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Born on this day!! Actor Hector Elizondo is 86. Country singer and actor Red Steagall is 84. TV anchor Diane Sawyer is 77. Guitarist Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick is 74. Actor BernNadette Stanis (“Good Times”) is 69. Rapper Luther Campbell (2 Live Crew) is 62. Guitarist Chuck Mead (BR549) is 62. Actor Ralph Fiennes is 60. Actor Lauralee Bell (“The Young and the Restless”) is 54. Country singer Lori McKenna is 54. Actor Heather Donahue (“The Blair Witch Project”) is 49. Actor Chris Carmack (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “The O.C.”) is 42. Actor Harry Ford (“Code Black”) is 40. Actor Greg Finley (TV’s “The Flash,” “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”) is 38. Singer Jordin Sparks (“American Idol”) is 33. Singer Meghan Trainor is 29.


1864 – During the Civil War, Union general William T. Sherman sent a message to President Lincoln saying, “I beg to present you as a Christmas gift the city of Savannah.”
1772 – Construction of the first schoolhouse west of the Allegheny Mountains was started in Schoenbrunn, Ohio, by Moravian missionaries.
1807 – The U.S. Congress passed the Embargo Act.
1894 – French army officer Capt. Alfred Dreyfus was convicted of treason in a court-martial.
1989 – Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was overthrown.
2001 – Hamid Karzai sworn in as president of Afghanistan.
2010 – President Obama officially repealed the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military policy.

Today Is: Be A Lover of Silence Day, Forefathers Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Young Sheldon  / 8:30 – Ghosts
NBC – 8:00 – Saturday Night Live  /  10:00 – The Wheel
ABC – 8:00 –  Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune  /  9:00 – Press Your Luck  /  10:00 – Alaska Daily
FOX – 8:00 – Hell’s Kitchen  /  9:00 – Welcome To Flatch /  9:30 – Call Me Kat
CW – 8:00 – Jingle Ball

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Fallon: Adam Sandler, Greta Gerwig, Dane Cook, Babyface Ray, Keke Palmer (R 12/1/22)
Stephen Colbert: “Red, White, & Greenland! Stephen Cold-Bear is Lost in Space Force” (R 12/6/22)
Seth Meyers: Jesse Eisenberg, Meghann Fahy (R 12/7/22)
Watch What Happens Live: BravoCon: The Reading Room (R 10/19/22)
The View: Gabrielle Union, Sam Worthington (R 11/30/22)
The Talk: Chelsea Handler, Max Thieriot (R 10/7/22)
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Kelly and Ryan’s Holiday Flashback, featuring heartwarming and hilarious holiday moments
Tamron Hall: Jemele Hill, Kellie Martin (R 10/26/22)
Drew Barrymore: John Stamos, Kaitlyn Dever (R 10/19/22)
Jennifer Hudson: Tabitha Brown (R 11/22/22)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: OK, she’s rich.. but why does she have to be GOOD-LOOKING, TOO?? Jay Mohr got engaged to Lakers owner Jeannie Buss!!! Way to marry up, dude!!!!!


QUESTION: What made the cast and crew want to walk off the set of “THE CROWN??” The OPEN CASKET SCENE with Princess Di! Have they NO SHAME??????


QUESTION: Where do you go when you have a BOMB UP YOUR BUTT?? This 88-year-old Frenchman went to emergency.. and they EVACUATED THE HOSPITAL!!!


QUESTION: Are kids’ letters to Santa CUTE?? Not this one!! He’s mad at Santa for not delivering his gift.. and he says, “You look old, slow and EASY TO KILL!!!!!”
"Jeremy was NOT playing about his Christmas," reads the caption.

QUESTION: Will she be SCARED STRAIGHT??? This little girl gets STUCK IN THE CLAW MACHINE while trying to STEAL THE STUFFED TEDDY BEARS!!! Awww…………..
Girl trapped in vending machine

The Rock Says No More Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson said on social media that new DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn told him a Black Adam sequel has not been ruled out, but also will not be made in the near future. “James Gunn and I connected, and Black Adam will not be in their first chapter of storytelling,” Johnson, 50, tweeted Tuesday.  “However, DC and [my production company] Seven Bucks have agreed to continue exploring the most valuable ways Black Adam can be utilized in future DC multiverse chapters.”  Gunn tweeted back: “Love @TheRock & I’m always excited to see what he & Seven Bucks do next. Can’t wait to collaborate soon.”  Johnson played the title character in the 2022 blockbuster, Black Adam.  The comic-book adaptation followed an imprisoned former, ancient slave with extraordinary powers who is released by contemporary archaeologists.
**********They could save money by just paying The Rock $20 million to stay home!!!
*****The DC Multiverse is more like a miniverse!!
******They’ll cut budgets by re-casting Superman as a regular guy in “Not-So-Superman!!”

