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Born on this day!! Blues musician John Mayall is 88. Actor Diane Ladd is 86. Musician Chuck Mangione is 81. Country singer Jody Miller is 80. Singer-keyboardist Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals is 79. Actor Jeff Fahey (“Lost,” “The Marshal”) is 69. Director Joel Coen is 67. Actor-comedian Howie Mandel is 66. Actor Cathy Moriarty is 61. Actor Kim Delaney (“NYPD Blue”) is 60. Actor Tom Sizemore is 60. Actor Andrew McCarthy is 59. Actor Don Cheadle is 57. Actor-producer Neill Barry (“Friends and Lovers”) is 56. Singer Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block is 53. Actor Larry Joe Campbell (“According to Jim”) is 51. Keyboardist Frank Delgado of Deftones is 51. Actor Paola Turbay (“True Blood”) is 51. Contemporary Christian singer Crowder is 50. Actor Gena Lee Nolin (“Sheena,” ″Baywatch”) is 50. Actor Brian Baumgartner (“The Office”) is 49. Actor Julian Ovenden (“Downton Abbey”) is 46. Actor Anna Faris (“Mom,” ″Scary Movie”) is 45. Gospel singer James Fortune is 44. Actor Lauren German (“Lucifer,” ″Chicago Fire”) is 43. Rapper The Game is 42. Drummer Ringo Garza of Los Lonely Boys is 40. Actor-comedian John Milhiser (“Saturday Night Live”) is 40. Actor Lucas Black (“NCIS: New Orleans,” ″Sling Blade”) is 39. Actor Diego Boneta (“Scream Queens”) is 31. Actor Lovie Simone (“Greenleaf”) is 23.


1924 – Italian composer Giacomo Puccini died in Brussels before he could complete his opera “Turandot.'”
1929 – Commander Richard E. Byrd and a crew of three became the first to fly over the South Pole.
1947 – The United Nations voted to grant the Jewish people a homeland to be established in mandate Palestine.
1963 – The Beatles released I Want to Hold Your Hand in Great Britain.
1986 – Actor Cary Grant died in Davenport, Iowa, at age 82.
2001 – Beatle George Harrison died of cancer.

Today Is: Catterntide, Cider Monday, Cyber Monday, Electronic Greetings Day, International Day of Solidarity With The Palestinian People, Square Dancing Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – The Neighborhood  /  8:30 – Bob Hearts Abishola  /  9:00 – NCIS  /  10:00 – NCIS Hawaii
NBC – 8:00  – The Voice  /  10:00 – That’s My Jam
ABC – 8:00 – CMA Country Christmas  /  9:00 – Great Christmas Light Fight
FOX – 8:00 –  911   /  9:00 – The Big Leap
CW – 8:00 –  The Black Pack  /  9:30 – 4400

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Kathy Griffin, Alan Ruck, Inhaler
Jimmy Fallon: Alessia Cara, Pistol Annies
Stephen Colbert: Peter Jackson, Chelsea Cutler
Seth Meyers: Tracy Morgan, Colin Quinn, Roy Mayorga (R 11/1/21)
James Corden: Daniel Craig, Rami Malek (R 10/7/21)
Watch What Happens Live: Charlamagne Tha God, Mary J. Blige
The Talk: Vanessa Lachey
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Ansel Elgort, Harry Hamlin
Ellen DeGeneres: Ben Platt
Wendy Williams: Guest co-hosts Leah Remini & Michelle Visage
The Real: L.A. Reid
Kelly Clarkson: Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Tilly
Drew Barrymore: Kathryn Hahn, Jane Levy

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Was it the QUEEN’S FAULT?? A new book says that her omission of Harry and Meghan’s photo in her 2019 Xmas broadcast made them QUIT!!!!!!


QUESTION: Nobody wants to visit the “House of Gucci??” Few show up for the Lady Gaga flick ($23m), but Lin Manuel Miranda’s “Encanto” packs ’em in ($50m)!!!!!


