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Born on this day!!  Children’s music performer Ella Jenkins is 96. Actor-director Peter Bonerz is 82. Actor Louise Sorel (“Days of Our Lives”) is 80. Actor Ray Buktenica (“Rhoda”) is 77. Actor Dorian Harewood is 70. Actor Catherine Hicks (“Seventh Heaven”) is 69. Singer Pat MacDonald of Timbuk 3 is 68. Actor Stepfanie Kramer (“Hunter”) is 64. Actor Faith Prince is 63. Singer Randy DeBarge of DeBarge is 62. Actor Leland Orser (“ER”) is 60. Actor Michelle Yeoh (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) is 58. Country singers Peggy and Patsy Lynn of The Lynns are 56. Actor Jeremy Ratchford (“Cold Case”) is 55. Actor Benito Martinez (“American Crime,” “The Shield”) is 52. Country singer Lisa Stewart is 52. Writer-director M. Night Shyamalan (“The Sixth Sense”) is 50. Actor Merrin Dungey (“Summerland,” ″Alias”) is 49. Singer Geri Halliwell Horner of Spice Girls is 48. Actor Jason O’Mara (“Life on Mars”) is 48. Actor Vera Farmiga (“Up In The Air,” ″The Departed”) is 47. Actor Soleil Moon Frye (“Sabrina The Teenage Witch,” ″Punky Brewster”) is 44. Actor Melissa George (“Alias,” ″Grey’s Anatomy”) is 44. Singer Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes is 39. Actor Leslie Odom Jr. (“Hamilton,” TV: “Smash”) is 39. Bassist Eric Roberts of Gym Class Heroes is 36.


1806 – The Holy Roman Empire ended with the abdication of Emperor Francis II.
1825 – Bolivia declared its independence from Peru.
1926 – Gertrude Ederle became the first U.S. woman to swim across the English Channel.
1945 – The first atomic bomb used in warfare was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.
1962 – Jamaica gained its independence within the Britain Commonwealth.
1965 – President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which outlawed the poll taxes and literacy tests that had restricted black voter registration in the South.
1997 – British prime minister Tony Blair and Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams meet—the first time in 76 years that a British leader and an IRA ally meet.
2003 – Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy to replace Gray Davis as governor of California to Jay Leno on the Tonight Show.
2012 – Curiosity, a SUV-size rover, successfully landed on Mars. The rover’s research has been planned for the next two years, but since Curiosity’s electricity is powered by plutonium, it could be operational and provide insight into Mars for decades to come

Today Is: Hiroshima Day, India Pale Ale Beer Day, National Fresh Breath (Halitosis)  Day, National Root Beer Float Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Young Sheldon  /  8:30 – The Unicorn /  9:00 – Mom  /  9:30 – Mom /  10:00 – Bull
NBC – 8:00 – Superstore  /  8:30 – Ellen’s Game Of Games  /  9:30 – Brooklyn Nine Nine /  10:00 – Law and Order SVU
ABC – 8:00 –  Holey Moley II  /  9:00 – Don’t  /  10:00 – To Tell The Truth
FOX – 8:00 – MLB Baseball
CW – 8:00 –  Killer Camp /  9:00 – Penn and Teller Fool Us

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: D.L. Hughley, Bubba Wallace, guest host Anthony Anderson (R 7/7/20)
Jimmy Fallon: Matthew McConaughey, Jaden Smith
Stephen Colbert: Mary Trump (R 7/22/20)
James Corden: Kevin Bacon, Rita Wilson (R 6/16/20)
Lilly Singh: Russell Peters, Michael Ealy (R 1/6/20)
Daily Show: The Daily Social Distancing Show
Conan: Nikki Glaser (R 5/14/20)
Watch What Happens Live: “Countess & Friends: RHONY 200th Episode Special”
The View: Bob Saget, Leslie Jordan (R 4/17/20)
The Talk: Kristen Bell (R 10/10/19)
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Howie Mandel, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, guest co-host Maria Menounos
Ellen DeGeneres: Ed O’Neill (R 3/9/20)
Wendy Williams: Wendy’s Style Squad breaks down the fashion hits and misses from the American Music Awards (R 11/25/19)
The Real: Katy Mixon (R 5/7/20)
Kelly Clarkson: Dakota Fanning, Mike Rowe
Tamron Hall: COVID-19 Around the World (R 5/5/20)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: The Good news?? The live-action “Mulan” is finally being released next month on Disney +!! The bad news?? It’ll cost an extra $30 TO WATCH IT!!!


