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Born on this day!! Actor Ann McCrea (“The Donna Reed Show”) is 90. Actor Tom Courtenay (“Dr. Zhivago”) is 84. CBS newsman Bob Schieffer is 84. Actor Diane Baker is 83. Actor Karen Grassle (“Little House on the Prairie”) is 79. Talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael is 79. Writer Jack Handey (“Saturday Night Live”) is 72. Musician-actor John Doe of X (“Roswell”) is 68. Singer-guitarist Mike Peters of The Alarm is 62. Comedian Carrot Top is 56. Actor and model Veronica Webb is 56. Actor Alexis Denisof (“Angel,” ″Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) is 55. Actor Tea Leoni is 55. Actor Lesley Boone (“Agent Carter,” “Ed”) is 53. Actor Sean Astin is 50. Singer Daniel Powter is 50. Singer Justin Jeffre of 98 Degrees is 48. Actor Anson Mount (“Hell on Wheels,” “Star Trek: Discovery”) is 48. Comedian Chelsea Handler is 46. Actor Rashida Jones (“The Office,” ″Parks and Recreation”) is 45. Singer Shawna Thompson of Thompson Square is 43. Actor Justin Berfield (“Malcolm in the Middle”) is 35. Actor Jameela Jamil (“The Good Place”) is 35. Actors James and Oliver Phelps (“Harry Potter” films) are 35. Bassist Erik Haager of Carolina Liar is 34.


1570 – Elizabeth I, queen of England, was excommunicated by Pope Pius V.
1836 – Samuel Colt patented the first revolving barrel multishot firearm.
1870 – Hiram Revels became the first black United States senator, taking over the term of Jefferson Davis.
1901 – J.P. Morgan formed U.S. Steel Corporation, the first billion-dollar corporation in the world.
1948 – Communists took control of the government in Czechoslovakia.
1964 – Muhammad Ali, then known as Cassius Clay, became world heavyweight boxing champion for the first time by knocking out Sonny Liston in Miami Beach.
1983 – Tennessee Williams, American playwright, died.
1986 – President Ferdinand Marcos fled the Philippines; Corazon Aquino took over the office.
1990 – Violeta Chamorro was elected president of Nicaragua, a victory for opponents of the Sandinistas.

Today Is: Digital Learning Day, International Toast Day, Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day, National Chili Day, Ta’Anit Esther, Rubber Ducky Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Young Sheldon  /  8:30 – B Positive  /  9:00 – Mom  /  9:30 – Unicorn  /  10:00 – Clarice
NBC – 8:00 – Mr. Mayor  /  8:30 – Superstore  /  9:00 – Law and Order: SVU  /  10:00 – Dateline NBC
ABC – 8:00 –  Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune  /  9:00 – The Chase  /  10:00 – The Hustler
FOX – 8:00 – Hell’s Kitchen  /  9:00 – Call Me Kat  /  9:30 – Last Man Standing
CW – 8:00 – Walker  /  9:00 – Legacies

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Steve Harvey, Michael Peña, Ava Max
Jimmy Fallon: Eddie Murphy, Eve Hewson, the Kid Laroi
Stephen Colbert: Regina King, Vic Mensa featuring Wyclef Jean
Seth Meyers: David Spade, Jason Mantzoukas, Raghav Mehrotra
James Corden: Jodie Foster, Holly Humberstone
Lilly Singh: Randall Park
Conan: Kevin James
Watch What Happens Live: Josh Groban, Soleil Moon Frye
The View: Day of Hot Topics
The Talk: Dr. Phil McGraw
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Michael Chiklis
Ellen DeGeneres: Jane Fonda
Wendy Williams: Evelyn Lozada
The Real: Terrell Owens
Kelly Clarkson: Dr. Jill Biden
Tamron Hall: Michael K. Williams
Drew Barrymore: Andra Day, Ben & Erin Napier

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Was TIGER WOODS “zoned out” and “tired-looking” BEFORE his crash??? Check out this TV interview from Monday.. and YOU be the judge!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Is he “President TOUGH GUY??” Barack Obama spices up his podcast with a story about BREAKING A FRIEND’S NOSE when he used a slur!!!


QUESTION: Got a problem with carjackings?? This Illinois lawmaker has the solution: BAN GRAND THEFT AUTO!!! It’s making people STEAL CARS!!


