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Born on this day!! Actor John Cullum (“Northern Exposure”) is 93. Actor Barbara Luna is 84. Author John Irving is 81. Actor Cassie Yates is 72. Actor Laraine Newman (“Saturday Night Live”) is 71. Singer Jay Osmond of The Osmonds is 68. Singer John Cowsill of The Cowsills is 67. Singer Larry Stewart of Restless Heart is 64. Singer Jon Bon Jovi is 61. Blues singer Alvin Youngblood Hart is 60. Actor Daniel Craig (“Casino Royale”) is 55. Actor Richard Ruccolo (“Legit,” ″Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place”) is 51. Singer Chris Martin of Coldplay is 46. Actor Heather McComb (“The Event,” ″Party of Five”) is 46. Actor Rebel Wilson (“Pitch Perfect” movies) is 43. Actor Bryce Dallas Howard is 42. Guitarist Mike “McDuck” Olson of Lake Street Dive is 40. Actor Robert Iler (“The Sopranos”) is 38. Actor Nathalie Emmanuel (“Game of Thrones”) is 34. Country singer Luke Combs is 32. Singer-rapper-actor Becky G is 26.


1836 – Texas declared its independence from Mexico.
1877 – Rutherford B. Hayes was declared president by a U.S. electoral commission since the original result was too close to call. He was the only president elected this way.
1917 – Puerto Rico became a U.S. territory and Puerto Ricans gained American citizenship.
1923 – The first issue of Henry Luce’s TIME magazine appeared on newsstands.
1933 – King Kong, starring Fay Wray, premiered in New York City.
1949 – Captain James Gallagher completed the first non-stop around the world flight. He completed the 23,452-mile journey in 94 hours, 1 minute.
1956 – Morocco gained independence from France.
1962 – Philadelphia Warriors center Wilt Chamberlain scored an NBA-record 100 points in a basketball game.
2001 – The Taliban began the destruction of ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan.
2008 – Dmitri A. Medvedev, a former aide to Russian president Vladimir Putin who has never held elected office, won the Russian presidential election in a landslide. Putin remained in a position of power, serving as Medvedev’s prime minister.

Today Is: Dr. Seuss Day, National Hospitalist Day, NEA’s Read Across America Day, World Book Day, World Teen Mental Illness Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Young Sheldon  / 8:30 – Ghosts  /  9:00 – So Help Me Todd  /  10:00 – CSI Las Vegas
NBC – 8:00 – Law and Order  /  9:00 – Law and Order SVU  /  10:00 – Law and Order Organized Crime
ABC – 8:00 –  Station 19  /  9:00 – Greys’ Anatomy  /  10:00 – Alaska Daily
FOX – 8:00 – Next Level Chef  /  9:00 – Animal Control  /  9:30 – Call Me Kat
CW – 8:00 – Walker  /  9:00 – Walker Independence

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Paul Mescal, Kali Uchis
Jimmy Fallon: Brendan Fraser, Tan France, Lizzy McAlpine
Seth Meyers: Jonathan Majors, Riley Keough, Atom Willard
James Corden: Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Chris Martin
Watch What Happens Live: John Oliver, Rebel Wilson
Daily Show: Guest host Hasan Minhaj
The Talk: Charli D’Amelio, Nate Burleson
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Willem Dafoe, Lea Michele
Kelly Clarkson: Chris Pratt, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, Charlie Day, Meet Me @ the Altar
Tamron Hall: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Alice Chun, Lewis Howes
Drew Barrymore: Rebel Wilson, Lauren Makk, Eliza VanCort, Garcelle Beauvais
Jennifer Hudson: Ernie Hudson, Madison Bailey

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Wanna see this week’s most SHOCKING event?? This Twitch star SHOCKED HERSELF WITH A DOG COLLAR!! She has 1 million followers, but got kicked off of TWITCH!! (Temporarily)


QUESTION: What “EXECUTIVE PROTECTION DOGS??” They’re highly-trained security dogs, and L.A.’s super-rich are buying them for up to $150,000!!! Crime pays… at least, it pays for someone!!!


QUESTION: Are YOU in a relationship with a NARCISSIST?? Here are the three signs that you’re in trouble, and that they’re manipulating and CONTROLLING YOU!!! (Prince Harry, are you listening??)


QUESTION: What do you do when you’re 64 and dating a 29-year-old??? YOU SHOW HIM OFF!!! Madonna proves that old ladies ain’t that different from old men!! Meet her boxing coach boy-toy!!
According to insiders, Madonna is dating 29-year-old boxing coach Josh Popper.