QUESTION: Does your name MATCH YOUR PROFESSION? How about a gardener named Weed, a tennis player named Court, or a plumber named TAPP?????


QUESTION: Can you guess why this FORMER FIRST LADY is suffering through “low-grade depression??” Michelle Obama says… “because.. TRUMP!”


QUESTION: Best husband EVER??? Jason Momoa restored wife Lisa Bonet’s VERY FIRST CAR, a 1965 Mustang.. and the results are amazing!! (She’s happy!!!)


QUESTION: Most frustrating game show contestant EVER? He uses all four lifelines but FAILS on this easy SPICE GIRLS QUESTION!! Can YOU answer??
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? viewers were left shocked after a player (pictured) used all four of his lifelines on an 'easy question' about the Spice Girls on last night's episode

Who’s The Boss Sequel In The Works

A sequel series to classic sitcom Who’s the Boss?, featuring original stars Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano, is in development at Sony Pictures Television.  Danza and Milano will reprise their roles as Tony and Samantha Micelli, respectively.  The sequel will take place 30 years after the original and follow Samantha, who is a single-mom living in the same house from the first series. The program will also follow Tony, who is now retired, and his relationship with his daughter.  Original stars Judith Light and Danny Pintauro are not attached, but could be added to the sequel in the future. Series star Katherine Helmond died in 2019 at the age of 89.  The original show ran for eight seasons on ABC from 1984 to 1992. Norman Lear is executive producing the sequel along with Danza and Milano.
*******We like the old theme song by Elton John: “Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza!!!”
******Shouldn’t it be called “Who WAS the Boss??”
******The original show averaged 33 MILLION viewers a week!!! That was typical back then. Think about it. 

Ren and Stimpy Coming Back

Comedy Central announced on Wednesday a new reboot of classic Nickelodeon animated series, The Ren & Stimpy Show.  The network will reimagine the series for a new generation and will be hiring a new creative team. Nickelodeon Animation Studios is handling the project.  It premiered in 1991 and ran for five seasons. The cartoon, known for its adult-humor, followed the wacky exploits of Ren, a chihuahua and Stimpy, a cat.  The show was turned into more of an adult series in 2003 with Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon which aired briefly on Spike, now the Paramount Network.  The Ren & Stimpy Show is the latest animated series to be brought back by Comedy Central including Beavis and Butt-Head and Daria spin-off Jodie.
*********In the new version, the Chihuahua has a gun!!
*******He’s a member of “Dog Lives Matter!!”
******And Stimpy admits he’s a pussy… but he wants you to accept that!!

Meghan Wins Legal Battle

A judge in the U.K. ruled Wednesday that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, can keep the names of five close friends secret while she brings a privacy invasion lawsuit against a British newspaper — but he chided both sides in the case for playing out their battle in the media as well as in the courtroom.  High Court judge Mark Warby agreed, “for the time being at least,” to grant Meghan’s request to protect the anonymity of friends who defended her in the pages of a U.S. magazine in order to spare them a “frenzy of publicity” before the case comes to a full trial.  She is suing the publisher of the Mail on Sunday and the MailOnline website over five articles that published portions of a handwritten letter she wrote to her estranged father, Thomas Markle, after her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018.  She is seeking damages from publisher Associated Newspapers Ltd. for alleged misuse of private information, copyright infringement and data protection breaches.
********We know who these people are!! They’re the same “friends” who are standing by Ellen!!
******Did the Queen call the court and say, “Let her win!!”????
*******We’re going to petition the court to make Meghan testify!!

