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Born on this day!! Ventriloquist Willie Tyler (with Lester) is 82. Actor Alan Feinstein is 81. Singer Sal Valentino of The Beau Brummels is 80. Bassist Will Lee of the CBS Orchestra (“Late Show with David Letterman”) is 70. Actor Heather Thomas (“The Fall Guy”) is 65. Singer Aimee Mann is 62. Bassist David Steele of Fine Young Cannibals is 62. Actor Thomas Kretschmann (“The Pianist”) is 60. Singer Marc Gordon of Levert is 58. Gospel singer Darlene Zschech is 57. Singer Neko Case is 52. Actor David Arquette is 51. Actor Martin Freeman (“Black Panther,” ″The Hobbit”) is 51. TV personality Kennedy is 50. Drummer Richard Hughes of Keane is 47. Actor Larenz Tate is 47. Actor Nathan Corddry (“Mom,”) is 45. Singer Pink is 43. Singer-songwriter Eric Hutchinson is 42. Actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas (“Home Improvement”) is 41. Rapper Wiz Khalifa is 35. Actor Gaten Matarazzo (“Stranger Things”) is 20.


1900 – A hurricane struck Galveston, Texas, killing about 8,000 people.
1935 – Louisiana Senator Huey P. Long, “The Kingfish,” was shot and mortally wounded by Dr. Carl Austin Weiss, Jr.
1951 – The San Francisco Peace Treaty was signed, formally ending World War II hostilities with Japan.
1952 – Ernest Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea was published.
1966 – Star Trek premiered on television.
1974 – President Gerald Ford gave former President Nixon a full pardon for all federal crimes he may have committed while he was in office.
1998 – Mark McGwire’s 62nd home run broke Roger Maris’s record of 61 homers set in 1961.

Today Is: Iguana Awareness Day, International Literacy Day, National Ampersand Day, National School Picture Day, Pardon Day, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses Day, Virgin Mary Day (birthday), World Physical Therapy Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Young Sheldon  /  8:30 – Ghosts  / 9:00 – Big Brother
NBC – 8:00 – NFL Football (Bills at Rams)
ABC – 8:00 –  Press Your Luck  /  9:00 – Generation Gap  /  10:00 – The Con
FOX – 8:00 – Masterchef  /  9:00 – Fantasy Island
CW – 8:00 – Bump   /  8:30 – Whose Line Is It Anyway  /  9:00 – Great Chocolate Showdown

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Simon Cowell, Ralph Macchio
Jimmy Fallon: Blake Shelton, Gigi Hadid
Stephen Colbert: Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney, James Taylor
Seth Meyers: Gwen Stefani, Grant Morrison, Raghav Mehrotra
James Corden: Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Jeff Scheen
Watch What Happens Live: Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton
The View: Regina Hall
The Talk: Bryce Dallas Howard, Robin Tran (R 6/16/22)
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Keegan-Michael Key, Jane Krakowski
Ellen DeGeneres: Bruno Mars (R 5/25/22)
Kelly Clarkson: Mindy Kaling, Ted Danson, Brooke Shields, Colin Farrell, Cheryl Hines
Drew Barrymore: Ted Danson, Ryan Michelle Bathe (R 3/29/22)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: What is “VABBING,” and should YOU try it? It’s a scent that MEN don’t have, ladies do, and if you wear it, it’s very arousing to the dudes!!! Hmmm..


QUESTION: Is there something WRONG with J Law’s VA-JAY-JAY? Jennifer Lawrence says, “I get paid less because of my vagina!!!” (Maybe get a new AGENT?)


QUESTION: Looking for a reason to KEEP ON LIVING?? Mickey D’s is bringing back the fan favorite CHEESE DANISH, for the first time since the 80s!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Ready for SHOCKING NEWS?? But “GOOD” shocking? Apple is about to debut the iPhone 14… and they’re promising NO PRICE INCREASES!!! What??
Apple iPhone

QUESTION: WHY is the Governor of California wearing a ZIP-UP FLEECE while warning about heatwave blackouts?? (Hint: it’s REALLY cool where he is!!!!)
A photo of California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Teletubbies Coming Back

