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Born on this day!! Actor-TV personality Arlene Dahl (“What’s My Line?”) is 97. Songwriter Kenny Gamble of Gamble and Huff is 79. Bassist Jim Kale of the Guess Who is 79. Country singer John Conlee is 76. Singer Eric Carmen is 73. Wrestler-actor Hulk Hogan is 69. Singer Joe Jackson is 68. Actor Viola Davis (“How To Get Away With Murder,” ″The Help”) is 57. Actor-podcaster Joe Rogan (“Fear Factor,” ″NewsRadio”) is 55. Actor Anna Gunn (“Breaking Bad”) is 54. Actor Ashley Jensen (“Ugly Betty”) is 54. Actor Sophie Okonedo (“Hotel Rwanda”) is 54. Guitarist Charlie Sexton is 54. Hip-hop artist Ali Shaheed Muhammad (Lucy Pearl, A Tribe Called Quest) is 52. Actor Nigel Harman (“Downton Abbey”) is 49. Actor Will Friedle (“Boy Meets World”) is 46. Singer Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie is 46. Actor Rob Kerkovich (“NCIS: New Orleans”) is 43. Actor Merritt Wever (“Nurse Jackie”) is 42. Actor Chris Hemsworth (“Tron,” ″The Avengers”) is 39. Guitarist Heath Fogg of Alabama Shakes is 38. Singer J-Boog (B2K) is 37. Rapper Asher Roth is 37. Actor Alyson Stoner (“Cheaper by the Dozen,” ″Camp Rock”) is 29.


1909 – Arapahoe became the first American ship to use the S.O.S. distress signal.
1934 – The first inmates arrived at the federal prison on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay.
1952 – King Hussein of Jordan ascended the throne after his father had been declared mentally unfit.
1954 – More than seven years of fighting in Indochina formerly ended with the cessation of French control.
1956 – Abstract artist Jackson Pollock died in an automobile accident.
1960 – Chad gained its independence from France.
1965 – Following the arrest of a young black motorist, the predominately black neighborhood of Watts in Los Angeles erupted in riots that lasted six days and left 34 dead.
2003 – Charles Taylor, president of Liberia, formally relinquished his office to Moses Blah and left for Nigeria.

Today Is: Global Kinetic Sand Day, Ingersoll Day, National Align Your Teeth Day, National Hip Hop Day, Presidential Joke Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Young Sheldon  /  8:30 – Ghosts  / 9:00 – Big Brother  / 10:00 – CSI: Vegas
NBC – 8:00 – Law and Order  /  9:00 – Law and Order SVU  /  10:00 – Law and Order OG
ABC – 8:00 –  Press Your Luck  /  9:00 – Generation Gap  /  10:00 – The Con
FOX – 8:00 – MLB Cubs and Cardinals from Field Of Dreams
CW – 8:00 – Bump   /  9:00 – Great Chocolate Showdown

TV Talk Shows

Stephen Colbert: Karine Jean-Pierre, Tatiana Maslany, Joe Walsh
Seth Meyers: Tina Fey, Craig Robinson, Marc Bernardin, Aric Improta (R 4/19/22)
Watch What Happens Live: Naomie Olindo, Taylor Ann Green
The Talk: Rebecca Romijn (R 5/5/22)
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Maya Hawke, Dr. Gail Saltz, Ben Rector, guest co-host Caroline Rhea
Ellen DeGeneres: Seth Meyers, Jerrod Carmichael, Kym Douglas (R 5/13/22)
Kelly Clarkson: Idina Menzel, Talia Suskauer, Craig Wich, Mark O’Brien, Barlow and Bear (R 5/18/22)
Tamron Hall: Tyler Henry, Wendell Pierce (R 3/23/22)
Drew Barrymore: David Alvarez, Mike Faist, Josh Andrés Rivera, Machine Gun Kelly, Pilar Valdes (R 12/10/21)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Thinking of making a move? Here are the top ten BEST and bottom 10 WORST cities to live in on planet earth!! (No American cities on either list!!)


QUESTION: It IS an election year, right?? China announces they’ve found a BRAND NEW VIRUS called “Langya,” which is super-contagious!! (CANCEL THE ELECTION!!!!)


QUESTION: What is an “ANGEL SHOT??” It’s code to a bartender that you’re in trouble!!! “Call the cops,” “Walk me to my car,” or “Get me a cab or an UBER!!!”


QUESTION: Wouldn’t a DIVORCE be easier?? A doctor catches his wife on the “nanny cam…” and she’s POISONING HIS LEMONADE with DRAIN CLEANER!!!! Yikes!

