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Born on this day!! Harmonica player Lee Oskar of War is 74. Singer Nick Lowe is 73. Bassist Dougie Thomson of Supertramp is 71. Actor Robert Carradine (“Revenge of the Nerds”) is 68. Actor Donna Pescow is 68. Actor Kelly LeBrock is 62. DJ Rodney “Kool Kollie” Terry of Ghostown DJs is 61. TV personality Star Jones is 60. Guitarist Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers is 58. Actor Peter Jacobson (“House”) is 57. Singer-violinist Sharon Corr of The Corrs is 52. Actor Lauren Bowles (“True Blood”) is 52. Actor Lara Flynn Boyle is 52. Rapper Maceo of De La Soul is 52. Actor Megyn Price (“Rules of Engagement,” “Grounded For Life”) is 51. Actor Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory”) is 49. Drummer Chad Butler of Switchfoot is 48. Actor Alyson Hannigan (“How I Met Your Mother,” “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”) is 48. Actor Amanda Brugel (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) is 45. Actor Olivia Burnette (“Sons of Anarchy”) is 45. Actor Jessica Chastain (“Zero Dark Thirty,” “The Help”) is 45. Actor Amir Arison (“The Blacklist”) is 44. Actor Lake Bell (“The Practice”) is 43. Bassist Benj Gershman of O.A.R. is 42. Bassist Jesse Phillips of St. Paul and the Broken Bones is 42. Actor Philip Winchester (“Chicago Justice,” “Chicago Med”) is 41. Dancer Val Chmerkovskiy (“Dancing with the Stars”) is 36. Actor Keisha Castle-Hughes (“The Nativity Story,” “Whale Rider”) is 32.


1603 – Queen Elizabeth I died at age 69 after ruling England for more than 40 years.
1882 – Robert Koch announced the discovery of the tuberculosis bacillus.
1949 – Laurence Olivier’s Hamlet became the first British film to win an Oscar.
1958 – Rock ‘n’ roll star Elvis Presley joined the U.S. army for two years.
1989 – In one of worst oil spills in recent history, the tanker, Exxon Valdez, ran aground and released 240,000 barrels of oil into Prince William Sound.
1999 – NATO begins launching air strikes in an attempt to force Serbia to cease hostilities against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.
2002 – Halle Berry became the first African-American actress to win a best actress Oscar and Denzel Washington became the second African-American actor to get the best actor award.
2004 – The notorious Bird family’s more than half-century stronghold on the nation of Antigua and Barbuda came to an end when Baldwin Spencer won the post of prime minister in the general election.

Today Is: National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day, World Tuberculosis Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  NCAA Basketball
NBC – 8:00 – Law and Order  /  9:00 – Law and Order SVU  /  10:00 – Law and Order Organized Crime
ABC – 8:00 –  Station 19  / 9:00 – Grey’s Anatomy  /  10:00 – Big Sky
FOX – 8:00 – Master Chef  /  9:00 – Call Me Kat  /  9:30 – Welcome To Flatch
CW – 8:00 – Walker   /  9:00 – Legacies

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Gwen Stefani, Jude Hill, Wilderado
Jimmy Fallon: Ethan Hawke, Yard Act
Stephen Colbert: Sandra Bullock, Billy Strings (R 3/14/22)
Seth Meyers: Amy Poehler, Jeffrey Wright, Carter McLean (R 3/3/22)
The Daily Show: Pre-empted
Watch What Happens Live: Judy Greer, Paul Feig
The View: Regina Hall
The Talk: Dominic Cooper, guest co-hosts Fran Drescher & George Wallace
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Simone Ashley
Ellen DeGeneres: Channing Tatum
Wendy Williams: Guest host Sherri Shepherd
The Real: The hosts give advice to a viewer on her spring wardrobe
Tamron Hall: Catherine Price
Drew Barrymore: Amy Schumer, Violet Young, Olivia Rodrigo

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Can YOU define what a “woman” is? Our Supreme Court nominee CAN’T, but weirdly, it’s one of the hot-button issues now! (We know one when we feel it!!!!!!!!!)


