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Born on this day!! Comedian Shecky Greene is 95. Original Mouseketeer Darlene Gillespie is 80. Singer Peggy Lennon of the Lennon Sisters is 80. Songwriter Leon Huff of Gamble and Huff is 79. Actor Stuart Pankin (“Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Not Necessarily the News”) is 75. Guitarist Steve Howe of Yes (and of Asia) is 74. Bassist Mel Schacher of Grand Funk Railroad is 70. Singer-actor John Schneider (“The Dukes of Hazzard”) is 61. Guitarist Izzy Stradlin (Guns N’ Roses) is 59. Singer-guitarist Donita Sparks of L7 is 58. Singer Julian Lennon is 58. Actor Dean Norris (“Breaking Bad,” ″Under the Dome”) is 58. Rapper Biz Markie (“Yo Gabba Gabba”) is 57. Actor Robin Wright is 55. Actor Patricia Arquette is 53. Actor JR Bourne (TV’s “Teen Wolf,” ″Revenge”) is 51. Singer Craig Honeycutt of Everything is 51. Drummer Darren Jessee of Ben Folds Five is 50. Actor Emma Caulfield (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) is 48. Actor Katee Sackhoff (“Battlestar Galactica”) is 41. Actor Taylor Kitsch (“True Detective,” ″Friday Night Lights”) is 40. Singer-guitarist Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend is 37. Actor Taran Noah Smith (“Home Improvement”) is 37. Guitarist Jamie Sierota (Echosmith) is 28. Actor Sadie Calvano (“Mom”) is 24.


1513 – Ponce de León claimed Florida for Spain.
1913 – The 17th Amendment was ratified, requiring the direct election of U.S. senators by popular vote rather than by the state legislators.
1935 – The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was approved by Congress to help alleviate joblessness during the Great Depression.
1946 – The League of Nations assembled for the last time.
1973 – Artist Pablo Picasso died.
1974 – Henry “Hank” Aaron hit the 715th home run of his career, breaking Babe Ruth’s record.
1986 – Actor Clint Eastwood was elected mayor of Carmel, California.
1992 – Tennis ace Arthur Ashe announced that he had AIDS.

Today Is: Buddha Day (Historical Birth Date), Draw A Bird Day, International Roma Day, National Alcohol Screening Day, National Dog Fighting Awareness Day, Trading Cards for Grownups Day, Virtual Advocacy Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Young Sheldon  /  8:30 – The United States Of Al  /  9:00 – Mom  /  9:30 – Be Positive  /  10:00 – Clarice
NBC – 8:00 – Manifest  /  9:00 – Law and Order: SVU  /  10:00 – Law and Order
ABC – 8:00 –  Station 19  /  9:00 – Grey’s Anatomy  /  10:00 – Rebel
FOX – 8:00 – Hell’s Kitchen  /  9:00 – Last Man Standing  /  9:30 – The Moodys
CW – 8:00 – Walker /  9:00 – Legacies

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Mark Wahlberg, Hunter Biden, the Wallflowers
Jimmy Fallon: Carey Mulligan, Caleb McLaughlin, Lil Tjay featuring 6LACK
Stephen Colbert: Hank Azaria, Cheap Trick
Seth Meyers: Sarah Silverman, Nico Hiraga (R 3/18/21)
James Corden: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, London Grammar
Lilly Singh: Padma Lakshmi
Conan: Baratunde Thurston
Watch What Happens Live: Trishelle Cannatella, Carl Radke
The View: Leslie Odom Jr.
The Talk: Drew Carey, Steve Leder (R 1/13/21)
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Katey Sagal, Chris Valdes
Ellen DeGeneres: Lauren Graham, Giveon
Wendy Williams: Lamar Odom (R 2/11/21)
The Real: Guidance on how to approach a man for a date with confidence
Kelly Clarkson: Max Greenfield, Dani & Dannah Lane, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Clint Black
Tamron Hall: Stories that inspired, touched, and changed the lives of reporters and viewers (R 11/12/20)
Drew Barrymore: Josh Groban, Farideh Sadeghin

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Is it GOOD to be a redhead??? New study shows that Redheads FEEL LESS PAIN!! The reason?? The same factors that make them more likely to SUNBURN!!


