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Born on this day!!  Blues guitarist Buddy Guy is 84. Movie director Peter Bogdanovich is 81. Singer Paul Anka is 79. Jazz saxophonist David Sanborn is 75. Actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger is 73. Actor William Atherton (“Die Hard” films”) is 73. Actor Jean Reno (“The Da Vinci Code,” ″Godzilla”) is 72. Actor Ken Olin is 66. Actor Delta Burke is 64. Actor Richard Burgi (“Desperate Housewives”) is 62. Singer-songwriter Kate Bush is 62. Country singer Neal McCoy is 62. Actor Laurence Fishburne is 59. Actor Lisa Kudrow (“Friends”) is 57. Guitarist Dwayne O’Brien of Little Texas is 57. Actor Vivica A. Fox is 56. Actor Terry Crews (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” ″Everybody Hates Chris”) is 52. Actor Simon Baker (“The Mentalist”) is 51. Director Christopher Nolan (“Memento,” ″Insomnia”) is 50. Actor Tom Green is 49. Drummer Brad Hargreaves of Third Eye Blind is 49. Actor Christine Taylor (“Dodgeball,” “The Brady Bunch Movie”) is 49. Comedian Dean Edwards (“Saturday Night Live”) is 47. Actor Hilary Swank is 46. Actor Jaime Pressly (“My Name Is Earl,” ″Not Another Teen Movie”) is 43. Singer-guitarist Seth Avett of The Avett Brothers is 40. Actor April Bowlby (“Drop Dead Diva,” ″Two and a Half Men”) is 40. Actor Yvonne Strahovski (“Chuck”) is 38. Actor Martin Starr (“Silicon Valley,” ″Freaks and Geeks”) is 38. Actor Gina Rodriguez (“Jane the Virgin”) is 36. Actor Joey King (TV’s “Fargo”) is 21.


1619 – The first legislative assembly in English North America convened in Jamestown, Va.
1729 – The U.S. city of Baltimore was founded.
1932 – The tenth modern Olympic Games opened in Los Angeles.
1945 – The USS Indianapolis was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine and sank within 15 minutes. It was one of the greatest naval losses of World War II, resulting in the deaths of nearly 900 men.
1956 – The phrase “In God We Trust” was adopted as the U.S. national motto.
1965 – President Lyndon Johnson signed the Medicare Bill into law.
1975 – Former Teamsters union president James Hoffa was reported missing. Many suspect he was murdered, though his remains have never been found.
1980 – The Republic of Vanuatu, formerly known as the New Hebrides, gained its independence from France and Britain.
2002 – Lisa Leslie became the first woman to dunk in a professional basketball game.
2012 – 620 million people were without power in India, the worst power outage in world history.

Today Is: Cheesecake Day, Father-In-Law Day, Friendship Day, Health Care Now!  Medicare’s Birthday, International Day of Friendship, National Chicken and Waffles Day, National Chili Dog Day, National Share A Hug Day, National Whistleblowers Appreciation Day, Paperback Book Day, World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Young Sheldon  /  8:30 – The Unicorn /  9:00 – Mom  /  9:30 – Mom /  10:00 – NCIS Los Angeles
NBC – 8:00 – Ellen’s Game Of Games  /  9:00 – Law and Order SVU /  10:00 – Law and Order SVU
ABC – 8:00 –  Holey Moley II  /  9:00 – Don’t  /  10:00 – To Tell The Truth
FOX – 8:00 – MLB Baseball
CW – 8:00 –  Killer Camp /  9:00 – Penn and Teller Fool Us

