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Born on this day!! Actor Robert Wagner is 92. Singer Roberta Flack is 85. Singer Jimmy Merchant of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers is 82. Bassist Bob Spalding of The Ventures is 75. Keyboardist Cory Lerios of Pablo Cruise is 71. Actor Kathleen Beller (“Dynasty”) is 66. Country singer Lionel Cartwright is 62. “Good Morning America” co-host George Stephanopoulos is 61. Actor Laura Dern is 55. Country singer Dude Mowrey is 50. Actor Jason Olive (“For Better or Worse) is 50. Actor Elizabeth Banks is 48. Actor Julia Pace Mitchell (“The Young and the Restless”) is 44. Reggaeton singer Don Omar is 44. Actor Uzo Aduba (“Orange is the New Black”) is 41. Actor Stephanie Beatriz (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) is 41. Actor Max Brown (“Beauty and the Beast,” ″The Tudors”) is 41. Actor Barry Sloane (“Revenge”) is 41. Singer Eric Dill (The Click Five) is 40. Keyboardist Ben Romans of The Click Five is 40. Actor Trevante Rhodes (“Moonlight”) is 32. Actor Emma Roberts (“American Horror Story,” ″We’re the Millers”) is 31. Actor Makenzie Vega (“The Good Wife”) is 28. Actor Chloe Grace Moretz is 25. Actor Yara Shahidi (“black-ish”) is 22.


1763 – Treaty of Paris signed, ending the French and Indian War. France ceded Canada and all its North American territories east of the Mississippi to Great Britain.
1837 – Russian poet and novelist Alexander Pushkin was killed in a duel.
1840 – Queen Victoria married Prince Albert.
1942 – Glenn Miller received the first ever gold record for selling a million copies of “Chattanooga Choo Choo.”
1962 – The Soviet Union exchanged captured American U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers for Rudolph Abel, a Soviet spy held by the United States.
1967 – The 25th Amendment was ratified, establishing presidential succession.
1996 – IBM’s computer, Deep Blue, beat the world chess champion, Garry Kasparov, in the first game of their match.
2005 – Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Arthur Miller died.

Today Is: All The News That’s Fit To Print Day, National Giving Hearts Day, National Home Warranty Day, Plimsoll Day, World Pulses Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Young Sheldon  8:30 – Ghosts / 9:00 – Celebrity Big Brother  /  10:00 – Bull
NBC – 8:00 – Winter Olympics
ABC – 8:00 –  Jeopardy College Championship / 9:00 – NFL Honors
FOX – 8:00 – Joe Millionaire  /  9:00 – Call Me Kat  /  9:30 – Pivoting
CW – 8:00 – Walker   /  9:00 – Legacies

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachel Wolfson
Jimmy Fallon: Pre-empted
Stephen Colbert: Kristen Stewart, Jonathan Van Ness (R 1/24/22)
Seth Meyers: Pre-empted
James Corden: Lily Collins, William Jackson Harper, St. Vincent (R 1/4/22)
Watch What Happens Live: Ike Barinholtz, Danielle Brooks
The View: Guest co-host Alyssa Farah
The Talk: Dr. Phil McGraw
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Dennis Haysbert, Kelsey Barnard Clark
Ellen DeGeneres: Kevin Hart
The Real: Monique Kelley, Serayah, guest co-host Nene Leakes
Kelly Clarkson: Charlie Day, Jenny Slate, Katie Lowes, Malik Yoba, Jet Tila
Tamron Hall: Jay Pharoah, Guy Torry
Drew Barrymore: Sterling K. Brown, Joey King, Esther Povitsky

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: What do these three friends in their 80s have in common? They’ve attended EVERY SINGLE SUPER BOWL!! They say this one is their last!


QUESTION: Are YOU “following the science?” Here’s the latest.. if you want to LIVE LONGER, drink at least THREE cups of coffee a day!!!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Does your music choice reveal YOUR PERSONALITY?? Ed Sheeran? Extrovert! Nirvana? Neurotic!! Lady Gaga?? You’re “AGREEABLE!”


