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Born on this day!!  Actor Philip Baker Hall (“Bruce Almighty,” ?The Insider”) is 89. Actor Greg Mullavey (“Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”) is 87. Jazz vibraphonist Roy Ayers is 80. Actor Tom Ligon (“Oz,” ?Another World”) is 80. Singer Danny Hutton of Three Dog Night is 78. Singer Jose Feliciano is 75. Actor Judy Geeson (“Mad About You”) is 72. Guitarist Joe Perry of Aerosmith is 70. Actor Amy Irving is 67. Actor Clark Johnson (“Homicide: Life on the Street”) is 66. Actor Kate Burton (“Scandal”) is 63. Director Chris Columbus is 62. Singer Siobhan Fahey of Bananarama is 62. Actor Colin Firth is 60. Singer-guitarist David Lowery of Cracker is 60. Actor Sean O’Bryan (“The Princess Diaries” films) is 57. Drummer Robin Goodridge of Bush is 55. Guitarist Stevie D. of Buckcherry is 54. Singer-guitarist Miles Zuniga of Fastball is 54. Rapper Big Daddy Kane is 52. Director Guy Ritchie is 52. Actor Johnathan Schaech (“To Appomattox,” ?That Thing You Do!”) is 51. Contemporary Christian singer Sara Groves is 48. Actor Ryan Phillippe is 46. Actor Jacob Young (“The Bold and the Beautiful,” ?All My Children”) is 41. Bassist Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance) is 40. Ballerina Misty Copeland is 38. Guitarist Matthew Followill of Kings of Leon is 36. Singer Ashley Monroe of Pistol Annies is 34. Actor Hannah Hodson (“Hawthorne”) is 19.


1813 – Oliver H. Perry sent his famous message, “We have met the enemy, and they are ours,” after defeating the British in the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812.
1846 – Elias Howe of Massachusetts received a patent for his sewing machine.
1939 – Canada declared war on Germany, entering WWII.
1963 – Twenty black students entered public schools in Birmingham, Mobile, and Tuskegee, Alabama, after President John F. Kennedy sent National Guardsman to end the standoff with Alabama Governor George Wallace.
1988 – Steffi Graf achieved tennis’ first Grand Slam since Margaret Court in 1970 by winning the U.S. Open women’s final.
2002 – Switzerland became the 190th member of the United Nations.

Today Is: National School Picture Day, Swap Ideas Day, (World) Suicide Prevention Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Big Brother /  9:00 – Love Island /  10:00 – TBA
NBC – 8:00 – The Wall  / 9:00 – Law and Order SVU  /  10:00 – Law and Order SVU
ABC – 8:00 –  Holey Moley II  /  9:00 – To Tell The Truth  /  10:00 – Shark Attack
FOX – 8:00 – Gordan Ramsey’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back
CW – 8:00 –  Mystery Decoded  /  9:00 – Penn and Teller Fool Us

TV Talk Shows

Stephen Colbert: Susan Rice, Sheryl Crow (R 8/17/20)
Seth Meyers: Michael Cohen, Sheryl Crow
The Talk: Carnie & Wendy Wilson, cast members from “Frozen: The Musical” (R 12/20/19)
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Tyra Banks, Vern Yip
Ellen DeGeneres: Rerun TBA
The Real: Robin Thicke, guest co-host Jessica “Jess Hilarious” Moore (R 10/3/19)
Kelly Clarkson: Luke Bryan, Paula Pell, chef Maneet Chauhan (R 8/12/20)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Forget the COVID? Forget the Murder Hornets? Forget the Lockdowns? The CHINESE SEED MYSTERY is back!! And thousands of people PLANTED  THEM!!


QUESTION: Are the OSCARS about the BEST movies?? Not anymore!! Now the Oscar-nominated films must meet certain “woke” standards of “inclusion!” WTH????


QUESTION: Are they a ROYAL PAIN?? Harry and Meghan’s demands for their $1 million virtual speaking engagements is revealed!! And they want TOTAL CONTROL!!


QUESTION: Did the Kardashians QUIT?? Or were they FIRED?? Report says Kris Jenner demanded an extra $40 MILLION a season, and E! said, “It’s over!!!!!!!!!!!!”


QUESTION: Every man’s nightmare?? He was sitting on the toilet.. when a FOUR-FOOT SNAKE BIT HIS PENIS!!!! (Why do snakes love toilet bowls so much????)
Man's Penis Bitten By Snake While Sitting on Toilet

Is There A Community Movie In The Works?