QUESTION: You mean there WON’T be a Governor Mcconaughey in Texas??? After leading every opponent in early polls, Matthew says “No” to a run for Gov!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Will this little black book send a woman to jail for 80 YEARS?? And are powerful people sweating it? The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell starts TODAY!!!!
Prosecutors said they intend to introduce up to six pages of Epstein's 'Black Book' of contacts as 'compelling' evidence of Maxwell's guilt. They will claim the book was actually Maxwell's

QUESTION: What happens when a Dutch tourist in Beverly Hills runs into KIM K and PETE DAVIDSON?? You do a trout pout and get a SELFIE… OF COURSE!!!!!
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson take selfies with a fan during breakfast date

Tom Cruise Hangs Off Plane In Latest Stunt

Tom Cruise was photographed performing his own nail-biting stunt while filming “Mission: Impossible 8.”  He climbed out of the cockpit of a 1941 Boeing B75N1 Stearman biplane at 2,000 feet and sat on the wing. He then dangled himself upside down from the wing. As Cruise hung upside down, the plane flipped upside down so that the actor was sitting upright on the wing.  Cruise was attached to the plane with a harness during the stunt.  He has been taking flying lessons to prepare for the filming of “Mission: Impossible 8.”  Cruise began filming for “Mission: Impossible 8” immediately after wrapping up filming for “Mission: Impossible 7.” Both films were announced at the same time, with one being released in 2022 and one in 2023.
********Someday, we’re gonna see this headline: “Tom Cruise Dies Filming Movie Stunt!!” (We hope we’re wrong)
******We can’t wait to see what he does on the International Space Station!!
*****His motto: “I’ll kill myself to entertain you!!”

The Queen Has Caller ID

Queen Elizabeth II apparently only picks up her phone for two people. Not only does the queen have a limited list of people she’ll pick up the phone for, she also has a phone packed with “anti-hacker encryption,” royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti revealed during a recent episode of the “Royally Us” podcast.  “Apparently the Queen has two people who she speaks to the most on her phones, and she also apparently has a mobile phone, which is said to be [a] Samsung packed with anti-hacker encryption by MI6 so nobody can hack into her phone,” Sacerdoti said. “But the two people she phones the most is said to be her daughter Princess Anne and her racing manager John Warren. So this is apparently who can get through to the Queen from anywhere in the world if he calls, she answers,” he said.  Warren is the son-in-law of Queen Elizabeth’s friend, the late Earl of Carnarvon, according to Express.
*******Oh… we get it!! A little hanky-panky with the son of a friend?? She’s a sly one!!
*****The Queen also has several filters, which adds a snout to her face, making her look like a Corgi!!
******When Charles calls, her ringtone is “Loser” by Beck!!!
******The “anti-hacker” encryption actually turns the camera on when the Queen is dressing!! Check out the pictures at!!!

Kanye West Says God Will Bring Him and Kim Back Together

Kanye West claimed God will bring him and estranged wife Kim Kardashian back together despite their pending divorce.  He shared a black and white photo of him kissing Kardashian to his Instagram story Friday along with a TMZ story. “Kanye West Says God Will Bring Kim and Him Back Together, Inspire Millions,” the headline stated.  West tagged Kardashian in the post.  His social media declaration comes after he revealed God would reunite him and Kardashian during a visit to Skid Row on Thanksgiving.  “The narrative God wants is to see that we can be redeemed in all these relationships,” West said via Yahoo!.  “We’ve made mistakes. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve publicly done things that were not acceptable as a husband, but right now today, for whatever reason — I didn’t know I was going to be in front of this mic — but I’m here to change the narrative.”  Despite his desire to be back together, Kim has moved on with comedian Pete Davidson. The two have been spending more time together and were recently spotted holding hands during a walk after celebrating Davidson’s birthday together.
********In a related story, Pete Davidson’s house was just burned down by fire and brimstone. No other house on the block was touched!!
*******God said, “OK, I’ll do it. But are you sure this is what you want??”
*****We say Brad and Jen must be next… because THAT’S gonna take an act of God!!