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Fallon: Seth Rogan, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Alanis Morissette
Stephen Colbert: Ricky Gervais, Noah Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus (R 7/15/20)
Seth Meyers: Sean Hayes, Dan Levy
James Corden: Allison Janney, 5 Seconds of Summer (R 5/4/20)
Lilly Singh: Rainn Wilson, Matteo Lane (R 11/19/19)
Daily Show: The Daily Social Distancing Show
Conan: Bob Odenkirk
The View: Miss Piggy
The Talk: Ozzy & Jack Osbourne, Al Roker, John Rzeznik
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Eva LaRue
Ellen DeGeneres: Mark Wahlberg, Black Pumas (R 1/20/20)
Wendy Williams: Luenell (R 1/31/20)
The Real: Debbie Allen (R 4/23/20)
Kelly Clarkson: Sherri Shepherd, Kym Whitley, Paul Reiser, Katie Lee, Lauren Daigle (R 7/7/20)
Tamron Hall: Gabrielle Union, Adam & Danielle Bubsy, Libby & Victor Boyce (R 5/28/20)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Isn’t this called A CONCERT??? These new headphones promise to “vibrate music THROUGH YOUR SKULL!!” (We thought Ozzy invented that!!!)


QUESTION: Why are the MARLINS the only MLB team with COVID cases?? Rumor has it THEY ALL WENT OUT ON THE TOWN!! MLB is investigating right now!!!!!!


QUESTION: Ever have an OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE?? Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have!!! And they told all about it on “The View!!” (Anyone surprised??)


QUESTION: Ready for some GOOD NEWS???? The NBA is NOT INFECTED!!! They tested 344 players, and there are NO NEW CASES OF CORONAVIRUS!!!!!


QUESTION: What’s the penalty for THROWING BASEBALLS AT A BUNCH OF STINKING ASTROS?? The Dodgers’ Joe Kelly has been suspended for 8 games!!!

Wheel and Jeopardy Starting Up Again

Sony Pictures Television told USA Today in a statement that Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak are returning to Los Angeles studios for new episodes.  “While some things may have changed behind the scenes and on the set to keep everyone safe, fans can expect to see the same Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! they have come to love when the season starts,” the statement said.  Both shows are slated to resume production this week and next, reported.  Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! suspended their audience tapings and then stopped filming new episodes all together around mid-March amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  Trebek had announced a year before the delay in the show’s production that he was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. More recently, he said that his cancer treatment is going well and he’s “feeling great.”  Along with social measures, other changes include: allowing only staff and crew on stage, providing everyone behind the scenes with personal protective equipment, testing contestants before they come on the show and testing staff and crew on a regular basis.
********Alex said, “You think I’m afraid of COVID?? Bring it on!!”
******The first puzzle on “Wheel” will be “SC RED SH TLESS!!
*******Will Vanna notice there’s no audience??

AMC Theaters Makes Deal With VOD Services

AMC Theaters and Universal Pictures reached a deal allowing the studio’s films to become available on demand 17 days after they premiere in theaters.  The announcement represents a reconciliation between the theater chain and the studio after discord earlier this year over the on-demand release of Trolls World Tour.  After Universal released the film on video-on-demand shortly after its theatrical debut and announced plans to do the same for The King of Staten Island, AMC CEO Adam Aron announced the theater chain would not play subsequent Universal films. Traditionally, studios agree to a three-month theatrical window before films can appear on home video, thus granting theaters some exclusivity.  The agreement allows AMC theaters three weekends of exclusive access to exhibit films before Universal can move them to VOD. The arrangement only applies to premium VOD, which could require a price tag of $19.99 or more.
*****In return, Universal agreed to silence their phones during negotiations!!!!
******They’re gonna have to sell a ton of Raisinettes to make up for 2020!!

Tom Hanks Is Selling Hotdogs Again!

Tom Hanks is returning to one of his first jobs, selling hot dogs and peanuts at Oakland A’s games amid the coronavirus pandemic.  When he was 14, he worked as a vendor walking up and down the stadium barking for anyone who wanted to purchase a snack. Now, the MLB season is forging ahead with teams placing cardboard cutouts in seats and using old audio to give the illusion of a crowd. To help make things feel more authentic, Hanks is lending his voice to “sell” hot dogs.  His hometown team, the Oakland A’s, announced that fans can not only hear the actor’s voice hawking hot dogs to imaginary patrons, but a cutout of him in a red-and-white striped vest – with what appears to be his high school yearbook photo – can be spotted by eagle-eyed fans who tune into the games on TV.  “Life is like a box of… popcorn,” the team tweeted last week. “East Bay’s own @tomhanks is reprising one of his first roles as a Coliseum vendor! See if you can hear him mixed in with the crowd noise during tonight’s #OpeningDay broadcast.”  The tweet came with a recording to Hanks’ voice shouting things like, “It’s not a ballgame without a hot dog!” and “Hot dogs here! Colossal hot dogs!”  According to People, the audio was first featured during Oakland’s Opening Night on Friday, with the cutout positioned behind home plate.  See the video HERE.
*****He’s saving up enough money to move to Greece!!
******This is the best thing he’s done since “Forrest Gump!!”
*****We hate to say it, but he did it with “relish!!” So he really “cuts the mustard!!” Everyone else is playing “ketchup!!”