QUESTION: Is this the BEST sports moment of the year? A little league player, hit by a pitch, goes out to COMFORT THE PITCHER! We could use a lot more of this!!)
Aug 21, 2019; South Williamsport, PA, USA; A general view of the baseballs used during the game between the Asia-Pacific Region and Japan Region during the Little League World Series at Howard J. Lamade Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Ray Liotta To Be Honored At MLB Field Of Dreams Game

It has been less than three months since “Goodfellas” actor, Ray Liotta, passed away in his sleep. Liotta was also in “Field of Dreams” alongside “Yellowstone” actor, Kevin Costner. The film follows Costner as an Iowan farmer, coincidentally named Ray, as he builds a baseball field within his cornfield. Consequently, ghosts of baseball players begin to visit the field, one of who is Liotta’s character, “Shoeless Joe Jackson.”  In a tribute posted to Instagram, Costner wrote of his co-star, “I wanted to share some memories from the movie but more importantly remember the amazing Ray Liotta.”  This comes as Major League Baseball (MLB) hold their “Field of Dreams” game Tonight (Thursday night), with the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds set to don special uniforms and emerge out of a cornfield onto the baseball field, just like the movie.  Costner wrote, “‘Shoeless Joe Jackson’ will be out there with all of us for a great night of baseball in the fields of Iowa.”  Costner shared a series of photos from the film, including one that showcases one of the most famous lines in the move, where Liotta’s character asks Costner’s character, “Hey, is this heaven?” To which Costner replies, “No. It’s Iowa.”
********If you play it, they will come!!!!

Fans Are Worried About Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams’ fans had mixed reactions to her new video promoting her forthcoming podcast.  She shared a new video to her Instagram account dedicated to her next project, “The Wendy Experience,” in which she said, “Co-hosts, I’m famous, and I’ll be back, trust me.”  The footage showed Williams sitting on what appeared to be a bed before cutting out to a graphic with the podcast’s title.  Fans immediately flooded the comments to show concern for her.  “I love you Auntie but trust me we would rather see you all healed up then [sic] bringing us the messy gossip. I personally care more about you then than that,” commented one follower.  “Get well 1st!!! That’s the most important thing,” wrote another.  “She’s seems different. Hope she’s ok.,” commented another.  One fan alluded to how her health has affected her appearance, writing, “Not even gonna lie I was on live and closed out then saw ya face and it scared tf outta me.”  See the promo HERE.
********We have to admit… she’s looking rough!!
******Some people say it’s the Gravy Disease, but it could also be diet pills and cocaine!!
*****And when your legs look like that?? DON’T WEAR SHORTS!!

Rosie O’Donnell Regrets Anne Heche Jabs

Rosie O’Donnell regrets making fun of Anne Heche on stage following her quirky interview with Barbara Walters back in 2001.  She took to TikTok on Sunday to address the fiery car crash that’s left Heche in “critical condition” and fighting for her life.  “I can’t stop thinking about this Anne Heche accident and how horrifying the whole thing is and feeling bad that I made fun of her when she was talking to Barbara Walters about having a relationship with space aliens,” O’Donnell said in the TikTok video.  “If we have an honest discussion about drunk driving, we find out just how prevalent it is and that’s terrifying, isn’t it?” she added, implying that Heche may have been under the influence, which cops suspect.  “I wonder if she’s OK. I think it’s a miracle that she didn’t kill anyone … and I hope she survives. But wow, what a tragic tale. That car was on fire for a long time, they say.”  She then urged her followers to seek help “if [they] are struggling” with alcoholism.  “Try it before it’s too late,” she advised. “Try it before you’re at your lowest.”
*********Most people don’t even THINK about getting sober until they hit their “lowest!!”
*****Anne Heche is a severely troubled person.. and with good reason!!
********The only person Rosie does NOT regret making fun of is Donald Trump! But then again, he can take it!! 

Ben Affleck Selling His Bachelor Pad

Ben Affleck has listed his Palisades, CA home for $30 million.  He bought the home in 2018 for $19.250 million, so he’s looking at a $10 million profit.  The sale follows Ben and Jen seemingly moving into a new $60 million mansion that was previously owned by billionaire James Packer. TMZ reports that the couple are actually leasing the home at the moment.  Back in April—after their move to purchase a $50 million Bel-Air place fell through—they were spotted checking out the “Spelling Manor,” one of the most expensive homes in Los Angeles that was built by TV producer Aaron Spelling and his wife Candy. The listing price? $165 million.
**********They throw these numbers around like it’s NOTHING!! (which it is for them)
******Ben needs to get rid of his old house before J Lo sees all the empty booze bottles and used panties in the garage!!!
*******When these mansions go on the market, they do NOT have open houses!!!