QUESTION: Is everything at Trader Joe’s FREE?? It is for THESE GUYS!! Thieving is increasing after this guy PURLIONED THE SIRLOIN!! Yikes!!!!!!!!
Thief steals 10 steaks valued at $15.99 each from Trader Joes on 14th Street in the East Village

QUESTION: Is ADELE about to be CANCELED? People are mad because she is proud to be a FEMALE artist who won a BRIT AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adele's declaration that she 'loves being a woman' has caused a row over trans rights

Why Super Bowl Ticket Prices Are So High

The NFL’s control over ticket purchase opportunities is a major factor driving high prices for Sunday’s Super Bowl LVI in Inglewood, Calif., several secondary market companies said.  The admission price for this year’s game has hovered between $4,500 and $6,000 since early last week. And those prices are expected to rise as the ticket availability decreases.  For the big-spenders, the most expensive suite, which seats 24 people, is available for nearly $800,000. That’s $33,333 a person for about four hours of entertainment.  “The Super Bowl is really not an open market like it used to be,” TicketIQ founder Jesse Lawrence told UPI. “Pre-2016 it was truly a market run by thousands of sellers pursuing their own interest and profits.  “The NFL controls the inventory, they set the pricing. There are fluctuations in a range, but this is kind of what they think the 2022 Super Bowl is worth.”  Lawrence said that if ticket prices drop, he only expects a maximum 10% decline. TicketIQ says that the average ticket price of $8,652 for Super Bowl LVI is the second-highest since 2010. Tickets for the game in 2015 sold for an average of more than $9,700.  Previous reports for past Super Bowls cited that the league gives each Super Bowl team 17.5% of the tickets available for purchase. That allotment, which includes opportunities for players, front office members, coaches, season ticket holders and others, adds up to 35% of the total tickets available.
*******Meanwhile, we’ll be sitting at home enjoying a better look at the action.. for FREE!!
*****Of course, we’ll miss out on paying $2,000 for parking, and jostling with 60,000 other idiots!!
*****Most of the tickets go to big-spenders who have to impress clients!! They write it off!!
******We would only buy tickets if they can guarantee our team would win!! 

Neil Young Wants Spotify Employees To Quit

Singer Neil Young continued his attack against Spotify Tuesday, telling its worker that should leave their jobs at the streaming company before it “eats up your soul.”  He started a movement against Spotify when he demanded that his music be pulled off the platform for its support of conservative podcaster Joe Rogan, for delivering misinformation about the coronavirus, his use of a racial slur and other complaints.  Rogan has apologized for his remarks and Spotify CEO Daniel Ek issued an apology for his employees because of the controversy.  Young on Tuesday tried to speak directly to Spotify workers as well.  “To the workers at Spotify, I say Daniel Ek is your big problem — not Joe Rogan,” Young said on his website. “Ek pulls the strings. Get out of that place before it eats up your soul. The only goals stated by Ek are about numbers — not art, not creativity.”  Young also urged his fellow musicians to “find a better place,” than Spotify to showcase their music.
****Back in 1967, Neil was all about freedom of speech and challenging the official narrative!! Now, he’s a rich member of the establishment.. so you little people can just shut up!!
******His song should be retitled “Rockin’ in the (Formerly) Free World!!!”
****This is totally a political hit job on Rogan.. and Neil Young is a burned out idiot!!

Prince Charles Thrilled About Camilla’s Future

Prince Charles is delighted that his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, confirmed his wife’s future title.  On Sunday, the Queen renewed the pledge she made on her 21st birthday to devote her entire life to the service of the U.K. and the Commonwealth. She also remembered the death of her father, King George VI, which elevated her to the throne. However, it was her comments about Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, that stirred headlines.  “When, in the fullness of time, my son Charles becomes King, I know you will give him and his wife Camilla the same support that you have given me; and it is my sincere wish that, when that time comes, Camilla will be known as Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal service,” said the Queen.  On Wednesday, a source close to the Prince of Wales revealed that he couldn’t be happier.  “Charles is over the moon that his mother has given her seal of approval,” an insider told Us Weekly on Wednesday. “It’s a dream come true.”  The queen herself noted the importance of having a supportive partner by one’s side as a royal.  “I am fortunate to have had the steadfast and loving support of my family,” she said. “I was blessed that, in Prince Philip, I had a partner willing to carry out the role of consort and unselfishly make the sacrifices that go with it. It is a role I saw my own mother perform during my father’s reign.”  The source noted that Camilla is prepared for the responsibilities that come with her title.  “Camilla had to work twice as hard as any other royal to gain popularity and shed her reputation as the wicked stepmother – the woman who stole Charles from Diana,” the source told the outlet.
*******Camilla is so happy, she let him saddle her up and ride her around the room!!
*******Charles will be even more thrilled when his mother finally dies!! C’mon, it’s true!!
******They obviously go the Queen drunk and had her sign the papers!!

