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Born on this day!! Singer Sam Moore of Sam and Dave is 85. “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace is 73. Actor-singer Susan Anton is 70. Musician Jane Siberry is 65. Actor Hiroyuki Sanada (“Extant,” ″Mr. Holmes”) is 60. Actor Carlos Bernard (“24”) is 58. Jazz musician Chris Botti is 58. Singer Claude McKnight of Take 6 is 58. Actor Hugh Jackman (“The X-Men”) is 52. Actor Adam Rich (“Eight Is Enough”) is 52. Singer Garfield Bright of Shai is 51. Fiddler Martie Maguire of The Chicks is 51. Actor Kirk Cameron is 50. Singer Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory is 41. Actor Brian J. Smith (“SGU: Stargate Universe”) is 39. Actor Tyler Blackburn (“Pretty Little Liars”) is 34. Actor Marcus T. Paulk (“Moesha”) is 34. Actor Josh Hutcherson (“The Hunger Games”) is 28.


1492 – Columbus landed in present-day Bahamas.
1870 – Gen. Robert E. Lee died in Lexington, Va., at age 63.
1960 – Soviet premier Nikita Krushchev created a disturbance at the U.N. General Assembly by pounding his desk with his shoe.
1964 – The Soviets launched Voskhod I, the first space capsule to carry three people into orbit.
1999 – NBA Hall-of-Famer Wilt Chamberlain died at his Bel Air home at age 63.
2000 – 17 U.S. sailors killed with the terrorist attack on the USS Cole in Yemen.
2002 – A bomb destroyed a nightclub in Bali, killing 202, mostly tourists.

Today Is: Columbus Day, Day of the Six Billion, Drink Local Wine Day, Free Thought Day, International Day Against DRM, International Moment of Frustration Scream Day, National Farmer’s Day, National Kick Butt Day, National Online Banking Day, National Savings Day, Native American Day, Stem Cell Awareness Day, World Arthritis Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – Big Brother  /  9:00 – One Day At A Time  /  9:30 – One Day At A Time  /  10:00 – Manhunt: Deadly Games
NBC – 8:00  – America Ninja Warrior  /  10:00 – Dateline NBC
ABC – 8:00 – Dancing With The Stars  /  10:00 – Emergency Call
FOX – 8:00 –  TBA
CW – 8:00 –  Whose Line Is It  /  8:30 – Whose Line Is It  /  9:00 – Penn and Teller

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Rashida Jones, Rufus Wainwright
Jimmy Fallon: Kevin Hart, Josh Charles, Chika (R 9/9/20)
Stephen Colbert: Jerry Seinfeld, Ella Mai (R 10/6/20)
Seth Meyers: Cynthia Nixon, Michael Stipe, Larry Wilmore, Sonny Emory (R 9/16/20)
James Corden: Hilary Swank, Sean Lennon, Charlotte Kemp Muhl (R 9/8/20)
Lilly Singh: Katy Mixton, Tituss Burgess (R 10/7/19)
Conan: Kevin Nealon (R 9/10/20)
Watch What Happens Live: Christine “Bugsy” Drake, Jessica More, Aesha Scott
The View: Dr. Rick Bright, Alex Gibney
The Talk: Rita Moreno
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Joel McHale
Ellen DeGeneres: Michael Che
Wendy Williams: Makho Ndlovu
The Real: Jay Ellis, Drea De Matteo
Kelly Clarkson: Jamie Lee Curtis, Kristin Cavallari, Lady Antebellum, Shenandoah
Tamron Hall: Up-and-coming designers showcase their talents
Drew Barrymore: Jessica Alba, Chloe Fineman

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: A 17th CHAMPIONSHIP is GOOD, right??? Yep, but the LAKERS are gonna delay their celebration and parade until COVID’S OVER!! (2024????)


QUESTION: Is it the END OF HIS CAREER?? It sure looks that way, as Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is carried off the field after a gruesome ankle injury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: What’s the secret to a happy marriage?? These couples say, “Never have sex at NIGHT???” They sleep all night, and PLAY ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Is Alexa helping her GIRLFRIENDS?? This woman hacked her ex-boyfriend’s Alexa, told his new girlfriend to “GET OUT,” and she left in tears!!!!


QUESTION: It’s NOT an asteroid??? The “asteroid” that could hit earth on election day maybe part of a MOON ROCKET from 1966!!! It’s been orbiting the sun!!!!!
An object the size of the bus identified hurtling towards Earth last month and thought to be an asteroid could actually be part of the Atlas Centaur 7 upper rocket stage (pictured on the launchpad in Cape Canaveral, Florida) which propelled NASA's Surveyor 2 to the moon in 1966

Bill Burr Angers Karens!