Netflix is rebooting the popular children’s series Teletubbies.  The streaming service said Wednesday on Twitter that the new version will premiere Nov. 14.  The series will be narrated by Tituss Burgess, an actor known for playing Titus Andromedon on the Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  “Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po are back!” the post reads.  The original Teletubbies was a British children’s series that aired from 1997 to 2001 on the BBC. A first reboot broadcast from 2015 to 2018 on Nick Jr. in the United States.  Netflix is also developing the new children’s series Spirit Rangers, which premieres Nov. 10, and Princess Power, which starts streaming in 2023.  Spirit Rangers follows three Chumash/Cowlitz siblings as they help protect the land and spirits of the national park where they live, while Princess Power is based on the Savannah Guthrie and Allison Oppenheim book Princesses Wear Pants.
****Further evidence that we’re in the End Times!!!
*******Brian Stelter is featured as a news anchor who is transitioning to a Teletubbie!!!
*******The last time we saw a Princess in Pants, it was Drag Queen Story Time!!!

Bethenny Frankel Continues To Trash Meghan Markle

Bethenny Frankel believes Meghan Markle is a “terrible businessperson” who is really “f–king up” life after Megxit.  She said in a viral TikTok video Tuesday that the Duchess of Sussex is “painting herself into a corner.”  “She is a terrible, terrible businessperson, strategist — she’s playing checkers, not chess — because she is overplaying her hand, and she is painting herself into a corner, becoming a woman without a country,” Frankel explained.  She said Markle was able to get out of a “terrible situation” in the UK but is “f–king it up” because of her methods.  “I remember talking about this before the Oprah interview and getting death threats and losing major deals and having many A-list people text me saying that they agree with me secretly,” Frankel said, “but then friends of hers text me, ‘Please take down what you said.’” Frankel described the “Suits” alum as a “polarizing person” but stood by her “personal choice” not to be “terrified and not talk.”
********Takes one to know one???
*******Team Meghan is getting smaller and smaller!!!
*****Remember when Harry and Meghan said they want to be “private people?” When does THAT start???

Courteney Cox Goes After Kanye West

Courteney Cox, who starred as Monica Geller on Friends, was taken aback by Kanye West’s now-deleted comment on Instagram in which he said the show was “not funny.”  West set the record straight on some of his past tweets, admitting he didn’t write many of them. One of the tweets in question was about “Friends” not being funny.  Though he claimed he didn’t write it, the rapper said he “wishes” he did.  Rushing to social media, the 58-year-old actress posted a reaction video to the controversial hitmaker’s hot take.  With West’s “Heartless” track playing in the background, the actress showed her 12 million Instagram followers West’s comment, before turning the song off and walking away.  Spelling Kanye’s name wrong in her caption, she wrote, “I bet the old Kayne thought Friends was funny.”  After taking some time off, the rapper slowly returned to Instagram last week to discuss his business ventures. Things quickly took a turn when he began discussing his family — and his “addiction” to porn.  “Don’t let Kris [Jenner] make you do playboy like she made [Kylie Jenner] and Kim do,” West wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post. “Hollywood is a giant brothel Pornography destroyed my family I deal with the addiction Instagram promotes it Not gonna let it happen to Northy and Chicago.”
**********OK, wait a minute: who’s feuding with who??? We can’t keep track!!
*****Kanye brings up a good question: WAS “Friends” funny???
*****If you’re addicted to porn (as millions are) you’ll also be addicted to Kim!! Didn’t she just pose for a mag cover with her big naked ass sticking out of a jock strap?? Classy!!!
Kim Kardashian on the cover of the "American Dream" issue of Interview Magazine.

The Rock Thanks Brendan Fraser

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson joined the 2022 Venice International Film Festival audience in celebrating the presentation of Brendan Fraser’s The Whale by tweeting out a message of support and appreciation to the actor.  The message was about a video that showed Fraser getting an extensive standing ovation for his performance in the upcoming film, The Whale. The film and his performance were so well received that Fraser tried to leave the theater but couldn’t because the crowd’s applause made him stay.  “Man this makes me so happy to see this beautiful ovation for Brendan. He supported me coming into his Mummy Returns franchise for my first ever role, which kicked off my Hollywood career, Johnson tweeted.”  “Rooting for all your success brother and congrats to my bud Darren Aronofsky.”  Johnson and Fraser first worked together during The Mummy series of films, where he played Mathayus in his first ever on-screen, Hollywood role in The Mummy Returns. After which, the series expanded and led to Johnson getting a lead role in the spin-off and prequel adventure, The Scorpion King, where he played the same character.
**********Dwayne got big… but Brendan got bigger!! Have you seen him???