Spielberg Was Not A Fan Of The “Jaws” Theme

Fans of the 1975 movie “Jaws” will never, ever forget composer John Williams’ famous musical score. The iconic theme from director Steven Spielberg’s movie is chilling and ominous, yet all too familiar. However, he initially thought Williams was kidding when he first played the score for him.  “I expected to hear something kind of weird and melodic, something tonal, but eerie; something of another world, almost like outer space under the water,” the “West Side Story” director said in a prior “Jaws” DVD featurette unearthed by The Hollywood Reporter, in which Spielberg discussed the process of creating the music for the movie.  “And what he played me instead, with two fingers on the lower keys, was ‘dun dun, dun dun, dun dun.’ And at first, I began to laugh. He had a great sense of humor, and I thought he was putting me on,” he continued.  But John persuaded Spielberg to just listen to the music. After playing the theme several times, Spielberg knew the score was perfect.  “It suddenly seemed right. And John found the signature for the entire movie,” he said.  Spielberg even later admitted: “I think the score was responsible for half of the success of that movie.”
******He’s right!! The theme made the movie!! Which is true of many of John Williams’ scores!!! (Indiana Jones, Star Wars)
******The shark liked it, too!! Gave him something to move to!!!
TOPIC: Greatest movie theme songs of all time!!

Megan Fox Officially Divorced

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have finalized their divorce.  On Tuesday, a judge signed off on the final divorce settlement between the Jennifer’s Body star — who recently announced her engagement to Machine Gun Kelly — and the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum, according to TMZ.  They met in 2004. They first got engaged in November 2006, and later called it off in February 2009. They soon got back together and wed in Hawaii in June 2010.  Five years after their nuptials, the couple hit another bump, separating after Fox initially filed for divorce. At the time, the two announced they were having a third baby together — and they reconciled the following year.  They share three children: sons Journey River, 5, Bodhi Ransom, 7, and Noah Shannon, 9.
********So she’s living with Machine Gun.. but Brian is “Pop Gun??”


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Dr. Oz’s Daughter Needs Help – Stat!! – (National Enquirer) 

Daphne Oz is finding it hard to fill daddy’s shoes!! After Dr. Oz announced he was running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, A-list guests started running for the exits. Now Daphne’s having trouble booking guests for her replacement show, according to insiders!! Snipes a source, “The reality is clear that big stars don’t want to be associated with Daphne or her father anymore!!”

Loose Talk – (US Weekly)

“We have the same name – it’s pretty simple.” – Taylor Lautner on how he knew fiance Taylor Dome was The One

“I went around and made out with a lot of women during Covid, before we started filming, to practice.” – Dakota Johnson joking about how she prepared for the coming-out dramedy “Am I OK?”



Kids Birthdays Wins The Lottery

A North Carolina man found children are truly the gift that keeps on giving when he played their birthdays in the lottery and won $110,000.  Louis Paine Jr., 77, of Fletcher, told North Carolina Education Lottery officials the ticket he bought for the Feb. 1 Cash 5 drawing bore a set of numbers adapted from his children’s birthdays.  Paine said he was shocked to discover the ticket he bought from the Ingles store in Fletcher was a $110,000 winner.  “I was flabbergasted,” Paine said. “Of course I didn’t believe it.”  Paine, a retired teacher, said he likes playing the lottery because of funds that go to education in the state.  “Giving back to education is very important,” Paine said. “It’s the greatest thing we have in our country.”  Paine said he plans to invest some of his winnings and share the rest with his family.
********That’s the thing about kids!! They rarely pay you back for all the money you spent on them!! Brats!!
*****If all these lotteries are for the education system, why are they always complaining they don’t have enough money??