FBI Raids YouTube Star’s Home

The FBI executed a raid on the Calabasas home of YouTube star Jake Paul on Wednesday morning,  Rukelt Dalberis, a public affairs officer with the FBI in Los Angeles, confirmed that a federal search warrant was executed at the popular YouTube celebrity’s residence in connection with an ongoing investigation. However, the warrant affidavit is sealed and therefore no additional information is available to the public as to why authorities are interested in searching Paul’s home.  Paul operates one of the more popular YouTube channels with 20.2 million subscribers. He’s famous in part for documenting his life on video, which recently landed him in hot water with police in Arizona when he was charged with criminal trespass and unlawful assembly after he joined a group of looters at Scottsdale Fashion Square mall in May amid a slew of protests throughout the country sparked by the death of George Floyd while in police custody.  However, the FBI was unable to confirm if the raid on his home had anything to do with the charges he faced from his involvement in the mall incident or if it stems from something completely different.
********The FBI showed up with automatic weapons and full military gear!! Because that’s what you do to a snowflake YouTube star!!
*******He thought of shooting his way out, but then just curled up and cried!!
******The warrant reads, “Suspicion of being a little dick!!”

Dr. Dre’s Messy Divorce

Dr. Dre’s estranged wife, Nicole Young, filed legal documents claiming she was forced to sign a prenup when they got married in 1996 and now Dre is worth much more. Nicole filed for divorce in June after 24 years of marriage.  “I was extremely reluctant, resistant and afraid to sign the agreement and felt backed into a corner. Given the extraordinary pressure and intimidation by Andre, I was left with no option but to hire a lawyer (of course, with the help of Andre’s team of professionals) and unwillingly signed the agreement very shortly before our marriage,” the document stated.  She also alleges that two years into their marriage, he ripped up the prenup.  “Andre acknowledged to me that he felt ashamed he had pressured me into signing a premarital agreement and he tore up multiple copies of the agreement in front of me. Since the day he tore up the agreements, we both understood that there was no premarital agreement and that it was null and void,” she said in the documents.  However, his camp says the producer never expressed any remorse over the documents and none were ever torn up. He also attested in his response to her divorce petition that he wanted his earnings and accumulations before, during and after the date of separation to remain separate.
*********Sure he does!!!
*******Every good divorce gets nasty!!
******He’s a Dr., but he’s a not a lawyer!!!!!
*****You can’t blame him for wanting to keep his money!! He spent a lot of time getting through medical school!!

Now It’s Oprah’s Turn!

Oprah Winfrey has been labeled a hypocritical “fraud” following the latest installment of her Apple TV+ series, “The Oprah Conversation,” featuring former NFL star and race activist Emmanuel Acho.   Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas lashed out at her for saying white privilege is an “advantage,” accusing her of spewing “utter, racist BS.”  “Billionaire Oprah lectures the rest of us: ‘You still have your whiteness. That’s what the term “white privilege” is. It means that whiteness still gives you an advantage, no matter,’” the senator wrote on Twitter in response to an article from Glenn Beck’s conservative outlet The Blaze.  “What utter, racist BS,” he added.  During the episode with Acho, Oprah discussed racism in America and white privilege.   She said that white people have a “leg up.”  “There are white people who are not as powerful as the system of white people — the caste system that’s been put in place — but they still, no matter where they are on the rung, or the ladder of success, they still have their whiteness,” she said.  “You still have your whiteness. That’s what the term ‘white privilege’ is. It means that whiteness still gives you an advantage, no matter,” she continued.
********Is Oprah racist???
******She always acted as if she likes white people… but now….


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

“Bachelor” Colton Hikin’ & Hangin’ with “Liar” Lucy!-(National Enquirer)

“Bachelor” Colton Underwood didn’t waste much time after his split from Cassie Randolph-seven weeks later he was seen on a hiking date with “Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale!  Colton, 28, and Lucy, 31, have reportedly been seeing a lot of each other-and photos prove they’re comfortable enough together to work up quite a sweat on their hike and not wear masks!