Bill Burr kicked off his Saturday Night Live debut displaying his non-politically correct stand-up style and raising eyebrows. He began by respecting anti-maskers’ decision not to coverup during the COVID-19 pandemic.  “I don’t care it’s your decision, there’s too many people,” he said. “If you’re that dumb and you wanna kill your own family members then do it, it stops you from producing.”  He took a jab at cancel culture and its far-reaching impact saying “they’re literally running out of people to cancel, they’re going after dead people now,” referring to John Wayne.  “It’s like, yeah, he was born in 1907, that’s what these people sounded like. You never talked to your grandparents and brought up the wrong subject?” Burr joked.  He then extended his monologue about social awareness to speak about woke culture and how he thinks white women have co-opted the movement.  “It should’ve been about people of color… somehow white women swung their Gucci-footed feet over the fence of oppression and stuck themselves at the front of the line,” he said.  He topped off his monologue asking the audience why Gay Pride endures a month, suggesting that Black people “who were actually enslaved” deserve more beyond just February, the shortest month of the year when the weather is cold.  “These are equator people give them the sun for 31 days. There’s gay Black people, they could celebrate from June 1, June 31… give them 61 days to celebrate,” he said.  The Saturday monologue immediately began trending on Twitter and garnered varying, divided reactions on social media.
*******He was speaking his truth!! Everybody’s got one!!
******It IS funny to see Millennial white woman lecturing middle-aged black men about racism!! It’s like, “Yeah, we know. Leave us alone!”
*******This could be Bill’s one and only appearance on SNL!!!
******Although… most of the cast probably agrees with him!! Everyone is politically correct.. until they’re out of the public eye!!

Jeff Goldblum Recreates Jurassic Pose

On Friday, Jeff Goldblum took to Instagram to reveal that he had once again gone shirtless to recreate Dr. Ian Malcolm’s famous Jurassic Park pose. This time, he rocks a grey mane—but other than that, Jeff looks nearly the same as he did in the 1993 movie!   The pic was in collaboration with HeadCount, a non-profit organization that promotes participation in democracy in the United States. “WOW! Thank you to everyone who used my @HeadCount page to make sure that you’re #GoodToVote! Nearly 3,000 of you are ready for this November’s election,” Jeff wrote in the Instagram caption. “Here’s your reward…how time flies.”  The original pic may be decades old now, but Dr. Ian Malcolm is still helping keep dinosaurs at bay. He appeared, albeit briefly, in 2018’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and will return for Jurassic World: Dominion, a film which just had its release date pushed to 2022.   The famous photo of Dr. Malcolm is from a scene in which the doc breaks his leg while running from a dinosaur. In an interview with Yahoo, Jeff talked about why the famous chest-baring scene occurred.   See the pic HERE.
********That sure makes US wanna vote!!
******How about a shirtless pic of Bryce Dallas Howard?? That’s got OUR vote!!
******Have you noticed that all the dinosaurs are naked???
*****Come to think of it, is there any animal BESIDES humans that clothes itself????

Tiger King Star Accused Of Cruelty

A grand jury has charged Tiger King star Bhagavan “Doc” Antle with animal cruelty and wildlife trafficking in Virginia.  Antle, who is also an owner of Myrtle Beach Safari and founder and director of The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species, is accused of trafficking lion clubs between Virginia and South Carolina.  A grand jury in Frederick County charged him with one felony count of wildlife trafficking, one felony count of conspiracy to wildlife traffic, four misdemeanor counts of conspiracy to violate the Endangered Species Act, and nine misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring announced Friday.  Herring investigated for months the relationship between Antle and Keith Wilson, the owner of Wilson’s Wild Animal Park, a “roadside zoo,” in Frederick County, and found that both men trafficked lion cubs between Virginia and South Carolina.  Two of Antle’s daughters have also been charged.   He has violations dating back to 1989 when the U.S. Department of Agriculture fined him for abandoning deer and peacocks at his zoo in Virginia. He has racked up more than 35 USDA violations over the years for mistreating animals.
********That’s weird… he didn’t seem like a psycho!! No, wait… he DID seem like a psycho!!
******Is it possible he could wind up in the same cell with Joe Exotic???
*******They also charged him with illegal possession of Hakuna Matata!!!