QUESTION: Why is TIK TOK limiting teen users to just ONE HOUR A DAY of screentime??? Because they’re facing a move to BAN Tik Tok altogether in the U.S.A.!!! (Can we lie about our age???????)
Canada bans TikTok from federal government devices.

Hoda Kotb’s Absence Explained

Hoda Kotb’s absence from the Today show was addressed on Wednesday.  She has not been on the show since Feb. 17. Prior to today, it had been explained on-air that she was simply “out,” but after her co-anchor, Savannah Guthrie, tested positive for COVID on Tuesday and was also absent from the show on Wednesday, Craig Melvin took a moment during the show to explain what’s going on behind the scenes. “We mentioned that Savannah and Hoda are both off,” said Melvin who was alongside Sheinelle Jones and Al Roker. “Savannah, she’s home after a positive COVID test yesterday. We are wishing our friend a speedy recovery. As for Hoda, we know a lot of you have been wondering how she’s doing. We can tell you that Hoda’s OK. She’s got a family health matter that she’s been dealing with.”  He said they “look forward to seeing Hoda and Savannah back here at the desk very, very soon.” Roker — who recently had his own health crisis — added, “We love you both,” and then all three blew kisses.
***********Hoda is actually out trying to “buy a vowel” to complete her last name!!
******Savannah is having an operation called an “addadicktome” so she can confirm her gender!!
*******They’re both suffering from hairspray poisoning!! It’s a real thing!!

Chris Pine Clears Up “Spitgate”

Five months after it broke the internet, Chris Pine is sharing what really happened with “Spitgate” — the now-infamous online debate when fans questioned whether or not Pine’s co-star, Harry Styles, spit on him at the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival.  In an interview with Esquire for its “Explain This” video series, Pine set the record straight on the controversy. As he previously claimed, the actor said Styles didn’t spit on him, however, he did recall what the singer said to him during that viral moment.  “Harry did not spit on me. Harry’s a very, very kind guy,” he explained. “I was trying to figure out — I was on the plane with my publicist … we were flying back from Venice, and I’m sleeping, having a great time on the plane. I love planes.”  He continued, “She wakes me up in a state, and she said, ‘We have to craft a message about what happened in Venice.’ And I was like, ‘About what?’ [She said], ‘About Harry spitting on you.'”  “I had no idea what happened,” Pine said. “She showed me the thing. And it does look, indeed, like Harry’s spitting on me. He didn’t spit on me.”  As for what Styles said to him? “I think what he said — he leaned down — and I think he said, ‘It’s just words, isn’t it?'” Pine recalled, before sharing that his comment was a “little joke” with the cast. “Because we’re all jetlagged. We’re all trying to answer these questions, and sometimes when you’re doing these press things your brain goes befuddled, and you start speaking gibberish. And we had a joke: ‘It’s just words, man.'”
********He didn’t spit. He “expectorated!!

Harry and Meghan Get The Boot!

Prince Harry and Meghan may no longer have a residence in the United Kingdom to call home.  They have been asked by Harry’s father, King Charles III, to exit Frogmore Cottage, their home since 2019, according to multiple reports.  Neither Buckingham Palace nor representatives for Harry and Meghan have commented on the reports.  Charles reportedly made the decision to move them out of their home in January, shortly after Harry’s bombshell memoir “Spare” was released, according to ABC News contributor Omid Scobie.  According to Scobie and The Sun newspaper, Frogmore Cottage has instead been offered to Charles’ younger brother, Prince Andrew, who is no longer a working royal after facing scrutiny over his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.  Harry and Meghan are also no longer senior working royals after stepping down from their roles in 2020, becoming financially independent and moving to California.
*********It will now be called “Frog-LESS Cottage!!!”
******IN Royal tradition, he called the Sheriff of Nottingham to remove their possessions!!
*****Before Andrew can move in, they have to vacuum all the ginger hair!! It’s everywhere!!
********Didn’t Harry and Meghan spend $3 million to fix the place up?? (true)
MEANWHILE, H&M were on their “We don’t give a sh*t” tour of Hollywood!!!
Harry stepping out of car
*******Harry’s having trouble getting people to pay $33.99 for his therapy session next week.. so now he’s throwing in a set of steak knives and no-stick cookware!!