Prince Charles Accused Of Questioning Baby Skin Tone

A new book claims that Prince Charles speculated about the skin tone of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s future children.  This is according to a well-placed source in author Christopher Andersen’s book “Brothers And Wives: Inside The Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan” coming out tomorrow (Tuesday).  The source reported that on Nov. 27, 2017 — the same morning the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was officially announced — Prince Charles mused to his wife, Camilla, “I wonder what the children will look like?”  The insider said that Camilla was “somewhat taken aback” by the question and replied, “Well, absolutely gorgeous, I’m certain.”  Lowering his voice, Charles asked: “I mean, what do you think their children’s complexion might be?”  The author presents the matter as if Charles’ curiosity was seized upon and twisted by scheming courtiers who gave it a racist spin. According to Andersne, by the time the recycled account was heard by Harry and Meghan, it had reached toxic proportions.  Andersen points the finger at a group of high-level palace advisors known as the “Men in Gray.”  “The question posed by Charles was being echoed in a less innocent way throughout the halls of Buckingham Palace,” Anderson writes, describing the whispers of an elitist clique whom the Brits term “the old boys’ network.” Their gossip focused on how the royals would “look to the rest of the world” once African-American blood became part of the mix.
*********Forget the skin tone… will the kids be scheming little control freaks like Meghan???
*****We’d settle for any complexion, as long as they don’t look like grandpa Tom!!!
*******The correct response was: “Go look in the mirror. YOu don’t think they’ll have Dumbo Ears like you, do ya??”

The Rock Surprises Navy Veteran

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson surprised a Navy vet for the holidays by giving the man his “baby,” a customized pickup truck.  “I invited fans to a special theater screening of ‘RED NOTICE’ and I wanted to do something cool for all of them,” he wrote in his video post on Instagram.  “I also wanted to do something BIG … something MASSIVE… something unforgettable for one fan,” he continued.  He said that his original plan was to give away the Porsche Taycan that he drove in the film, but the carmaker nixed the idea.  So, after “[gathering] as much information as [he] could about everyone in the audience,” Johnson decided that Navy vet Oscar Rodriguez was to be the beneficiary of his automotive largesse.  Johnson then rattled off Rodriguez’s qualifications: “Takes care of his 75-year-old-mom. Personal trainer. Leader at his church. Provides support and meals for women victimized by domestic violence. Proud & humble Navy veteran. Kind human being.”  Johnson did the deed by presenting Rodriguez with a card explaining the situation, causing the younger man to drop to his knees and begin crying.  After Rodriguez drove off in his new ride, Johnson reflected on the moment, saying. “[It was] just an honor for me to give a little bit of joy to someone who deserves a lot more than just my truck.”  See the video HERE.
********OK… he’s definitely running for president!!
*****We saw the movie. EVERYONE who sat through that deserves a truck!!!

Jimmy Kimmel Has Thanksgiving Mishap

Jimmy Kimmel posted a photo on Instagram showing the results of a mishap he had while cooking his Thanksgiving feast. “Happy thanksgiving everyone. try not to burn your hair and eyebrow off lighting the oven!” Kimmel captioned Thursday’s closeup of his face, which was framed by singed hair and eyebrows.  His daughter Katie commented: “Again?????”  Actor Tyler Merritt joked: “Them Gen Z turkeys out here trying to fight back bro. They ain’t just going down with ease like they used to! #theseaintyourgrandmammasturkeys” Kimmel posted another photo with him holding a perfect looking bird.  “Burnt hair-smoked turkey #happythanksgiving,” he wrote.  See the post HERE.
********Granny used to throw some burnt hair into every turkey she baked!!
TOPIC: What did you catch on fire this Thanksgiving????


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Chloe Practices March Down Aisle With Chris!-(National Enquirer)

It’s literally been quite a hike to getting hitched for “Siesta Key” reality star Chloe Trautman-beau Chris Long marched the 26-year-old along an 8.2-mile trail in Utah’s Bryce Canyon before popping the question!  “Yesterday I said YES to my soulmate,” Chloe gushed on social media alongside a photo of the two kissing in hiking gear.