QUESTION: Why don’t they EVER LEARN?? KEVIN HART is caught driving erratically, using his phone and TEXTING in L.A. freeway traffic!! After he almost died!!


QUESTION: Guys, ever wonder why you can NEVER WIN in relationships?? This new book may hold the answers!! It’s called “WHY MEN LOVE BITCHES!!!!!”
The book (pictured) has now gone viral among a new generation of young women online

Tiger Woods Recovering From Surgeries

Tiger Woods was “awake, responsive, and recovering” in the hospital from major surgery, according to a statement on his Twitter account, after a high-speed rollover car crash near Los Angeles.  He was driving shortly after 7 a.m. PT Tuesday in Rancho Palos Verdes when his SUV crossed a median and veered across two lanes of road before hitting a curb, hitting a tree and landing on its side in the brush, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said.  He underwent a lengthy emergency surgery on his lower right leg and ankle at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, the statement said. The leg fractures were “comminuted,” meaning the bone was broken into more than two parts, and “open,” meaning the broken bone was exposed to open air, creating risk of an infection, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anish Mahajan said in the statement.  Specialists inserted a rod into his tibia to stabilize both the tibia and fibula bones, stabilized the foot and ankle bones with a combination of screws and pins, and relieved pressure to the muscle and soft-tissue of his leg by surgically releasing the covering of the muscle, Mahajan said.  Having seen the damage at the crash site, Villanueva said it was “nothing short of a miracle” that Woods was alive.
********Depending on who you talk to, he’s A) finished as a pro golfer, B) on his way to a comeback or C) paralyzed for life!! We’re guessing it’s either A or B!!
*******The most shocking thing is that no one has made a crack like “When Tiger has a bad drive, it’s really bad!!”
TRUE: From what it looks like in the pictures the car did an end-to-end flip!!!

Bruce Springsteen’s Day In Court

Bruce Springsteen pleaded guilty to one of three charges stemming from his November 2020 DWI arrest on Wednesday.  Springsteen, alongside his attorney Mitchell J. Ansell, appeared in a virtual United States District Court of New Jersey hearing held over Zoom before United States Magistrate Judge Anthony R. Mautone. He consented to video conferencing in the case due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  Springsteen pleaded guilty to consuming alcohol in a closed area. The government then proposed the dismissal of the additional two charges of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and reckless driving which the judge approved.  “I am going to impose nothing but a fine because I think that is an appropriate disposition of this case,” Mautone said.  Springsteen will now have to pay a $500 fine plus an additional $40 fee. The judge gave him a week to make the payment.  “I think I can pay that immediately, your Honor,” Springsteen responded.
*******Plus the $100,000 deposited in the judge’s Bitcoin account??
*******TIP: Don’t expect the same treatment if YOU get busted!!!
*******Bruce celebrated with a bottle of tequila!!!!
******This is what happens when you call 1-800-NO CUFFS!!!!

The Queen Is Having A Rough Time

Queen Elizabeth II is enduring a challenging time during her decades-long reign.  In the month of February alone, it was revealed her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle will not be returning as working members of the British royal family.   It was also announced that their sit-down with Oprah Winfrey will air on Sunday, March 7 – the same day as the 94-year-old’s TV address for Commonwealth Day.  In addition, her husband Prince Philip was admitted to London’s King Edward VII’s Hospital a week ago after feeling ill. Buckingham Palace shared that the 99-year-old is being treated for an infection and is not expected to leave the hospital for several days.  “It’s been a rough few weeks for the queen, that’s for sure,” a royal source told Us Weekly on Wednesday. “The situation with Harry and Meghan has been challenging, and on top of that, she’s distraught over her beloved husband’s health setback.”  “The queen has FaceTime calls with Archie, but it’s not the same,” the second insider claimed, alleging Elizabeth is “desperate to give Archie a huge hug.”
********And she’d like to give Meghan a big SLUG!!!
*******Charles is thinking, “At least he didn’t fall in love with a horse-face like I did!!”
*****She keeps looking a map of her empire, saying, “It’s 5 o’clock SOMEWHERE!!!”
*******In the old days, she would have kidnapped Archie and thrown Meghna into the Tower!!!!