Brendan Fraser Says He Was Injured Filming The Mummy

The Mummy” remains one of Brendan Fraser’s most memorable films — but according to the actor, it also could have been his last.   During an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” this week, Fraser revealed how shooting one particular scene, a hanging sequence, went awry.   “I was standing on my toes like this with the rope [around my neck], and you only got so far to go,” he said.   Director Stephen Sommers wasn’t fully convinced by Fraser’s performance, however, and asked the actor to “sell it.”  “Steve ran over, and he said, ‘Hey, it doesn’t really look like you’re choking,'” Fraser explained. “‘Can you sell it? All right, fine.’ So I thought, ‘One more take, man.’ The camera swooped around, and I went up on the toes, and the guy holding the rope above me, he pulled it up a little higher. I was stuck on my toes. I had nowhere to go but down. So he was pulling up, and I was going down.”  The actor blacked out, as a result.   “The next thing I knew my elbow was in my ear, the world was sideways, there was gravel in my teeth, and everyone was really quiet,” Fraser added. “There was a stunt guy, a coordinator was there, and he was going, ‘Brendan! Brendan! Wake up!'”  When Fraser gained consciousness, the stuntman offered him some encouragement.   “Congratulations, you’re in the club,” the stunt guy told him. “Same thing happened to Mel Gibson on ‘Braveheart.'”
********Didn’t they rip Mel apart in “Braveheart??” Did they sew him back together??
******It’s hard to feel sorry for people who get hurt while they’re starring in a major motion picture!!! But we’ll try!!

Justin Bieber Cancels Rest Of His Tour

Justin Bieber fans waiting eagerly for new dates for his postponed international tour have been told the shows won’t be going ahead.  Fan sites have reported that the remainder of his Justice World Tour dates have been canceled, and Bieber’s website doesn’t currently list any dates.  On ticket company Ticketmaster’s website, all concerts in the US, Ireland, France, Poland, Australia, the US, Denmark and the Czech Republic are also shown as canceled. The same goes for Bieber’s show in Bangkok, Thailand, according to event organizer Live Nation Tero.  Fans in London, where Bieber was originally scheduled to perform in February, received an email from events company AXS on Tuesday stating: “We regret to inform you that the Justin Bieber shows planned to take place at The O2 arena have been cancelled.”  “We understand you will be disappointed and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause,” it said, adding that refunds will be issued.
***********So… what are they trying to say??? Have the concerts been canceled??


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Scoop:  Dick Van Dyke at 97-(People)

Dick Van Dyke shocked fans and the judges when he popped up as Gnome on The Masked Singer’s season 9 premiere.

Why did you sing Frank Sinatra’s “When You’re Smiling”?

They wanted me to do something current, but I know nothing from rock.  So we picked out one which typifies me.  My wife [Arlene] is the one that came up with it.

You also sang a bit of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” after being unmasked.  How do you feel about your Mary Poppins connection?

To be able to be in a Disney movie-and to work with Walt-was a childhood dream for me.  Then I got to do it twice.  [He appeared in the 2018 remake.]  Little kids will recognize me and say, “There’s Bert.”  I love that.



New Words For The Dictionary is adding 313 new terms and 130 new definitions to keep up with the ever-changing modern lexicon.  The online and mobile language resource adds new words and definitions, and reworked definitions quarterly to keep up with how the English language is used in a modern context. The latest update is another snapshot of what is happening in the world.  New terms like “hellscape,” “rage farming” and “trauma dumping” signify a time of great angst and uncertainty, while “deadass” and “petfluencer” gain traction in pop culture.  “Language is, as always, constantly changing, but the sheer range and volume of vocabulary captured in our latest update to reflects a shared feeling that change today is happening faster and more than ever before,” John Kelly, senior director of editorial at, said in a statement.  Some of the new terms added are not actually new at all. “Hellscape” for example has been used as far back as the 1890s, according to
********These people are assclowns!! Is that in there???
*********We weren’t sure about this site, until we searched for “Woman!!”
noun, plural wom·en  [wim-in].an adult female person.
Compare man (def. 1)girl (def. 1).
a female employee or representative:A woman from the real estate agency called.
OK, we’re good. Now send this to the Supreme Court!!!! They’re confused!!

Crochet Record

A total 960 crochet fans gathered in Derby, England, to practice their hobby at the same time and break a Guinness World Record.  Guinness World Records confirmed the event at Derby Arena, organized by BBC Radio Derby, featured 960 people crocheting simultaneously, breaking the record of 604 people set in Australia in 2017.  The event was the culmination of BBC Radio Derby’s Make A Difference: Make A Blanket campaign, which urged crocheters across the country to knit and crochet blankets over the winter to help people in need. The campaign resulted in about 2,000 homemade blankets being donated to food banks and charities.  The record attempt featured crocheters from as far away as New York.
*********The event went on even after several people died of boredom!!!