QUESTION: Did you know that X-RAYS ARE COMING FROM URANUS?? It’s true, and NASA is trying to figure out why!!! Click through for the shocking story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Is there really a KETCHUP SHORTAGE due to the pandemic?? There must be, because people are selling ketchup packets on eBAY!!!!! And not for cheap!!!


QUESTION: Wait… that’s what she REALLY looks like?? Khloe Kardashian freaks when an unfiltered photo hits social media, and now she wants it TAKEN OFF!!!!!!!!!!

QUESTION: Is he just inexperienced… or STUPID?? This two-year-old stud horse GETS IT ALL WRONG as he makes his debut in a field full of mares!!! Does he need a map??
The owner of the young American Quarter Horse said: 'He accidentally got out in the mare's pasture and attempted to do what any other stallion would have done, but failed completely'

New Ghostbusters Clip Shows Mini-Stay Pufts

Sony Pictures Entertainment is giving a glimpse of the new film Ghostbusters: Afterlife.  The studio shared a clip Wednesday from the upcoming movie featuring Paul Rudd as Mr. Grooberson, a teacher familiar with the Ghostbusters legacy.  The preview shows Mr. Grooberson (Rudd) encounter the Mini-Pufts, small versions of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The Mini-Pufts are seen causing mayhem in a grocery store.  Sony released a trailer for the film in December that shows a small town being taken over by supernatural forces.  Ghostbusters: Afterlife is a sequel to Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II (1989), which star Bill Murray, Dan AykroydHarold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. It is the fourth movie in the franchise, which also includes the 2016 reboot Ghostbusters.  Ghostbusters: Afterlife takes place 30 years after Ghostbusters II. The film follows a single mom, Callie (Carrie Coon) and her two children (Mckenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard) as they move to a small town and discover their family’s link to the original Ghostbusters.  The movie releases in November.  See the clip HERE.
*******They realize they’re being haunted by something soft and white.. at first they think: “James Corden??”
*******Those Pufts don’t look too tough!!!!

New Pac Man Game Debuts

Nintendo has announced a new battle royale title for Nintendo Switch Online members based on Pac-Man titled Pac-Man 99.  Pac-Man 99 will be exclusively available to all Nintendo Switch Online members for free.  The game, similar to the previously released Tetris 99, has players competing to be the last Pac-Man standing out of 99 total players.  Players will navigate the classic Pac-Man maze, trying to avoid and eat ghosts. Any ghosts that are defeated will be sent over to attack other opponents in the form of a Jammer Pac-Man. Players who run into a Jammer Pac-Man will be slowed down, leaving them more open to ghosts and elimination.  Nintendo Switch Online costs $20 for one year and allows Switch owners to play games online and have access to classic Super NES games.
********This is great!! We have a couple of decades of life left.. and we needed something to fill every waking moment!!

Sharon Osbourne Disputes Underwood’s Claims

Sharon Osbourne is already hitting back at Sheryl Underwood’s claim she never reached out or apologized to her following their dustup on “The Talk.” She said on her “The World According to Sheryl” podcast, revealed that she hadn’t spoken to Osbourne since the tiff, and, when asked if Osbourne had reached out, replied, “No!,” scrolling through her phone messages as evidence.  But Osbourne leaked receipts of her own Tuesday to the Daily Mail, sending a series of screenshots of her purported texts to Underwood and telling the site, “I not only sent these messages to Sheryl but I apologized to her in person in her dressing room. Why are you saying I never apologized, Sheryl? What are you trying to do to me? Why are you trying to destroy my reputation? Just be honest. Tell me.”  “‘Sheryl, My heart is heavy and I’m deeply saddened by the events that transpired on Wednesday,” reads one screenshot provided by Osbourne, dated March 12.  “I don’t want to lose my true friend over this. Im sorry for telling you to f**k off during break, I’m sorry for accusing you of fake crying while we were live on air and I’m sorry for losing my temper with you.”  Osbourne continued, “I felt shocked, scared and saddened by what felt like was a blind-sided attack. You know me. You know how I’ve always had your back. We’ve outlasted everyone on this show and that’s because we’ve always been a team and had each other’s backs.”  “I consider you a genuine friend. If you want to talk on the phone over the weekend I’m here. Once again from the bottom of my heart I’m sorry. Is there anything You need from me or that I can do to help you heal? Love and respect always — Sharon.”  A follow-up message from March 15 reads, “Hi Sheryl. I know you’re taking space and I don’t want to disrespect that. I’m just reaching out because I want you [to] know I’m thinking about you. If you are willing, can we talk before Wednesday? Big kiss.” Osbourne’s supposedly final note, from March 18, reads, “Sheryl I am thinking about you. Hope you are well. Sending my love.”
******Well, THAT’S obviously racist!!!
*****Sharon is finding out what a lot of people already know: the facts mean nothing!!
*******Even Ozzy can’t figure this one out!!!