Tom Cruise Shares Insane Stunt

Tom Cruise gave fans an inside look at how and he and his team pulled off the “greatest stunt in cinema history” for “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.”  On Wednesday, the 60-year-actor shared a 9½ minute featurette from the upcoming movie detailing the making of the stunt, in which Cruise rides a motorcycle off a cliff and then base jumps into a ravine.  “This is far and away the most dangerous thing we’ve ever attempted,” Cruise said at the beginning of the clip.  He continued, “We’re going to shoot it in Norway and it will be a motorcycle jump off a cliff into a base jump.”  The camera panned a massive ramp that ended on the edge of a huge cliff as Cruise said, “I’ve wanted to do it since I was a little kid.”  “And it all comes down to one thing – the audience.”  Director/writer Christopher McQuarrie explained that Cruise put together a master plan and assembled a team of experts from all the disciplines involved to accomplish the feat.   See the stunt HERE.
*****OK Tom, we get it: You don’t care whether you live or die!!
******Just don’t make us watch!!!!
TOPIC: Do you or anyone in your family have irrational fears?? Like a fear of jumping off a building??

Britney Spears Reaches Out To Her Mom

Britney Spears invited Lynne Spears to get coffee with her months after she accused her estranged mother of hiding caffeine throughout her 13-year conservatorship.  “After no coffee for 15 years … Mom we can go have coffee together now !!! I’m treated as an equal … let’s have coffee and talk about it !!!” the mom of two wrote alongside a photo of herself taken during a trip to Mexico.  It’s unclear if Britney, who’s blasted her mom multiple times publicly on social media, was shading her mother or genuinely extending an olive branch.  Britney previously accused her mother of “abuse” in a lengthy June Instagram post.  “Did you also tell people how you hid coffee every single morning ??? Did you tell them every morning when I would try to find coffee,” she wrote after Lynne posted a series of text screenshots in an attempt to prove she responded to her daughter’s messages back in 2019.  Britney’s latest post comes after Lynne, 67, issued a groveling apology over the “pain” that was caused by the conservatorship, which gave her father, Jamie Spears, control of her personal, medical and financial decisions from February 2008 until the patriarch’s suspension as conservator in September 2021.
********If not for that conservatorship, we might be talking about the “late Britney Spears.” Fact.

Justin Bieber Close To Selling Catalog

Justin Bieber is nearing a deal worth about $200 million to sell his music rights to Blackstone-backed Hipgnosis Songs Capital, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter.  The deal includes his interest in both his publishing and recorded music catalog.  Hipgnosis buys song catalogs from artists and earns revenue when their music is streamed online or used in movies or advertising.  Bieber rose to fame when he was 13 years old following the success of his song “Baby.” Justin Timberlake sold the rights to his songs, including hits such as “Cry Me A River” and “Rock Your Body,” to Hipgnosis Song Management in May.  Blackstone and Hipgnosis Song Management announced a partnership in October to invest about $1 billion to acquire music rights and manage catalogs.
******We tried to sell our catalogue, but we were only offered $5.00. Of course, it was an old Sears catalogue!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Gigi Who?  Leo’s Wild Night Out-(Star)

Don’t say they didn’t warn her!  Gigi Hadid, 27, needs to “keep a better watch” on her hard-partying beau, Leonardo DiCaprio, “if their budding romance is going to continue,” cautions an insider.  The supermodel is nowhere in sight when the renowned playboy spent several nights partying in Miami during Art Basel.  The 58-year-old actor was even spotted at an exclusive bash aboard a billionaire’s yacht attended by a posse of his pals and scads of scantily clad models.  “Gigi knows better than to try to change Leo,” says the insider, “but she wouldn’t be human if it didn’t bother her.  Obviously, he’s not ready to settle down.”



University Recreated On Minecraft

A computer engineering major at South Dakota Mines is offering virtual tours of the university after building a digital model of the campus in popular video game Minecraft.  South Dakota Mines said in a news release that Jaxxen Cheney started the project after graduating high school as a means of familiarizing himself with the university he was about to attend.  Cheney used Google Earth as a guide while recreating the scale model of the campus and its buildings. He then set out to make the interiors of the buildings accurate to real life.  “I didn’t know the campus very well before I became a student. When I first arrived, I got lost all the time,” Cheney said in the news release. “Once you get yourself familiar with campus, it’s easy to navigate. I think this could be a great tool for incoming freshmen to explore the campus before they come to school.”  Cheney’s Minecraft model of the school became a project for one of his humanities classes, and he has now opened up the project for other students to add their own details.
**********Or… just stay home and “go” to the University digitally!!

Record Breaking Beard!

An Idaho man with a serial record-breaking beard earned another title with his facial hair when he decorated his face with 710 multicolored Christmas ornaments.  Joel Strasser of Kuna earned the record for most beard baubles in a beard when he managed to affix the 710 ornaments to his facial hair, Guinness World Records announced.  Strasser previously set the record in 2019 with 302 baubles, and broke his own record in 2020 with 542 baubles and then broke it again in 2021 with 686 baubles.  “My technique has evolved and gotten a lot more specialized over the years that I’ve been breaking the record,” Strasser told Guinness World Records. “I stuck them in a lot more haphazardly at first and that’s why those first beard bauble record numbers were so low.  “I found that if I take my time and really focus on the individual strands of beard hair and small groups of hair, I can manage to fit so many more in there.”
*******This is a good way to keep prisoners occupied!!