John’s a Legendary Lover!-(Globe)

Grammy winner John Legend, 41, has confessed he was a legendary Lothario, cheating his way through scores of heartbroken women before finally changing his tune and marrying Chrissy Teigen!  “At a certain point, you just realize you’re happier being honest,” croons the “All of Me” singer, who wed the 34-year-old supermodel/social media sweetheart in 2013.  “You’re happier being faithful and being in love with one person…..I just decided that person was Chrissy,” he affirms.  “I wasn’t gonna mess with somebody else anymore.”

Colin & Samantha:  Partners for Life-(Us Weekly)

Nothing can tear Colin Hanks and Samantha Bryant apart.  After 10 years together, “I’m grateful for the fact that regardless of what the world and life have thrown at us, we’ve just continued to get closer and closer,” Hanks, 42, gushes about his wife, 40.  Especially during these trying times, “there’s no one I’d rather be with,” says the actor, whose Hanks Kerchiefs brand has partnered with the Parks Project.  “She’s my best friend.”

ScarJo & Colin:  Is the Wedding Off?-(Star)

The A-list leading lady and the Saturday Night Live star aren’t seeing eye to eye on their future.  During a July 20 interview, Colin Jost blamed the Covid-19 pandemic for forcing him and fiancée Scarlet Johansson, 35, to “rethink” their wedding plans.  “We don’t know whether we can do a live show for [Saturday Night Live] yet, let alone have a wedding where the audience [are] elders,” the comedian, 38, explained.  But a source says their nuptials are in limbo for a very different reason:  “These past few months have been difficult, and they’ve been spending time apart.”

 Say What?!-(Life & Style)

“I was always running away.  I thought I was a girl detective, so I would be out of the house solving mysteries for many hours, with my mother not being able to find me.”-Cate Blanchett, on her precocious childhood.

“A talon will grab me by the back and take me out if I start talking about Batman.  It’s very exciting and I can’t wait to get back to work on it.”-Colin Farrell, who stars as The Penguin in the latest, top-secret Dark Knight movie.

“We fight like cousins.”-Katy Perry, on rumors she and Taylor Swift may be ninth cousins.

One Last Thing:  Dan Aykroyd-(People)

The Ghostbusters alum, 68, narrates the new Travel Channel series Hotel Paranormal.

Last game I played-

Scrabble.  My wife [Donna Dixon] is a champion-level player.  We spend hours of the month playing it.  I always lose to her.

Last thing I discovered about myself-

Just be quieter.  Stop talking and listen and take counsel from those you love.

Last time I was starstruck-

Nelson Mandela, for sure.  My three daughters and my wife were there, and we got to see him in his office.  He was just warm and beautiful.

Jeremy’s New Custody Nightmare-(In Touch)

Jeremy Renner’s battle with ex-wife Sonni Pacheco over their 7-year-old daughter, Ava, rages on.  “She refuses to stop dragging him to court and wants him drug-tested again-and this time she’s saying she wants to see receipts,” a source says.  Sonni, 29-who in court docs claims Jeremy has a “long history of alcohol and drug abuse” (he denies it)-wants proof that he’s testing negative before she settles any child support issues, notes the source.  Jeremy, 49, says Sonni’s accusations are “creating a false narrative,” adds the source.  “He’s a great dad.  He just wants to work things out with Sonni and co-parent Ava in a healthy, supportive atmosphere.”



Woman Finds Snake In Toilet

A Colorado woman said she was “terrified” when she looked into her toilet and saw something shocking — a snake coming up from the drain.  Miranda Stewart, of Fort Collins, said she was using the restroom at her Varsity Apartments home when she made the startling discovery.  “I used the restroom, like went to flush and everything and it wasn’t going down. I looked and leaned in closer and a snake head slithered up. I was terrified,” Stewart.  Stewart said the discovery reinforced a longtime fear she once thought to be irrational.  “It’s actually been one of my fears since I was a kid,” she said.  She shared photos of her apartment’s maintenance man extracting the snake from inside the toilet.  “We’re thinking it was a possible pet from one of the tenants from our apartment complex. If the snake got in their toilet and slithered to ours,” Stewart said.  The reptile, a non-venomous corn snake, was adopted by the maintenance worker.
******How about a more unusual headline: Woman DOESN’T Find Snake in Toilet?”
******Weirdly, the snake had a camera and an Internet connection!!
******The snake was in the pipe when a voice said, “Go to the light!!”