Kanye West Doc Sells To Netflix

Kanye West has allowed cameras to capture his life for over two decades and now the rapper has reportedly sold a documentary to Netflix for $30 million.  According to a report in Billboard, he wants it to be a multi-part documentary and the directors are Clarence “Coodie” Simmons and Chike Ozah aka Coodie & Chike, who helmed West’s music videos for “Through the Wire” and “Jesus Walks.”  A source told the outlet that Simmons has been working with West since the ’90s, capturing behind-the-scenes footage and chronicling his rise to superstardom.  The doc will reportedly detail “the rapper and producer’s rise to success and fame’s impact on him as well hip-hop’s impact on popular culture and the world’s evolving relationship with celebrity.”  The project will also address personal matters such as the death of West’s mother, Donda.   “While West is not creatively involved in the production, the second source says he essentially has given his support by allowing himself to be filmed by Coodie & Chike for 21 years,” another source added.
*******This film will be studied by psychiatrists for decades to come!!
*******The audience just wants to know whether we’ll see Kim’s ass!!
*******Kanye started making sense to us in the last few years. We had to go in for a checkup from the neck up!!

Caitlyn Jenner Wants To Be Governor Of California

Caitlyn Jenner is thinking about making a run to unseat Gov. Gavin Newsom as he faces a possible recall election, reports said on Tuesday.  She is said to be “actively exploring” a run for governor of California, according to Axios, which cited three sources close to the situation.  Per the outlet, the 1976 Olympian and Wheaties box athlete is being assisted in her consideration by longtime GOP fundraiser and fixer Caroline Wren – whom Jenner supposedly met through her work with the American Unity Fund, a GOP nonprofit focused on LGBTQ issues.  Meanwhile, hours later a Deadline report emerged also reporting that the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” alum was, in fact, considering an attempt to unseat the incumbent governor of two years.  “Caitlyn Jenner is never going to be governor of California, but she may get herself a new show on a streamer out of all this,” an industry insider close to the situation told the publication. Jenner’s last show was her 2015-16 Kardashians spinoff “I Am Cait” on E!  Any opponent planning on running against Newsom in a potential recall election would need roughly 1.5 million signatures – or 12% of the number of voters in the last gubernatorial election – by March 17 to make a recall vote a reality.
********You don’t think (s)he can win?? You DO realize she’s running in California, right??
********Is Idaho full yet???
*****Just wondering: do her kids call her dad?? Or mom??? (Probably, “hey, you!!”)

DMX Still On Life Support

DMX remains on life support — and tough decisions are ahead for his family, as the rapper undergoes a series of critical neurological tests.  The tests will determine the level of brain function, his manager, Steve Rifkind, told TMZ.  The results will be crucial in deciding his outcome.  “DMX is currently on life support and in a coma,” Rifkind explained to the site on Tuesday. “There are multiple people with inaccurate information about his well-being and it is not helpful and productive. Tomorrow he will undergo further tests on his brain function and his family will determine what’s best from there. We appreciate your prayers and support.”  DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was rushed to White Plains Hospital on Friday night after suffering a drug overdose that triggered a heart attack.
*******Drugs suck. Just sayin’…

