ran for nine seasons from 1979 to 1988.  Live in Front of a Studio Audience has previously offered reenactments of All in the FamilyThe Jeffersons and Good Times.
*********This could be called “Dead People Performing for a Live Audience!!!”

Britney Spears Calls Out Aguilera

Britney Spears has called out Christina Aguilera for apparently failing to speak up about the mistreatment she got in her conservatorship.  On Friday, Spears shared a clip on her Instagram Story of Aguilera answering questions on the red carpet for Thursday’s Latin Grammy Awards. The short video shows Aguilera being asked by a reporter if she’s had any communication with Spears. Aguilera appears to look back at a handler next to her, who quickly chimes in, “We’re not doing that tonight, I’m sorry, thank you though, bye.”   Aguilera then replied, “I can’t but I’m happy for her.”  Spears reacted to the moment on her Story and seemed caught off guard by Aguilera’s apparent silence on the matter.  “I love and adore everyone who supported me…but refusing to speak when you know the truth, is equivalent to a lie !!!!” Spears wrote.  “13 years being in a corrupt abusive system yet why is it such a hard topic for people to talk about ??? I’m a hard topic for people to talk about ??? I’m the one who went through it !!!! All the supporters who spoke up and supported me thank you…yes I do matter !!!!!!” Spears’ text on her Instagram Story continues.
*******Hey Brit… XTina’s not the one who was torturing you!!
******You’d think Britney would have better things to think about right now!!
******Maybe Christina noticed that Britney is crazy, and needs help.. from someone!!
MEANWHILE, Brit thanks Lady Gaga for HER support!! STORY HERE!

Gayle King Encouraged To Join Dating Apps

Drew Barrymore tried to convince Gayle King to give dating apps a try.  During the “Drew’s News Hour” segment of her daytime talk show on Thursday, Barrymore and Ross Mathews shared their thoughts on dating apps, from the good to the bad to the ugly.  “It’s so hard on dating apps,” Barrymore said. “I feel like I’m always swiping left because they are too young or I don’t know who they are.”  A surprised King then asked Drew to confirm she’s back on dating apps after swearing off them years ago.  “I do get on a dating app,” Barrymore admitted. “I dip in and out every once in a while and then I freak out and jump off.”  “If I could do it and people wouldn’t know it was me, I would do it,” King replied. “I wish I was brave enough to do it, I do. I prefer to meet somebody through a friend of a friend of a friend.”  Mathews then suggested she go out alone more often, an idea she wasn’t too fond of.  “You have to go out by yourself and sit at a bar alone,” he advised. “If you are with friends, no one is going to approach you.”  “Ross, I went to a restaurant once by myself, and so I’m sitting there with my book and the waiter comes up to me and goes, ‘Excuse me, ma’am, your book is upside down,’ because I wanted to pretend I was reading,” King confessed with a laugh.
********That’s really funny… especially to people who have “Upside Down Dyslexia!!” You just made them feel like sh*t!!!
*****If you book a date with Gayle, there’s one condition: Oprah will be following you all night!!
******Let’s ask Stedman. Hey, where is he???
*******Ross Matthews is a nice guy, but his dating profile has a 1,000-word disclaimer!!!

Meghan’s Dad Says She Should Be Stripped Of Titles

Meghan Markle’s father has called for her to be stripped of her royal title and said she has ‘insulted’ the royal family with her surprise interview on the Ellen show. Thomas Markle was left feeling ’embarrassed’ after watching his daughter earlier this week in her first major TV interview since her notorious Oprah tell-all alongside Prince Harry.  He called her appearance a ‘stupid stunt’ and said she had ‘insulted the Queen, the royal family and the British people’.  ‘She made a complete fool of herself and should lose her title. I love my daughter but her performance was ridiculous.’  During her appearance she also spoke about her Hollywood auditions, and said: ‘So I had this very old Ford Explorer Sport and at a certain point the key stopped working on the driver’s side, so you couldn’t get yourself in through the door so after auditions I would park at the back of the parking lot and I would open the trunk and climb in, pull the door shut behind me and crawl all over my seats to get out. That’s how I would come to and fro.’  However Mr Markle rebuted Meghan’s claims and insisted the vehicle was not a beat-up old car’ and ‘she got a lot of help starting in Hollywood’.
******The royals call it being “stripped and whipped!!!”
******Leave Meghan alone!! She’s creating her own legend!!
****If she’s such a great person, why can’t she cut her family some slack?? After watching the Ellen interview, it’s clear she’s not worried about being embarrassed!!
*****Charity begins at home, girl!!