Play To Be Created By Robots

A team of artificial intelligence researchers are teaming with theater professionals in the Czech Republic to create the world’s first play written entirely by “robots.”  Researcher Rudolf Rosa of Charles University said his team is working together with Svanda Theater and the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague on the project, dubbed THEaiTRE.  Rosa said the idea was suggested by entrepreneur Tomas Studenik as a means of celebrating the 100th anniversary of R.U.R., aka Rossum’s Universal Robots, a 1921 play by Karel and Josef Capek that is credited with originating the term “robot.”  “Tomas thought that this should be properly celebrated and came up with the idea of turning the story around: 100 years ago, a man wrote a theater play about robots; what if today, robots wrote a theater play about men?” Rosa told TechXplore.  He said the team is working with artificial intelligence models that were previously successful in generating pieces of text, including poetry and dialogue.
********Should be better than most of the shows on NetFlix!!!
********Strangely, every character will seem robotic!!!

Woman Keeps Husband In Wooden Box

Police at Munich Airport got a surprise during their search of a wooden box being transported by a 74-year-old passenger that turned out to contain the bones of the woman’s dead husband.  Customs officials, a doctor and prosecutors were called in, and they determined no crime had been committed, German news agency dpa reported.  After questioning the woman and her 52-year-old daughter, police learned the pair were on their way from Greece back to their native Armenia via Munich and Kiev.  The mother said her husband died in 2008 and was buried in Thessaloniki, Greece, and that she and her daughter decided to bring his remains home to a final resting place in Armenia, police said.  Following the short investigation, the two women were allowed to continue on their journey with the boxed remains.
*********She was also allowed to use the carpool lane!!
******The box tested positive for COVID, so he’s now listed as a virus victim!!
******This is kind of the opposite of “rest in peace!!”

Woman Gets X-Rated Cutting Board From Amazon

A woman was left embarrassed after she noticed an X-rated detail on an item she ordered from Amazon.  After scrolling through all of the deals on offer on the site, she finally found a design she liked and hit buy.  She purchased a twin set of the Lilly’s Kitchen cutting boards, which were priced at $14.99.  But when it finally arrived, she got more than she bargained for.  Embedded in the marbling of one of the black and white boards was a very large penis.  Her friend posted a snap of it on Twitter.  Captioning her post, she wrote: “My friend ordered these cutting boards and this is what she got” – it’s not exactly what she expected to see.  Since being posted, the tweet has received over 331,000 likes and tons of comments.  One person joked: “I don’t see what the problem is, they gave her free meat.”  Another added: “Oh, God, it’s so…. it’s so detailed….”  A third also said: “At first i thought ‘wow that’s not a marble finish’ but then I saw it.”  See the pic HERE.
*******It all depends on what you’re cutting!!!
*******Maybe this was meant for circumcisions!!!










8 Things You Should Never Do With Your Money, According to Experts

The Penny


  1. Don’t Waste Hundreds on Homeowners Insurance

You’re probably wasting money right now. And it’s probably on something you’d never expect — your homeowners insurance policy.

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Just answer a few questions about your home to get started.


  1. Don’t Skip Out on $1M in Life Insurance

Have you thought about how your family would manage without your income after you’re gone? How will they pay the bills? Send the kids through school?

Now’s a good time to start planning for the future by looking into a term life insurance policy.

You’re probably thinking: I don’t have the time or money for that. But your application can take minutes — and you could leave your family up to $1 million with a company called Bestow.

Rates start at just $8 a month. The peace of mind of knowing your family is taken care of is priceless.

If you’re under the age of 54 and want to get a fast life insurance quote without a medical exam or even getting up from the couch, get a free quote from Bestow.


