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Born on this day!! Singer Ruby Nash Garnett of Ruby and the Romantics is 89. Guitarist Leo Nocentelli of The Meters is 77. Actor Simon Callow (“Amadeus,” ″Shakespeare in Love”) is 74. Singer Russell Hitchcock of Air Supply is 74. Singer Steve Walsh (Kansas) is 72. Country singer Terri Gibbs is 69. Actor Jim Belushi is 69. Actor Julie Hagerty (“Airplane”) is 68. Actor Polly Draper (“thirtysomething”) is 68. Guitarist Brad Gillis of Night Ranger is 66. Actor Eileen Davidson (“The Young and the Restless,” “Days of Our Lives”) is 64. Drummer Scott Rockenfield of Queensryche is 60 Actor Helen Hunt is 60. Guitarist Tony Ardoin of River Road is 59. Actor Courteney Cox (“Friends”) is 59. Guitarist Michael Britt of Lonestar is 57. Drummer Rob Mitchell of Sixpence None The Richer is 57. Rapper-actor Ice Cube is 54. Actor Leah Remini (“King of Queens”) is 53. Actor Jake Busey (“Starship Troopers”) is 52. Trombone player T-Bone Willy of Save Ferris is 51. Actor Neil Patrick Harris (“How I Met Your Mother,” ″Doogie Howser, M.D.”) is 50. Actor Greg Vaughan (“Days of Our Lives,” “General Hospital”) is 50. Actor Elizabeth Reaser (“Twilight”) is 48. Singer Dryden Mitchell of Alien Ant Farm is 47. Former child actor Christopher Castile (“Step By Step,” ″Beethoven” films) is 43. Guitarist Billy Martin of Good Charlotte is 42. Actor Jordi Vilasuso (“The Young and the Restless”) is 42. Guitarist Wayne Sermon of Imagine Dragons is 39. Actor Denzel Whitaker is 33. Actor Sterling Jerins (“The Conjuring” films) is 19.


1775 – The United States Army was founded.
1777 – The Continental Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the U.S.
1922 – Warren Harding became the first president to be heard on the radio.
1940 – German troops entered Paris. The Nazis opened the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.
1951 – The first commercial computer, Univac I, was unveiled.
1954 – President Eisenhower signed the order inserting the words “under God” into the Pledge of Allegiance.
1982 – Argentine forces surrendered to British troops on the Falkland Islands.

Today Is: Dump The Pump Day, Foam Party Day, Global Wind Day, LGBTQIA+ Equal Pay Awareness Day, Magna Carta Day, Native American Citizenship Day, National Megalodon Day, Nature Photography Day, National Career Nursing Assistants Day, National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers, National Lobster Day, Prune Day, Recess At Work Day, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, World Tapas Day, Worldwide Day of Giving

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – Ghosts  / 8:30 – Ghosts  /  9:00 – So Help Me Todd  /  10:00 – CSI Las Vegas
NBC – 8:00 – US Golf Championships
ABC – 8:00 – NBA Finals
FOX – 8:00 – Alert Missing Persons Unit /  9:00 – Animal Control / 9:30 – Animal Control
CW – 8:00 – Walker / 9:00 – Penn and Teller Fool Us

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Fallon: Aaron Judge, Josh Duhamel, Freddie Gibbs featuring Anderson .Paak (R 1/23/23)
Stephen Colbert: Heidi Klum, Ibram X. Kendi (R 6/30/22)
Seth Meyers: Alex Wagner, Bowen Yang (R 1/26/23)
James Corden: Diddy, Billy Porter, Lisa Kudrow (R 4/20/23)
Watch What Happens Live: Gabrielle Union, Eva Longoria
Daily Show: Pre-empted
The View: Hannah Waddingham
The Talk: Harry Hamlin, Maurice Ashley, guest co-hosts Lisa Rinna & Morris Chestnut (R 2/24/23)
Live with Kelly and Mark: Bryan Cranston, Idina Menzel
Kelly Clarkson: Kate Mara, Dr. Jane Goodall, Ava Louise Murchison (R 5/2/23)
Drew Barrymore: Gwen Stefani (R 11/2/22)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Are you really lovin’ WORKING AT HOME?? Maybe you’re one of the many who spend the day SHOPPING, NAPPING and HAVING SEX!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: What IS “Big D**k Energy,” and which zodiac signs HAVE IT?? That cool confidence is most common in CAPRICORNS!!! (Of course!!!!)


QUESTION: Do YOU have what it takes star in the real-life version of DEVIL WEARS PRADA? Ana Wintour needs a new assistant.. for up to $80,000 per year!!


QUESTION: How could they NOT NOTICE?? In Season 9 of “Friends,” Jennifer Aniston was REPLACED in one episode, and fans didn’t notice for TWO DECADES!!
Friends replaced Rachel in an episode and no one noticed for over a decade

QUESTION: Why is SEACREST on tap to replace Pat Sajak and not YOU? Because.. YOU didn’t have a “very close relationship” with “Wheel” creator MERV GRIFFIN!!

ryan seacrest merv griffin

Anita Baker Boots Babyface From Her Tour For Online Bullying By His Fans

*****The REAL reason?? He was getting a bigger reaction during the show than she was!!
*******She actually called his fans “Kenny’s Crazies!!” So who’s the bully??
*****She’s also the one who pitched a fit when she wasn’t name Rolling Stone’s Top Female Vocalist of all time!!!
******Babyface says “She just doesn’t have ‘Whip Appeal!!'”

