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Born on this day!! Actor Lee Grant is 97. Anchorman Dan Rather is 91. Folk singer Tom Paxton is 85. Actor Ron Rifkin (“Alias”) is 84. Actor Sally Kirkland is 81. Actor Stephen Rea (“The Crying Game,” ″V For Vendetta”) is 76. Actor Deidre Hall (“Days Of Our Lives”) is 75. Journalist Jane Pauley is 72. Broadway performer Brian Stokes Mitchell is 65. Director Peter Jackson (“Lord of the Rings”) is 61. Drummer Larry Mullen Jr. of U2 is 61. Guitarist Johnny Marr of Modest Mouse (and The Smiths) is 59. Actor Dermot Mulroney is 59. Drummer Mikkey Dee of Motorhead and of Scorpions is 59. Actor Rob Schneider is 59. Country singer Darryl Worley is 58. Actor Mike O’Malley (“Glee”) is 57. Guitarist AdRock of the Beastie Boys is 56. Musician Rob Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice) is 55. Guitarist Rogers Stevens of Blind Melon is 53. Singer Linn Berggren of Ace of Base is 52. Reality show host Troy Hartman (“Extreme Survival,” ″No Boundaries”) is 51. Gospel singer Smokie Norful is 49. Actor Piper Perabo is 46. Actor Samaire Armstrong (TV’s “Resurrection”) is 42. Actor Eddie Kaye Thomas (“American Pie”) is 42. Guitarist Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance) is 41. Actor Justin Chatwin (“American Gothic”) is 40. Actor Holly Taylor (“The Americans”) is 25. Actor Danielle Rose Russell (“Legacies,” “The Originals”) is 23. Singer-actor Willow Smith is 22.


1517 – Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Palace church, marking the start of the Protestant Reformation in Germany.
1846 – A heavy snowfall trapped the Donner Party in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
1864 – Nevada became the 36th state.
1941 – Work on the Mount Rushmore monument was completed.
1956 – Rear Admiral G. J. Dufek became the first person to land an airplane at the South Pole.
1984 – Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated.
1992 – Pope John Paul II admitted that the Roman Catholic Church had erred in convicting Galileo of heresy 350 years earlier.

Today Is: Beggars’ Night, Books For Treats Day, Day of the Seven Billion, Girl Scout Founder’s Day, Halloween or All Hallows Eve, Magic Day, National Caramel Apple Day, National Doorbell Day, National Knock-Knock Jokes Day, National Magic Day, National UNICEF Day, Samhain, World Cities Day, World Savings Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – The Neighborhood  /  8:30 – Bob Hearts   /  9:00 – NCIS  /  10:00 – NCIS Hawaii
NBC – 8:00  – The Voice  /  10:00 – Quantum Leap
ABC – 8:00 – Bachelor In Paradise  / 10:00 – The Good Doctor
FOX – 8:00 –  World Series
CW – 8:00 – America’s Funniest Animals  /  9:00 – Scariest Movies

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Gwyneth Paltrow, Patton Oswalt
Jimmy Fallon: Daniel Radcliffe, Winston Duke, Caroline Rhea
Stephen Colbert: Jennifer Hudson, Zosia Mamet
Seth Meyers: Ice T, John Irving, Rina Sawayama, Dena Tauriello
James Corden: Kerry Washington, Paul Feig, Rosa Linn
Watch What Happens Live: Pam Grier, Chris Redd
The Talk: Iain Armitage, Raegan Revord, Ray Parker Jr.
Live with Kelly and Ryan: “Live”‘s Multiverse Halloween: The Best in the Universe
Drew Barrymore: Henry Thomas, Dee Wallace, Robert MacNaughton
Jennifer Hudson: Terry Crews

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: What in the fresh hell happened in KOREA?? The death toll is now up to 153, as a Halloween celebration turned into a deadly MASS STAMPEDE!!!!!!


QUESTION: WHY do we carve pumpkins at Halloween??? Ahh.. it all started with an old Irish legend about JACK!! He even tricked THE DEVIL!!! Click here for the rest!!