Oldest Pub Closing Down

A pub purported to be the oldest in Britain is closing because of financial difficulties 1,229 years after it was established.  The Ye Olde Fighting Cocks pub in St. Albans, England, announced on Facebook that it was closing permanently after financial problems made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The pub’s website states the business first started pouring drinks in the year 793.  “Along with my team, I have tried everything to keep the pub going,” pub manager Christo Tofalli wrote in the Facebook post.  “However, the past two years have been unprecedented for the hospitality industry, and have defeated all of us who have been trying our hardest to ensure this multi-award-winning pub could continue trading into the future.”  Tofalli said the pub’s financial problems predated the pandemic, but issues continually worsened until the team determined it no longer would be able to meet financial obligations.  “It goes without saying I am heartbroken. This pub has been so much more than just a business to me, and I feel honored to have played even a small part in its history,” he wrote.
*********Queen Elizabeth was there on opening day!! She’s that old!!
*******1,229 years later.. they were still serving some of the same pastries!!!
*******Scientists just located some dirt that’s younger than that pub!!!

Kayaker Finds Message In A Bottle With Ashes

A Florida kayaker said he picked up what initially appeared to be trash in the water and soon discovered it was a message in a bottle that contained a man’s cremains.  Jeff Zimmerman of Cape Coral said he and some friends were kayaking on Sunday in Four Mile Cove when he spotted the object in the water.  “It was just kind of intertwined with the mangroves, kind of looked like junk,” Zimmerman told WBBH-TV.  Zimmerman said a closer examination revealed the floating bottle entangled with a “Happy Birthday” balloon contained a written message and someone’s ashes.  “Immediately, we realized that this is someone’s internment vessel,” Zimmerman said.  The author of the message inside the bottle wrote that the ashes were the cremains of a deceased brother whose birthday would have been Feb. 5.  “If you receive this bottle, please throw him back in the water,” the message’s author wrote. Zimmerman said he decided not to immediately throw the bottle back into the water because it was poorly sealed and starting to leak.
********Let it leak!! What does HE care???
********If you throw the remains in the swamp, you don’t care what happens to ’em!!

Florida Man Claims To Be Mick Jagger

A Florida man police say declared he was Mick Jagger while drunk in downtown Naples was arrested on Monday.  According to the Naples Police Department, Eugene Bingham was disrupting in a number of downtown Naples restaurants including Ocean Prime and Yabba’s.  At Ocean Prime, he yelled at a guest and tried to fight others at the bar. At Yabba’s he is accused of trying to get on stage during a live performance.  Naples police found Bingham walking near the bathrooms on the north side of Cambier Park after a woman told the officer “a drunk male in a red shirt is yelling at people claiming he is Mick Jagger.”  A struggle ensued after a police officer found Bingham.  Bingham was placed under arrest and vomited in the back of the Naples police patrol car, which had a malfunctioning camera.  Bingham couldn’t be processed into jail for medical reasons, authorities said.
*********Later, a man claiming to be Keith Richards bailed him out!!!
*****It’s hard to tell what Mick really looks like these days!! His face is kinda of like a Sharpe’!!!






6 Signs Of A Toxic Job You Can Spot During Your Interview



  1. Interviewers bad-mouth the person who had your job previously or the people you’ll be working with.

How someone treats a person when they are not in the room says a lot about how they may one day treat you.

One way to find out if this could be a problem is to ask what happened to the person who previously held your job, according to Donna Ballman, a Florida-based employment attorney and author of “Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired: Resolve Workplace Crises Before You Quit, Get Axed or Sue the Bastards.”
“If they bad-mouth the person or hem and haw, then that’s probably a bad sign. If they bad-mouth current employees, run,” Ballman told HuffPost. “If you are going to supervise employees, find out how many are on the team, how they are performing, and ask questions about their duties. If they bad-mouth your team, get out of there.”
E. Kevin Kelloway, research chair in occupational health psychology at St. Mary’s University, said ostracism is a sign of a toxic workplace that you can watch out for during the interview process.

“Look for individuals who seem to be on the ‘outside’ in the workplace — so the person who does not go to breaks with the others or who seems to be the butt of jokes,” he said. “[These are] classic signs of bullying and ostracism that might suggest that there are some really inappropriate behaviors going on in the workplace.”


  1. The hiring manager doesn’t want you to talk to anyone else on the team.

In a healthy work environment, employees are free to be honest about what it’s like to work there. But in a toxic workplace, bosses tightly control how employees communicate, even to potential new hires.