Paul’s Biggest Lennon Regret-(Globe)

Music legend Paul McCartney regrets he never told Beatles bandmate John Lennon that he “loved” him before he died. Ironically, McCartney, 79, and Lennon, who was assassinated at age 40 in 1980, had penned iconic love songs like “Love Me Do,” “She Loves You,” and “All You Need Is Love.”  But, he recalls, as Liverpool teens in the macho ‘60s, “you could never say that.  It just wasn’t done.”

Another Start…..On Star Search-(Us Weekly)

Britney Spears


I found out what [I was] supposed to do at an early age,” Spears once said of her childhood.  She proved that at age 10, when she sang “Love Can Build a Bridge” on the competition series.  Even though Spears was beat out by another contestant, the spotlight came calling anyway in 1993 with a role on The Mickey Mouse Club.  Six years later, she released….”Baby One More Time,” which went on to become one of the best-selling albums of all time thanks to hits like….”Baby One More Time” and “Sometimes.”  The rest, as they say, is pop history.

Miranda’s Henpecked Hubby-(Star)

Brendan McLoughlin worked for the New York City Police Department for nearly seven years before he tied the knot with Miranda Lambert in 2019.  Since then, the only person that he’s been protecting and serving is her! “Brendan has been feeling henpecked for a while now, but lately it’s gotten so bad, he’s thinking about returning to his old police job,” spills a source.  When he retired from the force in 2020, Brendan, 28, worked security for Miranda’s Wildcard tour before the country singer, 38, began parading him around shirtless in her music videos.  “It’s embarrassing for Brendan,” says the source.  “He was a great cop who has a lot to offer if he goes back to that line of work.  But that doesn’t mean Miranda’s going to be happy about it.”

Say What?!-(Life & Style)

“[He] knew how much of a fan of her I was.  So he made her spit her gum into a piece of paper, and he framed it for me.  It’s my proudest possession.”-Adele, on pal James Corden’s gift from the mouth of Celine Dion.

“Most comedians I know are not well-adjusted, probably including myself, so my dream is for my daughter to have a great sense of humor but be into math.”-Mindy Kaling, on 3-year old Kit.

“I’ve only met Ariana twice, and she’s had a dog in her hands both times.”-Kevin Hart, on his interactions with music star Ms. Grande.


“We’ve ALWAYS  known this.”-Jennifer Aniston, on Paul Rudd being named People’s 2021 Sexiest Man Alive.

“I’d love to really invite him over for lunch, but I don’t even know how I’d get in touch with him.”-Fran Drescher, revealing she has dreams about Brad Pitt.

“I mean, you can’t just make up one day and really look like a real world-class athlete.”-Halle Berry, on training for two and a half years to play a mixed martial arts fighter in her directorial debut, Bruised.

Number of the Week-(In Touch)


-signatures, as of press time, on a petition to “keep James Corden out of” a movie based on the Broadway hit Wicked.



Bear Closes Front Door

A New Jersey woman shared video of a bear abiding by her polite request and closing the front door of her home.  Susan Kehoe, of Vernon, posted a video to YouTube showing her opening her front door to reveal a bear on the stoop.  “Mr. Bear, will you please close my door?” Kehoe asks the bruin.  She asks the bear a few more times to close the door, and the animal grabs the knob in its mouth and closes the door part of the way. Kehoe continues to make the request until the bear completely closes the door.  “This bear learned how to close the front door to my house,” Kehoe wrote in the video description. See the video HERE.
*********What she doesn’t realize is the bear also knows how to OPEN the door!!
*****The bear was standing there because he saw the pizza delivery guy get some action!!
*****Bears seem pretty smart. But if that’s true, why haven’t THEY been to the moon???