Plastic Surgery For Signatures

You can now hire a calligrapher for a fresh take on writing one’s own name in cursive. With a pen or another writing implement. On paper.  A corner of TikTok, Instagram and other social media is dedicated to signature design, and it’s keeping practitioners busy.  Priscilla Molina in Los Angeles does a minimum of 300 custom signatures a month, offering packages that include up to three ways to sign, limitless drafts or a new set of initials. She charges between $10 to $55, using the motto: “Where originality meets legacy.”  Molina said her Planet of Names clients include professionals and famous people in search of new ways to sign autographs, though her lips are sealed on the identities of high-profile signature seekers.  Molina said, people come to her for signature makeovers for a simple reason: They’re tired of the way they sign their names.  “They’re not happy with their signatures. They don’t relate to who they are. They don’t give the message they want to convey to the world,” she said.
*********When was the last time you signed YOUR name???
******How many documents have you signed with your fake “Docu-Sign” signature??
TOPIC: Can your kids write in cursive?? Can they write at all??








Top 15 College Majors for Good-Paying Jobs



There are a lot of engineering career paths.The beginning of those paths are pretty similar, but then you get to branch out. There are electrical engineering, industrial engineering, civil engineering, architectural engineering, marine engineering, nuclear engineering, petroleum engineering and chemical engineering.

Every type of engineering pays well, and even though the job growth isn’t especially high, unemployment is very low. Engineering is one of the safest degrees for job markets. College students have multiple career options with these majors.  Most engineering fields require at least a bachelor’s degree to get started. For example, environmental engineers can get work with their bachelor’s, but nuclear engineers usually need at least a master’s or doctorate degree to begin. Here is a breakdown of salaries for a variety of engineering jobs from Michigan Tech.

  • Starting Salary:$68,600
  • Median Salary: $100,640
  • Growth rate 2020-2030:7%
  • Postgraduate degree needed: No, but people with a master’s degree earn almost 20% higher salaries than those with a Bachelor’s degree.

Computer Science

For this degree, you study the design, development, theories and application of computer systems and software development. This can include careers such as computer systems analysts, information systems manager, or a computer systems analyst. It is one of the best college majors because it can be applied to almost any field. Software engineering majors will always find work; unemployment hovers around 2%.

  • Starting Salary: $75,900
  • Median Salary: $109,020
  • Growth rate 2020-2030: 16%
  • Postgraduate degree needed:About a third of people working in computer related career paths have postgraduate degrees.

Computer Engineering

Computer engineers also work on development, design, and software, but focus more on computer architecture like hardware design, artificial intelligence, and operating systems. There is a low unemployment rate for these college majors. Careers include app developers, IT specialists, and firmware engineers.

  • Starting Salary:$75.953
  • Median Salary:$136,230
  • Growth rate 2020-2030:5%
  • Postgraduate degree needed: About 40% of people working in this field have post-graduate degrees.

Healthcare Informatics

This relatively new career field has one of the highest projected job growth in any field, at 32% (the average is 8%). This field combines healthcare and computer system knowledge to create digital systems for all medical fields.

Healthcare Informatics workers develop systems that do data analysis and processing, as well as digital communication between healthcare facilities and data security. Health information privacy laws are partially driving this field’s rapid growth.

  • Starting Salary:$89,000
  • Median Salary: $101,340
  • Growth rate 2020-2030: 28%
  • Postgraduate degree needed:57% of workers in this field reported having postgraduate degrees.


Nursing as a college major combines STEM majors with people skills, which makes it a popular course of study. Healthcare professionals can branch off into multiple directions when they have a nursing degree. The highest paying nursing jobs are as a nurse anesthetist ($189,000), emergency room nurse ($116,00), and neonatal nurse ($90,000).

It has become more common for nurses to further train to become a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners take on responsibilities similar to doctors. Nurse practitioners return to school for either masters or doctoral degrees and have to pass a national board certified exam. The field is growing extremely quickly at 45%, and the average salary is $123,780.

  • Starting Salary:$65,775
  • Median Salary: $77,600
  • Growth rate 2020-2030: 6%
  • Postgraduate degree needed:28% of nurses have advanced degrees. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to be a registered nurse.


Business majors and accounting majors can find a lot of opportunities. You can work in business administration, financial analysis and financial planning, or so many other jobs in the business world. Finance majors also frequently work in real estate, and we can all see that the housing market can be rewarding. Business administration is one of the most popular college majors. Unemployment in finance is less than 3%.

  • Starting Salary:$53,250
  • Median Salary: $95,570
  • Growth rate 2020-2030:9%
  • Postgraduate degree needed:Just under a third of the people working in finance have advanced degrees.


