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Born on this day!! Bassist John Lodge of the Moody Blues is 80. Country singer T.G. Sheppard is 79. Singer Kim Carnes is 78. Guitarist Carlos Santana is 76. Guitarist Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister is 71. Drummer Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols is 67. Actor Donna Dixon (“Bosom Buddies”) is 66. Keyboardist Mick McNeil of Simple Minds is 65. Country singer Radney Foster is 64. Actor Dean Winters (“30 Rock,” Mayhem in Allstate commercials) is 59. Guitarist Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam is 57. Actor Reed Diamond (“Judging Amy,” ″Homicide: Life on the Street”) is 56. Actor Josh Holloway (“Lost”) is 54. Singer Vitamin C is 54. Actor Sandra Oh is 52. Actor Omar Epps is 50. Actor Simon Rex is 49. Actor Judy Greer (“The Village,” ″Arrested Development”) is 48. Actor Charlie Korsmo (“Can’t Hardly Wait,” ″Hook”) is 45. Singer Elliott Yamin (“American Idol”) is 45. Model Gisele Bundchen is 43. Guitarist Mike Kennerty of All-American Rejects is 43. Actor Percy Daggs III (“Veronica Mars”) is 41. Actor John Francis Daley (“Bones,” ″Freaks and Geeks”) is 38. Dancer-country singer Julianne Hough (“Dancing with the Stars”) is 35. Actor Billi Bruno (“According to Jim”) is 27.


1810 – Colombia declared independence from Spain.
1881 – Fugitive Sioux Indian leader Sitting Bull surrendered to federal troops.
1951 – King Abdullah I of Jordan was assassinated.
1960 – Sirima Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) became the world’s first woman prime minister.
1969 – Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong was the first man to walk on the Moon.
1985 – Treasure hunters found the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha, which sank off the coast of Key West, Fla., in 1622 during a hurricane. The ship contained over $400 million in coins and silver ingots.

Today Is: Get to Know Your Customers Day, Fortune Cookie Day, Hemingway Look-Alike Day, Moon Day, National Lollipop Day, Space Exploration Day, World Chess Day, World Jump Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – Young Sheldon  / 8:30 – Ghosts  /  9:00 – So Help Me Todd  /  10:00 – CSI Las Vegas
NBC – 8:00 – Password  /  9:00 – Law and Order SVU  /  10:00 – Magnum P.I.
ABC – 8:00 – Generation Gap  /  9:00 – The Chase  /  10:00 – Press Your Luck
FOX – 8:00 – Alert Missing Persons Unit /  9:00 – Stars On Mars
CW – 8:00 – Walker / 9:00 – Penn and Teller Fool Us

TV Talk Shows

**Due to the ongoing writers/ actors strike most shows are in reruns. (Stay Tuned!)


WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: How do you tell someone you’re “interested” in them? 45% of Gen Z and 40% of millennials send the other person NUDE TEXTS!!!! Friendly!!!??


QUESTION: Would you like to join the 125-Mile-High Club? NASA says NO ONE has had SEX IN SPACE YET.. and we need to RESEARCH HOW TO DO IT!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Who are the “MEN IN BLACK” threatening this Marine vet who saw an American FLYING SAUCER while on a humanitarian mission to Sumatra in 2009??


QUESTION: Has this American genius finally come up with a BETTER WAY TO ORDER FRIES and EAT THEM IN THE CAR?? It sure looks that way!!!!!!!!!
Winkler or "The Food Guy" on TikTok went viral for his french fry ordering hack.

QUESTION: Would you like a BOMB or a BOMBSHELL?? Why not BOTH?? The “Barbenheimer” phenom keeps growing as 200,000 people buy tix for a double feature!!

New Developments In The Tupac Shakur Murder

********The “new development” is that cops searched a house in Henderson Nevada that may be connected, but no one kn ows why or how!!
****Tupac was in a car with Suge Knight when the shooting went down on September 7, 1996.. almost 27 years ago!!
*****This case is so cold, it’s got ice on it!!!
UPDATE: Cops seized hard drives and pictures of “potential suspects” in the murder! STORY HERE!
THERE’S MORE! TMZ has the inside scoop! STORY HERE!