QUESTION: Do YOU believe in GHOSTS?? You will after you read about these STRANGE CELEBRITY ENCOUNTERS!! (Cher is being visited by SONNY, and he turns the lights on!)


QUESTION: Who’s now 6-0?? That would be JAKE PAUL, who won his bout against Anderson Silva, and is now looking to MOVE UP, challenging ALVEREZ and DIAZ!!
Jake Paul Beats Anderson Silva

QUESTION: Is it HALLOWEEN?? Or “HOWL-O-WEEN??” These pet owners are celebrating BOTH… as they dress their animals in VERY creative costumes!!!!!!!!!!!
No place like home! Greta the cat channeled her inner Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for Halloween this year

Tom and Gisele Took Parenting Classes Before Divorce

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen each completed a “Parent Education and Family Stabilization” course before finalizing their divorce on Friday.  According to court documents Tom finished the four-hour course on Oct. 25 and Gisele completed it on Oct. 26.  Bündchen’s certificate notes that the class was “required.”  Per Florida law, separating and divorcing parents must take this course as it’s designed to educate, train, and assist parents in regards to the impact divorce can have on parents and children.  Brady and Bündchen share two biological kids: 12-year-old Benjamin and 9-year-old Vivian. The superstar quarterback also has a 15-year-old son, Jack, from a previous relationship with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan.  The records also show that the former couple have agreed on a marital settlement agreement, which will remain confidential.  Both parties spoke out on social media shortly after the news broke of their divorce.  Bündchen wrote on her Instagram Story, “My priority has always been and will continue to be our children whom I love with all my heart.  “We have grown apart and while it is, of course, difficult to go through something like this, I feel blessed for the time we had together and only wish the best for Tom always.”  Brady added in his own statement on Instagram that he and his now-ex-wife had made the “painful and difficult” decision “after much consideration.”  “We only wish the best for each other as we pursue whatever new chapters in our lives that are yet to be written,” he concluded.
*********”Please don’t hurt me!!!!”
********Tom is transitioning from father, husband and gridiron winner to lonely divorced dude and football loser!!!
*******If they need a parenting class, what the hell have they BEEN doing???

Jerry Lee Lewis Dies

Jerry Lee Lewis has passed away just two days after he was falsely reported as dead. He was 87.  He died on Friday at his home in DeSoto County, Miss.  Earlier last week, Farnum was fuming over a TMZ article that incorrectly broke the news of Lewis’ death before he had actually died.  “He’s alive. TMZ reported erroneously off of a bulls–t anonymous tip,” his rep said at the time. Lewis had been dealing with health issues lately, according to a Facebook post shared on his official page earlier this month. Lewis — famously dubbed “The Killer” — was known for his iconic piano-playing skills and was part of a group of rock legends including Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Little Richard.  He was the first person inducted into the first class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.  He was married seven times, including bigamous marriages and a marriage with his underage cousin, Myra Gale Brown, who was 13 years old when they wed.
********National Enquirer Rule of Thumb: If you keep saying someone is dead, sooner or later you’ll be right!!
********Harvey Levin sent someone to kill him, just so he’d be right!!

Matthew Perry Stole Pills From Unusual Places

Matthew Perry said his addiction got so bad that he would visit open houses on Sundays to steal pills from strangers’ medicine cabinets.  “And I think they thought, ‘Well, there’s no way that Chandler came in and stole from us,’” Perry said as he candidly opened up to Diane Sawyer in an interview that aired Friday on ABC.  He added up the cost of his struggles, from the 5,000 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to 15 stints in rehab, to his 55 Vicodin-a-day habit, not to mention a near-death experience, right at a time when he “should have been the toast of the town.”  “I was in a coma and escaped death really narrowly,” Perry told Sawyer in the interview, during which he recalls how drugs overtook fame, and how he spent roughly $9 million trying to get sober.
*******The more we hear about being rich and famous, the more we enjoy being broke and obscure!!
********You don’t wanna be standing at the Pearly Gates saying, “Hey! Where’s my wallet???”
*******The most important factor in recovery: You gotta wanna!!!