Lady Gaga Fans Upset With Her Teaming With Pfizer To Hawk Migraine Drug “Nurtek”

*********Why are they upset?? She CAUSES migraines.. why shouldn’t she try to CURE them??
*******She’s getting paid big bucks and her fans are pissed!! Especially since she said THIS in 2009: “I f**king hate money!!”
*******Uh, oh…. she also failed to post about PRIDE MONTH!! Oh, no!! She’s not a… PHONY, is she??
*****Under “potential side effects,” Pfizer lists: “You may get trashed on social media!!”

Netflix Opening A Pop Up “Netflix Bites” Los Angeles Featuring Their Celebrity Chefs

*********Chefs Curtis Stone, Rodney Scott and Nadiya Hussain will come together to create a “tasting menu!!”
********Their fans aren’t too happy about the crackdown on password-sharing, so “Netflix Bites” may wind up being an unfortunate name choice!!
*******If you make a reservation, you have to put down a $25 deposit that goes towards your final bill!! And the chefs won’t even be making a personal appearance!!
HERE’S THE LINK to make reservations!!
(Unless Barbie promises to show up, we’re skipping it)

Kevin Costner’s Estranged Wife Won’t Move Out

******She’s got “squatter’s rights!!”
*******Sounds like she’s refusing to move out of the house until she gets a “sweetener” on the pre-nup!!!
*******This could have been an episode on “Yellowstone!!”
******He’s trying to get a court order to evict her!! That’s FUN!!!

You Can Rent The Home Walt Disney Built And Lived In For $40,000 A Month

****He lived there and raised his kids there from 1932 to 1950!!
*****The house is in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles and features four bedrooms, five bathrooms, 6400 square feet with home theater!! It’s classic Hollywood glamor!! 10-car garage!
****And to top things off: a Snow White playhouse he built for his daughters!!
READY TO RENT?? Call Chase Campen at Compass Real Estate!!
Walt Disney's home for rent


Britney’s Boys Are Bailing Out!-(Globe)

Troubled Britney Spears has been rocked by news her estranged teenaged sons are moving to Hawaii-3,000 mile from her home state, California.  Sources fear Spears, 41, who spent 13 years in a court-ordered conservatorship, will be even more alienated after cutting herself off from her parents and sister.  Her marriage to Sam Asgari, 29, has also hit a rough patch, tipsters tattle.  Now, the songbird’s ex-hubby Kevin Federline plans to move with their sons, Sean, 17, and Jayden, 16, to the Pineapple State next month.




Sh%#t your dad used to say!!
Famous Fathers of Filmland




Underwater Camera Drone Attacked By Alligator

See the video HERE.
******It’s almost like these alligators will attack ANYTHING! (because they will)
*****It looked like a fish, but it tasted like SH*T!!!!

Woman “Wakes Up” In A Coffin At Her Own Funeral In Ecuador

******They all got scared when they heard the knocking!! (true)
********She was rushed back to the hospital where she was returned to intensive care. Which didn’t work that well the FIRST time!!
********On her tombstone, it simply said, “Hey! Let me out!!”

Florida Man Bitten By Family Member Gets Flesh-Eating Virus!

*********He was breaking up a fight at a family gathering when he got bitten on his left thigh!! By the third day, he had a huge lump, hot and painful!!
*****It was an easy fix, though: they just removed a huge chuck of his leg!! Like 70% of the leg between the knee and the thigh!!
******The person who bit him said, “He sure was tasty!!”
*****He wanted the family member arrested, but cops say he doesn’t have a leg to stand on!!

Just Another Day At The Local Family Dollar In Florida

********A  woman went on a rampage when they wouldn’t take her return without a receipt!! Who can blame her!!
*****She went behind the counter, punched the register, three stuff around, then she came back later and shoved the employee!!
********Her only mistake was taking a box of cigarettes with her when she left the second time!! THAT’S what got her arrested!!
******By the way, she was arrested in 2013 for returning items to Walmart that she had previously stolen!!










These Are The 10 Most Family-Friendly Cities In The U.S.


WalletHub, a personal finance website, last week released its list of “2023′s Best & Worst Places To Raise A Family.” In coming up with the ranking, it analyzed data from 182 U.S. cities, including the 150 most populated cities overall as well as at least two of the most populous cities in each state. Analysts examined 45 metrics spread over five categories (family fun, health and safety, education and child care, affordability, and socioeconomics) to determine the results.  Some of the data confirms cities’ reputations. New York was among the most unaffordable places to live (ranked No. 177 out of 182) but it’s high (No. 8) on the list for family fun, which includes factors like the number of ice skating rinks, bicycle rental locations and playgrounds. New York ranked first in playgrounds per capita, in fact.


The top 10 overall are:

  1. Fremont, California.
  2. Overland Park, Kansas.
  3. Irvine, California.
  4. Plano, Texas.
  5. South Burlington, Vermont.
  6. San Diego, California.
  7. San Jose, California.
  8. Scottsdale, Arizona.
  9. Gilbert, Arizona.
  10. San Francisco, California.


The following cities ranked in the bottom 10 overall:

  • Wilmington, Delaware.
  • Hialeah, Florida.
  • Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Shreveport, Louisiana.
  • San Bernardino, California.
  • Newark, New Jersey.
  • Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Detroit, Michigan.
  • Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Cleveland, Ohio.

These cities shared low ratings for health and safety. Baltimore, Birmingham, Detroit and Memphis (along with St. Louis, Missouri, which ranked No. 160 overall) had the highest rates of violent crime per capita. Detroit and Newark also made the bottom five for median family salary (adjusted for cost of living).


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