Adele Doesn’t Want You To Shuffle Her New Album

Adele believes the tracks on an album should be listened to in their order of arrangement — and now she’s got streaming giant Spotify onside.  Following the release of her fourth album “30,” the shuffle button is no longer the default option for album listening on Spotify — but rather listeners will hear the tracks in their listed order.  “This was the only request I had in our ever changing industry!” Adele wrote on Twitter Sunday. “We don’t create albums with so much care and thought into our track listing for no reason. Our art tells a story and our stories should be listened to as we intended. Thank you Spotify for listening.” It seems Spotify was more than happy to oblige, writing “anything for you” in reply to the singer’s tweet.  The album “30,” which released on November 19 and focuses on Adele’s healing process following her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki, has garnered widespread acclaim from critics. The singer has described it as the one closest to her heart.   Premium listeners can still shuffle individual tracks if they wish, but several fans thanked Adele online for the update, saying they would never listen to an album on shuffle particularly the first time round. A significant portion of users appear to be annoyed by the move, with several fans criticizing Adele for requesting the removal of the default shuffle.
********No matter what you do, someone isn’t going to be happy!!
TOPIC: Ever read YOUR station’s Yelp reviews?? Yikes!!!
*****We were disappointed in Adele’s album. With that title, we thought it had “30” songs on it!!!

Most Searched Thanksgiving Episodes

USDish has compiled a list of the most searched Thanksgiving-themed TV episodes, using viewership numbers and IMDb data.  “Friends” not only tops the list but dominates it, earning 10 of the top 15 slots.  According to USDish, “The One with the List” is the most searched Thanksgiving episode.  It’s the eighth episode of the second season, with Ross teaming with Chandler and Joey to decide which of the two women in his life – including Rachel – he should ultimately be with. No. 2 on the list goes to the “Seinfeld” episode “The Mom and Pop Store,” which sees Jerry try to figure out whether he’s been invited to a friend’s annual pre-Thanksgiving party, while Kramer works to save a small business and Elaine enables Mr. Pitt to participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  “Friends” then takes over the list from No. 3-10 with “The One with the Football,” “The One with Chandler in a Box,” “The One with Rachel’s Other Sister,” “The One with the Rumor,” “The One with All the Thanksgivings,” “The One Where Underdog Gets Away,” “The One with the Late Thanksgiving” and “The One Where Ross got High.”  In the No. 11 spot is “The Thanksgiving Decoupling” from “The Big Bang Theory.”  “Friends” again appears as No. 12 with “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs.”
*******How about the “Gilligan’s Island” episode: “The One Where the Skipper Stuffs Gilligan??”
TOPIC: Fave Holiday movie!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Angie’s Toxic Triumph!-(National Enquirer)

Latest Brad beatdown could be warping her kids’ mental health.  Battered Brad Pitt’s hopes were crushed in court once again as ex-wife Angelina Jolie scored another victory in their explosive five-year custody battle-but top psychologists warn she’s doing more harm than good to her family!  “As a forensic psychiatrist who has testified in countless divorce and custody cases, I want Angelina to know that by fighting Brad so aggressively for custody, she is leaving indelible scars on her kids,” Dr. Carole Lieberman says.  “She also needs to recognize she’s being selfish by turning them against their father just to take her own revenge!”

Bird Prompts Chase To Put a Ring On it-(Globe)

Romantic country stud Chase Bryant, 28, chirps a hovering birdie prompted the exact moment he proposed to model Selena Weber, 29, who he’d met on an exclusive dating app.  “I had a table set up under the big oak trees we have on the property, and I had brought the ring box down there along with a bottle of wine, but then I start noticing these dove feathers everywhere,” reveals the “Little Bit of You” singer.  “We started having dinner and I looked on the roof of the house and there was a dove, watching us eat.  We started talking about how a dove is a symbol of a deeper peace, and it’s also a symbol of people who have passed away, where your loved ones use doves as a way of visiting you.  Basically, it’s a sign of love.  If that was ever a time to ask someone to marry you, it was in that moment!”  The wedding’s planned for next fall.

In Harmony-(Us Weekly)

Opposites do attract!  Adele, 33, and beau Rich Paul, 39, may be totally different from one another-but that’s why it works!  “He’s very shy, whereas Adele is super sociable,” an insider says, adding that they balance each other out.  “They’re so happy together.”

Gaga’s Next Act-(Star)

The Oscar nominee gets very, very into character to play a murderous socialite in House of Gucci.  Lady Gaga went deep.  Even when cameras weren’t rolling on the set, she stayed in character as Italian socialite Patrizia Reggiani, who hired a hitman to off her ex-husband, fashion-house scion Maurizio Gucci, in 1995.  “It is three years since I started working on it and I will be fully honest and transparent,” Gaga says.  “I lived as her for a year and a half.  And I spoke with an accent for nine months of that.”