Kanye West Back On Twitter

Elon Musk is speaking out about Kanye West’s presence on Twitter.  On Friday, Musk — who completed his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter — tweeted that the social networking platform “will be forming a content moderation council with widely diverse viewpoints,” adding, “No major content decisions or account reinstatements will happen before that council convenes.”  After one Twitter user asked Musk, “So why did you restore already Kanye West’s account? Twitter should not be a platform to spew racism and antisemitism,” the Tesla CEO responded to the user, writing, “Ye’s account was restored by Twitter before the acquisition. They did not consult with or inform me.”  West’s Twitter account was restricted earlier this month after one of his tweets violated the company’s rules. However, his account was never actually deleted or banned. Instead, he was limited from posting and Twitter pulled the controversial tweet, according to The New York Times.
*********One useful thing about free speech: it allows people to show who they really are!!
****Besides, we’ve moved on now!! We’re all thinking about Paul Pelosi’s boyfriend!!!

Harvey Weinstein’s Genitalia Shown to L.A. Court

The jury on Harvey Weinstein’s Los Angeles sex crimes trial was shown photos of his genitalia on Friday.   The images were included in an envelope of other photos and reports presented to the 12-member jury in a private room at Los Angeles Superior Court.  The array of documents was submitted as an exhibit in Weinstein’s trial over 11 counts of rape and sexual assault involving five women between 2003 and 2014.  He sustained scarring and alterations in his genitalia from a 1999 surgery to remedy Fournier’s Gangrene, prosecutors said. Doctors removed some of Weinstein’s scrotum and placed them into his thighs.  “That surgery caused pretty noticeable scarring, and you’ll see the pictures,” Deputy District Attorney Paul Thompson said on Monday.  His lawyer grilled a victim Wednesday for supposedly lying about Weinstein’s testicles and forced her to go into detail on their appearance. The unnamed victim, who alleges she was assaulted in 2013, told jurors Weinstein had “problems with testicles” and that they were “part of him,” the Daily Beast reported.  The images were presented just one day after an actress testified that Weinstein masturbated on her face in 2003 while his assistant waited outside a hotel room after demanding she give him a “naked massage.”
*********Sounds like fun!! The jury’s having a ball!!!
********They took off part of his scrotum, which means he’s “half nuts!!!”
*****What other famous perv had to show the court his junk??? (ANSWER: Bill Clinton, in the Paula Jones case!!)

Harry and Meghan Will Snub The Royal Christmas

Just days after Prince Harry announced the title and cover of his memoir ‘Spare’, his family’s Christmas plans have stunned royal fans.  They will not be spending Christmas with the royals and are planning to ‘snub’ King Charles’ invitation, according to The Mirror.  Harry’s memoir will hit shelves on January 10 2023, with Charles and Queen Consort Camilla reportedly in “panic mode” over its contents.  “Camilla has played the cards she was dealt beautifully,” a source reportedly told New Idea. “She achieved the near-impossible task of going from royal mistress to Queen, and winning the public’s affection in the process. There weren’t many of us who thought she could pull it off and she’s proven everyone wrong.”  The royal couple fears Harry’s explosive memoir will undo all their hard work.  “Everyone is bracing themselves for yet another fraught and frantic period at the mercy of the Sussexes.”
*********Merry Christmas, daddy!!! This one is for Mom!!!!
*******If the Queen wasn’t dead already, she’d kill herself!! 


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Brad Checks Into Heartbreak Hotel-(Globe)

Aging Brad Pitt’s not quite the heartthrob he used to be-the 58-year-old just got booted by bombshell Emily Ratajkowski!  The 31-year-old “Gone Girl” beauty was caught on-camera kissing 35-year-old DJ Orazio Rispo following a few weeks of romance with smitten Oscar winner Brad, who been left “with some serious egg on his face,” according to a source.  The “Troy” hunk was stunned by her sudden change of heart, spies say.  “He’s not used to being dumped or snubbed, but that’s the grim reality of what’s happened,” says the snitch.



Giant Duck Breaks Free!