Queen Wants Wills and Harry To End Feud

Queen Elizabeth II wants an alleged royal feud between William and Harry to be done with once and for all.  Multiple sources told the new issue of Us Weekly that she is determined to make sure her grandsons put their differences aside and patch up their reported strained relationship.  “[She] is firmly of the opinion that this nonsense cannot and must not continue any longer,” claimed one palace insider. “She wants the boys to sit and resolve their differences like grown adults.”  Another royal source claimed she was hoping the brothers would patch things up at their cousin Princess Beatrice’s wedding when it was originally scheduled for May. The 31-year-old ended up tying the knot with Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in mid-July in a small ceremony due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  One source is claiming Elizabeth is hoping that Harry will leave Los Angeles — where he is currently living with his wife Meghan Markle and their son Archie — and come to Balmoral before the end of the summer to talk things through with William.  “She wants them to chat in person,” said the source. “Not on the phone or via Zoom, which wouldn’t be as effective.”
********Didn’t Betty White do the same thing in that movie with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds??
*****Harry is mad because Wills accused him of being p-whipped!! He’s asking Meghan for permission to go talk to him about it!!
******Maybe the Queen can fake a heart attack!!! That should break the ice!!

Regis Had A Bad Heart

Regis Philbin’s cause of death has been revealed.  He died from myocardial infarction due to coronary artery disease and hypertension, a spokesperson for the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Farmington, Conn., confirmed to Page Six on Wednesday. He died on Friday, July 24, at age 88.  His family issued a statement mourning his death after he passed away.  “We are deeply saddened to share that our beloved Regis Philbin passed away last night of natural causes, one month shy of his 89th birthday,” his family wrote.  His former co-host Kathie Lee Gifford also opened up about the last time she saw her good friend.  “We just had the best time,” she said of her lunch with Philbin and his wife, Joy. “I just thought to myself, ‘Lord, is that the last time I’m going to see my friend?’ Cause he was failing, I could tell.”
*********And yet… Keith Richards is still alive!!

Meghan Markle’s Wiki Page Was Touched Up

Meghan Markle’s Wikipedia page was drastically altered just before her relationship with Prince Harry went public — dropping her modeling work to instead promote her as an “activist” and “humanitarian.”  Records of changes to the site show a flurry of activity late on Oct. 9, 2016 — when she was already dating Harry and only weeks before their hidden love hit headlines at the end of that month.  The first change scrubbed detailed mention of how she was “the model who held case #24 on the US version of the television game show “Deal or No Deal,” Wikipedia’s records of changes show.  Just 10 minutes later, her entry was changed from describing her as an actress who was also a “fashion model, spokesmodel” to one who was an “Activist, Humanitarian,” the changes show.  “Markle is actively involved in the socio-political arena,” the new entry read. “She has also worked with The United Nations Women, where, as an Advocate, she presented at UN Headquarters for the HeforShe Gender Equality Campaign in September 2014,” it now said.  The entry was also changed to note that she was the “founder of The TIG,” her lifestyle blog at the time, with someone else adding a link to the site two days later.  The changes were made anonymously from an IP address only linked on the site to the Markle edits.  The IP address is linked to a Los Angeles PR firm with no known links to the duchess, according to The Telegraph, which speculated that the changes could have been made by friends who were aware her royal romance was about to go public.
*******Sure… SHE had nothing to do with it!!!
*****Someone added “She bagged the Big One in 2016,” bit that was quickly deleted!!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Lonely Carrey Turns To Old Flame Renee!-(National Enquirer)