Britney:  My Mom ‘Ruined’ My Life!-(Life & Style)

Britney Spears wanted to set the record straight.  “My dad [Jamie] may have started the conservatorship 13 years ago, but what people don’t know is that my mom [Lynne] is the one who gave him the idea!” the singer, 39, said in a since-deleted Instagram post.  “I will never get those years back.  She secretly ruined by life.”  While Lynne, 66, has long portrayed herself as Britney’s biggest supporter, it’s worth noting that Jamie, 69, did not show up to the courthouse in 2008 alone.  Lynne, 66, was by his side when he obtained the conservatorship.  “Britney’s not holding back any longer,” an insider says.  “She’s got 13 years of pent-up emotions, frustration and anger.  No one in her wrath-and she’s not even close to being done yet.”

Millie Bobby Brown & Jake Bongiovi:  Heating Up-(People)

Five months after Jon Bon Jovi’s son Jake, 19, posted their first Instagram couple photo, the Stranger Things actress, 17, followed suit with a blurry shot of the pair on the London Eye Ferris wheel on Nov. 1.

After Tragedy Strikes, Travis & Kylie Call Off the Wedding-(In Touch)

Travis Scott’s sold-out Astroworld Festival in Houston on Nov. 5 turned deadly after a crowd surge killed eight people and left dozens injured.  Sources say Kyle Jenner, 24, and Travis, 30, are so devastated by what happened, they’ve decided to call off their upcoming wedding.  “Kylie was going all-out-it was going to cost millions of dollars-but it would inappropriate to have a big celebration right now,” says an insider.  “She had even tapped Drake to perform.”



Stolen Head Returned To Cemetery

The head of an Italian marble statue in a New Brunswick cemetery was left next to the monument more than two decades after it was stolen.  Jennie Steeves died at age 15 in 1900, and her mother had an Italian marble statue erected in her honor at the family’s plot in Gray’s Island Cemetery in Hillsborough in 1930.  The statue was subject to numerous acts of vandalism in the ensuing decades, and in the 1990s, the head disappeared, family members said.  Kathleen Wallace, whose father was the nephew of Steeve’s mother, said the statue had long been the subject of local superstitions.  “There were all kinds of stories told about the monument — that it was haunted, that the eyes had rubies in them — but none of that is true,” Wallace told CBC News. “It was just put there for the family plot and especially in memory of Jennie.”  “We are so happy to have the head back,” Patricia Wallace said in a Facebook post.  The sisters said they do not have any clues about where the head has been for the past two decades.  See the pic HERE.
********They always say that!!!
*******Now she’s got a torso… and even more so!!!
******Right now, some creepy guy’s mom is saying: “Hey, where’s that head you kept in your bedroom for the last 20 years??”

Largest Nerf Gun

An Alabama engineer took inspiration from his childhood to break a Guinness World Record for building the world’s largest Nerf gun.  Michael Pick, of Huntsville, a software engineer and YouTuber, earned the record by building a version of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Longshot CS-6 that measures 12 feet, 6 inches long — 300% larger than the original toy.  Pick’s creation had to be a fully functioning Nerf gun larger than the 6-foot creation of previous record-holder Mark Rober.  Pick’s final creation launches darts made from PVC pipe, foam and 3D-printed caps. The 12-inch darts reach speeds of up to 50 mph and can travel a maximum distance of about 250 feet, Pick said.  “It feels amazing! I’ve spent a lot of time and effort on this build, so earning a Guinness World Record title is a really nice way to end this project,” he said.  See the video HERE.
*******Now he can go back to chasing bugs and drinking ditchwater!!!

Deer Runs Through Church

A Michigan pastor who noticed signs of breaking and entering when she arrived at her church went inside and found the culprit — a deer.  Pastor Amanda Eicher said she and her husband, Luke, who also is a pastor, arrived at the Grace Christian Fellowship in Sturgis and discovered a window had been broken.  Eicher said she then heard a banging sound inside the building.  “I yelled to my husband, ‘They’re still here!’ My husband went running in and sure enough, there was a break-in, but it wasn’t what we expected. It was a 10-point buck,” Eicher told WWMT-TV.  “He couldn’t believe it. None of us could believe it. If you watched the video, you’ve heard me say, ‘Oh my word!’ That was my first reaction.”  Eicher’s video of the buck running loose inside the building was posted to the church’s Facebook account. The footage shows the deer jumping at a wall and climbing the stairs to the balcony in its search for an escape.  See the video HERE.
******A lot of people were saying, “DEER JESUS!!”
******This is what happens when you only put a “buck” in the collection plate!!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Pardoned

Peanut Butter and Jelly are now free to live their lives in the comfort of Purdue University.  President Joe Biden pardoned Peanut Butter during the annual White House ceremony. The ceremonial blessing was greeted with Peanut Butter with a couple of gobbles.  He also pardoned Peanut Butter’s companion bird, Jelly, The birds were chosen from a farm in Jasper, Indiana.  They will be taken to Purdue’s Department of Animal Sciences in the College of Agriculture.  The school will study them over the next few months so students can learn about poultry production and the industry, the newspaper reported.  See the video HERE.
********Everyone knows who the biggest turkey was at that ceremony!!
******Biden likes peanut butter and jelly. He always has a pb&j sandwich before his nap!!