British Networks Fight For TV Interview Rights

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s first major interview since splitting with the British Royal Family has sparked a hot bidding war in the U.K. for rights to air the highly coveted sit-down, with ITV emerging as the frontrunner for the program.  Sources tell Variety that Comcast-backed pay-TV operator Sky and free-to-air player ITV were among those bidding for the CBS primetime special, hosted by Oprah Winfrey. On Tuesday, a BBC source confirmed that the public broadcaster is not involved in the process. “The BBC is not involved in a bidding war on this,” said the source. As of Wednesday, it’s believed that Sky is also out of the running, leaving ITV as the main contender.  It’s understood that ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group, which will be selling the program overseas, is keen for the interview to land on a free-to-air broadcaster, which would ensure a significant profile in the U.K. It will undoubtedly also come down to what platform Markle and Prince Harry prefer.  The timing of the CBS special is key, and would have caused problems for the BBC from an optics perspective.  The Queen’s annual Commonwealth broadcast is due to air on BBC One on Sunday, March 7, the same day as the CBS interview. Pre-recorded at Windsor Castle, the broadcast is part of the Anita Rani-hosted program “A Celebration For Commonwealth Day,” which will also feature the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Countess of Wessex.
*********Then, later on that day, it’s “Oprah Winfrey and the Montecito Hillbillies!!!”
****Some people think the Queen is one-upping H&M!! But… everybody knows she gives a Commonwealth Day speech.. on COMMONWEALTH DAY!!!! Hello!!!
*******Something tells us this interview will NOT make these two more popular in the UK!!!
*****Here in America, the interview will air on AWC: the “Attention Whore Channel!!”

Home Improvement Star Avoids Jail Time

Home Improvement” actor Zachery Ty Bryan cut a plea deal Tuesday to avoid jail time in the “choking” attack on his girlfriend in Oregon last year, according to reports.  He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of menacing and fourth-degree assault in exchange for three years of probation in the Oct. 16, 2020, attack on his girlfriend in his Eugene apartment, KEZI-TV said Tuesday.  Prosecutors agreed to drop six other charges — which included strangulation and coercion — against Bryan, the station said.  The actor also agreed not to contact the victim.  Police said officers arriving at the apartment complex after the incident found Bryan sitting outside and his girlfriend reportedly hiding in a friend’s apartment.  Bryan was arrested and released on $8,500 bail the following day.  According to police documents obtained by TMZ at the time, the actor’s girlfriend told police he woke, pulled her by her hair and started beating her while shouting obscenities — and choked her to the point that she feared she would suffocate.
********Child stars are so cute… until they grow up. 

Dr. Dre Wants A Quick Divorce Trial

Dr. Dre’s lawyer has filed legal documents asking for a five-day trial over the validity of his prenup with his estranged wife Nicole Young amid their divorce case.  TMZ reports that Dre’s lawyer Laura Wasser filed the documents this week, and is asking for a trial centered around the prenuptial agreement. It was previously reported that Young had signed the prenup before they married, but Dre allegedly tore it up in front of her and said he regretted putting pressure on her to sign it. Dre has disputed these claims, and said there’s a clause in the document that forbids any alterations unless made in writing.  He is asking to move the divorce case to a private judge to avoid more of the very public case coming to light, but Young has rejected that request. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s expected that their divorce case could drag on for longer than if it were private due to coronavirus-related delays.
*******Why didn’t Trump put Dr. Dre in charge of the COVID crisis?? We would have been better off!!
*******He’s the doctor, but his wife is gonna give him a “cash-ectomy!!!”
******Divorce: the gift that keeps on giving!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

It’s a Wrap:  Rapper G-Eazy & Ashley Benson Go Bust-(National Enquirer)

“Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson and rapper G-Eazy have split after nine months together.  The two, both 31, sparked romance rumors in May when they were spotted locking lips.  They quarantined together during the pandemic before going their separate ways.

Sage Move By Armie’s Wife-(Globe)

Gotta wash that man right outta your hair-and everywhere else!  Armie Hammer’s disgusted estranged wife, Elizabeth Chambers, 38, is seriously trying to rid herself of lingering bad vibes by burning sage, to banish negative energy left behind by the accused kinkster!  “How much sage is too much sage?” she asks on an online video where she’s seen burning the herb, used for centuries to cleanse a space from the creepy.  The 34-year-old “Social Network” actor, in case you somehow missed it, has been caught up in a cannibalism scandal triggered by gals’ mind-blowing claims of torturous sexual escapades with the hunk.  Hammer denies the gross tales, but is being shunned in Hollywood!  So Elizabeth seems sage.

