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Born on this day!! Actor Martin Sheen is 83. Singer Beverly Lee of The Shirelles is 82. Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart is 82. Movie director John Landis is 73. Actor JoMarie Payton (“Family Matters”) is 73. Actor Jay North (“Dennis the Menace”) is 72. Actor Philip Casnoff (“Strong Medicine”) is 69. Actor John C. McGinley (“Scrubs”) is 64. Bassist Lee Rocker (Stray Cats) is 62. Actor Lisa Ann Walter (“Bruce Almighty”) is 62. Singer-guitarist James Hetfield of Metallica is 60. Singer Ed Roland of Collective Soul is 60. Actor Isaiah Washington (“Grey’s Anatomy,” ″Soul Food”) is 60. Keyboardist Dean Sams of Lonestar is 57. Guitarist Stephen (Carpenter of Deftones is 53. Musician Spinderella of Salt-N-Pepa is 52. Actor Brigid Brannagh (“Army Wives”) is 51. Actor Michael Ealy (“Think Like A Man,” ″Barbershop”) is 50. Violinist Jimmy De Martini of Zac Brown Band is 47. Actor Evangeline Lilly (“Lost”) is 44. Actor Mamie Gummer (“The Good Wife”) is 40. Singer Holly Arnstein of Dream is 38. Actor Georgina Haig (“Once Upon a Time”) is 38. Bassist Brent Kutzle of OneRepublic is 38. Rapper D.R.A.M. is 35.


1492 – Columbus set sail from Palos, Spain.
1914 – Germany declared war on France.
1923 – Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as the 30th president of the United States, following the death of Warren G. Harding.
1949 – The National Basketball Association was formed.
1958 – The nuclear-powered submarmine Nautilus became the first vessel to cross the North Pole underwater.
1981 – U.S. air traffic controllers went on strike.
1987 – The Iran-Contra hearings ended.

Today Is: Friendship Day, India Pale Ale Beer Day, National Hair Gloss Day, Watermelon Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – Young Sheldon  /  8:30 – Ghosts  /  9:00 – So Help Me Todd  /  10:00 – CSI Vegas
NBC – 8:00 – NFL Football Hall Of Fame Game
ABC – 8:00 – Generation Gap  /  9:00 – The Prank Panel  /  10:00 – Shark Tank
FOX – 8:00 – Major League Baseball
CW – 8:00 – Son Of Critch  /  8:30 – Run The Burbs / 9:00 – FBoy Island

TV Talk Shows

**Due to the ongoing writers/ actors strike most shows are in reruns. (Stay Tuned!)


WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Were they being “Weight Shamed” or are they just TOO FAT?? British Airways passenger needs a HOIST after they got stuck in their seat!!!!!!


QUESTION: Are you SHOCKED at the price of an UBER ride? So is their CEO!! He took a 3-mile UBER in Manhattan and wound up with a $52 charge!! Wow!!


QUESTION: How do you take a POOP at your boyfriend’s apartment at the beginning of the relationship? Awkward? This Tik Tok’er has some good ideas!!!!!!


QUESTION: What do you get when you marry 10 women ALL AT ONCE??? Uh.. you get 10 MOTHER-IN-LAWS?? But this went ahead and did it!! Why???
Influencer Emmanuel Lustin allegedly married ten women during a beach ceremony

QUESTION: Do the animals HAVE IT IN FOR US?? This Canadian bear STOLE A MAN’S GOLD CLUBS! Have YOU had an encounter with a wild animal????????
Bear Steals Golfer's Bag In Wild Scene On Canadian Course

Meghan Markle Is Still Waiting For An Apology From Kate Middleton

*****Don’t hold your breath!! Blue doesn’t look good on you!!!
********”Now that I’ve trashed your family, you need to apologize to me!!!”
*******She says that Kate and Wills have “never been held accountable!!” But wasn’t the Oprah interview her revenge???
*******Who made who cry?? They all made us ALL cry!!!

“Barbie Botox” Is Gaining Popularity On Tik Tok

*********Looking like plastic.. is fantastic!!!
*******It’s called trapezius Botox, because it makes your shoulders flatten down, which makes your neck look longer!!!
********If you’re basing your look on Barbie, you’ve got a problem!!
******You’ll notice that no one asks for “Behar Botox!!”

Another Video Show Cardi B Throwing Her Mic At Her DJ In Las Vegas

See the video HERE.
********She threw the mic at her DJ on the SAME DAY she threw it at an audience member!!
******Before the audience member threw the water on her, she said from the stage: “It’s so hot!! Someone should throw water on me!!”
******Later, she said, “Only my WAP should be wet!! Not my dress!!”

Jamie Foxx Says His Sister Deidra Saved His Life

*********JAMIE ON INSTAGRAM: “You are magical you are beautiful you are the courageous lionesses #leoseason”
********He says she made some “courageous decisions” that made the difference. Someday we’ll hear THAT whole story!!
****Jamie’s latest, “They Cloned Tyrone,” is now streaming on Netflix!!

News Outlets Fooled By Fake Mattel Announcement From Daryl Hannah

******We saw Daryl not that long ago.. and her butt still looks amazing!!
****Anyway.. she put out an announcement that Mattel was going to stop using plastic in their toys by 2035!!
*****Just one problem: IT WASN’T TRUE!!
******The hoax was orchestrated by! It included faked email addresses, press release and doctored videos!! (Welcome to AI)
******We should have known it was fake she said there would be “Eco Warrior Barbies” based on Greta Thunberg, Phoebe Plummer and herself!!
*****So Barbies are still plastic… and still fantastic!!