Tom and Gisele Are Still Going At It

Gisele Bündchen still hasn’t patched things up with Tom Brady, despite her return to Florida from Costa Rica.  A source says, “Gisele isn’t back with Tom.  “She flew back to Florida to be with her kids but hasn’t been to their home in Tampa.  “Tom is still hoping they can reconcile. Gisele has told him she’s leaving him before, and they always made up when she cooled down.”  The source added that reports they are currently divorcing are “not true,” although other insiders say the couple could be headed in that direction.  It was revealed last week that she had jetted to their home in the Central American country after an “epic fight” with Tom.  Sources told us the fight was over his decision to un-retire from the NFL.
**********They’ve got so many homes, they could live separately for years.. and never leave “home!!”
******Football is a harsh mistress!!!
*******If they split, who keeps the deflated balls???


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Britney & KFed:  It’s War!-(Star)

Biting the hand that feeds him?  For years Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline has mostly kept quiet as he raised their two boys-on the pop princess’ dime.  So why is the former backup dancer suddenly on the attack?  First, he posted videos of the 40-year-old bickering with Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15, seeming to question her fitness as a parent.  Then in an ITV interview, the wannabe rapper dropped the bomb that the boys “are not seeing [their mom] right now” and have not “for months.”  A source says, “Kevin wanted to remind her if she doesn’t back off, he’ll fight fire with fire.”  As for the reported $20K he gets every month in child support, says the insider, “He’s lived like a lord for years.”



Bees Cover Front Porch

Bee experts said a large swarm of insects caught on camera gathering around a Florida family’s porch light was likely just passing through.  The Cape Coral family captured a photo when the swarm made up of thousands of bees gathered on the wall around a light on their porch.  Billy Gunnels, who studies animal behavior at Florida Gulf Coast University, said the bees were likely just making a brief stop on the porch while searching for a new home.  “It’s called a swarm and what these bees are doing is they are splitting one of their colonies in two,” Gunnels told WBBH-TV.  He said the bees appear to be on the hunt for a new home and likely moved on shortly after the photo was taken.  Gunnels said bees searching for a new home will leave behind some wax as a marker. He said the family was “lucky” to have had an encounter with a home-hunting swarm.  See the video HERE.
*********Wait… aren’t the bees EXTINCT?? That’s what Greenpeace said!!
*******Like everyone else who goes to Florida, they were looking for a theme park!!
*******Where were they headed?  “None of your bees-wax!!!”

Escaped Chimp Returned To Zoo On A Bike

A chimpanzee that escaped from a Ukrainian zoo was returned to the facility on a zookeeper’s bike. Officials at the Kharkiv Zoo said the chimpanzee, named Chichi, escaped from the facility in the Kharkiv city center on Monday and wandered nearby streets to a local park.  Zookeepers followed the primate and Chichi approached one of the workers when it started to rain. The zookeeper put a yellow raincoat on the chimp and wheeled her back to the zoo on the seat of a bicycle.  The chimp’s bike ride was caught on camera by witnesses.   See the video HERE.
*******Then the chimp ripped his face off!!! (just kidding?)

Man Uses Armpits To Break Record

An Idaho man earned an unusual and messy Guinness World Record by using his armpits to pop more than two dozen water balloons in a minute.  David Rush, who has broken nearly 250 Guinness World Records to promote STEM education, said he first attempted the water balloon popping record in 2019.  But his run of 25 balloons popped failed to beat the record of 16 because several were disqualified for various violations of the guidelines.  Rush said he decided his latest attempt might be more successful in a new position, so he tried it while hanging upside-down.  “It still took multiple attempts and was nowhere near as easy as expected, but I broke the record by breaking 26 balloons in my armpits in one minute,” Rush said.  See the video HERE.
**********We set a record for “armpit farts,” but it’s not the same!!
******Serena Williams still holds the record for cracking the most walnuts with her butt cheeks!!