Royal Family Supports Piers Morgan

Members of the royal family have sent private messages to Piers Morgan, thanking him for “standing up for them” after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s damning TV tell-all, the former TV host has revealed.  Morgan quickly became one of the couple’s most outspoken critics — even quitting his job as the host of “Good Morning Britain” rather than apologize.  Since then, he has “had a lot of support privately from a lot of people” — including the royals he has vigorously defended, Morgan told “Extra.”  “I’ve had some messages communicated to me on behalf of several members of the royal family who were grateful … that somebody was standing up for them,” he said.  He remained coy, however, when asked if they included messages from “upper-level people,” saying, “Well, I’m not going to go into who it was.”
********The Queen popped ’round and brought him a fresh-baked pie!!!
*******Phillip offered to make him a good, stiff gin and tonic!!
*******Piers had one request: he wants to bring his girlfriend and spend the night at the palace!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Tinsley & Scott-Not Playing House-(National Enquirer)

“RHONY” star Tinsley Mortimer is heartbroken, said a source, now that she and Scott Kluth have called off their engagement!  “She was blindsided.  She’s on the floor heartbroken,” spilled the source about the 45-year-old socialite, who was engaged to the entrepreneur for 14 months.  “This was an incredibly difficult decision, but it is one that I believe is best,” said Scott, 41.

McPhee McSpills Secret Baby Name-(Globe)

Red flag, or harmless baby brag?  When a woman endures endless hours of labor to pop forth life, she should be able to sing her precious babe’s name to the high heavens-and on a national talk show, too!  But first-time mama Katharine McPhee, 36, hit a sour note with composer hubby David Foster, 71, for blabbing their newborn son’s secret moniker on TV.  “My husband probably will kill me for saying it, but his name is Rennie David Foster,” she gushed.  Later, the former “American Idol” star revealed she indeed got a crabby reaction from the tot’s pop, dad to five grown daughters from various relationships.  “My husband was kind of annoyed,” she spills, adding, “I said, ‘What was I supposed to say?  Nothing?’”  Seeing red yet?

George & Amal:  His Missing Pieces-(Us Weekly)

Becoming a husband and father is the best thing that has ever happened to George Clooney.  The actor, 59, recently said that prior to giving up his bachelor title, he felt like he “had a pretty full life,” but realized “how incredibly empty” it actually was once he married wife Amal, 43, in 2014 and welcomed twins Alexander and Ella in 2017.  Now with a family, he added, “it fills it all up, it makes it fun.”

Gerard & Morgan:  Back On-(Star)

Playing for keeps?  Gerard Butler has rekindled his romance with Morgan Brown, his on and off love of more than six years before their 2020 split.  A source says the 51-year-old-who revealed in 2017 he’d “love to have one or two kids”-initially broke it off with the former model, 49, over his desire to start a family.  “Gerard was at a crossroads in life,” dishes the insider.  “With Morgan past her child-bearing years, it’d be difficult to achieve his dream with her.”  The 300 star went on to date Sofia Harmanda, but ultimately realized Morgan was The One.  Still, some close to Gerard are concerned the two haven’t completely hammered out their issues (‘He still talks about having children,” says a pal) and fear the Scottish actor is being pressured.  “Morgan warned him this is his last chance,” adds the source.  “Either he makes a commitment, or it’s over.”

Armie’s Nightmare-(Life & Style)

After a former fling accuses Armie Hammer of violent sexual assault, the LAPD promptly launches an investigation.  The allegations were deeply upsetting.  On March 18, a 24-year-old woman named Effie Angelova accused Hammer of sexually assaulting her in LA in 2017, when they were in the midst of a consensual affair.  “Armie Hammer raped me for over four hours,” alleged Effie, who shared that she met and “fell in love with” the actor when she was 20.  “He also committed other acts of violence against me, to which I did not consent….I [was scared] he was going to kill me.”  And while talk of emotional abuse and graphically violent sexting has destroyed his image in recent months, Armie, 34, now stands to lose a lot more than fans and movie roles.  “If Armie is found guilty of rape,” says Beverly Hills attorney and legal expert Jeffrey Steinberger, “he could spend up to eight years in prison.”

One Last Thing:  Peter Facinelli-(People)

The actor, 47, stars in the new thriller The Ravine.

Last DIY project-

I’m good with wood; I made a squirrel bench with little seats, because I got so bored during the pandemic.  You can watch them sit at the table and eat-it’s really cute.

Last time I was asked about wedding plans-

My mom, yesterday.  We don’t have a date yet because we’re waiting for the pandemic to end.  I’d like to get married on a beach somewhere.  But it’s more important to me that [his fiancée, actress Lily Anne Harrison] is happy.  It’s her special day.