Unlucky in love Jim Carrey is reaching into his past to kindle new sparks with old fiancée Renee Zellweger, spies dished.  The twice-divorced funnyman, 58, has had little to smile about in his romantic life.  He broke up with actress Ginger Gonzaga last year, and his ex Cathriona White took her own life after they split!  Jim revealed Renee, 51, “was the love of his life” in an interview about his autobiography, “Memoirs and Misinformation.”  Now, sources are saying he’s been reaching out to Renee in an attempt to renew their romance!  The two began dating in 1999 after making “Me, Myself & Irene,” but split by December 2000.  “Jim’s hoping Renee will remember him for the carefree young comic he used to be and that will bring her back to him!” said the source.

The Skinny On Chatty Drew-(Globe)

Seriously looking like a million bucks, Drew Barrymore, 45, has totally trimmed the fat for her new CBS daytime gabfest debuting this fall.  “I eat really clean and healthy, and I do an hour of Pilates at least four days a week,” reveals the “Charles Angels” star, now back to wearing skinny jeans.  “I have to work so hard at not being the size of a bus. I don’t know, maybe I was thin and mean in a past life.”

Surprise, It’s a Baby!-(Us Weekly)

Turns out a pandemic is the perfect way to conceal a pregnancy.  Sometime in the third week of July, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake reportedly welcomed a second child-and it may be just what the doctor ordered.  The pair have been working on their marriage ever since Timberlake, 38, was seen holding hands with his Palmer costar Alisha Wainwright in November (when Biel would likely already have been pregnant), and as of March, they were in couples therapy, “which they find constructive,” a source said at the time.  Another source says that Biel, 39, “has always wanted more kids, and to give [their 5-year-old son] Silas a sibling.”

Colin & ScarJo:  No Pics, Please!-(Star)

Viewers were obsessed with the guitar that loomed like a try-hard prop in the background of Colin Jost’s segment on Saturday Night Live’s first at-home edition.  “How could I be so dumb?” the 38-year-old joked in a recent interview.  “I had no awareness of it at all.”  Normally, say pals, the author of A Very Punchable Face and his fiancée, Scarlett Johansson. 35, are in total control of their image:  They’ve even banned friends from posting their pics on social media!  “That’s their rule, and they’re incredibly uptight about it,” a source says.  While Colin and ScarJo (mom to Rose, 6) enjoy getting rowdy over drinks and dinner, “everyone has to put their phones away-even when it’s not their house!”  No one’s signing nondisclosure agreements yet, reports the source, “but they will if they have to!”

Hayden Fights Back-(Life & Style)

Moving on!  On July 14, Hayden Panettiere filed to register an out-of-state restraining order against ex-boyfriend Brian Hickerson in her current home state of California.  The aspiring actor was arrest and charged with domestic battery and interference with a cop on Valentine’s Day after he allegedly punched the actress in the face with a closed fist.  “Hayden’s finally realized that her relationship with Brian was toxic,” shares a source close to the Heroes alum, 30.  “He was, by all accounts, abusive and she was a victim.  It was an unhealthy situation.”  Now Hayden’s sole focus is spending time with her 5-year-old daughter, Kaya, who lives with her father, Hayden’s ex-fiance Wladimir Klitschko, in his native Ukraine.  “Hayden knows she has to prove herself,” the source admits, “and that’s what she’s doing.”

One Last Thing:  Craig T. Nelson-(People)

The actor, 76, played patriarch Zeek Braverman in NBC’s hit series Parenthood, now streaming on Peacock.

Last time I was starstruck-  Probably when I saw Shirley MacLaine in Malibu.  She was walking, and I just stared and didn’t say anything.  I’m such a fan-but I’m an idiot.

Last thing I took from a set-  I usually try to keep a piece of wardrobe.  The other stuff you just think, “What am I going to do with this?”  I do have one of Zeek’s jackets.  I wear it all the time.

Last time I was recognized-  I was in the store, and I had on dark glasses and a mask, and I get “Hey, I love your show.”  I get recognized by my voice.  It’s a gift that you’re reaching people.