Crushing It!-(Us Weekly)

Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet-

Momoa fell for Bonet, 53, back in the ‘80s after watching her on The Cosby Show.  “I was….8 years old and I saw her on the TV and I was like, ‘Mommy, I want that one,’”  The Aquaman hunk, 41, once gushed.  The were introduced years later through a mutual friend-“I knew it was love,” Momoa later admitted-and dated for more than a decade before getting hitched in 2017.  “If someone says something isn’t possible….I’m like, ‘Listen here, I married Lisa Bonet,” he once said.  “Anything is f**king possible.”

William & Kate:  Baby #4?-(Star)

A royal full house!  While some couples are overwhelmed being with their kids 24/7 in lockdown, Prince William and Duchess Kate have enjoyed the extended family time with George, 7, Charlotte, 5, and 2-year-old Louis.  “Having the kids at home during the pandemic has given Kate baby fever,” an insider says.  “She loves being around them and wants to have one more.”  Adds the source:  “Kate’s a pro at multi-tasking, and William is a devoted dad,” adds the source.  “They’ll split parenting duties.”

Say What?!-(Life & Style)

“Everyone in my life knows that if they invite me out, they’re inviting my dog, too.  If she can’t come, then I won’t either.”-Nina Dobrev, on her rescue pup Maverick.

“I don’t remember saying, ‘in sickness and health, oh, and mullets.’”-Kaley Cuoco, on husband Karl Cook’s latest hairdo.

“They talked about a sequel, but I could not…..We were ghosts looking down on earth and helping women who were in bad domestic [relationships].”-Susan Sarandon, on scrapped plans for a follow-up to 1991’s Thelma & Louise.

Kim and Kanye’s Separate Lives-(People)

The six-year marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West appears increasingly unsalvageable.  “They continue to lead separate lives,” says a source of the reality star turned mogul, 40, and the rapper, 43.  “They have no contact with each other.”  Still, while multiple sources say that Kardashian, who shares kids North, 7, Saint, 5, Chicago, 3, and Psalm, 1, with West, has a divorce plan in place, she has not yet made any final moves.  “Her main concern right now is her children,” says an insider.  “They are what’s most important.”  For his part, West “is not doing well,” says a source close to him.  The two have stopped marriage counseling, the source adds:  “He knows that his marriage is over, and he also knows what he is losing in Kim.  She has been his strongest supporter.”  Whatever happens, the Kardashian source says, the mom of four, who remains in the couple’s Hidden Hills estate, will be okay:  “She is just focused on the future.”

Spokeswoman of the Week-(In Touch)

Amy Schumer-

“My good friend Jennifer Lawrence is the face of Dior.  And I am the body of mayo.”

-on starring in Hellmann’s ads.



Venomous Snake Takes A Swim In The Pool

A reptile specialist was called out to an Australian family’s home when they discovered one of the world’s most venomous snakes swimming in their backyard pool.  Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 said in a Facebook post that a family in Palmwoods, Queensland, contacted the group when they went out to use their backyard pool and discovered the water was already occupied by an eastern brown snake, one of the most venomous species in the world.  The snake catcher who responded to the home said the snake likely fell into the water accidentally and was unable to climb out due to the pool’s high walls.  The man was able to capture the snake safely when it attempted to flee into a pool vent.  See the video HERE.
********Does he make house calls?? We have a bunch of venomous snakes in Washington he could take care of!!
******It’s a good thing they didn’t mistake for a pool noodle!!!
TOPIC: Mu encounter with a deadly animal!!!

Message In A Bottle Causes Scare

A British police officer responding to a report of a “suspicious package” said he was pleasantly surprised to discover the object was a message in a bottle from a local family.  The Isle of Wight Police said in a Facebook post that Sgt. Charlie Winchester responded Tuesday morning to a report of a “suspicious package” in Cowes.  Winchester said in the post that he located the object, which turned out to be a bottle containing a note from the “Adams family,” bearing the date Nov. 11, 2020.  The sergeant added his own note to the bottle and returned it to where it was found.  “With a new quote added, l hope the next finder gets joy from something so simple as I did today,” Winchester wrote.
*********We have a whiskey bottle with a message. The message is: “You’re drunk!!”
*******Are you playing the song, “Message in a Bottle” by the Police right now??
TOPIC: Ever launch a message in a bottle? Or find one??