QUESTION: Who dares to stand up for KANYE against the Grammys?? That would be DAMON DASH, who says, “Who are they to judge? Let’s start our OWN awards!!!”


QUESTION: Is this a “Catfish” with a HAPPY ENDING? They used his face to entice her, but months later, she actually FOUND HIM!! Now?? They’re dating and GETTING SERIOUS!


QUESTION: Is the door OPEN again on the Titanic DOOR DEBATE? Just in time for Oscars, a fan finds the original door, and the Internet goes NUTZ! “Jack could’ve fit!!”

QUESTION: A guy PULLS A GUN at a comedy show.. and MIKE TYSON is there with friends!!! What would YOU do?? You gotta see what Mike Tyson did!! Cool cat!!

Singer Hospitalized For Holding In Farts

Brazilian singer Viviane de Queiroz Pereira had to be hospitalized after her reluctance to fart in front of her significant other resulted in a dangerous gas buildup. She detailed it all in an Instagram Story for her 15.7 million followers, which has since disappeared from her feed, Newshub reported.  “I woke up at 5:30 a.m. with severe stomach pains and ended up in the hospital,” wrote Pereira — known by her stage name Pocah — in the post. It included photos of the 27-year-old superstar in the medical facility, as seen in screenshots on social media.  Per the post, Pereira’s bizarre affliction started after she refused to let ‘er rip because she wasn’t on “farting terms” with her boyfriend. The gaseous gal also reportedly heeded advice from a TikTok thread that told her to ignore the “stomach pains,” which eventually resulted in her having to report to the doctor with an “accumulation of trapped farts.”  Trapped gas occurs when methane does not move through one’s intestines normally, causing sufferers “sharp pain or discomfort in their abdomen.” However, this condition is generally caused by certain foods and underlying medical conditions, like irritable bowel syndrome, rather than abstaining from cutting the cheese.  Thankfully, doctors were able to relieve Pereira of her natural gas reserves. “But that’s it, guys. I’m medicated and I’m fine,” insisted the singer-songwriter, who is using her gassy saga to warn others against keeping things bottled up inside. “Girls, don’t be ashamed to fart in front of your guy, because what’s really embarrassing is not letting your guy sleep because you’re in discomfort, going to hospital with your guy, and the diagnosis being ‘trapped farts,’” said Pereira. “From now on, I’m letting them rip, guys.”
*********She blew up and turned green!!
*****She needs to adopt the American technique of going “silent but deadly!!”
******Doctors simply put a hose up her butt and backed away!!
*****Diagnosis: she had enough natural gas to power a major city!!

Miley Cyrus’ Plane Makes Emergency Landing

Miley Cyrus says she’s “safe” following a mid-flight emergency.  She gave an update Wednesday after her flight to Paraguay made an emergency landing after being struck by lightning.  “To my fans and everyone worried after hearing about my flight to Asunción. Our plane was caught in a major unexpected storm and struck by lightning,” Cyrus wrote on Instagram.  “My crew, band, friends and family who were all traveling with me are safe after an emergency landing,” she said. “We were unfortunately unable to fly into Paraguay. I LOVE YOU.”  Cyrus was to perform Wednesday at the Asunciónico music festival but was forced to cancel her appearance.
**********Paraguay?? No way!!!!

Billie Eilish To Perform At The Oscars

Beyoncé, Billie Eilish and other nominees for best original song will perform at Sunday’s Oscars, the show’s producers announced Tuesday.  Beyoncé will perform her nominated song “Be Alive” from “King Richard,” and Eilish and her brother and co-writer Finneas will perform “No Time To Die” from the James Bond film of the same name. Sebastián Yatra will perform “Dos Oruguitas,” the nominated song from “Encanto” written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.  Reba McEntire will sing writer Diane Warren’s “Somehow You Do” from the film “Four Good Days.”    Van Morrison, who wrote and sings the nominated song “Down to Joy” from “Belfast,” will not be able to make the show because of his touring schedule. The song will not be performed.  The original song Academy Award goes to the songwriter, not the artist who performs it, and whoever wins this year will get their first Oscar.  That includes Beyoncé, a 28-time Grammy winner, who co-wrote “Be Alive” with Dixson.
*********Did she really? Or did she get a “co-writing” credit for agreeing to do it?? Just askin’!!
*******We’ll be playing all the songs on our morning show.. which has a bigger audience than the Oscars!!
*****Van Morrison is now persona non grata, because he came out against vaxx mandates. 

