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Born on this day!! Game show host Chuck Woolery is 82. Actor Erik Estrada is 74. Actor Victor Garber (“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” “Alias”) is 74. Singer Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel is 72. Bluegrass musician Tim O’Brien (Hot Rize, Earls of Leicester) is 69. Guitarist Nancy Wilson of Heart is 69. Actor Clifton Powell (“Ray,” ″Norbit”) is 67. Rapper Flavor Flav of Public Enemy is 64. Actor Jerome Flynn (“Game of Thrones”) is 60. Folk singer Patty Griffin is 59. Singer Tracy Bonham is 56. Actor Lauren Graham (“Parenthood,” ″Gilmore Girls”) is 56. Actor Judah Friedlander (“30 Rock”) is 54. Alan Tudyk (“Suburgatory”) is 52. Actor Tim Kang (“The Mentalist”) is 50. Singer Blu Cantrell is 47. Actor Brooke Burns (“Baywatch”) is 45. Actor Kimrie Lewis (“Single Parents,” ″Scandal”) is 41. Actor Brett Davern (“Awkward”) is 40. Actor Alexandra Daddario (“True Detective”) is 37. Singer Jhene Aiko is 35. Bassist Wolfgang Van Halen of Mammoth WVH is 32.


1521 – Ferdinand Magellan reached the Philippines.
1850 – Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter was published.
1926 – The first liquid-fuel rocket was successfully launched by Prof. Robert Goddard at Auburn, Massachusetts. The rocket traveled 184 feet in 2.5 seconds.1935
Adolf Hitler cancelled the military clauses of the Treaty of Versailles.
1968 – The My Lai massacre occurred in Vietnam.
1978 – Italian politician Aldo Moro was kidnapped, and later murdered, by the Red Brigades.
1985 – U.S. journalist Terry Anderson was kidnapped in Beirut; he was not released until December 4, 1991 after 2454 days in captivity.
1988 – Lieutenant Colonel Oliver L. North and Vice Admiral John M. Poindexter of the National Security Council are indicted on charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States for their role in the Iran-contra affair.

Today Is: Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, Campfire Girls Day, Curlew Day, Freedom of Information Day, Goddard Day, Lips Appreciation Day, National Farm Rescuer Day, National Panda Day, No Selfies Day, St. Urho’s Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – NCAA Basketball Tournament
NBC – 8:00 – Law and Order / 9:00 – Law and Order SVU / 10:00 – Law and Order Organized Crime
ABC – 8:00 – Station 19 / 9:00 – Greys’ Anatomy / 10:00 – Alaska Daily
FOX – 8:00 – Next Level Chef / 9:00 – Animal Control / 9:30 – Call Me Kat
CW – 8:00 – Walker / 9:00 – Penn and Teller

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Andy Samberg, Lukas Gage, RAYE
Jimmy Fallon: Keanu Reeves, Melanie Lynskey, De La Soul
Seth Meyers: Jason Sudeikis, Annaleigh Ashford, Nic Collins
James Corden: O’Shea Jackson Jr., Meagan Good (R 2/9/23)
Watch What Happens Live: Paris Hilton, Heidi Gardner
Daily Show: Guest host Kal Penn
The Talk: Pre-empted
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Bob Odenkirk, Carrie Coon, Dr. Michael Breus
Kelly Clarkson: Zachary Levi, Hannah Fry, Lainey Wilson
Tamron Hall: Janelle James, Tony Evans Jr.
Jennifer Hudson: Katie Lowes, Guillermo Díaz, PJ Morton

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Is he REALLY running?? Yes!!! JOE EXOTIC is serious, and he wants to ASSASSINATE PUTIN!!! He’s also asking LIZ CHENEY to be his running mate!!! That sounds about right!!!


QUESTION: Which breed is TOP DOG in the U.S.A.? Labrador Retrievers have been the faves for THREE DECADES, but not anymore!! The FRENCH BULLDOG is now America’s most-wanted dog!!!!!!