Bakery Gets Huge Tip

Employees at a Nebraska bakery said they were shocked when a customer whose order totaled only about $5 left them a $2,000 tip.  Preston Rath, an employee at The Omaha Bakery in Bellevue, said a customer named Nicholas ordered two turnovers, which came to $5, and then put $2,000 into the field that asked for tip amount.  “I was like, ‘That’s wrong, you put too much of a tip in there.’ And he goes, ‘If you don’t hit OK, I’m going to reach around and hit OK,'” Rath told KETV.  The Omaha Bakery shared photos of the receipt on Facebook.  Owner Michelle Kaiser said the tip will be shared by the store’s hourly workers.  “He knew that it had been a rough time with COVID. He knew that people were struggling in general. He noticed our staff was working really, really hard,” Kaiser said.
********And because of this story, every one of those employees will be audited!!
TOPIC: The biggest tip YOU’VE ever given!!!

Jack Daniel’s Highway

Police in Tennessee said “several gallons” of Jack Daniel’s whiskey spilled onto a highway on-ramp when a truck carrying $400,000 worth of the beverage overturned.  The Murfreesboro Police Department said the semi truck was turning onto an Interstate 24 when it tipped over, causing some of the bottles inside to break and leak their contents onto the roadway.  The department shared photos showing the liquid streaming from the truck after it was lifted back upright by a wrecker.  It was unclear how much of the whiskey survived the crash, but police said the truck had been carrying about $400,000 worth of Jack Daniel’s that had been intended for shipment to Israel.
********There goes Hanukkah!!!
*******After the whiskey spilled, the other cars started weaving around for some reason!!
******Police rushed to the scene with a truck full of mixers!!!

Rare Fish Spotted In San Diego

A visitor to a San Diego beach snapped photos when he came across something unusual — a deep sea-dwelling Pacific footballfish washed up on the sand.  Jay Beiler said he thought initially that the creature he spotted at Black’s Beach, in the Torrey Pines area of San Diego, was a jellyfish.  “Then I went and looked at it a little more carefully, and some other people were gathered around it, too, and then I saw that it was this very unusual fish,” Beiler told KNSD-TV.  Beiler estimated the creature was about a foot long.  “I have never seen anything quite like this before,” Beiler said. “You know, I go to the beach fairly often, so I’m familiar with the territory, but I’ve never seen an organism that looked quite as fearsome as this.”  Ben Frable, collection manager for the marine vertebrate collection at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, said the creature was a Pacific footballfish, a deep-sea dwelling species of anglerfish.  “This is one of the larger species of anglerfish, and it’s only been seen a few times here in California, but it’s found throughout the Pacific Ocean,” Frable said.  He said the fish is only the second member of its species to be found on a San Diego beach after another was discovered in 2001.
*********So which panic is gonna claim this sighting as a tie-in?? Climate change, ocean pollution or COVID??







The 7 Worst Mistakes People Make When Quitting A Job

Huffington Post


  1. Burning bridges that could have connected you in the future.

Colleagues may forget what exactly you worked on together, but how you made them feel can leave a lasting negative impression, even years later. “In your future job search, you have no idea when you may potentially encounter one of those bridges you’ve burned,” said resume writer Tammeca Riley. “That person may be the one reviewing resumes or making the final hiring decision in a division you have your sights set on.”

Gregory Tall, a former human resources professional who now runs manager coaching workshops, recalled an employee who quit in the middle of a client presentation without notice, leaving a bad impression on the client and the team who then had to scramble to cover their absence.

“Now you have upset your manager, your manager’s manager, everyone in that chain of command. Your client, anyone who was there connected with that, they now have a not-too-great impression. Those people start to spread out and go off to different organizations. They’ll remember this guy who walked off,” Tall said, adding that he certainly still remembers this person years later.

That’s why Tall’s advice is to consider how many people will be left with a bad impression from the way you quit, beyond just the bad boss you want to stick it to.


  1. Telling people too early, before your next job is truly secured.

If you are waiting to leave until you have another job lined up, make sure that next job offer is truly a done deal before celebrating the news.

“Hold off on announcing your resignation until you’ve cleared background, credit, drug, etcetera screenings at the new gig,” Tall said. “People sometimes accept offers ‘contingent on satisfactory completion’ of background checks. I’ve seen people have offers fall through at the last minute for exactly that reason.”