Joel McHale appeared on The Tonight Show and discussed the possibility of a Community film being made in the future.  “There’s a good chance, I think, because on the Zoom everyone got asked, and Donald said he would do it and he’s the busiest man in show business,” McHale told host Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday about his co-star Donald Glover.  McHale also said that a film would have to come from Community creator Dan Harmon, who has also co-created popular animated series Rick and Morty.  “Dan we’ll see, because Dan’s got to write it and he’s got like 100 Ricky and Morty episodes that he has to make,” McHale said.  “If Dan writes it, it sounds like people will make themselves available,” the actor concluded.
*******By the time it gets made, it’ll be called “Community: Mass Extinction Event!!”
******It must be hard to move on after you’ve done a “Tiger King” special!! That’s a career high!!
*****They have decide: masks or no masks?? This COVID Panic could be over by then!!

The Kardashians Are Ending

Keeping Up with the Kardashians will end with its 20th season in early 2021.  “It is with heavy hearts that we’ve made the difficult decision as a family to say goodbye to Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim said in an Instagram post Tuesday.  Piers Morgan isn’t holding back his joy.  Morgan, who has rarely been shy about expressing his distaste for the Kardashians’ particular brand of celebrity, called the family “a bunch of very average looking dumbo bimbos.”  “They have taken us to the cleaners. Not a brain cell between them,” Morgan said on “Good Morning Britain” when asked about the show going off the air (via The Daily Mail).  He echoed those sentiments during an appearance on the U.K.’s “This Morning” in which he was grilled by the hosts about his often sharp words directed at the family in the past.  “They are a bunch of talentless wastrels who have made billions by conning the world that there is something compelling about them,” he said.  “The few times I accidentally caught it on television, I could literally feel my brain cells starting to erode, I could feel myself getting more stupid,” he continued. “They have done nothing but make the world more stupid and I’m afraid that the end of the Kardashians is a moment for… This is a rare moment in a horrible year when we should come together as a country in a moment of national jubilation.”
********We’d like to have a moment of silence for all the men they’ve destroyed!!
******Some of the men who got involved with this show aren’t even men anymore!!
******Kanye called Kim: “Oh, no… does this mean we get to see each other more??”

Another Baby For Alec Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin announced the birth of her fifth child with husband Alec Baldwin on Wednesday, writing on Instagram, “We had a baby last night. He is perfect and we couldn’t be happier. Stay tuned for a name.”  She and Baldwin are also parents to sons Romeo, 2, Leonardo, 3, Rafael, 5, and daughter Carmen, 7.  Alec also shares 24-year-old daughter Ireland Baldwin with ex Kim Basinger. Hilaria announced in April she was pregnant again after suffering two miscarriages. In November 2019, the yoga instructor said she was “devastated” when she lost her baby girl at four months. She also miscarried in April of that year at just 10 weeks.  Upon receiving the all-clear on this most recent pregnancy, Hilaria said she didn’t want to learn the sex because she’d rather focus on its health.
*******Alec’s not sure how this keeps happening!! He’s been a condom on a banana every time he has sex!!
******His sperm cells come out with a chain around their neck!!
******That’s not a family!! It’s a litter!!!
******She doesn’t care whether it’s a boy or a girl.. as long as it’s a rude, thoughtless little pig!!

Tom Hanks Getting Special Treatment In Australia

Tom Hanks traveled to Australia for the first time since contracting COVID-19 there in March — and he is seemingly getting special treatment when it comes to the country’s quarantining policy.  He and his wife, Rita Wilson, were among the first celebrities to publicly announce they had contracted the coronavirus. They found out while Hanks was filming Baz Luhrmann’s big-budget Elvis Presley biopic in Australia. The couple isolated for two weeks in March before finally getting the all-clear to return home to Los Angeles.  However, Hanks is getting back to work on the film and returned to Queensland on Tuesday, after he was given the OK by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to bypass the quarantine process average Australian citizens have to go through.  That’s not to say that Hanks will not be observing the mandatory 14-day quarantine. He’ll simply be doing it from a luxury resort in Broadbeach where Australia’s 7News notes the production company has rented out several floors of the resort so that cast and crew can isolate in comfort while still observing the government’s rules.  Despite the country having stipulations in place to allow this kind of thing for the entertainment industry, among other sectors, it rubbed some Australians the wrong way amid reports that the standard hotels participating in the country’s mandatory quarantine are unsatisfactory.
********If you have enough money, there’s an exception to every rule!!
*****The way things are going in California, it’s a good time to visit Australia!!