Fred Savage Denies Misconduct Allegations

Fred Savage is speaking out after being fired from “The Wonder Years” reboot in May over allegations of misconduct.  The actor, who starred in the original series from 1988 to 1993, was serving as director and executive producer of the reboot when complaints of misconduct were made against him. Now, after several women spoke out describing his alleged behavior, Savage denies the incidents happened.  “Since I was 6 years old, I have worked on hundreds of sets with thousands of people, and have always strived to contribute to an inclusive, safe and supportive work environment,” Savage said in a statement to NBC News. “It is devastating to learn that there are co-workers who feel I have fallen short of these goals.  “While there are some incidents being reported that absolutely did not and could not have happened, any one person who feels hurt or offended by my actions is one person too many. I will work to address and change any behavior that has negatively affected anyone, as nothing in this world is more important to me than being a supportive co-worker, friend, husband, father and person.”
*********Yeah… that means he’s guilty!!
******It’s OK to be NAMED Savage… but NOT to act like one!!
******He should change his name to “Sauvage,” and work for Dior!!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Loose Talk-(Life & Style)

“For a long time, nobody would want to hang out because they were like, ‘I’m not messing with him.’  It’s nice to have friends.”-On way he wouldn’t bring back his MTV prank show, Punk’d, Ashton Kutcher.

“We were very close to a fifth season.  But one person ruined it for all of [the] cast and crew and so it’s not back….I’m salty!”-Revealing why Good Girls isn’t returning, Retta.

“Those were my real thoughts.”-Agreeing with his character’s opinion that Chris Evans’ mustache in The Gray Man was a “trash stache,” Ryan Gosling.



Burger King Sends Out Blank Receipts

Burger King customers received a blank receipt in their email early Tuesday morning.  Their social media accounts were flooded with inquiries after the accidental emails were sent.  “Thanks for ordering from Burger King!” the blank receipts read.  The area listing the items ordered as well as payment details were all left blank.  “Thank you for reaching out. We are aware of the issue and are investigating internally,” the company wrote on Twitter, in response to multiple customer queries.  People from the United States and United Kingdom received the emails, which appear to have been sent around midnight EDT Monday. They were was sent by Burger King’s main promotional marketing email address.  It’s not clear whether the company suffered a privacy breach.
*********Just fill in the amounts and claim it on our expenses!! Have we taught you NOTHING??
*******They were sent out as a prank by the Dairy Queen!!
*****We see a merger between Burger King, Dairy Queen and White Castle!! The new company is “The King and Queen in their Castle!!”

Name The Ape

An East Coast zoo is auctioning off the chance for the public to name its new baby  The Virginia Zoo in Norfolk welcomed the new siamang — a species of endangered ape — June 26 to mother Malana and father Bali. It was the mother’s first baby since 2009.  The 6-week-old ape remains nameless, but the zoo is offering the opportunity to bid on what that name will be. The auction began Monday and will run until Aug. 19. The winner then has until Aug. 26 to provide the name choice, the zoo said.  Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Virginia Zoo’s Act for Wildlife conservation fund, officials said. The leading bid as of Tuesday was $101.  Officials have not placed the infant through a neo-natal exam yet to allow for the mother and baby to bond, meaning that they have not yet confirmed the baby’s sex. As a result all submitted baby names must remain gender neutral.  “A siamang birth is an important addition to this critically endangered lesser ape,” Virginia Zoo executive director Greg Bockheim said in a press release. “Watching a baby grow and engage with its family is special for all of us.”
********Can Joe be a male and female name???
*****We need a name that will be respectful of the ape’s heritage.. which consists of eating bananas and throwing their own poop!!

Ghost Pepper Record

A California man broke a Guinness World Record by wolfing down 17 ghost chili peppers in one minute.  Gregory Foster, who previously broke a world record by finishing three Carolina reaper chili peppers in 8.72 seconds, added another title to his name by taking on the record for most Bhut Jolokia chili peppers — also known as ghost peppers — eaten in one minute.  Foster downed 17 of the peppers in one minute. His intake was measured at 3.98 ounces, beating the record of 3.42 ounces, which was set by Canadian speed-eater Mike Jack in 2019.  “This record attempt is a personal challenge to see how far I can push myself and my love of the super hot peppers,” Foster told Guinness World Records. “As a chili lover, I’ve been trying to advance the awareness and the excitement surrounding the super-hot chilies out there.”
********That screaming you hear is him on the toilet!!!
TIP from our large hispanic audience: Milk takes away a lot of sting!!