  1. Don’t Pay Your Credit Card Bill

If you have credit card debt, you know. The anxiety, the interest rates, the fear you’re never going to escape…

Your credit card is getting rich by ripping you off with insane rates, but a company called AmOne could help you pay them off tomorrow.

Here’s how it works: AmOne will match you with a low-interest loan you can use to pay off every credit card balance you have. The benefit? You’re left with just one bill to pay every month, and because the interest rate is so much lower, you can get out of debt so much faster. Plus, no credit card payment this month.

AmOne won’t make you stand in line or call a bank. And if you’re worried you won’t qualify, it’s free to check online. It takes just two minutes, and it could save you thousands of dollars. Totally worth it.


  1. Don’t Waste Money on Car Insurance

How often are you even using your car right now? Regardless, there’s one thing we’re nearly certain of — you’re overpaying on car insurance.

That being said, shopping for car insurance is a pain which is why we like using a free service like Gabi. In just a few minutes you can see if any other companies are offering a cheaper rate with the same coverage and deductibles you already have.

You don’t have to fill out any forms. Just link your existing insurance account and enter your driver’s license, and it will start looking for cheaper coverage.

They save customers an average of $825 a year. Plus, after you sign up, Gabi will keep looking for savings and alert you if there’s ever a way to reduce that monthly bill even further.


  1. Don’t Pass up $1 Stocks

Take a look at the Forbes Richest People list, and you’ll notice almost all the billionaires have one thing in common — they own another company.

But if you work for a living and don’t happen to have millions of dollars lying around, that can sound totally out of reach.

That’s why a lot of people use the app Stash. It lets you be a part of something that’s normally exclusive to the richest of the rich — buying pieces of other companies for as little as $1.*

That’s right — you can invest in pieces of well-known companies, such as Amazon, Google or Apple, for as little as $1. The best part? When these companies profit, so can you. Some companies even send you a check every quarter for your share of the profits, called dividends.

It takes two minutes to sign up, plus Stash will give you a $5 sign-up bonus once you deposit $5 into your account. Subscription plans start at $1 a month.**


  1. Don’t Pay Than $5/Month For a Cell Phone 

How long have you been with your cell phone company? Probably a while, right? Which means you’re probably paying way too much.

But we found a discount wireless company called Tello that offers plans starting at just $5 a month. How much are you paying now? Exactly. Imagine cutting that to just $5.

Tello operates on Sprint’s nationwide network, offering 4G LTE data everywhere Sprint does. It lets you choose a wireless plan based on how many minutes and how much data you want, and you can even use Tello’s coverage tool to see how strong its network is where you live.

You can bring your own phone (Tello works with any Sprint-compatible phone), or buy a new one through them. Even better — there are no early termination or activation fees, no contracts or phone-exclusive plans, no tricks of any kind.


  1. Don’t Let Your Credit Score Cost You Thounsands of Dollars

Your credit score is like your financial fingerprint. Everyone’s is different and for different reasons. One person’s credit score might be under 700 because they have an error on their report. Another person’s credit score might be under 700 because they have a bill in collections.

That means everyone’s strategy to improve their credit score will look different… but how in the world are you supposed to know where to start?

Thankfully, a free website called Credit Sesame will take a look at your credit report and let you know exactly what you need to do to improve your score.

Take, for example, James Cooper. He didn’t know anything about credit, but Credit Sesame showed him the exact steps he needed to take to improve his score — from a 524 to 801.*

Then there are people like Salome Buitureria, a working mom in Louisiana who, in using Credit Sesame, found a major error on her report. The site helped her fix the mistake and take additional steps to raise her credit score nearly 200 points.*

Want Credit Sesame to show you exactly how to finally get your score over that 700 hump? It takes 90 seconds to sign up and get started.


  1. Don’t Leave Behind This Free Money 

Here’s the deal: If you’re not using Aspiration’s debit card, you’re missing out on free money. And who doesn’t want free money?

Yep. A debit card called Aspiration gives you up to a 10% kickback every time you swipe.

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