Star Wars Movie Has An Alternate Ending and Fans Are Mad!

Star Wars” actress Daisy Ridley stirred up fans when she revealed during a recent interview that the parentage of her character, Rey, was a mystery to even her until filming was already underway.  Rey led the trilogy that began with “The Force Awakens” in 2015 and concluded with “The Rise of Skywalker” in 2019. Throughout the trilogy, the identity of her character’s parents remained a big mystery. The third movie, however, finally revealed that [SPOILER ALERT] Rey was the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine, which puzzled many fans.  Speaking during a recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” with guest host Josh Gad, Ridley explained that director J.J. Abrams, who helmed the first movie in the trilogy before giving the director’s chair to Rain Johnson for the fan-maligned “Last Jedi,” was still toying with alternate ideas for the mystery until halfway through filming the final installment.  “At the beginning, there was toying with, like, an Obi-Wan connection and then it really went… There were, like, different versions and then it really went to like, she was no one,” the actress explained.  “Then it came to ‘Episode 9’ and J.J. pitched me the film and was like ‘Oh yeah, Palpatine’s granddaughter.’ And I was like ‘Oh awesome.” And then, two weeks later, he was like, ‘Oh we’re not sure.’ So it kept changing,” she explained.  The actress concluded: “Even when I was filming, I wasn’t sure what the answer was going to be.”  Many fans who caught the interview were quick to blame Abrams for their displeasure over how the “Skywalker Saga” ended.  “Daisy ridley sparking up this rey kenobi thing just once again makes me wonder why did JJ bother coming back to do episode 9 if he knows he’s not good with endings. Disney had to have held his family at gunpoint or something,” one user wrote on Twitter about the revelation.
********Uh… we liked it!!
*****It’s only a movie, folks!!
****Being the grandchild of a powerful ruler is a good thing!! Just ask Prince Harry!!
****She should have known, when she kept being let off on all her traffic tickets!!

Ellen Bullied Her Home Staff

Ellen DeGeneres has now been accused of “tormenting” her household staffers.  A person claiming to have worked at one of DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi’s California homes for several months in the past decade told the website that DeGeneres’ alleged behavior behind the scenes of her show was nothing compared to her at-home persona.  “My belief is that someone’s real personality comes out at home,” the unnamed ex-staffer reportedly said. “So after everything that has been said about her at work, you can imagine how terrible Ellen is going to be at home when her guard is down.”  The ex-employee reportedly alleged that DeGeneres gave staffers a daily list of performance complaints from the previous day, listing trivial things like her coffee not being frothed to her liking, food being served in the wrong bowl or a worker leaving the salt shaker in the wrong spot. DeGeneres also allegedly called out a chef for using the guest bathroom and a maid for forgetting to put a piece of trash in the recycling bin, according to the Daily Mail’s source.  The former staffer also claimed DeGeneres would also “lay traps” by leaving matches all over the house to make sure her workers dusted and cleaned every square inch of her home, per the report.  “She treated you like you were nothing,” claimed the former staffer, according to the report, adding that DeGeneres would “yell” and had an “incredibly condescending tone.” “She was going to torture you and you were just going to sit there and listen to it because you were being paid.”  DeGeneres also allegedly “takes pleasure” in firing her workers, the ex-employee reportedly claimed.  “I was told that she had a very high turnover and that I should stay under the radar as much as possible, avoid as much direct contact with Ellen as possible. Working there was described as being more like a boot camp,” the person said, adding, “Ellen was the worst person that I’ve ever met in my life.”
******Don’t sugar coat it!! Tell us how you really feel!!
*****Ellen used to be a prison guard. She was fired for being too cruel!!
******She’s a condescending, cruel bully… and those are her good traits!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Taste Testers Sour On Cameron’s Grapes!-(National Enquirer)

Cameron Diaz’s new business venture is bottom-of-the-barrel, according to wine lovers!  The “Bad Teachers” star, 48, recently launched an “organic” wine brand, Avaline, with entrepreneur Katherine Power, and hundreds of connoisseurs have already spit it out!  Her so called “clean wine” was slammed as the worst of five “celebrity white wines” in a survey of nearly 400 households during a Celebrity White Wine Showdown virtual wine tasting hosted by expert Mark Oldman.  The wine was described as “dry” with a crisp, fresh finish, and many of those surveyed indicated they were finished with it from now on!