Naked Florida Man

A naked Florida man who was armed with a machete when he allegedly tried to steal another man’s clothes was arrested Monday morning at a DeLand gas station, according to the Volusia Sheriff’s Office.   Shortly before 10 a.m., deputies arrived after a surveyor working in the area said the suspect – later identified as 34-year-old Brandon Wright – was picking palmetto berries in the woods, and suddenly approached him with a large machete-style knife and demanded his clothes, wallet and phone.  Moments later, Wright’s vehicle passed a license plate reader in the DeLand area and soon after, law enforcement received a report of a naked man outside a gas station on S. Spring Garden Avenue in DeLand. “He is naked, yelling at people in the parking lot. Very animated,” a person in the chopper could be heard saying on video as Wright walked around in the gas station’s parking lot.  Chopper video showed Wright walking off from the gas station into nearby traffic. “He’s now walking out to traffic, in the middle of traffic yelling at people,” the person in the chopper is heard saying. Wright later returned to the gas station, appearing to do push-ups at the entrance, before he laid on the ground for officers and was arrested.
*******What’s the first thing crazy people do in Florida?? GET NAKED!!! 








4 Money Conversations to Have With Your Partner When You Budget


  1. How Do We Feel About Our Spending?

This is the most obvious question you and your partner should consider as you both reflect on spending from the past month.  It’s helpful to compare how your actual spending matches up with your planned budget. Look at each spending category, such as food, entertainment and transportation.

Where did you overspend? Where did you spend less than anticipated? Where do you want to spend more or less?  If you spent more money than you anticipated, analyze what factors contributed to overspending. Talk to each other about what you can do differently next month.  You should also adjust your spending limits if you’re consistently coming in over or under budget in a particular category. It’s better to be practical than stick to a number that doesn’t work for you.

For example, if you budget $350 a month for groceries but keep coming in around $450 despite efforts to cut food costs, consider making an adjustment to a more realistic level.  The reverse is true, too. If you put $100 a month in your budget for car maintenance and only spend $25, what do you want to do with the extra $75? Do you want to reallocate that money or roll it over to save for more expensive maintenance?


  1. How Do We Feel About Our Savings Goals?

Paying your bills on time and having enough money to cover daily necessities is great — but don’t neglect your big-picture goals as a couple.  When money is left over at the end of the month, are you both in agreement with where it should go?  For example, maybe you want to save up for a house down payment but he wants to put extra money toward a trip to Europe next summer. Or maybe you both have a significant amount of student loan debt you want to eliminate in the next five years.  You may not have enough money to save for multiple goals, which is why you should align your financial priorities as a couple.  There may be smaller goals you want to save for as a couple, such as buying furniture and home decor after moving into a new apartment.

You can create a sinking fund by putting a specific amount of money away into a separate account each week or month. A sinking fund is a pool of money you regularly contribute to so you spread out the cost of an upcoming expense over time.  When you have clearly defined financial goals you’re working toward as a couple each month, it can make it easier to stick to a budget.


  1. How Should We Handle Personal Spending and Savings Goals?

You’ll both have personal things you want to spend money on or individual savings goals. You may spend $80 on your hair each month, for example, while your partner spends $80 on video games.

One way to avoid conflict is to create a “no-questions-asked” allowance for each of you.  Whether you can afford $10 each per month or $300 each per month, everyone needs a little money to spend, save or invest however they choose without being accountable to the other person. Just make sure you both agree on the personal allowance amount in your budget.

Or if you’re not comfortable combining your finances, you can take a more hybrid approach.  You can create a joint account for household expenses and other shared goals (like vacations or a wedding). Each partner contributes to the joint account but keeps the rest of their accounts separate.


  1. Do We Need to Adjust Our Budget to Meet Our Goals?

After sitting down and creating a budget as a couple, start identifying ways to save money each month and potentially even make money.  This is especially important if you’re saving up for a big goal and the numbers in your budget make it unrealistic to reach that goal in the time you want.

You’ll have more wiggle room in your budget if you can eliminate unnecessary spending, like subscriptions you don’t use anymore.  Don’t just focus on your discretionary spending either. Look through your essential expenses and identify one way you can cut costs.  For example, you can call your Internet provider and ask for a better rate, or ask if they’d match a competitor’s quote. Or you can try lowering your utility bills by reducing your water and electricity usage.

If you’re both already super frugal, it may be time to discuss ways to bring in extra income.  You can increase your income in a number of ways. At work, you could ask to take on more hours, work overtime or negotiate a raise.

You could supplement your regular job with a side hustle or a stream of passive income. You can also increase your cash flow by selling items around your house.  It’s important not to point fingers or emphasize income inequalities during these discussions. You may live in a one-income household because one partner is taking time off work to care for the kids — and that’s OK.

It never hurts to brainstorm ways to generate income, even if it’s just an additional $200 to $500 a month.


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