Fears For Kanye-(In Touch)

Two weeks after announcing plans to run for president as a member of the Birthday Party, Kanye West stunned fans with a rambling, tearful monologue during his first campaign rally in South Carolina on July 19.  The Yeezy designer, 43, revealed he and wife Kim Kardashian, 39, considered aborting daughter North, 7.  “For one month and two months and three months, we talked about her not having this child.  She had the pills in her hand,” he said.  Kim is “livid” he brought it up, says a source.  “It’s a private matter she would never want discussed publicly.”  Now her family is pressuring her to step in amid fears Kanye, who’s previously said he’s bipolar is having a mental breakdown like the one that left him hospitalized for two weeks in 2016.  “But Kim feels powerless because Kanye won’t listen to her.  She’s scared of what he might do next.”



Police Chase Wild Steer

Police in an Alberta city said they were led on a 90-minute foot chase through residential streets and alleyways when a loose steer was spotted wandering through neighborhoods.  The City of Red Deer said RCMP officers chased the loose steer for 90 minutes as it fled through yards and roads in the Vanier Woods, Lonsdale and Lancaster areas.  “My guess is it wandered in from a nearby farm, but exactly where it came from is still unknown,” said Kevin Duval, municipal enforcement officer with Alberta Animal Services. “This kind of thing doesn’t happen very often. It happens here and there but it’s pretty rare that a big animal like this comes into the city.”  It was eventually captured safely, Duval said.  “We just made a human wall essentially, us and members of the RCMP, and he came into a back yard and then walked out and straight into the trailer,” he said.  See the video HERE.
******That’s a big steer!! Obviously, the steaks are high!!
*******He wasn’t sick!! He had herd immunity!!!

Fallen Boat Blocks Roadway

The Washington State Patrol said drivers faced an unusual traffic hazard when a boat came loose from its trailer and ended up partially blocking the road.\  Trooper John Bryant, public information officer for the WSP District 6, said the boat fell from its trailer while traveling Monday on U.S. 97, just north of Blewett Pass.  Photos tweeted by Bryant show the boat left a long skid mark on the road before coming to a rest perpendicular across a lane of traffic.  “Failure to secure boat with tie downs and safety chains results in a blocked lane, damage to the boat, a tow bill and a ticket for failing to secure a load,” Bryant wrote.  See the pic HERE.
*******How many times have we said it?? STRAP DOWN YOUR LOAD!!
*******That boat went “sailing” off the trailer!! 

Dog Escapes Car Ride!

A dog who jumped out of a car window on a South Carolina highway was found 11 days later — 600 miles away in Florida.  Tim Whitfield said his family got the dog, Bella, for his 90-year-old mother just a few months ago, and earlier this month the canine vanished after leaping from a car window on the highway near Charleston.  Whitfield said Belle was located Sunday, 11 days after jumping from the car window, in Miami, Fla. — about 600 miles away.  Belle was reunited with Whitfield’s mother Monday.  It was unclear how Belle ended up on such a long journey.
********Is it time for “Florida DOG” stories??
******Sounds like he knew where he was going!!!

Woman Doing “Hairpin Trading Challenge”

A woman who began a trading challenge with a hairpin has said she won’t stop until she has traded up to a house.  Demi Skipper, 29, has had an iPhone and minivan in her possession since her Trade Me Project began two months ago.  Among the unlikely trades Ms Skipper, from San Francisco, has completed are a vacuum cleaner for a snowboard and an iPhone 11 Pro Max for a Dodge Ram van.  Sceptics might wonder if her friends are helping her achieve her goal, but under the rules of the challenge she is forbidden from using cash or trading with anyone she knows.  Ms Skipper, who works for a restaurant reservation app, said she sends out around a thousand messages early in the morning and late at night, when her life is “all trades”.  Her success has gone viral, with millions of online followers on Tik-Tok and Instagram tracking her progress.
**********This is one of the classic old radio bits!! Get something small and start trading up!!!








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The Pier (El Embarcadero): Complete Seasons 1 & 2 (BetaFilm)
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