Movie Studio Under Fire For Trimming Trees To Take Shade From Striking Actors

*******Who SAYS the studios aren’t creative??
*****How long can the strikers stay out in this heat?? Let’s trim the trees so they’ll have no shade!!
*******It happened right next to Universal Studios, which is also the home of the theme park!!
******The city regulates the cutting and trimming of trees (of course!), so they’re “investigating!!”
*******Meanwhile, the pickets are getting heat stroke!!

Is Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Marriage On The Rocks? RadarOnLine Says Yes!!

******They say they got a phone tip!! It could only be from one person: OPRAH!!!
*******We thought that selfishness and greed were the things that keep a marriage together!!
****Meanwhile, he’s going to Africa by himself.. so he’ll be able to blow off some steam!!
******Right now, he’s negotiating with her to bring his penis with him!!
*****Rumor also has it that they’ve sold their mansion in Santa Barbara!! We looked on Zillow, and it’s not true!!

Brigitte Bardot Suffers Health Scare

********Uh, oh… she was having “difficulty breathing.” That usually means heart trouble!
*****We just lost 60s idol Jane Birkin (namesake of the famous bag), so this could be the second of the trifecta.
*******Brigitte is only 88, which means she COULD be on the Golden Bachelor!!
*****If you’re getting all hot and bothered about some movie starlet, just take a look at Brigitte.. this is what they look like after they melt!!

Maria Menounos Is A New Mom!

*****Maria is well-known for… uh, what IS she well-known for??
*****Oh, yeah.. she does those things for the movie theaters!!
********Of course, she’s 45. so she rented another woman’s womb!! But it was special!!
(She recovered from pancreatic cancer and struggled with fertility, so we’ll shut up now.)
****By the way, it’s a girl, Althena Alexandra!

Netflix Makes Adjustments To Its Plans, Eliminates Cheapest Ad-Free Plan For New Subscribers

*******We tried to call them, but they were busy rolling around on their piles of cash!!
********Actually, they need the money!! And, they have 5 million subscribers for “ad-supported” content!
*****They’ve spent so much money on content, they should call themselves “Debt Flix!!”



Country Music Name Game-(National Enquirer)

Faith Hill aka Audrey Perry-

The “Cry” crooner, 55, started life being adopted as an infant by Ted and Edna Perry, and later took her husband’s last name when she married music exec Daniel Hill in 1988.  As she launched her singing career, the “Stronger” singer decided her middle name Faith would have more heft in a hoedown.  She had already released her first album when she divorced Hill in 1994, so she decided to keep the Faith and the Hill-even after wedding Tim McGraw in 1996!



Best custom license plate you’ve seen?
Would YOU go see two movies in the same day???




Obscene Seagull Statue By The Roadside Causing Controversy In Massachussetts

*********It’s got the head of a seagull and the naked body of a human woman!!
*****People are upset because you can see where the egg drops out!!”
******The sculptor went back and put a bikini on the woman’s body!!
****It’s called “Seagull Cinderella!!”

Plane Evacuation Slide Falls Off And Lands In Chicago Neighborhood

*****As long as it didn’t have a flight attendant on it, we’re cool!!
********Did it fall, or did the people in the neighborhood shoot it off??
******It fell off a Boeing 767. The company said, “Oops!!”

Nevada License Plate “GOBK2CA” Revoked For Bashing Californians

*********We live in California.. and we understand!!
*****It’s kinda the same thing as saying, “Go to Hell!!”
*****The problem is not that people are leaving California. The problem is, they’re bringing their California attitudes with them!!
*****The license plate holder is now appealing the decision. We hope they win!!

Barbie Themed Burger Goes On Sale At Burger King In Brazil

********It’s covered in bright pink sauce, which sounds… appealing??
*******It also comes with a pink vanilla milkshake, a donut with pink sprinkles and “Ken’s fries!!”
******Pink meat is really rare!!








7 Ways to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

The Penny Hoarder

1.Work at least 35 years.