Britney Spears Has No Idea Who Pete Davidson Is

Britney Spears admitted she has no idea who Pete Davidson and Scott Disick are, but she was fully entertained by their recent antics on social media.  “Sorry had to repost this … no idea who these people in the video are but it made me laugh so hard !!!!” Spears captioned a since-deleted Instagram post Tuesday.  The video was originally shared on Disick’s Instagram Story Saturday night and showed Davidson filming himself hanging out with the “Flip It Like Disick” star, who had fallen asleep while they were watching “The King of Comedy.”  He jokingly captioned the clip, “Boyz night was wild.”  It may not come as a surprise that Britney has not heard of Davidson or Disick despite the men being romantically linked to the Kardashian family. (Spears and the reality stars did, however, previously share a business manager in Lou Taylor.)  Spears was placed under a conservatorship in February 2008 — just a few months after “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” premiered — and did not win her freedom back until November 2021.  Since her conservatorship was terminated, she has been able to live life without her father, Jamie Spears, controlling her every move.
*********It’s hard to keep up with showbiz when you’re busy posting naked selfies!!
*****At this point, she has no idea who HER boyfriend is!!
*******Pete Davidson WILL be destroyed by the Kardashians.. they just haven’t figured out how they’re gonna do it!!

YouTube To Stream Many TV Shows

YouTube is letting users in the US stream thousands of free, ad-supported TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Heartland and Unsolved Mysteries, it announced. That will put it into competition with OTA (over-the-air) TV and streaming services with ad tiers including Peacock, the Roku Channel, Tubi and others.  YouTube will offer around 4,000 free TV episodes on top of the 1,500 movies already available. This month, it added a raft of new movie titles including Gone in Sixty Seconds, Runaway Bride and Legally Blonde, now available to stream for free (in the USA only) with ads.  With the new TV offerings, YouTube is no doubt hoping to keep American users glued to its platform. Having dozens of episodes from multiple series will allow users to binge like they do on Netflix and other platforms, though most of the content on offer is not what you’d call prestige TV. One of its biggest rivals in that regard is Roku TV, which had a very public dispute with YouTube that was only recently resolved.
*******Are you like us?? We always forget which service we’re streaming, then we have to hunt around when we want to watch the show again!!
*****Are they talking about YouTube?? Or YouTubeTV?? Two different things!!
******If you’ve created content. especially video content, SOMEONE is watching it right now!!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Loose Talk-(Us Weekly)

“I don’t know who made the decision to let me personally be a host, but it’s not a good one…..because it’ll burn all bridges.  I’ll burn every bridge.”-On cohosting the Oscars, Amy Schumer.

“I kiss a lot of guys on Charmed.  So many guys, that are not their dad.  So many guys.  So, no.”-On whether or not her two kids have watched the WB series, Alyssa Milano.

“I think that’s the only place I’m getting action these days.”-On having sexy dreams about her exes, Drew Barrymore.



101-Year Old Gets Diploma

A 101-year-old man who had to drop out of high school in West Virginia in the 1930s was presented with a diploma more than 80 years later.  Jefferson County Schools in West Virginia said Merrill Pittman Cooper, 101, attended Storer College, a former high school in Harper’s Ferry, but he had to drop out during his senior year in 1938 when he and his mother relocated to Philadelphia for financial reasons.  He expressed regret about never graduating during a 2018 visit to the former Storer College campus, leading relatives to reach out to Jefferson County Schools.  Those efforts culminated this month in Cooper being presented with an honorary diploma by Jefferson County Schools in a graduation ceremony attended by his family.  “Jefferson County Schools is committed to helping every student, young or old, fulfill their dreams,” Jefferson County Schools superintendent Bondy Shay Gibson-Learn said. “For Mr. Cooper, that meant receiving a high school diploma. We are honored to help make that dream a reality.”
*****It’ll take another 100 years to get him to clean his room!!
******Now that he has a high school diploma, he can finally get that job at McDonald’s!!
*****Of course, Chick-fil-A requires a college degree!!
******He celebrated by standing up without passing out!!
******He has one thing left on his bucket list: “dating the Queen!! She likes older men!!”