A giant inflatable duck that made its return to a Maine harbor this week broke free from its moorings and is now on the move.  The inflatable object, in the shape of a gigantic rubber duck, appeared in Belfast Harbor last year with the word “Joy” written across its front. The apparent art project returned this week, this time with “Greater Joy” emblazoned on its chest.  An official with the Belfast Harbor Office confirmed the inflatable duck broke free of its moorings amid high winds around noon Thursday and started floating out of the harbor.  “We actually went out and grabbed it with the boat, but the lines all broke on it,” the harbor official told WCSH-TV. “It was just way too windy. We couldn’t pull it back in.”  Witnesses reported the duck had drifted about 20 miles to the coast of Blue Hill, Maine. The duck was still floating loose as of early Friday afternoon.
*****Any damages?? Just put ’em on his bill!!

Birthday Balloon Flies 500 Miles

A Missouri second-grader whose birthday balloons flew off into the sky received some special gifts in the mail from a man who found the lost balloons 500 miles away.  Kason Johnson’s mother said she was walking her son to the family car at Mountain Grove Elementary School in Mountain Grove, Mo., when he lost hold of the balloons that had been presented to him at school for his 8th birthday.  The balloons appeared to be gone for good, but a few days later Todd Huyler was mowing his lawn in Cleveland, Tenn., when he spotted some balloons stuck in his fence.  The balloons were attached to an envelope that bore the name of the business that sold the balloons as well as the name of the school.  Huyler, a woodworker, sent handmade gifts including a baseball bat to Johnson and his teacher. Huyler also included photos of himself and his dachshund, Henry, as well as $100 for Johnson and a letter to the boy’s parents.
*********This doesn’t sound right!!! Who IS this guy?? (kidding)
*********How many times have your kids cried for balloons, then immediately lose their grip and watch ’em fly away?? Yep.. us too!!

Camel Rescued From A Flood

Multiple rescue crews in Australia responded to a report of an unusual animal needing rescue from floodwaters — a camel.  Fire and Rescue New South Wales said the domesticated camel, named Gina, was stranded in floodwaters in Moama, near the border with Victoria.  “[Camels] can’t swim and Gina was precariously close to the banks,” Fire and Rescue NSW Inspector Phillip Eberle told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.  The Fire and Rescue NSW crew worked together with State Emergency Service, Surf Life Saving and Marine Rescue personnel to bring Gina back to safety. Rescuers used handfuls of hay to guide the camel back to dry land.
**********Her name was Gina, and she had lovely lady humps!!!

Loose Cougar In Los Angeles

A cougar was captured in the back yard of a Los Angeles home after an hours-long search that involved a school being locked down and multiple tranquilizer darts being fired.  The nearby Brentwood Science Magnet Elementary School was placed on lockdown as a precaution while California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials were summoned to the area.  The officials were able to shoot it with tranquilizer darts at least three times, but it fled before they could capture it.  The cougar was located in a wooded area near the Brentwood Country Club golf course, and officials pursued the animal until it was cornered in the back yard of a home, where it was again tranquilized and taken into custody just after 4 p.m.  Fish and Wildlife officials said the mountain lion would be relocated to the Angeles National Forest.
*****We know that neighborhood… there’s a lot of cougars there!!









These are the Halloween costumes you may see a lot, based on people’s Google searches



Most popular searches nationally

  1. Witch
  2. Spider-man
  3. Dinosaur
  4. Stranger Things
  5. Fairy
  6. Pirate
  7. Rabbit
  8. Cheerleader
  9. Cowboy
  10. Harley Quinn
  11. Clown
  12. Vampire
  13. 1980s
  14. Hocus Pocus
  15. Pumpkin





Most popular searches by city

  • Anchorage, Alaska: Rabbit
  • Atlanta: Spider-Man
  • Boston: Dinosaur
  • Chicago: Stranger Things
  • Dallas: Dinosaur
  • Detroit: Witch
  • Honolulu: Maui (character from the Disney movie, Moana)
  • Houston: Witch
  • Las Vegas: Stranger Things
  • Los Angeles: Spider-Man
  • Miami: Rabbit
  • Nashville, Tennessee: Dinosaur
  • New Orleans: Witch
  • New York: Fairy
  • Philadelphia: Rabbit
  • Phoenix: Dinosaur
  • Pittsburgh: Pirate
  • Portland: Fairy
  • Seattle: Witch
  • Washington, D.C.: Dinosaur



What Are the Most Popular Costumes by State?