Robot Hired To Deliver Food At Airport

A Philadelphia airport announced it has employed a food delivery robot to make it easier for passengers to grab a meal in a contact-free manner.  Philadelphia International Airport unveiled Gita, a robot with a 40-pound capacity cargo bin for delivering food orders to passengers waiting for their flights.  The robot uses Bluetooth to follow an airport AtYourGate representative through the airport to the location specified by the customer, who can order their food from airport restaurants via  “Now more than ever we are looking to be forward-thinking and innovative regarding our contactless ordering options,” Megan O’Connell, PHL Food & Shops marketing and customer service manager, said in a statement. “Gita allows our guests to customize their experience by choosing how much or how little human interaction they want when having their food delivered.”  The airport tweeted a photo of Gita, which was compared to a droid from the Star Wars films.
*********Now…. we just need some passengers!!
******Maybe Gita can check the airplane, to make sure the engines don’t blow up!!
******She stays in shape by drinking WD-40!!!

Lost Seal Found Wandering The Streets

A seal found wandering down a Canadian sidewalk half a mile from the nearest body of water was given a free ride back to shore in the back of a police car.  Lillian Reynolds said she looked out the kitchen window of her Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, home on Sunday morning and was shocked to see a seal making its way down the sidewalk.  “I had to take a double-take because I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Reynolds told CBC News.  Reynolds said she called 911 and went outside to try to keep the seal safe from cars and other hazards while waiting for police to arrive. She said the animal was not grateful for her help.  “I just said, you know, ‘We’re going to take care of you, don’t worry about it.’ Then he was like ‘arr, arr, arr’ at me.”  Police arrived on the scene and attempted to wrap the seal in an emergency blanket, but the animal was not cooperative.  See the video HERE.
********We hope the animal wasn’t drinking!! There’s nothing worse than a “tight seal!!”
******He didn’t like the sidewalk that much, but it was better than being eaten by a killer whale!!
*******He was looking for his baby-mama, Heidi Klum!!







The 7 Conflict Styles Of People You Argue With At Work

Huffington Post


1) The Competitor

Workers with a competitive personality type may try to one-up their colleagues and take credit for others’ ideas to get ahead.

Competitors have an “assertive and uncooperative” arguing style, according to behavioral scientists Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann, developers of a well-known conflict resolution assessment tool.

For example, competitors may one-up their colleagues and frame others’ ideas as their own to get ahead, even if it hurts personal relationships, Brown said.

“They get into conflict, and it’s like ‘This is me or you,’” she said. “What’s helpful is that you’re going to get someone who is forthright. What’s not helpful is that in their assertiveness and often in their aggressiveness, there is a dominance they have over other people.”

As a result, co-workers may give in to competitors because they feel there is no room to negotiate. Competitors may think, “I’m getting the results I want, and I’m doing well at my job,” but their conflict style can sacrifice working relationships, which are critical to making ideas happen.

“Any way you could avoid working with that person in the future, unless you absolutely have to, you will,” Brown said.

If this style describes you, Brown suggests asking yourself, “Is there a better solution here than the one I’m suggesting? Someone may have a better idea to get to the outcome.”


2) The Collaborator

While collaborators may seem like the easiest to get along with, their need for everyone to feel heard may lead to less transparency about what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Collaborators aim to reach a consensus.

“People feel heard, which is great. Everyone’s ideas are taken into account,” Brown said.

However, she cautioned against idealizing collaboration as the best mode of conflict. At their worst, collaborators can become manipulative. Because they want everyone to feel as if they’ve won, collaborators may not be transparent about the realities of how everyone’s input will be used, or the budget or resource constraints involved.

When you are a collaborator, you may make promises you cannot keep, and that ultimately breaks people’s trust.

“Usually, agreeing but then not committing means you still aren’t really getting your way. You are just causing a delay in whatever this thing is that you are either railing against, or the thing you really want to see happen,” said Lara Hogan, author of “Resilient Management” and co-founder of the management consulting company Wherewithall.

Collaborators should ask themselves if they are really setting an appropriate expectation or if they just want to see others accept the outcome the collaborator wants but hasn’t shared, Brown said.