Netflix Working With Elf On The Shelf

Netflix will develop new films and TV series based on The Elf on the Shelf.  Netflix acquired rights to the family brand, owned by the Atlanta-based Lumistella Company, and will create originals projects inspired by the company’s portfolio of brands.  Lumistella’s portfolio includes The Elf on the Shelf, Elf Pets and Elf Mates. The franchise started with the 2005 book The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition, written by Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell.  Netflix will develop new live-action and animated content for pre-school and family audiences. In addition, the existing short films Elf Pets: Santa’s Reindeer Rescue and Elf Pets: A Fox Cub’s Christmas Tale, will be available to stream during the holiday season.  “No longer content to just spend his nights making mischief in your home, The Elf on the Shelf is going to start working his magic on Netflix!” Netflix tweeted Friday. “Yes, that’s right — the precocious sprite will soon be the star of films and series as our gift to you.”
********Each film will be followed by a showing of “Cuties!!”
*******Right now, the Screen Actor’s Guild is checking to make sure the Elf’s dues are up to date!!
******Within a couple of years, the Elf will be in outer space with ballistic missiles!!

Meghan Says She’s The “Most Trolled” Celebrity

Meghan Markle shared her thoughts on being labeled the “most trolled” celebrity in a new interview.  She made an appearance on “Teenager Therapy,” a coming-of-age podcast meant for listeners under the age of 20.  She was joined by Prince Harry, for a candid chat with the podcast’s young hosts on World Mental Health Day, which took place on Saturday, Oct. 10th.  “I’m told that in 2019, I was the most trolled person in the entire world, male or female,” Markle shared. “Now, eight months of that, I wasn’t even visible. I was on maternity leave with the baby. But was able to just be manufactured and just churned out — it’s almost unsurvivable.”  She added that false rumors can be harmful to a person’s mental and emotional health.  She said: “We all know what it feels like to have our feelings hurt … to be isolated or othered.”  Prince Harry admitted that it can be challenging for him and his wife to remain optimistic in the spotlight.  “There are good days, there are bad days, but I think putting your self-care as a priority is hugely important,” he explained. “Vulnerability is not a weakness, showing vulnerability in today’s world especially, is a strength.”
********Then he crawled up and slept in her lap!!
******There are people who think Meghan is the most important person in the world!! And those people are Harry and Meghan!!
*****For people who value their privacy, they spend a lot of time in the media complaining about lack of privacy!!

Simon Cowell Still Recovering From Back Surgery

Simon Cowell is walking 10,000 steps a day as he recovers from the horrific bike crash that saw him nearly paralyzed, friends say.  He’s been resting at his Malibu home alongside girlfriend Lauren Silverman and son Eric and a source close to the acerbic Brit denied reports that he was set to be bedridden for months on end.  He celebrated his 61st birthday at home on Wednesday and took calls from friends in the UK, according to his pal and “Britain’s Got Talent” co-star Amanda Holden.  Holden said this week that he’s getting around-the-clock care, adding: “He’s doing well. I keep in touch with Lauren every week.  “His will and determination to get himself better is inspiring.”  Cowell broke his back in three places — coming within an inch of cutting his spine and facing possible paralysis — while showing off his fancy new $20,000 high-powered e-bike to 6-year-old Eric, and 14-year-old stepson, Adam, outside his Malibu compound in August.  Following a grueling six-hour surgery, the star tweeted: “Some good advice . . . If you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time.”
********Dear Simon: You’re the only person who doesn’t know that!!
********Now his kids have a great “Dad Story!!”
*****When they said he’d be back in two weeks, we never believed it!!
******Is there any chance we’ll see him on the next season of Dancing With the Stars???

Prince Harry To Face The Queen

Royal aides are preparing for Prince Harry to come home to face a possible telling off from the Queen. Her staff has been told to get Frogmore Cottage ready but Meghan won’t be coming with him.  News of the visit comes after Harry handed over a “substantial sum” to pay rent and clear the bill for taxpayer-funded renovations to his UK home.  The Queen returned to work at Windsor this week and could speak face-to-face with her grandson in the castle grounds.  It comes after palace insiders warned Harry was “stepping over the line” when he spoke out about US politics.  A source told The Sun: “Staff at Windsor have been told to prepare for the possibility Harry could come back.  “They are told that it could be within weeks but Meghan’s name was not mentioned.  “There are all sorts of issues to speak about — not only his political statements but also his visa situation in the US.  “Even though he would have to isolate for two weeks, the estate is large enough for talks in a socially distanced way.
********He probably doesn’t want to go one-on-one with the Queen right now!!
*******Meghan’s worried that if she brings Archie home, the Queen will take possession of him!!
*******Is it possible that Meghan will divorce him while he’s gone????