QUESTION: Does AARON ROGERS finally have a DESTINATION?? He says “I intend to play for the Jets!!!” But first, he has to have a little sit-down with JOE NAMATH, and ask him if he can wear #12!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: How does he do it?? PEDRO PASCAL is the “The Mandalorian,” and also the star of “The Last of Us,” and that takes a lot of caffeine!! He says he’s got 12 SHOTS in that Starbucks Venti cup!!
Pedro's eye-popping Starbucks order went viral on February 23 after he bumped into a fan, who posted the details on TikTok'Ice quad espresso in a venti cup with extra ice and six shots'

QUESTION: What fresh hell is THIS??? A new low in job applications just surfaced, as a prospective employee found THIS question on her job application!! But.. what do YOU think????????????
salem pierce @aWildSalem

Quentin Tarantino Working On Final Film

There are finally details on what will reportedly be Quentin Tarantino’s final movie.  According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, it will be titled The Movie Critic, and Tarantino has already written the script. He plans to direct the film in the fall.  Sources also say that it will officially be his final movie, and that it will center on a woman in late ’70s Los Angeles. There isn’t currently a studio attached to fund and distribute but it could go out to buyers reportedly as early as this week.  Chatter over what will be Tarantino’s final directorial project has run rampant for years now – however, there’s good reason to believe that this will finally be it.  He has repeatedly said that his tenth movie would be his last – and, although he’s already technically made ten films as of 2019, he considers Parts 1 and 2 of Kill Bill to be one movie. So, by Tarantino’s math, this would be his tenth film.  He re-affirmed that his next movie would be his last as recently as last year, telling CNN, “I’ve been doing it for a long time; I’ve been doing it for 30 years. And it’s time to wrap up the show.”
**********He’s smart!! You don’t wanna be the last guy to leave the party!! “Hey, where did everybody go??”
TOPIC: Tarantino fans, which movie was his best so far???

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Hurtful Divorce

Kelly Clarkson did not hold back about how her divorce from Brandon Blackstock has affected their kids.  During her Monday, March 13, appearance on the “Angie Martinez IRL” podcast, she reflected on how her daughter River, 8, and son Remi, 6, mirror her.  “I think I am my mother’s child, and I’m raising very independent children,” the singer shared about her kids, whom she shares with Blackstock. “They will be out the door as soon as they’re able and capable. They’re very independent.”  She noted that she is teaching her little ones about speaking up and being honest.  “I literally ask my kids every night when we’re snuggling, ‘Are you happy? And if you’re not, what could make you happier?’” she detailed.  Sometimes they’ll say — especially the past two years — a lot of it — and it kills me — and I want them to be honest, so I don’t ever say, ‘Oh God, don’t tell me that.’ But a lot of times it would be like, ‘You know, I’m just really sad. I wish Mommy and Daddy were in the same house.’ And they’re really honest about it. And I’m raising that kind of individual.” Clarkson, who filed for divorce in 2020 after nearly seven years of marriage, recalled her personal experience with separated parents.  “I just sit there and I’m like, ‘I get it. I’m from a divorced family as well. I get it. That sucks. But we’re going to work it out. And you are so loved by both of us,'” she added.
*********Our parenting style is more “don’t ask them what’s wrong, because they might tell you!!!”
TOPIC: When you were a kid, what would have made YOU happier?? We wanted our brothers to disappear!!

Tom Cruise Partied With Michael Caine

On Tuesday night, Tom Cruise partied it up with Michael Caine, celebrating his 90th birthday at a dinner in the U.K.  “Britain’s Got Talent” judge David Walliams shared photos of the two acting icons celebrating together.  “Loose Women” star Dolores Welch also shared video of her remarks at the celebration.  “Such an honour to be asked by Shakira to say a few words at Sir Michael Caines’ 90th birthday!!!” she wrote in the caption. “He loves a dirty joke and so does @tomcruise it appears!!!! Great night and amazing company,” she added.  Cruise and Caine have known each other for decades, appearing together in the 1988 film “Cocktail”, and later in 2002’s “Austin Powers in Goldmember”.  See the pics HERE.
******If we had to choose: Michael Caine or the Oscars?? There really isn’t a choice, is there??
******Later, Tom strapped Michael Caine to the side of an airplane and flew over London!!

Carrie Underwood Joins Axl Rose On Stage

Carrie Underwood, who is currently on the road for her “Denim and Rhinestones” Tour, got in touch with her inner rocker during a concert in Los Angeles this week, where she surprised the audience with a very special guest performer.   While playing at the Arena (formerly known as the Staples Center) in L.A. on Monday, March 13, Underwood brought out none other than Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose, as they performed a duet to the band’s smash hit “Welcome to the Jungle.”  Underwood—a longtime Guns N’ Roses fan—actually plays a cover “Welcome to the Jungle” as her first encore song every night, but Monday’s performance was a special one, as she was joined by the GNR singer himself.  “Los Angeles…I wanna hear you make some noise for Axl Rose,” Underwood is heard saying in a video of the performance circulating online. In the clip, she is seen banging her head and rocking out before he joins in to assist with the vocals.  See the video HERE.
********Does Carrie still look good? There’s a lot of guys who would crawl through a mile of broken glass just to smoke a cigarette in her shadow!!!