Babies & Breakups-(Globe)

While expectant dad Alec Baldwin awaits kid No. 6 at 62, bro Stephen Baldwin, 54, became a grandpa!  His daughter, 27-year-old Alaia, and her husband, Andrew Aronow, gave birth to first baby, daughter Iris Elle.

Married at a socially distanced wedding in March, country star Dwight Yoakam, 63, and new wife Emily Joyce, 36, welcomed a son, Dalton Loren.

Weeks after announcing their split, 60-year-old “Dirty Dancing” star Jennifer Grey’s husband of 19 years, “The Avengers” actor/screenwriter Clark Gregg, 58, filed for divorce.

Adele:  Appropriation or Appreciation?-(Us Weekly)

For once it wasn’t her weight that garnered Adele thousands of comments on Instagram.  Instead, it was an Aug. 30 Instagram shot of the singer, 32, in Bantu knots and a Jamaican-flag bikini top-she’s dressed in honor of the annual Notting Hill Carnival, a celebration of London’s West Indian community (which was virtual this year)-that had many shaking their heads.  Black & White?  Some were quick to accuse the Grammy winner of cultural appropriation, but others, including Naomi Campbell, Tessa Thompson and Zoe Saldana, voiced support.  British politician David Lammy said, “Adele was born and raised in Tottenham; she gets it more than most.  Thank you, Adele.  Forget the haters.”

Battling Over the Kids!-(Star)

Friendly exes no more:  Heidi Klum and her ex-husband Seal just went through a nasty custody skirmish.  The host of Germany’s Next Topmodel, 47, filed court papers claiming that the “Kiss From a Rose” crooner-whom she called a “sporadic, at best” presence in the kids’ lives-was trying to prevent her from bringing them with her to her native country for work.  Seal, 57, fired back, accusing Heidi of having a “hidden agenda” to move their brood-Leni, 16, Henry, 14, Johan, 13, and Lou, 10-to Europe for good.  When a handwritten note from Leni to her dad went public, a source says he was fighting mad.  “Seal feels Heidi’s been trying to cut him off from the kids for a while,” says the insider, linking the rift to her marriage to Tom Kaulitz, 31, last year.  Ultimately, the pair agreed to let the kids travel abroad.  As Leni wrote, it’s “an amazing opportunity.”

Gavin Slams Gwen & Blake’s Lovey-Dovey Duet-(Life & Style)

He can’t tune them out!  Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s latest collaboration, “Happy Anywhere,” may have been a hit with fans, but Gavin Rossdale is not one of them.  According to a source, the pop star’s ex, 54, has been trashing the couple’s romantic duetting behind their backs.  “He’s calling her a sellout for making mushy music that plays off their relationship,” reveals the source, “and says Gwen used to be a ‘real rock star’ when they were together!”  The singer, 50, started dating Blake, 44, after she split from the Bush frontman in 2015, and “it’s no secret that Gavin and Gwen’s relationship is very tense,” the source admits.  “There’s still a lot of anger between them.”  Clearly!


“Now that I’m going to have to go back to work, I’m like, ‘Oh, f—, I’ve forgotten how to act.’”-Kate Winslet, on returning to set after filming stopped.

“I proudly tell people that I’m the idiot that turned down Grey’s Anatomy.  I wear it as a badge of stupidity.”-Rob Lowe, on choosing to appear in Dr. Vegas instead.

“Now when a guy asks if he can get your number, he’s talking about your temperature.”-Jason DeRulo, joking about dating during coronavirus.

J.Lo & A-Rod:  Star Island Stunner-(In Touch)

Jenny from the fancy block!  Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé, former Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, have purchased a jaw-dropping waterfront estate on the exclusive, gated Star Island in Miami Beach.  The great room spills out to the pool area, which boasts a cabana, bar and private wood dock with access to Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.  And just to put things in perspective:  With a down payment of 20 percent, their mortgage would be about $136,000 a month!  House is priced at $40 million with 10 bedrooms; 12 bathrooms; with a square footage of 14,762.