3) The Accommodator

Accommodators may defer to other people too often and become pushovers.

Accommodators are willing to sacrifice or minimize their own needs to get through conflicts. As a result, colleagues feel supported by them, even when arguing.

But accommodators can become pushovers if they become too obliging, as Brown talks about in her e-book “A Guide To Self-Advocacy,” in which she outlines this conflict style.

“Accommodating relies on continuously yielding to others, but others’ appreciation of you for carrying more than your fair share can transform into an expectation that you always do more than required,” she writes.

If you find yourself accommodating too much to get through conflict, try saying, “That doesn’t work for me,” Brown advises in her e-book, writing, “This phrase prevents you from saying an outright no, and allows others to consider how you’re being slighted in the solution.”


4) The Dealmaker

Dealmakers are focused on just that — reaching a deal.

Dealmakers will bargain to get results. They concentrate less on amplifying what’s possible and more focused on using transactions to get through conflicts.

At heart, they are compromisers who think along the lines of, “Here’s what I have. Here’s what I know you have. Neither of us can get exactly what we want, so where can we meet in the middle? This needs to get done,” Brown said.

At their worst, dealmakers’ drive to reach a conclusion may prompt them to be less than honest about what any concessions mean in the long term, such as “30 days from now, we’re going to double your workload,” Brown said.

If you’re arguing with a dealmaker, make sure to read the fine print on their offers.


5) The Up-And-Over Arguer

“[Up-and-over arguers] just want to get this problem solved right away,” Lara Hogan, author of “Resilient Management,” said. “They think that getting a person with more power involved will get them a speedier resolution.“

People with this personality type do not address conflicts directly with a colleague. Instead, they go above them to someone with more power, Hogan said.

Hogan said up-and-over arguers may be motivated by the belief that raising problems to superiors will gain them clout and power. Sometimes, they’re motivated by urgency.

“They just want to get this problem solved right away,” Hogan said. “They think that getting a person with more power involved will get them a speedier resolution.“

No one enjoys finding out that a co-worker has gone behind their back, though. This tactic breaks down trust between colleagues and often backfires. There are obviously instances in which escalation is warranted, such as a toxic office environment, “but usually, the up-and-over does not get you your desired outcome,” Hogan said. “It just drags it out and involves people with much more power that shouldn’t be spending time on your disagreement.”


6) The Conflict-Avoidant Arguer

These types of arguers are more likely to let conflicts go rather than assert themselves.

At best, a conflict-avoidant arguer protects working relationships through their ability to let conflicts go.

“On one hand, you can say that they minimize, but these are also people who will say, ‘OK that’s not a big deal.’ Sometimes in work environments, that’s a helpful attitude to take,” Brown said.

But their unwillingness to engage also means their valuable input is never heard.

“I often see people avoid conflict in the workplace either because they believe it will cause more problems ― which, to be honest, it can ― [or] due to a lack of investment in the situation,“ Cicely Horsham-Brathwaite, a psychologist and executive coach, told HuffPost. “However, there are times where your contribution and your voice need to be heard to help shift the thinking or enhance the perspective.”

There is no assertiveness in avoidance. “You ever heard of someone who are like, ‘I was thinking something, but I didn’t say it’? These are those people,” Brown said.

Sometimes, avoidance may look like silence when a work conflict arises.

“They are looking for an escape route. They are just shutting down entirely,” Hogan said.

If you find yourself in conflict with someone who is disengaging from the argument, ask questions to identify what they need so you can start to move forward.


7) The Devil’s Advocate

A devil’s advocate may bring up various hypothetical scenarios that don’t have anything to do with the issue at hand.

Colleagues who play devil’s advocate usually argue against a position merely for the sake of argument and not in good faith.

“They might come up with fake examples, lots of hypotheticals, lots of what-if statements that really aren’t related to what you’re talking about or don’t have any applications in the real world,” Hogan said. “Sometimes it’s a time-waster, but often it’s just this person hasn’t figured out why they don’t agree with what’s happening.”

If you find yourself talking in circles with a devil’s advocate, ask them something like, “It’s clear that our current agreement doesn’t feel satisfactory, or you’re not on board with it yet. What’s going on underneath that?” Hogan said.

That way, you give them the time and space to reflect on barriers they may have but have yet to articulate.


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