T-Mobile Doing Big Deal With Ryan Reynold’s Company

T-Mobile announced that it’s entered into an agreement to acquire Ka’ena Corporation, its subsidiaries and its brands, including Ryan Reynolds prepaid wireless organization Mint Mobile. And the actor couldn’t help but tease his mom in the announcement.  “Mint Mobile is the best deal in wireless and today’s news only enhances our ability to deliver for our customers,” he said in a press release. “We are so happy T-Mobile beat out an aggressive last-minute bid from my mom Tammy Reynolds as we believe the excellence of their 5G network will provide a better strategic fit than my mom’s slightly-above-average mahjong skills. I am so proud of the entire Mint team and so excited for what’s to come.”  Ryan continued to have fun with the announcement in a video with T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert, who noted he was “so excited to have you and the whole Mint team join the T-Mobile family.”  “Ha!” the Deadpool star replied. “Well, I wouldn’t call it a family, Mike. Family is a place for misdirected hopes and dreams. I’m hoping this will be much better than that.” According to the press release, “T-Mobile will pay up to a maximum of $1.35 billion in a combination of 39% cash and 61% stock to acquire Ka’ena,” which includes the acquisition of Ultra Mobile and Plum in addition to Mint Mobile.
******Let’s see.. he’s a Marvel hero, he’s married to one of the hottest babes on the planet, and he’s made billion$ in business!! Do you hate him yet??


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
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Passions, Influences, Loves:  Michelle Yeoh-(People)

Michelle Yeoh is nailing a career high:  Best Actress Oscar for the trippy, sci-fi-multiverse-meets-family-drama film EverythingEverywhereAllatOnce.  At 60 years old, after more than 40 films totaling nearly $4 billion at the box office-most in the action genre and most of those (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings) involving Yeoh’s signature roundhouse kick-she says she is only getting started!  Yeoh’s first performances as a girl were as a ballet dancer.  “Moving on to martial arts seemed like a very natural progression,” she says.  Then she won 1983’s Miss Malaysia pageant.  “One of the reason I am here today is because of my mom-she is the diva, the one who loves movies.  I grew up watching movies from India, Europe, America and China.  I’ve always seen representations of myself on the big screen.  Actually, my mother would’ve made one of the greatest movie stars if she’d had the chance.  She laid it on me, which is a good thing.”



Radio DJ Breaks Record

A Texas woman whose career in radio spans more than 71 years was awarded a Guinness World Record for her tenure in broadcasting.  Guinness World Records said Mary McCoy was awarded the record for the longest career as a radio presenter/DJ when her time in the industry was verified at 71 years, 357 days on Feb. 15.  McCoy, who got her start working five days a week as a radio host at the age of 12, beat the previous record by more than three years, Guinness said.  “Growing up my dream was to get into the entertainment business. I started out singing at talent shows and I was asked to audition for a radio show,” she told Guinness. “They liked what they heard and I started working at KMCO Radio on April 20, 1951, doing a 15-minute singing program.”  The now-85-year-old still hosts the two-hour Country Classics show six days a week on KVST K-Star Country in Huntsville.
*********Sorry, lady!! You did well.. but ART LABOE was an L.A. legend with almost 80 YEARS on-air!!!
******This woman actually achieved a four-figure salary in radio!!! 

Huge Radish!

A Japanese company earned a Guinness World Record when its employees harvested a giant radish that weighed in at 101 pounds and 1.8 ounces.  Manda Fermentation Co., which specializes in supplements and fertilizers made from fermented plants, uses its technology every year to grow giant radishes, Guinness World Records said.  The record-keeping organization said the company harvested a radish in late February that weighed in at 101 pounds and 1.8 ounces, earning the record for heaviest radish.  The company usually harvests its radishes after three months, but the record-breaking radish was allowed to grow for six months, GWR said.  See it HERE.
*********That’s gonna make a hell of a salad!! And a gigantic belch!!