Chicken Nugget Record

A British competitive eater broke a Guinness World Record when she ate 19 chicken nuggets in one minute.  Guinness World Records said Leah Shutkever, from England’s West Midlands, broke the world record while backstage at the Guinness World Records Italian TV show Lo Show Dei Record in Milan.  Shutkever attempted to eat 20 nuggets in one minute, but only finished 19. Guinness said she ate a total 12.42 ounces of chicken nugget, enough to take the record from Nela Zisser, who ate 10.51 ounces of chicken nuggets in 2020.  Shutkever previously earned Guinness World Records titles in categories including fastest time to eat three mince pies, fastest time to eat three pickled eggs, fastest time to eat a muffin (no hands), most marshmallows eaten in one minute (no hands), most tomatoes eaten in one minute and most chicken nuggets eaten in three minutes.
********She also set the record for “biggest human muffin top!!!”
*****That’s not a world record!! It’s chicken genocide!!
*****If chickens knew what nuggets were, they’d stop growing them!! They’d be a lot safer!

Fire Station Baby Boom

A Virginia fire station experienced a miniature baby boom when three firefighters became dads at the same hospital within 24 hours.  The Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center said in a Facebook post that three babies were born within 24 hours at the facility and each father involved works as a firefighter with Fort Belvoir Fire and Emergency Services at Fort Belvoir Army Base.  “We are excited to welcome these little ones into the world,” the post said.  The dads — Kyle Dean, Kyle Frederick and Michael Irvine — said they had joked in the weeks before the births about what it would be like if the three babies ended up sharing a birthday.  “A few weeks before we were all together at work and talked about it and how crazy it would be — saw each other in the hallways and stuff like that,” Dean told WJLA-TV.
*********Sounds like their hoses were working overtime!!
********Thankfully, they never caused a friction fire!!

Florida Man Found With Tons Of Drugs

A Florida man was arrested after Florida Highway Patrol found him in possession of more than $340,000 worth of drugs during a traffic stop.  On Monday, FHP troopers conducted a traffic stop on a Dodge Charger on I-75 NB in Sumter County for unlawful speed, following too close and illegal window tint. As troopers approached the driver, 28-year-old Travis Thurston, they say they noticed the smell of burnt marijuana coming from the inside of the car.  The driver was detained while troopers searched the rental vehicle and found several boxes which contained a total of 7.58 pounds of cathinone, 34.7 grams of packaged marijuana, and $4500 on his person, authorities say.  The value of the drugs was determined to be $343,823 of cathinone and $694 of marijuana, law enforcement said.
******In California, they would have let him go!! Anything under $400,000 in drugs is a misdemeanor!! (kidding)
******His excuse: “You need a lot of drugs to live in Florida!!”
*****Note to self: if you’re carrying tons of drugs, do NOT speed or consume your product while drivingi!!







How To Make A Tank Of Gas Last Longer



Watch your speed.

“Try to follow the speed limit, and you’ll save a lot on fuel,” said Gerdes, coiner of the term “hypermiling.” Driving 5 or 10 miles over the speed limit might get you to your destination a little faster, but you’ll wind up wasting that saved time and pay more money by having to go to the pump to refuel sooner.”

He recommended getting out of the mindset that you need to race to where you’re going or simply giving yourself more time to drive to avoid the temptation to speed.

“Fuel economy peaks at around 50 mph on most cars, then drops off as speeds increase,” noted Ellen Edmonds, public relations manager at AAA. “Reducing highway speeds by 5-10 mph can increase fuel economy by as much as 14%.”