Lost Cat Shows Up 10 Years Later

A cat who disappeared on New York’s Long Island is on her way to a reunion after she was found 10 years later.  Richard Price said his family’s cat, Mimi, was being cared for at his sister-in-law’s home in Miller Place in 2012 when the feline fled.  The family searched the area, thee was no sign of Mimi.  The town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter said a malnourished cat with badly matted fur was recently brought in by a member of the public.  “It felt like a shield of armor, that’s how bad she was matted,” supervisor Linda Klampfl told NBC New York.  The cat was cleaned up and scanned for a microchip, identifying her owner as Price, who now lives in Spain.  “If only she could talk and tell us what she’s been through,” Price said.
****The family: “We’re so happy!!” The cat: “Who cares??”








10 Dating Trends We Want To Leave Behind In 2022



  1. Zombie-ing

It’s alive! It’s alive! With zombie-ing, the ghoster you thought you’d never hear from again pops back into your life as if nothing happened. Your best bet? Make like a non-zombie character from “The Walking Dead” and run far, far away.


  1. Voice-fishing

In 2021, the dating app Hinge released a feature allowing daters to send voice messages and add audio notes to profiles. Apparently, that’s resulted in a lot of voice-fishing ― users use a phony, sexier-sounding voice in the hopes of attracting a date. Think: Paris Hilton using a baby voice even though she actually has a relatively deep voice.


  1. Hesidating

A holdover from our collective pandemic mentality, to hesidate is to feel unsure about a relationship and dating as a whole because of how uncertain life has felt since COVID.

A study from Plenty of Fish this year found 70% of singles are unsure about who they’re dating and if they want something serious or more casual. While we can sympathize, in the long run, that kind of avoidant dating behavior benefits no one.


  1. Masterminding

Admittedly, this one is going to be hard to understand if you’re not a Swiftie. First, you have to understand that “Mastermind” is a song from Taylor Swift’s album “Midnights” that delves into how she laid the “groundwork” for meeting a romantic interest.

In response to the song, TikTokers posted videos sharing the grunt work they put into making things happen with their partners.

There’s nothing wrong with doing your research on a crush or creating a fancy-meeting-you-here “coincidence” or two but some people admitted to vaguely stalkerish behavior. “I researched on LinkedIn a lawyer in my area that could help me and then ‘bumped into him’ for a week straight at his local Starbucks until he asked me out,” one woman confessed in a now-viral video, which has been viewed more than 1.8 million times. “We dated for about a month, in which he helped me out so much and I got my legal procedure resolved.”

Uh, wow.


  1. Power PDA-ing

Coined by the dating app Bumble, “power PDA” is like regular PDA, only with more spit and way more ass grabbing.

“People are really making up for lost time,” Caroline West, relationship expert with Bumble, said of the trend on the “Dermot & Dave” podcast. “Two in three Bumble daters are saying they’re into [the power PDA trend], and I think it’s related to how touch-starved we were during the pandemic. People are really making up for two years of having nobody touch them.”

We agree that touch is essential but please, try to keep it below Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker levels. The world doesn’t need another Kravis.


  1. The excess of ethically nonmonogamous men on dating apps

We’ve got nothing against practicing ethical nonmonogamy ― whatever works for you and yours! ― but too many times, it’s a cover for shady behavior. Maybe someone doesn’t admit they’re in an open relationship until they’ve been on multiple dates with a new person. Or maybe their partner isn’t clued in on the nonmonogamy.

As Twitter user @MxMippy put it, “Let’s stop saying ‘ethical non-monogamy’ and start saying ‘consensual non-monogamy’ to emphasize that a lot more people are in non-monogamous relationships than they aren’t consenting to or are aware of.”


  1. Pete Davidson

Yep, Pete Davidson has dated enough women this past year to qualify as a veritable trend. (Side note: Is there a way to unsubscribe from Pete Davidson content? If so, let us know in the comments.)


  1. Beige Flags

First coined by TikTok creator Caitlin MacPhail, a self-proclaimed dating guru, “beige flags” are “signs on dating app profiles that the person behind the profile is probably fucking boring.”

Think: Someone whose entire personality is liking “The Office” or “Harry Potter.” Or someone who writes that they’re “looking for someone who can keep up with me” on their dating profile.

Why are we not into this trend? It’s just sort of petty. Give people a little leeway to be basic sometimes!


  1. Winter Coating

Season-specific dating trends to reek of desperation (ugh, “cuffing season”) and this one is no different: Winter coating is when someone you’ve casually dated, hooked up or even just DM’ed with on a dating app hits you up during the aforementioned cuffing season. Gotta keep warm somehow!


  1. Hey-ter

Have you ever had a conversation with someone on a dating app where they started off saying “hey” and followed up with “hey” and maybe then tossed in a “good morning!” the next day, just to keep things fresh? Yeah, that’s a hey-ter and we hate that.


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