Fans Getting Haircuts At The U.S. Open

There was quite a hairy situation at the U.S. Open on Tuesday night.  Two men’s stay in the Arthur Ashe Stadium seats was, um, cut short after one buzzed the other’s head right there in the stands while Nick Kyrgios and Karen Khachanov played their quarterfinal.  They had clippers and the sort of cape a barber usually uses to keep a customer clean.  Soon enough, social media users were all excited about how a YouTuber known for his pranks had pulled this one off.  Tournament security removed the two from the match. “When someone saw it, security went to the two individuals. They were escorted out of their seats and then off the grounds for disruption of play,” U.S. Tennis Association Brendan McIntyre said, adding: “There’s a first time time for anything.”
*********Is there a clip showing the clip??









4 Reasons to Get a Second Credit Card

Trying to decide if another card is right for you?

Here are four times when it makes sense to add a second piece of plastic to your wallet.


  1. Your Credit Score Has Improved

A higher credit score makes you eligible for better credit cards. You’ve demonstrated you can manage a credit card responsibly without racking up debt. Credit card issuers like that.

You’ll have a wider selection of cards to choose from with a credit score above 700. Perks can include a lower interest rate, more robust rewards, enhanced benefits and overall better terms.

If you’ve been working hard to build your credit, getting a second card with better terms can be a smart move.


  1. You Want Better Rewards

Two credit cards can help you earn rewards faster than one.

You can also use a second card to earn rewards and benefits your first card doesn’t offer.

If you’ve been traveling more lately, for example, getting a rewards card with your favorite airline or hotel chain could help save you money on airfare and lodging. Or you might consider getting a second card that offers 3x reward points on all grocery and restaurant purchases.

You can pair a credit card that offers basic cash back on everyday purchases with a card that offers rewards and benefits that fit your lifestyle.


  1. You’re Carrying High Interest Debt

Many credit card companies offer 0% APR on balance transfers for a certain time (usually for the first 12 or 18 months).

A balance transfer card is a normal credit card that lets you move a balance — or multiple balances — from one card to another.

You’ll enjoy no interest on your new card during the introductory period. During that time, you can pay down your debt while simultaneously saving money on interest.

Keep in mind that credit card issuers charge you a fee — usually 2% to 3% — for balance transfers.

If you’re looking at a balance transfer card, it’s essential to pay off your debt before the introductory period ends. After that, the APR on your new card will skyrocket, and you may end up in a cycle of debt all over again.


  1. You Want a Backup Card

It can take 72 hours or more to get a new replacement card in the mail. You might want to get a second credit card in case you lose your primary card, or you find yourself at a store that doesn’t accept Discover or MasterCard.

Having a second credit card can also help cover a large unexpected expense. You can split the bill between two cards, which might help your overall credit utilization ratio.


2 Big Reasons Not to Get a Second Credit Card

Sometimes it makes sense to stick with just one credit card.


  1. You’re Already Struggling With Credit Card Debt

It’s best to pay off credit card debt you already have before applying for a second card.

Why? Getting a second card doubles your chance of sinking into debt, especially if you’re already struggling to make payments on the first card.

Don’t get a second card if you’re nearing the credit limit on your first card and “need more money.” Simply don’t do it.

If you want to get a second card so you can transfer over your current balance and save on interest, be careful and read the fine print. While balance transfers can be a great tool, they require lots of financial discipline. Failing to pay attention to the terms of the balance transfer deal could plunge you deeper into debt.

It takes a lot of self-control to manage multiple cards and pay your bills on time and in full each month. If getting a second card will only tempt you to spend more money, skip it.


  1. You Plan to Take Out a Loan or Mortgage Soon

Your credit score will take a small, short-term hit when you apply for a new credit card.

If you plan to apply for a car loan or mortgage within the next six months, you may want to hold off on that new credit card application.

Similarly, applying for multiple credit cards within a year can ding your credit score. (Your credit takes a hit every time a financial institution does a hard pull on your credit report.)

A new card also lowers the average age of your open credit accounts, which plays a factor in your overall credit score. Your credit score may drop a bit if you already have a short credit history and then sign up for a second card.


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