The highest-paid and most bankable celebrities on the Cameo app


Brian Baumgartner
Cost to individuals: $225
Cost to businesses: $2,500
Total reviews: 3,649

Baumgartner, the 48-year-old actor best known for portraying fuddy-duddy accountant Kevin Malone on “The Office,” is, in fact, Cameo’s top earner. The app’s CEO and co-founder Steven Galanis confirmed in a recent interview that the comedian has raked in some $1 million from “The Office” fans, as well as business managers looking to give their employees a laugh. In a recent BBC interview, he called the work “rewarding.”

“This is not about me, or about getting a message from me. I view it as an attempt from two people who want to make a connection,” he said.


Gilbert Gottfriend
Cost to individuals: $175
Cost to businesses: $950
Total reviews: 2,801

With that iconic voice, it’s no surprise that the illustrious comedian is so popular on the app — to the tune of perhaps $450,000, GoBankingRates estimated. And Gottfried, 66, isn’t shy about promoting his work on Cameo. In a recent Instagram post, he shared one heartwarming review from a fan with cancer as the reason why he loves making these messages. It read: “Mom called after receiving the Cameo and burst into happy tears … There isn’t much that has made her smile since she found out the awful news, but you did. Thank you!!!!”


Mick Foley
Cost to individuals: $149
Cost to businesses: $1,000
Total reviews: 3,589

The former pro wrestler who ruled the ring in the ’90s under multiple identities — Cactus Jack, Mankind and Dude Love — has found a new generation of fans via Cameo. Since joining the app in June 2020, he’s hauled an estimated $445,000, according to GoBankingRates, for his enthusiastic clips.

Last year, the 55-year-old retired athlete put his two cents on Twitter in regards to a new rule by WWE boss Vince McMahon that bans their performers from potentially lucrative third-party deals, via platforms such as Cameo and Twitch. “Banning wrestlers from making extra money on third-party deals … strikes me as a crummy thing to do. Just my opinion,” he wrote.


Mr. Wonderful
Cost to individuals: $1,500
Cost to businesses: $6,500
Total reviews: 217

Kevin O’Leary, the “Shark Tank” investor better known as Mr. Wonderful, has done wonderfully indeed on the app — thanks likely in part to his notoriety in the corporate world, to whom he charges a hefty $6,500 per video. All things considered, the Emmy-award winning TV personality has pulled more or less $350,000, per GoBankingRates, by serving perhaps a dozen or more businesses (according to his reviews on the app) with encouraging messages for employees and various other business networks, not to mention a couple hundred individuals fans of the ABC show.

The CNBC contributor spoke to CNBC Make It about his self-proclaimed “side hustle” in a recent interview. He said of his Cameo investors: “99% of them are for entrepreneurs that are starting businesses that are trying to use social media to acquire customers … They post it and hopefully, it helps them get customers. I’ll help any entrepreneur. I’m willing to do that.”


Mike Rapaport
Cost to individuals: $159
Cost to businesses: $199
Total reviews: 1,686

Another comic with an unforgettable voice, Mike Rapaport, the actor, podcaster and friend of “The Howard Stern Show” has likely taken in some $300,000 on Cameo alone, according to GoBankingRates. Rapaport, 51, even performed a marriage proposal for a pair of fans back in 2019. “Don’t f–k this up,” he told the groom-to-be in his message.

“She accepted,” he later wrote on Twitter at the time, alongside a video of the proposal. “I’m on CAMEO changing life’s for the better.”


Cameo’s most beloved

James Buckley

The star of “The Inbetweeners,” a popular UK series, may be be the most lucrative celeb on Cameo that you (Americans, at least) have never heard of. The 34-year-old BAFTA winner could sit with any of the above app players, with earnings exceeding $400,000, the Guardian reported.


Carole Baskin

When she’s not wrangling big cats, the “Tiger King” star can be found creating Cameos for her cult fan following. Figures on the website would indicate that Baskin, 60, has brought in some $150,000 on the app — perhaps enough to continue the tireless search for her missing ex-husband.


Rudy Giuliani

What won’t the former New York City mayor and attorney to Donald Trump do for attention? The 77-year-old politician has pocketed approximately $11,000, despite his paltry 34 reviews on the app.


Ed “Big Ed” Brown

Brown first found fame on the reality series “90 Day Fiancé,” and then on Cameo. It’s probably safe to say that Big Ed has done better on the app — some $122,000 — than he ever did appearing on the long-running TLC series.


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