One of the best college majors for the current job market, and for job growth, is cybersecurity. Not all colleges offer this degree, so you can look for information technology as a college major, or the other computer majors mentioned earlier. A doctorate or master’s degree really pays off in this field. A Chief Information Security Officer can make over $475,000 annually.

  • Starting Salary:$79,000
  • Median Salary: $102,600
  • Growth rate 2020-2030:35% (fastest growing on our list)
  • Postgraduate degree needed:About 25% of cybersecurity jobs require a master’s degree.

Public Administration

College majors getting political science or public administration degrees can go into government, nonprofit, and academic careers. They might be city managers, nonprofit directors, work in human resources, or as a public health manager.

Degrees in public administration are good for people interested in going to law school. You can combine a desire to make the world better with a career that pays well. This is an area with extremely low unemployment.

  • Starting Salary:$51,630
  • Median Salary:$122,510
  • Growth rate 2020-2030: 6%
  • Postgraduate degree needed: More than half of job holders have a postgraduate degree.


An economics major is different from finance because it is one of the social sciences, rather than a business degree. College graduates with this degree can become an economist, financial analyst, management consultant, data scientist, and more. It is a high earning field that pays people with postgraduate degrees best.

  • Starting Salary:$65,100
  • Median Salary: $105,630
  • Growth rate 2020-2030:6%
  • Postgraduate degree needed:Yes. More than half of the people working in this field have postgraduate degrees.

Construction Management

Construction management is a great degree for someone who is interested in buildings, has good communication skills, and can understand both the cost analysis and materials science of a project. It is one of the best career options for bachelor’s degree holders who don’t want to go on to get a masters.

  • Starting Salary: $54,607
  • Median Salary:$98,890
  • Growth rate 2020-2030:8%
  • Postgraduate degree needed:Most jobs require bachelor’s degrees, not postgraduate.


Logistics is a college major that has job growth starting with an associate’s degree, which has a vocational emphasis. The bachelor’s degree emphasizes transportation management, systems design, accounting and statistics, and supply chain management, with a human resources component.

Logistics is another quickly growing field. The pandemic has brought the field of logistics to news coverage, with shortages and other issues making headlines.

  • Starting Salary: $41,370
  • Median Salary:$77,030
  • Growth rate 2020-2030: 28%
  • Postgraduate degree needed:Less than a quarter of employees in this field have postgraduate degrees.


A physics major gives college students many job opportunities, as long as they are willing to go through graduate programs. Astronomy, meteorology, photonics (the science of using light, such as in bar codes and lasers), climate science, education, robotics, gaming and the list goes on.

Physics is the study of how everything functions, including space, time, and energy. As a field it has a huge amount of flexibility, allowing you to work in academic, research, business, and science settings.

  • Starting Salary:$61,200
  • Median Salary:$152,430
  • Growth rate 2020-2030:8%
  • Postgraduate degree needed:Yes, at least 67% of people in physics related occupations have advanced degrees. Most jobs require a doctorate.


Marketing, advertising, and public relations careers are non-STEM majors that provide good salaries, relatively low unemployment, and don’t require advanced degrees. Marketing promotes and advertises goods and services.  People can start working in the field with a high school diploma, though a bachelor’s degree is needed for advancement.

  • Starting Salary:$40.000
  • Median Salary: $133,380
  • Growth rate 2020-2030: 10%
  • Postgraduate degree needed: Not really, only 18% of workers in this field have them.

Game Design

Game design is a relatively new college major, and isn’t offered everywhere. Other college majors for game design are software development and graphic design. Game design can be used in multiple careers. For example, journalism and education fields are increasingly using game design principles in reporting and teaching.  The gaming market is steadily growing after a big pandemic related bump. It is a strong international market, with even faster job growth in Middle Eastern and African markets.

  • Starting Salary:$53,568
  • Median Salary:$79,890
  • Growth rate 2020-2030:15%
  • Postgraduate degree needed:

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Bachelor’s degrees in pharmaceutical sciences lead to many jobs, though a graduate degree is needed to become a pharmacist. One of the most lucrative jobs for someone with this bachelor’s is in pharmaceutical sales, earning an average of $70k a year.  Being a pharmacist requires a Doctor of Pharmacy, also called a Pharm.D. Pharmacists work in hospitals, medical research, retail locations, and academics.

  • Starting Salary:$99,000
  • Median Salary: $128,570
  • Growth rate 2020-2030: 2% — this is not a growing field, but the BLS projects 11,300 jobs opening annually through 2030.


The preceding material was compiled and edited by Brandon Castillo.  The Editor-In-Chief is Gary Bryan.  The Radio Genius Show Prep Service is licensed for use on-air only by subscribing radio stations.  Other means of redistribution is forbidden.
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