  • Alabama: Witch, Dinosaur, Cheerleader and Hocus Pocus
  • Alaska: 1970s, Rabbit and Fox
  • Arizona: Witch and Dinosaur
  • Arkansas: Pirate, Top Gun, Cheerleader and Rabbit
  • California: Chucky, Dinosaur, Witch, Fairy, Clown, Spider-Man and 1980s
  • Colorado: Witch, Dinosaur and Star Wars
  • Connecticut: Stranger Things
  • Delaware: no data  (We’re sad!)
  • Florida: Pirate, Dinosaur, Tinker Bell and Rabbit
  • Georgia: Goddess, Barbie, Pirate, Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man, Dinosaur and Clown
  • Hawaii: Maui
  • Idaho: Tinker Bell, Fairy and Spider-Man
  • Illinois: Rabbit, Fairy, Witch, Hocus Pocus and Stranger Things
  • Indiana: Spider-Man, Chucky, Fairy, Cheerleader, Cowboy and Ninja
  • Iowa: Dinousar, Cheerleader, Angel and Ninja
  • Kansas: Rabbit, Fairy and Spider-Man
  • Kentucky: Witch and Padmé Naberrie
  • Louisiana: Barbie, Stranger Things, Mermaid, Tinker Bell, Witch and Cowboy
  • Maine: Poison Ivy, Pirate and Horse
  • Maryland: Iron Man and Pirate
  • Massachusetts: 1980s and Hocus Pocus
  • Michigan: Broken Doll, Witch, Cowboy and Dinosaur
  • Minnesota: The Renaissance and Cowboy
  • Mississippi: Mermaid, Thing 1, Witch, Police Officer, 1980s and Toy Story
  • Missouri: Witch, Cowboy, Zombie, Dinosaur and Stranger Things
  • Montana: Black Cat, Rabbit, Cowboy, Witch, Spider-Man and Cheerleader
  • Nebraska: Dinosaur, Ninja and Rollercoaster
  • Nevada: Spider-man and Stranger Things
  • New Hampshire: Dinosaur
  • New Jersey: no data (We’re bummed!)
  • New Mexico: Dinosaur
  • New York: Pumpkin, Cattle, Cow, Rabbit, Stranger Things, Doll, Cheerleader, Fairy and Dinosaur
  • North Carolina: Cheerleader, Fairy, Hocus Pocus, Spider-Man, Dinosaur and Harley Quinn
  • North Dakota: Horse and Fairy
  • Ohio: Dinosaur, Goddess, Cowboy, Zombie, Hocus Pocus, Witch, Stranger Things and Harley Quinn
  • Oklahoma: Vampire, Fairy, Dinosaur and Stranger Things
  • Oregon: Cowboy, 1980s, Fairy and Pirate
  • Pennsylvania: Pirate, Stranger Things, Rabbit and Princess
  • Rhode Island: no data (Sorry, Rhode Island.)
  • South Carolina: Witch, Cheerleader, 1980s and Fairy
  • South Dakota: Vikings and Star Wars
  • Tennessee: Dinosaur, Hocus Pocus, Spider-Man and Chucky
  • Texas: Fairy, Stranger Things, Dinosaur, Witch, Cheerleader, Pirate, Joker, Angel, 1980s and Toy Story
  • Utah: Witch
  • Vermont- no data (Tell us what you’re wearing, Vermont!)
  • Virginia: Vampire, Spider-Man, Harley Quinn, Cowboy, Hocus Pocus and Witch
  • Washington: Witch and Stormtrooper
  • West Virginia: Michael Meyers, Witch, Cowboy and Police Officer
  • Wisconsin: Hocus Pocus, Doll, Pumpkin, Cheerleader and Star Wars
  • Wyoming: Tinker Bell


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