You typically need the equivalent of 10 years of full-time work to qualify for Social Security. But you’ll get the highest benefit if you stay on the job for at least 35 years.  Social Security uses your 35 highest-earning years to calculate your benefit.  If you worked only 32 years, they’d use your 32 years of earnings plus three zeroes to get your 35 years. Working more than 35 years can pay off if you’re making significantly more than you were in your early career because you get to replace some of those low-earning years with higher wages.

  1. Earn more money.

We get it: If only you could snap your fingers and suddenly make more money. But we’re just explaining the rules here. If you’re able to find a better-paying job or boost your earnings with part-time or freelance work, you’ll get more money out of Social Security.  There’s a limit, though. Social Security has an earnings cap. Money that you make above that amount isn’t taxed, and it also doesn’t affect your future benefits. In 2023, Social Security taxes only the first $160,200. If you make $200,000 or even $2 million, Social Security will still consider your income $160,200 for the year.

  1. Report all your earnings.

If you’re a regular W-2 employee, you don’t have to worry about reporting your earnings to Social Security because your employer handles that and also deducts the payroll taxes that fund Social Security and Medicare on your behalf. But if you under report income you earn from tips, freelancing or self-employment, you’re not just putting yourself at risk of troubles with the IRS. You could reduce the amount of Social Security you get later on.

  1. Wait as long as you can to take benefits.

If your retirement funds are lacking, delaying Social Security payments for as long as possible is one of the best things you can do. Full retirement age is the age when you qualify for 100% of your benefit. For most workers, it’s between 66 and 67, depending on when you were born.  You can take benefits as early as age 62. But every year you claim before your full retirement age reduces your benefit by 6.66%. Once you reach full retirement age, you can also wait even longer. You’ll get an extra 8% delayed retirement credit for each year until you hit 70. At that point, delayed retirement credits stop. Waiting until you reach age 70 can result in a monthly benefit that’s 77% higher than if you claimed at 62.

  1. Avoid taking benefits early if you’re still working.

If you take Social Security early while you’re still working, your benefits will be reduced by the following amounts in 2023:

  • $1 for every $2 you earn above $21,240 until the year you reach full retirement age.
  • $1 for every $3 you earn above $56,520 the year you reach full retirement age until your birthday.

Working while claiming Social Security early can seriously reduce your benefit or eliminate it altogether. But once you reach your full retirement age, Social Security will give you credit for the benefits it withheld and recalculate your benefit at a higher amount. That means you could recoup all the money Social Security withheld if you live long enough. When you hit full retirement age, your earnings won’t affect your benefits.

  1. Marry someone who qualifies for a bigger benefit.

If you don’t qualify for much Social Security based on your own record, you may be eligible for more based on your spouse’s record. You can get up to 50% of your spouse’s full retirement benefit once you reach your full retirement age provided that you’ve been married for at least a year.  So if your full retirement age is 67 and your spouse’s full benefit is $2,000 a month, you’d qualify for a $1,000 a month spousal benefit if you started at 67. If you took benefits a year early, you’d get $934 a month, because you’d reduce your benefits by 6.66%. You can’t get those delayed retirement credits of 8% per year based on a spouse’s record, though, so you’ll get your maximum benefit at your full retirement age of 66 or 67.  Divorced? If you’re not remarried, you could claim benefits based on your ex’s record under the above rules, provided that your marriage lasted at least 10 years. (No, you won’t affect their benefits.)  If your current or ex-spouse dies, you could qualify for 100% of their benefit through survivor benefits, including any delayed retirement credits they earned. However, you can’t earn those 8% credits by waiting past your own full retirement age to claim.

  1. Stop your benefits if you claimed them too soon.

If you claim your benefits and then regret it, you need to act fast. Social Security lets you withdraw your application if it’s been less than 12 months since you started your benefits. You’ll have to repay everything you received, including taxes and Medicare premiums that were withheld.  Once you’ve reached your full retirement age, you can suspend your benefits to earn 8% delayed retirement credits. You’ll be able to restart them for a higher amount whenever you want. Social Security will automatically resume your payments once you’re 70.


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