Harry & Meghan At the Crossroads-(National Enquirer)

Prince Harry and wife Meghan are taking a trial separation after their California dream of wealth and fame came crashing down amid bitter public backlash, canceled business deals and ugly family feuds, palace insiders say.  As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex lick their shocking wounds, Harry, 38, is heading to Africa to rebuild his life while his 41-year-old actress wife remains in Hollywood chasing the fleeting shadow of super-stardom, say sources.  “They’re trying to figure out what hit them,” dishes a high-level palace source.  “This separation is no surprise.  Harry doesn’t fit in Meghan’s tacky Tinseltown world.  I think he was always uncomfortable with her obsession with being a show business power player.  But he was blinded by love and went along with it.  Sadly, he lost his identity in the process.  He needs to find himself, and a trial separation may be the only way they can resolve their differences and go forward stronger than ever.”




Have you ever stolen something from work?
What is the manliest man’s name?
Is there a word that a friend or loved one just CANNOT pronounce or use correctly?? Like when the “UFO Expert” testified in congress that we wanted to “espouse” about UFOs?




Would You Drink Water Treatment Beer?

******You mean beer made with recycled waste water?? That’s some good sh*t!!!
*****No!! We said SCHLITZ!!!!
*********Guess where this brewery is!! If you guessed “San Francisco,” advance to GO and collect $200!!
*****The company says they’re just trying to find ways to reuse water from residential buildings. We think SF has more important problems right now!!

Overcrowded College Offers Students Money To Delay Their Education

*****Kind of like an airline paying you to give up your seat??? Yep, exactly like that!!
******It’s Vermont’s Middlebury College, and they’re offering $10,000 to upperclassmen to delay the completion of their education!!
****See? You CAN make money by going to college!!
*****They’re backed up because so many people took off during the pandemic and are now coming back!!

Drunk Florida Man Kicked Out Of Bar and Returns With Firearm

********He wanted a “shot” with his beer!!
********They accused him of being too drunk, and then he went and proved it!!
********What kind of a weapon did he get out of the car?? A Colt 45!!!!









New Study Reveals These 8 Habits Can Add 20-Plus Years To Your Life


Last month, new research presented at the American Society for Nutrition’s yearly meeting explored the behaviors that can add decades — yes, decades — to your life.  The study was made up of 719,147 people from the Million Veteran Program who ranged in age from 40 to 99. The data used was from questionnaires and medical records from 2011 to 2019.  According to the research, there are eight lifestyle factors you should focus on to add years to your lifespan. And you’re probably already doing some of these things.

Here are the eight factors:

  • Exercising
  • Good social relationships
  • Good sleep hygiene
  • Not binge drinking
  • Following a healthy diet
  • No history of smoking
  • Maintaining minimal stress
  • Not developing an addiction to opioids

The study found that people with all eight of these behaviors at age 40 saw a significant increase in their lifespan compared with those who had not adopted any of these habits. Women who followed all eight practices had a roughly 21-year increase, while men had a roughly 24-year increase.  Additionally, folks who followed all eight had a 13% reduction in death during the study timeline when compared with those who did not follow any of these practices, according to Medical News Today.

You don’t have to follow all eight to see benefits. And you can start on most after 40.

Though the biggest life expectancy gain was seen in those who followed all eight factors, those who claimed just a few — and even one of these — saw benefits, too, according to a news release about the study.  Additionally, the release noted that it’s also advantageous to adopt such habits even after 40. But, as with many things related to better health, the earlier you start the better.

Certain behaviors had the biggest reward.

While all eight practices are important for longevity, certain ones resulted in a higher risk of death, according to the news release: A history of smoking, the use of opioids and not getting enough exercise were tied to a 30% to 45% increase each in one’s risk of an earlier death, according to the study.  In other words, it’s doubly important for you to prioritize these practices.  Dr. Patrick Coll, a geriatrician and medical director for senior health at the University of Connecticut, said physical activity is paramount for his aging patients. Coll was not involved with the study.  He said there are many advantages that come with exercise, ranging from muscle strength, which “allows people to be independent and prevents people from falling,” to psychological benefits.  “People often feel better after having exercised,” said Coll, “so that’s probably the single biggest thing I recommend to older adults I see, is regular physical activities.”  And when it comes to exercise, Coll said you should focus on three main areas.  “You can broadly divide exercise into resistance training, which is muscle strengthening exercise; aerobic exercise, where you’re getting your heart rate up; and then balance and flexibility, which I would put in the same category,” Coll said.  As we age, we gradually (and unknowingly) lose muscle strength, Coll said. By the time you do notice, it’s often too difficult to get it back, he said.  “There’s a variety of issues with a decrease in strength, which includes a propensity to fall,” Coll said.  Though many people can easily move around independently, it is not the case for all adults and often results in the need for 24-hour care. For example, if you can’t get yourself to and from the bathroom, you won’t be able to live on your own.  Coll said if you prioritize fitness, especially strength training, you can help your body stay strong enough to get you where you need to be.

Not everyone has the same access to these practices.

Coll pointed out that where you live, your income and even your culture can affect what you have access to when it comes to many of these factors, including nutrition, exercise and community services.  “As we look at these types of interventions and as we might try and educate the public about them, I think we have to be sensitive to the fact that not everybody will have the resources at hand to adopt these type of lifestyle changes,” Coll said. In other words, inequities in society can’t be ignored.  Additionally, the study authors pointed out that these results are observational and do not prove causality ― meaning these behaviors may not be the exact cause for this increase in lifespan.  But in the release, the study author noted that this research is part of an important and growing area that links lifestyle decisions with premature death and chronic disease.


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