If a hiring manager is hesitant or unwilling to connect you to anyone else on the team you’d be working with, that signals a toxic workplace, said Laura Gallaher, an organizational psychologist at the consulting firm Gallaher Edge.

“This is a sign that they do not trust their employees, which can create an exhausting work environment,” she told HuffPost. “If leaders don’t trust their people, they tend to micromanage, create rigid policies and stifle input.”

Gallaher said it can also suggest that there’s an unhealthy power dynamic between the manager and the other employees.
“If they perceive the whole interview process as a one-way street — ‘I’m hiring, so I have all the say here’ — they will behave similarly in the leader-employee dynamic,” she said. “In a healthy workplace, ‘because I’m the boss’ is not a phrase that is used.”


  1. Interviewers refuse to admit to any of the company’s shortcomings.

No job is perfect. But in a toxic workplace, managers are unwilling to acknowledge any areas of improvement for their team or the company.

If your interviewers are unwilling to be honest about any weaknesses of the team or organization, that is a red flag, Gallaher said.
“A healthy workplace has enough psychological safety that it is OK to be vulnerable. If leaders put out a vibe that everything is ‘perfect,’ it creates beliefs that others are meant to do the same,” she said. “Then people start hiding mistakes, pretending to understand things when they don’t, and blaming others when things go wrong. These behaviors are toxic and will drain the life and energy out of people.“


  1. The way they talk about success is cutthroat.

Manuela Priesemuth, a management professor at Villanova University who researches toxic workplaces, pointed out that since recruiters tend to paint a more positive picture of the company, the clues of toxicity are likely to subtle.

That’s why she recommends reading between the lines to understand what the company’s values are. Phrases like “This is how we do things” or “That’s how it is in this industry” tell you what the organization’s norms and standards are, Priesemuth said. So if those phrases are used in reference to worrying behaviors such as micromanaging or only caring about the bottom line, that’s a potential red flag.

“If there’s anything that you find offensive or feels like it does not conform with the values you share, then it might not be the right workplace. It might not be that good of a culture,” Priesemuth told HuffPost.

For example, asking about the organization’s rewards structure can be revealing. If rewards are merely ”monetarily oriented and not people-oriented or not purpose-oriented or not other-oriented,” that could suggest employees are incentivized to get bonuses over being collaborative, she said.

Prioritizing bonuses as the primary way of being rewarded could also be a sign you’ll encounter unethical corporate behavior. Research shows that when someone’s livelihood is based on a bonus, they are more likely to risk looking the other way. Past U.S. banking scandals have been linked to organizations that incentivize employees to engage in inappropriate behavior, such as bribery and creating fake accounts to meet sales targets when wages are tied mostly to bonuses.
How management talks about success can also reveal a lot about how employees advance. “Does the prospective employer talk about rewards as if it is a fixed pie ― there will be winners and losers in terms of securing desired outcomes?” asked Rebecca Greenbaum, a professor in Rutgers University’s school of management and labor relations. “This may suggest that employees are pitted against one another as they try to stand out for advancement and reward purposes.”


  1. Recruiters are cagey about employment agreements you will need to sign when you start.

Job interviews are the time to get clarity on the expectations of the job. If a hiring manager or recruiter refuses to answer questions about employment agreements, that’s a red flag, Ballman said.

She said job candidates should ask during the interview process whether they will be required to sign any agreements at the start of employment.
“If they say yes, ask to get a copy so you can review before you start. If they decline, they are probably hiding an obnoxious noncompete agreement that will limit your ability to work after you leave,” Ballman said. “Some states, but not a majority, require that noncompetes be disclosed before the person starts the job. Many toxic workplaces have them as an attempt to force employees to stay in a terrible work situation.”
Ballman also recommended running a search of lawsuits in state and federal court involving the employer, and reading Glassdoor complaints.


  1. Everyone who works there seems like they are in terrible mood.

One of the more subtle hints of a toxic workplace is the vibe. Ballman recommended closely observing how staff members interact with each other.
“How are you greeted? Do the people working there look happy? Or are they avoiding eye contact with you? Is there yelling? Are people chatting in the break room, or are they scurrying in and out quickly?” she said. “The atmosphere there can give you clues about the workplace.”

It can be painful to waste time and energy on interviews that ultimately don’t lead to a new job. But it’s better to follow your gut and say good riddance than to be stuck in a toxic job you hate.


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