Italian Baseball Team Has Espresso Machine In Dugout

Italy’s dugout at the World Baseball Classic comes outfitted with an espresso machine. And it’s getting lots of attention.  “We are kind of shocked, actually, because this is something in Italian culture that’s sort of like water. I mean, coffee would be right after water,” Italy manager Mike Piazza said.  Piazza said he was content with the Nespresso machine in the dugout, but dissatisfied the coffee was being served in a paper cup and not a ceramic one.  “I don’t like espresso out of a paper cup. It’s kind of sacrilege,” Piazza said. “But when it’s the only option you have, you have to deal with it. Maybe next time we’ll bring the metallic machine with the copper eagle on the top and someone in there knocking espressos out. You have to make the most with the tools you have.”  Andre Marcon, the president of the Italian Baseball Federation, said he was content with the exposure Italian baseball was getting — even for its coffee habits.  “Right now we are the most followed national team for a series of things which took place connected to our ‘good old Italian customs’,” Marcon said.
*********Italian baseball is like American baseball, except the balls are smaller!!!
*****With all that caffeine, the players get a restroom break every inning!!!

Monkey Attacks Woman

An Oklahoma woman will need plastic surgery after her neighbor’s monkey nearly tore her ear off, according to police and local media.  Officers with the Dickson Police Department were dispatched to the Oakview and Grandview area after 6:08 p.m. on Sunday regarding a report of a monkey on someone’s porch.   “I looked out the window and there was a monkey looking at me,” victim Brittany Parker told KOKH. “I took a second glance and said, ‘Oh my God! There is a monkey on the front porch!’”  Dickson police officers arrived on scene and located the monkey. The officers requested assistance from the Oklahoma Wildlife Department. As the officers got out of their patrol vehicle, the monkey jumped on the rear of the vehicle. The monkey then ran towards the victim, who was at this point outside.  “He jumped up on my back and landed on my head,” Parker told the outlet. “He started grabbing handfuls of hair and just ripped it out. He ripped my ear almost completely off my head.”  The monkey ran into a wooded area after attacking Parker, and the officers lost sight of the animal. While searching, the officers were able to locate and speak with the owners of the monkey.  “As we were looking for the primate, two shots were fired,” Dickson police chief Tim Duncan said. “The shots came from the area of the victim’s residence. Officers went back to the house and found that a family member of the victim shot and killed the primate.”
*********Can you hear me now???
******Have you noticed that monkeys are a lot less fun these days???









Side Hustles Made Easy: 9 Best Gig Apps Compared

The Penny Hoarder

  1. InstaWork

Founded in 2016, Instawork is a gig app that helps you find local, hourly professional work.  The app helps businesses in the food, hospitality and warehouse/logistics industries fill temporary and permanent job openings in more than 30 markets across the United States and Canada.  To get started, you’ll complete your profile with information about your work history and experience. Next, you’ll look for available gigs under “Open shifts” and find one that fits your schedule. Review the information, book your gig job and you’re ready to start working.  Instawork takes care of all of the paperwork, insurance and payments. The gig app also lets you see how much you’ll get paid for the job before you book it.  Payouts usually take place weekly via direct deposit into your bank account. You can also earn extra money by accepting urgent shifts or picking up gig jobs during peak times.  Examples of gigs you can find on Instawork include bartending, event servering, general labor, cooking, merchandising and warehouse work.

  1. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit connects gig workers with an online marketplace of people who need help with odd jobs.

This can include anything from cleaning houses and watering house plants to standing in line and assembling IKEA furniture.  Service providers, called “Taskers,” use the app to find jobs, contact potential clients and get paid for the work. Jobs are paid at an hourly rate, which Taskers set. You also get to set your own flexible schedule.  To become a Tasker, you have to be at least 18 years old and live in one of 61 cities in the U.S. where the platform is active.  After you create and submit a profile on TaskRabbit, you’ll pay the company a nonrefundable $25 registration fee. That’s the only fees you’ll face as a TaskRabbit gig worker; all other costs are paid by clients.  You can provide services across more than 35 categories in the app, ranging from yard work and delivering furniture to mounting TVs and returning items to the store.  Some require previous experience or expertise, but many don’t.  To become a Tasker, you can sign up through the TaskRabbit website or download the iOS or Android app.

  1. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is another gig economy app with similarities to TaskRabbit. You offer services to users — anything from helping people move to wedding photography —- and wait for potential clients to contact you about gig jobs.  But it’s not just odd jobs and manual labor side hustles on Thumbtack. Creative-minded people can also make profiles to promote their services, like event DJing, interior decorating, wedding makeup, live music for parties, web design and videography.  It’s free to create a profile on Thumbtack and there’s no subscription fee. However, you have to pay for leads and bookings, aka when new customers reach out to you or book you through the app.  In other words, you have to spend money to make money on Thumbtack.  You can set your own prices, preferences and availability on this gig app so you only get matched with qualified leads. Responding quickly to potential customers increases your odds of landing the job.  You’ll need to pass a background check (provided for free through Thumbtack), enter your Social Security number and upload a copy of a valid photo ID to get started.  You can also choose how you want to get paid for bookings. Many pros on Thumbtack get paid through their Cash App, Zelle or PayPal account. It’s up to you to set up your payment preferences: Customers don’t pay you directly through the app.