Last time I sang out loud-

I was in the shower yesterday, and I just belted out a song.  I kind of make up the words as I go.  If you close your eyes, the water sounds like people clapping as it hits the floor.

Back Down the Aisle-(In Touch)

London, March 23

Kate Middleton and Prince William returned to their wedding venue, Westminster Abbey, for an official engagement a few weeks before their 10th anniversary.



Squirrel Rescued From Pole

Police in Pennsylvania shared video from the unusual rescue of a squirrel found trapped inside a metal pole.  The Lititz Borough Police Department said officers were called to the Lockup Lane area on a report of a squirrel trapped inside a metal pole attached to the side of a utility pole.  The squirrel had apparently fallen into the open top of the metal pole and was unable to climb back out.  The department posted a video to Facebook showing officers using a small ladder to get above the pole and reach in with a smaller pole to allow the squirrel to climb to freedom.  The video shows the squirrel climb the offered escape route and dart up the wooden utility pole with such speed that the department replayed the footage in super slow motion to make the animal visible.  See the video HERE.
******Thanks, officers!! We need all the squirrels we can get!!
*****We’re not saying which end was sticking out, but you could see where he was storing his nuts!!
******While they were rescuing the squirrel, there were five burglaries and a couple of bank robberies!!!

Get Paid To Watch True Crime

A streaming service is offering $2,400 each to three people willing to watch 24 hours of true crime documentaries and post about the experience on social media.  MagellanTV, which made a similar offer for a single person who was paid $1,000 in 2020, said the second version of the promotion will choose three candidates who will each be paid $100 an hour for their true crime binges.  “Our ideal candidates live for true crime,” the posting for the “True Crime Watch Dream Job” states. “They can handle the most menacing serial killer, the goriest details, and don’t flinch at the chilling paranormal.”  Applications are being accepted through May 5th.
********Weird Uncle Bob would love to win this one!! (He’s the uncle we don’t talk about!!)
******If we wanted that much true crime, we’d move to Washington, DC!!!
*******They left out the part where you’re handcuffed to the couch!!!

Funko Pop Collector Breaks Record

A Tennessee man with a passion for collecting Funko Pop! figures was awarded a Guinness World Record when his total stock was tallied at 7,095 different toys.  David Mebane, of Knoxville, said he applied for the world record during the COVID-19 pandemic, and due to safety precautions he had to prove his accomplishment with a 17-hour video showcasing each different Funko Pop! figurine in his collection.  He said that task was nothing compared to the effort he puts into hunting for new additions.  “In Funko world, it’s more than a game, it’s a hunt,” he told WVLT-TV. “I go out every Saturday looking for my Pops. If I miss a Saturday, it won’t be there the next, that’s usually how it works.”  Mebane said the world record of 7,095 is based on the number of figurines he had in November 2020.  “I average about 20 to 30 a week, so after this weekend I’ll be at almost 8,000,” Mebane said.
********These Funko Pops are no joke!! The most collectible is “Holographic Darth Maul,” which can sell for almost $7,000!!

Women Arrested For Not Quarantining After Surgery

Two women from Ireland were arrested for allegedly refusing to go to a quarantine hotel after they returned from a medical tourism trip in Dubai.  Kirstie McGrath, 30, and Niamh Mulreany, 25, left the United Arab Emirates and arrived in Dublin Airport on Friday, April 2, according to the – an Irish national news outlet.  Refusing to go to a quarantine hotel reportedly landed the pair at Ballymun Garda Station in Santry, Dublin.  McGrath and Mulreany were charged with violating the country’s current Health Act, according to the outlet.  In late March, Irish health authorities announced there would be mandatory hotel quarantines for travelers who arrived from countries that were determined to be a “significant risk.” The United Arab Emirates is included in this list of 84 countries.  “Any passenger who has been in any of these Category 2 countries in the previous 14 days, even if only transiting through one of these countries and even if remaining airside, is legally required to quarantine at a designated facility (mandatory hotel quarantine),” travel guidelines published on the Department of Foreign Affairs reads. “This applies even if the passenger receives a negative RT-PCR test result after arriving in the State. There are very limited exemptions to this requirement.”
******They thought that Lucky Charms could cure the COVID!!
*****Irish doctors rushed over to rum ’em down with a shillelagh!! 