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

John Legend Needs Coach For Marriage-(National Enquirer)

Singer John Legend revealed couples therapy helps strengthen his seven-year marriage to Chrissy Teigen, who’s expecting their third child.  “The Voice” coach, 41, and model, 34, are parents of daughter Luna, 4, and son Miles, 2-and John said they keep their romance going strong by “communicating, being considerate, listening.”  But he also admitted they reach out for advice.  “We go to therapy sometimes,” the crooner confessed.  “Every couple who has been together for a long time could use time to talk to a third party to help with whatever concerns they have.”

Spat Sank “Elf” Sequel!-(Globe)

You’d think filming “Elf”-about Santa’s helper-would have been a ho-ho-ho time, but bad blood between star Will Ferrell and writer-director Jon Favreau killed plans for a sequel, James Caan squeals.  Caan, who played Elf Will’s biological dad, says he thought the 2003 Christmas classic-that cost $33 million, but grossed a whopping $220 million-was sure to spawn money-making sequels.  But “tension” on the set between Will and Jon was bad and their contracts mandated any spinoffs include both, notes Caan.  “Will wanted to do it [a sequel],” he says, but “he didn’t want the director.”

Julianne & Brooks:  Together Again-(Us Weekly)

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich called it quits on their two-year marriage in May, but it seems they’ve had a change of heart.  Hough, 32, and Laich, 37, “are giving things another shot,” a source says of the pair, who hinted at a reunion on Sept. 26, when Hough shared a shot of herself with Laich’s dog on Instagram.  “They’ve both done a ton of soul searching and concluded that there’s too much love there to let it go.  The spark between them never went away.”

Vanessa’s $500 Million Battle-(Star)

Family feud!  Vanessa Bryant and her mom Sofia Laine, have very different ideas of how to spend the $500 million fortune left by the late basketball great Kobe Bryant.  In a TV interview, Sofia cried poor, claiming that her daughter had booted her out of her home and taken back her car.  Vanessa fired back with a scathing Sept. 22 statement, accusing her mom of freeloading while failing to be “present or emotionally supportive” in the wake of the January helicopter crash that also took the life of Vanessa’s 13-year-old daughter Gianna.  “I see what is most important to my mom and it is beyond hurtful,” she said, noting that Sofia had taken off her diamond jewelry to look less flush for the cameras.  Now, a source says, the rift may be permanent.  “It makes Vanessa sick that her mom would pull a move like this,” says the insider.  “She won’t be used like an ATM and is outraged that her own mom would drag the family name through the mud.”  Vanessa adds:  “My husband and I supported her for the past 20 years and continue to do so.”

Christina & Ant:  Split Turns Nasty-(Life & Style)

There’s no renovating this relationship!  Christina and Ant Anstead’s shocking separation has taken a turn for the worse, a source says, after the British TV personality, 41, signed up to shoot a new show inhis native U.K.  The couple share a child, 1-year-old Hudson, and while “Ant has promised to fly back and forth from California to see their son,” the source notes, “it won’t be easy with all the traveling restrictions due to the pandemic.”  Although a rep for the Flip or Flop star, 37, insists the pair are still on good terms, “deep down, Christina is devastated,” the source confesses.  “She thought she’d be spending the rest of her life with Ant, and now he’s leaving!”

One Last thing:  Gina Rodriguez-(People)

The actress, 36, stars in the new crime comedy Kajillionaire.

Last time I watched the sunset-

Last night Joe [LaCicero, her husband] and I took a walk and saw it.  We’ll do a 10-second video with our eyes; then you can go back in your mind anytime.

Last irrational fear-

We stayed in this Airbnb, and I heard noises coming from the basement, so I was too scared to go down there.  When we did, it had a big TV and gym!

Last time I felt like a kid-

Every day.  I like to live in that playful space where I’m always curious.  I tell my husband, “I’m keeping us young.”

Why Demi Dumped Max-(In Touch)

When Max Ehrich proposed on a Malibu beach on July 22, Demi Lovato immediately said yes.  “I knew I loved you the moment I met you,” she told the Young and the Restless actor in her engagement announcement.  Max gushed right back, “You are every love song, every film every lyric, every poem, everything I could ever dream of and then some in a partner in life.”  The reason they broke up?  “Demi sabotaged the relationship,” a source says.  “She craves happiness, finally finds it with Max, then burns it all to the ground.  She couldn’t handle the relationship.”  Another source says she even changed the locks on her home, “and Max is heartbroken.”