  1. Rover and Wag

Love animals? Rover and Wag are two gig apps that let you turn your passion for pets into extra cash.  It’s a great time to walk dogs for money, too. Lots of people adopted pups during the pandemic, and as more folks return to the office, demand for dog walkers and pet sitters is on the rise.  Rover and Wag are sort of like Uber for dog walking in that you take requests in your area. Depending on where you live, you can accept dog walks that are ASAP, meaning you need to arrive for the walk within a certain period of time, or you can accept a walk that’s scheduled for a later time.  You also make your own hours and post your availability for dog walking gigs. Dog owners can check out your profile, your prices and your availability, then book a walk with you through the app.  How much you can earn depends on how many gigs you accept. You get to set your own rate, which generally ranges from $13 to $20 per 30 minutes for dog walking services, depending on the area and your experience level.  Here’s our article comparing Rover and Wag, plus a few similar apps.

  1. Shovler

If you live in a snowy part of the country, shoveling people’s driveways and sidewalks can be a great way to make extra cash.  The Shovler app uses GPS to connect people in need of snow removal with nearby users willing to do the shoveling.  You can use the app to quickly view and accept jobs within 20 miles of your current location. No marketing, haggling or in-person contact required.  To get started, you’ll need to download the Shovler app, select “Become a Shoveler” and fill out your information. You’ll also need to connect a Stripe payment system account to get paid.  You can search for nearby jobs within the Shovler app or select “go on duty” to be notified when new gigs are added.  You’ll need to provide your own equipment too, including a shovel, brush, salt and any other tools you might need.  So how much can you make? One shoveler we spoke to said he netted $5,000 in one season by completing 70 jobs. On average, you can expect to make between $35 and $75 for small jobs. Bigger gigs like clearing small business parking lots will net you more money.

  1. DoorDash

Founded in 2013, DoorDash was one of the first food delivery apps to hit the market. People have been signing up to become “Dashers” and make money delivering food with this gig app ever since.  Overall, driver requirements for this food delivery app are low. The minimum age is 18, you need a valid driver’s license and you can deliver with any mode of transportation — a properly insured vehicle, a scooter or a bicycle.  There’s no dress code, and the company provides a hot bag for free.  You get paid weekly, or you can access your funds early through Fast Pay for a fee.

  1. Amazon Flex

Retail giant Amazon operates its own app to help connect workers with temporary delivery jobs.  Currently, delivery gigs with Amazon Flex are among the highest paying in the gig economy. The company says pay ranges between $18 and $25 per hour, depending on your area. With high performance and good tips, it’s possible to earn more.  Flex requires you to sign up for gig jobs, aka “blocks,” for most deliveries. Blocks typically run four hours at a time, unless the shift is specifically for Prime Now packages. Those blocks are shorter.  Insured four-door sedans or SUVs are required for most Flex packages. For Prime Now blocks, smaller cars are allowed.

To apply, you must be at least 21 years old. No dress code or special materials are required to start delivering.

  1. Uber

If you like driving, Uber can put extra cash in your pocket.  The process is simple. You sign up to drive online or through the app, then log in when you want to work. You’ll wait for a notification when someone in your area needs a ride. Pick them up and drop them off at their destination to complete the job.  You’ll need to meet a few basic driver requirements to get started, including having one year of driving experience under your belt (or three years if you’re under 25). You’ll also need at least a four-door vehicle in good condition and proof of insurance.  You earn money based on how many rides you take, and you automatically get paid each week (or more often, if you choose) through direct deposit.  You can get an earnings boost by driving during surge pricing times — like rush hour or during a special event. You also get to keep 100% of the tips you earn.

  1. Para

Rather than juggling multiple gig apps, you can use the Para app to accept jobs from DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber and Lyft.  We like this option, since working with a single app helps eliminate the dangers of shuffling between apps while on the road. It also gives you the opportunity to see the best job offered from each service.  To get started, download the Para app, create an account and then link your other gig apps. You can accept or decline offers from multiple gig services and see how much per hour and per mile you’d make taking the job.  Beyond the four supported services on Para — DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber and Lyft — the app also offers a feature known as ParaWorks. With ParaWorks, you can find other “high-paying scheduled & on-demand job opportunities.”


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