$3 Million Birthday Gift

An Australian woman who received a lottery ticket as a birthday gift from her husband discovered the seemingly cheap present was worth nearly $3 million.  The Melton, Victoria, woman told The Lott officials her husband bought her a ticket for Saturday’s TattsLotto Superdraw as a birthday gift.  “My hubby gave me this ticket as a birthday present,” the woman said. “We don’t play that often, but on a whim he went into the store and got me this ticket. He must have been in the right place at the right time.”  “When he gave it to me, he said, ‘This ticket will make you happy’ as a joke,” the winner recalled.  The man’s joke proved prophetic when the ticket earned his wife a $2.9 million jackpot. “So I handed it back to him on Sunday and said, ‘Happy Father’s Day to you honey, this ticket will make you very happy, too,'” the woman said.  The woman said her plans for the winnings include renovating her kitchen.
*******She told her husband to start packing!! He said, “Where are we going?” She said, “I don’t care where you go, just get out!!”
*****What are the chances that he got some that night?? We know… not good!!

Goat Eats Sheriff’s Papers

A Georgia sheriff’s deputy out delivering civil papers had an unexpected encounter with a goat that climbed into her patrol vehicle and started eating papers.  The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said the deputy was delivering civil papers and had left the door of her patrol vehicle open because of past incidents where she had to make quick getaways from attacking dogs.  Body camera footage shared by the sheriff’s office shows the deputy getting out of the car and a goat soon jumping inside the open door.  The deputy made repeated attempts to get the goat out of the car, and at one point ended up knocked to the ground, but she was not injured.  The goat chewed up some papers and knocked over a beverage before hopping down out of the car and wandering away.  See the video HERE.
*******That goat is NOT the “greatest of all time!!”
******Some cops always get their man. She got her goat!!
******She had a baaaad day!!

One-Eyed Gator Caught

A pair of gator hunters in Mississippi said they had to call for a bigger boat when they captured a one-eyed alligator weighing nearly 500 pounds.  John Ladner and Derek Stiglet said they were out hunting after dark on Ladner’s 14-foot boat when they encountered the behemoth gator in the Diamondhead-area marsh.  The pair secured the 12-foot gator, which weighed in at 477.6 pounds, but they had to call a friend to bring a larger boat to transport their catch.  Ladner said it took the efforts of all three men to haul the gator out of the water, an endeavor that took three hours. A Mississippi game warden said the alligator is one of the largest caught in the area in the past 15 years.  Ladner said the nearly 500-pound gator yielded about 100 pounds of meat.
********Weirdly, it was wearing an eye patch when they caught it!!
****It kept saying, “Where’s Peter Pan??”
******If you hurt a gator, you must apply “Gator-Ade!!”

Disgusting Museum!

A museum dedicated to stomach-churning food has added equally off-putting alcoholic drinks to its displays, including wine fermented in a prison toilet.  The Disgusting Food Museum in Malmo, Sweden, said it wanted people to examine their relationship with booze by seeing the extreme lengths others will go to while craving a mind-altering brew.  There is a spit-fermented cornmeal beer from Peru, a Ugandan gin made from fermented bananas, and an ancient Korean beverage fermented from children’s faeces and rice, which was thought to be medicinal in the past.  There is also a strong Scottish brew served from the mouth of a taxidermied squirrel, and an Icelandic beer made with a whale testicle smoked in sheep dung.  Museum director Andreas Ahrens said people can be “very desperate to get drunk”.  He added: “So whenever we find ourselves in a situation where there is no alcohol, we get quite inventive and we’ve been doing this for millennia.”  While many of the drinks on display are commonly consumed somewhere in the world, they may be considered challenging by outsiders.
*******Enjoying your breakfast?? We didn’t think so!!
******This is like doggy beer.. except the beer is made out of dogs!!








4 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a House

Penny Hoarder

Following the above step-by-step guide will keep you on the right path when buying your first house, but it’s still possible to make mistakes. The following common mistakes are easy to avoid.


  1. Not Having a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents can get you into homes you might not otherwise find, help you negotiate and spot unfavorable terms in contracts. Plus they probably won’t cost you a dime as the buyer.


  1. Forgetting the ‘Extras’ When You Calculate Your Housing Budget

When you’re making your budget, it can be easy to see the cost of a house online and assume you would pay the website’s estimated monthly payments.

However, those estimates assume your credit report is immaculate and you are putting 20% down. If you’re calculating expenses on your own, don’t forget that you will pay more than just the cost of the house. Plus there’s homeowners insurance, PMI, property taxes and, of course, interest.


  1. Skipping the Inspection

If you forgo an inspection and issues surface shortly after your purchase, you are out of luck. You’ll be paying out of pocket, and the seller is not liable.


  1. Buying Outside Your Price Range

Even if you’re approved to borrow X amount, you should not buy a house for that amount if you don’t feel comfortable spending that much.

Remember: You are likely signing a 30-year commitment. Make it a number you’re comfortable with.


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