Couple Gets Tiger Instead Of Cat

A French couple who purchased what they thought was an exotic Savannah cat from an online ad ended up turning the feline over to authorities when it turned out to be a tiger cub.  Prosecutors in La Havre said the couple encountered an online ad in 2018 offering a baby Savannah cat, a cross between a domestic cat and an African serval, for sale.  The couple paid about $7,000 for the kitten, but after about a week in their care, the couple suspected the feline was not a Savannah cat, which is legal to keep as a pet in France, but a Sumatran tiger, an endangered species native to Indonesia.  The prosecutors said the incident sparked a two-year investigation that culminated this week with nine people being arrested. The couple who purchased the cat were among those arrested, but were later released by police.
*******They got suspicious when they found the dog buried in the cat box!!!
******It was the only cat in the neighborhood who played “fetch” with the mailman’s leg!!!

100-Year-Old Gets Diploma

A Pennsylvania man was presented with a high school diploma at his residential facility just weeks before his 100th birthday.  Albert Montella was presented with a diploma by the Rose Tree Media School District Superintendent Eleanor DiMarino-Linnen at Sunrise of Granite Run Senior Living in Media.  “It’s exciting because I never expected it, I really never did. This is a far dream of this ever happening to me,” Montella told WPVI-TV.  Montella said he left high school prematurely in 1938 to help support his family and he ended up enlisting the Navy to serve in World War II.  “He served our country, he’s supported and helped his community and all of that without asking little in return. So at the age of 100, we get to finally honor him in some small way,” DiMarino-Linnen said.  The ceremony was attended by family, friends and well-wishers — including a crew from the Brookhaven Fire Company, where Montella’s grandson, Rob, serves as chief. Another grandson, Dave, is an engineer with the department, and a great-grandson, RW, is a lieutenant.
*********He immediately grabbed a teenage girl and partied all night!!
****Now that he has that diploma, he has to figure out what to do with the rest of his life!!
*****He should apply to as many colleges as possible, and take out a million dollars’ worth of student loans!! What does he care??

Silence Of The Lambs House For Sale

The Pennsylvania house made famous as the home of serial killer Buffalo Bill in 1991 horror film Silence of the Lambs is being listed for just under $300,000.  The Perryopolis home, originally built in 1910, served as a pivotal location for Silence of the Lambs, and several of the film’s iconic scenes were filmed in its rooms.  Eileen Allan, who is teaming up with her sister, Shannon Assad, to sell the home for Berkshire Hathaway, said the house is in a much cleaner condition than it was when it served as the serial killer’s residence.  “In the movie they kind of trashed the house and made it look really neglected and kind of destroyed inside,” Allan told NBC’s Today show. “It’s way nicer in person.”  The home is being listed for $298,500, and Allan said there has already been some interest. She said that if the property doesn’t sell by Halloween, she is considering bringing in a psychic medium to the home for a live stream.
*********A “Mr. Lecter” has scheduled a walk-through, just for “old time’s sake!!”
********Have they cleaned out the dungeon?? It’s a little musty down there!!
TOPIC: Would YOU live in this house?????

Longest Bull Horns

An Texas longhorn bull name Cowboy Tuff Chex is now a Guinness World Record holder thanks to his 8.6-foot span of horns.  Cowboy Tuff Chex, originally bred by Bob Loomis in Overbrook, Okla., before being purchased in 2017 by Richard and Jeanne Filip of Fayetteville, had his horns officially measured at the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association’s annual Horn Showcase and was declared a Guinness World Record holder.  It was issued a certificate for the longest horn spread on a living bull.  The Filips said Cowboy Tuff Chex’s horn spread was already so wide when they purchased him that they had to buy a special trailer just to make sure he would fit. They said the bull’s popularity had led to a spike in requests for tours of their ranch.
*********He stands 6 feet tall… so the horns look kinda weird!!
********By the way, if you Google longest horn span, you come up with a about half-dozen other steers who claim the record!! So, who knows??
********These steers are tall, too… which means the steaks are high!!!







7 Self-Care Tips If The News Cycle Is Pummeling You Right Now

Huffington Post

  1. Know what you’re feeling is natural

The first thing to do is accept that what you’re feeling is completely normal, said Natalia Skritskaya, a clinical psychologist and researcher with the Center for Complicated Grief at New York’s Columbia University.