Be cautious about which people you confide in about your desire to quit, even among those with whom you have a good relationship.

“What I have seen work against people is if they inform their boss of their intent to resign, or if they have a really good relationship with their boss and their boss knows they are looking. As a result, very logically, they don’t get rewarded during the compensation cycle,” said Daniel Space, a human resources consultant with business partners in strategic staffing. “You are not going to give a stock vest to someone who is leaving. You may give a lower bonus.”


  1. Giving too much notice.

Two weeks notice is standard, but not required, and during the COVID pandemic, employees have successfully argued for less time. Unless you are a manager or executive and there’s a real business reason for you to have a longer notice period, two weeks is enough, said Jennifer Tardy, a career coach and diversity and inclusion consultant.

“Some individuals often get wrapped into extending their time because of guilt and the feeling that the company will flounder without them,” Tardy said. “Do not lose your new opportunity because you are unable to cut strings with your current one. If you do decide to extend beyond two weeks, ensure that you are able to negotiate additional pay or a stipend for your added time given to the employer.”


  1. Working too little or too hard after you quit.

In your last days, you want to keep doing your job so co-workers don’t remember you as the colleague who completely checked out and left them picking up the slack while you were still around. At the same time, you don’t want to work overtime for a job that’s ending. Space said a big mistake quitters make is overworking themselves.

“A lot of people do that out of weird sense of guilt and honor,” Space said. “You want to spend time with your co-workers … focus on that. There was one person who was up at 1 o’clock in the morning, sending me reports on their second-to-last day. And I’m like, ‘This is crazy. Please get offline.’”

Tardy recommends being honest with your boss about what you can accomplish in your remaining time.

“Your employer may try to convince you to complete every single initiative before you go, which will likely be unrealistic,” Tardy said. “One of my clients actually had to draw the line with an employer and share a list of what was realistic to deliver upon in two weeks versus those things that would need to be transitioned to another employee.”


  1. Quitting at the wrong time and lose out on benefits and stock money.

Space said in his experience, most companies will continue your benefits like health care, life insurance and accruing paid time off through the end of the month in which you resign. That’s why he recommends timing a resignation for the beginning of the month, rather than the end.

“Any time someone resigns at the end of the month, I always say, ‘We’re going to pretend this resignation letter didn’t come through and change this to the first of [next] month instead of the 28th of this month,’” Space said.

But he cautioned there is no flexibility for certain payments, so you need to double-check when any and all payouts get distributed.

“I’ve seen people make really stupid mistakes where they resign one week ahead of a stock vest or a 401(k) vest,” Space said. “Once that is in the system, we can’t update and change it. Those are dates you have to know before you put in your formal notice.”


  1. Not giving yourself time off between jobs.

By the time you quit a job you are desperate to leave, it’s likely you are burnt out, enduring sleepless nights and other physical forms of work-related stress. Jumping straight to another job after quitting is a missed opportunity to get some much-needed recovery time. Space said he often sees millennials jump straight from quitting a job on Friday to starting a new one on Monday.

So if you have the chance to ask for more time, Space recommends taking more than one week in between jobs. “The first week [of the break], especially if you have had a really tough job, is essentially just detox. You’re not even recharging yet, you are just recovering by not being in it anymore,” he said.


  1. Not being prepared for the day you give notice being your last good work day.

Just because you give notice doesn’t mean you’ll always get it. Whether it’s because a manager handles the news poorly or you are privy to too much sensitive work information, sometimes the day you announce that you are quitting becomes your last day. Tall said he has seen people ushered out as if they were fired after quitting.

Tall also said that he has worked with people whose managers retaliated against them for resigning by making their remaining work days hell. In those cases, comfort yourself with knowing you won’t have to deal with them much longer.

“If your manager would do that to you because you have simply found something that is going to be better for your life and future prospects, and they make a point to make you as miserable as possible, that’s not someone you want to be working with long-term anyways,” he said.


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