Make use of cruise control when you’re driving on the highway to keep your speed consistent as well.


Don’t drive when you don’t need to.

“As far as saving fuel, the motto to live by is ‘don’t drive when you don’t have to and drive smart when you do,’” said Wayne Gerdes, founder of “Only about half our miles are actually going back and forth to work. The other half are optional.”

In addition to combining errands to cut down on car trips, he suggested walking or taking public transit more often if you live in a place where that’s an option.

“The best way to cut gas spending is to drive less, which you can easily accomplish by setting up carpools to and from work and school or sports practice with other parents,” Woroch added. “You can even find ride shares using sites like”


Plan ahead.

A little advance planning can go a long way when it comes to gas usage.

“Map your route before you go to minimize unnecessary turnarounds and backtracking,” Edmonds said. “Avoid peak traffic times. Combine errands and go to ‘one-stop shops’ where you can do multiple tasks like banking, shopping, etc.”


Avoid excessive idling.

It’s tempting to keep your car on when you aren’t moving, especially in winter. But Edmonds advises against doing this when you aren’t in motion.

“A car engine consumes one quarter to one half gallon of fuel per hour when idling, but a warm engine only takes around 10 seconds’ worth of fuel to restart,” Edmonds said. “Where safe to do so, shut off your engine if you will be stopped for more than a minute.”


Steer clear of traffic when possible.

Edmonds advised taking advantage of flexible work hours to avoid commuting during rush hour. Even if you can’t control your commute times, look for other ways to stay out of peak traffic.

“Use ‘fast pass’ or ‘express’ toll lanes,” she suggested. “Avoiding unnecessary stops or slowdowns on the highway helps save fuel.”


Keep up with tire inflation and other maintenance.

“Make sure your tires are properly inflated, which provides maximum fuel efficiency so you don’t waste any gas,” Woroch said.

Keeping your car in shape with properly inflated tires and routine inspections is especially important to avoid higher costs later on.


Pay attention to acceleration and deceleration.

“Be mindful of how you accelerate and take it easy on the gas pedal,” Woroch advised. “Accelerating too fast too often will guzzle your gas.”

Gerdes noted that driving smoothly and going easy on the acceleration and deceleration is better for your tires as well.

“When you accelerate and brake hard, that works through your tires, but if you’re gentle with your car, your tires are going to last much longer and you can get a better mileage rating,” he said.

Pay attention to traffic ahead and try to maintain momentum as you approach stoplights to avoid unnecessary stopping and going.

“You want to keep your vehicle rolling,” Gerdes said. “When you see a stoplight, let your car gradually slow down. Don’t feel like you need to race to the stoplight and then brake right there. There’s no prize money for getting there first.”


Use recirculation in warm weather.

As temperatures start to rise again, it’s worth paying attention to your A/C usage to maximize fuel efficiency.

“Cars typically are more fuel efficient when the air conditioner is set to re-circulate interior air,” The Wall Street Journal noted. “This is because keeping the same air cool takes less energy than continuously cooling hot air from outside. Of course, turning off the air conditioner saves even more fuel.”

So if you’re driving in warmer weather and using the A/C, consider pressing that air-recirculation button.


Stop getting premium gas.

If you can fill your car with either premium or regular gas, Edmonds recommends going with regular.

“If regular gas is recommended for your vehicle, that’s all you need,” she said. “Opting for premium when your car doesn’t require it will only cost you money and doesn’t improve fuel economy.”


Shop around to save on gas.

“Gas prices fluctuate daily, but you can track down the cheapest price per gallon in your area using apps like GasBuddy, which is especially helpful if you’re driving in an unfamiliar area or on a road trip,” Woroch said. “If you have a membership to a warehouse club like Costco, fuel up at their gas stations for the lowest price per gallon, but go early morning or late at night to avoid long lines.”

The AAA mobile app and website also include a gas price finder to help users locate the cheapest option in their area. Woroch also recommended paying for gas with cash, as many stations charge transaction fees for credit cards. Or if you must use a card, consider investing in a gas rebate credit card to maximize cash back on fuel purchases.


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