Fighting an infectious disease or losing a loved one to it is very painful and tragic events at any point. But the emotional impact can be magnified during the pandemic due to the restrictions and quarantine guidelines keeping people apart. Throw Trump’s recent conduct into the mix and things can feel downright unfair and frustrating.

Recognize that whatever you’re feeling — be it anger, a sense of injustice, or confusion — is a natural human reaction to a tough situation.


  1. Be kind to yourself

Self-compassion is a must right now, according to Skritskaya. Be gentle and understanding with yourself as you work through and heal from any tragedies the pandemic has brought your way.

“Try to treat yourself as you would treat a good friend,” Skritskaya said. Observe your feelings with mindfulness and patience. Engage in activities that bring you joy.

If you get caught up in certain thoughts or with news stories that are agitating you, ask yourself: Is focusing on this helping me heal or is it only causing more pain and misery? Allow and acknowledge these feelings, then question how helpful they are.

“If those thoughts are not helping you, then you can learn to turn your attention away from them,” said Mary-Frances O’Connor, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Arizona who specializes in grief.


  1. Cut back on your media consumption

Brittany LeMonda, a senior neuropsychologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, suggested cutting back on media and social media.

Much of what’s being covered, whether it be Trump’s Secret Service joyride or cable news talking heads minimizing the virus, can reignite some of the pain people have dealt with during their own COVID-19 experiences and leave them feeling angry and isolated.

Research has found that media consumption during the pandemic has directly affected people’s stress and anxiety levels. Too much of it can be overwhelming and trigger more negative emotions than positive ones.

“Try to take some breaks from inundating with the media. We just have it at our fingertips and it can really be dangerous to have so much access 24/7, so really take some time to unplug,” LeMonda said.

If it’s too difficult to look away, try deleting the apps from your phone or turning off the notifications.


  1. Open up to your friends and family

People don’t grieve well when they’re on their own, Skritskaya said. Coping with the loss of a loved one and the grief that follows is an extremely isolating and lonely experience ― even more so during a pandemic in which so many are physically distancing and unable to see family and friends due to their health risks.

Grief is best managed when we can share our stories and struggles with others. Skritskaya recommended finding a supportive person, perhaps a friend or family member, to open up to about how you feel. Talking about what’s bothering you with a confidant can make sadness, anger, and pain feel a little less intense, research shows.

As President Donald Trump continues to exude a cavalier attitude toward the recommended guidelines for stemming the coronavirus pandemic, experts say that taking action through volunteerism or voting can help alleviate some stress and anxiety.


  1. Take action

Seeing Trump, who remains highly contagious, go out in public when millions of people have made sacrifices for their communities by not being with loved ones battling COVID-19 can be infuriating and spark an overwhelming amount of grief. O’Connor said channeling that energy into meaningful action can help you cope.

“This can mean helping others who are also hurting, or it can mean standing up and using our voice where we see injustice,” O’Connor said..

Engage with civic organizations and in collective action, volunteer, contribute to political campaigns or issues, and make a plan to vote.


  1. Focus on what you can control, not on what you can’t

So much of the pandemic has been completely out of our control, whether it be Trump’s attitude about his own infection or watching a loved one suffer with the disease.

“The best advice I have is to really focus on what is in our control. We can control our behavior, our actions, our reactions,” LeMonda said.

Instead of focusing on what you could have done differently, think about all the things you’ve been able to do for yourself or your loved ones. If it helps, write down a list of the items you have a say in right now. And remember: The precautions you may have had to take for your safety were for good reason.

“With grief, we try to help people think about what they can change and what they cannot change and not spend a lot of energy or misdirect their energy into something that they cannot change and instead focus on things that they could,” Skritskaya said.


  1. Know you’re not alone

Recognize that while you may feel completely isolated in your experience, you’re not. Other people may not fully understand what you’re going through, but they do care. And everyone is struggling with the pandemic in one way or another.

Data suggests that for every person who dies of COVID-19, they leave behind nine family members. That means nearly 2 million people theoretically have experienced a death of a close relative due to the disease, O’Connor said. If it helps, look for virtual support groups with people going through the same thing or reach out to a mental health professional.

There is no ignoring the widespread devastation and pain this virus has inflicted on so many. “People across the globe are affected, everybody knows what this is and their lives are limited or upended by this event,” Skritskaya said. “The whole of humankind is trying to grapple with this virus.”


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