How To Make Office Small Talk Less Awkward And Fake Online

Huffington Post


Don’t overanalyze response time.

Just because you’re chatting on an instant messaging platform doesn’t mean communication has to be instant.

In face-to-face conversations, we get clear body language cues that tell us when a person is listening to and interested in what we’re saying. Without this context, we may read too much meaning into people’s response times and wrongfully interpret them as commentary on us, said Lawrese Brown, founder of C-Track Training, a workplace education company.

“You’re going to cause yourself anxiety if you believe success in a conversation is based on how rapidly someone responds to you, especially when it’s small talk and open-ended things,” Brown said. “That’s not fair to the other party, who has different things they’re balancing. But it’s also not fair to you, because then you are going to become further reclusive, because you are going to assume failure.”

For your own peace of mind, head into chats with the expectation that the others involved do not need to respond immediately.


Find common ground and get specific.

To move beyond the “How are you?”/“Fine” conversation-killing combo, ask more focused questions. “One of the better things to ask is ‘Hey, what’s changed in the past week? What’s new in the past week?’” said Celeste Headlee, journalist and author of “We Need to Talk: How to Have Conversations That Matter.”

“When you’re asking them very specific details, it takes the pressure off of them to try to interpret what it is you’re really asking,” Headlee said. “They don’t have that information because they’re not hearing the tone of your voice or seeing your face.”

It’s a mistake to have expectations of what small talk needs to address, said career coach Jamie Terran. “The key to making it enjoyable is to have the topics be something you care about,” she said. Maybe you want to chat about the latest episode of that reality TV show or share stories about your pets or swap recipes. Whatever you pick, choose conversation starters that match your actual interests.

One word of caution, though: Don’t make your common ground the mutual dislike of a job or co-worker. Terran said that building rapport with people through complaints and negative gossip may seem tempting, but your conversation may leave a record. Online messages in platforms like Slack can be easily accessed by bosses, and your comments could be used against you later. Gossiping about colleagues behind their back can also contribute to a toxic workplace culture.


Don’t pair small talk with asking for favors.

The pleasantry of small talk sours when “How are you?” is followed by “Can you do this for me?” Be careful not to use small talk as a front for work requests. When that happens, “you feel like, oh, you’re being set up,” Brown said. “It’s OK to lead with what you want.”

To make small talk less transactional, be sure to do it when you don’t need something from your colleague, Terran said. “Make a little bit of time to communicate with the people that you want to have that connection with when you don’t have any reason to, when you just want to connect with another person,” she said.


Embrace visuals.

One of the advantages of online small talk is that you aren’t reliant on words alone ― you can strike up a conversation by sharing a funny meme or gif with your colleague.

“When you’re in person, you feel like everything has to come from you. You have to hold up the entire conversation, every pause. You have to pull out every joke,” Brown said. “But one of the smooth things about online [communication] is that we do have more tools.”


Remember that face-to-face video is an option, too.

Small talk does not only happen in chat formats. You can also move it to video. As someone who has had video chats with co-workers over lunch, I can endorse this as a pleasant way to take a break and talk about nothing serious.

Bring up the idea casually, like “I saw on the internet that a lot of people are starting doing Zoom lunch,” Terran suggested. “Any interest in having Zoom lunch this week?”


Let the conversation fizzle out naturally ― or end it decisively.

Depending on your relationship with your co-worker, letting online chatter end without a definitive goodbye can be fine. “Messaging with people we’re comfortable with … does have an off-and-on cadence,” Brown said.

But when small talk drags too long, it’s OK to call it quits without being rude. Let the other person know upfront if you have to get going at a particular time, Brown said.

And if you’re chatting with someone you don’t know well, Brown said it’s fine to formally end the conversation. “It’s usually great etiquette to say, ‘I’m glad you and I could connect. Thank you,’ or ‘Let’s stay in touch,’” she advised. If you have no intention of staying in touch, Brown noted you can also simply say, “I appreciate your time.”


The preceding material was compiled and edited by Brandon Castillo.  The Editor-In-Chief is Gary Bryan.  The Radio Genius Show Prep Service is licensed for use on-air only by subscribing radio stations.  Other means of redistribution is forbidden.
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